Elizabeth Banks: “Men love a second income, they want their wives to work”

Judging solely by the cover image of the always-underrated and lovely Elizabeth Banks, I was prepared to love this cover shoot. Unfortunately, Allure used their prettiest photo of Banks for the June cover, and all of the other photos are awful. Like, she looks like a wax figure of a blow-up doll in the other shots. It’s not cute. Still, we love Elizabeth, don’t we? I’m not expecting many people to comment on her though. I’ve prepared myself for this to be one of the least commented-on posts of the day. You guys would rather rag on Kim Kardashian than show a cool lady like Elizabeth some love. Yes, that was a challenge. LOVE HER, damn it.

As far as Elizabeth’s cover interview… it’s a bit hit-or-miss. I really love some of the stuff she says, especially about earning more money than her husband. But I feel like the language and terminology she uses to describe becoming a mother through surrogacy… well, it could use some work. It pains me to admit that, because I loved the initial statement she made about surrogacy. Here are some excerpts:

Expecting a baby via surrogacy last year: “I had already mourned the loss of my fertility for myself, so I was past it. The only time it really affected me was when Alec Baldwin looked me straight in the eye and asked me, ‘Are you pregnant right now?’ Alec Baldwin asked me straight up. I had made a comment about wearing a fake belly, something innocuous, and he looked me straight in the eye and asked me, ‘Are you pregnant right now?’ And I blanched totally. Because of course, technically, no I wasn’t. But then, technically, yes, in a way I was! And it was very weird. I thought Alec was reading my mind or something. We weren’t telling anyone then, so I said ‘No.’ I thought, ‘Is that a lie?’ Because it wasn’t a lie, and yet it was a lie!”

On her son Felix: “It’s essentially a test tube baby — it’s just the test tube is another woman. That you can grow a baby outside of yourself! It’s amazing!”

On What To Expect When You’re Expecting: “I did [the movie] for my fellow females,” says Banks, who stars alongside Jennifer Lopez, 42, Cameron Diaz, 39, Anna Kendrick, 26, and Brooklyn Decker, 25. “I thought I was standing up for all the women who have crazy horrible pregnancies — you know, there’s all these things we’re not allowed to talk about in public.”

On her weight and body image: “It’s not good to put in a magazine what I weigh because it’s too little. People freak out when they hear what I weigh,” Banks says. “They think, ‘Oh, you’re too skinny.’ But I ate a cupcake last night — and I eat broccoli. I work out with a trainer; she kicks my ass.”

She didn’t like her figure growing up: “I thought I had chicken legs, and I thought, Oh, my boobies are too small,” she says. “It was the era of Cindy Crawford and The Body—and I didn’t have that.”

Earning more money than her husband: “Well, we’re the first generation to do it. And it’s very ingrained even in our DNA that men are hunter-gatherers who are meant to go off and provide. And that we are really meant to stay at home and have kids…. Let’s be honest. Men love a second income. It gets them their boat and their vacations. They want their wives to work.”

Sexism in Hollywood: “When you’re young in this business, you don’t realize it, but there are no superhero movies starring women! I was very idealistic. And so it was an adjustment knowing I was going into a movie and would be working just as hard as the male actors, and in some cases feeling I was more talented than they were—and knowing I was making a fraction of their salary. And knowing also that this is my reality going forward.”

[From Us Weekly, Allure]

See? I like the part about out-earning her husband and how she knew that she was more talented than most of the men who out-earn her. It’s interesting to think that right now, at the age of 38, Elizabeth has finally come into her own as an actress. Meaning that she toiled as a character actress and supporting player for more than a decade, and while she’s probably still considered a “character actress,” she’s getting so much more attention these days because of What To Expect, The Hunger Games and 30 Rock. Her IMDB is insane – she works SO MUCH. God, I love her.

Photos courtesy of Allure.

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  1. someone says:

    love her a lot! but did she Just refer to her baby as a test tube baby?? :S

    • cmc says:

      I love her…she’s a funny lady. The language sounds like she’s cracking jokes in the surrogacy portion. Is “test tube baby” a slur I wasn’t aware of? It’s an old figure of speech that it looks like she was using to make a crack at herself/her family (kind of like the whole portion about being pregnant but not being pregnant).

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      A test tube baby and an “it.” (“It’s essentially a test tube baby). And the gestational carrier is the test tube. A poor attempt at injecting a little levity into the situation.

      • normades says:

        “It’s essentially a test tube baby — it’s just the test tube is another woman.”

        This wording really bothered me. It had a very “Handmaiden’s tale” feel to it.

        I hope these rich women realize the surrogates are people too.

      • Lee says:

        The phrasing is definitely strange, but judging by her past statements about how appreciative she is and that her surrogate is still in their lives, it makes me think that this was just awkward joking around that may not have come through fully in print.

        Anyways, I’ve adored E Banks since Wet Hot American Summer. so funny.

        Though whiting out her eyebrows in the photo spread is a little unfortunate.

      • jesstar says:

        I think she was referring to the process & not her son, who is already born.

      • Karma says:

        I agree Jesstar.

        She was discussing the scientific process that created the baby, in a lab and then implanted, as being essentially a test tube baby. And was not referring to the gestational carrier.

        She has been very respectful of the woman who is carrying her baby.

    • Genevieve says:

      OK, Kaiser…I’ll bite. I love her a lot, too! Think she’s an awesomely cool chick, as well. Have sometimes questioned the quantity of her work (re: your IMDB ref) as opposed to the quality of her body of work. But, f*ck it, she’s working and getting awesome roles at her age when the Kristen Stewarts and Lilly Collins are snapping at her heels. Thanks for sharing the article :)

  2. Snowflake says:

    wow, she does not look her age!

  3. Dee Cee says:

    Scary face if not posed correctly..

  4. brin says:

    I like her. She is straight-forward, no drama or bitchiness.

  5. Gwen says:

    I really like her and she looks lovely but it’s an odd interview. Let’s blame the writer, shall we ;)

  6. Jackie says:

    i have always liked her work and when i heard she was going to be on letterman, i was looking forward to it.

    however, she came off as kind of an air head. disappointing!

  7. almond says:

    Won’t comment on the baby thing, but the income thing is spot on. I know of no man who’d rather his partner stayed home instead of hbringing a second income in the household.

    • Marjalane says:

      Here’s my thought about husbands loving their wives to work- they do, the money is SO helpful, but when I went back full time, none of the OTHER stuff I use to do staying at home got done- until I did it. If I had hired a house cleaner, a cook, a dog walker, an errand runner, a lawn service, a laundry service, a bill payer, a school volunteer, etc., my paycheck would have disappeared FAST! So now I work at home part time and it works a lot better, but it doesn’t add much cash.

      This is why I have to laugh at women who look down at stay at home mom’s. It’s A LOT of work to stay home!

      • Gaia says:

        Both me and my SO work outside the home and the cooking, cleaning, ect always gets done… by BOTH of us.

      • Marjalane says:

        I probably should have added that my husband is traveling probably 50% of the time- he’s not a macho man who won’t help, he’s just not here to do it!

      • Shelly says:

        Exactly!! Men like us to work, but they don’t like doing all of the other work around the freaking house! I’ve worked full-time out of the house and was quite successful, and I still got the privilege of doing all the work around the house, as well. Now I have my own business and work from home, and it works out much better, since I have more flexibility to get all of the other stuff that needs to be done, done. Because if I don’t do it, it would never get done!

      • ol cranky says:

        I’ve actually come across more SAHMs (and some of their husbands) who look down on and make openly derisive comments about women working outside the home than the other way around.

    • normades says:

      I agree. When I took time off to take care of our newborn my husband couldn’t wait for me to go back to work. Being a SAHM is a luxury imo and my hubs was jealous that I was getting to “stay home” while he had to work. lol.

      When I started to work again he liked the second income, the fact that I had other things to talk about other than baby poop and that I had to shower and dress up everyday.

      This is not a cut to SAHMs. If I could again, I would again.

      • Kim says:

        I am a SAHM and you are right it is a luxury. Well, the work like wiping up noses, bottoms, and toilets all day isn’t, but getting to spend quality time with my kids is. I get to know that they are who they are because of me and that I influence them daily. It is amazing to watch the, grow and learn and know that they are being taken care of by the person that loves them the most.
        Don’t get me wring, I was a teacher before having kids and I do value working ouTside of the home But why would I raise someone else’s kid when I could be raising my own?

  8. Liv says:

    I like her, but what does she want to say with this comment:

    “But I ate a cupcake last night — and I eat broccoli.”

    What!?? Weird! Don’t get it ;-)

  9. Launicaangelina says:

    I saw an old Sex in the City episode from season 3 last week and she popped up in one! It was in 2000. Also, it took me a few years to realize that she the hot bookstore lady in the 40 Year Old Virgin.

  10. D1 says:

    I hope she doesn’t earn a lot more money than her husband does.

    I’d hate for him to join the significant others of women like Natalie Portman, Jessica Simpson, & Drew Barrymore in being called “k-fed”, “sketchy”, or “gold-digger” around here for being much less successful than his wife.

    • someone says:

      why though? I mean I’m not including kfed but natport’s hubs has a very good job. it may not pay as much as natalie’s but She’s an actress! that’s a mighty comparison. it’s totally unfair and hypocritical to dismiss men and say they’re gold diggers if they make less money because it’s untraditional but then to demand equality for women! good for Elizabeth banks for making more money but it doesn’t make her hubby a “kfed”. from what I hear he’s a producer or something so’ it seems to me he’s not exactly slumming and letting her take charge….

    • Jayna says:

      Natalie Portman’s husband is highly respected I’n his field. The man has a career, not a job. Go visit his wikipedia page.

      • D1 says:

        I know he’s successful; I’m actually more familiar with his work than Portman’s. But when I hear people call him a gold-digging moocher, I don’t start discussing how accomplished he is, as that suggests I think there would be something shameful about him or their relationship if his only accomplishment was being a good father & husband.

        I’m more curious about how his recent cutting down on his work commitments is taken as evidence by so many people of his slacker, mooching ways instead of the normal response of someone who has recently had a child & can afford not to work, and how it’s unlikely we’d find it suspicious if a new mother preferred to spend time with her family than further her career.

    • kristiner says:

      People ONLY call them K-fed because they don’t work at all.

      What exactly does Eric Johnson do to bring some sort of income into the house? Nothing. Natalie’s Ballet K-fed use to work but he’s since moved with her and is scaling back.

      There’s plenty of actor wives and producer/writer husbands that work because the men work actively in their own craft. So what he’s pulling in $50k-$120k for being a writer on a hit show while she’d bring in million dollar paychecks. His pay check can buy them a nice luxury car. He’s workin hard like a normal person.

      The K-fed boyfriends and husbands don’t work at all.

    • Day says:

      GMAFB, if women can put up w/being called gold diggers for no other reason than marrying a man who makes most/all the money than surely these men can handle it too. A woman is by default a gold digger if she marries a man who is the sole provider. Now that people are bashing men for the exact same thing, it is all of a sudden not right? It is funny how something isn’t a problem until it includes men.

      • D1 says:

        Do you not get how this doesn’t just affect men?

        Has it escaped your notice that the most successful & powerful people in our society tend to be men? Men who married women whose own careers, if they ever existed, took a backseat to their husband’s? Women who molded their lives around supporting their husband’s career needs – changing geographical locations, being primarily responsible for household/childcare duties, etc.

        Do you really not understand how women will never achieve financial equality, or representation in government and at the top levels of their professions in a culture where it is considered unmanly, suspect, and weird for a man to take a backseat to a financially & socially dominant wife, to be the primary caregiver for their children, &/or to play the supportive role in his marriage? In a culture where it’s embarrassing to have a less successful husband?

        And yes -women are called gold-diggers, especially in situations where the man is much older than her, or she has a non-vanilla sexual history, which is absolutely unfair.

        But in the U.S. (and everywhere else), women are absolutely NOT “by default a gold digger if she marries a man who is the sole provider”. “Male sole provider” is not only considered the ideal arrangement by socially conservative segments of the public, even those who aren’t as traditional are still expected to say that women should be free to choose not to work. It is extremely taboo to criticize women for not having/abandoning careers and “just” being wives &/or mothers, as Hilary Rosen found out when she was widely condemned for her comments about Ann Romney.

  11. Jayna says:

    I loved her in that movie with Russell Crowe that came out a couple of years ago, Three Days or a title similar to that. I didn’t know she was married. I always thought she would be perfect with Liam Neeson.

  12. brin says:

    She looks like she is channeling Mae West in the last picture.

  13. jc126 says:

    Her character on 30 Rock irks me and that whole storyline seems superfluous. I like her otherwise, I guess.

    • Agnes says:

      agree. i felt the same way about her character on “scrubs”.

      • tripmom says:

        I think you just knocked something loose in my head. I’ve never liked her. I’ve never had a good reason, there was just always something about her that really bugged me and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I realize it’s because I can’t stand all the characters I’ve seen her play. Her character was annoying on Scrubs, annoying on 30 Rock, annoying in Wet Hot American Summer, annoying in Zack & Miri, annoying in the episode of Stella she was in. She’s probably a really lovely person, and just really good at playing annoying characters, I guess!

  14. KLO says:

    I really like her. But I feel like this interview would have been better on television than in print.

    She looks kind of hard in the pictures though? She gives off a totally different vibe on red carpet photos, sweet and warm.

  15. Leticia says:

    I think she looks like a young Chelsea Handler in the Allure photo.

  16. Sharon says:

    I like her too! She’s so cool and low-key. She looks particularly soul-less in some of those pictures though… hello dead eyes

  17. Nanz says:

    Love her! I had no idea she is 38 yo. I’m so glad to see her popping up in more movies.

  18. NerdMomma says:

    I’ve always liked her, especially her early comedy work (like Wet Hot American Summer). She seems down for anything, role-wise.

  19. Agnes says:

    regardless of what men as a collective like, *I* love working. :)

  20. Jessica says:

    “It’s not good to put in a magazine what I weigh because it’s too little. People freak out when they hear what I weigh,” Banks says. “They think, ‘Oh, you’re too skinny.’ – BLAH!

  21. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Meh, the interview would have better. It wasn’t that interesting. I have to say she looks amazing and doesn’t look too badly tweeked so that’s a plus.

  22. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I actually like her less after reading this interview. It especially irks me when women defend terrible, sh-tty rom-coms by saying they are doing it “for other women”. Not this woman, honey.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Good morning kitten!

      ITA. When you break it down she’s saying:

      -I had a “test tube” baby and “it’s” gestational carrier was the test tube.

      -I’m so skinny, but I totally eat cupcakes y’all!

      -men don’t REALLY appreciate their wives unless they’re bringing home some bacon.

      -I’m super talented and totally underpaid.

      Aaaaahhhhh. Shut up lady!

      -The test tube remarks were not funny. In fact, they dehumanized both her son and his gestational carrier.

      -The cupcake comment is a go to response for thin women who don’t want to admit they starve to look the way they do, and would never let a cupcake touch their lips.

      -While most men would appreciate the extra income brought in by a working spouse, not all men want their wives to work. Some men like women to stay at home with the kids and some women like being SAHM. Furthermore, I find it just as challenging (if not moreso) to stay home with the kids. Work is a break for me!

      -I have yet to recall one film that Ms. Banks was in, she is totally forgettable in my book. If she were oozing so much talent you’d think she’d be offered Streep-like roles (instead of being cast in crappy rom-Coms with J-lo and Brooklyn Decker).

      • Bite me aka aniston says:

        Damn u went in… And I agree

      • MST says:

        I never saw anything special about her, either. She graduated from the same university as I did (we went at different times, though). She was there doing alumni weekend for a Q&A session for a film that really flopped (it was the one where she appeared opposite Russell Crowe, forget the name) but I didn’t get to see her.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        As a single woman I am seeing the income thing lately. I don’t make enough for me to think it would matter.

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        @Mortician: Damn girl, I’ve agreed 100% with everything you’ve posted on this thread today (which I usually do anyway :) ). I’ve never been impressed by Elizabeth Banks. I find her to be at best boring onscreen and at worst uncomfortable and awkward. I really want to like her, but she annoys me. This interview bugged the heck out of me, and I found nothing she said to be funny. Everytime I hear her say, “Give me the juice!” in the ‘What to Expect’ trailer I want to punch her in the face. *sigh* I really wanted to like her, too.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @scarlet, you’re one of my favorites and I find myself agreeing with a lot of what you say on most threads! I’ve seen that trailer multiple times and haven’t noticed her (that’s just how forgettable she is). I’ll be watching for that line now though 😉

    • Chatcat says:

      Kitten, I am of the same mind…I read it once, then read it again. It is almost like she was trying too hard to be funny or something…and well it came of almost idiotic. She may be a busy actress, and that’s good, because we all know there is not much longevity in Hollywood land.

  23. mia girl says:

    I really like her… but agree that this interview was not her best.

  24. Amanda_M87 says:

    I hate when celebrities make assumptions like she did about all men liking a working wife. I’m sure there are still a lot of men who appreciate having a wife who is a stay-at-home mom or even one who works from home.

    • Julie says:

      i wouldnt hold that against her. with “men” she means the majority of men not every men.

      i say “women want to be independent” but i still know there are lots out there who want a guy who is the breadwinner.

      • Belle says:

        Okay, if she meant the majority of men, that is inappropriate as well. I hate it when people generalize like that. Speak for yourself and/or your own family and leave it at that. For some reason, I get the feeling if she had said something about men wanting their wives to stay home, a lot more people on here would have a problem with it!

  25. flan says:

    Men were hunter-gatherers? What did the women do, you think?

    -People- were hunter-gatherers. Men might have done more of the hunting, but women did most of the gathering.

    It’s a fable that women have never worked until recently. Women have always worked in farms, towns and cities. And also before we had anything like that.

    Glad she should talks about sexism, but she should also not fall into the trap of repeating sexist lies.

  26. lil ole me says:

    Does anyone know if a surrogate birth is depicted in the “What To Expect When You Are Expecting” movie? I won’t be seeing it, but I think surrogacy would have been a great topic for that movie. Surrogacy is becoming more common (for those that can afford it), and think the subject would be a great addition to the movie

  27. Lindy says:

    I know absolutely nothing about her, but her interview comes across as smart and funny.

  28. SCREEEE says:

    I love her. Hilarious on 30 Rock, great in Hunger Games, always a fun interview / chatshow guest.

  29. phlyfiremama says:

    “it’s very ingrained even in our DNA that men are hunter-gatherers who are meant to go off and provide. And that we are really meant to stay at home and have kids…”
    THIS is what poisons our society, this attitude that without a MAN we are nothing except fragile little flowers blowing in the wind waiting for prince charming to come save us. This is utterly disgusting and repugnant, and every woman SHOULD be doing everything she can to stamp out this sexist, male dominated, and carefully conditioned outdated mode of thought. This is a point in history where women have more opportunity than ever before~we can get as much education, have our own careers, manage and run our own households, and even have children by ourselves~in short, we can be equal to or even exceed men. Than this little statement pops up and shows us exactly WHY, with that thinking, we will NEVER be allowed to do so. Wake up, ladies! Quit allowing yourselves to be relegated to second class status, and when you see stupid statements like this realize what they are really saying.

  30. annaloo. says:

    Definitely post more about her! Less Kardashian, DEF less Beyonce. PLEASE

  31. LindyLou says:

    Kaiser – I tend to skip the Kardashian posts and I don’t know about everyone else but I would prefer to read about interesting, talented people any day. I vote to banish the vapid, useless Kartrashians!

  32. TG says:

    I like her a lot too, but I think the photos in the magazine are better than the cover shot. She looks to much like Chelsea Handler Yuck. Don’t want to go there. Anyway, she is a chameleon I think. Sort of like Jennifer Lawerence they can just sort of change into anybody.

  33. Bird says:

    Um, Elizabeth, some people with two incomes still can’t afford a boat or vacations.

  34. justez says:

    Commenting just so say I adore her.

  35. Michele says:

    I like the cover picture alot. The rest of the pictures don’t look anything like her. I think Elizabeth looks best with just a tiny amount of makeup. She’s pretty enough without it. She has that cute, girl next door look. She really doesn’t look her age at all.

  36. Jessica says:

    G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first photo anyway, totally agree about the other two photos. How did they make her look like that, and why? She is so naturally beautiful!

  37. J O'CONNELL says:

    I agree with you!!! She’s a very cool lady. Smart, successful, beautiful, she seems down-to-earth…the whole package.

  38. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    If you hate that your readership reads and comments on Kardashian posts, don’t write so bloody many of them. Or, are we pretending that we don’t know on which side the bread is buttered and this is just about giving the plebes what they want in a pander-free zone? All things considered, no one’s obligated to read or remark on any of the posts here, so a little graciousness towards your audience the next time you decide to whine about how brain dead they are, please. That’s not a pissy threat, or a challenge, it’s more of an, ‘Oh, give me a break’ statement. By the by, this woman’s not Jonas Salk, for Pete’s sake. Perhaps we should ask how Brad and Angie are handling the release of this interview, just to shake things up, then pray to the Angel Gabriel for the strength to wade through this blockbuster season unharmed. I see The Fassdong agrees with my assertion: that’s useful information.

    Maybe I sound overly mouth-foamy, but that comment was pretty snide and kind of stuck in my craw. I doubt that it was meant to sound so mean-spirited and smug, but it sure came off that way.

    Six ‘sorry’s and a movie, and a ressurection of The Cape–which I never saw–I’ll have no less.

  39. danielle says:

    Loved her since Zach & Miri. Can’t wait to see Hunger Games.

  40. mandyfan says:

    I LOVE HER…but she does not look like herself at all in this photo shoot. What happened?

  41. Turtle Dove says:

    Sure she works a bit, but the IMDB is not insane. THIS list IS insane:


    Christopher Lee… more IMDB entries than any other actor.

  42. MadMadgeThePartyVadge says:

    Elizabeth Banks is an awesome, sexy, funny lady and I love her on 30 Rock. I’ve followed her career for a long time, and I never get tired of her. Feel free to post about her whenever you like :)

  43. buckley says:

    Love this chick!
    I first ran into her watching Seabiscuit, she reminded me of a younger Parker Posey (who is awesomo!)

  44. ZenB!tch says:

    I like the shoot for a strange reason. She looks like the weird character she plays in the Hunger Games in the shoot. Yes, she looks plastic but so did the character. She looked like an adult Cindy-Lou Who.

    I wouldn’t have put the beautiful, polished, modern looking woman and her Hunger Games role together. I don’t watch 30 Rock but with that shoot I know who she is and to be on the look out for her in future movies.

  45. Kim says:

    I disagree that men want their wives to work. I have always supported myself and this has always been a big problem with guys i dated & my husband.

    A male friend recently told me he secretly resents his wife working because it means she doesnt need him and men ultimately want to be needed by a woman. I said she needs you but maybe not financially and he said it doesnt matter. He said men say they want their wives to work but when push to comes to shove they really dont unless its more of a hobby/part time job. So I asked my husband if this was true and he said yes he doesnt know 1 guy who would be happy with a wife who could completely financially support herself.

    Men subconsciously take this as women not needing men. Lets not forget what a patriarchal society we live in. Sisters doing it for themselves threatens male patriarchy which most men, secretly or not, love.

    • Karma says:

      I agree.

      Every single man I have known has wanted his wife to stay home with the kids. And for him to be the sole provider. From high school on up, it has been a constant with boyfriends and friends alike.

      For all of the same reasons you list and right down to receiving flak from them for having a job. I was kinda shocked at how traditional they all were, foolishly thinking that an independent woman would be more freeing for them. But it was the exact opposite and as you stated centered around not being needed.

      It is one thing if both people have to work. But every single man said they would view it as a personal failure to not being able to fully provide for their family.

      • jc126 says:

        Every single guy? Do you live in an area that is particularly religious, like Salt Lake City or some such? I can’t imagine every guy I know feeling like that. Actually I can’t think of ANY who feel that way.

      • Karma says:

        No, I grew up in the SF bay area. It doesn’t get more liberal/progressive than that.

        Every single guy that I’ve had this conversation with has said the same thing. Like I said, it shocked me too that all these men were so traditional.

        We did live in an upper middle class area, so high expectations were everywhere, but I doubt that made a difference, since most of their mothers worked as well. Who knows maybe that was their version of doing it better than their parents. Being successful enough to bring mom back into the home.

        Or it was the standard drilled into them as kids in order to be a successful provider and the traditional route to success – college, job, wife, house, then kids…raised at home/without daycare.

        Not sure what the cause but it wasn’t living in Salt Lake.

  46. at home says:

    I’m a SAHM, and I fantasize about working outside the home. I think everyone’s situation is SO different, that you can’t assume all SAHM moms are the same or working moms. We barely scrape by, and the reason I continue to stay home with my child is because she has a disability. She attends a few hours of preschool a week, and we have many therapy appointments/interventions that I am in charge of. She needs one on one, for learning a lot of basic skills, and I prefer to do that myself as I know I’m the best “therapist” for her. Being in a daycare/preschool setting full-time, she would not receive the individualized care she desperately needs for her development.

  47. Ginger says:

    DANG it!! I wanted to hate her because my husband thinks she’s hot but I can’t…she is cool. I have actually remarked to my husband about how unfair it is that there are no female superheroes. I guess the closest we will get are the ladies in the X-Men or the Avengers?? Anyway, I had issues with my pregnancy and could not breast feed or carry my child to term so I have a lot of empathy for women with difficult pregnancies or lack thereof and I like that she brings that up. And it’s true…we are the first generation to out earn our husbands…luckily my husband doesn’t mind.

  48. Isa says:

    My husband doesn’t want me to work. I had to fight to go back, because our financial situation is terrible.
    He likes me staying at home with the kids. I’m home on his days off and I do all the housework and most of the childcare. Now that I’m going back to work fulltime he’ll have to share more of the household duties and he isn’t going to be happy about that.

    BUT if I actually made enough for us to be able to take a vacation and afford a boat he’d be slapping my butt on the way out the door and yelling, “Bring home the bacon, honey!”

  49. shaboo says:

    it’s not the 1920′s a lot of women want to work. It’s not like we’re forced too. Some couple’s can’t survive on one income alone.

  50. I Choose Me says:

    I love her cover shot and I love her hair in the second photo, it’s so old Hollywood glam but the expression is what’s lacking. She’s a great actress though. I liked in her in every thing I’ve seen even though some of those movies were awful. Her characters always seem very believable.