Brad Pitt goes solo at Cannes premiere: is he boring without Angelina Jolie?

Yay, my internet is back. Huzzah. As I discussed in those halcyon hours before Verizon decided to murder my soul, Brad Pitt told reporters earlier today in Cannes that Angelina Jolie had not come with him for this very special Cannes Film Festival extravaganza. Apparently, Angelina is hard at work, and by that I mean “she’s boning her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton in his leathery sex shack, of course.” Sigh… I would like to see her other ex-husband’s leathery sex shack. Do you think Jonny Lee Miller has a sex shack nowadays? A question for another day.

So, with Angelina nowhere to be seen, here are some photos from the Cannes premiere of Killing Them Softly, which was produced by and stars Brad Pitt. I can feel Brad looking at Ray Liotta and thinking, “Sure, he’s a nice guy. But I wish I had a bony hip to clutch and fondle right about now.” WHY DIDN’T ANGELINA COME?! Brad’s tux is meh. From the just-released photos I’m looking at, he didn’t take off his sunglasses for the premiere either. Probably because he looks really old without sunglasses.

Everyone is talking about the very violent content of Killing Them Softly – it is a mob movie, and I believe Brad plays a hit man. During the photo call, Brad was asked about making violent films, and whether he was bothered by playing such a violent character. Brad said, “Not at all. Violence is an accepted part of the gangster world. I’d have a harder time playing a racist than some guy who shoots another guy in the face. Ever seen them butcher a cow for hamburger? It’s incredibly brutal and violent. We live in a very violent world.” Um… what? Whatever, Brad.

PS… Kelly Brook was at the premiere. Her dress is meh, but she looks like she could be Brad’s type. Did I just write next week’s tabloids? “Angelina fumes as she catches Brad in the arms of British glamour model, Brad cries, ‘The Engagement Is OFF!’”

Photos courtesy of WENN.


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  1. kate says:

    He looks Val Kilmeresque and what the hell is wrong with Liotta?

  2. Maguita says:

    Not to break any brange-lover’s heart, or pull on the crazy tail, but he looks a bit like the Aniston years here.

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    She could be his type? I don’t think so. She looks nothing like his type as she appears to have breasts and curves. And yes, he is hella boring without Angelina.

  4. lisa says:

    Please I guess some people wanted to snark on her.. well not happening. Brad looks great. The movie is getting nice Buzz all is good.

    Nothing boring.. just doing his job.. Guess the gossip hound need to find something to make out of nothing.

    The crowds waiting didn’t find him boring at all.

  5. AcesHigh says:

    Haha… It just occurred to me that Brad is starting to look like The Dude from Big Lebowski.

  6. Rena says:

    Getty has plenty of pics of Brad with his glasses off, he looks great. And both he and Angelina go solo on Red Carpets at times, just like all other couples do.

  7. Just saying says:

    Like it or not… YES!! Bras is very boring without Angelina!!

    • Rhea says:

      Interesting, right? So many people said that Jolie caught a big prize with Brad because then she could still stay in the media headline and being an A list star. That she would be nothing without him.

      But now they are saying without her, Pitt is just plain boring golden boy. Hmmmm….

      As for me, I must say that I paid more attention to Pitt because he’s her partner. Not the other way around.
      And I have to add that they are indeed more interesting as a couple for they seem to have a different personality but somehow can make it together. ;)

    • gigi says:

      Well, I don’t think so. I like him doing the single bit, opens up avenues to other possible romances, haha. I’m kidding. But seriously, he can’t be that boring if we’re all on here bothering to comment on him being boring.

  8. Rob says:

    She could be his type?? No!! because this girl is too curvy for him!! Yeah, it looks like Brad likes them skinny!!

  9. Talie says:

    Oof, Ray Liotta looks like a damn corpse!

    • Genevieve says:

      @ Talie…yes, a corpse whose face is pulled just a WEE bit too tight by his latest surgical procedure, lol.

    • Esmom says:

      I just said the same thing up above. It does look like Brad has a dead body propped up next to him.

      • Genevieve says:

        I know, it’s creepy, right? I LONG for the days of old Hollywood, when stars like Liz and Rita Hayworth could just disappear, have their little surgeries, and come back just looking “rested”, after an absence of a few months, lol. These days, stars are hitting the red carpet exactly 5 minutes after having their procedures done, then decry those who would surgically alter themselves. Well, give me an effing break! Try hiding out for a while, let your plastic surgery settle in for a bit, so you don’t make public appearance looking like Skeletor or Trout-face!! Sheesh. Is there anything as all consuming as a celebrities ego….or stupidity? Hrmmmppphhh. Try missing a camera and swag-packed event next time, Ray Liotta. Maybe then you won’t look quite so skeezy.

  10. Kimlee says:

    I think he looks hot and he did take off his sunglasses at the premiere, but I guess you didn’t look at many pictuers.

    I agree his pants could fit better.

  11. Kara Ann says:

    I don’t think Brad is boring w/o Jolie. She does have a faithful fanbase that would rather read about her/them rather than him is all. I think it’s interesting to see him doing the red carpet alone or with co-stars.
    I’m not a Brand fan at all but I think it’s smart not to have her there when you want to focus on your movie and not your personal life. Let’s face it if Jolie were there this conversation would be all about her.

    • Rhea says:

      Funny. I was thinking the opposite. A lot of people follow her/them rather than only him to religiously criticize her.

      I bet if she’s at the Cannes this thread would be full with how she looks sooo skinny, how ugly her dress is, that they are an attention seeker, if she’s wearing her engagement ring or not (somehow it would spread to the analyze that their charities are fake), how Shiloh is not a normal girl because her mother is a bad mother who jealous with her own daughter and dress her up in boy’s clothes, bla bla bla.

      Since she’s not here, they loose their chance to find something to criticize. :D

      Let’s face it, people love to put the picture of Jolie as the Evil one while Brad is the prince charming under the spell of the wicked Jolie. ;)

      • Kara Ann says:

        Actually, I don’t think you are thinking any differently from me. I do believe Jolie is “too thin, too evil, too fill in the blank” would be the conversation if she was there. And any interviews Brad would do with her there would inevitably include questions about his personal life. Although, he will probably still get personal questions, he has pretty much shut the marriage date speculation thing down right off the bat. With Jolie absent, there’s less relationship hype. Like you pointed out some only follow him when he’s with her so they can attack her. It doesn’t do the focus on his films much good.
        I think Brad wants the questions to be about the movie, the cast, and all that jazz. You know hype for the movie not the Brand.

      • Rhea says:

        “She does have a faithful fanbase that would rather read about her/them rather than him is all.”——> this is the part where I’m thinking differently with you. Her fan base would probably follow her/them rather than only him and they would also discussing their personal life but it would promote his movie for good (since a fan most likely go to see their idol’s movie, I think the hype for the Brand is good for the fans of their brand as a couple).

        But they won’t discussing about her weight, her “evilness”, etc and bringing a negative hype for his movie. The negative hype coming from those who don’t like her/them.

        Meanwhile without her to be criticized, he would be “boring” for the people who don’t like her/them. And only some who originally don’t find him interesting/like him would write down his appearance looks bad, etc.

        With that being said, I do agree with you 100% that without Jolie there, people can not find much to criticize and more focusing on his movie.

      • Kara Ann says:


        I do agree that fans of the Brand will/do enjoy seeing the couple together and enjoy reading about their private lives. I don’t know why what you posted didn’t gel for me the first time around but I do get it and you are right about that. I don’t know how much the relationship hype is good for their careers or their humanitarian work but it is good for gossip!

        I do think that both Pitt and Jolie have their own fanbases that like them more individually than as a couple. I guess most high profile “star” couples have that. Interesting how sometimes one part of a couple is better liked by the general public than the significant other. For some reason, thinking about this reminds me of Bennifer. Seems like most couldn’t stand J-Lo but Affleck was held in higher esteem. Interesting isn’t it?

      • Rhea says:

        It IS good for a gossip, right??? :D

        Good point about Bennifer, for some reason people are more likely harsh with the woman than the man. Like example by reading the comments on some gossip blog maybe for every 20 homewrecker label that Jolie got, there’s only two three cheater label mentioning for Brad.

        I think the relationship hype could bring both negative and positive attention in their work. It’s good for bringing the attention to their works & charities. It’s good for the fans of the brand.

        But too much publication by the media (sometimes they even made up gossip for Jolie-Pitt is a money-maker subject) would make people can not see Jolie as a different people in her role as an actress. I say Jolie because she seems to be more of the target in this triangle thing. People already form their own opinion based on the gossip either it’s a lie or not, and that’s clouding their judgement of her works or charities.

    • pwal says:

      Is Brad boring without Jolie? No. He’s not boring when he’s on Charlie Rose or when he does international interviews.

      But is Brad boring without Angelina on the red carpet? I would answer a resounding YES. I love Brad and all, and I love how he wears clothes, but he and Angelina on the red carpet are fire!

      But alas, I feel, like many, that if Angelina was there, she may have been a distraction/target. If she is working on learning her script, and yet, she shows up at Cannes and look the least bit distracted, you know the press would speculate like mad, much like when she went to the Golden Globes and Seacrest got in a snit because she didn’t answer the breakfast question with enthusiasm. Of course, her dress selection, makeup, hair, weight, her interaction with the rest of the cast, etc. would also be fodder.

      It’s not sexist to say that women make red carpet events. Yes, people appreciate a good-looking tux, but the women who appear on the carpet are the focus of the press. This is why I maintain that if HW were really serious about the sorely lacking scripts for women, they (all of them)should boycott every red carpet/award show and forgo doing magazine layouts and talk shows. Their absence will cost a lot of people money and, and, maybe, just maybe, it could scare the studios into taking the female talent more seriously, albeit, it’s pretty shallow to ‘get scared’ just because of that.

      • Kara Ann says:

        Very good points that you make about the red carpet. Read where someone once said of Prince Charles that he just didn’t seem to be able to understand that a woman in a beautiful dress is more photo-worthy than a man in a another suit, or something along those lines. Female fashion is just more interesting and note-worthy than male fashion and thus the females get the red carpet attention. I won’t even get into how much we (in general) enjoy looking at fug fashion….we can comment with glee!!

      • Rhea says:

        @pwal&Kara Ann : ITA with both of u

    • Freya says:

      Angelina has done the red carpet by herself too. London, Russia, other places(?).

  12. d.c. says:

    Is he boring without Angelina Jolie?


    “Not at all. Violence is an accepted part of the gangster world. I’d have a harder time playing a racist than some guy who shoots another guy in the face. Ever seen them butcher a cow for hamburger? It’s incredibly brutal and violent. We live in a very violent world.” Um… what?”

    Is he inarticulate as well? I’ll answer my own question. Yes.

    Kelly Brook is curvy and has meat on her bones, so not his type.

  13. toto says:

    Brad have a swag like no other,

    with or without a woman ..he is Brad fukin Pitt…

    ppl say all brad’s women over shadow him as couple and i would say only secure men would make sure their women shine more with them..

    i think brad loved all his ex’s and i do believe what excite him not how he is great rather what he have discovered is really great ..which it shows in his kind of humanitarian work , women he loved and his way of choosing movies .

    btw i am Angelina fan but i do believe he looks hotter without her here and more fun.

  14. Toe says:

    Brad looks HOT. Like in Legend of the Falls. I noticed he lost some Weight. Brad was never boring. Violence exist everywhere, even in old cartoons or discovery Channel. It’s a part of us

  15. Genevieve says:

    Meh. I personally have never, ever found Brad Pitt to be attractive. I guess everyone has a type, and he certainly isn’t mine. If he didn’t always look so dirty and scruffy? Maybe a shave and an EXTREME haircut? Nah, I still don’t think so. Yes, I think he is boring, with or without baby-mama Angelina. And he also apparently has the intelligence of a box of rocks. I think the SNL skit w/ Maya Rudolph as new mother Beyonce’ accepting celebrity drop-bys, nailed Brad to a tee. Angelina, at least, pulls off driven, tortured and Great Earth Mother extremely well. Brad? He reminds me oh so much of our pool boy. Granola-head, stoner, nice enough, but there’s really nothing much occupying his cranial space. Brad really IS just so… boring. Boring…bori….SNORE. Oops, sorry…had to take a disco nap just thinking about him.

  16. Ramona Q says:

    That lady looks like a fish with dropsy in that dress.

  17. deep says:

    Liotta’s face is totally Jacked!! WTH!! I’d file charges against the doc that did that. It’s so bad. He really does look like Christopher Reeves in that first pic. AFTER Christopher passed. No disrespect. But, dam

  18. ladybert62 says:

    He is not any more boring without trampie than he is with her.

  19. Kate says:

    Kaiser you had me laughing out loud at the “Um… what? Whatever, Brad” part. hahaha

  20. Moreaces says:

    Brad, you are one fine looking man.

  21. Eve says:

    Brad Pitt goes solo at Cannes premiere: is he boring without Angelina Jolie?

    The answer is a resonating YES!

  22. Gal says:

    Boring with or without her.

  23. Jackie says:

    i never found him attractive, but i could always understand how others would.

    however, these days he is looking like such a douche. i don’t think his personality is douchy, but the hair and clothes scream douche extraordinaire.

    he is reminding me of kato kaelin.

  24. Freya says:

    I’m disappointed! It’s Angelina who makes Brad interesting. Without her he is boring. Who cares what he wears. I will see his movie.

    Cannes this year is totally boring.

  25. Kat says:

    Come now, Kelly Brook is far too curvaceous to be Brad’s type. You know he likes barely-there girls.

  26. Finn says:

    Brad’s boring without Angelina–and boring with her. I’d rather see intelligent actors who can act.

  27. Fyofeelings says:

    Why click on and read post about people you don’t like??

    Damn I know Angelina not being there spoiled it for some of you because y’all can’t talk about how skinny,old and unattractive she looks oh well better luck next time

  28. shaboo says:

    jesus, ray liotta looks weird. Like when people in men in black get taken over by aliens. Vincent Donforio style.

    Brad looks good, but he needs a haircut, badly.

  29. samira677 says:

    Lol claiming Kelly Brock is Brad’s type. Since when has he been into big boobed bimbos? She looks nothing like any of his exes. I agree with the comments that say people only find them interesting because they enjoy bashing them as a couple and Angelina. It’s not that Brad is boring but people can’t rage.

  30. Kim says:

    Him & Jennifer Aniston were the perfect couple as far as spending so much time and money to look “natural”

    Especially the hair. Takes alot of time & money to keep the “oh i dont do anything with it” died, very expensively cut and styled hair.

  31. proth says:

    oh man – where has this post been? It’s what I’ve always thought about this guy, and probably one of the reasons he morphs into his women.

    Yes. Brad has always been a dull boy. And sometimes stuff he says makes absolutely no sense. It’s just never clear because he always has an other half that is a bigger personality.So the assumption is that he must be this really interesting guy.

    In fairness, men are rarely the more gossipy subject compared to women. I mean we can go into 60 plus comments on a women’s weight, clothes and hair on this site. Still, of the A-list, he does land on the dull side. Which is strange given the hype and the hoopla surrounding him…

  32. Maritza says:

    Brad Pitt looks hot! Ray Liotta used to be so handsome, he is not aging well.

  33. beclove says:

    Sad about Ray- he really used to do it for me back in the Goodfella’s days.

  34. Jordan says:

    I agree w/ poster above, Brad is not boring in interviews but on the red carpet, yes (just like most men). Liotta has looked like crap for a while now – guessing too many bad plastic surgeries (why don’t studios find celebrities a good plastic surgeon to ensure this doesn’t happen?). I would say something about Kelly Brooks dress but since she spent all night hot-gluing decorative pebbles to it, I’ll refrain.

  35. Loulou says:

    Brad Pitt is a photocall co-dependent. He either needs the woman du jour or George Clooney by his side. Now Ray Liotta, that’s talent! What’s wrong with his eyes? Looks like he’s trying to pull them back down his face. Too much of a lift? And is that Gary Oldman in the line-up?

  36. LoL says:

    His real face.
    Angelina is the most hated celeb, he finally realized she makes him look bad.

    • Lira says:

      Now are you copying and pasting that link at different sites? First lime fivetimes at JJ now here. Shameful!
      Do not some people have anything else to do that to post the same mean things about the JPs in different blogs? SMH.

    • Karma says:

      They look like smile lines to me. As if he’s been laughing with his friends and family for years.

      Seriously, wait until you are almost 50 and post a pic. Will your laugh lines be an embarrassment or source of pride?

      • LoL says:

        Smile lines? His whole face is a wrinkled mess compared to these red carpet photos celebitchy posted. He looks 55+ without the airbrush.

        The difference between the photos up there and the photos in the link is truly shocking. TRULY.

      • Karma says:

        To compare photos from a distance and with sunglasses on, to the other pics, isn’t exactly a level playing field. I suspect that if he took off the sunglasses…you would be just as shocked…truly.

        But once again, he’s almost 50. He has six kids and lower body fat than most his age. He is supposed to have wrinkles under those circumstances.

        And clearly, from his running jokes/prank war with Clooney over the years, he has a good sense of humor. So yes, smile lines. Living life.

      • LoL says:

        Denial. The hardcore wrinkles are from smoking and drinking and the red carpet photos that show no wrinkles have been airbrushed.

        He’s almost 50 but with the bleached hair and young clothes i’d say he wishes he was about 30. As for the six kids? They each have their own nanny and I think they even have a manny or two. that’s not a good excuse.

      • Karma says:

        Wait…Huh? I’m not in denial over anything. Living life would include smoking and drinking…lol…and who cares if he did get wrinkles that way?

        Besides, wrinkles on an actor are a good thing, Dicaprio probably couldn’t wait for some….lol.

        However, you and I seem to be having different conversations. I fully expect there to be wrinkles on a man who is almost 50 and with six kids.

        You are the one who seems upset that he doesn’t really look like his airbrushed pics…I guess.

      • Karma says:

        Brad has always had smile lines/wrinkles.

        Pic from Thelma and Louise…he is 28 with the same wrinkles as in your close up.

        And seriously, baby faced men aren’t exactly sexy. It’s wrinkles that give men some character and sex appeal.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Eh he’s 48 and looks 48. For me his appeal is neck down so I have never thought he was “hot” as in handsome and I think at 48 the bod is probably still good so – he’ll do… JUST SHAVE or DYE the beard.

  37. vic says:

    First pic, BP looks likes he’s propping up a corpse like Weekend with Bernie. Sorry Ray. But other than that he’s boring with or without her. Have you seen interviews???

  38. Lindy says:

    Uh, he’s kind of boring no matter what, so….

  39. Cirque28 says:

    Oh Ray Liotta. Time is a harsh bitch.

  40. maemay says:

    I’m not a Brand shipper, I tolerate them but I’ve been a Brad Pitt fan since forever. It is good to see that they are independent and can do things seperately.

  41. lili says:

    If Angelina would be there, that would be their first red carpet after their engagement and so reporters would overshadow the movie to ask questions about it. I admire them for that move. But I do miss Angelina! Hope to see her soon in the red carpet in some other premiere of the movie.

  42. lee says:

    Looks like he has been crying, maybe because of the Billy Bob revelation that he’s in constant contact with Jolie. Most men look better with dark hair. He looks good, but too boyish for my taste. His best look was in the baseball movie, and with the hair a little darker, not black, but not blond or even brown. He would also look best with a beard. The gootie is too hippie, and has that homeless, Johnie Depp, Steven Tyler vibe. Ok for some, but not him, I hope. He also looked great with short hair as it shows his masculine jaw. This gootie, and extra long hair isn’t elegant and he won’t be young forever. The pants are always too loose. He should take tips from the young guys with suits two sizes less then the actual size. It would make him look sharp, yet effortless and daring. It’s the look that makes him look boring and even lazy. He is far from boring and lazy as a person. Love Jolie and hope all is well with the family.

    • Janet says:

      Um, lee… I didn’t see anywhere that Billy Bob said he is in constant contact with Jolie. He’s in occasional contact with her, but so what? I think Brad feels secure enough in his relationship with Angie not to care about Billy Bob one way or another.

  43. Snowflake says:

    h*ll no, he’s not boring w/o angie! if i was there, i’d jump on top of him and ride h..i mean, shave that goatee off. my baby is fine, i don’t give a f*ck what anybody says. he’s from my home state, went to my college, we were meant to be together! lol

  44. d says:

    Good Lord, I hate that long hair on Brad. Go short or crew cut. It is NOT a good look for that guy.

    Movie sounds good.

  45. lower-case deb says:

    It’s like a guys night out, all rough and unkempt and wonky-tied, and the one girl in the ensemble picture looks like she’s going… “er…”

    so, how long will before he loses this iPhone again? incriminating pictures with KB?

    oh, and btw, in this picture:

    who is that other guy? looks mighty hot. if only he’s not slathered in industrial strength hair-gel that is.

  46. ZenB!tch says:

    He looks really old with the gray goatee. His eyes don’t look super old to me but the goatee… only Anderson Cooper looks good in gray.

  47. Lea says:

    People have too many feelings about this couple. The weird foaming at the mouth Angie haters who think Brad went alone because he’s embarrassed by her (LOL) and the “Brangeloonies” who are claiming Brad looked sad at Cannes because he misses her. My god…

  48. Marian says:

    Brad looked amazing at the Premier. I know cause I saw him in the flesh. He was having a fabulous time with his other cast members… He even did a little dance… A beautiful man…

  49. MissM says:

    C’mon people…the man is 50!!! he’s hot!

  50. Sandy says:

    I missed Angelina Jolie in Cannes. But raise more curiosity about Maleficent … I think we will see little or nothing of Angelina during the filming. And as much as would like to see it, know it must be important to keep a mystery how it will be physically Maleficent. I confess I did not know Elle Fanning, but I watched some videos of her interviews and she seemed like a really cool girl, these interviews are great and she is so young … and I think she will be perfect for the part of Princess Aurora .. ..


  51. Sandy says:

    It’s good to know that the film received rave reviews. Too bad not all the other actors could be present. I hope that the public know to appreciate this kind of movie, I think Brad’s choices is so cool, he really is a visionary with a passion for movies, which to me he always had but in the last 7 years it’s grow further.

  52. mememe says:

    No! He’s hot with or without her.