“Dominic Monaghan and Shirley Manson are against beating women” Links

Dominic Monaghan
Dominic Monaghan on Matthew Fox: “He beats women. Not isolated incidents. Often.” [LaineyGossip]
Chinese star Zhang Ziyi investigated for very expensive prostitution. [Dlisted]
Pregnant Anna Paquin in fug booties [PopSugar]
Angelina Jolie looks so pretty in London. [Celebuzz]
The Game of Thrones finale is this weekend! Damn I want more. [Pajiba]
Demi Lovato’s really bad extensions [Evil Beet]
The difference between dating at 29 and 31 [The Frisky]
Katie Holmes on set with Suri [A Socialite Life]
Bobbi Kristina walked off the new Tyler Perry show [Radar]
TV makes little girls and minority children feel bad about themselves [Jezebel]
Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes” video [Popbytes]
Penn Badgley’s hair on Gossip Girl is insane [Go Fug Yourself]
David Lynch designed this 80s hotel room and it costs $1,200 a night [Videogum]
Dina Lohan wants another reality show [I’m Not Obsessed]
For Kaiser: Bearded Michael Fassbender has a smoke [INF Daily]
Shirley Manson of Garbage curses out a guy in the audience for hitting a woman. This video has F Bombs [The Blemish]

Dominic Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan

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  1. DreamyK says:

    Total respect for Dom. He told it like it is/was and, as he said, he can’t be sued for telling the truth.

    Matthew Fox playing the victim card is obscene.

    • iloveretro says:


      Totally agree. We need more people like Dominic who have the guts to speak up and tell the truth.

      • miriam says:

        What I find most disturbing is that it seems it is mostly women coming to the defence of Matthew Fox. That’s appalling.

        I’ve nver liked Dominic, but good on him for speaking out and putting those fan girls down. They are deluded and misogynistic.

        And Shirley Manson is and always will be a total Goddess.

      • only1shmoo says:

        The fact that women are coming to his defense is appalling, you’re right, but not at all surprising. I’ve lost count of the # of times I’ve read posts by women that say “Chris Brown is sssssssooooooo hot, he could beat me anytime! <3" That kind of stupidity and lack of self-respect makes me so angry that I can feel my skin prickle!

      • charles says:

        Yeah, not a lot of people are brave enough to speak the truth in this day and age, wish there were more folks like Dom.

        @miriam: Yeah, more and more girls and young women are starting to think that they deserve to be treated like s#!t and when another woman is treated like $#!t they feel that she probably deserved it as was the case with Rihanna who a lot of teen girls felt probably did something to provoke Chris Brown’s anger. Sad times.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      I always liked Matthew Fox since Party of five. I had no idea about his behavior. If it is all true (and it seems it is), thanks to Dominic for speaking up!

  2. Eve says:

    F*cking loved this (Monaghan’s statements).

    I hope he won’t backpedal (or won’t have to). And if Fox decides to sue him, I hope he has something to back up these allegations.

  3. lunabell says:

    So long as he doesn’t eventually backtrack and remove his comments, I think Monaghan’s pretty badass for this this. Is it geeky that I have hobbit pride for him seemingly having the dignity and courage to speak out against violence against women? So many people in the business turn a blind eye.

    And NOOO! to the Zhang Ziyi report. I hope it’s not true. She’s so beautiful and has been very successful in her career that it would be a shame if she was doing that on the side, especially since she didn’t have to.

  4. fabgrrl says:

    Zhang Ziyi, charging $1 million a night? I’m not a guy, but I think that would be totally worth it.

  5. lily says:

    Props to Dom for exposing the truth. Stuff like this should not be kept from the public. There are so many assh*les in Hollywood, and we are blindly supporting them because we have no clue. I hope that’s going to change.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    Good on Dominic! Tell it like it is, and don’t back down.

    Pregnant Anna Paquin is so cute! (But that dress with those booties are a no-no.)

    Bobbi Kristina needs help. Serious help. No snark involved, here.

    WO, my dad used to tell me to shit in one hand and want in the other, and see which one filled up first. I offer you that same advice.

  7. wonderwoman21 says:

    I’m so impressed that Dominic Monaghan has stood his ground.

  8. Faye says:

    I’ve always thought Dom was adorable, he was my favorite for the brief period of time I could stand to watch LOST. I also loved him in LOTR. Now this. I’m in love.

  9. Mia 4S says:

    My jaw dropped at that Dom Monaghan story, however I’ve read enough gossip over the years to not be shocked. Oh and to the mothers if those dumbass girls justifying Fox on Twitter (and Chris Brown fans for good measure)? You raised stupid daughters, better luck next time.

    On a lighter note, I thought Tom Cruise just said like a week or two ago that whenever Katie is filming he is ALWAYS there with Suri so they are always together? Now they are living in separate states. Tom Cruise a liar? Shock! I am so disillusioned!

  10. lucy2 says:

    In no way defending Fox (I think he’s an ass with some serious issues) but I have to wonder if Dom actually witnessed something with his own eyes, as it’s quite a statement to put out there.
    I give him a lot of credit for standing up for what’s right and not backing down, I just hope he’s not putting himself in a bad position.

  11. person3514 says:

    I’ve loved Dom ever since lotr. I was so happy when he was put on lost. I only began to watch it because of him. I’m so glad he’s telling it like it is about Fox. I hope he gets more good press and has more projects coming up. I love this guy =)

  12. lil ole me says:

    Little guy has some HUMONGUS balls. Dayum. I didn’t know anything about Fox’s behavior, but dayum. I like a celebrity that tells it like it is. Like a BOSS, Dominic

  13. sup says:

    respecting and supporting dominic and shirley
    btw that david lynch hotel room looks weird, but kind of… creepy

  14. my sis in law (used to be in production now in casting) told me once that the biggest verbally abusive asshole she ever worked with was Fox. So yeah, I can see it. And I love Shirley Manson.

    • Oregon native says:

      ^This. He also has bad rep in Bend. I live a little off the town and I gather hes rarely there but when he is, they say he is “exactly what you expect from an aging actor”. He drives like a mad man and hes very rude to the people he interracts with. Oh & his fairly open about the cheating. Random trashy looking girls are constantly spotted in his cars.

  15. Carolyn says:

    Bowing to Dom & Shirley. With all here hoping he stands his ground with these accusations. Is Fox still a L’Oreal man skincare ambassador? Watch that space if this story gains momentum. Girls and women need to understand that violence against women is wrong, even if the guy is good-looking, wealthy & a celebrity.

  16. Agnes says:

    good for dominic! this kind of honesty is needed.

  17. MissyA says:

    Yay for Dom, and a double yay for Shirley!! (Mad Madison love forever, girl!)

  18. Sam says:

    Fox is such an asshole. It’s good to see his co-stars speaking out against him. I’ve seen him in nothing since Lost (except L’Oreal ads) and I hope it stays that way.

  19. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I don’t know. It’s dangerous to call out another actor publicly like this. If he witnessed anything he should have done something about it then. This just seems like a way for him to get some publicity.

    • Adrien says:

      Hardly for publicity. It was on twitter. A Lostie asked Dom about Matthew and he told the fangirl that he beats women. It was a random thing not planned. It’s a dangerous thing to do. He could be sued for defamation and that’s a hard thing for celebs to win. He could also lose his job and his friends. Instead of getting adulation for telling the truth, he was flamed hard by people on twitter. They responded by making fun of his short stature, pug nose and thinning hairline.

  20. Cait says:

    Good on Dominic! I’ve always liked him.

  21. skuddles says:

    Not exactly sure who Dominic Monaghan is… but I love him now.

  22. john c says:

    Don’t forget Dom starred in famous abuser video for Eminem recently, why is ok to work with Eminem? Dom also follows Mike Tyson and Eminem on twitter, which means he approves them? Not that Matt Fox is a nice guy, but there has to be more to the story

  23. LucyOriginal says:

    tmz reported as if nobody in Lost did not know (shocking) and everybody was shocked they had some beef… As if they would open their mouths. I don’t know, but if this was not true, Lost members would either: 1- not get involved; or 2- defend Matthew Fox.
    Nobody has publicly defended M. Fox, which, in my humble opinion, speaks volumes.

  24. janie says:

    What Dom did doesn’t exactly seem noble. Why didn’t he report Fox to the police if he KNOWS the abuse has been going on? This should not be done on twitter.

    And he ended his rant with “hey little fangirl maybe want to get slapped?” Really mature. I mean good for him for telling the truth but the way he did it could have been way, way better.

  25. Nakli says:

    More power to Dom. Now, please don’t back down! Fox and his Jack-can-fix-anything-character was the biggest turn off on Lost.

  26. charles says:

    People who turn a blind eye to violence against women are sub-human. People who don’t stand up for what they believe is right are sub-human. We have become a society who allows evil behavior to continue and who are to cowardly to stand up for what’s right. This honesty is refreshing to say the least.

  27. normades says:

    This reminds me of a blind (can’t trace it now) about an actress that was getting beat up by her boyfriend and her co-stars beat up the guy. Ring any bells?

  28. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Lord help me, I still harbor a strong crush for this guy.

  29. Rosanna says:

    But what if it’s not actually true? That’s what’s disconcerting and frightening. People can say anything and make any kind of vague allegations that can ruin a person without any actual proof and people will believe what they want and choose to believe. Having a drinking problem..or even being a jerk sometimes..does not make these allegations true..
    I would say I hate violence against women about as much as I hate McCarthyism. This is like a witch hunt.

  30. Angla Wilburn says:

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