Christina Aguilera is “disgusted with” Adam Levine’s treatment of her

Christina talks at 3:11 into this video. Adam and Christina start arguing around 4:15. At 4:45 Christina says “I motivated you,” which bolsters this story that “99 Problems” was aimed at her.

None of us are watching “The Voice,” so we all feel a little unqualified to talk too much about whatever is going on with that show. Apparently one of Adam Levine’s contestants, Tony Lucca, sang a rock version of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” on Monday night’s show. After his performance, judge Christina Aguilera chastised him for singing a song that could be considered derogatory toward women, since it contained the word “bitch,” although NBC made sure the word was edited out before it aired. (Sidenote: bitch should not be a dirty word.) XTina said “Your beautiful wife and your daughter and family are here tonight, and I just thought, you know, the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory towards women, but all-in-all, it was good fun.” Then when Adam tried to explain that the song was about dealing with adversity, Christina spoke up that it was about problems with women and they got into an argument about it, with a lot of cross talking. (That happens at 4:15 in the video above.)

Christina has taken issue with Lucca, a fellow Mouseketeer alum, in the past. Apparently she sort-of knows him from when they both were child stars on The Mickey Mouse show, and Lucca has kept in touch with Justin Timberlake. So any beef she has with him may be somewhat personal for her.

According to Radar Online, Levine had Lucca sing that song as a message to Aguilera for giving Lucca a hard time. Aguilera supposedly was “highly offended” and blew up about it during rehearsals. Adam and Christina got in a big fight, with Adam calling Christina the c-word and Christina demanding Adam be fired. Radar’s source said:

Adam went right up to Christina and said ‘you’re the biggest f***ing c***. Obviously Christina was appalled and hissed that Adam should be fired. She’s sick of being treated this way.

Christina is so sick of Adam being looked at as the golden boy of the show. If America knew how disgusting he was, they would be appalled, she always says.”

Anyway this feud is heating up between Christina and Adam Levine, which has been brewing for some time. Christina thinks Adam is trying to annoy her, and given her reaction it’s working. Here’s that story, thanks to Radar Online:

“Adam is making it more about getting at Christina this season and he’s very good at getting under her skin,” a source close to the show exclusively tells

“He comes off as a really great guy, but he’s very smart the way he takes jabs at Christina. Adam’s very subtle and doesn’t use words, just sneaky actions. She is sick of the way she’s being treated and she’s disgusted with Adam.”

“Christina really takes it to heart when Adam does these things. She doesn’t know why he does it, she doesn’t understand why he’s being so mean,” the source says.

Adam and Christina collaborated on the pop hit Moves Like Jagger, and while the source says they used to have a “brother sister relationship,” there is no love lost between the two of them anymore.

“It’s just weird the way Adam is treating Christina. She’s the only girl there and she doesn’t think the coaches should be against each other,” the source tells

[From Radar Online]

You can tell just from the clip of the show above that these two don’t get along. If Adam is deliberately provoking Aguilera, it’s obviously working like a charm. She’s getting her hackles up and responding to him, which is only egging him on. He’s doing it because it gets to her. Two divas trying to work together on a TV show are unable to get along. It’s not surprising.

US Weekly reports that Aguilera has apologized to Lucca for calling him out on Monday’s show. Lucca waxed poetic to US about what he learned from Christina’s criticism on the show. He said “Her criticism for the most part has inspired me and led me to a higher plane than I might not have found otherwise.”

Last night was the finale of The Voice. Spoilers are in this link if you’d like to know who won.

Update: I forgot to mention this very low cut dress that XTina wore during a performance on The Voice last night. (video is here)

This was the back. [via Evil Beet, OMGBlog]

Photo credit: FameFlynet and PCNPhotos

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  1. Heather says:

    Someone slap me, I think I see her side of this whole thing.

    • Justaposter says:

      (doing my best Moonstruck Cher voice)


      Snap outta it!

      Heather please know this is for your own good!

    • Maguita says:

      Actually, Heather is half right. The big issue here, is that Christina does her best c*nty work BEHIND the scenes, where it really annoys her co-stars, while Adam does his ass**listic best IN FRONT of the cameras, in order to get back at Christina.

      Do I think the song is derogatory and should not be sang in front of one’s wife and daughter, sure. But I believe Adam and Blake are quite tired of Christina’s diva-esque attitude behind the cameras, heck, even I’m tired of hearing how sh-tty Christina really is…

      While Celo simply pets his cat.

      • Lairen says:

        I actually wonder if it might not be the other way around. I think Christina comes off as pretty bitchy and self-centered on the show, while Adam seems thoughtful and insightful. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another side of him we didn’t see – we already see Christina’s bad side on the show.

      • Maguita says:

        Adam is no saint by any means. But if Blake, Adam, and Carson had been reportedly mad, and are frustrated by Chrisitina’s lack of professional behavior, than there must be something there. And unlike Blake who on camera minds his manners, I believe Levine goes for the kill, and puts her uncomfortably in the spotlight.

    • Ang says:

      You see her side cause it’s a jaded version. That song was predetermined for possible use on the show beforehand. They have to ey approvals for these songs. No way will I believe ever that it was intended to take personal but Xtina has made sure to make every moment of te show abt her so why not this too. Adam I firmly believe would have looked and said yup about you if it was. She called tony one dimensional so he’s next 3 songs were out of the box for him and yet it’s always about her. NBC didn’t sensor at airing tony never said bitch, ever. Tony took the high road remaining mum and speaking well of her until she brought hi family into it then he called that pathetic. Xtina needs to realize she’s not the only judge and in my opinion is easily replaceable. This was suppose to be about all the possible artist but he took that from everyone of them from te very beginning.

    • Sassy says:

      Agree! Does anyone else think that Adam Levine looks like he just arrived from Dublin?

    • JJ says:

      Christna is such a douchebag

  2. Masque says:

    This almost sounds like a case of bang-n-blow. Xtina and Adamdontgiveadamn banged, later he blew her off and now there’s tension.

  3. Jezi says:

    Christina is a BITCH!!! I said bitch Christina, bitch bitch bitch. She has been so nasty to Tony for no reason. He’s extremely talented and she knows this. She is just bitter I guess or jealous that Tony isn’t on her team. Who knows. I don’t blame Adam for not liking her, I don’t like her either.

    • brin says:

      Mornin Jezi! I agree, Christina has been really nasty to Tony and since he was on Adam’s team Adam had every right to react to her. I loved when Tony sang Britney’s hit, “Hit me baby”! Snap!

    • Sapphire says:

      Hey, Jezi. Irony, irony when you consider how much time Christina spent and spends with “artists” who frequently use far more derogatory language about women.

    • Marjalane says:

      I’m so glad this got a post! God, but Xtina is a nasty bitch- she sat there and used her phone while that Tony guy was thanking the four judges for cripes sake! So, so so rude. I think Xtina just considers herself the star of the show and no one is allowed to get in her way! But can we talk about her outfit last night?? The sparkly Depends panties she went up on stage in?! OMG. What is this broad thinking? I wish NBC would cut her loose.

    • Jezi says:

      Morning ladies! Ugh she turns me off from the show. She is such a nasty thing all the time. There is a big difference between constructive cristicism and snarky nit picking. She also has the “I” syndrome that peeps like Tyra Banks have. So annoying. And yes, her on stage performing outfits are always hideous.

    • RocketMerry says:

      “Anyway this feud is heating up between Christina and Adam Levine”

      Of course it is. You’ve got two bitches there, and it ain’t a problem of mine. I LOVE bitch fights! Adam, Christina… bring it! On camera, preferably.

  4. Rhea says:

    Isn’t this kind of drama that makes people more tune in this type of show every week?

    • Cherry says:

      Obviously. That’s why they have these ‘sources close to the show’ ”’leaking” stuff to RadarOnline.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Exactly. All of this faux drama is orchestrated for ratings just like that celeb dancing show. Smart producers and smart judges. Every time Christina says something “mean” to the former Mouseketeer dude, I laugh at how bad her acting is. Anyway, love that people play right into it…never ceases to amaze me how easily manipulated people are….

      • erica says:

        I’ll answer that: YES! This show is so ridiculously bad. The judges say the same thing ever week (Adam: “I’m so mad I didn’t get you on my team!” Blake: “I never noticed before this moment that blah blah blah” etc.)

        All the fireworks and gimmicks and people climbing up bars and flopping around the stage like idiots cannot distract us from how painfully talent-less most of the contestants are.

        Christina needs to get hosed down, put some clothes on, and have ONE genuine moment when she’s not posturing for the cameras. Then and only the might people take her seriously.

      • Tiffany says:

        I completely agree! “Reality” tv shows aren’t reality. Most are what is called “soft scripted” (and some like Kardashians are more fully scripted). Things like this don’t happen by chance. They are both playing the parts whey were HIRED to play.

  5. The Original Mia says:

    Christina was right. Adam & Tony’s song selections were direct jabs at her. She’s doing her job & calling out Tony’s one-note singing. He only got this far because he had Justin supporting him on Twitter. This show is supposed to be about talent, not popularity.

    I thought Adam was a douche before the Voice, but S1 showed me a different side. Season 2 has proved to me I was right initially to think he was a douche.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I had no idea Timberlake was supporting him on Twitter. He came in 3rd out of 4 contestants, so his support obviously didn’t mean that much. If he really wants to help Tony out he should hire him as opening act on his next tour.

      • Me says:

        And Alicia Keys promoted Jermaine so if Tony should take that where is the comments and jabs at jermaine? Fair is fair and bullshit is bullshit. I am a female and Xtina is a bitch! I’ll respect your a$$ again when you cover more of it up. Next time when singing gossip less have your boobs tucked away better. That my friend is derogatory to me, our eyes, our kids and that heavenly father you sing for.

      • Me says:

        And Alicia Keys promoted Jermaine so if Tony should take that where is the comments and jabs at jermaine? Fair is fair and bullsh-t is bullsh-t. I am a female and Xtina is a b!txh I’ll respect your a$$ again when you cover more of it up. Next time when singing gossip less have your boobs tucked away better. That my friend is derogatory to me, our eyes, our kids and that heavenly father you sing for.

    • Blake says:

      Well, Christina IS a bitch. She’s a monster to work with and for. If he wants to call her a bitch in a song, he should be able to. End of story.

  6. Sisi says:

    well, when it comes to the concept of the program I think: as a contestant to sing a song about bitches because of a judge on the program you were invited to – so you can show what you are worth as an artist – seems unprofessional and inappropriate. And why would any record company sign on a person who even gets butthurt in an entertainment show?

  7. Chatcat says:

    Any man that uses the “c” word is no man at all. I have raised my 3 sons to never hit a woman and never call her or refer to her using the “c” word. PERIOD. So I’d be provoked too if I were Christina and as a matter of fact I am provoked being he is slinging around the “c” word. It’s one thing for NBC’s ratings to have them bickering (I don’t watch the show and now I will never because of Levine) but Lucca and Christina have taken the high road according to the reports and Levine, the pig that he is, thinks this won’t affect his future? He is wrong!

    • Tapioca says:

      Under normal circumstances I’d totally agree with you, but it’s Christina Aguilera we’re talking about and she has consistently lived up to that particular epithet.

      Seriously, find me ONE person who’s met or worked with/for her who has nice things to say. It’s also a little hard to play the “Derogatory towards women” card when you made your career largely off exploiting your sexuality under the false veneer of “empowerment”! Dirrty anyone?

      • Chatcat says:

        Don’t care…not when it comes to calling a woman a “c-nt”. PERIOD. She maybe the biggest bitch in the world and he can call her that publicly privately in cyberspace wherever, hell I confirm to people daily that I am a bitch but I am not mean…I can shoulder that and more…but never will I ever tolerate being called a “c-nt” nor should any woman.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Actually it’s not okay under any circumstance. And a little bit of research will show Sia, Linda Perry, and others have actually said nice things about Christina.

      • TruthTella says:

        Most of the people who complain about her are things from when she was like 20 years old… and most of the people making the complaints (Kelly O, Pink, Avril, The Wanted etc) are all people who have or do chat shit about other famous people in the media 24/7 too anyway so I don’t know why people act like she’s punching puppies.
        Adam is hardly Prince Charming and to call any woman (or man) that is pretty pathetic…

      • magic mint says:

        I agree 100%. You can’t come up with your cooch as an advert and then knock those down doing the same because you got old and fat. Xtina aside though, listen to the song. I got 99 problems and a b*** aint the one. Well that’s because you’ve got 99 problems. Aint a b*** that will have you.

    • Jayna says:

      Chatcat, What are you talking about? The word was bitch, not C…..t.

    • JJ says:

      Annnd THAT’S why Adam’s song is #1 right now and Christina hasn’t had a hit anything since the 90′s!
      SHE is a horrible person inside and out, people know that and nobody wants to support such a spiteful mean spirited person, She’s done nothing but bad talk all more successful female artists since she came out!
      Karma is a bitch and so is Christina

  8. VV says:

    I don’t understand why the network censored the song. 30 Rock is aired on NBC and they say stuff that I am surprised is allowed to air. Weird.

    I do watch the Voice and my family quite enjoys it but Christina is starting to ruin the show in my opinion. Blake, Adam and Cee Loo each have pretty good energy and you can tell they like and respect one another…and then Christian pipes up and I just cringe.

    She is not good in a group setting and she’s just too negative.

  9. heatheradair says:

    Well, they’re dueling divas, right? Both of them have a fancy, “look at me, I’m the star” complex, and there’s BOUND to be friction if one of them is perceived as the greater “star,” in any capacity.

    I think Adam’s probably a misogynistic d-bag behind closed doors, and we know Christina’s a boozy, bitchy mess, SO, there’s Diva-Tension.

    Makes sense to me.

    • Trillium says:

      Whether or not she’s a drunk or wears ugly clothes it does not give Adam to right to use the show by having his (extremely untalented, compared to the others) contestant sing a misogynistic song to get at her.

      That is workplace sexual harassment and an affront to all women. Christina was right to call him on it.

      • utahchick says:

        Um, Ca wearing ridiculously revealing outfits on this show is also offensive to families, and those who work on the show. I do not want to be subjected to outfits that leave nothing to the imagination on a really fat body. That is considered harrassment in the workplace as well. No one should be ridiculed on television, but kharma’s a bitch, isn’t it?

      • Lindsay says:

        So the outfit would not be offensive/harassment if she were thinner?

        It is a costume she wore to perform. It is A LOT different than if she showed up to an office wearing that. Plus, clothes aren’t harassment either way. Unflattering, unprofessional, sure but not harassment. Do you also believe girls showing a lot of skin are “asking for it” too?

        Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination.The legal definition of sexual harassment is “unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that is severe or pervasive and affects working conditions or creates a hostile work environment.”

        Many different kinds of conduct—verbal, visual or physical—that is of a sexual nature may be sexual harassment, if the behavior is unwelcome and if it is severe or pervasive. Here are some more examples:

        Verbal or written: Comments about clothing, personal behavior, or a person’s body; sexual or sex-based jokes; requesting sexual favors or repeatedly asking a person out; sexual innuendoes; telling rumors about a person’s personal or sexual life; threatening a person

        Physical: Assault; impeding or blocking movement; inappropriate touching of a person or a person’s clothing; kissing, hugging, patting, stroking

        Nonverbal: Looking up and down a person’s body; derogatory gestures or facial expressions of a sexual nature; following a person

        Visual: Posters, drawings, pictures, screensavers or emails of a sexual nature

  10. mia girl says:

    I have watched The Voice all season and in my opinion those “leaks” to Radar are to mitigate damage Christina has done to herself on the program week after week. While I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, I have been able to watch the live shows and see the kind of person Aguilera is.

    The culture on that show is not one of strong criticism of the contestants and so her singular (and really uncalled for) focus on this guy stood out. She has been strangely unfair to Tony Luca from week to week, and really both Luca and Levine had treated her much better than she deserved. He’s not God’s gift to song, but didn’t warrant that focus either.

    But aside from that, I don’t think there is a more self-absorbed person than her. It all comes back to “me, I, my” with her. Even with her own team, every compliment somehow comes back to being about “her” . I mean it is actually kinda pathological. She can try to shift the narrative on this specific week and try to make herself a victim (by saying the song was about her – but who knows because again, she thinks everything is about her), but the truth was there for everyone to see twice a week for the past few months. She is unlikable and insufferable.

    • angel says:

      I watch the show too and I agree with you completely. Plus even if Adam is a diva behind the scene (which we don’t know about since this supposed story is “leaked from a source close to Christina”)he is at least professional enough to not air his dirty laundry on national television!

      She was acting so unproffesional and was an embarrassment most of the season. They really need to replace her.

      Plus she made my whole family gasp at the Finale when she walked up on stage with no pants – Did she think it was a circus? she is just nuts and gross.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      She does make everything about her. How she was the one who approved that one song Tony sang, for her contestant Moses (before he was eliminated) and how she sang James Brown’s “it’s a man’s world” before. She would also try to outdo contestants when it was her time to comment by over singing a portion of whatever it was that they sang (and she cut down Tony unnecessarily every chance she got). It was obnoxious at best and sad and attention seeking at worst.

    • jesstar says:

      You are so right Mia. I actually watched the show this season and Christina was totally out of line all season when it came to this guy. I believed she was just giving her opinion when she said he was one note. But when she continually issued nothing but left handed, condescending compliments to him, even to the point of actively campaigning for Adam to pick another contestant instead of Tony, she made it obvious she had something personal against the guy. And personal is the opposite of professional. And if Adam wanted to get his digs in via song, so be it. It was entertaining. If she doesn’t want to be called a bitch, she should act like a real woman and not a catty snot.
      She obviously has confused being catty & snide with being a strong woman. And she is nost definitely NOT a bitch, one who is
      Control of

    • jermsmom says:

      Agree. Well stated. The “leaks” to Radar are obviously from Camp Xtina but it was really too late for damage control. And whether or not Adam does his dirty work behind the scenes or not is kind of beside the point because that is not what we see when we watch The Voice – we see her being bitchy, rude, dismissive, and childish.

    • Dinah says:

      ^This. 100%.
      And I have to wonder if the rumors of on-set obvious drunkenness, lateness and general truculence by CA isn’t part of the $hitstorm we are seeing unfolding before us. Sloppy drunks in denial and live TV do not make for good partners.

    • Trillium says:

      The reason she was critical of Tony is because he sucks. Yes, he can play guiter OK. But as far as singing goes, he looks like he’s straining to take a dump singing medium-range notes and always sings in the same key. She was absolutely on point when she called him one-dimensional. It was 100% truth.

      I never thought he’d make it past the first or second round and he made it to the end based solely on connections and his delusions of grandeur, not talent which is what the show is supposed to be about. For Adam to keep him on for so long out of “bromance” and mutual dislike of Christina is totally unprofessional and he screwed over Katrina Parker – his contestant that deserved to win – to do so.

      I can see why Christina would be offended by having this Mickey Mouse Club shit thrown in her face all the time. She may have gotten famous initially because she was in the MMC, but she stayed famous (even after *gasp* gaining weight) because she has an excellent voice. Tony didn’t get famous for a reason, and it’s pathetic that he’s chasing this dream instead of working a job to support his family when he’s pushing 40.

      I can’t believe I’m defending Christina now, but I’m totally on her side with this one. Adam and Tony are d-bags.

      • eagle says:

        Christina never owed him anything, she was a little girl when they were on MMC, everybody is walking around like she owed him a helping hand in a talent “competition”.

        Do people really think a woman showing pride in her curves as a woman deserves to be called a slut and a bitch.

        and as for her outfits, offending people. It’s NOT CHRISTINAS JOB TO PARENT AMERICA, you should make a choice as a parent to monitor what your child sees and it should not be REALITY TELEVISION.

  11. Meg says:

    I think they are both d-bags but Adam is worse. He should check it and leave that sh-t at home. He is a nasty person and I think Xtina has been kicked around a lot in her life, she’s sensitive. She is also a b-tchy diva. No one is innocent here but Levine is the perpetrator and frankly i can’t stand his smarmy a##.

  12. lem says:

    Funny bc the “bitch” in 99 problems is a reference to a police drug dog during a traffic stop. STFU Christina

  13. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    Levine is the epitome of douchiness. I despise this guy and his voice makes my skin crawl, UHG. No wonder his ex-girlfriend ran for the hills.

  14. Jayna says:

    Radar is a joke. Christina has said she was mad because it was offensive to women in general. She got up later on stage and carried on to her singer how he was a real man, etc., making digs at Tony. deluca. His wife and daughter were sitting there as she dissed him. Talk about offensive. Tony said to People he couldn’t believe she did that in front of his little girl. Adam may have his issues, but Christina has had it in for Tony all season. It backfired on her by probably costing her guy votes. Even that night when Tony was given the chance to thank his coach on stage, he was still classy and looked at all the coaches thanking them and Christina was sitting there texting on national TV, not looking at him. She is a first rate bitch. This is coming from a huge fan of hers, but I call it like I see it.

  15. k says:

    They are both so very mature.

  16. Mandy says:

    She is embarrassing. I get what she’s trying to say but her attitude towards the entire thing just makes me uncomfortable. He really is sneaky and sarcastic and she just doesnt know how to handle it well. Plus, her face annoys me.

  17. Reece says:

    Has she heard the song before? Yeah the word bitch is used but that’s not what the song is about. I guess it’s all in your interpretation. Also I’ve always Levine was gross so what’s the big deal?

    This reeks of PR for the show.

    • Trillium says:

      The show is O-V-E-R. The last episode of the season was last night. This has nothing to do with PR and what kind of PR exposes one of your main characters for calling the sole female a “c-nt”. That’s pretty shitty PR.

  18. TruthTella says:

    Really though… She’s right, only the week before The Wanted were calling her a bitch because she didn’t get up and shake their hand but Adam and Cee Lo didn’t either and they got no criticism and Adam saying it was a metaphor is BS I’m sure if we go ask Jay Z he’d say that you need to take the lyrics at face value which most people do.
    Xtina may be a diva and a bitch at times but she owns it, Adam is a sneaky bitch.

  19. lucy2 says:

    I’ve been watching, but their childish behavior is kind of ruining the show for me. I think both have been unprofessional, and let it become about them and their egos instead of the singers.
    Adam is being douchey towards her, but Christina seems to have a personal issue with that Tony guy, and has made a lot of unnecessary comments towards him every week. Constructive criticism is fine, but she was definitely treating him differently than anyone else.
    I was OK with her pointing out that the song wasn’t the best choice, but annoyed when after her singer went, she said something like “This is a REAL man, who doesn’t degrade women!” It put that guy in a weird spot, and was a personal insult against Tony.

  20. MissM says:

    Oh the nerv…this “lady” made the most degrating video ever (Dirty)Almost naked women, fighting in the mud, spanking… jezzzzz… just shut up girl!!! if u ask me she had a chance of cleaning her act with this show but now i think it is beyond turning point. and i think adam levine is usually a douche, but i’ll take his side on this one…

  21. Dinah says:

    I think it was clear that Adam’s explanation was a convenient excuse. Chistina is bitchy. So is Adam- they are sooo similar.

    I love that song- Hugo did it waaay better than Lucca. That said, problem #1 could have been averted by just saying “…but a B ain’t one.” Censorship taken care of, alluding to a ‘naughty word’ by omitting it ( which gives it more focus and attention) then is unnecessary.

    I was more impressed with his “One More Time” cover.

  22. Dinah says:

    And one more thing- isn’t Lucca’s kid a boy??????

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I think I saw his wife with a little boy and a little girl (the boy was the older of the two).

      • Dinah says:

        Thanks for the clarification, Ik’ve only ever seen the boy, who looks to be around 10 or 12-ish.

        No little girl that I saw in that audience clip, but mom did give kind of a brief quizzical look during the comment.

        Christina sure did have some wonky eyes that night- robotripping ( her ‘cold’) or drunk, not sure which, but she sure didn’t look like she had good control of those eye muscles.

  23. Ashley says:

    Her lack of pants offends me.

  24. Justaposter says:

    I dunno gang, kinda hard to take a girl seriously, when she hops on stage with sparkly bloomers on…

  25. MuzzikLvr says:

    Last season there was fun ribbing between the judges…but this season Christina made her comments about Tony (and Adam) personal and it was hard to watch her negativity and unprofessionalism week after week. I have no idea what happened behind the scenes, but on camera, Christina started this feud.

    I hope they get rid of her. Bad enough we have to sit through her narcissistic “me, me, me” comments and ridiculous wardrobe choices.

  26. L says:

    This all started because xtina called Tony Lucca a one note singer. Which he IS. All his stuff sounds the same.

    But this whole “feud” that he/adam/xtina are in is just stupid. For all of them. Christina made her one note comment weeks ago-it’s adam/tony that keep doing songs and things to piss her off because their manly feelings got hurt.

    And she rose to the bait of the JayZ song, if she hadn’t said anything it would have blown by. Why start the ‘it’s derogatory to women’ thing?

    On a separate note, she needs to put on some pants.

  27. Linny says:

    They didn’t edit out “bitch”. He didn’t say it at all.

    Also, Christina has been a total snot to this guy all season. She nitpicks and says that he’s one dimensional when her final contestant was a trained opera singer who you would never hear on pop radio. I think she’s just bitter she picked the wrong guy.

  28. HotPockets says:

    I think the way Xtina and Adam act towards each other seems like they have massive sexual tension, just throwing that out there.

  29. Maria says:

    Adam and Tony have been targeting Christina through out the whole season. It all begun when Christina dared to say that Tony is one-dimensional with his performances and he shouldn’t bring out his Mickey Mouse Club connections as a way to get votes. What did Tony do after this? Brought up again his MMC connections by singing Britney’s hit me baby one more time.

    Then he and Adam decided to take on the song “How do you take me now” which Cristina had cleared for her own contestant. Another hit towards her to trigger her off. Then, right after the Wanted called Christina a bitch, they decided conveniently do a song where women are referred as problems and bitches. Really? I mean really?

    That was really low and disrespectful from them. And it doesn’t matter if it was a metaphor or not, it is still misogynist language and Christina had every right to call them up for it. But instead of respecting her opinion as woman who has been a target of misogynist slurs, they decided instead to ignore her and continue their “bitch sit down, be silent and not so serious let us boys have our fun and you’ll get our love” behaviour.

    If they would have used racist slurs as a way to describe the hardships of being a white priviliged man and then excused themselves by saying “well, it was only a metaphor, don’t get all mad”, what would have people said… If you don’t have personal experience about misogynist behaviour, don’t silence the people who have and recognise it.

    The fact that Adam was wearing the Cristina tee ready reveals, that he did know that it would offend her and had made plans to silence her. And the audience just applauded. Disgusting.And it shouldn’t matter what she wears. She still has the right to have an opinion and she has the right to say that opinion out load without being called a bitch or being silenced. She wasn’t the one being rude and disrespectful in this situation. She could had been a lot more vocal about that misogyny and she stayed relatively calm.

  30. claire says:

    I don’t watch the show, but never been a big fan of Christina, so I’m not even gonna comment on her behavior. I just can’t take seriously a person who wears diapers every day on television and seems to be completely unaware that she’s neon orange.

  31. bluhare says:

    All I have to say is I would hate to see Christina Aguilera in real life. She looks awful in photos that are supposed to make her look good, so I hate to think of seeing her with no filters or photoshop.

  32. TXCinderella says:

    Team Adam! He needs to put her in her place. Yes, he may be arrogant, but I think she has him beat in that department. She is way more of a diva than he is, and she is fake in every way.

  33. Lindy says:

    So, I think Xtina is a hot mess, and probably not the nicest person. But I think Levine is probably way, way, way worse. He has come across as smarmy, arrogant, cocksure, condescending… I think he’s probably a lot like John Mayer (though with less actual talent, much as it pains me to give Mayer props for anything). Convinced he’s god’s gift to women and the world of music, when really he’s just a skeezy creep who in another universe should be living in his mom’s basement.

  34. not a fan says:

    Both Xtina and Adam are thin-skinned and immature divas. Having said that, Adam and Tony are bullies. They specifically direct things at Christina to create controversy and votes. I think it’s slimy. But they’re doing what they have to do since Tony just isn’t that talented as some of the other singers on the show (inc. Katrina Parker, who had the better voice but lacked the “connection” with Adam, so he promoted Tony). I think while CA is probably a brat, she doesn’t deserve to have men publicly calling her a bitch. I just wish other women in the industry would say something about it. I bet they don’t, though.

  35. lemon drops says:

    this scripted drama is getting old, people seem to forget this is a reality show, thus things will be exaggerated or made up to keep the viewers interested.

  36. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Two of the most annoying singers of all time in a drama fest, gotta love it :)

  37. gg says:

    ““Adam went right up to Christina and said ‘you’re the biggest f***ing c***. Obviously Christina was appalled and hissed that Adam should be fired. She’s sick of being treated this way.”

    OH, Okay, I like him now. Because he took the words right out of my mouth. And if EXTINA is “sick of being treated this way”? People treat her that way a lot, eh? I WONDER WHY. Maybe she needs to stop treating other people that way. Jeeze. Somebody give this nasty cow a copy of “The Secret” if she still can’t wrap her booze-riddled mind around why she should stop slamming everybody and being so negative all the time.

    • Trillium says:

      It’s hilarious that you would end your hateful diatribe with calling HER “negative”.

      A man walking up to a woman and calling her a c–t because he doesn’t like her is equivalent to a white person walking up to a black person and calling them a n—er. And you applaud this?

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        No, it’s not. Having qualified (biologically) and been called both, it’s not the same. I’m a hardliner when it comes to avoiding both terms, but having perspective mingle in with emotion doesn’t dilute the message.

      • gg says:

        @Trillium – Glad to brighten your day. The c-word is not a racial epithet and never has been, and I don’t consider it misogynist, either. But some people, male and female, are just c_nts. It’s used in other countries besides the US as a nongender insult when nothing else will fit.

        I gave a negative opinion about Miss Thing here, but that does not make me a negative person since I have both positive and negative things to say, when it fits, just like you. I’ve seen this lady through the decades unwisely bash other performers like it’s going out of style, and she never recants. It all started when she started slamming Britney for no reason. I consider her a negative person, but that’s just my opinion. Just like everybody else here, I have one.

      • Trillium says:

        Women are oppressed by men and therefore when a man says that word it takes on a different connotation than it would if a woman said it to her. It is a very similar situation for difference between a white or black person saying the n word.

      • gg says:

        I don’t see it that way but I can see why you do, him being a guy, and one who is pretty full of himself in general. I just don’t think of a c_nt being a lady’s bits. It’s just a word for a mean person in my book.

  38. anya says:

    Well knock me down, I agree with with
    Xtina! Who in the hell sings ’99 problems’ in front of their wife and daughter?! The main ‘problem’ specified in the song is clearly a woman, it’s not some kind of metaphor for life in general.

  39. HappyJoyJoy says:

    She looks like a chorizo.

  40. dappadaph says:

    We watched it for awhile then I thought better singers were let go. So we crossed over to Dancing w/ Stars. When X-tina got rid of Jesse Campbell that was unbelievable. Who let’s go of the best singer who keeps getting the most votes? An idiot! Jesse didnt talk positive about her. Neither did the guest artists, The Wanted and now this. As my Dad used to say, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    • Linda says:

      Christina getting rid of Jesse Campbell was strategic in place. He was a threat to the one she really wanted in the end….Lindsay Pavao, but when the chips fell, she got stuck with an opera singer–KARMA! She came in 4th/last yesterday night–Karma!!

      They sure brought a lot of singers back yesterday for the Finale, and although he was a favorite amongst fans of the show, he never performed. The thing is if she would have left him on her team, I really believe he would have won last night instead of Jermaine.

      You sow what you reap, Christina.

  41. someone says:

    Her backfat in that sparkly dress (picture 2) is appalling. Doesn’t anyone remind her that her back side will be showing too? Good lord Christina.

  42. sup says:

    really adam looks like the politician type you can’t imagine him actually go up to somebody and curse at them to their face. this is probably ratings bait. then again he does strike you as kind of stupid, he might have figured out that christina’s career is on the low rn so her ass doesn’t have to be kissed. well cunt or not at least she’s the talented one. can’t stand adam nasal voice, butterface levine

    • TruthTella says:

      I’d love to know how you think her career is in trouble, she’s had ONE flop album that she didn’t even actually promote outside the US at all and only in the US for like 2 weeks…
      Her movie made $100,000,000, the soundtrack went Gold, her perfumes have been selling and winning awards and she’s the highest paid judge on The voice ($10,000,000)…
      Maroon 5′s last album was a flop too until Adam got the job on TV and hooked uo with Xtina on “MLJ” but of course people paint Xtina as the “flop” because they want her to fail.

      • sup says:

        uhh what? i just said that adam is an idiot for thinking that (if he is, because many in the media painted her that way) and i also said that she is the talent, unlike adam. it seems like every time i write something good about christina some christina stan jumps on my case and questions me about it. wtf?

      • TruthTella says:

        @Sup, I didn’t mean to jump down your throat but “he might have figured out that christina’s career is on the low rn” sounds as if you were saying her career was flopping not that that’s what he was (wrongly) thinking, maybe you should have written it a bit differently, sorry.

      • sup says:

        @truthtella idgaf i was very tired and weary when i wrote that. i’m surprised that i could type whole sentences at all. every musician has at least one flop album we’ll see what maroon 5 (lol) will do next. that is if they have a career left at all, considering what a joke they always were and have become thanks to their fameho lead singer. whatevs.

  43. hmm says:

    This whole thing kicked in when she told Tony that she found his voice kind of one dimensional. He and Adam took it personally and each week they have found something to “bitch” about and have chosen songs particularly to get at her. All of the contestants except for Tony have said how great Xtina was to them on the show and he is just pressed that she didn’t remember him from twenty years ago. I know it’s impossible on this site to say anything positive about Xtina or Beyonce but how is calling her a bitch on television okay? It’s funny because I’m pretty sure if Chris Brown was performing a song calling women bitches the same people giving Tony and Adam a pass wouldn’t be so understanding.

  44. Isabel says:

    Her showing off her body in too tight clothes or just leggings is degrading to women. And has she seen her own video Dirty? But oh no, that doesn’t count because she is in control in the video, not a guy, so it’s different -.-

  45. Amanda G says:

    I believe every word of this. I think Adam is a sneaky little bastard AND he’s a lot smarter than Christina. She better watch it because I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets fired for all of her antics and drama. I think Pink would be an awesome judge.

    • Princess Lizabeth says:

      I think Adam is smart as a whip. And, Christina was Miss Nastypants all season, especially to Tony Lucca IMHO. I am sure that much of what goes on is staged, but I do think Christina has a mean-spirited attitude.

  46. Kas says:

    The only person who doesn’t respect Xtina is Xtina herself.

    She is someone’s mother and the way in which she conducts herself is disgraceful – including getting completely wasted and letting a drunk person drive her around.

    The song as mentioned before is a reference about being targeted by the police unfairly. So definitely Team Adam!

  47. mel says:

    I’ve never watched this show but the team xtina shirt was priceless. The only judge who seems articulate is Adam Levine..and the rest all just seem a hot mess. Is the show any good?

  48. Tiffany says:

    Here is why I think Christina was giving him a hard time and acted like she did not remember him from MMC. Tony Lucca and Keri Russell were an item for quite awhile. I will place money that Christina liked him and he rejected her. As a woman, you never forget things like that. So when you finally see the guy you act as if you don’t remember him and then become a little catty. Come on ladies, we all did it at one point in our lives.

  49. Trillium says:

    Christina has pissed me off on this show since last season with her self-centredness and her visually offensive wardrobe choices.

    However, Adam is an obvious skeeze and I don’t even understand how he is considered a big enough star to be on this show. His band sucks and he is not even good-looking. He is a creeper to all the female contestants, especially in the naked desperation he exudes in the blind rounds when trying to get the pretty girls to join his team.

    He lacked class when Stern was ripping on Christina’s weight and he just laughed and put his head down and played it off. Not once did he tell Stern he was out of line, which is what a real man should have done regardless of his personal feelings towards Christina.

    I’ve already commented on Adam and Tony’s misogyny and disrespect towards all women, and the fact that he cut the woman on his team that deserved to go to the end just to keep his “bro” Tony (he even openly admitted it wasn’t talent but “personal connection” that influenced his decision) but nobody is talking about what an asshole he was to the other coaches performers.

    If anyone watched the whole season they may remember how he YELLED at Cee-lo’s contestants and berated them during an eliminations final. He would never speak to his own contestants like that, or even speak the truth about how bad they were. It was completely disrespectful to Cee-lo and he would never have done the same thing to Blake.

    Adam may not recognize that he is sexist and racist, but he most certainly is and I understand why Cee-lo expressed frustration a few weeks ago on Twitter about how he wanted to quit because Adam had no call to disrespect him or his singers like that, especially when he kept the least talented guy on the show until the very end.

    Adam is unprofessional and an asshole and he totally should be fired if he called Christina a c–t at work. That is workplace sexual harassment and it’s illegal. And for all the people who talk about what a big ego Christina has, at least she has some talent to go with it…Adam does not. I see why his girlfriend dumped him.

    • Sisi says:

      when did he yell at Cee-Lo’s contestants? I haven’t seen all episodes yet. Working on it…

      • Trillium says:

        He yelled at them and said he was really pissed off at them, he said “why did it take so long for you guys to sing like it was your last chance” or something to that effect. He was really really harsh in a way he never was when his contestants sucked (which happened too many times to count). He also noticeably cut off Cee-lo when he was talking several times that episode. Cee-lo said he felt like a “token” when he went on that Twitter rant and after watching that episode I totally saw why he felt that way.

    • Jayna says:

      Trillium, Cee-Lo is the perviest to women not Adam. I adore Cee-Lo and own anything he has ever put out but he leers at the females. He did tweet about quiting, but he is tired of fans bashing him for song choices and who he picks. That one girl bashed him I’n an interview for how he coached her and the song he made her sing. He is coming back though.

      And he just gave an interview nicely bashing both Xtina and Adam on the negativity this season with one another. He says it isn’t good for the show.

      Tony said Christina apologized to him after the show for her behavior.

    • Saul says:

      Sorry, but you did not watch The Voice season 2. Cee Lo never said that on twitter or another place….Sexist and racist, maybe some people here are.

    • Jess says:

      About Adam ex-girlfriend dumping him. Nobody knows who has dumped who…She made a statement (Oh a statement? Were the married?? lol). I wonder why the split. He seemed to love her and she called him the most delicious man on earth 15 days before the split. Something is wrong here and i’ts absolutely not our business. But maybe he’s not the vilain at all… BTW Anne V released the “statement” on 2nd April morning: at night Adam would be live on the show. Low blow.

  50. Miz says:

    Don’t know about her relationship with Levine and don’t care. What I’d like to know is WHO is dressing her? It’s got to be Mariah Carey’s stylist because whoever it is needs to get a new job. if they dressed her in clothing that fit, she wouldn’t look like a woman trying too hard to fit into something that’s 3 sizes too small! It’s the Mariah Carey syndrome. She looks great but wears the worst clothes and makes herself look heavy. Christina is doing the same thing.

  51. Blair says:

    After reading this post all I have to say is
    Most posters here did not watch The Voice Season 2;
    Congratulations Mr. Levine, you were great, but be strong because hypocrisy and mediocrity reign nowadays;

  52. Jen says:

    I think Levine was out of line but truly, the most damage to Christina is what she does to herself. The clothes and makeup are so beyond awful that she loses all credibility before she even opens her mouth.

    She seems like a monumentally insecure person. The kind that is quick to put someone down before they get put down.

  53. Kim says:

    If Adam called her the c word, regardless if you like or dislike her, he should be fired. That is completely innappropriate behavior!

    Christina seems to be a hot mess and Adam seems like a douche bag ego maniac who is immature and brags openly about his sexual conquests – what grown man does that? They both need to grow up.

  54. Sandra says:

    I agree many people here didn’t watch the show: Blake Shelton and Adam Levine were the best thing on The Voice Season 2. And Cee Lo Green was a great coach.

  55. Vesper says:

    This was supposed to be about Lucca – his performance, and critiques of his performance. Christina cames across as being more interested in having her say (and arguing with Levine) versus giving Lucca constructive criticism. She made it all about her. A real professional would argue with Levine behind the scenes.

    BTW, the back view of her dress is too DISGUSTING for words. Try wearing a dress that fits, BITCH.

    So glad I don’t watch this show.

    • Trillium says:

      I usually can’t stand it when Christina interrupts other coaches when they’re talking but it was justified when Adam was claiming to have re-interpreted Jay-Z’s lyrics for his purposes. What a crock. Just because Adam says so doesn’t make the lyrics anything other than what they are, and when she points it out he yells at her and talks to her like she’s stupid.

      Really he was talking to everyone watching like they were stupid. Sadly for the most part from the majority of comments on the Voice boards and facebook that seems like an accurate assessment.

  56. Katija says:

    STYLIST: Big night tonight, Christina! Wardrobe wise, what are you thinking?

    CHRISTINA: Do you have anything that will really play up my back fat?

    Seriously, there are skinny girls who those tight straps would be unflattering on. URGH. Can someone please tell this woman that she isn’t thin anymore?

  57. db says:

    Meh. Adam’s kind of a dick though

  58. Miss Grown Ashell says:

    Well Well Well, Neither one of the judges knew what the content of the song was about…the word BITCH in the RAP version refers to a female K9 unit police dog.fools

  59. Quinn says:

    Holy backfat, Batman!!!!!

  60. TJ says:

    Christina has all of you pressed. Adam’s behavior is totally unacceptable and Tony Lucca has the least talent in the final 4.

  61. chloe says:

    First season watching the show, i really don’t care for Xtina or Adam, I think she thinks she’s all that (which she is not) and Adam is a douche, that being said and not knowing any back story she treated Tony like shit since the beginning of the show, and anytime Adam would comment about a singer, Xtina would cut in on him in disagreement, not any of the other judges just Adam. Those two ruined the chances for any of their people because of that crap. I did not like Tony, but after her terrible comments I actually like him, I found it embarrassing for his wife to hear her say horrible things about him when it wasn’t helpful but just personal, she obviously had it in for him. As for the JT endorsement, what about Alicia Keys endorsing Jermaine, hey the economy is bad you need references for any job out there. I didn’t like his 99 song, I felt that was Adam picking his final song for personal reason and not Tony having a great song, but I was also sick of Xtina talking about her opera guy by putting “Me” and “I” in every sentence, she needs to learn to exclude herself and take care of her teammate by them self. Oh also I’m sure if Jay Z asked Xtina to record something with him she would jump at the chance, when technically she should mention how degrading his song is to women and bow out, yeah right I bet she has 99 problems on her ipod. i was at an auto race right before Xtina’s Jeannie song came out and she completely sucked at singing the anthem and got booed, just because you have a million octave voice does not mean you know how to use it.

  62. not a fan says:

    You know, I work in an industry where there is a definite double standard for men and women (I’m a surgeon, and this site is my secret end-of-the-day pleasure). It’s not that either Xtina or Adam Levine are beyond reproach. They’re both immature and diva-esque. Regardless of level of talent or the substance of their criticisms (stating my bias: I favor Christina more for both but I do enjoy Maroon 5), it comes down to whose bad behaviour is forgiven? My take is that Xtina is thin-skinned, undiplomatic, and always brings things back to her. And Adam Levine is not a particularly good coach, he supports the dudes because he “gets” them even when he has a better female singer. But Adam’s douchey behaviour (the Team Xtina shirt, the song choice, his general attitude of everyone else is stupid) seems to get more of a pass than hers. I like what astute commentator “hmm” said above. What if Chris Brown had sung this song? Would it be ok or would we be disgusted? Is Xtine vilified for her clothes because she’s wearing them (I can easily imagine Gaga or Rihanna in the same getup) or because she looks bad in them? If Pink had said the same comment as CA and in the same tone of voice would we be having this conversation?

    Yes, I think Christina has a history of not being particularly nice to Tony Lucca. But I think the substance of her comments–that he was one-dimensional, that he needed to do something different and challenge his voice–were all true. I also think he and Adam formed their own clique of popular boys and wrote Christina off as the fat bitch and proceeded to treat her like that. I’m kind of appalled that none of her co-stars said anything about her being publicly called a bitch by some flash in the pan boy band because she didn’t want to hug and kiss them. And then the next week, Adam choose a song with bitch in the title. And if he really did call her a c*** I’m kind of shocked.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Christina is difficult and self-involved. But I also thinks she deserves respect for her artistry and her experience. I think Adam is a decent musician and singer and I really like the songs he makes. He also chooses songs that are appropriate for his voice, which is great. They both went over the top on the show in their rivalry. They both were immature. Why is Adam some good buddy and Christina the fat ugly bitch who deserves to be fired?

  63. Kelly says:

    Totally on Christina’s side, she is right. Adam is a total douchebag.

  64. Michele says:

    She has some nerve to state it was derogatory to women, what she is about is derogatory to women, I remember in past interviews the way she would justify her clothes and behaviour is she is aware of her sexuality – yeh thanks so much for that

    In the early 2000′s when you horrified us with your Dirty video us women did not want to dress as hookers or sluts as you always did and still do

  65. Claudia says:

    I LOVED the first season of The Voice and was super excited for this second season, but I stopped watching after a few episodes. Christina’s absolute self-centeredness, catty/mean spirited comments and overall air of “I am so bored and above all this” to any contestant that wasn’t her own made me stop watching.

    So to that effect, I absolutely believe Christina is in the wrong– making everything about her.

  66. Angie says:

    This was completely contrived imo.

    Passive aggressively defending herself against being called a bitch by that one idiotic band, while also creating tension between her and Adam for ratings. Viewers love that shit. It’s all just so ~controversial! I almost wonder if ALL of this hype isn’t to make Xtina seem more interesting with the news that the ever controversial B Spears is joining their rival, X Factor. I guess she is going for the cold, dgaf diva feminist vibe. Once again, controversial, but not damning or career ruining. And not at all contradictory to her prior image. She has always been heavily into women’s rights due to her childhood. Anyway, whatever. This show is boring.

  67. Jennifer12 says:

    Christina’s pattern is old and tiresome- the fake girl power nonsense, the victim complex, the self centeredness. She’s not a hot property, and Adam knows how to take subtle digs at someone who is abusive. I’m all for women standing up for each other, but not Christina. Her act, at 31, is old.

  68. If one is a judge, one needs to judge the singing, not the song.

  69. spugzbunny says:

    oh god who cares about the faux-drama when there is THAT DRESS to look at! Holy cow!

    You know where she’s headed to me? Anna Nicole Smith. She’s going to be out dry humping lamposts in a teal tube dress any day now.

  70. Anon says:

    Team Blake and Jermaine! Honestly, Xtina turned me off with all her behavior from whining constantly about being sick (me, me, me–did she think Chris Mann would show her singing up?) and to texting while judging on finale night. She needs to get some clothes that fit and/or put on some pants or a skirt…let her girls be less exposed.

  71. Jen says:

    I’m sorry but the back of her dress makes me think of a trussed ham!

  72. Chrissy says:

    That dress is so awful and unflattering. Adam is probably pretty rude and arrogant and full of himself in real life, but he knows how to come off well on the show most of the time. He often says things in a way that are honest without being rude. Christina often comes off very cold, phony or like she doesn’t give a hoot anymore. I would say he is much more likable at least on the show. Christina is a talented singer, but this show is about the aspiring singers more than the judges. I think she wants more praise and spotlight on herself than this show can give her.

  73. the original bellaluna says:

    They’re both narcissistic assholes. End of story.

  74. Pdubs says:

    So lemme get this straight… Simon Cowell can be the biggest dick on tv and now hes a household name and praised/respected for his harsh (albeit most of the time correct) critiques but when Christina does it ( who actually sings btw and knows a thing or two) she’s a bitch? That shits crazy… Fuck I’ll take Christina Aguilera’s critiques any day and run with it over sugar coated Paula abdulesque bullshit anyday

  75. eagle says:

    so we hate women that are too skinny, we try to stamp out bullying and eating disorders but when Christina proudly flaunts her curves, now she is fat and needs to get off the air?


  76. Xtinaloverrr says:

    Christina knows she s a diva and she doesn’t care. I am one of her BIGGEST fans ad watching the show hasn’t made me dislike her at all because she knows it. Ever heard her song prima donna?

  77. june says:

    God forbid Christina Aguilera does her job (which Is to judge these contestants HONESTLY) she gets attacked for it. She put aside the fact that she & Tony had history & judged his first live performance honestly saying it was one di- mentional. Adam & Tony completely toke it personally & had Tony sing Britneys “Hit Me Baby One More Time” (as in to say Britneys better than her & to get back at her), but yete Christina praised him for it. Then he sings “How Do You Like Me Now” as in to say “how does it feel?” & yet Christina again praises him for it.Then the icing on the cake “99 Problems” basically calling her a bitch. They attacked her throughout the entire season. How do you morons think she would react?? Christina can never catch a break. She just cant win with you haters so she shouldnt even bother!! oh and btw Xtina represents Xtina, so whatever she chooses to wear has nothing to do with the entire female population, so its NOT derogatory!.

  78. Bacon says:

    To be honest, the whole thing was probably staged. Just a big publicity stunt. I don’t think he would call her the c word or that the song was aimed at her. I just think that they are faking tension just to get people more interested in the show.

  79. Bacon says:

    To be honest, the whole thing was probably staged. Just a big publicity stunt. I don’t think he would call her the ‘c word’ or that the song was aimed at her. I just think that they are faking tension just to get people more interested in the show.