Brandi Glanville accuses Eddie & LeAnn of leaking false report, Brandi gets promoted

I’m sorry I didn’t get to this story earlier, but I did want to see how everything was playing out with Bravo and Brandi Glanville and everything. Last week, Radar had a suspicious report about Brandi’s potential “promotion” on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There had been reports that Brandi would be made a full cast member, a full-time “Real Housewife”. And then “sources” told Radar that Bravo wanted Brandi and Eddie Cibrian’s sons to appear on the show, and Eddie and LeAnn had put their feet (hooves) down. I talked about it in this post – including my take on the hypocrisy of LeAnn and Eddie, who call the paparazzi regularly for “candid” photo-ops of themselves with Mason and Jake. Anyway, Brandi had a fit on Twitter regarding the Radar story, and a Bravo source ended up going to E! to talk about the situation:

Don’t worry, catfight lovers, Brandi Glanville’s not going anywhere. As we anxiously wait for another season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills—and mourn the departure of Camille Grammer—we learn that at least one feisty blonde will remain on the reality series, despite rumors that she was dropped.

Contrary to reports she was being sacked because her kids can’t appear on the show, Glanville’s always-entertaining presence on Real Housewives isn’t being cut down.

“She’s a full-time Housewife,” a RHOBH source tells E! News. “Bravo is fully supportive of Brandi and understands that Eddie [Cibrian] won’t let her kids be shot for the show. It has zero impact on her involvement with the show.”

Brandi also confirms that these rumors are false by tweeting, “Dear @radar_online u have no idea what ur talking about ur story is ALL wrong! As usual.”

“Funny no one really knew or knows my work status and after on talk woith my ex husband its splattered all over the internet #leakmuch?” she wrote.

[From E! News]

To be fair to original Radar report (which seems to have been leaked by Camp NEIGH!), they didn’t say Brandi was fired from RHOBH, they only said she wasn’t getting promoted to the full-time cast. A source also confirmed Brandi’s full-time casting to RumorFix, and the source (totally Brandi) says: “Eddie is going to fight Brandi about having them in the background on the show… They are constantly doing photo ops and interviews that include the kids and Brandi does nothing. She is going to fight back but Bravo isn’t involved, it’s all good with them. Eddie and LeAnn are always doing staged photo ops and interviews – Brandi just wants to see the kids when she has them.”

It’s also totally worth it to check out Brandi’s Twitter – go here to see it. She was on a tear after that Radar report (“well someone is still being a dick but its not Bravo”) and she’s been tweeting about going to family therapy with LeAnn, Eddie and the boys.

Brandi was also at the Kentucky Derby! I’m not sure how I feel about animal print at the Derby. Keep it floral, ladies!

Brandi Glanville on WhoSay

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN, Brandi’s Twitter.

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  1. Minu says:

    she did say going therapy woth eddie and leann and said it she did it for her boys nothing else . she did’nt have a selfish motive .

    • Heidi says:

      Good gawd, I hope Lele didn’t get to choose the counselor. Her personal therapist hails from the wackadoodle Kardashian church of Brad Johnson, another cheater who was former minister dumped by Saddleback church of Rick Warren.

  2. samira677 says:

    I don’t watch the Housewives series but are the kids even involved? All of the clips and stories makes it seem they are irrelevant.

    The animal print isn’t the problem it’s that Brandi combined it with a floral top. Not sure why she thought this was a good outfit.

    • Jazzmin says:

      Brandi did it to see if the horse called Leann will copy it. Since she copies everything Brandi does. Leann Rimes copied the picture Brandi tweeted of her back to the camera in a bikini. Leann stalks Brandi’s Twitter TL.

      • anon33 says:

        That’s very interesting, I will be on the lookout to see if LeMan does this now…

      • Heidi says:

        The same thought crossed my mind. Doubt LR will attempt a copy, it’d be way too obvious

      • Zelda says:

        That sounds completely insane.

        But if if some reason it’s true, then Brandi G-list is just as obsessed with The Who as vice versa.

        So everybody is a loser no matter what.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        As someone who was stalked many years ago by a guy I tried to gently let down (and was rewarded by some of the worst behavior ever from him), I am sickened by this blame the victim mentality. Brandi has to deal with two people who already blew her life up trying to now ruin it. If anyone messed with my motherhood the way those two do with hers, I’d be homicidal. They insult her, stalk her, have friends bully her and then insert those friends into her sons’ lives like uncles. They actually want to replace her as her children’s mother and they are livid that Brandi got up and made a decent life for herself. She’s in a catch 22: if she talks about what’s going on or sticks up for herself or protests, she’s told she can’t let go and is bringing it publicity. If she remains silent, the bullies increase their harassment and meanness. Think about it: two people who turn her sons’ lives into publicity stunts are trying to stop her from having them on the background of a show and one of them isn’t even the parent. Remember when Denise Richards was raked over the coals for talking a little about what Charlie Sheen had done to her and now she’s patted on the back for handling his insanity? That’s what this is. If the aftermath of the affair was handled with kindness and attempts to work things out, everything would’ve been different. But who tries to ram an affair down everyone’s throat, bully the already hurt ex, shove it in the kids’ faces and then try to co-opt the mom’s kids? LeAnn, Eddie, that knock you hear? It’s karma, bitches.

      • Veruca says:


        Very well said.

        And I hope your stalker problem has been resolved.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Aw, thanks Brin. :) And Veruca, thank you, but I was lucky and the guy finally backed off. It was many years ago, when I was in college. But I know that awful, helpless, angry feeling, like why is it your life’s mission to f–k with me?

    • claire says:

      I saw a few other pics from there of non-celebs, and there was quite a bit of animal print, made me wonder if it was a “thing” for that event. I thought she looked cute, but not my fave outfit of hers. Love the cause though! And how awesome would it be if Leann copies it. ;)

    • Debra says:

      actually, i think that’s a Dolce & Gabbana dress (not top and skirt) and she was wearing it at a ball she was hosting not the derby

      it’s not my favorite style either but Brandi looks great anyway

  3. Diane says:

    Her red lips. I did notice that in Leann’s Cabo pics she was wearing a dark lip. Btw, who wears lipstick on the beach?

  4. Mandy says:

    I really do hope she ends up being full time on the show. I can’t help but love her! I think she’s a breath of fresh air on RHOBH and is a hell of a lot better option than Loony Lips Taylor…

  5. brin says:

    I’m glad Brandi will be back on RHOBH (full time)and Camp NEIGH (lol) needs to stop creating drama.

  6. Rita says:

    This whole dust-up is because Brandi is becoming a full fledged celebrity and Eddie is a petty jealous loser, much like his wife.

    Brandi should be able to build this job into something that will pay the bills for a few years. I’m sure if the kids were on the show, they’d be compensated to some degree and that money could be put towards their education but Eddie is too vindictive to consider that.

    Eddie, you and that tramp LeAnn wanted out of your former lives and now you are so let Brandi build a life of her own.

  7. someone says:

    Not sure who the shorter girl in the black dress is but Brandi looks like she’s going to eat her.

  8. hyena says:

    Sooooo Leann and Eddie didn’t speak or tweet out about this AT all and they get the blame??

    Brandi tweeted TONS of personal and accusatory things towards them and they’re in the wrong?? Wtf

    This sounds to me like Brandi wasn’t get promoted, leaked a story to make it sound like Bravo wouldn’t do it without her kids, and then Bravo had to promote her or they look like asses.

    Seriously, what do Leann and Eddie get out of this?? Nothing, even the Radar story didn’t benefit them.

    Brandi played you all!!

    • hyena says:

      and good for her! Get your money and trashy fame girl!

    • Marley says:

      Brandi said that her conversation with Eddie somehow turned into gossip on radar online. She never stated prior to that story coming out anything about Leann and Eddie. IMO Leann shouldn’t even be mentioned in any conversation involving the kids. She is a stepmother, an accessory to those children…not a mother or father or significant family member.

      • hyena says:

        Pfft she played the game and won! Hell she even admitted it in Kentucky. Keep getting played.

      • Vesper says:

        @ Marley, I’m sure all the step-parents (or should I say “assessories”) will appreciate your comment, especially those who willingly take on the responsibility of someone else’s child/ren 50% of the time.

        How about the step-parents who take care of someone else’s child 100% of the time because the biological parent plays little to no role in their own child’s life?

        Or, does this insulting statement only apply to LeAnn?

    • Linda says:

      You wish it went down that way. Loser!

    • thetruthhurts says:

      Yes, because Bravo cares so much about “looking like asses” over Brandi. Get real. They aired footage of a troubled man who committed suicide last season on RHOBH without a thought and you really think they would be worried about the public reaction of Brandi not being full time because of her kids? Hahahaha. Get real. Nice try. The story was obviously leaked, incorrect and “SOMEONE” got caught. Those of us with brains know EXACTLY who is responsible (and it’s not Brandi).

    • Vesper says:

      She always does, and has done since the beginning. Nothing like a woman scorned.

      It will be interesting to see what her relationship with the boys will be like 10 years from now, when they are old enough to make up their own minds.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        ….A woman Scorned??? Brandi was CHEATED on vesper. Why do you minimize that?? Whats wrong with you?? Your continually, like, the only one on her that actually likes leanne and eddie. Your so weird. If I didnt know any better Id guess your probably either leanne herself or a buddy.

      • Vesper says:

        Do u know what the definition of scorned is? “To reject (something) in a contemptuous way.” How does cheating on someone not fit this definition?
        I’m not minimizing adultery.

        Yes, Brandi was cheated on, but so have many other people. However, she acts like she is the only one. How many years can one play the victim card? How many years can one stir things up, and throw barbs? When can we just move on already? There is a difference between talking about your sorrow in an effort to heal, and using that “sorrow” as a weapon. Divorce can be done privately and with class as Camile and Dean have shown.

        The reason I make only negative comments about Brandi is mostly her behaviour on the show – crude comments, huge chip on her shoulders, mean girl mouth, a focus on everything superfical, a lack of interest in anything beyond partying – I just don’t find any of those things admirable.

        I see more positive in LeAnn. Yes, she cheated. It is done, it can’t be undone, and she has paid the price for 3 years. But, I don’t believe that 1 mistake defines a person’s entire character or that 1 mistake means someone should be miserable for the rest of their lives. When I look at LeAnn, I see a woman who is very in love, who is trying very hard to make things work with her husband, her step-kids, and his ex-wife, someone who is exuberant about life, and trying to live it to the fullest instead of focusing only on career. I don’t see a woman who is purposely trying to hurt Brandi.

  9. Jezi says:

    Brandi’s status on the show was never in jeopardy. It was obvious who leaked the story because Brandi wasn’t telling people about the show. I think they leaked it in hopes of getting her in trouble with Bravo. All it did was make people see just how petty Leann & Eddie are.

    • hyena says:

      Why would they leak a story that has no benefit to them AND makes them look bad??

      Obv Brandi’s mouthpiece is going to deny that this was all masterminded by her.

      She’s not so innocent tweeting non-stop personal info. She did this.

      • Heidi says:

        Hyena, no one had knowledge of Brandi’s work status on RH, but she had recently shared it with Eddie. I think you give LR way too much credit. She isn’t an innocent or aboveboard player. Even admits to a dark side in her suit against her dad. Maybe a little more research would help.

      • claire says:

        Uhhhhh…really? You don’t know the answer to that question? LR has devoted a lot of time in interviews, her blog and her twitter to take digs at Brandi as a mother. So you don’t think it benefits that campaign to put out the idea that Brandi is “using” her kids on tv? And paint Eddie and Leann as the more concerned parents? I mean, gawd, it’s not rocket science. The only surprising part is that LR continues to underestimate how unliked she is, and how much people see through all the crap.

      • Jezi says:

        She isn’t going to leak a story about her job status when she is told not to. And sorry but Leann always tries to leak stories that turn out more damaging to herself because she’s an idiot.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        “Why would they leak a story that has no benefit to them AND makes them look bad??”

        Um, because they’re stupid? ;-)

      • thetruthhurts says:

        Um, because they prob leaked the story because they thought it would make them look GOOD. “Oh we are protecting the boys!! The babies!” as LeAnn would say. She thought it would make her and Eddie look like protective parents when actually, it made them look like douches. Once again, her PRIDEFUL ARROGANT BITCHINESS backfired and she looks the fool. Ha!

    • beclove says:

      Yep. Think about the track record of crappy PR choices out of Camp Rimes. Delusion rules the day so I say Ed and Leann are guilty as charged.

      Do these two even have representation anymore? Maybe Lilo’s guy would take them on?

      • Jennifer12 says:

        For anyone who thinks that LeAnn is somehow not the source for Radar’s article, go to the Daily Mail and look at the story which focuses on how “it must sting” that LeAnn is being allowed to tell Brandi what to do with the boys and printed a photo of Brandi and her sons taken by GSI (aka the guy who splits photo profits with LeAnn).

  10. Jazzmin says:

    Oh Hyena you have much to learn, Leann Rimes and Eddie don’t have to post anything on their Twitter TL. Leann has her “fans” and paid employees do that for them. Leann has no say in what the kids do or don’t do, she is not their mum. Legally Leann can’t dictate anything about Brandi and Eddie’s kids. Leann loves to insert herself. Her career is tanking and Eddie’s job offers are none. Time to be nice to Brandi whose fame seems to be growing. Leann can’t stand the fact that Brandi has become so popular and has gained so many supporters. Leann is shocked at how Brandi has become a celeb of some sort. She thought when she and Eddie had their affair; Brandi would slip away and be forgotten. So yes, this story was leaked by Leann Rimes and her people.

    • hyena says:

      I’ve been trashing Leann, Eddie and Brandi for years. They are all on Kardashian level. The only problem with Brandi’s fans is that they believe she can do NO wrong and that is anyone criticizes her , it must be Leann or one of her cronies. Hating Brandi does not equal liking Leann.

    • hyena says:

      Also, I’m glad Brandi is making money and working but to act like she’s a hugely popular famous person now?? Hahahahahahahahaha she’s on a housewife show!! I don’t think ANYONE supports any housewife or takes them seriously. Honestly, thanks for the laugh.

      • Jezi says:

        Yet you feel the need to follow stories written about her.

      • hyena says:

        So the fact that you comment and obsess over Leann means what? That u care and/or a supporter? Didn’t think so.

        BB’s are delusional. Of course, if I don’t like Brandi, I’m Leann or getting paid, keep proving my point.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Brandis career is blowing up while leannes star is growing cold and dim and her “fans” have left skidmarks abandining her. She alienated anyone who used to like her by busting apart a family and hurting two innocent children forever. She is a homewrecker and that fact will never be diminished.
        Brandi deserves all of her success right now and the fact is she is arguably more famous and uneqivically more popular than leanne could ever HOPE to be again. You know what thats called??? A tricky little thing called KARMA. Those who laugh last last longest. :) hyena=Leann

    • autumndaze says:

      Oh, I think Hyena knows all about Leann’s paid friends and fans; who do you think signs Hyena’s paycheck?

      • Vesper says:

        That’s right, because NOBODY in the ENTIRE world could possibly see Brandi in a negative light or LeAnn in a positive way unless they are somehow personally connected to LeAnn.

        In other words, what u BB’s are saying is that anybody on this thread who doesn’t agree with u should keep their opinion to themself or be subjected to ridicule because all of u know the TRUTH. Such grade school mentality!

        Grow up ladies!! People should not be minimized because u don’t agree with their opinion.

  11. elaine says:

    Hope Brandi gets a kick butt attorney and takes Leann and Eddie back to court. maybe there would be some justice in La la land.hoping The judge would tell Mr rimes that ms grinch face leann has papped those kids out for several years. You go for it, Brandi. I think you look beautiful in the pics

  12. Jennifer12 says:

    Brandi has come out nicely- job on a popular show, fans- and no matter what LeAnn and Eddie do, they can’t take her life away from her. They clearly figured all would be forgiven, Brandi would slink off into the night, and they would have great careers and everyone would know that they were meant to be. Instead, they’re scrambling for jobs and to save their tarnished images. There’s mounds of evidence pointing to the bullying, stalking, harassing, copying and papping and people dislike watching LeAnn act as though she is the mother to two boys who HAVE a mother and whose lives she irrevocably ruined. Eddie is a joke. I am waiting for the day when Brandi’s star outshines theirs completely because it’s coming fast. Let’s see how they feel when someone else has the power. Yes, Brandi, ignore them, but also slap a photo injunction on them. You can’t win; people want you to either shut up and deal or admit that you’ve done something wrong, so keep shining and living your life because karma is hitting those two hard. EVERYONE- media, bloggers, public- knows that LeAnn bullies you, that she calls the paps regularly and that she uses your boys as props. Judgment Day is arriving.

    • lori says:

      I think Eddie thought he would have a bigger career by marrying Leann. That he could have fame faster and get better acting roles by marrying a “country star” and using her clout and fan base. But she has ruined it. He also wanted to hurt Brandi for rejecting him. He was used to cheating on Brandi and still having her at home to be “mommy” to him and the boys. Now everything has changed and life in Hollywood has gotten harder, not easier for Eddie. He is not working and Leann’s career is tanking, because of their continued sleazy self-promoting and their bullying of Brandi. Brandi is better off to not tweet anything or bring them any publicity. She needs to maintain her own image as a good mom. She has a lot of clout just by staying the course as the boy’s mom and the only working parent. Brandi should stay out of the sleazy fighting with these two has-beens. It just drags her into their pit, and gives Eddie the attention he craves from her. Let her P.R. people handle their bullying tactics and continue on with her career. Move beyond them and let lawyers deal.

    • Jayna says:

      Sorry, Jennifer, but the overwhelming public knows nothing about L and E’s bullying, stalking. It isn’t printed in mags, isn’t on the entertainment shows. Gossip blogs basically have the same old fans reading and posting. I work with and am friends with tons of women from early twenties to late thirties. All hip and fun. Not one knows about this nor even about LeAnn’s obsession with being photographed.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Yes and no- different blogs are picking up on it and her being on Bravo means there’s coverage from that. Fox News recently published something on LeAnn’s behavior. Slowly, it’s getting picked up. I don’t think young people are into this story; it’s more older people and parents who relate to Brandi who are interested.

      • claire says:

        I don’t think general public knows about the harassment or stalking either. Though I think some of the more mainstream news blogs are picking up on it. Mostly, I think the general public hates her for being a famewhore and arrogant, which they pick up on from her television interviews and coverage in major media sites, in the constant bikini onslaught coverage. Her recording career wasn’t soaring years before the affair – I don’t know what that’s attributed to. The one music industry article I read about it seemed to attribute it to her never finding a consistent style.

    • Brigitte says:

      So much time and effort invested in people you don’t know. Some of this post and your earlier one sound a little paranoid; I don’t think everyone is so convoluted in their efforts to punish people.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Amen Sister! Tell it!!!

  13. skipper says:

    Those kids arent eddies bio kids. They are clearly of el salvadorian decent and eddie is not.

  14. Ria says:

    Disgusting what this pair are TRYING to do to Brandi. Losers. Shows you how content they are in their own lives. Obviously there are 3 people in this marriage because they persist on having Brandi in their life, not just having the boys but Brandi herself. Spreading false rumors because they have no jobs and are jealous. They should put as much effect into finding a job as they do taking vacations, spreading lies, Twaterring and stalking BB’s time lines which she BLOCKS but still stalks. Retarded!!!. Oh that right nobody in Hollywood wants a :HAS BEEN: and a :ÑEVER WAS: been.

  15. claire says:

    Just saw the Fashion Police video. My respect for G.Rancic just went down a bit. She realllllly made a point to make sure she got digs in on Brandi. Blaming Brandi for the affair. That must have been a really interesting lunch between her and Leann last year. Did Leann play Brandi’s voicemails to her too, like she does for her fans on twitter? Class, all the way, Leann.

  16. Ms Sanders says:

    I like Brandi on the show, glad she got promoted.

  17. Jennifer12 says:

    At some point- if not already- peers are going to approach the boys with all this ugly information. And the boys will not be little forever and all this ugliness will be accessible and documented on the internet. Eddie and LeAnn, shut up and back off NOW, while you can possibly make some restitution. Otherwise, you aren’t going to be able to buy teenagers off with vacations and legoes. And it’s not going to be pretty.

  18. Jennifer12 says:

    Karma always pays a visit, and in this case it’s sweet. Too bad that Eddie and LeAnn thought they could bully and control Brandi and she ended up on a popular show with plenty of fans. I believe LeAnn and Eddie are scared that the money for the photos will go down if the boys are visible in other avenues, such as with their actual mother. It is just another way to try to bully Brandi; they constantly alert the paps to come photograph them with the boys and LeAnn plasters their photos on public forums like Twitter, her website, etc. Their celebrity is reduced to being paid for photos and whatever traffic they can stir up on the web. I hope at some point that Brandi isn’t stuck supporting THEM. I’m endlessly amazed that they feel no remorse or sense of apology and for some reason, want to harass and bother someone whose life was already altered by their selfishness.

    • Snowpea says:

      Jennifer I have been sitting here nodding my head at everything you’ve been saying.

      What is most apparent to me in this whole situation, is that, as a mother, if someone tried to interfere with my children’s lives in the way that Loony Leann has with Brandi’s boys, I’d be absolutely uncontrollable.

      And herein lies the rub: the amount of self control Brandi has displayed when dealing with her ex husbands new wife is exemplary. I think most people would find it very difficult to be as dignified as Brandi has.

      I really do believe that karma takes her sweet time, but when she arrives, she doesn’t pull any punches.

      A few years ago, my best friend had a year long affair with my (now) ex husband. I had two small children at the time. Fast forward seven years and she is now single, depressed, overweight and childless at 38.

      Same goes for Loony Leann. It might take a while, but she will get her comeuppance. Don’t EVER mess with a mother’s relationship with her children.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Doll, you’re as strong as Brandi is! Wow! So glad you came out on top. My friend’s husband had an affair with their friend and their kids were friends. It was horrible. But, in the end, my friend’s husband stayed and they went to therapy and worked things out and the other woman lost her job and she and her husband live separate lives. But at least no one is stalking and harassing each other. I had a horrible stalking experience in college, and at least it ENDED. Poor Brandi goes through the misery and awkward tension every day. I can’t believe people defend LeAnn and Eddie and ignore all the lies and evidence. I mean, they called the paps the day after the “we don’t want the kids on camera” story was leaked….. I mean broke.

  19. Ria says:

    Why aren’t my comments being published . had to edit. I also am disgusted at Giuliani’s comment. That preying mantis lookalike should keep her damn mouth shut. Her job is to critique fashion, not to mention someone who has nothing to do with the segment. Shows you how incredibly stupid she is as clearly LeAnn pulled the wool over her eyes. Its not hard to see what LeAnn and spend-Eddie is . She IS nuts, a bank account, a psychopath, a stalker, a has been singer, a narcissist, a bad actor. He is a bad actor, a narcissist, a jobless loser, a paid man, gigolo, a never was, and lazy. People say he is good looking yet I find him creepy looking and repulsive. I’m not even going on her looks. Yikes !!!!!!!! (O______*) Giuliana must have been nuts too as Jerry C left her for RR. She has left a sour taste in my mouth. Would not surprise me that this was something planned. E just lost a viewer. How did bill get with such a horrible person, inside and out.

    • HungryHippo says:

      What did Giuliana say? I’ve done a search for her and recent commentary/news and come up with nothing at all about Brandi. Would really be interested in a link where she said something.

      • claire says:

        GR had made a comment about LR being too skinny in the past, and LR flipped out, got snarky with her on twitter, and ended up making her have lunch with her to sort it out.

        Fast forward, Fashion Police is doing a segment critiquing LR, and showing the photo of vow renewals. GR gushes about their relationship, about how they are obviously soul mates, she is so happy for them that they have “lasted” , and then adds on: something about how she at first doubted the relationship, and disproved of the affair, but then she watched Real Housewives and Brandi is obviously nuts. (then says: commercial time!)

        It was pretty rude, and basically, LR and EC were right to cheat because Brandi is crazy.

        Have a seen a few LR twitter supporters, and Brandi harassers, (i.e., the ones LR plays Brandi’s voicemails to) say Brandi needs to take criticism better. The irony is that the only reason Leann and G. Rancic EVER had a conversation/lunch, is because LR FLIPPED OUT at the criticism GR gave on Leann’s anorexic body when she was way too thin.

      • ol cranky says:

        only in G’s (and PR’s) mind would one year equal proof of a stable, long-term/go the distance marriage.

        and G should recall that a lot of people have made comments about her priorities/mental status based on her actions on her reality show. she may have a lot of good will on her side because of having cancer but, if she’s not careful, she will loose all that good will quickly

    • Rita says:

      I picked up on twitter a whiff of what Giuliani said. I can’t believe she bad-mouthed Brandi. Anyone who talks smack about a woman’s marriage after what Brandi’s been through is ignorant, insensitive, or is on LeAnn’s payroll.

      Giuliani is a celebrity reporter so she knows the whole story and for her to blame Brandi is completely unprofessional and totally disgusting.

      A few people got bent out of shape when Brandi replied that she’s never met Giuliani and maybe she’d have a different perspective if Bill left her and took her child from her 50% of the time. Right on Brandi.

      I like Giuliani so I’ll give her the “everyone says something stupid” pass just this once but Giuliani better shutup on the subject.

  20. UniqJazz says:

    Didn’t eileen (commenter on this site) say that radar jumped the gun on this story and it is leann’s and eddie’s fault? She was right ! Leann seems nuts !

    • claire says:

      I saw that story retweeted on twitter by a celeb journalist and photographer and 2 different Nashville DJ’s: They were all saying “duh. yes. we all were already aware of this setup with her.” That’s funny. I mean, the public figured it out a while ago, but interesting to see people in the field confirm.

  21. Jayna says:

    Holy cow, that Kentucky Derby outfit looks tacky. What was she thinking?

  22. Gisele says:

    Where are LeAnn and Eddie’s PR people? Are they just winging it themselves? From a public relations standpoint, everything they do is a failure. They try to play victims, shove their relationship into the face of the public non-stop and have alienated a lot of former fans with their obvious lack of remorse for the people they’ve hurt. They have the nerve to pimp out the kids for the paps when it suits them, for their own benefit, both financial and to hurt the boys real Mother. They are a sick pair and their sickness is on display for the world to see. It’s all documented. I don’t care what Brandi does, she’s the better parent and the better person. She’s had to put up with a couple of sadists who get off on torturing her for the last few years. Those boys will HATE LeAnn and have no respect for their Father when they find out how they have behaved. Brandi is coming into her own and that wasn’t what was supposed to happen in LeAnn’s plan. She was supposed to just disappear while LeAnn took over her entire family. The public was supposed to be thrilled for them to have found such great “love” and happiness, not caring that it came at the great expense of another. Didn’t quite work out for them did it?

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Well said. I have never seen 2 people more sadistic or cruel. They wanted each other, have each other- why torment Brandi? This is how Eddie treats the mother of his children? Just wait, they won’t be little forever and will see all the ugliness on the web. Can’t buy them off with toys then.

  23. ria says:

    . I really don’t understand why people are unfairly attacking Brandi. Spend-Eddie and speed bump are the people that had the affair , continuosly harass Brandi. She does not deserve none of this. Sharon Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic are disgusting individuals. I never forgot how Sharon treated Brandi on the Talk same now goes for Giuliana. I’m sure the tune will change when Spend-Edde cheats on speed bump, Or if Ozzy cheated on Sharon and left her, Same goes for Bill. These women are fools. Does Preying mantis even know speed bump was the last option for Spend-Eddie. She was the only offer available to him, the others didn’t want him. Soon as the money runs out, let’s see how long he sticks around.

  24. MayaMae says:

    I don’t know much about this topic. I do know that Brandi irritates me on RHOBH – as does most of the cast. I’m not sure why I watch it.

    • Jayna says:

      Lol. I agree. But they are my guilty pleasure. For everyone on here who thinks Brandi is going to be beloved and rise above E and L by acting out on RHOBH on aren’t objective. Just as many will find Brandi crude and loud and a drunk as the ones who like her. It’s a trashy reality that rewards bad behavior. I like Brandi and her honesty compared to others but her crudeness doesn’t put her in a good light a lot of the time. But it does kill E and L that she is in the public eye andcmentioning them and they can’t control it.

      • Erin says:

        She can be a bit/a lot crude but I don’t get the impression she is mean spirited in any way, nor does she seem to have a phoney personality. Leann and Eddie are totally mean spirited. That is why people don’t like them. They seem so hell bent on rubbing salt in the wounds they caused. People will root for Brandi and not for them because they have acted like idiots after the fact. Marriages end and it isn’t always pretty, but most people don’t have to contend with someone as insecure as Leann and an ex-husband who is dependent on his new wife’s moolah. I get the guilty pleasure thing. I hate to say that I watched “Rock of Love” and could not turn away from the massive train wreck. L and E thought that Brandi was a lot weaker then she is. It has made them act crazy and desperate. People might not like Brandi, but that doesn’t mean they like Leann and Eddie. I’m no BB, but I still think that L and R are pathetic, mean hypocrites.

  25. Ria says:

    I’d love to hear what Demi Moore would say to GR’s comment. I guess that means Demi, Ali Landry, Reece Witherspoon, Uma Thurman, Sandra Bullock. Yep those Hollywood gals are NUTS, Somebody ask Gr and E online that ? Thanks

  26. dee says:

    The surprising thing I’m learning is that there are actually people who have sympathy for any of these immature, shallow, useless people. The three of them are pretty disgusting and I feel sorry for the kids whichever parent they have to spend time with.

  27. kristiner says:

    I’m sorry but once you’re divorced you’re not a “housewife” anymore.

    They need to change the name of these shows because too many aren’t even married anymore. Just call it The Socialites of Beverly Hills and The Socialites of Orange County, NY and what not because THAT is what these bitches are. Socialites who want fame outside of their husband’s millions.

    No different than Kim K and Paris. The family has money but that’s not enough. They want their own fame too so they go “reality TV”

  28. Diana says:

    I’ve been wondering if Brandi can work with a lawyer to bring some of these pap photogs into court to testify that Mr. & Mrs. Cibridick indeed make money off of photos with the children. If so, perhaps Brandi can petition the court to order that a percentage of these payments are to be placed in a trust for the children and that the account be administered by the court. In this way, maybe the children can benefit financially every time their father and his wife drag them into a photo op? Of course, it goes without saying that if Brandi drags her kids into a photo op, the same would apply, but we have yet to see this situation. I don’t think the pap photogs would risk telling lies in front of a judge while they’re under oath. EC and LR would be exposed in court and their scam would be out in the open. And it would kill them to lose some of this money.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I clicked on that link and, wow, even her paid mouthpieces have a sympathetic edge toward Brandi. Like the part where they say Eddie kind of ventured (not my wording) over, but LeAnn “kept a possessive arm around him” and they showed photos of her clinging to him. Did you ever see “Last Seduction”, where they ask the woman “Anyone check you for a heartbeat lately?” That’s LeAnn. She thinks of the boys and Eddie as her possessions and makes money off the pictures she sells and if the boys are seen with their mom on TV, it will cut into her profit. I think even Eddie knows it went too far this time, and that he may have pushed Brandi too far. I hope he spends his life with that stalker hanging off his arm every time he gets two feet from her- serves him right.

    • brin says:

      I agree about the awkwardness (who can blame Brandi for being upset) but their story is completely wrong(taken from the Radar story which was false).

  29. Zelda says:

    My God, you guys–just because LeeAnne sucks doesn’t mean Brandi doesn’t.

    And stop using the phrase “breath of fresh air”. It’s consistent use in every single thread reeks of PR campaign. You’re giving yourselves away “fans” coughfriendswithmultipleaccountsand publicistscough

  30. lilypad says:

    Zelda I think people keep saying that phrase because it is cliche and comes to mind easily. I don’t think its just a few people under different names I have heard people say that about Brandi a lot. Also I don’t think that Brandi is faultless and totally amazing or anything I just am astonished with all the INSANITY that she has to put up with from LeAnn. I think that is why people are so drawn to her bc lets face it in her situation (having a crazy stalker steal your life) many people would probably be in the loony bin

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      ….or jail.

      I know if I would ever have been in Brandis place leann would NEVER have gotten within one foot of my kids…let alone “bonus” mom-ing and pap-proping my sons endlessly. Cant believe what that woman has had to endure. And, Leann has the audacious IRONEY to claim THEYVE endured anything???!!!! wtf???

  31. I really liked your blog article. Keep writing.