Kristen Stewart is Glamour UK’s best dressed woman of 2012: good choice?

Kristen Stewart is the best dressed woman in the world! According to Glamour UK at least. Kristen topped a list that included many British fashion-girls, which is kind of impressive – Kristen being an American, after all. I was trying to put myself in that frame of mind – if I was 16 years old again, would I want to dress like Kristen? When I was 14-15, I was all about Winona Ryder, so… yeah. Probably. I’m not saying 1995 Winona = 2012 K-Stew. But there are some correlations. And while I’m still not a fan of Kristen’s “street style,” her red carpet style continues to improve year after year. She’s young, she’s mixing it up, she’s learning. And she just got a Balenciaga contract too!

Anyway, Glamour’s top five was rounded out by (in order): Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, the Duchess of Cambridge and Florence Welch (of Florence + the Machine). Other Americans on the list included Blake Lively, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba (??), Gaga, Beyonce, Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie (#23) and Jennifer Aniston (#30). I do think the list was stacked towards “celebrity women that the average 21-year-old admires.” You can see Glamour UK’s slideshow here.

It was reported recently that Hollywood stylists are refusing to work with her thanks to her careless off-duty attire and alleged bad attitude. But Kristen Stewart has defied her critics by being crowned the world’s best dressed woman by fashion bible Glamour magazine. The Twilight star, 22, placed ahead of Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and the Duchess of Cambridge as the most stylish of the stars.

While she used to smirk at the thought of couture, Kristen has developed an appreciation for fashion of late, turning up to Paris Fashion Week and dazzling in designs by Balenciaga, Chanel, J Mendel and Roberto Cavalli in the past year. The tomboy actress has also ditched her penchant for wearing trainers on the red carpet, but they remain her day-to-day uniform, paired with jeans and T-shirts.

The magazine praises Kristen for her progression from ‘awkward teen to style queen’ and for always being ‘effortlessly on-trend’. She also topped the best-dressed couple rankings with boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson.

Harry Potter star and Burberry model Emma Watson slipped from top spot in 2011 to second place in Glamour’s top 50. Singer and former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole also dropped from second to eighth in the rankings, but the magazine says the pop star has the ‘fashion factor nailed’. Spice Girl turned fashion designer Beckham has shot-up 12 places to third, with the magazine praising the ‘adorable co-ordinating looks’ she shares with ‘her new favourite accessory’ – baby daughter Harper.

This year’s top 10 is completed by flame-haired singer Florence Welch, My Week With Marilyn star Michelle Williams, Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively, US socialite reality TV star Olivia Palermo, and Rihanna. The top 20 includes supermodel Kate Moss, X Factor judge Kelly Rowland, actress Keira Knightley and Dannii Minogue. Sister Kylie is at 45. Rising style-setter Rosie Huntington-Whiteley placed at number 17, followed by Fearne Cotton and Jennifer Lopez, with Mila Kunis rounding out the top 20.

[From The Mail]

Who do I think deserves top honors? Eh. Call me a curmudgeon, but nearly every celebrity woman has had some major style blunders lately. It’s not like a decade ago, when Nicole Kidman was so obviously the style leader of the world and you couldn’t wait to see what she would wear next. Charlize Theron is a bit like that, but I feel like she’s been slacking sartorially lately too. You know who I’ve been enjoying so much over the past year? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She might not be the best actress (ha), but that girl can DRESS. She wears a lot of Burberry, naturally.

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  1. Celebitchy says:

    I agree with you Kaiser, that Rosie H-W should be the most stylish! I just love her casual looks too, she’s so well put together all the time.

  2. Bite me aka aniston says:

    When does swath come out in uk

    • Maguita says:

      I think premieres start on May 14th, and June 1st would be in the US.

      In regards to Kristen’s style, I like it. It isn’t always the same, there is major difference between her red-carpet style and her street style. She cleans up rather nicely, and takes chances.

      I remember when Wynona Ryder used to be the It girl on the red-carpet, on you’d see her the next day dressed as a bag lady; She used to look like a long-lost Olsen twin.

      However, as role models go, I’d rather have young girls, and boys, copy KStew’s style, rather than Paris Hilton, Kim K, or even the too sexualized Miley Cyrus!

      At least with KStew, people understand that it’s ok to wear jeans, t-shirts and running shoes, and not every day is a red carpet day. I find her style more appropriate, and worthy of positive attention.

    • Maguita says:

      Sorry! Don’t know how, yet again, my message got posted twice.

  3. Agnes says:

    poor choice. or, rather, a “meh” choice.

  4. another nina says:

    I really don’t get all this fascination with Kristen.

    • anna says:

      simple answer really, whether you love, hate or dont care about her, it still a reaction, which makes her an interesting person. You wondering and commenting on a topic about her even if you say you dont get her, just proves that you are, even just a tiny bit, interested about her.. lol i hope i said it clearly

      • another nina says:

        Nope Anna, I’m fascinated with fascination over Kristen, rather than Kristen herself. I don’t find her very pretty or stylish or elegant, except for 3 pictures…she was REALLY beautiful at Vanity Fair photo shoot back in 2008, she looked drop dead gorgeous in the Balensiaga dark green dress (with bizzare transparent “windows” in her skirt) and very pretty in the white dress with one sleeve at one of premieres. (and yes, I have to obsess with her for work — before I get stoned for over-investment.)

    • BBlove says:

      I think it’s because she’s so contrary to her peers. She always stands out.

      She’s a pretty girly who doesn’t play at into it. This always seems to rile the masses. Look at Katharine Hepburn and early Jolie as examples. They were beauty/sex icons that never cooperated with the traditional standards. Jolie eventually matured and went the traditional route.

  5. lena says:

    Oh please she dresses as a truck driver in private and those hooker dresses she wears for premieres are given to her by her PR team. She is badly trying to reinvent her image and the girl that was ridiculing other actresses for fashion is now doing the very same thing.

    SW is promoted as Charlize’ film and Stewart is barely shown in the trailers.
    I must give her she has the most aggressive publicist who puts all these stories about her.

  6. AudreyS says:

    I really like the way she dresses, I just wish she’d stand up straight!

  7. Cherry says:

    These lists are rubbish anyway. It’s just a completely random listing of celeb women. I mean, Jennifer Lopez?? Jessica Alba??? Angelina Jolie???? I don’t consider myself a fashion expert, but even I can see that none of those ladies has any fashion style whatsoever. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you. They have stylists to dress them for any occasion, where they dress mostly to show off their bodies and get attention. That’s what their jobs are about.

  8. Michele says:

    I love her casual and dress up looks so much. Good for her!

  9. bea says:

    I TOTALLY agree with the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley comment. She would have made a far better choice. She has a real old-school star quality.

    Frankly, I don’t think KS ever looks good in couture. She just looks like a bratty kid being force to dress up. Her actual casual clothing looks far better on her – she is comfortable in them.

    It just seems like they just wanted to select someone young and popular and she is “it” right now, stylish or not.

  10. shailee says:

    I like the way she dresses, she always surprise with her look, and she keeps getting better

  11. lisa says:

    I never see much mention of her fashion choices after the event. but I don’t follow her so I guess I miss it.

  12. Lindy says:

    I think it’s a good choice. I hated the first Twilight book (read it b/c I’m college prof and needed to see what the insanity was about with all my undergrad girls–total sh!t in every possible way). Never saw any of the movies. But I have to say that I love KS’s style. She has occasional misses, certainly, but I think overall she hits it really well. That long-sleeved blue lace mini-dress is GORGEOUS! Really different. I like how she goes for looks that tend to have some tension in them–feminine, girly lace details with edgy leather accessories or glam sequins with asymmetical lines. It’s interesting to me, and seems like she (or her stylist, anyhow) puts some thought into it.

  13. Meera says:

    Those Brits are OBSESSED WITH AMERICA and it doesn’t surprise me that they chose Kristen. Probably to gain favour (in terms of PR)for when Kristen does an interview with them.

    • Nonny says:

      Obsessed with America, don’t think so love.

    • Monkey Jim says:

      Meera, as a Brit you could not
      be more wrong. She is VERY popular over here (that fact about the Elle subscription increase is totally legit). We don’t mind our style icons being dishevelled (Mossy anyone? And NO I’m not comparing them at all, please!). Walk around Soho in London – where I work – tonight and you’ll see tons of girls with no make up on, chucks & skinnies, smoking. She’s v British in her nonchalance to fashion. And I think her confidence to be like that is one of the zillion things that seem to piss people off about her. Sigh….

      • Meera says:

        What I mean is that the UK goes crazy for Hollywood celebrities, even reality stars like Kim K. For some reason they’re much more famous there. But that has happened before too, while Mischa Barton was famous in the US during her OC days, she was really big in London.

        So it doesn’t surprise me that she was chosen. My personal opinion, I’d say Florence Welch or Tilda Swinton should get this honour, they have actual style!

  14. talia says:

    She’s an It girl right now, she has access to a lot of great clothes, and she’s more accessible to women than someone like Rosie H-W. So I can see why she was picked. That first picture of her in that black ensemble is to die for really.

  15. TXCinderella says:

    She looks good when she has a movie to promote, otherwise she looks terrible in her crappy tees and her Chuck Taylors. Her casual style is hideous.

  16. Linney says:

    Yeah, the way she cut off the bottom of her dress at the handprint ceremony with kitchen scissors really puts her on the top of that list.

    Also, isn’t her Balenciaga contract for a fragrance (and not the clothes)? I mean, I get that she’ll be wearing the clothes in the ad but let’s not pretend she’s even remotely fitting for a high end clothing contract. She hasn’t enough class.

    • BBlove says:

      It doesn’t matter that the contract is for fragrance. Blake, Mila and Marion are all contracted for Chanel, and Dior but model there clothing to events. Charlize is Dior Fragrance but wears Dior to events. Very few actresses model the fashion houses ready to wear/clothing.

  17. lower-case deb says:

    awww… the Kristen Leg.

  18. mia girl says:

    I think she’s had some really good looks this year, not sure about best dressed though. I agree with others that she’s an it girl right now and can sell magazines. I read that just the announcement/promotion of her cover on Elle UK increased their subscriptions substantially. Maybe Glamour UK was looking for some of that.

  19. shailee says:

    the subcriptions doubled after they announced she was on the cover, so yes she has a lot of pull, and Im excited to see her other covers.

  20. Laura says:

    What – no mention of the UK’s darling, Kate Middleton???!!! I thought these types of magazines fell all over everything she wears…and besides, compared to the others on the list, Kate looks the most elegant.

  21. Hanna says:

    I just noticed how big her chin is…

  22. Emma says:

    I was a bit surprised that Taylor Swift wasn’t on the list. I might think she’s a c u next tuesday, but when she dresses casually she looks great (the only red carpet look I’ve liked on her is the recent white cut-out one). I quite like how Kristen dresses too, but in a “I like it on you but I wouldn’t wear that”-way.

  23. ladybert62 says:

    Still dont understand the fascination with her – she is average looking, she dresses badly, she does not stand up straight and she has an attitude problem.

    Wonder how much she paid for this “honor”?

  24. Dee Cee says:

    She’s dainty, pale healthy and pretty.. oddly rare in these weird days of beauty..

  25. Reece says:

    Kaiser these polls are always stacked. You forget that SWATH comes out in June so the KS covers and stories will start right about now. AND she gave a UK mag the “my boyfriend is British” line so I’m sure they’re hoping for “we got married in Vegas” or “I want a baby” next. LOL

  26. Janet says:

    Oh please, this girl is just meh. She has no style, no personality, no nothing. If it wasn’t for the fact that she landed the role of the decade in those crappy Twilight movies, nobody would look at her twice.

  27. katie says:

    I find myself rather emotionless over this choice. I guess she’s rubbing off.

  28. mel says:

    I LOVE the way she dresses for premiers. She always looks really stylish and age appropriate…not promish or princessish. Now off camera…good god…I cringe for her.

  29. Little Edie Beale says:

    A bought and paid for ‘honor’ given to the highest bidder. Just like Beyonce is the ‘most beautiful’ woman according to People. Oh, it just so happens to be an actress with 3 movies coming out! How did that happen, Glamour?

    Otherwise, this girl is unremarkable in every way. She could care less what she wears on the red carpet, it’s all picked out by her stylist before hand. She slouches and grimaces and then changes into jeans with in an hour. Her street style is horrid. Her looks are average. Boring. Nobody will care who this girl is in 2 years.

    • cara says:

      You sound like a dead ringer for Miss Bingley bitching about Lizzie’s looks to Mr. Darcy: “HEr complexion has no brilliancy!”

    • Lila says:

      Eh, in your opinion. I doubt it is paid for…I think it is because she has like three movies coming out and according to Elle UK they doubled their subscription with some special issue featuring her…I’m betting they wanted to skew to a younge audience, like under 25, so they picked her. I read Lainey, and she has a surprisingly high Q rating…Apparently, she has a sizable fan base but becaus she picks dark, R rated indies it dos ‘t always translate at the box office. Anyway, my point is that I think they want to go after that fan base and also appear youth oriented.

      • Little Edie Beale says:

        Oh. Lainey. That woman fangirls Kristen Stewart to death. It’s pathetic and I’m convinced she’s on somebody’s payroll. What a tiresome person she is.

      • mia girl says:

        Little Edie Beale – lets be honest, Lainey and others might fangirl on Stewart but you consistently criticize her. I’ve noticed you post very negative opinions on her (multiple times in a post ) which is your right. Just have to say that you seem really invested in hating this girl, so kinda hypocritical for you to call others out for being invested in liking her.

      • Orly says:

        I don’t think Lainey is on anyone’s payroll, per se. She doesn’t just blog. She is also a TV entertainment reporter, so I’m guessing she writes what she needs to write in order to get access to the right stars.
        She has interviewed most of the big names over the years.
        Regarding her fangirling over KS, it’s no secret that she is a huge fan of Stewart, she rarely snarks about her.

      • Little Edie Beale says:

        No offense mia girl, but the fact that you notice that somebody has posted a few times criticizing Stewart shows who the really invested one is. Who really cares? She’s a public figure. “Consistently”? I think I’ve posted on this site a total of 5 times. Unclench, dear.

        Lainey is PR drivel. She isn’t just “somebody” on a message board-she’s a gossip blogger with a public forum and access to celebrities. See the difference?

      • Orly says:

        Mia, Lainey is fangirly and she is in a position to influence media perceptions (somewhat), unlike Little Eddie. Case in point, with all the celeb news out today, she has links to two stories about how great Kristen is.
        I don’t hate Kristen, I think she is overrated though.

      • mia girl says:

        LEB. No offense taken. You are right in that I am pretty invested, but its in reading Celebitchy daily – for a quite some time in fact. One of my favorite things is to read comments, and so you get to know the many regulars who comment on different stories (Orly, Monkey Jim or The Original Mia in this story for example – who comment all over the site). Plus I’m a behavioral researcher by trade and just naturally catch patterns and repetition. That and you have a pretty unique name that has multiple posts on recent Stewart stories. Put that all together and I’m guilty of noticing.

        I realize that means I’m reading all Stewart stories, but I pretty much read all stories posted on CB.

      • Little Edie Beale says:

        @mia girl. Again, I’ve only posted about 5 times on this site total and never on a Stewart post, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

  30. emma says:

    This isn’t an actual best dressed list. It’s a Twilight fan button pushing list. Rob is best dressed male and they are best dressed couple as well. This has nothing to do with who is actually best dressed. Just who has more passionate fans online willing to vote.

  31. BBlove says:

    I adore her so much. I don’t love her casual style but I’m always surprised by her red carpet looks.

  32. Little Edie Beale says:

    It’s interesting that both Kristen and Rooney Mara have that pale skin, gothic, uncomfortable emo girl thing going on but Rooney is getting cast in EVERYTHING and working with every big director under the sun, while Kristen is stuck in teen girl hell. And every single commercial and trailer I’ve seen for SWATH downplays Stewart to the point where if you didn’t know any better you’d think she wasn’t even in it at all. I’ve never seen a Snow White adaptation where Snow White seems so incidental.

  33. The Original Mia says:

    Title should be “on the red carpet, when she wears a dress that doesn’t wear her” because otherwise, someone was smoking crack when they voted her in.

    Rosie definitely should have won it. I love her style.

  34. shailee says:

    ohh please, she is the lead of SW not Charlize, and don’t compare her with Rooney, they’re both very different, not to mention Rooney is like 27 while Kristen still young at 22, she can’t get roles of a mature woman.

    • Orly says:

      Rooney doesn’t look “mature” or 27, even though she is. You’re right, they’re different but Kristen has been working for many, many more years than Rooney, so that kinda balances out the whole 5 yr. age difference thing. Don’t you think?

      I want to see Kristen do a different kind of role, go against type, let’s see what she’s made of. Her roles are all the same sort of characters at the core.

    • CTgirl says:

      Oh, I don’t think we have to worry about KS getting “mature” roles. I really don’t see her being offered the roll of a non-vampire mother, a lawyer, a surgeon or anything else that requires maturity.

  35. “Best Dressed” and “Most Beautiful” lists always mean pretty much the same thing- popular. The person is well known and not tremendously far from qualifying. KS has worn some nice things and not-so-nice things, but I can’t imagine a title like that going to someone who isn’t as wildly well-known as her. Beyonce is the most beautiful woman on the planet- sure! She is beautiful, but being famous is the real reason they get crowned.

  36. CTgirl says:

    I have to ask, was it the greasy hair, the overdone makeup, the dresses cut so short they become shirts or the ratty tennis shoes on the red carpet that got KS named to this list? What was the tipping point? KS is just a big old mess on the red carpet. It seems that Glamour UK has been reduced to giving awards for “Most Improved” rather than actual “Best Dressed.”

  37. Crystal says:

    I think she’s a beautiful girl and I have serious hair envy because she has amazing hair. Her style??? Stop. Her style is nothing to write home about but this list can’t be taken seriously if they think Angelina Jolie and Cheryl Cole are style icons. They’re pretty but this list is reaching.

    Just because Kristen Stewart is different it doesn’t mean she’s better or more authentic. It’s some bullsh*t that people think Taylor Swift and Blake Lively are fake because they’re bubbly and happy but Kristen is ‘real’ because she’s awkward and smiles less. They’re all as crappy as each other.

    I’m starting to think that K-Stew is the Adele of the young hollywood starlets. Her attitude is different and her roles are different so people over praise her and forget that her talent is just as non existent as the rest of them. Not saying Adele has no talent because she does but she gets alot of praise for making a break up album which is basically what Taylor Swift does. One is moody and one is cheerful so of course the moody, sullen one is seen as more authentic. Same with Kristen, she’s seen as more authentic than Blake Lively and Emma Roberts because what??? She curses and weárs hoodies instead of heels??

    LBR though…K-Stew and R-Pattz don’t need their PR to buy this because they have twi-hards and sexually repressed twi-moms who’ll vote for anything.

    • Janet says:

      The twi-hards give a whole new dimension to the term “crazed fans”. One isn’t allowed to say anything remotely critical of either Stewart or Pattinson. They adore these mediocre actors to the point of idolatry. The funniest sight I ever witnessed was wacked-out twi-hards standing on line for the premiere of “Breaking Dawn” wearing wedding dresses specially purchased for the occasion. Probably the only time those wackos will ever get to wear a wedding dress in their lives.

  38. A Fan says:

    Best Dressed Woman? Maybe Best Dressed Young Lady, but she hasn’t yet earned the title of Best Dressed Woman.

  39. kimberly says:

    pplluueeeeezzzzze hah these chicks can’t dress worth shit! Give me Michelle Williams, and back in the day Nicole Kidman!!! Now those bitches have style!!!!!

    You can totally tell the the younger chicks use stylists WAY WAY too much and need to put on the big girl panties and pick out their own shit. Maybe quit trying to do what someone says is “cool” at the moment or will be soon? Because that shit isn’t cool.