Was Jennifer Aniston drunk when she accepted her MTV ‘Dirtbag’ award?

I’m developing a conspiracy theory about Jennifer Aniston’s appearance at the MTV Movie Awards last night. MTV hasn’t released the video of Aniston’s victory – for “Best Dirtbag” for her role in Horrible Bosses – at this point, and they’ve released most the videos clips so far. No one else – no other site, no You Tube – has video of Aniston’s win. I actually saw Aniston’s “victory speech”. I have to say… she seemed wasted. She was slurring and muddling her words and she seemed kind of out of it. To be fair… maybe “wasted” isn’t the right word. Perhaps “buzzed” or “half in the bag”. She wasn’t falling-down drunk or anything. But when she spoke, it was noticeable.

So… why hasn’t MTV released the video? Conspiracy?!! Don’t even say “they didn’t release the video because no one cares.” Every site is covering Aniston’s Dirtbag win. Everyone cares. Did Team Aniston shut it down?

During her (slurred) acceptance speech, Aniston said: “I mean, do you know how long I have tried to have somebody let me unleash my onscreen dirtbag? And thank god this category just popped up…so I would like to say thank you to the television show Friends for letting me unleash the inner sweetheart. And here’s to [Horrible Bosses director] Seth Gordon for allowing me to be a dirtbag. Thanks, dirtbag.” Imma letchu dirtbag mmmm…

Oh, and Aniston wore this leather LBD from Valentino. It wasn’t cut for her body – her boobs seemed really smashed down, and the stiffness of the leather gave her a phantom gut. Sorry we don’t have more photos of it – she didn’t pose on the red carpet at all, so there are only photos of her inside the venue. Why didn’t she walk the carpet? Is she “too big” of a star? Or did Huvane (her date) shut it down?

UPDATE: Conspiracy over! MTV finally released the video. I swear, she’s… toasted.

PS… Remember when Aniston was toasted for the People’s Choice?

Photos courtesy of MTV.

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    *eye roll* Pretty sure that everyone is drunk at these fake awards shows. I, for one, would have to be hammered just to deal with the idiocy of it all.

  2. Eve says:

    Yup. That’s an unflattering dress.

  3. Marjalane says:

    How come Maybelline eyes didn’t come as her date? Who held her purse for her??

  4. Trish says:

    I was channel surfing and watched her acceptance speech and for a second, I thought ‘is she drunk’?.. there was something funny and hesistant in the way she spoke..like for a moment she was trying to choose her words to sound normal…so yes, she was definitely tipsy, or so it seemed. she looks like she always does…nothing special, but beautiful legs. It always amazes me how under that harsh light, some women’s legs can look literally flawless and smooth. a blah face but gorgeous legs…that seems fair.. ;-)

  5. Snowangel says:

    There are two fabrics that do not do well in dresses, denim and leather, yet every once in a while, someone tries to do it. (both fabrics work for skirts)

  6. Dibba says:

    Seems pathetic to if true

  7. daz says:

    definitely enjoying being on some kind of substance, legal or not, i don’t know ?????

  8. Tiegs says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand what this woman has done to receive such vitriolic comments on this website.

    Yesterday it was she smokes, she tans, she’s stupid, she’s wearing a wig, she has no talent, she’s shallow, she calls the paps herself, she’s too selfish for kids, she’s only got a good body because she’s rich and has nothing else, she hasn’t be photographed so she’s had plastic surgery, she has been photographed so she’s a famewhore, and my personal favourite, she should ‘set (her hair) on fire. Then go away forever’.

    I guess today she’s a drunk. And a dirtbag.

    • autumndaze says:

      Ummm, excuse me?

      You forgot vapid and self-involved….

    • lower-case deb says:

      well, the dirtbag bit is all MTV’s doing.

      although there might be some people who’s kicking themselves on the shins for not thinking about it first.

      but yeah, credit’s where credit’s due tho. don’t want the MTV to sue.

    • Esmom says:

      I said the same thing yesterday. I’m not sure what she’s done to inspire such hatred in people. She’s no Meryl Streep but neither is most of Hollywood. She seems fairly harmless to me but you’d think she committed some heinous crime to hear some people talk.

    • Gossip Hound says:

      Wait, I think you are talking about LeAnn Rimes, not Jennifer!

    • Shelly says:

      I agree, Tiegs. There are far more annoying people than Jennifer.

    • Maguita says:

      I agree.

      Makes me wonder though, when better pictures are constantly picked and posted of a Kardashian, but the most unflattering ones are picked for Jen, what kind of celebrity classification is used, when a K! is prized above an Emmy winning, law abiding, actress.

    • sup says:

      i believe there was a quote about it that goes something along the lines of “people can forgive you for making a mistake, but they’ll never forgive you for being boring” and let’s face it we’re all here because we’re feeling bored, because we had time to kill and we’re taking it out of those who rub us the wrong way, but only in an entertainment sort of way. taking it out of jeniston, who is the definition of boring, comes rather easy.

      • Maguita says:

        There is a huge difference between entertainment, and hateful shrew.

        Nothing entertaining about the extreme hate allowed towards this woman on this site(which btw, is not even moderately permitted towards any other actress). The surprising vitriol at times makes you question one’s sanity, and grasp on what is fiction and reality.

        This results in feeling protective of someone you have never truly admired before.

        But isn’t that the decent HUMAN behavior expected when faced with outright hatred?

      • sup says:

        @Maguita uhh, don’t you think you’re overreacting a little? labeling people you’ve never even meet as hateful shrews, on a frigging gossip site no less. get it straight, we don’t hate her, we mock her, and we do the same to the kartrashians, gwynnie (dame poop), kstew, the hohan, leann rimes and more, actually i think kartrashians get far more vitriol (since you guys seem to love using this word) i mock angelina too, sometimes. it’s called celebitchy for a reason. now why don’t you take your humane and gallant reactions and apply them where they would be actually useful? do some charity, become a human rights lawyer, raise awareness or be an activist. it is far more humane than accusing and implying that some names you see on a gossip blog are lacking humanity and noble sentiments. there are people behind those usernames too, jsyk. i’m sorry we don’t all lurve and worship jeniston no matter how many times she fucks up, some people are liked, others are disliked, and some get neutral comments so get over it please.

      • Maguita says:

        Since when CB equals free-reign on ignorant and outlandish hatred?

        Because my opinion differs from yours? Other than the “Unholy triangle”, CB has the most articulate readers, who usually stand up to bullies, and shut down ignorant fools. Whatever their occupation, and philanthropic activities may be.

        And no, all those other stars you have listed are never attacked the way J. is attacked on this site. No one ever is allowed to threaten with bodily harm, and wish death upon any of these stars.

        There is HUGE difference between gossip and violent hatred. Heck, I am practically known here for my snark and unkind remarks on anythig Hilton or Kardashian. But the line is very clear, it is not a fine one at all, and that line had been crossed many times over on threads in regards of Jennifer A. No matter your like or dislike of someone, some things, in civilized society, are simply unacceptable.

        Whether you are a fan or not, standing silently aside when someone is bullied, or participating in degrading another human being, whether known on a personal level or not, is a reflective of very poor and unreasonable human behavior.

        And that @sup is my allotted differing opinion, whether you agree upon it or not, on a gossip site no less, where you are no less judged daily on words you type in the comment section. Imagine that ;)

      • sup says:

        oh, you seriously haven’t read a single word i wrote, or are in serious denial. violent hatred? bullying? please, jeniston isn’t even that relevant! it’s not that serious. and you should see those other celeb forums on this site. whatevs. have a nice day.

    • Sal says:

      I always find it so strange that people can’t quite grasp why this woman is so hated. Its so obvious why. You have a woman like her who has carried a vendetta against another woman for 8 years, who started the witch hunt against another woman, who threw her husband under a bus and mocked his children, as well as hiring handler to verbally and racially abuse the mother of her ex’s children, who pretends to be a ‘sweetheart’ but is incredibly passive-aggressive to the extent that she has fuelled a war against an entire family for 8 years. She is self-serving, passive-aggressive, cruel and manipulative. Not forgetting her friendship with Richardson who photographed underage kids. Want more? Not to mention her stealing Heidi Bivens’ man and breaking up a 14 year relationship after pretending for her own selfish gain not caring that it hurt Brad she was cheated on when it turns out she wasn’t, only to turn around and do that to another woman.
      I honestly don’t get why people are surprised she is hated. I really truly don’t. Why are people so brainwashed by her phony ‘sweetheart’ cover? Are some of you walking around with your eyes closed and your ears closed? Why can’t people see through her? “Harmless” and “Sweetheart” charade when you analyse her actions not her ‘persona’ she hides behind.

  9. mln76 says:

    Uhm if the bottom photo is any indication the girl is Botoxed to the gills maybe her face was numb???

  10. Krock says:

    I have to admit, if I knew I had to get up in front of a ton of people and be on TV to accept an award, I’d have to be 3 sheets to the wind to even attempt getting up on stage. Just sayin’.

  11. tracking says:

    this time…yes. Like her, but yuck on the dress.

  12. Talie says:

    The same thing was said when she won the People Choice Award last year. Maybe she drinks to calm her nerves.

  13. Toot says:

    I love the excuses JA gets when she was apparently drunk/high at the award show. Everyone was probably drinking, she was probably nervous so had some drinks, the show is stupid so she had to drink to get through it, etc.

    Aniston has been in this business for 20 years at least, and supposedly she’s an actress, so she can’t “act” for a few minutes without appearing drunk? JA didn’t have to show up for this award show if she’s so above this show that she needs drinks to be there or to go on stage.

    • truthSF says:


      Do ppl not realize how pathetic they make Aniston appear by making these pathetic excuses for her. I mean, she’s not saying anything about it, why are ppl defending her as if this bothers her.

      She’s a grown ass woman, treat her like one, instead of a little girl who’s mentally challenged.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @Toot-Lighten up. It was an MTV awards show. I’m pretty sure that MTV WANTS the contestants to have fun and let their hair down (better ratings) and I’m sure they made it a point to have the booze flowing. The majority of people there were probably drunk or high so why is it that we’re ONLY crucifying Aniston again? Oh right. The irrational hatred etc etc. Jesus, she had a couple drinks at an awards show and seemed mildly buzzed, people are acting like she murdered someone. Relax y’all.
      As far as making excuses-um, I’m no JA fan but I don’t need to make “excuses” for her. But out of curiosity-excuses for what? She didn’t do anything wrong except for have a little fun at a lame-ass joke of an awards ceremony. WGAF?

      • GrandPoobah says:

        +1 folks need to lighten up.

        She’s at the MTV awards, not the Oscars (at which she did not seem tipsy, incidentally). It’s a fun, silly awards show. I don’t see why having a drink or two is such a big deal.

        And I’m not seeing the ‘making excuses’ part either. She didn’t do anything to ‘make excuses’ about.

      • Chatcat says:

        No kiddin Kitten…I was that way at the bar the other night saying bon voyage to a coworker who is moving on…I had a ride home with a DD so I stumbled and mumbled a little bit…no big deal. HOWEVER, I did feel like shit all day Friday at the office. I MIGHT be getting too old for going out after work for drinks and getting home at midnight! lol

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        But this isn’t the first time she’s ‘slurred her words’ and appeared drunk on TV … and not just Award shows either. She’s also appeared drunk on late night Talk shows and in network interviews in the morning/early afternoon.

    • Sal says:

      For some reason, so many people seem to think Aniston is as pure as the driven snow and is an angel who can do no wrong. I call it the Aniston Hypnosis. If she does anything, people seem to need to find excuses rather than admit she is not perfect. She is seen, due to her smoke and mirrors persona, as someone of the highest virtue who never does anything wrong. If she does, it was an accident, or, ‘she didn’t mean it’. The moral gymnastics some of her fans did over her coming between Heidi and Justin was some Olympic record! They simply could not see Aniston as she is, some even said “*Jen* would NEVER do that” as if she is perfect and virtue. For some reason, people don’t see the woman behind the mask. When the mask slips, people rush to find excuses for her so nothing is seen as her fault. I’ve never seen such brainwashing en masse by a celeb before it my life. Its the Aniston Cult. Aniston never does anything wrong. If she did, see rule number one….

  14. lower-case deb says:

    i might sound like a broken record, but i wasn’t hallucinating. i channelsurfed past MTV when she was going “so thank you Friends…” and i was thinking MTV has a lifetime achievement awards?

    other than that, sounds like a run-of-the-mill thank you speech. not the worst, not the best. completely normal, nothing extraordinarily good nor bad. but certainly threw me a curveball by mentioning Friends. which I don’t get why, since Horrible Bosses is not a Friend’s spinoff. But I am really not a Friends expert, since I only watch Friends for the scant episodes Dr. Richard Burke was in. ‘Tache-envy!

    And I actually like Jennifer Aniston in Along Came Polly and that God Almighty flick. My guilty pleasures.

  15. Bird says:

    Sorry, I’m not seeing it. She doesn’t look wasted to me. Maybe she has a buzz (wouldn’t we all), but she looks totally in control of herself.

  16. bea says:

    Terrible dress.
    Dirt bag used to mean used condom, I guess not anymore…….?

  17. Anon says:

    She sounds like she did on the red carpet of Just Go With It. Maybe that is why Sandler looked peeved.

  18. LeeLoo says:

    Please, if I had to deal with an awards show like MTV’s Movie Awards, I’d be hammered too. It’s all so stupid.

    I can’t stand Jen. I think she is the most vapid and self-involved person from everything I have read about her. But for the first time in my life she has gained a shard of respect from me for showing up wasted and still having the guts to get up there and accept thaat award. Good job, Jen.

  19. nikzilla37 says:

    She is totally drunk. Which I love. This awards show was kind of a joke, and I think it’s meant to be.

  20. Hermitess says:

    Was I the only one who thought Charlize was high on the red carpet?

  21. Bellebeesting says:

    Seriously? LOL Am I the only one that thinks any conspiracy about late release of video could have as much to do with say…Mark W going off-script to defend Mila as it does with JA? Rolling my eyes and moving on.

  22. Ellen says:

    So it’s ok that Fassbender is drunk at every event he turns up to but it’s not ok when Aniston does? Cos she’s a woman perhaps? Such double standards. Maybe it’s because I’m Irish but I see absolutely nothing wrong with going to one of these shows, getting drunk and having fun. Lighten up for Christ’s sake.

  23. kpist says:

    Her character was a hilarious dirtbag in Horrible Bosses.

  24. The Original Mia says:

    Probably. More than likely. I would drink up too to get through that snorefest.

  25. Chris says:

    I liked her little speech and she was my win for this award as well. She was perfect in that role.

  26. Jackie says:

    she dresses like a cougar.

    i don’t like the term, but it describes her style very well.

  27. NM6804 says:

    She’s certainly happy to have won. For just an mtv award, even is she’s pretending, she’s good at projecting a bubbly appreciative image.

    Is she drunk? Maybe. I guess sitting at shows for hours on end and with the possiblility of going home empty handed, I would knock back a few too. But not to the point where the booze takes over control though so I hope she was just really happy to be there otherwise: unprofessional. She’s a boozehound so she should know her boundaries with drinking as should any person.

    • truthSF says:

      She was literally there for about 10-15 minutes (she won the first award of the night and left right after), not enough time to knock down a few waiting in hopes u get an (MTV) awards. She more than likely came there drunk, considering she’s a boozehound and can probably hold a certain amount of liquor before getting tipsy.

      I get tipsy from half bottle of a Smirnoff, and not the vodka kind. Me and alcohol just don’t get along. :)

      • NM6804 says:

        Yes, I read the Lainey piece. So if she was drunk she’s like the teenage girl who gets wasted before entering a club? Even dumber :) .

        I’m still not sure if she was really out of it though so I can’t judge anyway.

        Please, I hear you. I get drunk from just looking at alcohol! I don’t like the taste anyway so it’s no problem for me not to drink but if I do, two glasses and I’m finished. That’s a wrap for tonight, you can just haul me away ;) . Not used to it.

  28. Lurker says:

    The video seemed to be gone for a bit and is now back or maybe just my computer. Anyway, I guess Jennifer is a little drunk, but mostly just her normal self. She kind of sounds a little like that in her interviews. She is not very articulate. When the vid was not there, I tried searching for it on youtube and on the web, but could not locate it and was beginning to believe the conspiracy. Still the fact it’s not widely available does seem there is something to hide. Goes against her image perhaps?

  29. Ana says:

    Shes ridiculous, getting uglier with age, her last movie was a huge bomb AGAIN.
    Her outfit is awful, her hair is boring. dear god why do americans find her so interesting? Shes now 43, get over rachel!
    Oh, and shes a homewrecker and a sugermama

  30. Kaka says:

    Everyone in the industry knows the awards were RIGGED this year at the behest of power PR flacks, PR agencies and studios. So of course, Rachel Green who has the most cutthroat agent in the biz was gonna score her a little cheesehead award to rehabilitate her after that unmitigated flop she had wanderbust. You failed to mention that for the FIRST time, this year, in order to avoid the usual Twilight sweep, they did not have movie fans vote. It was RIGGED by PR agents and studios, requesting that certain clients get mentions and awards.

    • Josephina says:

      You are correct.

      In fact, before the show aired, there was talk on the internet that the typical regular moviegoers were deliberately left out of the voting process because of fear of a Twilight sweep of awards.

      Huvane strikes again! There he is, by her side (Where’s Justin????) in the video. I tell ya, he is the HARDEST working PR guy in Hollyweird. He’s so good he can make a movie career out of a non-movie career…

      • Sal says:

        Agreed. Who other star has their agent with them at awards? Why does she feel the need to have him there? She is pitiful and completely bizarre. I feel sorry for his other clients, because they sure are not getting his attention. Its like he only has ONE client: Aniston.

  31. Runs with Scissors says:

    “And thank god this category just popped up…”

    Doesn’t she mean “thank Huvane this category just popped up…so they could buy another award for me” lol.

    Didn’t watch the video, she bugs too much, but really who cares if she was a little buzzed.

    • truthSF says:

      Maybe he is her “God”. Without him (and her ex), she would not have a successful movie career.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Do you think she calls out Huvane’s name during sex? ;)

      • truthSF says:

        Girl, you so bad. :) But to answer your question, yes, I think she brings him to bed with her and her partner of the moment. I’m sure it gets very crowded in there.

      • NM6804 says:

        Just a general remark. Everytime this woman wins something or gets any kind of press, it’s Huvane that’s behind it according to non-fans.
        You would think that one of the best agents in town has nothing better to do than keep himself occupied with one of the least impressive actresses acting talent wise. Sure, she makes good money and is popular and she gets roles every year which is more than some more talented actresses get but compared to the acting talent that he has in his clientele? You would think he would shove Aniston aside for better clients?

        I don’t think Huvane is behind EVERYTHING Aniston does, that is ridiculous. Sorry but I don’t think he spends that much time on ONE client. Besides, Aniston hasn’t been seen that much either in the lasts months and there haven’t been interviews so she’s not shoved in our faces because she has nothing to promote. Why would Huvane even work for her when there is nothing to do? It makes no sense to me why people keep pushing Huvane as the end all of Aniston’s career especially when those people always mention how boring, vapid, talentless etc. she is so he’s not doing a good job to some yet he keeps on doing it anyway. For the life of me, I do not get it…

      • Josephina says:


        He cannot change Aniston’s character- boring, hobby-less, drinking, smoking, no real acting talent–but he CAN put on his Whodini hat and use her money to buy her way onto sexy lists on magazines that he or his brother owns, or or strong arm someone to take her in a movie. Notice she ain’t winning anything that depends upon the votes of her peers or other industry pundits. FACT.

        Open your eyes. Hell, he is RIGHT THERE sitting next to her in the audience in the video above, just like he was present at her Hollywood Walk of Fame reception and other premieres—FACT. He’s like paranormal activity, but he shows up in the daytime. He doesn’t need to spend that much time with the other clients because they actually have talent and their talent can sell on its own merit…

      • NM6804 says:

        But why would he do that constantly if she’s not all that as an actress? What agent would want to have THAT credit on his resumé? “I just bought a mtv-award for a mediocre actress”. And how could she win anything noteworthy like a SAG or an Oscar when her films don’t ask for that? You take what you can get and girl can’t go higher than these kind of awards. I just don’t believe that EVERYTHING is bought. I don’t dispute anything else what you or others say but the “Huvane does everything for Aniston” just can’t be true.

        Sorry, I can’t watch that video in my country nor am I so invested in her to look it up on the internet. If I can’t see it, I move on, I’m not curious in the slightest because her work isn’t my thing so why would I be interested if she wins a prize for it? For all the boring talk about her, people know everything about her here. It’s a disconnect.

        Huvane accompanied some other clients too. His presence is not exclusively to Aniston and I know this because I just did a quick Google search. Paltrow popped up for one and for a girl born into Hollywood and wealth, why would she need his assistance? Huvane goes where he is wanted but not exclusively for Aniston.

        Actually, you can’t rely on talent alone to sell. Why do all A-listers work with agents otherwise? Do you actually know his client list? Most of them have more talent than Aniston will ever have so why do they have him as an agent then?

        Also, Ms. Bullock who also has a very good image despite having a racist ex-husband and then having a black baby all of a sudden is repped by Kevin Huvane who is also seen a lot in her company yet people wouldn’t think half the bad things about her than they do about Aniston so why is Aniston the only one in need for an agent? They ALL need agents. FACT.

      • Sal says:

        NM6804, As suss and bizarre and unheard of as it is, Huvane attended the awards with her and was by her side. I ask you, WHO OTHER of his clients does he do that for? I rest my case. For all intents and purposes, this man only has ONE client: Aniston.

      • Josephina says:


        Umm…did you say OSCAR and SAG award and Jennifer’s name in the same sentence? I am thinking this was a typo error because this chica has NEVER WON on award on that level for any filmwork, PERIOD. Aniston is more of a celebrity and less known as a film actress.

        Secondly, Aniston’s “movie stardom” has yet to show any real teeth after 20 years of making movies. If a movie is successful with her in it, it is because of the cumulative talented weight of the other actors starring, which is the REAL reason for the box office draw.

        Time and time again, when she is billed as lead actress–see WanderBUST–the Jenhags will come to sites like CB and artificially defend her …ahem…”honor”…but won’t spend $20 to support her amazing “acting” talents, not unless she is cast in an ensemble of much stronger actors. FACT.

        And this is WHY shots are taken at her. She sees herself as an A-list movie STAR. Ergo the ridicule. We know the critics don’t support her. If we are to measure her fanbase by who actually pays to see her in film,…well there’s the second joke.

        Of all the great award-winning movies that have been released, rom-com style or otherwise, she is usually not cast in those movies.

        The third joke (and perpetual amusement) is when her internet fans attempt to associate her with the true A-list film actresses. She is not on their level. She cannot carry a movie on her own. FACT.

    • Lurker says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking too. This award catagory just kind of popped up, when she needed it? hmmm, sounds prearranged.

      • pwal says:

        My thing is that the Dirtbag category is an excellent category for the MTV Movie Awards; however, to award Aniston with the inaugural trophy stinks of PR.

        There have been better dirtbags in past years – why taint the award before it really had a chance.

    • proth says:

      it’s via online voting. i don’t understand how it could be bought? Are you saying twilight is bought? I don’t get the distinction here?

  32. Kim says:

    She wasnt there for hours her award was first I think she has issues with public speaking

    • Josephina says:

      These excuses are really lame for an actress that has been in the business for 20 years.

      All she had to do was say thank you and get off the stage. But she insisted on …speaking. She sounded silly because that is what she has going on between her ears. That and Huvane did not give her a speech to read… so she was forced into freestyle. Tsk, tsk, poor thang.

  33. Paloma says:

    What I find most incredible is mentioning Friends. I think she constantly relives those days.

    • proth says:

      I think it’s her acknowledging it. And i like the fact that she doesn’t spit on it like some ex TV stars who go into movies…

    • Sal says:

      She had to bring it up to allow her to bring up the bit about her inner “sweetheart”, pumping and promoting that sweetheart charade, as usual. She couldn’t love herself any more if she tried, she really does believe the ‘sweetheart’ moniker and the hype. She is so phony its amazing others can’t see through her. There should be a study done into the Aniston Cult and the brainwashing of people.

  34. AlrightyThen says:

    If you call that drunk, you obviously haven’t been around a few. She sounds fine. Why aren’t you talking about what an awkward mess Kristen Stewart was on stage? And that acceptance speech when Twilight one for movie of the year. Wow.

  35. Meg says:

    I just don’t like that woman. EVERYTHING in her seems fake to me…She hangs out with Chealsea Stupid handler so of course she was wasted

  36. skuddles says:

    Maybe she thought it was a “Drunkbag Award”?

  37. Hip-ster says:

    I thought she looked kind of stoned

  38. Kim says:

    She is drunk but who cares its the mTV Awards not the Oscars. She needs to lose the black pants and vest outfit she wears to every other event. It look great on her but she wears it often. She needs to mix it up. Also her hair needs a makeover badly.

  39. Aries says:

    She’s a Zero and it’s foolish to say that she HAD to be drunk to get thru the bore-fest show….. She’s always drinking, she’s probably a closet drunk.
    And she’s so vapid and vain, since she WAS the Liz Taylor of that young crowd, she was trying to make up for her age with that silly leather dress.
    She looked out of place and you can be sure she wouldn’t have been there if she wasnt winning that “award” what a joke,
    She’s a big BORE, she’s never been funny or interesting on any talk show—-because she can’t speak without a script.
    The only thing authentic about that was that she’s finally gotten the accolade she deserves for being a Douchebag..or whatever it was called.

    • Josephina says:

      Very good point. She stayed for 15 minutes or so…just to “pick up” her award and leave. And not stay and mingle with the crowd to show appreciation for the award or fans?

      Maybe she had to hurry home to let the dog out.

  40. RP says:

    I was a seat-filler at the MTV Movie Awards one year and during every single filming break (for commercials, set up, technical issues, whatever) servers rushed in and start plying all the celebs with booze. Champagne, cocktails, beers, as soon as the cameras stopped they immediately headed down the aisles and start passing out drinks.

  41. G says:

    I don’t think this show’s audience is one she needs to cultivate.

    It’s like somebody’s mom showed up.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    ENOUGH! Let’s talk about the important things: Who heckled Mila Kunis during the introduction for this award, and what did he say?

    And how incredibly sweet of Mark W. to come to her defense!

  43. Shelly says:

    She doesn’t seem drunk to me. However, it’s the MTV awards – I’m sure the booze flows heavily there.

  44. Krock says:

    OMG just watched it. WOW affirmative on the she was drunk thing.

  45. Anahata says:

    I don’t care what you guys say. I laughed my ass off at Horrible Bosses and she was the bomb in it. My husband also drools over her – he thinks she’s crazy sexy. And FYI for the lunatics out there – this does not make me “team” anyone. But he also thinks a certain other woman looks like she is deathly ill ( and not due to skin tone – I have lovely pale skin myself).

  46. Anahata says:

    I don’t care what you guys say. I laughed my ass off at Horrible Bosses and she was the bomb in it. My husband also drools over her – he thinks she’s crazy sexy. And for the lunatics out there – this does not make me “team” anyone. But he also thinks a certain other woman looks like she is deathly ill ( and not due to skin tone – I have lovely pale skin myself).

  47. Truth says:

    she is very unattractive why is she famous?? no appeal plus she is very dumb

    • Aries says:

      Dumb and UNfunny

      Watch her on a talk show….she’s awful..she tells boring stories and laughs at nothing….shes also very awkward….her looks are all she has and they’re fading by the second

      in fact she’s on Ellen today …should be another. Borefest/Asskissing

  48. Truth says:

    My boyfriend thinks she looks like a horse

  49. Truth says:

    middle age is is a bit*h she has the spread and all.

    • Becky1 says:

      Please-she does not have middle aged spread! Say what you will about her but she’s in damn good shape. Goofy, not the best actress-yeah, I can get on board with that. But middle aged spread?? That’s laughable. There are a lot of people with an irrational hatred of JA on this website.

  50. Aries says:

    Remember she was a fatty in her teens and early 20′s.
    She was a NutriSystem girl before anyone knew her name. She seems SO self conscious to me. Like she’s always afraid people will discover she’s a fake and a fraud……like how Brad did….ha ha

    Shiloh has more self confidence and personality than that vapid woman..

  51. Bella says:

    thats whats she gets for thinking she is “real actress” anyway ! She had a show,its over… no more dopey movies
    please stay home,go away far far away….she is a drinker drinker drinker thank god brad has a great wife and family

  52. G says:

    And why does she bring up Friends?

    Friends is to Anniston what Mean Girls is to Lohan.

  53. lily says:

    id love to see the faces of the ppl calling Jen Aniston unattractive and also a list of their accomplishments…. because from the way theyre bashing her you’d think that they were freaking Miss UNIVERSE who cured cancer or something! BTW Im not TEAM ANYONE, I think Angelina Jolie is beautiful too! I just dont understand all this hate towards her. Shes just having fun at an awards show…u crazy ppl make it seem like she set fire to a bag of puppies or something…so much anger its scary!

  54. LiarSmackTalker says:

    I really just love her. You’re all haters!

  55. Hipocrisy says:

    That thunder neck of her scares the hell out of me.

    I don’t know where does that come from (even sportaholic Madonna doesn’t have onee that thick) but she sure has the facial features, tan and neck of a professional female body builder.

    No other actress has that type of masculine thick neck. It’s weird.

    As for this story, she may have been drunk or stoned but that’s how she usually comes out in speerches. It’s nothing new.

    • Aries says:

      She does look mannish lately

      I’m surprised she’s not on an Estrogen drip

      Jennifer!!!!!watch out for that WALL!!!!’m

    • Tiffany says:

      Your delusional post is what scares the hell out of me. You think she has the neck of a female body builder???? I think female body builders would be insulted! Her neck looks fairly normal to me, not to mention in these pictures her hair is covering most of it.

      • Hipocrisy says:

        It’s YOUR opinion and i have mine, BUT if you think her neck is in the norm size for a female, no offence but you are the delusional one. And this coming from someone who like that part of the body, hence is very attentive to necks in general.

        Again, her neck is more in par with a body builder than the average woman, especially with that slender body of hers. It doesn’t match AT ALL !

      • NM6804 says:

        I second Tiffany and I’ll be damned if somebody decides for me what the norm is for the size of a goddamn neck.

        She is born with it as do all of us so it’s not like she can do something about it nor should she nor should anybody be aware of the thickness of their necks. As if plastic surgery needs another area to make females feel bad about their looks because of other people’s OPINIONS.

        Am really curious what the EXACT measurements are for a perfect neck *eyeroll* Besides, some here are judging on pictures. Camera adds weight/thickness or maybe she doesn’t photograph well.

        Some do everything to dehumanize or uglify Aniston but it only makes them ugly. And this is coming from somebody who doesn’t even like her.

  56. Tiffany says:

    People get such a hate hard on for Jennifer Aniston. I don’t get it. She always seems pretty down to earth, her humor is always self-depreciating.

    The MTV movie awards are such a joke anyway, no one cares or remembers the winners, why shouldn’t she have fun with her acceptance speech?

  57. naturegirl says:


  58. moopsie says:

    give her a break. not like she is being a cracked out snotty bitch.

  59. mummy says:

    For a forty-something-woman she is adorable and sweet no matter what the title. A few haters that make many posts doesn’t change the facts. I congratulate CB for not posting the funniest face she made. She is after all a comedian who can turn lovely or silly on a dime.

  60. chalkdustgirl says:

    My guess is that she had to be pretty wasted to slur like that. She’s a trained, seasoned actress and has probably worked when comfortably numb from a few hits or cocktails during lunch hour on a regular work basis. But this was major slurring.

  61. Kiki says:

    Her face is just so manly and unattractive!

    The chin, the nose, the thin lips all make for a ugly mug.

    Aniston is a dog compared to the numerous true beauties in Hollywood.

  62. tmnt says:

    She’s totally hammered, but wouldn’t you be too if you were up for an award called the Dirtbag Award?

    She’s still totally hot.

  63. Jennifer12 says:

    My husband, who cannot stand my love of celebrity gossip, was watching the awards with me and said, “Is that girl from Friends drunk or what?”

  64. bettyrose says:

    How does she drink that much and keep bangin’ bod? No, seriously, if anyone knows, please share.

  65. LittleDeadGirl says:

    She didn’t seem drunk to me at all. Maybe she had a glass of wine or something and was just relaxed but to say she was wasted is way over the top.

  66. Snowpea says:

    Y’all need to chill!

    I would LOVE to have Jen as a best mate. She’s way cool. You are all bonkers.

  67. Carolyn says:

    Proof that Huvane got his minions to get Aniston this award: a) Aniston isn’t on the radar for the MTV generation. Real fans wouldn’t nominate her in a pink fit. b) She only appeals to 40+ women who “buy” the PR nonsense. c) well, none of her work gets her proper awards, does it?

  68. Snowflake says:

    sounds like she’s just having fun to me. and like she didn’t prepare a speech in advance. come to my town, jennifer! we can go to the beach and be “boozehounds” together. I think she seems like a cool chick, very mellow and laid-back.

    I don’t get all the hate for her. maybe some jealousy? i’m single with no kids either, and sometimes it seems like people are jealous of that.

  69. Cocovenus says:

    To the commentators suggesting you can’t pass an opinion on someone’s looks until you’ve made two sports illustrated covers or something- are you kidding me?! Are you really suggesting that someone can’t have an objective opinion without it being jealousy?! I can’t believe women still think like this. There are women in Hollywood I’m in complete borderline changing my sexuality awe of (Angelina, Amber Heard, Charlize etc) and others that seem to have just got to where they are through a combination of luck & what money can do (Maniston,  ScarJo,  KStew etc)  as they are not naturally stunning women (I’m leaving talent out here and focussing purely on the fact that they are all regarded as ‘beautiful’ in Hollywood). Some people will agree others will disagree but it’s down to personal taste & NOT jealousy! 

  70. Leah says:

    I always think you make a big deal about her being tipsy at these things. It’s not like it was the Oscars. This is a party. Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and others have collected bigger awards after a few jars.

    Gosh, we had a big show and party here in Ireland to celebrate the Late Late Show’s anniversary on Friday and Liam Neeson did the interview drunk! Nobody made a deal out of it. They are actors and these kind of celebrations are their fun – catching up with people they don’t see often and having a few.

  71. Kim says:

    People show respect she is the sexiest woman of all time per Mens Health magazine

  72. Hoh says:

    Josephina needs to go to a doctor for obsession with Aniston.

  73. sup says:

    notice how she said “thank god this category popped up cause i’ve been waiting to unleash my inner dirt bag for some while” she can’t even cover up, she’s so stupid. it just confirms my suspicions that she had somebody give her this award because, she jumped on the opportunity to play a bad girl and she didn’t want that to go unnoticed. all to prove that she can be a bad girl too lol and it sounds and looks like while she did get intoxicated, she did prepare and practice that god awful speech. lol so pathetic

  74. Sal says:

    Not surprising. Shes a well-known alcoholic and has turned up drunk to events before.

  75. kira says:

    An award she richly deserves. Aniston is a real life dirtbag. She cheated with her current piece while he was still living with his long-time girlfriend, Heidi Bivens. She’s nothing but a lying cheater…and the whole sweetheart routine is such an act

  76. Chatcat says:

    Asli, I am sorry but your post has me completely lost in the conversation Kitten started. Not sure what the “Triangle” is?