Prince William has a year to choose between his military career & his royal duties

We keep getting requests to cover this story, and at this point, I’m kind of kicking myself for missing it over the past few weeks. I get enchanted by Duchess Kate’s sausage curls and I can’t concentrate on what’s going on with Prince William – that’s my excuse. So, you remember how William and Kate are completely normal and boring and of course they don’t go on vacation every month and of course they’re not “full-time royals” because William has a real job and Kate… well, Kate is William’s wife! Someone has to order around the staff. Which they still deny they have. Yes, William works as a search-and-rescue pilot for the RAF. Allegedly, William and Kate live practically full-time in Wales (although they seem to be in London at the drop of a hat), where William will be stationed until 2013. Two weeks ago, some grumbling started – the RAF’s chain of command issued William an ultimatum: William has a year to decide whether to continue to work for the RAF.

Prince William is considering his future with the RAF after being told he has until the end of the year to decide whether he wants to continue flying. The Duke of Cambridge, a fully qualified search-and-rescue pilot with the RAF, must decide whether he wants to continue his flying career, transfer to another branch of the military or quit the Forces altogether and take on a life of Royal duties. The deadline has been imposed by the RAF’s chain of command.

An aide to William yesterday confirmed he has until the end of 2012 to make the decision. The spokesman said: ‘The Duke has to make a decision during this year (by the end of 2012) and he has not yet made a decision. Whatever decision he takes, he will take jointly with his wife as you would expect.’

His decision will also take into account how much public work he and Kate are expected to take on over the next few years – so he will also consult his father and grandmother. William has been told he can continue his career at RAF Valley, or relocate to another RAF base for a second three-year tour of duty. He could also extend his current tour of duty for a short period or take another posting within the Armed Forces, something he is said to be seriously considering. The final option is for him to quit the Forces and focus full-time on the work of his charitable foundation and Royal duties.

‘William is thinking deep and hard about his future,’ adds the source. ‘He loves the service, but there are other things to take into account. He and Catherine have a future and a family to plan and he will be expected to take on more official engagements.’

[Via The Mail]

There were some reports that the military command were not happy with how much “time off” William got to attend to his royal duties, or to go on his endless vacations. While I respect William’s choice to serve in the military, it often feels like he is getting special treatment from his superiors, and it often feels like this whole RAF search-and-rescue training was a gigantic waste of taxpayer money. William was never going to do this full-time, for the rest of his life. It was always going to be a temporary gig.

Anyway, Us Weekly got some quotes from William’s spokesman too. The spokesman says, “[Prince William] will have to make a decision in due course about his future career. His options include taking another tour of duty with the RAF Search and Rescue Force; applying for a new positions within the Armed Forces; or ending his military role and taking on full-time Royal duties. His current tour with the Search and Rescue Force is due to end mid-next year, so he will need to make a decision with his chain of command in the military, and, of course, his family by then.”

With the Queen cutting back on her appearances (she’s 86!), I do think William and Kate are going to be encouraged to be more active in royal life and actually just come and out and be full-time royals.

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  1. celine says:

    meh, he doesn’t have to choose shit.

    that’s so dumb, hahaha.

  2. Boo says:

    His face just keeps getting smarmier.

  3. HoustonGrl says:

    I’m sure Waity is pushing Wills to take another tour of duty. For one thing, this will give her an excuse to remain bone idle while they “plan their family” at the same rate she planned her charities; and two, neither of them seem to seek royal responsibilities, or particularly enjoy them. Personally, I find them totally uninspiring. I think it’s quite unfortunate that both have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the world, but neither cares enough to do so.

    • Call Me Al says:

      I think it’s wonderful that he chooses to serve in the military. That’s enough of a contribution for now. They have their whole lives to take up charities and do that whole thing. They deserve some time to be newlyweds and enjoy their lives. I’m sure Kate keeps busy with charity engagements.

      • fairy godmother says:

        PW is lazy & self-serving. He claimed when he turned 25 he would become a full-time royal. Then said will be full-time when completes RAF duty. Now PW is still considering- bet he still shuns full-time royal duties for 3 more years.
        He plays by his own rules & causes scheduling problems at work.
        One of his whims he decided at last minute to go skiing which means someone will have to cover his schedule. Poor guy that had given several months before notice (per RAF’s rules) to be off for his brother’s wedding.
        Guess who had to fill in for Willie- that’s right the RAF pilot missed his brother’s wedding.
        Kind of makes one wonder what good is PW when other ppl must cover for him. PW’s PR lies saying he gets no special treatment- what a joke!

      • HoustonGrl says:

        @Al. Why is it one or the other? Kate can still enjoy her life AND lift a finger.

  4. Kaboom says:

    I guess with the budget cuts the RAF is mostly concerned about whether or not they have room for another S&R pilot that actually NEEDS to work and whether they have to budget to train for a replacement, which isn’t exactly a shilling sixpence.

  5. Lia says:

    Can we quit ragging on Kate because she doesn’t have a job? There are millions of women around the world who do not work because their husbands bring in enough income to keep them comfortable. The whole point of women’s lib decades ago was to free women up to make choices on their own. That means they can work if they want to, and not work if they don’t. We’re taking a step backwards every time we criticize a woman for not having a job. We are criticizing her for choosing not to work. If she can afford not to work, she shouldn’t have to. PS… in case anyone thinks this is a veiled attempt to defend my own lifestyle, I work full time. By choice.

    • original almond says:

      Yes, it must be the height of feminism for a woman to be financially dependent on her husband. Granted, Waity might have family money to fall back on. But that’s hardly the point. What does she do all day? Shop and go to the hairstylist? I’m sure she could squeeze a few serious charities in her oh so busy schedule. PUH-lease.

      • bluhare says:

        Royal wives don’t work, other than at royal things. Especially someone with her high profile.

      • original almond says:

        Which is why, in her case, I mentioned charities. Serious ones, not vague “cultural awareness/ artistic outlook/ wibly-wobly” causes.

        I think a big part of why people criticize her is the fact that we all know that she’s not confronted with the same chores and hard work a normal housewife would be.
        I’m sorry if I came on a bit too strong, but what is this woman’s identity if we take away the “wife of Will” status? She seems entirely vapid and ornamental. And she has made no effort to convince people otherwise.

      • bluhare says:

        OA, yes, I thought of charities after I hit send (and was too lazy to go back to edit as I knew you’d call me on it if you responded), and you’re right. She doesn’t appear to have done much.

        It’s been reported she does some stuff off the radar and I wonder if that’s true. I did like seeing the pix of her, a can of Pringles and the boy scouts. Diana didn’t set the world on fire when she was first married either (although she did produce William); it took her time to define who she was there. And for all her faults, I think she really did care about her charities. I hope William’s inherited that and I hope he prods Kate.

      • Lia says:

        Orignial A…Why is it yours, or anyone’s business what she does all day? Unless you need her to be doing something for you, it’s none of your concern what she does with her day. Since you aren’t with her all day, you have no idea.

      • original almond says:

        Lia, she’s gossip fodder and I have an opinion to give. It doesn’t coincide with yours so I guess that’s where the animosity stems from.

        I think she’s ornamental and that she likes it that way. For heaven’s sake, we’re applauding her for and we’re being impressed by her wearing her hair up. The day she loses the heavy eyeliner we’ll do a standing ovation.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      ITA Lia, for the sake of Kate’s mental health, I for one am very glad they are easing Kate into her new life. After what happened to Diana (bulimia, suicide attempts, depression), I’m relieved she’s taking it easy.

      I for one wouldn’t be surprised if William were the one who keeps her in the slow lane. He was understandably bitter about how his mother was treated and not supported when she first became HRH. Remember how Wills was her confidant, even as a little boy? Her stories may have made him paranoid about the pressure on Kate.

      • bluhare says:

        Can hardly wait for LAK to weigh in, but I agree with you. William’s on record as saying he wants her eased in so she doesn’t go through what his mother did. And I imagine the press coverage about what she eats, wears, says,and whether she’s pregnant etc. etc. is driving him crazy.

        I think he’s a control freak and Kate’s perfect for him as she’s shown that she’ll let him do what he wants.

      • Zimmer says:

        …and even with all the easing, the pressure clearly got to her before she even married, in an obsession with being thin.

      • LAK says:

        @bluhare – here i am! LOL. At this point, all i have to say to @Lia is paraphrase JOan Rivers, ‘girls stop with the education, being independent, having a brain and thinking you can take care of yourself. you’ll never get a rich and powerful husband that way.’

        ….but seriously, @lia, the job description for royal women of GB is charity work and babies. otherwise they would all be back at the palace [which ever one they choose], feet up, being pleasured however they chose and having babies when ever they felt like it.

        Our dear beloved duchess seems to have read only the ‘galas and premieres’ chapter in the royal women of GB handbook.

        I can put money on the notion that if our dear beloved duchess had worked prior to marriage, she would be getting lots of slack right now.

        I would also say that she’s given her right to a spine to William, so whatever he decides, she will do. People stop tarnishing the palace for Waity’s decisions. It’s all William.

        From The Palace perspective, i bet they are letting it be known that she’s getting all this training and support so that down the line, should there be a divorce, they can not be blamed, as they were blamed in the Diana debacle.

        Personally i think it will all end like the current Duchess of Kent who is quietly separated and teaching children piano from a studio in Nottinghill but being wheeled out for the big occassions.

      • fairy godmother says:

        She is a full grown ass 30 year old woman who did not have a whirlwind romance- thus “Waity Katie”.
        She had 9 years to think about what being Royal meant & was well aware of what “job” would be expected of her.
        I get so tired of excuses for her.
        Royals should have a full psychological evaluation for anyone joining the “firm”. If she has “mental” problems it certainly did not just develop after the wedding.
        Taxpayers support her she is expected to give back by demonstrating support & concern for worthy charitable causes (& I do not mean galas, museums, movie premiers). I wish ppl would stop referencing Diana- there is no comparison. She jumped in before engagement & continued even while pregnant her 1st year of marriage- all while she had to deal with a husband who “never really loved her” (Charles’ words not mine.

      • JulieM says:

        ahoyhoy: One more time. Diana had all those problems that you mention, NOT because she was pushed too hard too early to contribute to national life. She had all those problems because she had a cad for a husband to never loved her, used her, and kept his mistress through the whole terrible mess.

        I get so tired of the excuse that noone wants to push poor Waity too hard because she’ll end up like Diana. What a ridiculous excuse for a 30 year old woman with a college degree. Diana had none of that, and although she did have her problems and quirks, she worked her tail off for her charities.

        Waity is lazy and no amount of excuse making on the part of her fan girls will change that. Only she can.

    • bluhare says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

      Although I think it’s because she didn’t work before she was married, but then she didn’t have to with mummy and daddy’s money, especially when mummy was actively encouraging her romance with William.

      My guess is William the person would prefer to continue his RAF career, but William the prince won’t be allowed to.

    • layla says:

      Whilst I agree with you that EVERYONE, male or female has the right to choose (we should all be so lucky ;) )…

      I think it’s Waity’s LACK OF AMBITION TO DO ANYTHING that is constantly criticised, rather than her choice to work or not.

      • bluhare says:

        Oh, I think she had plenty of ambition. To be Duchess of Cambridge.

      • HoustonGrl says:

        @ Bluhare, hahaha

        @ Layla, I agree with you. Women and men can work/not work/whatever.

        My problem with Waity is that she continues a trend that portrays women as purely ornamental. I am personally offended by this kind of public persona. Everyone makes excuses for Kate, that she is under pressure from Royalty, that she is just following “protocol.” Puh-lease, it’s not like she’s a robot! Rather than making apologies or even praising her archaic position, people should be questioning an institution that considers it an “offense” for a woman to speak her mind, or even seem like her own person. Kate is expected to vegetate (adoringly) in William’s shadow, and she just loves to play the part! Very odd IMO.

      • M79 says:

        People with no ambition generally don’t go to college, and they certainly often don’t graduate from it.

    • Lindy says:

      Sorry, but this is a huge misconception. The definition of feminism is NOT “freeing women up to make any damn choice they please.” If that were the case, we would have to call things feminist that are obviously anti-woman and anti-feminist–like Michelle Duggar and the Quiverfull movement, or women ‘choosing’ to be submissive to their husbands on account of religious doctrine, etc.

      Women like that can call themselves a lot of things, and they are certainly free to live as they wish. But they don’t get to appropriate a term that actually stands for something totally different. Words mean things. Feminism doesn’t mean that everything someone with two X chromosomes chooses to do is feminist.

      • HoustonGrl says:

        Agreed. When I think of feminism, it certainly doesn’t conjure an image of the typical stepford wife. Actually, it seems like the antithesis of that.

      • Snow says:

        : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

        –Merriam Webster Dictionary, Online

        If someone (woman or man) makes decisions (and pushing beliefs count) that impede social, political, economic equality for women (virgin/whore dichotomy,right to vote) then they are anti-feminists–or sexists, if we agree that this is an equality issue. Whether Kate Middleton fulfilling a traditional (see: patriarchy) gender role is anti-feminist is debatable. You could argue she is–on one of the world’s biggest stages–reinforcing (and silently consenting to) equality-suppressing values, and is therefore anti-feminist. Or you could say she’s just utilizing her choice, her life, and that she shouldn’t live it for other people. Although the latter argument doesn’t make Kate a feminist per se, it doesn’t make her anti-feminist.

    • Christine says:

      Excellent point. I think the ragging started here because she didn’t have a job for years before getting engaged. But yes, it would be refreshing not to rag on her for what she does as a wife. And please, as IF she is in control of her life. William is dictating that his wife is home at his beck and call. Which again is just fine. But let’s stop blaming Kate like what she does isn’t pre-approved by the Firm.

      • ANGELIC 20 says:

        you are right about william’s need to have her at his beck and call and yes she is not in control of her life because of herself. she is the one who give up that right .my problem with kate is that she is now promoted as a role model to young girls .she has done nothing of substance in her entire life ,she takes women back in the past where you are as good as well you marry and everything that you do is for the purpose of getting a husband.

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      she is a future queen consort ,a public figure, she represents a constitutional institute so yes what she does is not just her business,she is not a private person anymore. she needs to give back or give up her title, she knew this and she signed up for this ,no one is going to leave her alone .

    • original almond says:

      Posted my reply in the wrong place.

    • Lisa says:

      Big difference Lia — those other women aren’t subsidized by the taxpayer and don’t have a constitutional role.

  6. Jessica says:

    Something about a man riding a horse.. whew!! sexay!!

  7. Bess says:

    I’ve often wondered if both William & Harry would have the “right stuff” to make it as military pilots if they weren’t royals.

    I don’t believe for a second that the army isn’t going to have another Apache pilot protecting Harry if he’s deployed to Afghanistan. It just seems like a massive waste of money and manpower so that Harry can feel like he’s contributing.

    • CC says:

      THIS. No matter how you paint it, they’re not “normal” people. So why the charade? No other military person would ever be allowed to be so many times off. The fact that they can just shows how un-”normal” they are, besides, give me a break, whatever they’re paid it’s token money, there’s no way it would pay their lifestyle. Best to give those jobs to military persons who actually need them and that will actually be there full-time.

    • M79 says:

      They obviously really fly helicopters, which means they do have the “right stuff” for their job. I agree that it probably costs far more money to protect them and thus, defeats the purpose of them having those jobs, but I’m tired of people acting like they haven’t gone through training and actually fly. I know it’s hard for you to believe, but these are educated capable men. It’s not their fault they were born into a life that wasn’t of their choosing.

      • ANGELIC 20 says:

        yes but they do have a choice whether to join rf or not.harry will not need any protection in the air but that is not the case with william .lak hes explained very well that william is more of a liability then an asset to hi steam.

  8. original almond says:

    He should stop playing at being normal and start taking his royal duties more seriously. They are both adults. People should stop coddling them and they should assume their proper roles.

  9. Reece says:

    *waits patiently for the rest of the Brits to get here* hehe

    • bluhare says:

      I’m here, but it doesn’t count because I’ve lived in the US so long. I’m waiting too!!

    • LAK says:

      @Reece – here is another brit.

      2 things to consider;

      1. William has been using the military to run away from his duties. He was slated to become a full time royal on his 25th birthday, announcements were made etc but he differed. Every time he is given a deadline, he initially agrees to it, announcements are made, but come the final stretch, he differs again with a very well thought out excuse that makes it hard to spot the differment [sp?]. The last time, it was the occasion of his wedding that would see him become a full time royal which was differred with he’s a newly wed! his wife needs to adjust! they need privacy before they become full time! etc. As much as we talk about kate for not working, the fact is she can not work MORE than her hubbs irrespective of the fact that he appears to have a full time job.

      Recently there was a story that he was very interested in going to scotland for another 3 years when this stint finished. noises were made. So i do not think he will take up duties. He will differ again, and go to scotland.

      2. The article is written with the right amount of polite pointedness that only super polite British people can muster whilst being negative at the same time. Clearly the higher ups in RAF are not happy about PW deployment with them. They might have been happy about the initial recruitment of him, but too many entitled things on his part have soured the relationship eg the helicopter joyride to Kate’s garden that was rumoured to cost £30K leaving RAF scrambling to make excuses as to why he would do that and pretending it was all part of some military exercise.

      ‘he needs to choose between work or duties’ – why? he is doing both right now, isn’t he?….but is he really? if he has to choose, and it’s clear the palace is giving him time to do whatever he wants, then the pressure must be coming from the other side ie he is not fulfilling his non royal work job duties. Can you imagine the scheduling nightmare for a crew team if one of the members keeps disappearing off, and has to be covered by other crew?? which ties in with the other statement…

      ‘he needs to make a commitment.’ he is always talking about his commitment to them, so why would they say that specifically. Is he not the committed crew member they thought he would be? Are they having to recruit a replacement to cover him because frankly he is never there?

      ‘He needs to choose a different branch of the military’. O R L Y?! what branch of the military wouldn’t want HRH PW, DOC in their ranks??? Clearly not the RAF. If the true cost of things like that Helicopter joyride to kate’s back garden or to Cousin Philip’s stag do is taken into consideration, then it’s not worth it to have him in the RAF, even though they’ve trained him. Did you know that during a particularly special type of training course he pissed off midway on a ski trip which pissed off the instructors because it was specialised, all trainees had been refused permission to go on holiday during the 6wks of it.

      All this stuff is now coming to roost for him. The media has protected him for so long, but not anymore. This is a man who is very much like his great uncle David, who picked the wrong [for the job] woman, who has no commitment to work [royal or non royal] who will make a very poor King.

      All of that said, i am more than happy to eat my words if i am proved wrong. And i will come on here, if CB is still running and declare it.

  10. ANGELIC 20 says:

    i can bet my house that william will not join the rf full time.

    even before hm wanted him to start a charity of his own like prince’s trust in case of charles but he choose to join the raf.william is not a normal pilot ,he takes as many offs as he wants ,he lives the high life of a prince but he do not want the responsibilities that comes with it. he is going to be a future king ,he is 30 years old man who has been given time out for his entire life and now is the time to step up. hm is 85 years old , doe is 90 with a heart problem who are doing 350 engagements a year because these two healthy 30 years old won’t contribute.william has been running away from his role and it is just getting ridiculous .if he do not want to be king then give up your title and live in a village with all the millions that you got and stop pretending that you are doing everybody a favor by showing up and your title is such a burden.if he likes the high life of a prince he needs to give back , in this difficult time i don’t think people are going to be so polite with him if he still continues to be a spoiled brat .

  11. iseepinkelefants says:

    William will put off his Royal Duties. He does not want to be King (much to Waity’s dismay) and will do any and everything to postpone. Agreed with Angelic, he wants the lifestyle but none of the responsibility. He really is a spoiled prat. It’s about time people start seeing this and stop excusing him just because he’s Diana’s son.

    The Queen will of course let him because she always gives in to William.

    Harry should have been King. William will fail at it. The only good thing that might come out of this is that the UK will finally give up the Monarchy (William really is a blessing for the anti-monarchists. If history repeats itself then it shows what happens when you get a weak King who wishes he wasn’t a monarch. Bring on the republic!).

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      i agree with republicans being happy ,they were happy when kate got engaged because it was very clear to those who have been reading about her that how unfit she is for the position . if william and kate keep on doing what they are doing right now they together with tampon charles will become brand ambassador of republic movement after queen’s death. i think hm feels guilty about everything that happened with diana so she always gives in when it comes to william.

    • M79 says:

      Harry should be king? Why? Because you think he’s cute and he’s more fun? Prince William and Harry may both hide from their royal duties with military life, but Prince William is the most educated of all the royals and has “played it safe” and made good life choices, as opposed to Harry’s demonstrated immaturity (wearing a Nazi costume, cheating at school, making fun of his grandmother THE QUEEN on videotape, etc). Neither of these young men has a choice, but I’d much rather see stable and mundane Prince William take the throne than someone who makes a mockery of his own grandmother. William’s choices have been far more conscientious. The reason people are hating on William is because he isn’t “interesting” enough for you, and his job isn’t to be a media darling and act out for your benefit.

      • LAK says:

        @M79 – as i’ve said in a previous thread, PW is not the most educated of the royals.

        Prince Charles is. He went to Cambridge where he studied Archeology but later switched to History.

        Even allowing for the lowered standards that royals use to get in to educational institutions, Degree from Cambridge carries more weight than a Degree from St Andrew’s.

        As for PW’s supposed good choices in life as opposed to the bad ones….or is that because there has been a blanket ban on most of PW’s choices and none on PH’s choices, or the fact that PH is always made out to be the bad guy in order to make PW look good.

        PW’s clubbing, skirt chasing, drunken choices that can only be reported about in foreign press and are now conveniently white washed as if they never happened vs PH’s drunken, skirt chasing, clubbing choices that were allowed full reportage in British press.

        people discuss the ‘fun’ aspect of Harry, but most people talk about how he has matured and become responsible. PW is failing in the public arena because for the first time people are seeing him clearly especially via his choice of wife. Just as people suddenly could see Prince Charles clearly by his choice of wife.

        PH attends many functions that are bread and batter functions as well as the galas. PW in the past year alone has only done 2. The others were all galas and premieres.

        If people are superficial enough to prefer PH based on ‘fun, then more fool them. And it is just as idiotic as people who wanted PW over PC based upon the fact that he looked like his mother.

      • fairy godmother says:

        Regarding education- it is a wonderful to have a good one, but does not necessarily equip one to have a special ability to connect with other ppl.
        HM did not attend college, yet look at how dedicated she has been to her country & her involvement.
        I really feel badly for Harry he always seems to be the scapegoat for ppl to put down.
        My friend in graduate school is an unbelievable genius (not in my classes). Yet, he has a hard time because he lacks the ability to have common sense when dealing with ppl).Think Big Bang Theory.
        It shows no matter how intelligent or educated one is does not guarantee good social skills.
        PW has been rude & insulting caught on video with smug comments on how “boring” he thinks someone is or so happy for an event to be over to get away from those ppl. He was an adult- PH poor choice for nazi costume was as a foolish 19 or 20 year old who was encouraged by big brother to wear it. Harry has matured & personally involved w/ charities. Harry has even included PW in his accomplishments.
        Gracious, polite, considerate, involved, etc. qualities that PW has yet to demonstrate. That is why some ppl think Harry would be a great king!

  12. benny says:

    He probably did it for the fun of flying a helicopter, as long as the fun didn’t get in the way of his vacations.

    But, whatever. He’s not living off of MY tax dollars, I’ve got my own politicians to worry about.

  13. SmartGirlsAlwaysWinInTheEnd says:

    The Queen needs to worry more about Harry than William’s future. I fear that he’ll turn out like his uncle Andrew, who, even though he’s such fun! he’s a complete f*ck up and, like his cousins, will live out his days playing golf and flying on jets on the Englishman’s/woman’s hardworking pound.

    I can’t see Charles putting up with the kind of nonsense The Queen does with Andrew. No, Harry can’t play those games with his father. Harry has such talent! He paints. Why can’t he do that or something he enjoys?

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      where did you get the idea that harry do not do anything. he has served in afganistan ,he just got qualified as an Apache pilot (more difficult then william’s rescue helicopter) and will be going back to afganistan ,he is so much more dedicated to his military charities then william is to any of his ,he goes out of his way to support them and raise awareness ,he never took 3 holidays in 3 months and work 5 days a week compared to william who goes for 24 hrs and get 14 days off after that and still he can’t take time out for real charities and only attend glamorous galas (he only visited 2 charities ever since his wedding) . unlike mr.dolittle ,harry completed his tour on the behalf of hm and reported back to his station once he returned home,he is only seen partying on weekends and just got an award for his charitable contributions .at this point most people like harry more then william and can see that he is doing more work ,have more charisma ,and is more dedicated to his job then william who use military as an excuse to run away from his responsibilities.harry is getting more and more popular by each day because of his work unlike mr.dolittle .

      • another nina says:

        Oh how interesting! I’ve never realized that harry is actually the more responsible one of the two…Then the palace should start working on his international image because he is always portrayed as some silly frat boy.

      • angelic 20 says:

        Nina, palace is happy the way things are because Harry is the spare, they don’t want the side kick to over shadow the main act but unfortunately the side kick turn out to be the hero.the media also tries to bring him down in order to make William and Kate look good, it has always been that way, William got the media protection Harry never did but public its not that stupid and can see what is going on.

      • another nina says:

        wow Angelic, this thread’s been a real eye-opener for me! Has it always been this way between Harry and William? Is it possible that W is just suffering from the eldest child syndrome? May be it’s easier for Harry to perform because nothing much is expected of him? JFK was sort of a “Harry” in his family and ended up being a legend…

      • ANGELIC 20 says:

        nina ,harry did really stupid things in his teens and early 20′s which were plastered all over the tabloids but william’s cheating ,him standing on top of a table in his underwear while girls putting bows around his neck and waist , him grouping other girls breasts ,asking them to flash him, him taking gun from his friend and playing in the air while he is dead drunk almost got his friend shot by his security etc etc are always swept under the rug but when it comes to harry they never let him off the hook. i think he was very immature before he went to afganistan after he returned there was a new matured harry who finally found something that he believed in and dedicated his time.harry likes to have a good time and might not be settling down any time soon but he is interested in military ,he takes his job more seriously and his military charities because i think he has been more part of the biggest conflict of our time them william ,he is like charles who dedicated his time in environmental issues way before global warming and started his own charity .whatever the reason is harry is more dutiful,dedicated and hard working then william who i can also bet will choose a woman of substance unlike dolittle.

      • another nina says:

        angelic, thanks so much for enlightening me. This is so drastically different from what I used to think…

    • LAK says:

      let’s compare the two brothers

      no of work days a week

      H – 5
      W – 2

      No of personal charities

      H – 1
      W – 0

      No of Engagements that are strictly charity and not galas or premieres

      H – 2 per month
      W – 2 per year.

      So based on that alone, i’d worry about William more, if i were Charles because the spare is coming up trumps.

      And that is not taking into consideration their personal take on their royal duties.

  14. Sachi says:

    Harry will be King. History will repeat itself. Harry will be his great-grandfather George VI.

    William is too self-centered and lazy to actually own up to his duties. He wants the lifestyle of a royal, but doesn’t want to work for it. He enjoys wielding his power over jounarlists to kill off their stories and criticisms. He loves his image of the handsome, goody-two-shoes Prince while he takes advantage of the public’s goodwill towards his late mother. He really hasn’t had any real accomplishments. He’s a RAF pilot? Big deal. So were his other family members. He takes so much time-off you have to wonder why he still has a job when an ordinary RAF pilot would have been fired on the spot. His title lets him get away with special treatment.

    Harry, on the other hand, is well known for his dedication to his charity work and royal duties. Many people here in the UK can see how he has matured and grown into his role. He still likes to party, but he has a clear sense of duty and responsibility. He loves being a Prince and having its perks, but he has never shied away from the work expected from someone in his position. He has utilized his role to continue his late mother’s charity work. His works and accomplishments for his various charities and causes are well-documented.

    But of course, Harry gets fed to the wolves while his brother is built up to look the hero.

    I wonder if Harry truly gave Diana’s ring to William to use as an engagement ring…or did William just take it?

    It takes a very selfish, inconsiderate, self-absorbed person to ask his brother for their mother’s ring, especially when it is known that Harry chose the ring to keep as Diana’s memento. I doubt Harry easily rolled over and gave in to his brother’s “request” to have the ring. William could have easily bought a new ring. But he had to take his brother’s possession for his own.

    Is it any wonder why he keeps on deferring his royal duties? He does whatever he wants because he has the power to do so and he’s not afraid to abuse such power if it suits what he wants. He is equally lazy as his wife.

    But Kate is criticized more because she never had any “hiding place” like what William has done with his so-called job at the RAF.

    • LAK says:

      @Sachi – re: HIstory repeating. ISn’t it interesting that the greatest Monarchs of England have been second sons [or daughter]. Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, George VI and by extension his daughter Elizabeth II. All never expected to be crowned and were merely the spares, so probably had time to expand their horizons for a time and not as stunted, cossetted, protected as the Heirs. And through that made better Monarchs.

      • another nina says:

        I think it’s a terrible curse to live under a burden of expectations…I know close to nothing about W and H (except for highly publicized H’s missteps) but I would dare to suggest that the situation could have been in reverse if W was the youngest of the two.

  15. Alti says:

    William´s military career?

    An Admiral speaks about William (falklands):

    ‘To have a Royal anywhere near the front line is a bloody nuisance for the rest of the front line.
    ‘You have to take extra precautions that he doesn’t get shot down, that his plane doesn’t fail. You maintain it three times as carefully.
    ‘If you have a Royal on board your ship it is the end of your career if he gets so much as a scratch. It’s never said, but it goes without saying.
    ‘He’s not there as a military man, he is there as air sea rescue which is really not military at all. It’s civil. I think it’s pointless, I can’t imagine why they sent him.

    the whole article:—nuisance-Navy-chief-gives-government-salty-dressing-Falklands-sabre-rattling.html

  16. molly says:

    Please, their cottage in Wales is actually a mansion close to the beach that staff can frequently be seen coming and going from. And William only works a few times a month and its whenever he wants to. They are far from the “normal” couple they want us to think they are and the fact that Kate is in London more than anything leads me to think that their marriage is nothing more than for convience. William will of course choose the RAF because he is afraid of work and thats why Waity doesnt work because if she did more that Baldy, it wouldnt look good. All of their appreances are parties and thats hard to respect. Im also sure that they dont want people to become too happy with them considering they probably will be divorced in five or eight years. If he does decide on the RAF, I cant picture the public opinion being very good. It seems to be that they have already begun prepping Harry to be King.