Angelina Jolie “Style of Jolie” jewelry line is being used to build girls’ schools

Last year, Angelina Jolie debuted her new jewelry line in association/partnership with jewelry designer Robert Procop. The profits from the “Style of Jolie” line go to charity – we covered a preview of some of the pieces here. While I don’t think the “Style of Jolie” line is full-on awful, I do see Angelina’s 1970s-style-influences all over these pieces. She loves a smoky topaz. She loves emeralds. She loves yellow gold, and she likes jewelry that I would call “chunky”. Best case scenario: I like some of earrings and I would probably wear some of the rings. But in general, this is not my aesthetic, although I should note that “The Style of Jolie” is getting some love from Hollywood.

Anyway, Procop and Jolie have designed even more pieces for 2012, and Procop gave an interview to People Magazine to talk up the line:

Her engagement ring caused quite a stir, but Angelina Jolie is hoping the latest gems from her jewelry line, Style of Jolie, attract even more attention.

“It’s a labor of love,” Jolie’s co-designer, Robert Procop, tells PEOPLE. That’s in part because 100 percent of profits benefit the actress’s charity, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. In fact, she’s planning to break ground on a school for girls in Qala Gadu, Afghanistan, using funds from jewelry sales.

“Our commitment is always supporting the children’s charity, which remains the overall intention and purpose of the collection,” Procop adds.

But there’s fun involved, too; Procop says the pair “strive for nothing less than artistic innovation with every jewel,” like the newest offering, a sleek emerald bracelet.

“She is very classically chic,” he says of Jolie. “We cultivated this style, which echoes a woman’s timeless allure. When you see the collection, it has a distinction. When you look at it, you recognize that it’s the Style of Jolie.”

Last year, Procop told PEOPLE that Jolie was involved “every step of the way” in the design process. “[The collection] is what she enjoys wearing on the red carpet, but also what she enjoys when she’s at home,” he added.

She enjoys wearing it on her ring finger, too; Procop created her engagement ring with input from her longtime partner, Brad Pitt. According to a rep for the jeweler, “the feedback [on the ring] has been wonderful. It’s all about love.”

[From People]

We can’t use the image of the new emerald bracelet (it’s just an emerald tennis bracelet set in yellow gold – it’s pretty but kind of dated), but you can see it at People online. I also looked around and Procop does have a site and there are lots of photos of The Style of Jolie line, which you can see here (I’m including some images below). I could totally see my mom wearing this stuff – back in 1979, while wearing a fashion-forward muumuu.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Robert Procop online.

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  1. Zelda says:

    The headline makes me imagine schoolhouses built out of heaps of mortared emeralds and smoky topaz. It’s a very Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds visual going on in my head here.

    That said, I do like the retro feeling of the pieces. I’m not one for dainty pieces.

  2. spinner says:

    Absolutely no imagination in these designs. It all looks very cheap & dated. What design process?? Blah…

  3. madpoe says:

    Good for her and all.
    But I’ve found more fun inspiring jewelry in bubble gum machines!

  4. Guesto says:

    Ditto. I hate everything about this line, the name, the style, its dated and matronly vibe. I love chunky retro jewellery but this is just so unimaginative and safe… and no amount of fancy talking it up is going to change that.

    Nice that the proceeds are going to a good cause but hope they’re got a plan B for that school and are not depending upon sales of this stuff to fund it.

  5. Maguita says:

    Very 80s tacky, especially that last amber (?) one looks tackier than the Titanic necklace.

    I expected better taste on jewelry from Ange. However, if the proceeds do go to building schools, then more power to her.

  6. lisa says:

    She has worn this style for years.. And all have looked quite stunning. I imagine the first set sold well so there is obviously a market or they would not be doing it again.

    I applaud her and Procop for using the funds in a way that will help others.

  7. horizonte says:

    Ufff, I really don’t like her stuff… I agree that it looks dated, old fashioned but not in a cool, vintagey or timeless way. It’s very Dinasty…
    It’s such a waste of this beautiful stones, to be used like this.

  8. sullivan says:

    Good for her. I think this jewelry probably will appeal more to the masses than the other jewelry she designed (which I like better). If the idea is to make as much money as possible for the girls’ school then this is the way to do it.

  9. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Who is doing the actual designing? I mean, she’s not doing this on her own, just attaching her name to it (with final approval of designs), correct?
    I think it’s wonderful that she gives back but this jewelry depresses me. Uninspired is the best way to put it.
    When I was in college, there was so much beautiful and creative jewelry being made by the metalsmith/jewelry majors that I don’t have a high tolerance for boring, basic stuff like this.

  10. Jenna says:

    I find it kinda weird how much I actually like her jewelry – I mean, she designs what she wants to wear, so these pieces would be ones that she feels look good on her… which would (in my brain, anyway) pretty much automatically discount them for me. I mean, she’s TINY. But the large chunky pieces are just my style (dainty airy pieces do not work on a 6’2 Amazon!) and I have to admit, I kinda dig the whole 70′s vibe they have. That top bracelet is just GORGEOUS (to my eyes, anyway) and it’s rather cool that she is donating the proceeds to charities. Good for her.

  11. Aiobhan says:

    I like some of the pieces. I like bracelet and one of the emerald rings from the site is cool but I am partial to anything with emeralds because it is my birthstone.

  12. Jenna says:

    Some of the pieces are okay; though I’m biased since emeralds are my birthstone. And while the pieces might not be my style, it’s great that the profits are going to charity. :)

  13. loma says:

    I’d wear some of these pieces as standalones and only with really simple outfits. They’re not that bad.

    Also, I think she designs them mainly to bring in money instead of for artistic merit or anything like that. She uses lots of expensive gems and uses the profits for more important thing. Good for her… BTW does anyone know if she uses conflict free gems?

  14. Raven says:

    I love the rose gold. You don’t see it often and it is one of my favorite metals. The bracelet looks like smoky quartz or topaz to me but is actually black spinel. Interesting combination.

    I have several tennis bracelets bought over the years but mine are semi-precious like peridot, amethyst or white topaz rather than diamond or emerald. They are really classic styles rather than vintage or dated.

  15. Suzy says:

    Pretty jewelry, but the website doesn’t list the prices. I guess if you have to ask, you can’t afford it?? lol

    At least the profits are going to her chairty

  16. Nymeria says:

    AJ: “All right, people, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to sell jewelry made from gems dug up from the ground by impoverished, exploited people and use the profits to build schools for a completely different group of impoverished, exploited people.”

    It’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    • Jenna says:

      Wow, you were able to use nothing more factual than that superior attitude of yours to cast her as a supervillian in your own personal mental movie. Cool.

      Seriously. I’ve wasted a good chunk of my afternoon trying to chase it down (things you do when you’re on bedrest and can’t stomach day time tv) and thus far, haven’t gotten a clear bead on WHERE the stones or metals come from in her pieces. There hasn’t been a whiff of scandal that I’ve found yet implying that her jewelry is made from anything that violates any human rights or exploits any workers. She is donating all the profits to a charity and spends the time she isn’t working on films involved in charity – and yet some folks existence seems to hang on finding a reason to hate her.

      She is rich. She is talented. She has a lot of stuff a lot of folks would like. She has never claimed sainthood and unless she has stopped at your own actual house and peed on your couch, I’m really not getting the hate on folks have for her. If you don’t like her films – cool. If you don’t find her personally attractive? Nifty. But can everyone stop casting her as some super villain? I’ve never heard she murders puppies while drinking the souls of virgins – what gives?

  17. Shaishai says:

    You may not like the jewellery because it’s dated, but I think it’s the smartest way to go about selling it in decent enough quantities to fund her projects. Think about it- who can afford these massive jewels? Old, rich, socialites who buy huge amounts of boring jewellery like this all the time. Living and working in London, I also see a lot of newly rich Russian socialites who like big and bold and are obsessed with being associated with celebrities any way possible, the idle rich Eurotrash with more money than taste or sense, not to mention the oil money… designs like this FLY off the shelves at Harrods and upscale shops in Dubai.
    Don’t underestimate her research; the girl knows what sells!