Ke$ha covers V Magazine with an Americana-themed shoot: amazing or busted?

I don’t really know why, but I kind of like Ke$ha. I’m not always crazy about her music or anything (some of her songs are decent), but I enjoy her as a “personality” and as a celebrity. Her interviews are funny, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and the girl KNOWS she’s a mess. Anyway, Ke$ha has a new album coming out, she appears on the June cover of V Magazine to promote it. Thoughts on the “Americana” themed photo shoot (by Inez & Vinoodh)? Call me crazy, but I kind of dig it. Anyway, you can read the full V Magazine piece here, and here are some highlights:

She’s pop culture’s dirty little sister: “I do feel like there are the pop stars of the world and then I’m like their dirty little sister, running around with s–t on my face in combat boots because I can’t walk in heels.”

First memories: “My very first memory is when we lived in Van Nuys, running around barefoot,” she says of her upbringing. “Shortly thereafter we moved to Tennessee, which was a lot of hiking and rope-swinging. I always coveted a Trans-Am, which is now my ride of choice.” Getting that car, like the hit records, took a lot of work and resilience.

Struggling in LA: “I met with this one big writer and he thought he was hot s–t,” she says dismissively. “He had me driving all over town—and I didn’t have gas money. The last time I met up with him, he said, ‘I have a great song title, but you can’t have it because you’re not signed.’ Then he asked me to leave his house. It was such a weird, twisted thing for a grown man to do to a young, desperate artist! It made me want to get successful to show that whether or not people recognize the power that is in you yet, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It’s not even about signing with a big label. With the Internet, the entire music business is changing. If anyone tries to tell you that you can’t do what you want to, I think you should give them the finger and do it anyway.”

Working class pop star: “I try to include my fans in my message,” Ke$ha explains. When asked if she is today’s working-class pop star, she laughs. “I do feel like there is an element of what I’m doing that is about where I come from, which is working-class. I was never the cool kid, I was never hot in high school. I was never popular. You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be rich and you can still be successful.”

The Simpsons: Her salt-of-the-earth appeal is perhaps what led Matt Groening and the producers of The Simpsons to animate an extended opening sequence in which all of the show’s characters act out the lyrics to “Tik-Tok,” an unprecedented moment in Simpsons history—and one Ke$ha still counts as a surreal breakthrough. “It’s such an epic show… It really represents American television. I had no idea it was coming. I don’t watch television at all. I’m not really on the Internet because it scares me.”

Living off the grid: “When paparazzi showed up at my house, it was really mind-boggling. I’ve found ways to do exactly what I want, but in the privacy of my own sanctuaries.” She still divides her time between houses in L.A. and Tennessee, living in the woods, she says, “away from inquiring eyes.” “I have wild, wild nights there,” she confesses, “but my friends and I are all really private. We get f–king crazy, but you’re not going to see me stumbling out of nightclubs.”

She loves animals: The first global ambassador for the Humane Society, Ke$ha has spent the past year getting involved in animal conservation, spending her recent hiatus on an “animal journey,” diving with humpback whales and hammerhead sharks and then rehabilitating baby lions in South Africa. She will soon chronicle her work with animals for a television series produced by National Geographic. “The show looks at animals being abused and how to stop that, or animals that are going extinct and how to help those animals. I am so passionate. I like animals more than people.” She also notes that she only wears shed feathers and intends to produce her own animal-friendly cosmetics line.

Her new album: “The first record was all me living in L.A., trying to pay my rent, have a really good time, and look good on nothing. But ever since then I’ve seen how many people my music can reach, and I’ve realized that I have somewhat of a social responsibility to make sure everything I say is positive. The underlying theme of this next record is warrior, with the positive message being that everyone has a warrior inside.” Of the sound, she says, “Some people will be shocked. Some will also be excited to know that I don’t just do silly white-girl rap. I’m from the South, I have a lot of soul.” She pauses as a bobcat walks by. “But trust me—it’s not going to be some avant-garde jazz record. I innately write pop songs. That’s just what I do.”

Loving Britney, and Britney-love: Part of her mission was achieved when she found herself parlaying a fever into a musical high as she was co-writing the global smash hit “Til the World Ends” for Britney Spears. “To write a song for an icon, someone who stands for pop, it really doesn’t get better than that,” she says. The admiration is apparently mutual. “Ke$ha brings an incredibly carefree, fun-loving spirit to American pop music,” Britney says via e-mail. “I love listening to her songs when I’m on the treadmill. They help me power through my workout.”

[From V Magazine]

It sounds like Kesha has done a lot of growing up over the past year or so? If you go to the full V Magazine article, there’s a lot more about her work with the Humane Society, and she even talks about doing a National Geographic special. Which… sounds pretty cool, actually. And you know what? She IS a “working class pop star”. I think that’s why she’s derided. She didn’t instantly become a fashionista stage-managed by a team of stylists when her first album became a hit. She stuck with her gritty, dirty working-class image, and some people hated that.

Photos courtesy of V Magazine.

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  1. Steph says:

    I agree, I actually think the photoshoot is quite beautiful

  2. Jessica says:

    She reminds me of my little sister Carly… lol she is gorgeous!

  3. Memory30 says:

    Surprisingly she does lol

  4. lola says:

    fame whore,its just too much…

  5. some bitch says:

    Amazing shoot. She’s well-spoken and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

  6. Kaboom says:

    She looks much better than usual.

  7. Ari says:

    She looks fantastic. I love how she always reminds me of something out of Mad Max

  8. Rux says:

    I love this chic. I think she is really funny and I like her music. And yes, she has stayed true to her working class pop star image. Also, she is right. I do not recall ever seeing photos of her out at clubs in LA or stumbling out of them.

  9. Adrien says:

    I’ve grown to appreciate her. She does not take herself seriously unlike most popstars and she continues to improve her craft. Unlike Lana del Ray, Kesha (like Gaga) has an impressive songwriting resume before she became famous with TikTOk.

  10. cmc says:

    I’m indifferent to Kesha but the Britney quote upsets me. I hate how her quotes usually come via email or over the phone… I immediately assume she didn’t say it. I really doubt she’s able to pull off a concise, well-thought statement live if her life depended on it. Yet we still try to make her. So sad.

    I wonder what kind of horrible reality she’s living, and how much dirt we’ll find out in 50ish years when she passes away.

    • some bitch says:

      Yeah… I was thinking the same thing re: the tell-all books we’ll be reading about Britney’s life in the future, and it’s not going to be a happy subject. Every quote comes via e-mail or a representative and she can’t handle a normal interview.

  11. Seagulls says:

    I’m too lazy to look it up, but this must violate Flag Code, no? Or at least my eyeballs, with that homely “flag” dress.

  12. keats says:

    There’s a difference between working class and looking like a dumpster full of glitter threw up on you.

  13. Amanda G says:

    Her music and voice are dreadful, but I do think she’s funny in interviews and goes against the grain by not being the standard Hollywood beauty. The Britney quote is strange. I can’t picture her saying any of those words.

  14. Minty says:

    I disagree with the Ke$ha praise. She may be a songwriter for others, but she sucks as a singer. All that auto-tune and studio editing and her voice is still annoying. I do applaud her support of animal rights and conservation.

    But…what makes her a fool in my eyes is the Twitter photo she took of herself peeing in the street a week ago:

    Classy. What’s next, a golden shower sex tape? Gaga looks like an aristocrat by comparison. Ugh, attention whoring these days.

    The Daily Mail article goes on to quote something Ke$ha said in an interview:

    She told Glamour magazine: ‘I know that I have balls. I have bigger balls than a lot of the men that I meet.

    ‘I’m just a ballsy motherf****r. I’m not afraid of pushing boundaries.

    ‘That’s what you have to do to become an icon.’

    Bitch please. You’re just another dubious celebrity who thinks she’s a legend in her own mind. If you had actual talent, you wouldn’t need to resort to gimmicks or stunt queen f*ckery.

    Her real behavior cancels out any glamorization in a photo spread.

    Yes, I am cranky today.

  15. Voodoo Rider says:

    As an old rocker, I thought she has a gritty fun show caught her with LMFAO
    during the summer and had a great time
    a little mindless music is ok now and then She seems to have it more together then the other train wrecks out there.

  16. jover says:

    Yes amanda her music is dreadful; the parodies of Tik Tok on youtube are better than the song – I am stunned she is still around and like too many she had connections through her mother into the business she didn’t grow up in a trailer park – I will only give her props for covering Radiohead (look it up it’s on youtube) in jr. high school and that she doesn’t take herself seriously – but her “music” is terrible.

  17. Lisa says:

    … and people make fun of Canada.

  18. Authenticity says:

    You know what I love about Kesha? She never calls herself an “artist” or a true musician. She doesn’t try to paint herself as doing anything profound or pure. Contrast that to Rihanna and her ilk; rarely even writes her own songs, only ever makes generic club songs that could have been performed by anyone and yet still calls herself a “musician” rather than a performer. Like being a pop tart makes you legit.

  19. Rachel() says:

    Love Ke$ha! She is the only pop star around who puts her own personality into her songs. Does anyone really believe Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney, or Katy Perry actually mean what their lyrics say? None of those girls have a sense of humor. Ke$ha’s lyrics aren’t always high quality, but they’re always fun, irreverent, and sincere. She doesn’t give a shit and she is bitchy and amusing!

  20. Justine says:

    John Travolta looks nice with make-up that nearly covers all this face.

  21. malthusia says:

    Her music is absolute dogshit. And she looks like a tranny. (probably is…..)

    She doesn’t take herself seriously because nobody else will. It’s impossible.

    Why the hell is she even famous?

  22. Chris says:


  23. ryan says:

    I love the last 2 pictures. She looks great.