Nelly Furtado in an Alberta Ferretti doily dress at the Billboard Awards: ridiculous?

Nelly Furtado
Here’s a look at some of the fashion at last night’s Billboard Awards, with varying degrees of fug. The clear worst of this lot, in my estimation, is Nelly Furtado. We don’t cover Nelly that often, but I remember seeing her in a lot of ugly dresses. Once in a while she gets it right.

Nelly Furtado

Nelly was in Alberta Ferretti. Red Carpet Fashion Awards has a photo of this dress on the catwalk, and it actually can look pretty with simple, understated styling and minimal accessories. There’s so much going on with the dress in terms of lace panels and beading that it needs to stand on its own. Nelly is ruining it with that stacked necklace, nude pumps, giant sunburst earrings, and a black bra peeping out the top. Poor Nellie.

Nelly Furtado

Jordin Sparks also went with a lace look last night in nude Diane von Furstenberg. She’s lost weight and her figure is incredible, but I feel that this dress is a little too tight and short. I would be worried about sitting down in that thing. It’s sexy though and I thought it was Dolce & Gabbana at first. I love her elegant strappy black heels with the little white circle around her toe. Jordin was with her boyfriend, singer Jason Derulo. They’re a cute couple!

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks

Julie Bowen was in a flapper sack with a sequin stripe down the front. The dress makes this tiny, superfit woman look pregnant. Fashion Patrol has a photo of this same gown on a little model, and it has the same effect on a woman with a prepubescent figure. I know when I’m shopping online that I must absolutely avoid any outfit that doesn’t flatter women smaller than I am. Bowen should have judged this dress by how it falls on the body, not how cool it is. I have to admit that it’s a cool looking dress just on its own. I could see how it would look great on a hanger. I’ll say something nice: her hair and makeup look perfect to me. Bowen and her “Modern Family” co-star Ty Burrell hosted the show.

Julie Bowen

Photo credit: Fame Flynet

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  1. eileen says:

    Oy-you can tell that last chick in the sack is not enjoying it either. She looks very uncomfortable.
    I think JOrdin looks GORGEOUS and I love that dress on her.
    Nelly-yikes girl.

  2. NerdMomma says:

    I am soooo excited to learn that Jordin Sparks is with Jason Derulo! I’ve not heard this! Now that is a super-talented couple, and both gorgeous. I’m not a stan, I swear, but I just think that man is fine and love this pairing.

  3. marie says:

    Nelly-NO.. Jordin is cute, but in the picture with Derulo you can see the bra bump-from where her boobs are probably too big for the bra she’s wearing or there’s too much padding.. I don’t think Julie looks that bad..

  4. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Julie Bowen looks so uncomfortable. Jordin Sparks is really gorgeous.

  5. polk8dot says:

    Nelly! When your back fat is showing over and under the back strap – it is not the right dress for you!
    The dress by itself is nice (it could have been a pretty, summer garden party getup), but her accessories murdered the whole look! It is now worse than a do-it-yourself craft project. And the dress is not properly fitted to her figure – the straps are falling off her shoulders, they are set too wide apart. I guess that’s why the horizontal strap in the back is so tight, to hold the arm straps from falling, but it results in rolls of back fat, NEVER a good look!

    Julie Bowen has fantastic body. She’s svelte not starved, atletic not anorexic, and her hair and face look beautiful. But that dress!!! Dear Lord, has she got nobody to help her pick the right outfit? It looks like the front is jacked up too high, and makes the back droop and bunch up around and behind her knees. Only, then you see the nude top holding up the whole ‘construction’ (I know, sounds funny in this context), and then there is really no more excuse left for it looking so ugly! I think she may have actually realized how bad she looks after arriving on the red carpet – that slouch, that attempt to melt into her own body kind of suggest she might have started feeling uncomfortable.
    And I do not see how this dress could have looked good on anybody, including a hanger. This design is only appropriate for someone with an ‘a$$ pregnancy’ (looking at you, KatFace).

  6. Stubbylove says:

    Julie just looks like she’s gotta pee!

  7. sup says:

    i always hated nelly because i can’t, i just can’t stand her voice. it’s so nasal and annoying. and then she changed her image and music to a ‘promiscuous’ one, proclaiming “own you body like a nympho!” in a 2nd-hand-embarrassment sorta way, i think it was in snl or some other live show. i don’t mind it when singers act sexual and stuff but with her the whole sudden and drastic image change seemed forced and very much money oriented. but the voice is the most annoying thing for sure. surely i can’t be the only one annoyed? i can’t believe people complain about rihanna’s singing and never about nelly’s when it is just grating.