Duchess Kate & Prince William are trying to get pregnant. Right now.

Did I expect Duchess Kate to get knocked up right after her wedding? Not really. I hoped she would, just because it would give her something to do, and it would give her an international storyline that we could all follow breathlessly. But I didn’t really expect her to get knocked up right away. But I did think the announcement would come before Kate and William’s first wedding anniversary, but it didn’t. Instead, there were a slew of reports claiming that the royal couple was hellbent on waiting (Kate’s specialty) and several royal sources claimed that Kate and William were merely focused on not pulling focus from the Queen during her Diamond Jubilee. One source even claimed that Kate and William would wait until 2013 to even start trying for a baby.

Well, now that the Diamond Jubilee stuff is done and the royal family is preparing for some time off before the London Olympics (they open on July 27), perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the royal baby plans? Or they could just go on vacation again. Why not do both?!?

HollywoodLife.com has spoken to a source with inside knowledge about the Royal couple who reveals that William and Kate are now trying for their first baby and we have the real reason they’ve waited to start a family.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to become parents. A source tells HollywoodLife.com that William and Kate will be announcing their exciting news by the end of the summer. Keep reading for all of the exciting details.

“They can’t wait to have a baby,” a source tells us. “They were waiting for the Queen’s Jubilee to be over before trying for a baby. They didn’t want to overshadow such a big moment in the Queen’s life. But now they are more than ready and Kate could quite possibly be in the early stages of pregnancy right now!”

We told you that Prince William told Katie Couric that he wanted to start a family with Kate and that he might not continue with the Royal Air Force — so that he can become a dad!

[From Hollywood Life]

It’s interesting to think that Kate and William might actually try to get pregnant now, and Kate would be in her first trimester during the Olympics… meaning she would have to do two things at once, “work” at a royal and gestate, at the same time. Imagining the enormity of that – in Kate’s mind – makes me think that she’ll be putting it off until after the Olympics. But sure, this is possible. I could see how Kate and William might be reviewing their baby plans now that the Jubilee stuff is over.

Or maybe all of this is just the cover story because Harry and Kate made a very special ginger baby last night.

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  1. Heather says:

    Does william not wear a ring?

  2. Amelia says:

    You know how there was a very Ross-Rachel tone to their relationship before they got engaged? ‘Will they/won’t they?’ etc.
    Yeah. I reckon this is how their baby-making is going to play out.
    However I did say I thought I spotted a bump on her the other day, but apparently this is party bloat. Boo :p
    I think she’d probably have to gain an extra 5-10lbs before she gets preggers though. I don’t think she’s healthy enough to make a little person at the moment.

  3. sarahtonin says:

    Thanks for the visual, Kaiser.

    She needs a baby, it might get her out of a few more engagements. She doesn’t seem to like those.

    • deep says:

      Doesn’t seem to like those??? Really?? She is co sponsor for Williams charities and she is with him every time. And, she has been out and about with the Queen and Camilla on several occasions. What exactly is it that you want this woman to do? Most seem to like her. And, when she is doing her job she seems comfortable and well at ease. So, What’s the problem? For some she will never be good enough.

      • angelic 20 says:

        You need to except that people are not going to drool over this woman because she is pretty and her only achievement in marrying well.

        Where did you read she Co sponsors all of William’s charities?i live in England and I know nothing about that, she only makes appearances with him like all the other royal engagements, that does not mean she sponsors them.plus William only made 2 visits to charities since his wedding and all other were parities or social events not charitable.Kate herself went shopping (there are photos available if you want to see) after a visit to a hospital where she gave that horrid speech.she was seen playing with her shirt’s button when a man who lost a family member in London riots was taking and sharing his experience with her (also there is a video ), just because media choose to cut ask these that dottedoes not mean it didn’t happen.

        She did no charity work while she was waiting, partying, shopping, going on vacations for 8 years even though she had all the time in the world and no worries about paying the bills at the end of the month.she lehleft a charitable boost race 5 days before the race because William called and she went running back to him leaving the whole team without a rower and the captain was mad her for doing so.she showed absolutely no intention of giving back in any manner for years.so I do not think that she is the most kind or charitable person.
        I think every doolittle fan needs to embrace themselves for the breakdown of media created fairy tale from what I Sasaw over the last few days.they look like Charles and Diana and not like a happily married couple plus her two years period will end soon and british media will take off there gloves and stay reporting on what is really going on, they are just waiting to pounce and some (dm’s Patel) reporters are looking a little to eager to start with the non sugary reporting,i think William messed up with the wrong reporter in case of Patel.i think in long ruin she will be a good critics or hater a every doolittle fan likes to call of duchess of do little.

      • deep says:

        @angelic20 LONDON (AP) — She’s married into the royal family, and now the former Kate Middleton is moving to define her new role by choosing the charities she will support.
        The Duchess of Cambridge has accepted honorary positions with charities that deal with a range of issues, including tackling drug addiction and helping young people, St. James’s Palace said Thursday.
        The palace said the positions reflect her “personal interests in the arts, the promotion of outdoor activity, and supporting people who are in need of all ages, especially young children.”
        The royal, who married Prince William in a gala ceremony last year, became a patron of Action on Addiction and the National Portrait Gallery. She has also become a royal patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and The Art Room, and a volunteer with the Scout Association.
        Patronage raises the profile of the charities the royals support — bringing attention to their causes. It is also considered important to the members of the royal family, because their support shows their commitment to worthy causes.
        “The duchess has chosen to support organizations that complement the charitable work already undertaken by her husband,” the palace said in a statement.
        The late Princess Diana, mother to Prince William, was active in supporting numerous charities, and worked with organizations to help AIDS patients and remove land mines from conflict zones.
        The duchess’ list includes The Art Room, which uses art to help children increase their self-esteem, self-confidence and independence. The world renowned National Portrait Gallery promotes an appreciation of portraiture in all forms, and maintains a vigorous outreach program.
        The duchess, a former Brownie, also chose to volunteer for the scouts, who offer activities for over 400,000 young men and young women in Britain.
        The duchess is already a patron of the charitable foundation Prince William founded with his brother, Prince Harry.

      • deep says:

        @angelic20 I hope the article I posted above answered the question that you had ask me

      • angelic 20 says:

        Bring a tax posting citizen of England I am well aware of the fact that your beloved duchess of Cambridge choose 5 charities to support after a whole year of researching.she made one visits to theses charities and took 1 vacation before and 1 after her 8 one day pet week of router some work load.again please do not tell me what the royal pr said in a public statement,i think I am better aware of how they work then you are, what they said was a media statement and this is the same palace that was trying to convince the world that Charles and Diana were the fairy take couple till the very end of their separation .what has she done in the last 8 years to show that she have all these interests? did she talked about addiction? Did she make a public visit to a rehab as you said it yourself that the point is to raise awareness? No, she did not, her visits have been specifically for photo opportunities.she did show her insincerity with playing with get short buttons, shopping.

        I know that Kate Middleton married prince William at the age of 29.i find it weird that doolittle fans wants everyone to forget what she did on the past.why? What she did in her whole adult life tells us who she is plus what we do in the past gives us a idea what we are, where our interest are, what we are capable of doing and what or ambitions are.that is why we have the concept of bio data, something that gives us a view of our capabilities interests ambition etc so tasty is why I mentioned that fact that do doolittle had no intention of charity work even though she was aware of the fact that she would be expected to do charity work in future.where were all of these interests before? Why was she not interested in young people before? Her past gives us a Bertie about her personality, etc actions speak louder them words or pr and what she did as Kate Middleton show what she is

        She is again not the co sponsor of all the William’s charities, she accompanies him like Michelle Obama accompanies her husband, that do not make her the president.the charity that you mentioned is one charity and that is of William

      • angelic 20 says:

        Apologies for the mistakes,i am on my mobile phone
        I was not able to complete my response before, the charity that you mentioned is a single charity and as you can judge from it’s name it is of William and Harry not duchess of doolittle, she might tag along with him on a event (she has not till now) but that do not make her a Co sponsor.she is the plus one not the sponsor, when you don’t know how the how being a patron to a charity in the royal family sense or a sponsor works then please listen to people who live in that country and know how they work.she is not a Co sponsor of all of William’s charities.

      • LAK says:

        @Angelic 20 – no disrespect to you or @Deep, but you need to give up trying to convince her. She’s chosen to love our dear beloved arm candy duchess and nothing you say nor will pertinent facts convince her otherwise.

        We, who actually live here, will continue to demand more from our leaders.

      • angelic 20 says:

        Lak I was not trying to convince her but correct her when she said that do little Co sponsors all of William’s charity.i am okay if someone wants to worship her but it baffles me when they try to make into this most giving amazing person with so much to give us and that we should be grateful to have while they themselves don’t know all the things or what her role is or how rf works.

      • LAK says:

        @Angelic – i know. and i agree with you. It’s fruitless to give her facts or even correct her misconceptions or even recommend that she go find out the truth for herself because she’ll simply ignore you and carry on regardless.

  4. Maguita says:

    You know… Seeing that picture with Harry leaning into Kate that way to look at his father… Makes me think that there is a possibility. He might be tired of giggly skinny blondes…

    Can you imagine him falling for his brother’s wife??? Especially when his brother is often absent, and he apparently now lives with the couple…

    Yeah, Wills better start working on those kids right away. (I find though the illicit/non-existent story of Hot Lonely Harry and Cool Collected Kate very hot)

  5. Call Me Al says:

    She has seemed uncharacteristically happy and sort of glowing during the past couple weeks’ events. Just sayin.

  6. brin says:

    That’s a good way to celebrate the Queens jubilee!

  7. Valerie says:

    Who knows how long it will take for her to get pregnant, though, since it looks like she is underweight. A friend of mine was thinner than her and it took her 6 months to get pregnant.

  8. The Original Denise says:

    She looks like a pink lace sugar cookie…….

  9. Tmbg says:

    Ugh, when she gets pregnant, that’s when I’ll be taking a sabbatical from celebrity gossip. After Jessica Simpson, I could do without hearing any baby blabber for the rest of my life.

  10. Duchess says:

    I would be very surprised if she became pregnant before their Jubilee tour. That would be very ill-advised.

    • ShazBot says:

      I agree…I think it would be awful to have to do a royal tour (which are quite strenuous, even though they look all nice and breezy) during your first trimester…though that implies she gets pregnant right away, which is never guaranteed.

  11. Garvels says:

    I think it would be wise for them to “wait” until after the Olympics. I like many women experienced major morning sickness jus a few weeks into my pregnancy. It would be terrible if she experienced these symptoms at the height of the Olympic games where the royals will be actively promoting the event.

  12. Anne says:

    Great, more excuses for this woman to stop doing anything even resembling “work”.

    • LAK says:

      yep. That’ll be 7 years before she lifts a finger to work. And that’s assuming she only has the one that will be shipped off to boarding school then.

      • SISI says:

        Seven years?? .. How come…

      • LAK says:

        @sisi – if they follow the general tradition of upper middle class/aristocracy and some middle class, they will send the child to boarding school at 7. If she has more than one and they follow that tradition, then she will start working when the youngest is at boarding. That’s the excuse that will be given. So we are looking at a minimum 7 years from birth of first (if only) child before she takes up any royal duties.

        All the royal grand kids went, including William and Harry to boarding school from age 7.

      • SISI says:

        The model you suggest does not apply. She is a royal and future queen (no longer a commoner). First, Kate is not allowed to have a normal job, business or carrier. She can only perform royal duties (incl. charity work), determined by her (unique) position & rank (currently DoC, 2nd in line). Officially she started royal duties when she got engaged, so she is already “working” (part-time) to a schedule devised by the palace (agreed with William & Charles, and directed by the Queen). Her charity portfolio would take into account having children, esp. in the early years (hence number of charities gradually increases over time) and any charity she takes on is for life. Therefore, she won’t stop, she will continue performing royal duties while having children (paced accordingly & as per schedule). Also, there are other duties/work bc she is a future queen (!?). However, her first priority is to support William (be his wife and raise a family, if possible. William is currently only a part-time royal so she can only work part time. Their working schedule may now change dramatically bc of Philip’s state of health. It’s very probable that William will be required to step-up his duties and same for Kate. Royal advisers like to plan YEARS in advanced (Williams life was mapped-out since birth)

      • LAK says:

        @Sisi – i know what the intended model of her work schedule is and how it applies to William etc. i also know what ‘work’ as it applies to the royal family means.

        My suggestion that she will not work or at the very least will be excused from work is based upon her current reluctunce to work and all the attendant excuses already given. It took her a year to name her patronages with the palace giving out deadline dates every few months because she would postpone and let each deadline slide.

        The fact she was not allowed to sit out her 2years as initially planned says that she was pushed out by higher powers because of public disapproval at her not working. The initial plan was for her to sit it out for 2 years being a housewife, except for canada and Jubilee events.

        BAck to my original comment, I am suggesting that when she has a baby, assuming she has it now or next year, and assuming she continues with her current schedule of not working except for the Jubilee events/Tour, then it is a very strong possibility that she will use the baby[s] as another excuse not to increase her portfolio of work or cut it out completely.

        My suggestion is not fact, but speculation. However, considering we were told she would not start working full time until she was a royal, which was then changed to she needs accomodation for two years which changed to she can’t work more than William etc, i fully expect the children will be given as an excuse for her to cut back or stop altogether.

        When she started working earlier this year, it was intended that she would work at a steady pace, adding and increasing her duties, instead when William returned, his office/palace put out a statement saying all her future engagements bar the Jubilee were cancelled because she had to become a housewife again, and anyways all that work had stressed her out to such an extent she was going grey!!! i kid you not. These statements are googleable. i suspect that is why she has not visited her patronages again.

        So, if she follows the typical upperclass upbringing for her children, which includes boarding school at 7yrs old, and assuming that she has one child, then we can expect her to not work for at least 7 years because she will be at home raising the kid. If she has more kids, then an extension will be given until the very last one reaches 7 and is shipped off to boarding school.

        As for her working when she has children, i see it the same as she is doing now ie She is officially a housewife, even though she has a permanent Housekeeper and day to day household staff and can therefore fit in work easily, but she doesn’t for all of the many reasons the palace can think up.

        William is another matter and best discussed elsewhere but i will tell you this, What William wants, he gets. Irrespective of plans made by the palace. eg He was scheduled from birth to take up his royal duties full time at 25. As the deadline loomed he decided he did not want to take them up yet, so he was given 3 years to decide. When the deaddline came up, he postponed again, so he was allowed to take up RAF with condition he would take up once he married, that was postponed on grounds that they needed 2 years to settle into married life. The problems with Philip have been evident since October when he had a mild problem, heart operation in December and now an infection. Non of these events have caused William to step up to the plate. The difference this time may be that unlike the other events, this time the public was fully aware of Philip’s condition and disapproved of what may have caused it and would welcome a step down. This may finally push the palace to stand their ground and hold William accountable to his duties and step up to the plate.

        Plans are made in advance for Years, but William is indulged and spoilt and has been allowed to change them as he wishes which is why i can sometimes tone down my criticism of kate because she is merely reflecting William’s wishes.

      • SISI says:

        @LAK – You are right – your premise is Pure Speculation!! (not even a good guesstimate). On what basis do you say she is reluctant to work? Quite the contrary, Kate always have shown keenness & enthusiasm when performing royal duties. She has never turned down royal work, and has successfully delivered on every occasion & exceeded expectations. Accepting to stand-in for Charles (the crown Heir Apparent) last year, on her own, with less than 24hr notice was very telling – It served as her graduation, and showed she was Ready to perform Solo. Kate alone does not decide her workload or the nature of her work; she works to an agreed schedule directed by HM the Queen, who finally decides the workload for all members of the Royal Family). So, if she is not doing a lot of public engagements at the moment is because she is Not Required to do so. In fact, Kate’s role will Always have to be smaller than William’s, a future king (like Prince Philip & the Queen). She is required to maintain a lower profile than William, Camilla, Charles & the Queen (she’s only married to the heir of the heir who is not yet working full-time). The palace has made it very clear that William & Kate would NOT undertake a Significant amount of royal duties in the first 2 years of their marriage. That does not mean she will sit out royal duties and only be a housewife for that time, but the amount of royal duties would be significantly REDUCED – the focus IS on being a royal wife. Being a housewife and only working part-time does not mean being lazy, wasting time or not doing anything. There’s also a Lot that goes on behind close doors. – Kate is also undertaking a crash-course on royal protocol, etiquette, foreign affairs, diplomacy, advance PR, self-defence, etc, to prepare her for her role as high-profile Royal Ambassador & Patron …and future Queen. As previously said, Palace officials like to plan YEARS ahead – William’s life was mapped-out since birth. You can bet, Kate’s new royal life has also already been mapped-out, accordingly – whatever they do, they will work together as a team (& may include Harry)

      • LAK says:

        @SISI – I am so glad that you see it that way. That you take what is INTENDED and PLANNED as opposed to what is actually happening.

        I can give HM the benefit of the doubt but not Charles who is such a spoilt baby who doesn’t want to be overshadowed by anyone.

        However, in the case of Kate, it is all William and his wishes. He has said on many occasions he is not ready, and clearly he can do as he wants despite the plan of his life, he has been able to hide out in the military when he should have been out and about at 25yrs – that number was planned and trumpeted by the palace, so it shows that plans can change. Those plans were changed to say that he would start either at 30 or his wedding which ever came first and that his wife would work as a full time royal alongside him on his marriage. Well, those plans changed at the wedding to give them 2 years grace period.

        Further, did you know that her office told a royal reporter that Kate herself is in charge of her own schedule and pace of that Schedule? I also do not see HM giving out instructions as to types/no of days work is supposed to be. Look at what happened when she made it known that she disapproved of kate’s non working as a royal girlfriend. Waity got a part-time job that she quit soon after. Her own Jigsaw boss said she quit because she could not balance William and the job even though the official reason given out by Middleton pr was that she was being harrased by paps. Did you know that she received instruction from the palace regarding paps since 2005 and several of the paps have gone on record to say that she worked with them.

        Meanwhile in her current job i will give her credit because as long as she did do solo work, she seemed more relaxed than when William was with her, but it all came to a screeching halt once William came back from the Falklands because PER THE PALACE it was stressing her out and giving her grey hair and she needed to be a housewife again, so rest of her schedule except Jubilee was cancelled.

        My suggestion is a very good guessestimate as to what is likely to happen once she has children based upon her ACTIONS and not what the palace would like us to believe is going to/intends to/has been planned to happen.

        I do not doubt that she is receiving instructions per her future role, BUT please do not make that bigger than it is because she is a consort. William is the future sovereign and should be the one receiving such detailed instructions. Her role as she is very clearly demonstrating is to be arm candy. Nothing else.

        Finally, as she is receiving instructions, are they skipping protocol and etiquette and other really fundamental rookie details that given her more than 8 years with good education on top she should not be making.or is it just her and they are not taking? i mean, basic protocol mistake at the boat on the river pageat, a really underwhelming speech -actually in that case it wasn’t so much the contents of the speech as delivery, the too short skirts, the really bad car exits, the too high shoes, the excessive make up, the constant hair touching and flipping, the underwhelming contents of her remarks at Unicef – BTW this is a country that she apparently visits for holidays, as recently as her engagement setting – how come she did not know there was a famine going on, attending a cancer ward with all that hair flying in her face which shows a lack of sensitivity to the hospital environment as well as the cancer patients, the typing of her note as well as the contents of the note to a child, Why no coat on an expected windy cold day? Why no weights in her clothing to prevent photos like that yellow dress g-string picture in Canada?

        And most importantly, why are we still discussing her clothes and make up a year after the wedding rather than anything else of substance?

        The palace has trumpeted for years that she would be the most ready, most briefed royal bride in history. The wait wasn’t fruitless because it was giving her a chance to know what was expected of her AND she was receiving instructions despite the lack of an official role.

        Being able to step in for POW at a gala event when you are sitting at home doing nothing is very small beer in my book especially when we know she only attends gala/premieres so hair and make-up are always at the ready and i presume there is enough clothing in her wardrobe so no panic as to what to wear. Oh Wait, there was panic because we all saw the hair extension piece and the palace LOWERED themselves to deny that. Of All the things they could be denying on her behalf, an alleged hair extension????!!!!!

      • vava says:

        Waity’s full time job is ‘mothering’ Prince Willy…..LOL

      • SISI says:

        @ LAK: I seriously doubt if whatever she does will ever satisfy you or many people in this blog. Kate worked, has a royal “Job” and will be working for the rest of her life, certainly long after many of us has retired. The lack of respect shown by many people (who really have own personal agendas/issues) & some media commentators is insulting and shameful. -They feel is OK to pick-on Kate, hurl insults an spiteful comments with impunity (and anonymity). I rather keep an open mind and not rush into making harsh, definite judgements where possible – It’s very early days in a (hopefully long) royal life. Kate is first & foremost a Royal, not a celebrity – a future Queen of the UK & the Commonwealth. Like other royal consorts in direct line to the throne, she will always have greater limitations & a smaller role than her husband. He is the future King so her main role will always be to support him throughout (like Prince Philip & HM the Queen and their predecessors). I think many people – Kate’s detractors in particular – are in danger of seriously underestimating the Duchess of Cambridge…!? Above all, what I like about this is having the opportunity to just witness a unique/especial time in history: the making of a British princess and future queen for our times, with its ups & downs (which normally largely happens behind closed doors). Kate is the first royal bride in 350 years who is a “true” commoner (no royal or aristocratic background whatsoever, but (wealthy) middleclass), first one to be university educated and indeed, the most briefed, most ready, royal bride in British history (amongst other firsts).

      • Henry says:

        @SISI: uh, girl, do yourself a favor and stop making a fool of yourself (in public no less) arguing with LAK, someone who is chockful of knowledge about the royals.

        you sound like some run-of-the-mill pro-Kate defender who only came to like her after her wedding. You don’t seem up to date with her work history, ethics and don’t seem to know how the RF ticks.

        You wanna like her, fine. But please don’t make yourself look so silly in public with all your un-researched opinions.

      • SISI says:

        @Henry – Is that so? … You actually believe LAK to be very knowledgeable about the British Monarchy and RF, and Kate pre-wedding years – her private life in particular??! … And factual & objective – historically accurate – in her purely speculative utterances!!? Hmmm…!? Funny how ” making a fool of yourself (in public no less)” seem to really apply to You!! …particularly when followed by “look so silly in public with all your un-researched opinions”… I guess you are very wilfully ignorant or one of those self-appointed Kate-bashers.

      • LAK says:

        @SISI – Perhaps because this is an American gossip blog rather than a British news blog you assume that i am not British, i don’t know my own history or even royal history, how the royal family works.

        You really imagine that Kate and William’s life is or has been private? Really???!!!

        And i can be factual and objective because i base comments on what is already known, not what i would like to happen. i make it very clear when i differ from that edict.

        While we are here, may i point out that Sophie Wessex is the most common bride to enter the current Royal Family, not Kate. She did it without any of Kate’s advantages.

        As for KAte’s work ethic, tell me again why she is called Dolittle?

      • SISI says:

        @LAK – You are wrong!! Sophie Wessex may be a commoner but she is NOT married to an heir in direct line to the throne (a future king). Edward is only a minor royal, Sophie is not a future Queen like Kate (a huge difference). Kate is the first royal consort in 350 years who is a “true” commoner (no royal or aristocratic background whatsoever, but (wealthy) middleclass)- This IS a historical Fact! She is also the first royal consort (future queen)to be university educated and indeed, the most briefed, most ready, royal bride in British history (amongst other firsts).

    • l'emme says:

      Hahhaha that was so freaking funny!!!!

  13. Jackie says:

    looking pretty and birthing an heir is what she was hired for, after all.

    get on with it waity…you have fulfilled your role of looking pretty, now it’s time to reproduce!

    • SISI says:

      She may have been originally “hired” but would not surprise me if one day she takes over the whole lot – She & Pippa may have inhereted Carole’s business genes. Looking at recent developments, she is now amongst the “manificent seven” (the most senior royals) …and that’s just within a year of arrival! White impressive for such a lazy, workshy, vacous, non ambitious..donothing person.

  14. Patricia says:

    I would love for her to have a ginger baby. By Will that is. Not an impossibility.

    Imagine the fun the rags would have with that!

    Then again, maybe for the child’s sake it would not be so funny.

  15. pf says:

    How is it possible to even get pregnant when your bones are sticking out? Does she even get a monthly flow? She looks skinnier than ever, and that padded bra only emphasizes it.

  16. deep says:

    Well, from reading Celebitchy the people bashing Kate will maybe stop now. You see, all of this makes sense to me. They didn’t want to take anything away from the Queen. How polite and lovely of William and Kate. Now maybe people will stop bashing Kate so much. This confirms what I already thought..which was that she was a lovely and thoughtful person. I wish William and his beautiful bride well. Many babies and years of happiness. :)

  17. bettyrose says:

    Hypothetically, If Harry sired a baby with Will’s wife, could it still be the heir? I mean legally it’s presumed the husband’s baby – from laws predating DNA testing, but still.

  18. Sarah says:

    Honestly I think she’s going to wait til after the Olympics to try. I think she will wait for the same reason she waited til after the Jubilee. A thin as a rail girl like Kate would show crazy fast into a pregnancy and girl does not want to look a little chubs for events and photographs that will follow her for the rest of her life.

    She wont be able to explain EVERY time that she wasn’t just pudgy when people bring up famous photos of events she was in! And what about even later than that, when all the details get lost and she can’t explain which photos she was knocked up in? A century from now (when the robots rule us all) people will just see the more significant photos of history that she was in and assume that she was just naturally bloaty.

    It sounds stupid (it is stupid), but think about it, what does society remember the most about Royalty and Historical leaders? Henry the 8th: Fat, horny. Louis the 14th: fabulous wardrobe, good shoes, nice place. Marie Antoinette: Pretty bitch, liked her sweets. Napoleon: Short. Elizabeth I: Virgin (*cough*).

    History is just as superficial as we are! I’m sure Kate, The Queen and William think that Royalty is just as important and worth remembering as it used to be, so naturally their images will be seen forever and ever. I doubt they’ll make the History cut though, more likely the pics of The Ginger Prince With The Manhood Aplenty will live on forever.

  19. Mich says:

    I’m sorry but how dehydrated is this woman that her thumb is crinkling like that in the first pic at the age of 30? I’m 12 years her senior, haven’t had enough water today and just tried to get my thumb to do that. No luck.

  20. Fab says:

    No baby trying yet.

    Kate and will have a jubilee tour of the parcific islands later this year.

  21. LaTiDa says:

    Honest question: Do people really believe that they are not trying now? Or more specifically that there is any reason big enough to warrant waiting?

    Since the wedding there are have been numerous reported reasonings behind the wait. From the need for time to adjust, the busy Summer of 2012, etc however I have always thought there is simply no way they haven’t started trying.

    Kate is 30; being a royal wife her main responsibility is to produce an heir. She has lost some of her most productive years waiting for the wedding, it would be mind boggling to me that she would possibly wait for the baby.

    • SISI says:

      As a monarch William will be required to ensure there is an adequate line of succession, and that’s already in place and is well supplied. So, it would no be catastrophic if they cannot have an heir, the monarchy would continue headed by the next in line. IMHO, they have alredy discussed different scenarios prior to becominng engaged.

  22. anne_000 says:

    I think that if and when she ever does have a baby, she’ll have 4 nannies for it. She might raise her kids like Prince Charles was raised, just having them come in just to say good morning and then goodnight. I don’t see her as a hands-on mother, but I think she’ll leave most of the work to the multiple nannies.

  23. flower says:

    The royals popularity is on a roll at the moment in the UK and Commonwealth countries, people are even starting to like Charles. It started in 2011 with the wedding, now the jubilee and the olympics in 2012, they will keep it going in 2013 with the baby, you just wait and see.

  24. aud says:

    Blah, William is so aloof. He really needed a wife who is more outgoing and warm to compensate.

    She only seems effusive and such around Harry. He really brings out the best in people.

    I’m annoyed that Kate and I might simultaneously gestate lol. Irrational but meh.

    my husband and i are going to start trying for our first :)

  25. Mol says:

    William wanted to wait until 2013, but he seems increasing cold and distant, Kate should get pregnant before the marriage ends or nothing will. Incidentally, for the first time in history mum Carole has spoken with friends of the couple’s privacy, she said that Kate would soon begin to try to have a baby.

  26. taxi says:

    Charles was already Prince of Wales when he married Diana. He was & still is the next in line. There’s another generation between Will & QE. It is illogical to expect these grandchildren to perform as actively as now as they will when Charles steps up to the throne. Fuss on Chuck & Cammie.

    • SISI says:

      Charles was very jealous of Diana’s popularity. He will NOT allow any one to upstage him or Camilla – the activities of William & Kate (in particular) are tightly controlled by Charles. He is determined to make Camilla his Queen no matter the consequences – William may have to wait 30yrs to become king

  27. Dahlia1947 says:

    Angelic20 and others like him/her really need to get a life! You seem to be TOO emotionally invested in what Catherine does and doesn’t do. IT’S REALLY CREEPY ACTUALLY! SO CHILL OUT ALREADY!

    • Mich says:

      Several of the people you are insulting with your comment are British. This is their monarchy. Their national anthem asks God to save (as in protect) the monarchy so that it may “long to reign over” the nation. They aren’t being ‘creepy’ they care about something that has a longer tradition in their country than democracy does in the United States. You, on the other hand, are being ignorant of a culture that is not your own.

  28. B says:

    I am so tired of hearing how hard it is for Catherine to get herself together. IMO she is a spoiled and a self fulfilling person. Thank you Holy God the new amerca broke free from British entitlement.

  29. Nancy Blue says:

    A correction – Carole Middleton is from a very much working class background which is well known. She has worked hard to move her children in to a middle class bracket. Sophie Wessex was from an established middle class background.

  30. I like the title of your article and how you kicked off with it. :)

    Anyway, thanks for the article. Keep us updated. I bookmarked this page to visit again.

    Oh, and can someone explain to me why the Prince isn’t wearing his ring?