Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in London; more on the pregnancy rumors

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were not looking happy to face the pap firestorm that greeted them as they emerged from a screening of Changeling in London last night. British star Hugh Grant was even seen “lashing out a photographer,” according to photo agency WENN, although pictures just show him looking characteristically grumpy. You can kind of see how Brad and Angelina would get annoyed once you get a glimpse of the crowd. It’s like a solid wall of paparazzi and they’re probably all shouting their names along with a few rude comments.

Yesterday Angelina Jolie confirmed the news that she is set to star in thriller Salt. She will be replacing Tom Cruise as the lead after talks fell through. In an interview with BBC radio, Angelina said Salt was the only project she had lined up. The announcer asked her about “the predictions of a little award or two coming down the track,” and Angelina said “anytime people are talking about that you just feel like you did your job ok.”

In Touch: Angelina told Salt producers she was pregnant
Angelina’s camp denied pregnancy rumors after she wore a short but loose dress to the DVD launch of Kung Fu Panda last week. She was wearing stretch pants last night which looked pretty flat. The woman just had twins four months ago and if she does have a slight tummy it’s to be expected. In Touch says she’s pregnant though, and instead of just relying on photos they claim to have insider information that she broke the news to the producers on her upcoming film:

During an early November meeting in LA, Angelina confirmed her pregnancy to producers of her upcoming action movie Salt, says an insider. The $90 million spy flick was scheduled to being filming in March in NY, LA, Denver and Russia. Production of the film (for which Angelina could earn $20 million) will likely be pushed up to accommodate her.

[From In Touch print edition, November 24, 2008]

We’ll have to wait and see although it wouldn’t be out of the question. Angelina did say she was taking a break after her latest film and that “I’m ready to do a few things now and fade away and get ready to be a grandma one day.” She said “First and foremost, I have a lot of children, and I need to make sure they’re growing right and they’ve got us there for them.” In May, 2007 she also said she was taking a year long break. Twins Knox and Vivienne were born 11 months later, which means they were conceived shortly afterwards.

Here’s the interview with Angelina from BBC radio. The first 11 minutes are about Changeling and she only mentions Salt briefly at the end.

And here’s a press conference she gave for Changeling in which she was talking about her mom as inspiring her character and started crying around 1:20 in. She said “oh f’ck” because she knew she was about to start crying.

Photo credit: Bauergriffin (photo names start with ’8′) and WENN (photo names include WENN)

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    she looks like a store dummy in that main photo

  2. Tess says:

    If she is pregnant again, she really needs a psychiatric evaluation.

    I think Brad looks like he’s had some cosmetic work done on his face.

  3. geronimo says:

    Liked the Simon Mayo (Radio 5) interview with her, film talk, nothing else. A relief after all the other stuff. But she did look pretty exhausted at the press call. Needs to ease up a bit.

    Surely there’s no way she can be pregnant again?

  4. elisha says:

    Ohhhh man look at Brad. I don’t know why everyone’s so worried about Angelina stealing Brad from Jen. Jen had him in his heydey. Ang gets him in his old man soccer dad days. Blech. If I were Jen I’d be like “ew, look at him! Take that Ang!!!”

    Ang also looks bad in the header, though. Total plastic surgery face and a waxy sheen. She looks pretty in the YouTube vid though. Seriously, sometimes she does look so beautiful and other times I’m just like, ick, I don’t get it. (Pleeeease don’t have any more children!)

  5. xiaoecho says:

    cute avatar elisha…….is it Rosie?

  6. Bodhi says:

    I don’t buy it. Those are some awful pants she is wearing, blech!

  7. Enonymous says:

    Aww that was very sweet, Angelina clearly loved and admired her mom very much and that is a beautiful thing.

  8. DD says:

    I agree about those pants :) But I’m loving her hair. Eh they’ve had 3 bio kids already, I think Brad is satisfied now. She can go back to just adopting :P

  9. mojoman says:

    Please tell me this is a rumor? how desperate can a person to be in the constant spotlight and headlines? :roll: anywho, she looks waxy on the header pic.

  10. TC says:

    You know, I am not loving that hair AT ALL. I think it makes her look old and even more tired/dragged down that she likely really is.. she looks a little haggard by Angelina standards.. Please.. get some layers or something. Her face looks funny.. almost like bulemic.. could just be the 6 kids..

  11. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, Lainey was bashing the pants too, but I think they look fine.

    Re: Salt. Thankgodthankgod they’re not making Atlas Shrugged – that would have sucked so hard. Salt sounds interesting, but was anyone else like, “…Denver…?” 8O

    Re: Pregnancy. I doubt it. Her “bump” is probably – oh, I don’t know – the fact that she gave birth to twins four months ago.

  12. Sara says:

    Oh, teary-eyed Angie….that was sweet!

  13. Baholicious says:

    He’s starting to look like William H. Macy with that stupid mustache.

  14. Al says:

    @Elisha — I disagree. Brad is absolutely gorgeous and always will be. He’s like Clooney, Grant, etc., getting better with age. It seems unfair because women have to spend so much money to look young while men get sexier.
    @Baho- I think he looks kind of Laurence Olivier-ish with the stache.

  15. PJ says:

    They both look haggard. The center part on Angie’s hair is not flattering, it makes her look like Morticia of the Adams family!

    That being said, the lighting for these photos was very harsh and unflattering. For a red carpet or TV interview they would have better lighting, the kind that makes wrinkles disappear. Maybe that explains why they aren’t looking their best.

  16. Zoe says:

    Poor smoochie, she really misses her mama. :(

  17. vdantev says:

    Let me boil this thread down to its final result:

    “Oh yeah, well I think Jennifer Aniston sucks.”

    “Oh yeah, well I think Angelina Jolie sucks !!”

    Repeat back and forth about 50 billion times.

  18. anonymous says:

    You are right, PJ, she really does look like Morticia Adams! They should have named those twins Pugsly and Wednesday.

  19. Lafcadio says:

    Look, I know these two aren’t going away so I won’t even ask. I’ll just BEG Angelina to take that scarf and hat away from Brad. Because if I see him in that outfit one more time I’m going to drive my fist through his face on the computer screen. He is not a Pete Doherty bohemian poet and never will be. He’s a surfer dude lunkhead who cleans up well. Put him in a tux, keep him in the tux… End of story.

  20. traci says:

    oh my gosh. she just popped out TWO and now shes ready for another? i hope this rumor is false for the sake of her sanity. god she has like 6 kids!! soon shes gonna be like that family with a tv show that has like 18 kids! except theyd be like yin and yang, the way they raise their children is so different…

  21. RReedy says:

    Is it just me or do these two look MISERABLE? I mean check out those sour pusses!!!

  22. Mairead says:

    6 kids? Pah Traci that’s nothing…


    That second vid would bring a tear to a glass eye.

  23. angel says:

    Misery, I do not know,

    But, she looks like she has an ‘alcoholic sheen’ on her face…

    As for BP, he has always mirrored his ms…

  24. Vannuccia says:

    Looks like karma’s been a bitch to both their faces…

  25. tigerlille says:

    Angie has looked so pleased with herself so often in her publicity photos since surfacing post-twins in NY that I have found myself wondering if she is pregnant. I hope not, for her sake. It would be great if she did fade away after her next project. She has so many children, and they really need a whole lot more of her time and attention (I think).

  26. devilgirl says:

    Brad looks like a simpleton, she looks like wax.

  27. val says:

    I always said if I was a millionaire, I would have many children. So I dont see anything wrong with that. She is a woman, that is what she is supposed to do. She can more than afford them, what is all the gripe about. She should have 4 more and make ten. They love children and enjoy them. They are happiest when with them.

    You can tell that they are getting tired of the papparazzi, Brad looks pissed. He cannot even relax, he is so tensed, waiting to jump in case things got out of hand. He never lets Angie go, always holding her but I think that the press is really getting to them.

    I am sure they could not wait to retreat back to their room and fly the hell out of there.

    I wish them the best!

  28. val says:

    I am sorry but I dont think the kids are stressing them. I mean they have nannies to do the mundane stuff. All they have to do is be there and guide their growth. Geez people are they the first to have many kids??????

  29. Cheyenne says:

    OMFG!!! If I had a nickel for every stupid lie and rumor Outa Touch has printed about this couple over the past two years, I’d be a millionaire by now.

    No, she’s not pregnant. End of discussion.

  30. oh yeah says:

    You can really see the difference from her skeletal boney face to now that she has had her face INJECTIONS!!!!!!! she was prolly crying bcuz her face hurts!!!!!

  31. Diva says:

    Why does it matter to anyone how many kids she has?

    She’s been pregnant twice. I’d be willing to bet many of you who have kids have been pregnant that many times or one or two more. Why is anyone at all even concerning themselves with the number of children she births? My mother birthed 6 kids, would you be calling into question her sanity or asking her not to have her children?

    I don’t get it.

  32. doodahs says:

    She’s so amazingly beautiful it’s almost annoying.. Brad on the other hand needs to lose the Errol Flynn look…

    It seemed a little left field and I wasn’t really sure why she talked about her mom and compared her to her character in the film… but she seems emotional, open and wants to pay tribute to her so I guess now I’m answering my own question…

  33. ff says:

    Anyone would look tired with that many kids and promotional work.

  34. Kristen says:

    They obviously provide a healthly, stable life for all of their children. It might not be the life normal people have – but they seem very happy together.

    I hope they 10 more kids. I have a friend with 13 children in her family and her mother had 3 miscarriages. They are all stable and secure people.

    Stop judging someone, something or a situation you know nothing about.

  35. geronimo says:

    Mairead – agree, I welled up when I watched it last night. She just seems exhausted and that’s how you get when you’re exhausted – emotional. Hope she’s at the end of the PR for Changeling now and can just go home and relax.

  36. popo says:

    Wow anyone who has a clue about what children need, Knows that they are not providing them with what they need. Let me put it in perspective. France, Germany , France NY. New Orleans NY ,LA England
    All in a span of a few weeks. Flying is very dangerous because of radiation to babies and small children. Time zone hopscotch is not good on a person body clock. These are facts. I won’t go into all the other factors they are ignoring. As most mothers know them.
    Wonder why she was all teary. I think I have heard these exact descriptions of her mother and the movie at least 6 times. And now the tears flow. Is this the first time we have seen her since the Jen thing. Yep I think so.

  37. yadira says:

    Even beautiful people age. Hell, I wish I looked “haggered” the way she does. And if she’s preggo, well it’s on her dime so congrats. If not, life still goes on for us normal people.

    Either way, haters are never satisfied.

  38. susan says:

    “She is a woman, that is what she is supposed to do” What if we don’t. Then are we no good. What I really dislike about the Brad/Angie fans is that they take away what women have worked so hard for years to achieve. They believe that women are no good if they don’t have children, the only way a woman can be fulfilled is with a man, that if a man leaves if is the woman’s fault, that when a man wants a baby a woman should accomdate him right away. It really makes me sad to think that after years of women going into great careers, doing a variety of different things that we could never do before these fans are still back 200 years ago. Women are good for having children and making a man happy. See the problem is it never works. Because if a women tries to please a man and that is the basis for the relationship then someday someone will please him more.

  39. yadira says:

    Awwwww, I just watched the video where she brings up her mom. That makes her look so vulnerable and she is fighting that too. Damn, she really loves and respects her mom. Good for her

    Susan, just because one person makes the ridiculous comment about a woman’s purpose is to have kids does NOT mean that all people who like brad and Ang think the same way. You are just adding ignorance into the mix. Please, do not include everyone into the same category as that person :roll:

  40. cali says:

    dear Susan – please don’t generalize about their fans, most don’t care about the no. of kids other people have and whether having them makes you more of a woman. It’s a personal choice.

    Brad and Angelina clearly love their kids and want to have more – and so more power to them. If you don’t, then more power to you. Capisca?

  41. Kaiser says:

    @Diva – I think they get worked up about the kids because it doesn’t fit the ZOMG SkankyHomewrecker Narrative that they want to rely on. If she’s a good, loving mother with six small children, how could they attack her and her children and not be monsters?

    @Yadira – “haggered” :lol: I missed that.

  42. Susan says:

    Actually the collective Brad/Angie fans agree on the above points I made. Just watch your posts in the future and see if you don’t hold these things true. I have read multiple posts on this site by Brad/Angie fans that say excatly the things I mentioned above – except they mention Jen’s name not women in general. I am sad that in the Brad/Angie fans hate they fail to relize that when they make statements like they make on this board it is an attack on all women not just the one they hate.

  43. gilly says:

    My Mum died over 20 years ago and yet I still fill up and sometimes shed a tear when I talk about her, but then thats in private not in front of god knows how many people if she is emotional when talking about her mum why does she talk about her in front of so many oh I forgot she jussssssssst loooooves the publicity and drama

  44. WTF?!?! says:

    Pregnant again. She reminds me more and more of the lead alien in Liquid Sky. And beeyotch best lay off the botox now and try to put some fat under that gaunt face– she looks like her own emaciated wax figure.

    If she doesn’t start taking care of herself in between pregnancies, that special needs child they’re destined for will put a real crimp in her blissful accounts of their money-makes-it-all-okay lifestyle, as people will expect her to actually take care of it herself, not just trot it out for the Jolie-Pitt Groups-of-Three photo ops.

  45. Buttercup says:

    If AJ is pregnant and is choosing to put herself through all of that so soon after having her last children, then that really is her and Brads problem and her business and no one elses. At this point I don’t really care.

    She looks stunning as always though.

    OFFT: The vitriol and utter nastiness that some of the commenters are saying lately about AJ, are so uncalled for (BP fair enough). I don’t get all the bashing and hatred.

    Can’t we all just be friends? :?

  46. Kristin says:

    I saw the crying video last night, and even though I am not the hugest fan of hers, it was very sad to see.

  47. IMO says:

    I love her hair, but if she is going to have another baby (or currently breastfeeding- which I doubt), then she should stop with the Botox or whatever it is she is doing to her face.

    Her face looks so different. She should change her style, not her face.

  48. cali says:

    Susan – if that Fraud is mentioned is because she lied about wanting to become a mother – for a long period of time while with Brad. It’s pretty obvious she doesn’t want kids but yet she keeps lying about it. I doubt fans generalize about what a good woman should be – but some certainly call that conniving liar on her witchiness and manipulative lies.

  49. Cheyenne says:

    Oprah has an interview with Brad Pitt tomorrow in which he says he has the daddy thing down pat. He tells Oprah, “I’m tough as nails. You cannot break me down. I’ve become totally impervious to poo, snot, urine and vomit.”

    Gotta love the joys of parenthood. :lol:

  50. val says:

    I am not saying women are supposed to have kids.

    But the bottom line is here you have this husband that is a great actor, wealthy beyond reasonable means and all he wants is a child.;..little girl he describes as “birds”

    Well he obviously can’t have them alone so as his WIFE—look at what a wife means biblically…give him the child he craves for. Its not like they could not afford to raise a child for Petes’ sake.

    I guess their timing was all screwed up and Angie came around and he saw how good she was with her kid and he probably just moved on emotionally.

    These things happen allthe time, I guess the big deal is because they are celebrities!

  51. Rose says:

    “if that Fraud is mentioned is because she lied about wanting to become a mother – for a long period of time while with Brad.”
    Really? Methinks you lie here, find me ANYTIME she said she didn’t want to have children while with Brad.
    People are allowed change their minds, it’s called growing up, try it sometimes.

  52. JEWSSIP says:

    No matter how famous or rich Brad and Angie are, they’re going to f*ck up their kids just like our parents did to us – because that’s how it goes. I just can’t wait for Zahara to start doing some crazy sh*t.

  53. Susan says:

    Val: except Brad himself stated that children were not the reason for their divorce on national TV. Are you saying that Brad lied? He was asked if that in anyway was one of the reasons and he said no – so how is it that you say it was. I know how you read the tabloids. But they lie. Both Jen and BRad have stated that the issues of children was not involved in the divorce. So the argument that you give is not valid please don’t use tabloid stuff gain when both Brad and Jen have stated it was a lie started by the tabloids. And even if it was. What if a women (not just jennifer) couldn’t have children is it OK for a man to have an affair then and leave her? Are women solely around to have children when men say they are ready? Should a 20 year old have children right away if she has an older husband because he wants them now? I am teaching my daughter to have children when she is ready. It is all about her. So please don’t bring women down to the level where it is a man’s right to say when we should have children and if we don’t they no longer need to honor their commitment or love for us. And if you are looking at the bible then Brad and Angie need to get married – according to the bible it is wrong not to. If I were you I would not bring it up – women in bibical times didn’t get many rights.

  54. Mia says:


    Please, PLEASE go away and take that old dude with you.

  55. Zoe says:

    She hasn’t botoxed, she can still make facial expressions. She looks a little puffy, so what? It’s exhaustion and flying and especially breastfeeding that dehydrates the hell of you. All this crap about plastic surgery and how her lips aren’t real and nose, etc. etc…. it’s bullshit. He doesn’t look old, he looks like a 40 something father of six who’s incredibly busy. God, I’d love to see what you look like! :lol:

  56. DD says:

    I think Susan made a good point, when I read the trail of posts and when it turns into the BP – AJ – JA triangle I often see the type of posts she describes. Perhaps many of the people posting those comments actually don’t feel that way, I hope anyway, they are just trying to defend and insult the hated party :P I am a fan of AJ, I think she is beautiful and a great actress and she does a lot of good in the world. Can’t say much about her “better” half though, he just irks me for some reason… I don’t know he feels like a fake.
    I guess IMO is the only other person who is liking the hair.

  57. stellapurdy says:

    8O 8O 8O @ what Val said.

    I guess it must also say somewhere in the bible that it’s okay to break your marriage vows because you have no sense of integrity or commitment.


  58. Tina says:

    Angie is losing even the people who liked her once.

    She is getting so fake. Brad does look like he has aged greatly in the 4 short years of knowing Angie.

    I wish they would fade away….PLEEZZZE!!

    Angelina, you are so boring now. You betrayed all your previously stated values. Lay on your back and pump out some more children. Just what the world needs more of…rich brats and role models that show us how to breed more in a world that is falling apart because of overpopulation!

  59. present says:

    my 2 cents on dead horse- fr seeing/reading interviews, it seems that by the time Troy shoot, Brad (& Prob Jen) realized that they shouldn’t bring kids into such a troubled relationship- thus, they both may have wanted kids, just not w/ eachother…on AJ tears- i think that they were real. Go see Changeling & you’ll understand why she couldn’t draw on her own experience/personality & thought a lot about her Mom- Christine Collins was very shy, sweet, apologetic…she couldn’t argue w/ the police…well, i don’t want to give too much away, but shocking things happen & it wasn’t that long ago (1928)- the movie is really, really good…ANYHOW, she was talking about her Mom here bc the UK press asked her about how she came up w/ the character since it is so diff than her other work…the foreign press seems to ask more interesting ?s than US press “when is the next baby” ?s

  60. IMO says:

    I didn’t say Brad had work done, I said Angelina’s face looks different and I don’t know if it’s Botox or something else she has- but she shouldn’t do it if she is pregnant or breat feeding.

    As for Brad- he just seems terribly unhappy and exhausted.
    He has 4 nannies, a chef, a driver, cleaning staff and any other sort of paid help and lives in castles- and yet he looks exhausted and miserable.

    That happens to many men who went through the mid-life crisis around 40.

    Instead of understanding it’s natural- he went for the thrill and now he is stuck with an unstable woman who drags him to a new country every 2 days.

    He barely knew her when he had a child with her and now – that the known 40s crisis is over- he has no home and is trapped with a woman he barely dated before having all these children together.

    I guess you pay for being stupid and not being aware that many men go through the same feelings but don’t break their marriage for their thrill.

    This is becoming really amusing. We don’t need to watch any Brangelina movie- since their real life is much more entertaining and ironic.

  61. DD says:

    Meh, never read into expressions in these pictures. They have their picture taken every minute of the day, I am sure that is the most irritating thing. It seems to me the only thing Brad wanted was his very own bio kid, I think AJ just wanted a man to stick around and he must have played his part of devoted potential dad well in the short time frame they knew each other :P
    They can probably make this relationship work if they don’t let their egos get in the way, but this is hollywood.

  62. Yummy says:

    I am so glad that someone noticed that she looked like Morticia Addams. With that ratty mustache, Brad looked like unkempt Gomez. Could they be doing a re-make of that???

  63. Trashaddict says:

    The whole thread shoulda stopped with Dante’s post.

  64. Cheyenne says:

    @ IMO: I’m sorry to rain all over your parade, but there are two facts you need to accept:

    1) Brad and Angie are in it together for the long haul and they are not going to break up just to please you.

    2) Just because you feel they have no right to be happy together doesn’t mean they aren’t. You can scan and scrutinize every photograph under a microscope if you want to, and all you will see is two tired partners and parents who are totally into each other.

    You really need to check yourself. Your hatred for this couple is bordering on the pathological. What “crime” did either of them commit? He fell out of love with his wife and in love with Angelina. She fell in love with him. It happens somewhere every day.

    You need to ask yourself this: Would you be so upset about Brad dumping Aniston if he had dumped her for anyone except Angelina? She’d still be dumped, but somehow I don’t think it would bother you nearly as much. Angelina is beautiful, sexy, strong, independent, intelligent; in other words, everything Aniston is not. Once Brad met her, poor Jennifer never had a fighting chance. Just deal with it and move on. The triangle is dead and all these post-mortems are superfluous. The better woman won.

  65. susan says:

    Here is a classic example of what I am talking about. Are women who are in marriages that end considered dumped? when a man meets another women he likes better do we support him in leaving his wife and committment because he wants to. Is that the way men should treat women. Think about what you guys are saying here. This is not about Jen it is about how women are treated. What is brad does this again? Who knows if this couple is in it for the long haul. Mostly when a couple gets married that is the assumption – obviously brad doesn’t feel the smae way.

  66. Kim says:

    OK, they are not looking good. AT ALL! She looks beat and I don’t think that cryig was for her mother. She wants public sympathy because of the negative press she has been getting. Instead os spending the last christmas with her mother whose days were very short, she went to Panama to gift the refugees there with her saintly presence. Loving daughter- not.

    I doubt whether that Salt movie will do well. She can only do well in movies where any actress would have done well like Kung fu Panda and Beowulf. For a blockbuster, Wanted did not do so well with 135 million.

    Have I mentioned how bad they look ewwwww? This is the worst I have seen them look ever. Her face is s stretched with botox, she should have left Brad some botox for his weekly fix. Looks like he needed it.

    I doubt though whether she is pregnant. If she is, then she needs mental evaluation. I know it is now their major source of income- child pimping- but it is getting frightening.

  67. Christina X says:

    So, Cheyenne, are you implying that superficial beauty’s ever an adequate reason to leave your wife of several of years?

    I’ve asked this question often, I know, but so far everyone I’ve asked never answered me.

    I guess I’m one of those romantics who believe that when you’re in love, the other’s flaws become irrelevant. I’m one of those people who have seen couples struggle and flourish together. Walking out the minute something becomes too difficult is a sign of weakness, pure and simple.

    I mean, what is that supposed to mean? “Poor Jen had no chance”? If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with or weak-minded about a man who’s spent several years of his life with one women and just f*cked her over because “he felt like it”, then you and I have very different definitions of weak. It’s his own fault he didn’t have the motivation to even try.

    If he’s that pathetic or unmotivated that he dropped his pants for the first remotely attractive piece of ass in his movie, he’s pretty much a goddamn pansy.

    Sorry to rain on your parade.

  68. Femme Fatale says:

    The truth is Brad is now with Angelina Jolie, love his partner and his kids and enjoy being a father. The past is past He move on.. and will never go back to his former life.

  69. DLR says:

    angelina needs to start using oil-blotting papers. that is one greasy face she has in that first picture. i seriously doubt she is pregnant again so soon after the twins as they are wanting to adopt a sibling like zahara (not sure if it will be a boy or girl). i do think angelina will have a third ptegnancy but not for probably 2 years.

  70. Kim says:

    Any one notice Brad never looks at Angelina not directly and not in the eye. Around her, in space every where but at her. I wonder why. His mouth is always open too, not a good look. The hats and moustache are not helping. What happened to him.

  71. 88modesty88 says:

    Kim, you think Brad never looks at Angie? :lol:

    There are photos and videos everywhere contradicting this.

    Yeah, the thread shoulda ended with Dante’s post…