Duchess Kate is a “cold, dull, serious girl” claims new authorized biography

A new book about Prince William is about to released, and it’s not painting a very pretty picture of Kate Middleton. I looked it up on Amazon, and there’s not an American release date yet, but I’m sure that’s why In Touch Weekly is buzzing about this book, Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King. It’s a preview to whet your appetite so the bloody Yanks will buy the bloody book. ITW is trying to make this sound very scandalous, although I have my doubts. They claim William coordinated with the biographer, giving his permission for some of his staff members and friends to give interviews, which sucks because the book is all about how William was never really “sold” on Kate Middleton’s qualities, and all of the people “authorized” to speak on William’s behalf basically describe Kate a boring, diet-obsessed cold fish who was desperate to marry William. Hm…

The explosive new tell-all book Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King, has been splashed across the web, describing Kate Middleton as a cold, dull, serious girl who was never liked by William’s friends.

Now, In Touch can reveal that the biography, painting a less-than-glamorous portrait of the future Queen of England, had her husband’s blessing!

“It’s very unusual for the prince’s household to speak to a biographer like me,” author and royal insider Penny Junor exclusively tells In Touch. “But Prince William gave them his permission.”

The biography claims that when William first met Kate, she sported “unwashed hair, no makeup and grubby jeans.” Internet critics have latched onto these descriptions and run with them, calling Kate “ugly,” “anorexic” and a “golddigger.”

William’s love for Kate is even minimized in the book, with Penny claiming that, for quite a while during their courtship, the 29-year-old prince “had very real worries about whether it was possible to love just one woman.” What’s more, the book makes Kate appear somewhat desperate, stating that they split in 2007 because “Kate had always wanted rather more commitment than William was prepared to give.”

The book also draws attention to Kate’s skinny frame and diet, sparking cruel rumors that she is infertile.

Kate was worried before their engagement announcement that she would not be beloved by the British people. “Kate was frantic with worry that the public would not like her.” And now, it seems her fears have come true.

Yet as upset as the Duchess of Cambridge understandably is, she can take comfort in the fact that William is showing his commitment to her now. “He is being very supportive, and trying to make Kate laugh about things,” an insider reveals to In Touch. “The whole point of the book was that she was a normal girl, but she’s turned into a great beauty with a husband who loves her. That’s what she should focus on.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

Is Kate really “a cold, dull, serious girl who was never liked by William’s friends”? I might like her more if she had secretly been “serious” all this time, and not being liked by William’s snotty posh friends is a plus in my book. But I think the real scandal is that Kate isn’t very “serious” at all. The secret might be that she seems to be rather vapid, and she was only really “serious” about landing William. She put her mind to it and she achieved her one and only goal after nine long years. As for her being “cold and dull” – well… that might be slightly unfair. She lacks emotional intelligence, I think, but she seems like a smiley, happy, positive person.

As for the implied criticism of Kate’s dramatic weight loss over the course of the past two years, The Mail had an interesting story yesterday. Their sources claimed that Kate’s “toned” physique is courtesy of a very inexpensive workout:

This month she gave a glimpse of her enviably toned legs while watching her husband, Prince William, on the polo field. And now the Duchess of Cambridge’s purse-friendly fitness secret has been revealed.

According to reports a £13 workout consisting of a gym ball and a pair of dumbbells is behind the 30-year-old’s slender physique.

During a daily 60 minute regime Kate – who also enjoys hockey and running – is said to use the simple equipment to keep her limbs toned to perfection.

‘Kate does an hour’s workout every morning using the gym ball and dumbbells, which includes some core exercises like squats, sit-ups and arm curls. Kate knows how much scrutiny she’ll be under at these very public occasions, so she’s keen to look as slim and fit as she possibly can,’ a source told Now Magazine.

[From The Mail]

This sounds a lot like Tracy Anderson’s “method” of exercise and weight loss, which CB and I have always thought is more about limiting caloric intake rather than consistent low-weight-training. Which means that I think Kate’s weight loss is less about her exercise and more about how she limits her diet. But maybe I’m just acting pissy because I LOATHE squats.

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  1. Lilly says:

    Of course she is. Where’s the news?

  2. Cherry says:

    Pardon me, but Kate does not look at ALL like a girl who spends an hour a day doing squats, sit-ups and arm curls. She has no muscle definition whatsoever! If she´s excercising at all, she probably goes for long, slow walks to burn calories and avoid building muscle. But I think it´s mostly about non-stop dieting.

  3. brin says:

    It was authorized?! By who…Camilla?

  4. Anon says:

    This is not an authorized biography, end of. Penny Junor is insane.

  5. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    I read the excerpts from Penny Junors book in the Daily Mail. It did not make Kate out to be a bad person as this implies. Junor actually seems to think Kate is an excellent choice for William and they will be happy. The fact that he wanted to make absolutely sure she would be right and to take other options out on a test drive seems normal for any guy in his twenties thinking of marriage, or to suffer from worries about the repercussions of committing to one person for life. Don’t most people feel that way to some degree — and probably worse for him given his position and the acutely painfully memory of his parents trainwreck?

    As for his friends not liking her, what Kaiser said. Plus a guys friends often resent a girlfriend or wife perceived as encroaching on their guy time.

    She may be a woman lacking ambition for anything other than marrying her catch but cannot really relate to the extent of the vituperation heaped on her. she seems harmless enough.

  6. Zelda says:

    Who taught her to do her makeup? 1985?

  7. marie says:

    Squats are bad, but I think crunches are worst! And what is the saying-weight loss is 90% diet/10% exercise, or some variation like that? I think Kate watches calories like crazy..

  8. Liberty says:

    One can have a cold smile. One can be happy at the daily sight of a ring. One can be positive that one will never have to do a day’s work.

    IMO, she is a shallow, emotionless tool doing what mummy suggests.

  9. venny says:

    Call me immature, but in the top picture, it almost looks like the guy behind her is reaching around to try to touch her boob. :)

  10. Jayna says:

    I like her. She’s unpretentious. I can’t imagine the pressure and scrutiny she is under and handles it well. He picked well. She adores him. She will make a great partner for life and be a great mom. If he had not sewn some wild oats or waited, their marriage might have been different. He seems to love her and is proud of her and protective. I doubt in a monarchy there are few really loving and close marriages. I think they are a breath of fresh air as a couple.

    • mel says:

      I agree. Whenever I defend her I get slammed on these boards..so I am glad someone else did too. :)

      • angelic 20 says:

        How do you know she is unpretentious, she has changed absolutely every thing about get self including her accent, leaving all her friends, do not have absolutely anything in get life that goes beyond him, tolerated to be national joke for 9 years with no self respect,i think she us as pretentious as one can be.as far as being a good mother is concerned she is so UN comfortable astound children, cannot even bend down properly to talk to then, or give a property hug, looks disconnect and not interested in her scouts photos, so I again I don’t know where your assurance is coming from.he is proud of her? Proud of what exactly? And he seems to marry her because of her family, comfort level and no other girl in his circle wanted to date him.no wonder it’s only been an year and she already got her self a nee title duchess of doolittle, most people who had been seeing this shallow immature lazy uninspiring woman do not like her because no amount of make up or hair or clothes or weight loss can give a person some substance and no a woman that gets tired after working for 8 days, need mommy when she had to speak 5 lines speech, takes 10 holidays a year and had done no charitable or any sort of work in her whole adult life is not a good candidate for a future Queen consort and people are seeing that.

      • OlsenTriplet says:

        Every public figure who is a national symbol has to clean up his or her act, and I don’t think that makes him/her pretentious.

        You don’t think Obama’s still doing lines of cocaine, do you?

        Cut her some slack. It must be so annoying to have to make nervous small talk with nervous people who say the exact same thing to you and ask you the same questions over and over for HOURS. And she keeps her energy up and smiles.

      • Mandi says:

        I agree with Jayna and Mel. I want to believe in the fairy tale. I think they are a lovely couple and hope the gossip about these two is not true.

    • LAK says:

      Every royal bride gets a white washing for as soon as they become engaged so that they can start their new life with a clean slate.

      I am old enough to remember when sarah ferguson was a beloved member of the royal family.

      I am just surprised that kate, whatever her true hidden character, has not taken this opporitunity to cement her new white washed reputation.

      To allow herself to be painted as doolittle when all had been forgiven amid a new start at her wedding, ie no more waity, is just mind boggling.

      The thing is once the backlash happens, it is very hard to reverse, look at Sarah, airmiles andy, even charles.

      • JW says:

        “To allow herself to be painted as doolittle when all had been forgiven amid a new start at her wedding, (ie no more waity), is just mind boggling.”

        ^This. Stupid, isn’t it?

        Maybe she’s really dumb but she has handlers, right? Where are they?

        Every public figures does this , not only royals…..remember what Angelina Jolie did after the Pitt-Aniston divorce (she’s now “Saint Angie”)….what about Nicole Kidman after her divorce from Tom Cruise (she’s now Oscar winner/risk-taking/serious actress). Kate has to define herself.

      • LAK says:

        @JW – re: her handlers….you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

      • bluhare says:

        LAK, I’m old enough to remember that as well, and I remember thinking that Sarah had a much nicer wedding dress than Diana did. It’s too bad their marriage didn’t work out. I think they’d both be happier today if they did.

      • Carolyn says:

        I don’t think the Royal Family want Kate to have any PR profile. They don’t want another Diana totally overshadowing the future King. Charles’ reputation still hasn’t recovered from his time with Diana. Wherever they toured and they did opposite sides of the street to “meet and greet” the people who had Charles howled…they wanted to see Diana, not him. Harry is portrayed as the one with personality, not WillsnKate. I think he could have done better than Kate.

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      That’s funny, I heard otherwise. She acts posher than him, she’s apparently very snobby and vapid and she can’t be bothered to feign interest in the plebs (unless a camera is around), much less small talk.

      Don’t even get me started on what kind of a mother she would make. Angelic has already pointed out the reasons for that.

      • LAK says:

        @Jayna – an unpretentious person would talk in their natural accent rather than the fake one she has obviously acquired.

        Her family [royal and non royal] do not speak like that.

      • Rosalee says:

        gosh colour us surprised..this lovely laughing, affectionate and articulate woman was a cold, dull serious girl..boy I guess she really fooled all us Canadians when she was up here last year..

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        It’s not like they had to pay for it.

        Happy Canada Day to them, hm?

      • Isa says:

        @Iseepinkelephants. I totally agree with your comment! I really dont know Kate in person or anything but for what I have seen in the press during the past decade she seemed to care only about vacations, parties, showing her private parts to paparazzis and get the ring… NEVER cared too much about doing actually some real work. At least that other girl Chelsy Davy or whatever her name is had/has a job and if she ever marries Harry, at least nobody will call her Duchess Doolitle (part 2) LOL

    • julie says:

      yay, someone who has a nice word to say. I think all you haters are awful. Yes she can have her toothpaste put on her toothbrush for her and be spoiled, but it’s not a fun life, to be sure. And she is not pretentious. Do you think diana would have worn the same shoes twice? LOL
      She will be a great and loyal support for William and I think given his background, she IS the absolute perfect woman for him.

  11. Lisa B. says:

    I’m confused. How come Kate is a “serious” person if it’s widely said that her sense of humor was one of the things that attracted William? As Kaiser said so well, I think she was “serious” about stalking William, but she’s not one of those people who are always frowning or looking miserable (—> Victoria Beckham). And yes, she is dull. But c’mon, who wouldn’t, living in that environment with THOSE people? And under all that pressure?

  12. maemay says:

    Umm oh “In Touch”??…. No Touch. Their crap is fanfic.

  13. Jaime says:

    She’s always snickering and laughing with Harry. He seems to love her. That’s enough for me to think her personality is probably just fine. William seems the serious one, and Kate and Harry loosen him up a bit.

    • fairy godmother says:

      That is because it is the way Harry is-
      he genuinely is friendly with most people. He would not be deliberately rude to his brother’s wife.
      I would not read into it especially a new PR stunt to make PH & Waity “best friends” claiming how tearful PH was when he confided in her about his feelings for Chelsy. It is just a ploy to attach Waity to PH’s popularity because she just does not have “it”.

  14. Tiffany says:

    Her features would be less haggard if she would just put on a little weight. She would a lot not looked so aged. I know brides want to look their best on thaie wedding day and up their workouts but this is extreme. I always thought she was pretty before.

  15. khaveman says:

    Geez, enough with the scrutiny. Beautiful girl, got her man. I don’t blame her one bit for waiting for this catch. Well done I say. Winning! I don’t think she looks cold and dull at all. I have read story after story how William loves Kate’s family because they are so warm and down to earth. Kate most likely is not a cold person.

  16. Naomi says:

    O/T but this reminded me of you, reading an interview with Maurice Sendak, his opinion of Gwyneth Paltrow “I can’t stand here”, made me laugh and I thought of you

  17. Jackie says:

    i thought his friends had some insulting nickname for her (can’t remember what it is) and didn’t harry once make a disparaging crack about her.

  18. Rhiley says:

    This may be Rita Skeeter’s biggest story yet.

  19. JulieM says:

    Dull, vapid woman. Willy got exactly what he deserved. Someday he will regret it.

  20. cupidtyrox says:

    As far as modern princesses go , Kate is pretty uninspiring. I’m sure when she pops out a few babies public opinion will turn positive again. The public’s fickle.

  21. maria says:

    yes, you can do an hour of strength training, (I say that loosely), per day if you’re doing itty, bitty weights… it would be more of a cardio workout if doing high reps and would burn alot of calories, but, in the long run, if you don’t challenge your muscles by lifting heavier weights from time to time, you will be skinny/fat in time. Less weight lifted, less muscle fibres used…more weight, more fibres..it will maintain skinniness if calories are low but doesn’t do much for the metabolism afterwards. It all depends what she does overall.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      Kate probably does bicep curls with 3 – 5 lbs weights while doing her squats, and probably alternates side arm lifts with her squats using 8 – 10 lbs weights … in order words, she probably works multiple muscle groups at the same time rather than isolating and working one muscle group at a time. This burns more calories and causes what the pros call ‘muscle confusion,’ which is what you want to do if your goal is sleek, lean muscle definition rather than bulk.

      Kate has an athletic, sleek form and I bet there’s hardly any extra fat around her muscles. Is there really anything wrong with that?

  22. LondonLady says:

    Not to be too biased, but please bear in mind she is not just “a girl” she is the wife of the future King and mother of another future monarch. Not sure some of the comments are really warranted given that other websites have not spun this so hard.

  23. Jordan says:

    “The whole point of the book was that she was a normal girl, but she’s turned into a great beauty with a husband who loves her. That’s what she should focus on.” –This sentence bothers me, but there’s too much wrongness in it to get into this morning.

  24. HoustonGrl says:

    The author probably needed a little dramatic license for the book to sell, but in the end I think Kate is just a plain/simple girl who didn’t have much ambition, or much else going on career-wise (like Chelsy Davy, for example). Not everyone is super driven. Yes, Kate married “well,” and perhaps she was somewhat cunning about William. I think she just aspires to be a good housewife and her royal duties are an unwanted side-effect of the marriage. She will probably play a supportive role to William, but I wouldn’t expect much else. She’s in great shape because she has all kinds of free time to spend at the gym. So do all other trophy wives. Big deal.

  25. yaknowhwat says:

    I have to say, while I don’t know Kate personally I think people are hard on her. She appears lovely and very much supporative of her husband as he is of her. Why are people so horrible to and about her? Leave the poor girl alone. How would YOU feel if nasty things were said about you all over the internet!

    • Jackie says:

      give me unlimited wealth, access to the best education/health care for my children, world travel, and people can write whatever they want about me on the internet. anyday.

    • emma says:

      Haha yea agree… People seem to take it so PERSONALLY too…. As if she has somehow insulted their delicate sensabilities!! Live your life and get over hers… Ya just jealous! :-P

    • angelic 20 says:

      We can’t leave her alone, she will our state head and yes maybe you should know more about her and then call on other people who do not like this 30 years old woman child for looking pretty and smiling all the time irrespective of the occasion or atmosphere.she chased this position, so now it is time to work or face criticism because she is a public figure not a private person.

      • deep says:

        She chased this? And, how do you know what she did?? So, they had a long courtship. Maybe they BOTH wanted to be sure. It seems to me they are in it for the long haul. And, I think it is safe to say that Kate or William could care less what people say or think. Cause you see…you think you know them, but…you don’t. None of us do. :)

      • angelic 20 says:

        Wow I don’t have the patience to explain the whole chasing part again for the millionth time, maybe some one else who know about this 8 years long chase will explain it and provide links but just in case they don’t why don’t you go to previous posts and read the summary.i say the same things again because they are the facts and not pr bull shit that started after the engagement, also I can say some people live to admiere this girl for looking good and smiling which is way to lame and superficial compared to criticising a30 years old woman for doing absolutely nothing in her entire adult life.

      • angelic 20 says:

        Wow I don’t have the patience to explain the whole chasing part again for the millionth time, maybe some one else who know about this 8 years long chase will explain it and provide links but just in case they don’t why don’t you go to previous posts and read the summary.i say the same things again because they are the facts and not pr bull shit that started after the engagement, also I can say some people live to admiere this girl for looking good and smiling which is way to lame and superficial compared to criticising a30 years old woman for doing absolutely nothing in her entire adult life.also what exactly different the pro Kate posters are posting?

      • julie says:

        my goodness. chased it? LOL you know all you sound like is a bitter jealous person. You don’t know the first thing about her and you are going to take it from some stupid book that he probably had to spice up to make it sell? The point is maybe she is boring as hell, but would you rather have a future monarch with a past? I don’t think so! why don’t you all stop and let her be. This is new for her and she is doing well. Why attack her personally? You have spoken to his friends yourself? Harry told you himself? Dont believe everything you read. It makes YOU look bad – not her

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Taking a difference of opinion about a celebrity so personally that you lash out at specific people and start diagnosing them with that same breath might not be everyone`s idea of looking ‘bsd’, but it’s a lot of people’s.

      • angelic 20 says:

        I agree with what mich is saying about us being stuck with her and I do hate get but I finely do not like get either.whatever we are saying are based in constant media reporting by press for 8 years and supported by actions of doolittle, the same awry you get your information about her.it I is not fair when someone do not like her to say you know nothing about her because in that sense riot also know nothing about her too, plus we are reading and seeing seeing her without the media cover up for many years and I base my judgement on her actions and not what I think his friends says about her (who I think are pigs for calling her names because of her mother profession as I am not snobbish), her actions speak louder then words or magazines covers.the fact is I used to really like her in the beginning and I used to defen her too and I still want to like her but I can’t just because she is pretty or in love.please don’t say the whole hater statement because you don’t have logical answer in get defence,i will never call you a hater if you complain about Michelle Obama or dumb and superficial because you like a30 years old woman because of her looks and nothing else.we have different opinions and I respect yours and wish that you may see the truth but not holding my breath and expect you to respect mine.sorry for all the mistakes in the message,i an on my phone but I hope you and others will understand what I am saying.

    • Anne says:

      Some people seem to live to bash her. They are on every post about her, posting basically the exact same thing. I would think that if she was so awful, it would not even be worth the time to comment on.

      I think the fact that Kate actually seems to want to be there and want to be a part of the royal family is a good thing. However people make it out to be the worst thing ever. Evidently, they think that in order to be worthy of being a royal, that she should be miserable.

      • deep says:

        Well said Anne. :) And, let’s not forget that Kate wasn’t exactly poor before she married William. I don’t get why people seem to think that just because he is Royalty that is the only reason she married him. I really believe they love each other. If not, then why have they been together for so long? So, she didn’t have to churn butter before they married. That seems to be what people wanted her to do. I am referring to people saying she hasn’t worked a day in her life. So…big deal..neither have I!! LMAO!!

      • Malificent says:

        I agree. Much gets made about all of the other women that William was interested in, who turned him down because they didn’t want to be part of the royal machine. But he was smart enough to marry someone who wanted the job. He could have married the most fabulous individual on the planet, but if she wasn’t willing to take on the royal role, she still would have been the wrong person for him.

      • Mich says:

        @ Deep

        I’m going to guess that you are American and don’t fully get how entrenched the class system is in England. I don’t mean this to sound sarcastic or insulting, it really and truly is a different world and value system. She MOST definitely wanted into the aristocracy. It has nothing to do with money.

        I’m an expat in a former British colony and when my British expat friends speak, I get what they are saying (as in we are all speaking English) but, at the same time, I totally don’t get it. It is incredibly un-American.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        deep – Her parents made 100k a year [apparently, if that] though I find it to be a bloated figure for a company that was not popular and sold cheap plastic junk for kid’s birthday parties (most people just go to Party City). While that’s not exactly poor, that’s not the amount of money that can afford you a luxury lifestyle. Especially when you’re buying Chelsea flats for your 3 childen and 10 vacations a year to keep up with the Windsors.

        Let me guess you’re one of those Americans that heard all about her after the engagement and fell in lurve with her because she dresses nicely and has prtty hair? *snort* Some people are so shallow.

      • deep says:

        @MIch Yes I am American and no I don’t totally get the English class system. But, all I was trying to say is that obviously he loves her or he would have never married her. I think she loves him as well. I just don’t understand why people hate her. He was going to eventually marry someone. I’m thinking that it wouldn’t matter who he married, people would find a reason to not like her.

      • Mich says:

        @ Deep

        I am not often on her ‘side’ but I certainly don’t hate her. I do, however, agree with many others that she is not showing herself to be Queen material. To be Queen of the British Empire is to be the soul of the global commonwealth, to be both an inspirational leader and a base. It is to put Duty (with a cap D) above oneself. And it isn’t comparable to being a President or First Lady. The UK is ‘stuck’ with her for the rest of her life which is why I think people in Commonwealth countries feel so passionate and judgmental about her. She simply isn’t stepping up enough for them to rally around her as their future titular leader of national identity.

        If she had married a Duke she could be just another rich girl and live her life out how she wanted. But she shot higher and has enormous shoes to fill.

        Personally, I think Wills could be the most abusive person on Earth and she still would have wanted to marry him. From what I can see, she wanted the job but didn’t understand that it is, in fact, a job – and a very important one at that.

      • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

        @pink-so if Americans don’t share your deep hatred for someone you don’t know that means they are shallow?

      • Dragon says:


        You have a very good point there, which I didn’t consider myself.
        I have just one question, will she really be the leader? I thought she would rather be in the position of Prince Phillip, more the supportive part, while William is the leader.

      • Mich says:

        @ Dragon

        IMO, she most definitely will be seen as a leader in that people will watch her (as they already are) to see how she echos what is happening to her nation. The rules seem to be different for men and women. Philip is a consort, not a King. Kate will, however, be Queen and judged alongside her husband.

        Will she prove herself to be a Marie Antoinette or something else? I don’t know but at the moment she doesn’t seem to be showing herself in the best light. The UK is going through a double dip recession but she is going on multiple high-priced holidays and shopping her heart out. It seems very tone deaf.

      • Dragon says:

        Hello Mich,

        I’m not an expert concerning the RF, but to me Queen Elisabeth II is a constitution and after she resigns I don’t think that the British Monarchy will exist for very much longer, because I cannot see anybody, who is capable of filling the space, Queen Elisabeth II has left behind. Don’t you think?

    • deep says:

      iseepinkelefants Yes I am American. Sorry it upset you so that I posted on Celebitchy something nice about your future King and Queen. I sincerely hope you can get over your anger at my kind words and have a nice weekend. :)

    • GoodCapon says:

      yaknowwhat, I’m looking forward to your “Leave Kate Alone!!!!” video on YouTube :D

  26. JEn says:

    I love how people make assumptions about Waity, good and bad, considering we know nothing about her except what the Palace PR people spoon-feed the press.

    I would be surprised if William and his family/friends have much respect for her considering she sat about waiting for marriage. I know law students who have girls chasing after them for their future careers too.

    • deep says:

      She didn’t sit around..she is a college grad and she also worked for her families business. And, so big deal if she didn’t have to churn that butter…she didn’t have too!! Ha!

      • deep says:

        LAK that comment re churning butter was made re another comment that I made about someone saying that Kate has never worked a day in her life. No disrespect intended at all. I was trying to make the point that everybody complains that she doesn’t work. Well, royal ladies usually do charity work. They don’t ploy the fields or churn butter. They show up, smile and look lovely. And, talk and shake hands to raise money for charity. Which, I might add, Kate does. As of the news the Royals have put out, she is co sponsoring the charities of her husband. I think that is a very nice way to introduce her to royal life. I just think she deserves a chance and respect. After all, she is the future Queen of England. :)

      • LAK says:

        @Deep-i like CB because we can discuss our differring viewpoints without rancour or name calling. So i did not think you were being disrespectful.

        No one is expecting Kate to churn butter. LOL love that expression. however, even within the limited scope of what she can do, she has shown reluctance.

        btw: given your very spirited declaration of your love for her, please would you explain why you love her her. Please do not comment on her looks, clothing, hair, make up, decorum. We are all in agreement that she’s mastered those things. And we are all in agreement that given her resources, we would all be able to pull off those things.

        I am not being critical of you or anyone who loves her, i genuinely want to know why and also why you think she’s a good role model.

      • bluhare says:

        LAK: Isn’t her role arm candy? I mean the Queen Mum didn’t really leap into her role either.

        But what I like about Kate is that she shops at Tesco and doesn’t send the servants.

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      What we know about Waity is what his friends have told over the years. I’ll take their judement over somebody who looks at pictures of her and formed some kind of overglossed opinion of her because she’s now a Duchess.

      I’d say lets hear what her friends have to say about her but she doesn’t have any. And the few girls that have gotten close to her all say there’s nothing there, she never talks about herself, and she jumps when William tells her.

      • LAK says:

        She doesn’t trust any girls, was/is rude to them especially around William so she has no friends but Pippa.

        Isnt it sad that Pippa or Carole are her only friends, but she’s definitely not their only friend.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Your attitude toward this girl….sounds like envy and a sort of reverse snobbery to me. Kate comes off as intelligent, poised and very classy. the kind of understated class money cant buy. I cant imagine the kind of steel backbone she needed to have to endure all of the cruel name calling from his and Harrys friend, family , social circle. Sure it got up their noses! I wouldnt have been as brave. I give her a lot of credit.
        Whether she was his first choice or not, whether he was unsure or not…it all doesnt matter. In the end he chose her and she loved him enough to stick it out and stand by him. End of story. He chose well. She’s a doll in my opinion.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Is ‘doll’ the word you want to use?

    • Mich says:

      @ JEn

      Info about Kate has been out for years, long before palace PR got involved to start spinning her image.

    • deep says:

      @LAK I never called her a role model. ?? But, to answer your question, I think she is a breath of fresh air. It’s always been fun for me as an American to keep up with the Royal family. And, William and Harry have always been special to a lot of us over here because we adored their mom. So, I have enjoyed keeping up with Diana’s boys pretty much all of their lives. I think it is going to be exciting watching Kate come into her own. Which, I think in time she will. People say she has been training for this role for years. But, she has only been married to William for just a year. Again, repeating myself, I think William is making sure things are taken slow with Kate because he saw what the firm did to his mother. So, I think Kate will be eased into her royal roll all with the blessings of the Queen and William. You also have to remember she has many years before she and William make it to the top spot. So, she has plenty of time to have babies and learn to become a great Queen. You guys still have the present Queen, who shows no signs of slowing down. Then it will be Charles’ turn..then in about 20 years or so it will be Williams and Kates’ turn. That’s probably the way William is looking at it as well. I’m sure, overtime you will see Kates roll pick up.

  27. Runs with Scissors says:

    The only surprise here is that someone would refer to a 30 year old woman as a “girl” and then expect people to take their opinions seriously.

    As for Kate herself, who knows, have they even been married a year yet?

    Why not wait and see what she ends up doing with all that power?

  28. P.J. says:

    InTouch is not to be believed. The article says: “Kate was worried that she would not be beloved by the British people. And now, it seems her fears have come true.”

    This statement is totally false. Kate is absolutely loved around the world! InTouch is just making up a nonexistent but sensational story in pursuit of profits. I am disappointed that CB would even repeat this garbage.

    • deep says:

      I thought people liked her as well until I started reading the post on here. Bless her..it seems to some she will never be good enough.

    • JulieM says:

      Oh Boy. If you think she’s universally loved, you need to avoid the Daily Mail comments section at all costs. On any given story about her, the comments usually run 90% negative. Sometimes 1000 or more comments per story! And, although some of the comments come from outside the UK, most of the comments come from British citizens.

      • Anne says:

        The comments section of a website is hardly an accurate reading of how people feel about someone. I have doubts that most people have particularly strong feelings one way or the other.

      • LAK says:

        @Anne – it’s not just the daily mail. It’s all the british newspapers websites from The Guardian to The Times.

        The Daily Mail and The Telegraph are the most royalist papers we have. The Daily Mail would cease to exist without the RF.

        Also the daily mail website is now officially the most read news site in the world with something like 52Million readers [or hits] worldwide – i know i was shocked when i heard that, from The New Yorker no less. A source, whose sources we can trust.

      • bluhare says:

        I’m embarrassed to say I love the DM website, and very proud to say I’ve gotten a couple of nastygrams about two of my posts. Due to excessive complaints, etc. etc. Cracked me up. The posts in question insulted no one, contained no profanity, just an unpopular (yet totally acceptable) opinion. I loved it!

      • Anne says:

        @LAK, and it could easily be mostly the same people posting over and over again.
        Like I said the comments section of a site is not an accurate gauge on majority public opinion. I’ve stopped reading comments on most news websites, because the comments section has turned into a racist and sexist cesspool. Some places have shut their comments down because it had turned into a bunch of nonsensical ramblings.

      • LAK says:

        @anne – that is very true, but the dm is aimed at middleclass readership. Most of the comments are rarely nasty or outright vitriol. There are sights were people are name calling, abusing each other that you just can not read.

        @Bluhare- I can’t imagine that you’d say anything that would warrant a nasty comment. You seem a hoot on CB, and I enjoy your comments. Also, regarding Kate’s role, I had an epiphany after reading your comment. Every consort has to re-define the role. Diana made it a super Charitable crusading role. Kate has so far turned it into an arm candy role. So from now on, I am not going to criticise her. She superlative arm candy. The day she says or does anything that goes against that is the day I will start criticising again.

      • bluhare says:

        LAK: I enjoy your comments also, even though we don’t agree all the time. You’re always civil in your responses which I like. And I’m all puffed up with pride that you like my arm candy assessment. I think William’s got such a stick up his ass he would not like any competition, and I wonder how he’s reacting to all the breathless Kate love. Personally, I don’t have anything against her, and maybe she really is a lazy vacuous sort, but I think that’s the the way he likes it. Just my opinion.

        And the posts that got yanked (double ententre intended as I say I live in Washington State so everyone thinks I am one)? One was a statement that if Casey Anthony was black I think she’d have been convicted (and I really do think that), and the other one was a post where I said I loved the queen in her pearls and wellies. They both got pulled, although I did get another email saying they were putting the pearls and wellies one back up. :)

  29. deep says:

    I actually don’t believe that William gave anyone permission to comment about him or his wife for this book. That’s just not the way he rolls. I personally believe that he loves Kate and she loves him. She seems like a really sweet girl. She is a bit on the thin side but my goodness, all eyes are on her. And, I am sure that is stressful. I think these two are going to be just fine. I can’t wait until they have a baby…I hope it is a girl and they name her Diana. :) And, I hope she looks just like her. :) Princess Diana, now how cool would that be?? Oh yeah!!

    • LAK says:

      The Palace is very quick to put out statements correcting any misinformation. Why is it silent now?

      Is kate wearing [or not] extensions a more important correction to make than someone calling his mother insane, his father selfish, William a chaeter who was enabled by Kate?

      • bluhare says:

        I do agree with you there, LAK. She’s basically given him permission to cheat by turning a blind eye before they got married.

        And I wonder why there’s been no real talk of the week William took after his six weeks in the Falklands were up. He had a one week solo vacation in the Falkland Islands to see the sights?

      • LAK says:

        @bluhare-i know,right? He missed his wife so terribly after 6wks apart that he took an extra week’s holiday by himself and then came back to go on hoilday with her family. How many holidays is that? He’s had more holidays than she has. I count 4 holidays in 3 months.

  30. MollyB says:

    I don’t know. I saw pics/clips of her interacting with sick children on her US/Canadian tour and she came off as very sweet and warm and gracious. I’m naturally kind of a cold person and you really can’t fake that kind of warmth.

    • maemay says:

      You know the saying….if you say something long enough it becomes the truth…Both William and Kate seem polite and congenial when meeting children and adults alike. Kate seems to take time to talk individually with each person she meets. While they are more formal most interactions i’ve seen are warm and personal.

      Not much is known about kate so she is ripe for fan fiction.

  31. deep says:

    Do you really think William would give anyone permission to speak about his wife after seeing what “the firm” did to his mother?? Of course not. IMO That is why he waited so long to marry her. He wanted to make sure that she could handle life as a royal. Watching what happen to his mother, I feel, had a lot to do with it. I don’t think anyone in the Royal family disrespects Kate. William wouldn’t tolerate it. And, did Kate change after she married him? Probably…she Royalty now for crying out loud. Of course she changed. I like them. And, they seem like a good fit. But…my favorite royal is Prince Harry. Loves him. :)

  32. changingskies says:

    One person’s “cold, dull and serious” is another persons strong, demure and inspired. Sounds like sour grapes to me. They don’t look blatantly unhappy together. The author should worry about her own diet instead of picking apart someone else’s.

  33. DemoCat827 says:

    June 5th publication date. Just preordered the NookBook.

  34. LAK says:

    Ultimately what bothers me about this book is it goes to extreme lengths to denigrate Diana. Yes Charles doesn’t come off as a saint, but boy does it denigrate Diana. All to paint William as The Golden Prince.

    I say that as someone who was very critical of Diana, but who appreciated her good qualities as far as we could see them.

    Perhaps reading the entire book will show balance rather than the extracts that were in the mail.

    better still, wait for the inevitable book on Willaim and waity by Srah Bradfors….she always writes balanced, well researched books.

  35. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Much worse than squats are mountain climbers and the ABSOLUTE worst are burpees! Squats suck but I seriously got the “pop” of a butt that I wanted from doing so many of them. Prior to that I had the littlest butt.

  36. moja31 says:

    eh, serious has a lot of meanings, and I highly doubt anyone intends it to mean “intellectually serious” in kate’s case.

  37. kay says:

    “unwashed hair, no makeup and grubby jeans” goes completely against the charges that her mother has been grooming her all these years to climb social ladders.
    oh and any pic i have seen of this woman with children she is down on their level and focused directly on them.

  38. deep says:

    iseepinkelefants….Yes I am American. Let me get this straight, you are screaming at me on Celebitchy because I said something nice re your future King and Queen? Wow! I will not apologize for that one. I sincerely hope you can get over your anger and have a great weekend. :)

  39. original almond says:

    I read the title and, for a split second, I saw “autobiography” and I was “wow, Kate is really honest with herself.”

  40. Jaxx says:

    This guy states that Kate was always an anorectic girl obsessed with her diet? That’s the first of his lies right there. If you look at pics of Kate in her early college years, she was well fleshed and normal. Not heavy by any means but certainly not as skinny as she is now. The weight didn’t slide off until the engagement.

    I also doubt Wills authorized a bit of this.

  41. Marie says:

    I’m guessing they were instructed to omit Kate’s closet smoking (aka cancer stick) habit. It was hidden (almost) during the engagement phase when reportedly she was chain smoking. For those who didn’t know this maybe you’ll understand why both her and Pippa look older than they should. Carol Middleton also was/ is known to chew Nicorette gum at public outings. Harry is also a smoker and Camilla quit for Charles when they got married but I guessed that by looking at her skin and upper lip.

  42. riri says:

    I don’t know if she is cold, I can see her as “dull”, but what do they mean by serious?
    Serious in what?

    Is she serious about her Masters degree or her interest in music?

    Is she serious about her career?

    Can you be considered “serious” if all you do is to shop and take vacations?

    I think that is more telling about William’s friends.

    To be honest, William is not necessarily not “dull and cold”.

    I mean, just because his grandmother has this title, which means very little nowadays, doesn’t make him an interesting or exciting person.

    If someone told me that Tom Hanks is cold and dull, I wouldn’t buy it, (though he is serious about his career). William on the other hand seems rather dull. Positive, kind hearted (I hope), probably sensitive due to the tragic death of his mother, but other than that, just an ordinary guy.
    It makes sense she would be somewhat the same.

  43. WOM says:

    As long as she’s not a vapid, anorexic, emotionally stunted, suicidal-prone, promiscuous nutjob like William’s mother, I’m okay with her.

  44. Me says:

    Huh???????? She doesnt appear to be any of those things and her workout regime isnt anything like Tracy Anderson’s. I love TA’s Method Mat, dont care about her or her issues. But I think youre off youre rockers with this one.

  45. XYZ says:

    I really cannot understand people who praise or gush over this woman (and yes, she is a woman so please, for the love of god, STOP calling her a girl) simply because she seems “sweet,” “harmless,” and “adores her man.” Seriously? If you have to reach all the way back to standards from the 1950s to compliment a woman today, you are doing her–and yourself–no favors.

    • Henry says:


      I can never understand what are people praising her for or calling her a role model…

      just for what exactly?

      she has done literally nothing and gets praised to the high heavens.

      everyone’s like oh, so “sweet” “classy” “pretty” and so “nice”!

      what kind of women do you have to be around to actually glorify someone who has qualities – real or fake no one knows – as simple as these?

      I see women who embody these qualities around me and they do tons more than what Kate has ever done in her 30 years.

      gobsmacked, honestly.

  46. Aurelia says:

    Waity’s parents earnt their real dough not from peddling plastic tiaras but from the slimy practise of selling their customer database. Which is illegal now without customers consent.

    Also uncle cassa de bang bang garry lent them money to fund their lifestyle.

    • fairy godmother says:

      ^ ITA. I do not think they are us wealthy as others tend to believe.
      Ma & Pa M. had to take out a 3rd mortgage on their house.
      Not necessary if have a modest home & income as they do.

      • bluhare says:

        So the DM’s ravings about how they’re worth 30-50 million are a bit exaggerated?

      • fairy godmother says:

        I just find it hard to believe their so-called wealth comes from peddling party packs is valued anywhere near DM’s claim.
        If they had that kind of money why would anyone in their right mind mortgage their home 3 times? Nonsensical.
        I have no idea what their finances are. Ma & Pa M. keep all their money tied up & private so ppl will not know what they have.
        Their money is mixed in with a group- so who can say if it includes Uncle Gary’s drug & prostitute profits & how much money Midds got selling their customers info to other entities (now illegal).
        The father inherited around a million & had to pay taxes on it. There is no way he invested & had a return of 30-50 million.
        I honestly think it is another PR spin to boost Midds status & make Waity appear as deserving of her new found status. But, who knows for certain the real truth.

      • bluhare says:

        Yes, I was a bit suspicious that the estimates of their wealth went from 3-5 million to 30 to 50. Quite a jump even with the boost in business I’m sure they got from the Kate Effect.

        On the other hand, they did pony up for a 400K wedding dress!

      • fairy godmother says:

        Do you really believe they paid or charged 400,000. for that dress?
        Originally the dress was to cost 30,000. & Pipster’s dress was 20,000.
        I think DM or someone jacked the price up & claim the dress is valued to be 400,000. given the “historical” element.
        All I can hear now is some vacuous voice telling the world that everyone “needs to dig deep” into their pockets. Although I now feel more disgust at that comment knowing the claim of paying for the dress is as(s)tronomical!
        Thing is she still bargain shops & haggles for a better price at designer shops- (I confess I have done this too) do you not think that Ma Midds would have let that price tag fly?

      • Luise says:

        The Palace announced that the Middletons paid for the wedding dress. For all the gullible public knows, this may be a complete fabrication.

  47. mayamae says:

    Perhaps being raised by a loving but emotionally unstable drama queen has taught William that serious and dull are good.

    I wouldn’t pick on her intelligence – isn’t she a college grad? Princess Diana was pretty dim-witted from what I understand.

    It’s not like William was an old balding loser, like Prince Albert, who was pressured by the need for an heir. It would seem that William took as much time as we wanted to choose his wife.

    • original almond says:

      You’d be surprised at how many dimwits have university diplomas. Especially in liberal arts and humanities studies.

      • Seagulls says:

        If we’re going for stereotypes, is this where we write that all scienc and math majors are social losers?

      • original almond says:

        I’m not going for stereotypes. You misunderstand me. I speak as I find; my overall experience is with the liberal arts graduates and many just coast through college. They don’t have remarkable results but at the end they do have a diploma. I’ve seen cases in both programming/IT and other fields but I don’t work in those areas so I don’t know as much. Having a university degree doesn’t automatically make you smart or capable.

        And Kate doesn’t strike as someone overly zealous when it comes to her studies or her future career. As I’ve said above, had she worked a proper job before the engagement, had she put her diploma to good use or any use at all, the criticism aimed at her would not be as vitriolic.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I really don’t think you were ‘misunderstood’.

      • original almond says:

        To each, their own interpretation.

      • Henry says:

        I second you, “original almond”

        funny how people think that once you have a university degree you must be an Einstein in the making or something. zzz.

        I’m from the liberal arts/social sciences scene and it’s amazing how many of these people don’t ever turn up for lectures the entire 4 years and still get their degree scrolls at the end.

        I see it in every school, from business to IT etc. but the most come from the humans/arts schools.

      • Henry says:

        I second you, “original almond”

        funny how people think that once you have a university degree you must be an Einstein in the making or something. zzz.

        I’m from the liberal arts/social sciences scene and it’s amazing how many of these people don’t ever turn up for lectures the entire 4 years and still get their degree scrolls at the end.

        I see it in every school, from business to IT etc. but the most come from the humans/arts schools. You have to consider the types of people that come into these streams – the ones I know usually have no choice or have really poor grades – so their attitude isn’t surprising.

  48. Mooshi says:


    Who is “uncle cassa de bang bang garry”?

    And Kate looks like Camilla’s daughter. They have the exact same mouth.

    • LAK says:

      @Mooshi – THis is KAte’s uncle Gary Goldsmith. Her mother’s brother. Purveyor of drugs and underage girls for prostitute rings.

      He calls his house Casa di Bang bang, and was infamously caught out on tape [available on youtube if you care] boasting about his connections to William via KAte and his expected Goldsmith Wing of Buckingham Palace.

  49. ZenB!tch says:

    I thought those were requirements to be royal.

    What I want to know is why she has JOWLS. She’s what? 30?

  50. julie says:

    @deep She has been married to William for only a year and in a year she is supposed to become a world inspiration?
    She is not Queen Elizabeth who was raised in that world and had a full understanding of what that meant. Cut the girl a break for goodness sake. You are so judgmental.

  51. UniqJaz says:

    She does seem dull and desperate for waiting 9 years for this man.

  52. GoodCapon says:

    Goodness gracious the immature fans of the Second Coming have invaded CB!! Yes I’m looking at those who are pitiful enough not to be able to defend her other than saying “Plzzz bitch you’re just JEALOUS of Catherine!!”

    I’d wager none of you have paid the slightest attention to this ‘cold, desperate, dull, serious girl’ before the engagement was announced. Keep drinking your kool-aid ladies.

  53. HK9 says:

    I’m facinated by these comments… The bitterness that abounds for this woman is staggering. You all seem to judge her like you all run charities and submit articles in medical jounals in your spare time. We’re conmenting on celebitchy for f*$&! sake so I refuse to take this so seriously. RELAX PEOPLE. I don’t think she’s as good or as bad as they say. Like most things the truth is somewhere in between.

    • deep says:

      Agree. Especially when people are talking about someone they don’t even know or will ever personally know. She’s only been Royal for a little over a year. She’s doing just fine. And, people are so quick to judge her without even giving her a chance. She’ll come into her own. It’s got to be a bit daunting to be on the world stage and criticized daily for what you do or don’t do. Like I said before..bless her heart…in the eyes of many, from the post I’ve read here, she’ll never be good enough for some.

    • LAK says:

      I do not think there is any bitterness in our comments. Criticism, yes. Why? because after 9yrs and being told that this woman was receiving proper support and training for her role, a role she was very intent on getting, she has turned out to be a dud. The back tracking by her apologists who say she’s only been at it for 1yr is incredible. She started receiving training from as far back as 2005. i can’t be bothered to start writing all the evidence and links to articles and statements put out by the palace telling us how she was going to rock our socks off especially around the area of royal work, and how she was the most prepared royal bride entering the firm. Ever. So i suggest you start looking. It is easily found.

      BTW: Sophie Wessex who also dated her prince for 6yrs had her charities sorted out by the day of her wedding. All were visited within 3months of the wedding, and she was/is an involved patron.

      Any criticism of her, is always around this area. The only thing she is showing passion for, apart from William, is clothing, make-up and vacations. I really do not want to be discussing my head of state’s clothing and make-up.

      Based on the lack of substance in her present life, the only thing we can look on is her past. There is more than enough evidence to suggest that she is not Queen consort material. She might be the best wife for William the man, but she is not the best wife for William the king. William the King is a job. Her present struggles suggest she did not think about that aspect of the relationship.

      Prince Philip had the substance. He was also criticised in his day, but he didn’t campaign for 9 years for the position and made something of his life before he became King Consort.

      The Queen Mother had the substance to become Queen Consort. And there was a woman brought up uneducated,only to be pretty and not bother her pretty little head about anything.

      In this day and age, to suggest that i should admire my head of state because she is pretty, wears nice clothing is so ridiculous that i can not believe women are on here defending her.

      I am the first to say that i hope i am proved wrong by all this, but there is nothing to suggest that i will be wrong.

      And one more thing, i really want her apologists to write a proper defence of her, that does not include name calling her critics as someone upthread has called us – wankers, or saying they must be jealous,envious.

      • Mare says:

        Is it possible that the Queen tells Kate to work more, that it’s expected of her to work more and Kate say she doesn’t want to? I don’t believe it.
        1. I find it hard to believe someone would openly say to the monarch they don’t want to work and will just stay at home and do nothing.
        2. Why would Kate say no? This is what she wanted and worked for for years. And it’s obvious from all the photos that she likes the attention. Then why is she hidden in some provincial house doing nothing? Why wouldn’t she work? Even if we say that she’s lazy, her job is not sitting in some office 8 hours a day. It’s getting dressed up and chitchat for hour or two.
        Knowing how the royals are obsessed with traditions and protocols, I’m guessing there’s a bigger picture. She must not work more that her husband, future king. And she must not be seen more than Charles, who is direct heir, and his wife.
        I simply don’t buy it’s Kate’s laziness.

      • original almond says:

        Very, very well said. I am genuinely curious as well for the arguments which could be made in her favor.

        I think that if she’d had job before her engagement and wedding the criticism wouldn’t be quite this strong. She has a History of Art degree or something; with her connections she could have easily found a job at a museum or gallery.

        But she spent all her time chasing after the Prince, either going on holidays with him or making sure she was seen by him whenever they had a dry spell. So it could be argued that she made a career out of nabbing a prince but, unlike fairytales, the wedding isn’t the end of hard work, it’s merely the start. She seems not to have realised this despite all the intense training the palace kept touting in the media. SMH.

      • LAK says:

        @Mare – i agree that her laziness isn’t fully her fault. I 100% blame her husband. He doesn’t want to work vis a vis royal duties and has gone on record to say so many times. Kate can not be seen to work more than her husband so home she stays.

        As for the way RF works, The Queen only asks her family members to change if she is made aware of a crisis. She did so back in the day when she made it known that Kate should get a job after the media started calling her Waity, which Kate duly did. The reasons for why she quit are less to do with paps and more to do with her relationship with William. Her jigsaw boss said this, not me.

        For the record, it was made very clear days after the wedding that apart from Canada and Jubilee events, Kate would not be working and neither would she be Patron of any charities. Yet, the palace pushed her out to do some charity work and to become a patron before the 2 year deadline. I would say that points to someone being aware of the public mood.

        The fact that Palace is at pains to point out what a ‘hard working, modern, young woman’ she is shows that someone is aware of the public mood.

        btw:- there is a royal reporter called Richard Palmer who has asked the palace directly about Kate’s work schedule. Their response? She is in charge of her office and schedule, and sets her own pace.

        That can be interpreted anyway you like.

        I choose to interpret it as she is in charge of her own schedule. And a directive from above possibly isn’t as detailed as no of days/hours and types of events/charities. Same directive as getting a job as when she was a royal gf. she got a part time job for a short while which she resigned from because it interfered with her time with William.

      • bluhare says:

        LAK, I totally agree with you that William is a huge part of this. I think he likes having his little Suzie Homemaker taking care of him, and I bet the Wales “cottage” makes him think he’s living a normal life.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        @ deep, I understand your side and I am sorry for the attacks you got, we shouldn’t have to deal with it here.

        Buuuutttt, I understand @LAK and others as well. LAK, I know it wasn’t you attacking, just know your knowledge
        Ge and feelings about it pretty well, only reason I bring you up. . I hope not to offend anyone here. I am American who has lived in the UK twice and my husband’s bands have hailed from there, my best tour friend is married to a Brit. This is patently different for them as opposed to us. It’s very important there and they expect more from their royals in terms of charity. It’s part of the deal.
        My opinion, but I think that since we watch it from here it comes off more like being a celeb. It’s not. It’s the Firm, and you used to be expected to work, God knows how good they have it because of the good people of the UK.
        Hence the irritation with her. Did I get that kinda right, my friends? I think it’s a cultural misunderstanding as we dont have royals.
        You don’t have California though, neener! Sorry, enjoying my last days here:)))

    • Henry says:

      Erm.. I can’t see how we are being bitter. Just critical and rightly so for th emost part. she is a public figure, has to deliver certain expectations but has not.

      all she is known for is her hair, clothes and makeup.

      and yes HK9, i do submit articles to journals and do volunteer work in my free time, so by your logic I do have the right to comment.

  54. Mew says:

    Sure she is dull and cold and boring girl. A girl who used to go partying like a professional, who dressed up like a hoe and smoked like a chimney. Of course she’s very dull and boring.

  55. mwa says:

    She looks old in the blue dress

  56. Mich says:

    I don’t think I am the only one who sees a clear differentiation between American posters and those from Commonwealth countries on Kate stories.

    With all due respect, I think that the Americans need to look beyond the pretty celebrity to see what the role she coveted and pined away for almost a decade for actually entails.

    • maemay says:

      She pined and coveted?? The prince asked her to marry him with his mother’s ring…William had no say in this? It is a TWO WAY street. Kate did’nt just covet her way to the kingdom she was proposed to by the future King. I know the narrative is evil Kate and her mum MADE the all powerful BRF bow down to her wishes. Seriously dull, vapid, stupid Kate MADE the Royal Family, grey men who made Diana’s life hell….vapid Kate is more powerful than Diana????

      • deep says:

        Agree. And, why people think that Kate has the power to call the shots is beyond me. I think the Queen calls the shots… and William has a say. They are easing Kate into her role per Williams request BECAUSE of how his mother was treated. He said in an interview that things would be taken slowly with Kate.

    • HK9 says:

      I’m from a commonwealth country and have great admiration for the Queen. This is a woman who checks the rooms herself before each and every state/official dinner. She has a serious work ethic so I’m a little mystified that she would tolerate Kate being lazy. It’s clear that the Queen doesn’t tolerate shit(she told president Obama to be quiet because he was speaking during the national anthem) so if she’s not doing what she should how is this being tolerated?? I agree with Mare,It just doesn’t seem likely to me. Could someone explain why the Queen being who she is would tolerate this?

      • bettyrose says:

        I’m not from a commonwealth country, but are you saying that based on the Queen’s work ethic, you find it unlikely that she would allow laziness (i.e. and therefore something is going on that we’re not seeing)?

        My knowledge of all this really only comes from this blog, but if I had to guess, I would say that the Queen saw this marriage as a strategic PR move (i.e. commoner/docile) – and recognized that it would require some lowering of standards.

    • maemay says:

      Apparently vapid, dull, stupid Kate is smart enough to make William marry her and with his sainted Mother’s ring…he could of just went to Jarrod considering he hates her so much. Not only that the “grey men” who destroyed Fergie and also Diana now answer to stupid Kate…and to add more evilness to her list…Kate decides to eat bonbons ignoring the Queen’s request that she work??

      If all this is true I kind of like this Kate.

    • Mich says:

      @ Maemay – Yassis. Where have you been? This girl definitely coveted and pined. She held true to a Prince who was ambivalent at best. As removed as I am from their life even I know people connected with who he was sleeping with. Where in the world do you think the monikers ‘Waity Katy’ and ‘Wisteria Sister’ came from? They didn’t come from the Daily Mail, they came from insiders. Love her all you want but see the situation for what it is.

      @ HK9 (I’m assuming Hong Kong – am I right?) I honestly have no idea why the palace would let monikers like the Duchess of Do-Little go unchecked when creating a different impression is so easy. But they have proved to be tone deaf before. I’m old enough to remember how they mucked up Diana’s death – it was spectacularly badly handled and out of step – so it isn’t like the Kate situation is unprecedented.

      With due respect to Kate, she seems willing enough to put herself out there when made to (even if she doesn’t seem to put a minute into doing her homework in advance) so I also wonder what is going on behind the scenes given the flack that her ‘lack of work ethic’ is generating.

      Her ‘laziness’ was commented on so much in the British press before the mariage that it seems incongruous that the handlers wouldn’t do everything possible to counter it once she married. Is William the hold-up? Is Kate? Does her lack of advance preparation make the handlers nervous? Who knows at this point – although I’m sure we will all know in the fullness of time.

      At the end of the day, however, if she was more sophisticated (or, um, if she cared) IMO she would fight for her image. She isn’t a young girl and at this point she should understand how much it matters.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I lived in England and Canada for the majority of the last two years. It’s different there we thought nancy Reagan was horrid for remodeling the White House.

      And no I don’t want to seem like I’m ignorant of the commonwealth, having lived a year in Canada as well.
      I’m going to freeze to death in Calgary in nov/ dec aren’t I? Gotta be worse than Montreal. The Toronto islands await though. I want some fun day trip advice up there next time. Never done Ottawa or Calgary and Toronto was so big! Quebec city in summer? Perfection except for walking fron the Hilton on the mountain to site by the marina 4 times a day
      I wan insider tips bostononians, you are next.

  57. blonde on the dock says:

    I think they make a really cute couple. She’s doing a great job and always comes across as very warm and poised. Fabulous legs!!!

  58. deep says:

    Has anyone ever thought that Kate was in a supportive role for a reason? Look, back in the days of Diana, every charity wanted her not Charles. And, even when they went on walkabouts people would be disappointed that they got Charles side of the street and not Diana. He would even make comments about him tagging along with his wife. Everyone would laugh, but it really bugged him that she out shined him. Maybe the Queen has said to only let Kate be in a supportive role as to not out shine the other royals. They may be afraid that if they allow her to amp it up history may repeat itself. And, the last thing they want is for another person to marry into the family and steal the spot light. So, that being said, lMO Kate is neither lazy or stupid. She has been told to hold back.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      1) There are seven billion people in the world, they can’t all love her (or hate her, for that matter). Why can’t people agree to disagree?

      2) What was said upthread about Commonwealth nations having a different relationship with the monarchy is true. Enjoy her, or don’t, I don’t care. But please don’t presume to know more about the Commonwealth than the nations of the Commonwealth, or that the friction that sometimes arises MUST be dismissed because you like her. It’s a complicated relationship between the two camps and ever in flux. There’s a long history there, and the story goes on. and pro or con, we understand the story better because it’s our story. It isn’t The Princess Bride on perpetual loop for everyone.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Ooo, see swish I read yours first, very succinct.

        Dude, you are one lady on tour I wanna have a cuppa or a drink with. You blow my mind in a good way canadian right? We may have to do that next year.

        I’m doing a world travelling CB meetup from now on. We are soooo fun:)

  59. Molly says:

    I do not mean to know the truth, is not so, but as an outside observer I wonder if it’s more easier … and sad. Kate has been preparing since 2005, but only after the marriage had to / been able to prove that she really knew what to do. Smile and be photographed She can very well and it is clear that She adores it, unlike William who is very happy to leave to Her the scene. But when She must speak, then it is very different. The interview for the engagement, prepared for months and with predetermined questions, it was insignificant. Her only speech was disappointing. In Denmark and with Royals of the World William seemed annoyed and worried about what she could say. Maybe it isnt just laziness and lack of desire to do Her job, maybe it’s just that She can not do better, this would be a real problem.

    • Luise says:

      Molly, you just may be on to something.

    • fairy godmother says:

      ^ Reportedly the engagement interview had to be edited- so much for being well-prepared.
      Just love to see all the outtakes!

      • LAK says:

        @fairygodmother – you know how the diana panorama interview opened was jaw droppingly disingenous? I feel the same about that engagement interview. So much misinformation I am surprised neither of them turned into pinoccio in this not so fairy tale.

    • LAK says:

      @Molly – you’ve touched upon something I’ve been hearing whispers of. Behind the scenes, things may be as you speculate. We shall see in a few years time and the inevitable and truthful tell all book.

      • original almond says:

        But would he really marry someone of little intelligence? Someone who could, in all honesty, be called stupid? I would think that intellectual and reasoning capacity would be high on the list of must-haves. Isn’t this, after all, one of the points of marrying a commoner? Bringing new blood, fresh material in the royal genetics pool? If true, I find it completely hilarious and absurd.

        Laziness and shallowness are mean defects, ripe for criticism; but how can you reproach someone who is simply stupid?

      • LAK says:

        @almond – that is why I say that time will tell if these whispers are simply malicious gossip or genuine cause for alarm. I always think outside of standard education, people can have different types of intelligence and or skills. Diana was a dunce- she graduated high school with only one ‘o’ level in pet keeping (or something similar) but she had emotional intelligence and was cunning as a fox. Kate may have the intelligence to graduate university but perhaps not the social skills to help her cope with her public job. There are already public complaints via the palace that the stress of it is turning her hair grey.

      • original almond says:

        With regards to how capable she is, we will, as you say, have to wait and see.

        But the whole business with the not working and taking her time is very muddy. The points you’ve made are very good and they’re definitely not what I would have ever thought because the perverseness of making your wife look bad just so you won’t look worse is ridiculous.

        Then again, I’m not very familiar with the methods of the Firm; I was too young when the whole Diana thing happened.

  60. HK9 says:

    After looking at some of the latter comments,I think the palace may be mishandeling her PR. A few weeks ago she did some work with the Scouts and it seemed to me that there was no official press on this.(i may be wrong but I saw the pic on a fashion site about Kate and not in the paper) A lazy person wouldn’t have gone camping they would have done a quick photo op so they could get back to their shopping. I do think if she’s doing things off the radar maybe the palace has to realize it’s not having the desired effect and she must be seen doing something to change this perception.

  61. SmartGirlsAlwaysWinInTheEnd says:

    OMG, you guys! This is Penny “Prince Charles Can Do No Wrong” Junor! Google her.

    I’m not suprised though, as she was an infamous social climber.

    In the early 90s, after Charles split w/ Diana, she was one of the few supporters of Charles and wrote nasty, scathing garbage defaming Diana. She defended him in many TV bios (you can find them on YouTube).

    She and Charles must’ve had an EXTREME falling out, or, her career didn;t pan out the way she wanted (promise made but broken, etc.) because, short from sucking him and calling his c** a milkshake, she was a fave biographer of his.

  62. Peggy Junor has always been so far up Prince Charles’ butt she can’t see daylight. She is hardly an impartial author. Always an agenda.

  63. Kayla says:

    People who call others “dull” are usually dull themselves.

    Its a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  64. mia says:

    I think she has always loved William and that she is really sweet but keeps her distance because of the poison pens around her.

    She doesn’t play with guns though! ;)

  65. ImpC says:

    Wow, as a ‘YANK’ I will not be buying this book and probably not reading anymore articles by someone who thinks they can write off a whole country to buy something so dull. If Kate is as bad as this person thinks she is, well then what is William? I’m sorry but I have enough respect for the Royals to think this girl has education and will always be picked apart. So sad.

  66. lisa says:

    I don’t know much about the class system in the UK.

    I do think that Kate/Will are making a conscious effort NOT to go the way of Diana. She overshadowed the family. On purpose or by circumstance. Kate seems to be taking baby steps. She will have her time. And maybe she is doing what most people with a brain do. Sit back and take it all in. LEARN.. walk before you run. It has been just a year. Look I’m not a fan. I think the media and gossip blogs and such are trying too hard to make her the biggest thing possible. Just like they hyped her sister. Then the reality of how boring and uninteresting she is came out. Too much hype. Maybe Kate is working against that. Believe it or not, I don’t think the Royal family could survive another Diana. Good or Bad. I think they should stop tryng (meaning the media) to make her into Diana. That is what this is all about. Reinventing Diana..I don’t think Kate is that calculating. But time will tell.

  67. dee says:

    Whoever Prince William married was predestined to be the topic of trashy gossip no matter what her personality, intelligence or physical build happened to be. There isn’t a single person alive who couldn’t be made to appear just plain awful by a press corps determined to make us appear just plain awful by focusing exclusively on our flaws. This is a non-story, the appearence of which could have been predicted almost to the day when these two married.

  68. hina says:

    She is very skinny though, princess Catherine. I hope she can conceive easily for royalty’s sake.

  69. Carpe Diem says:

    Cold and dull? Oh, that’s what the guy friends think — that’s probably their description of any girl who doesn’t jump out of a cake.

    KM always seemed fun-loving and interesting to me, and I like how she might have given William the heave ho if he couldn’t commit.

    “Cold” would be one of those entitled ninnies who wouldn’t care if the public liked them or not.

  70. Ali says:

    O my – stunning how everyone seems to have such strong opinions about someone they’ve NEVER MET.

    Look at their body language – they care about each other, that’s for sure. But no matter what we all think, the only people who know what is going on inside a marriage, are the two people in it.

    In my mind, she has flawless manners, is lovely and appropriate at all times, and a great example to modern women on how to conduct themselves in public. Does he love her? I don’t know, I haven’t asked him. Is she a cold fish? I don’t know, I’ve never met her. Is she showing potential as a future Queen? From my viewpoint, yes.

    In my experience, jealousy makes people nasty….

  71. molly says:

    Of course Kate is dull and bored, she misses her clubbing, getting pissed up regularly and showing her knickers off on the front page of the papers.

  72. lori says:

    see her horrible drunk photos and going without panties on YouTube, see the video “Kate Middleton-Party Girl”. William married DOWN, she is trash — how she was accepted by his family God only knows. I loved Diana…now SHE was a real Royal, and a Lady.

  73. healthy food says:

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