Ryan Gosling brought Eva Mendes to his mom’s college graduation in Canada

This is a fan photo (via Instagram) of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes at the graduation ceremony of Brock University. I will get to that backstory in just a moment. First, I should point out that those photos we covered on Monday – the ones of Ryan and Eva at LAX together – were the beginning of their wild and crazy Canadian adventure. They’ve been in Canada all week. LaineyGossip had some of the details here – first they went to Montreal, then Toronto, and then to St. Catherines in Ontario, which is where Brock University is located. So why go to this seemingly random graduation? Ryan’s mom graduated!!

Mega star Ryan Gosling proudly watched his mom graduate from Brock University Wednesday. The 31-year-old Canadian actor created quite a stir when he attended the St. Catharines campus with his Hollywood girlfriend Eva Mendes, 38.

Fans lined up outside the auditorium and Twitter blew up with news of sightings. For hours Wednesday afternoon Brock University was trending in the Top 10 on the popular social networking site in Canada.

When approached by The Standard, Gosling said he wasn’t doing interviews.

“This is my mom’s day,” he said.

Gosling, who has starred in more than 30 movies including The Notebook, Drive and The Ides of March, left the ceremony early so he wouldn’t disturb the proceedings. Mendes left shortly after. They met up in a room where the graduates went following the event.

“He requested privacy for himself and his family,” said university spokesman Kevin Cavanagh. “He told me this was his mom’s day and the graduates’ day. He didn’t want to be a diversion.”

Kerri Behling, 21, volunteered to help out at the graduation ceremony after hearing rumours that Gosling was going to be there. She, along with at least a dozen other people, stood on a landing outside the gym, shooting photos of the back of Gosling’s head.

“I’ve never seen a famous person before,” the 21-year-old Brock student said.

Seeing Gosling for her first star sighting made the experience that much better, she said.

“I think he’s the same person as he was in The Notebook,” she laughed. “I’m out here waiting for a proposal.”

Brock students Amy Wilson, 22, Erin Wyhoda, 22, and Nicole Studenny, 23, went to the school’s convocation after hearing that Gosling’s mother was graduating.

“He walked right by us,” Wilson said, noting they all stood there stunned, not even snapping a picture.

[From St. Catherine’s Standard]

That would be me – I’d be one of those people too “stunned” to even move if I chanced upon one of my favorite male actors. I talk big about throwing myself at the likes of Michael Fassbender, but in reality, I would probably just stand very still, watching him like a hawk, not even daring to breathe. Anyway, it’s nice that Ryan came to his mom’s graduation. I have mixed feelings about Ryan making such a “thing” about it not being his day. Surely there could have been a happy-medium, like he could have given an interview to a local paper and still established that the day was all about the graduates? Because it’s weird to think that Ryan really expected to NOT get fan-girl’d.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. dahlia noir says:

    Well, he’s right. His mom worked hard to graduate and she was the topic of the day, not him. I respect that.

    • Liv says:

      Does his “girlfriend” respect that too? ;-)

    • BitchyPerson says:

      I totally agree, why are we bad mouthing him for giving his mom “her day It wasn’t about him it was about her. I find he seems very down to earth and doesn’t let his fame go to his head despit his what was it over 20 movies. If he did announce himself as going we’d be calling him out for being a self centered douchebag. Or maybe making fun of hime bc he’s supp gay or he likes disney, get over it girls!

    • BitchyPerson says:

      Sorry it was 30 movies. And doesn’t everyone on this site bash famewhores, now we’re bashing him for not being one. And if he cant go somewhere without fan girls swarming him it’s not his fault. It’s the dumb girls that swarm him like flies on shit.

  2. Gabbo says:

    Notice that no one cared that Eva Mendez was there too.

  3. Missy says:

    I read in another article that they brought their own security, I’m betting it’s Eva who thought she would need it if she’d be mingling with the common people.

  4. Danielle says:

    Does he ever smile in her presence? Just Jared has pictures of them at Niagara Falls, with the headline that they’re all smiles, Eva smiles in a couple of pictures but he looks so miserable and he doesn’t even walk beside her. I hate to bring up the pics of him with Rachel because I wasn’t a McGosling fanatic either but at least he showed some genuine affection for her. Kept his arm around her, held or kissed her hand when they walked and he smiled. He does the same in pics with his mom, but never with Eva. It’s just weird.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      Not smiling in pics is really not an indicator of whether a partner is into the other person trust me. My BF of four years is still as smitten as his was from day one but you would NEVER tell looking at the pics of us, he just rarely smiles for pics unless he is caught unaware and snapped laughing at a joke etc. He just finds it extremely awkward to smile on command.

      Gosling could be really into her for all we know. Heck, bringing someone to a family occasion such graduation of your family member, sister, brother or mom is a HUGE indicator the guy or gal is THAT into you.

      • Jackie says:

        I agree to an extent, if he had always been shy of PDA and never smiled in pictures before, then I would say you can’t guage the relationship but he was one way with Rachel in pics and now with Eva he’s not. Do I doubt they’re a real couple though? Absolutely not. Going to a huge family event obviously shows they’re serious. Ryan tends to keep the flings on the down low if he’s not in a relationship and if he is in a serious relationship, they last longer then a few months, which this has.

      • Amy says:

        I think the paparazzi (and even fans with camera phones) could be a big reason for his dour face.

    • Liv says:

      Exactly! There’s a difference. I don’t know if he would go that far taking a PR relationship to his mom’s graduation, but they are very weird as a couple.

      • Peach Dancer says:

        I think with all these stories about how rude EM is to people, her reps are prob keen on fixing her image. And what better to prove she is not as bitchy as everybody says than her showing up to an event with his mother. If they started as a PR set up, and even if they hooked up for real after a while, they still have to operate on that level. Would make sense since he looks miserable in recent weeks and she seems to be enjoying esp this event and does not seem to be bothered at all that they caused a disturbance. I am sure he was embarrassed by all this. BTW he was at a similar event for his mother last year with no disturbance and no crazy hype.

      • Liv says:

        Yeah, that’s my theory too. But everything’s still pretty twisted, isn’t it? If he has a contract with her, why in hell would he do that when he’s so interested in being private? If he likes the attention, why is he always looking so miserable?

      • Peach Dancer says:

        He doesn’t have a PR contract with HER!

    • paula says:

      I remember he couldn’t keep his hands off Rachel, so he definitely shows PDA when he’s in love. That’s why I don’t get what’s going on with Eva. He doesn’t even hold her hand or put his arm around her? It’s strange to me.

  5. beyonce's bump says:

    I normally rag on celebs who complain that they need their privacy, as I feel like privacy is one of the costs of the fame and money but I GET how it can be incredibly annoying to be bugged and photographed in an event like this with your family.

    I will NEVER get Eva’s appeal. Just don’t get it. But I don’t know why she gets the “bitch” rep, haven’t really read anything concrete that will make me draw the “bitch” conclusion. Anywho good for them

  6. helvetica says:

    6 months ago, i’d be jealous of her.
    But now, whatever.

  7. marie says:

    I can respect that, it was his mom’s day-not about him. I don’t get the appeal of either of them though, he’s a good actor but that’s about it.

  8. Katalina says:

    Doesn’t she look like the cat that ate the canary? He looks miserable and uncomfortable, she looks thrilled. Does not compute.

  9. Puleeze says:

    Why is he with that hood rat? She gets the bytch rap because plenty of staff have said she is. I live in LA and met a driver who said she acts like she thinks she’s a princess or something.

    • T.C. says:

      Hood rat? She makes millions of dillars and doesn’t live in the hood. If she is an evil bitch why is he dating her when he has women throwing themselves left and right at him. Explain that to me.

      • Rada ura says:

        You believe they are really dating?

      • Mark says:

        WTF is wrong with you Puleeze? I am no big Eva fan and do not find her stunning like I do some others but “hood rat”? Why? Because you don’t seem to like her? Because she seemed rude to some in interviews or whatever? Who are you to call someone that when you don’t even know them. She’s with Gosling, and all these whiney, catty bitches need to get over it. Quit bringing up Rachael, that was ages ago. This isn’t a Brangelina/Aniston thing for christs sake. Eva is a successful actress and incredibly wealthy. Whether or not you think she deserves it is totally irrelevent. However I would imagine it would be interesting to compare pictures of the two of you. My guess is she isn’t the one who would be looking like the “Hood rat”! hahaha

    • BitchyPerson says:

      I’m sure she acted like a princess anyone famous would. I’m wondering if the driver complained about the princess like tip he probably got for driving her around. Would it be interesting if he said she was a great person, probably not, I could care less about her but the 3rd person accounts on this site are sometimes pretty ridiculous. Everyone claims they knew someone who met someone…give me a break!

  10. Marjalane says:

    Which each post about them, I feel more and more “meh”. So sad, some of my best fantasies were starring R.G..

  11. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Oh come on, Kaiser. Now you’re giving Gosling crap for not giving an interview at his mom’s graduation? He did the right thing by shutting down any possibility that he would be giving interviews on his mom’s special day. And if I were a famous actor, I wouldn’t let the possibility of getting “fan girl’d” stop me from going to my mom’s college graduation. Cut the guy some slack on this one.

    • Kaiser says:

      I’m not “giving Gosling crap” – I was pointing out that there was probably another way to defuse the situation without treating his fans like rabid Twihards.

      • anon says:

        You’d think at this point in the game he’d have a solid and classy way of acknowledging his fans.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Like what though? The only other way he could have handled it would be to have his people/handlers tell them to back off. I think that would have made him seem much more aloof/dick-ish. He handled a difficult situation the best he could.

      • amy says:

        I agree. Was the security and paparazzi really necessary? I think he did plan on drawing some attention to himself. He just pretends that he didn’t. And it didn’t help that he brought along his attention seeking girlfriend. I have to point a finger at him for this, unfortunately.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Where does it say he brought security? Even if he did, isn’t that kind of the standard thing that actors do when at public events? I’m not making excuses for the guy but I really don’t see how he did anything wrong. I think people just love to hate this guy. Really don’t get it…smh

      • Peach Dancer says:

        agree with you on this one TOKitten. I think he handled the situation the best way he could.

      • anon says:

        If he truly didn’t want to get fangirled he wouldn’t have attended it with such extra measures. Since when did he ever travel with security???? This is some new mess. I would bet 50$ that was Eva’s doing. Its not like he was goin to a concert. This was a college graduation. The general atmosphere is sophisticated and IMO doesn’t call for security. Did he travel with security and get papped this much the last time his mom graduated????? Are there even pics from the last time?

        He is a celeb and b/c of this massive PR stunt he is going to be recognized even more so. The least he could do is be kind to people. Yes it was his mom’s day but he is still a celeb and people are always going to notice him. He needs to learn how to DEAL WITH IT! Learn how to handle it with ease. It may come as a surprise to some, but there are ways to say no to people without coming off as a douche.

      • jake says:

        I agree with you, anon. He didn’t need to take those extra measures, especially for a college grad ceremony. I think he could have handled it better. He actually drew more attention to himself by doing what he did. I doubt it would have been as big a deal if he just showed up like a normal person, without the security and paparazzi surrounding him. Just my opinion, I know some of you don’t agree.

    • Jackie says:

      Can someone explain to me how differing opinions on things now constitutes hate towards someone? It seems these days people throw that word ‘hate’ or ‘hater’ around when someone disagrees with their sentiment. Seriously? People are going to have different opinions on the matter and just because they don’t agree, it doesn’t mean they hate or are a hater. Off my soapbox now.

      • lolly says:

        Exactly! I totally agree. When I post a comment, for example saying I don’t care for Eva, I get these nasty replies saying I’m a “hater” and I’m just jealous, and I’ll never date him etc etc. It’s just ridiculous. I was just giving my opinion. I wasn’t being rude or disrespectful in any way. Some people go nuts and there’s no need for it, especially when what I’m saying is not mean or abusive.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Well, it’s not about people screaming “HATER!!!!” because you have a differing opinion. It’s just about people irrationally disliking someone. It’s ok to irrationally hate, I’m not gonna stop you, but at least OWN it. Meaning-don’t pretend you’re being objective. There are people that will criticize a celeb no matter what they do while simultaneously defending another celeb that they like who did THE EXACT SAME THING. Sorry but yeah…that’s hating imo. Again, it’s part of celeb gossip and it’s fine but why not admit that you wouldn’t approve of anything that celeb does because you dislike them?? *shrugs*
        PS-not a fan of Eva either but I wouldn’t begrudge her for anything. I don’t hate her either, just not a fan.

    • Kate says:

      @TOKitten i agree with you, he handled it as best he could. i’m sure it meant a lot to his mom for him to be there.

    • Chatcat says:

      I am having a “Sybil” episode about this story. I am glad he went to Mom’s graduation as a proud son, but by bringing Evil Mendez along he raised the bar of “celebrity trying to be unnoticed”. Ok, he should be able to take his current arm piece anywhere and enjoy their company, but he is not an average person nor is he an average hollywood celeb…he is A list, high profile, and constantly followed around. Perhaps Evil should have stayed back at the Gosling house and made sure everything was ready for the graduation party? May this have made Ryan a wee bit less visable and instrusive to the other grads?

      Anyway, St. Catherine’s is a lovely area…have been there a few times when I travelled to the Niagra falls area and also Ontario.

      • bonnie says:

        I agree. He must have known that bringing her would add to the attention 10 fold. If he wanted to keep it low key, he probably should have left her at home.
        The day was about his mom, after all.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah I’m curious how that conversation went down. Did Eva insist on going? Did mom want Eva to be there? Or was it mutually agreed upon by all three that she should go? I mean, I think her presence added an extra layer of fan-craze but I think the fandom would have been there regardless. Just based on the comments—girls who suddenly signed up to help or decided to attend just because they heard Gosling would be there. The Gos-fans are pretty die-hard….

  12. Beep says:

    And that is why one should NEVER wear horizontal stripes.

  13. Missy says:

    Why do her knees look like that?

  14. katrina says:

    He looks just thrilled in that first photo. That is all.

  15. Wif says:

    Yay to Ryan’s mom! Wherever you are, congratulations on all your hard work.

  16. bns says:

    I hope that girl was joking about thinking that he’s really his character from the Notebook.

  17. scarlett says:

    It’s his mom’s graduation…congrats BTW…and I’m sure he doesn’t want to take the attention away from her achievement by snogging his gf in public or smiling and mugging for the camera. It’s out of respect for his mom. I know he is very close to her so the fact that he brought Eva to her graduation, a very important event speaks volumes about the relationship.

  18. kpist says:

    Man, he is just so damn hot.

  19. Andrea says:

    I totally feel bad for the guy. Leave him in peace. He’s at his mother’s university graduation. It actually reflects really poorly on Brock and the City of St. Catherines.

  20. annika says:

    I have no idea if this is a showmance or not. It seems like it is, but why would Ryan bring her to his mom’s graduation if was PR? But then I see them out and about as a couple, and there’s no affection or joy coming from them. No happy couple chemistry. I still think something is fishy here. I can’t put my finger on it. I know many people have the same feeling. It’s puzzling, really.

  21. Nina says:

    Ugh at the racist comments on Just jared.

    I feel bad for Ryan. He can’t go to his mom graduation or to a restaurant without having his picture taken (http://distilleryimage10.s3.amazonaws.com/6c886ecea5e511e19dc71231380fe523_7.jpg). It must be so annoying.

    • Anon says:

      I agree. I hope Ontario does not become like NY nor LA for celebrities; Rachel McAdams lived down the street where I worked and one will see her go about her daily life without interference. It will explain why he seemed more relaxed when he was with her because there was little or no intrusion. I am neutral on him dating Eva; I just hope he has the time and space to make the right decision regarding their future relationship. On E-talk one can see clearly that the security guard that accompanied them to their car was ID as part of Brock University. The feedback I got was totally different from this vibe. I wish him luck in his future endeavours love and career; I hope irregardless of decision he makes in his private life that he is safe and happy; especially for his Mom’s sake.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I guess I don’t share that concern. For me, it’s a simple case of ‘It won’t because it’s not and that’s not necessarily because it can’t.’ There’s a certain level of celebrity preoccupation here, as there is in any nation. But I can’t ever remember an instance wherein I’ve heard an Ontarian say, ‘I can’t wait until we’re America, so keep practicing beacause we’re almost there!’ Our perception of being less fanatical about celebrity is something about which we like to be quite smug and I think that the preservation of that image causes us to tamp down some of that exuberance that we would associate with America. Even the general flare up can be dismissed as quaint because we just don’t see celebrities often if we’re not hiding out on movie sets or sneaking into TIFF events.

        The Canadian actors go to Hollywood for the big fame and big money, not the other way around.

    • Bubulle says:

      JustJared’s posters are the worst, I’ve never seen so much hatred, truly awful.

    • lena80 says:

      If you think that’s bad you should see the comments on Fassbender when he’s spotted with a brown/black woman which he has supposedly said is his preference, some of those women and men lose their minds over it.

      I don’t know anything about Eva, so I don’t understand all of the negative comments about her, but she is obviosuly special to him since he bought her to his mom’s graduation.

      • kit says:

        The racist comments about Eva are disgusting. I didn’t dare to check the Fassbender post. Why doesn’t JJ delete those comments and ban the users that are racist????
        However, I did go to a random Leo Dicaprio post…and WOW!!!! No racism in that post but the crazies were out in force on that one. It was funny and scary and really, really weird at the same time. I feel like my eyes and brain could use a shower after reading all that.

  22. Bubulle says:

    I wish she was pregnant just to see everybody going crazy.

    • Nina says:

      Ikr? Some fangirls on Just Jared called her a Cuban tr***y. What’s wrong with these people ?? I’m not a fan of hers but everybody should calm down.

      • Bubulle says:

        I don’t get the hate for Eva, I like Ryan a lot but he sure has his flaws.

      • marley says:

        Ryan is not perfect either. I actually get “crazy” vibes off him too. He threw knives at kids at his school for crying out loud! I really don’t think he’s all there upstairs, if you know what I mean. I’m surprised more people don’t sense this.

      • Mark says:

        Yea. Some people are F^cking idiots. I had no idea Eva had so much hate until I read what people had to say about her dating Gosling. Not liking her acting/personality is one thing, racism/namecalling is another. I’ve not seem anyone call her a Cuban Tr*nny on this board, but she definitly has some big time haters. I’m sure in some cases its probably just good old fashion jealousy. As for it being publicity, what wonderful “fans” Ryan has that they think him souless enough to do that. “Oh, I feel bad for Ryan that he has to do the PR stunt” “Oh, Ryan isn’t smiling right now with Eva, why does she force him to date her for attention??” Morons.

      • lucy says:

        Absolutly agree with you Nina, the only thing that I hate are racist comments and people. I just think all this “hate” about Eva is because she doesn’t correspond to the idea of who Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend should look like ! Yes that’s stupid but people build an idea about someone’s image and of course that’s none of our business who he dates and how the girl should be or look like, but everyone can tell his opnion in a decent way. And it seems that Ryan’s fans are disapointed. But that’s not a reason to insult her. And I’m absolutly not a fan of her ! Eva really seemed to have enjoyed being there with her boyfriend ! Really good PR work for her to get out of this bad image she has. She was dressed like usually for the photo ops, into high heels. Don’t tell me that this women doesn’t play PR game. And congratulations to Ryan’s mom !

      • liza says:

        Ok, no need to start name calling, Mark, ie: f*&king idiots, morons, etc.

      • Mark says:

        @Liza-Umm…no. If people start spewing racist remarks about people, your damn well right I’m gonna call them morons or idiots. Thats what they are. There is no excuse for racism, OR defending those who use it. Unless of course you think its ok?

  23. Jane says:

    In terms of him not smiling or showing much emotion, the point isn’t that he doesn’t want to be posing/mugging for the camera, it’s that these are supposed to be ‘candids’. If they are, then surely they’re getting papped while normally walking, to a certain extent unaware that there are paps there. The question is: why aren’t there ever any photos where he’s just caught offguard? Smiling at her? Talking to her? Laughing with her? Surely there must be some photos of them acting normal, like before they realised the paps were there. Or if while they’re walking and trying to look serious Eva says something funny? But no, every single time it looks like he knows they’re there, and he acts accordingly. After I read the info on Lainey and this event I don’t doubt they’re a real couple in some sense, but even so isn’t there one moment where they seem to be communicating in a genuine way?

  24. blake says:

    Ryan is dirty. I read a tweet about someone who was in the bathroom with him at the university yesterday, and he said he didn’t wash his hands after. Gross.

  25. Missy says:

    I read in an interview he did when he was filming place beyond the pines that he thought Eva’s acting in the film was the best he’d ever seen, thats pretty insulting I think to all the really good actors he’s worked with. He’s also said that Blake Lively was an amazing actress too WTF??

    • adam says:

      Either the guy is delusional, or he was just buttering them up to get them into bed.

    • lucy says:

      Missy, you know actors always say good things about their partners in films and that they had a great time, it’s part of the PR game and if he is very in love with her , he certainly sees her perfect ! I’m still perplexed about the cast of this movie, and the reason why Derek Cianfrance choose her. maybe Ryan asked his good friend Derek to choose her ( I know a lot of A-list actors use to do it in France for example, they suggest actresses names to the directors) because Ryan had a crush on her otherwise why would have D. Cianfrance chosen her ? not for her talent ! I have seen an interview with Nicolas Widding Refn in which he says that for Drive he has casted a lot of latinas actresses because the character of Irene is a latin in James Sallis book. Did he also cast Mendes ? Anyway, thanks for the choice of Carey Mulligan ! So they may have missed their first rendez vous ! Second idea is that she has a natural vulgar vibe and I’ve seen pics of the film and maybe she looked perfect for the role I mean tatoos, motorbikes ( and I don’t want to despise anyone my brother is a biker!) Anyway this cast is not attractive at all after the perfect cast of Blue Valentine, I don’t get it and we don’t know when this movie is gonna be released no news about it . Weird !

      • Missy says:

        I think that too that the whole situation with this movies release is weird and it’s not supposed to come out til next year, I mean I understand that post production can take a while on some films, usually CGI effects heavy ones do but this is pretty much a straight up drama, so why would that take nearly a year and a half to put out?
        As to why she was cast in it? Maybe your right, she gave off a vibe that says ‘I’d have a unprotected one night stand with a travalling carnie stuntman and have his baby’
        you know, the lovely and talented Rose Byrne is in the movie too, why couldn’t he have hooked up with her instead?

  26. stellalovejoydiver says:

    HE DOESN´T WANT TO DRAW ATTENTION TO HIMSELF?! but he does a photo op and brings security. From Lainey:
    After the ceremony, Ryan took Eva to Niagara Falls and rode the ferris wheel which, I’m sorry, totally cracks me up because I can imagine how that must make those McGosling freaks suicidal. There are photos of all of it – the two of them on campus, at the ferris wheel, etc but they’ve been bought out by a magazine. You can see them on etalk tonight but they won’t be available online for a few days.
    He´s so full of shit.

    • Bubulle says:

      I read that too and that’s very disappointing, I don’t get why he agrees to lower himself like that.

    • andrea says:

      I very much agree. They are both very much doing the PR thing. It’s completely blatantly obvious. I’m not doubting that they aren’t a real couple, but they are playing the game, 100%.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        It´s so obvious. He did this with Blake Lively before. He doesn´t want to be considered playing the Hollywank game, but he totally does. If he wants a higher name regocnition he should just do a good blockbuster movie and be private like Christian Bale.
        The sad thing is, that he doesn´t need to do it because he´s a great actor. Before 2010 he only did 1 movie a year and he still was on everyone´s mind.
        It´s just sad seeing someone like him selling out so fast and like this.

      • Peach Dancer says:

        Everybody is riding on his acclaimed actor thing, and of course he is very talented. BUT his movies don’t do much in terms of box office success. He is not A-list, he is not Pitt, RDJ, Cruise or DiCaprio. Some actors get to A level status by getting lucky with a good role in a good movie like RDJ, others like Pitt are constantly playing the PR game to remain their A level status. For some reason he is doing/or is forced to be doing the latter lately. A showmance unfortunately gets you attention 10 fold. Its a game Hollywood has been playing since forever. He is doing it in a very extreme way, which is very off-putting. I hope he can repair the damage when/if this is over one day. He still is very talented, and I somehow think his main driving factor is to make a good and interesting movie. Mendes is just lucky to be part of all this. I doubt she gets some good roles out of it. Maybe a Starbucks contract. She had the crazy and rude reputation way before she hooked up with Gosling, so there probably is some truth to that. I find her cheap because all she does is selling herself as an objectified sex symbol. It’s 2012, I think a woman should do better than this these days.

      • mandy says:

        Word! I agree with everything you both have said.
        He’s playing the game now for sure. Whether he is doing it by choice or he has been forced, I don’t know.
        I would guess forced because of how he’s been incapable of looking even remotely happy over the last 8 months. I know people argue that he looks unhappy because he sees paps taking his picture. But even when he’s not aware, he still looks sad. I keep trying to convince myself they are a real, in love, legit couple. It might be a real relationship to some extent, but they just keep doing so much showmancey type stuff that it makes me think PR is the main focus of this whole thing. I’m sure they are sleeping together and all that, but I don’t see any love between them. But I’ve read about encounters from people who have seen them in person and they said they really did look into each other, so I don’t know. I can’t figure it out. But I still keep getting the feeling something is rotten in Denmark. I don’t know why.

      • Peach Dancer says:

        Michael Fassbender also hooked up with his co-star from Shame, Nicole Beharie, and they have been only papped once. Fassbender acknowledged they are dating in the recent GQ mag (I think). So if you are forcing a relationship into the open with constant articles in the gossip rags, parading in front of the papps, Lainey, Mail Online and whatnot I think the main reason for all this is to boost popularity and not love.

    • lucy says:

      Peach Dancer and Stella, absolutly agree with everything you said, just fed up about all this PR game. And still don’t understand why an actor at his level needs to do it. It’s probably hollywood business but a lot of couples don’t play that game like Marion Cotillard /G. Canet, the spanish Penelope Cruz/Javier Bardem and like you said Fassbemder/Nicole Beharie…
      I think they loose people’s respect doing too much PR and selling their image like this.

  27. Megan says:

    God. People are gonna bring up how he never smiles in pics with Eva? Like the one at the top of the page? Hmmm, maybe its because he just caught some @sshole up in his face taking a pic of him and his GF at his moms graduation?? Eva didn’t even seem to notice, like she was smiling at someone else. People, why don’t some of you cool it on trying to disprove their relationship based on what you’ve seen in a couple of photos. And when you compare it to his time with McAdams, well he wasn’t exactly Ryan Gosling THE Hollywood stud then was he? Famous sure, but not like he is now. I’m sure he was much more light hearted then. He has to keep his relationships close now since everyone and their brother will probably hear aboutit anyway. I know what I’ve said probably won’t even register, people DO love to be catty. By all means please continue to try your best to minimalize their relationship. I don’t think it will last, but I certainly don’t think they are unhappy or fake.

  28. eileen says:

    Whats with the Eva hate? I think she’s adorable! I LOVED her in The Other Guys. Guuuuuuurl you GO! *snap*

  29. Allie says:

    Does anybody else remember a story about his mom graduating from McMaster last year? She must love getting degrees. Congrats to her.

  30. LucyOriginal says:

    This couple is so meh.

  31. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Okay, this might sound condescending, but I’m going forward with it anyway:

    I don’t think people understand the damage they do to their own argument whenever they toss out the internet’s version of the four-letter word: Jealousy.

    When you toss out that word, you’re effectively saying, ‘I’m going to counter your criticism with a non-argument that achieves nothing because it says nothing.’ It’s so trite and belittling to say that all people who hold a certain opinion do it all for the same reason and that reason has nothing to do with ‘reason’. It has nothing to do with personal taste, evidence, past experience, deduction–it has nothing to do with anything even remotely related to the topic or person in question, it’s just some immature and frequently hateful armchair posturing gussied up as Mother Earth-style longing for the harmony of the world and lobbying for the expulsion of dissent (which pretty much puts disagreement on equal footing with high treason).

    So, even if I happen to agree with your position on a certain topic, it’s negated entirely by the fact that the lowly peons are held up as paragons of disordered pathology and loathesomeness because they–through their disobedient acts of not deferring to your royal assent and rule of the land–had the temerity to not check with you first before posting an opinion. Frustrating. You don’t get to single-handedly determine the terms of what opinions are to be deemed as valid and you don’t get to extrapolate one opinion that you find personally disagreeable into definite evidence of moral decrepitude.

    I’m not talking about far-reaching hateful attitudes like not liking a person because of race, etc., I’m talking about disagreement not translating into defiance and frankly, people have better things to do with their opinions than anticipate whether or not you would have them condemned for it.

    You want to charge ‘jealousy’, come up with an argument for it, because it, in an of itself it not an argument. It’s a lazy and trite way to puff up one’s own ego whilst getting to look beatific for not descending to the level of the unwashed dissenters. There’s no positivity, no life-affirmation in yelling out ‘jealous’, it’s just as corrosive and reductive as the thing it claims to counter because it assumes moral superiority apropos of nothing. It doesn’t argue on the behalf of that thing that you feel is under attack, it states the elevated status of the accuser to the accused and exits the scene in a puff of its own self-adulation. State your opposition, not your superiority, attack what is presented, not the presenter, convince me, don’t just hype yourself.

    And if I ask for clarification about the ‘jealousy’, respond to me, not to what you presume a bunch of people in your head who don’t exist are thinking.

    ‘Jealous much?’ Oh, I see we’re three years old, now.

  32. lara says:

    I think Eva herself or someone close to her has come to defend her here. They are both playing the PR game. Both are guilty. Anyone who doesn’t see that is very naive.

  33. JG says:

    Everyone keeps commenting that she looks like she’s pregnant on other boards. I hope not!

  34. arlene says:

    If you look at the latest airport pics, Ryan’s mom looks like she’s trying to say something to Eva, but Eva has her back turned and is walking away from her, leaving his mom standing there. I thought that was funny. I wonder what the story is behind these pictures?

  35. jen says:

    Thats funny, cuz US weekly says Ryan’s mom loves Eva.

    • arlene says:

      It’s US Weekly. Of course it says that. Especially if this relationship is PR related.

      • Lauren says:

        WTF is up with Ryan? I have tried to be understanding, but he looks almost disgusted. Eva`s legs are gross. She keeps wearing her hair in a ponytail so she does not look like his Nana. I have lost all respect for Ryan.

      • lieke says:

        I know I shouldn’t care about some actor’s personal life, but I’m sick of looking at this stupid showmance. There’s ways to avoid all this crap and still have a successful acting career. Ryan used to just rely on his talent, but now I have to see his face on tabloids. I’ve lost some respect as well. This very much reminds me of when Jake Gyllenhaal starting dating Reese Witherspoon. There was coffee dates and photo ops galore. Much like what’s happening with Ryan and Eva right now. Turned me right off him. I guess another one bites the dust.

  36. Missy says:

    Since Eva’s already had sex in all 50 states are they going to try for all of Canada’s ?

  37. jamminatorr says:

    Thats where I got my undergrad!!! Hahah its weird to see my uni and hometown in Celebitchy. My family still lives in St. Catharines. It’s actually spelt with two ‘a’s, not two ‘e’s

  38. Izzy says:

    Sorry to say, but I do think he’s miserable right now. I mean, you’d think there would be at least ONE candid pap shot with him smiling, but I haven’t really seen any since he hooked up with Crazy McRuined-My-Movie Eva Mendes.

  39. aishwarya says:

    both of them have horse faces…. dont get the hype on ryan.. had he been a woman everyone would have called him average…. Eva is atleast hot! ryan tries to act too cool in his interviews….

  40. minny says:

    I agree with many of the posters that have stated using the word “hate” maybe a bit strong. I can say I don’t hate anyone, and please believe me, I could come up with a few candidates. However, I do hate this current trend of PR Showmances.
    Its manipulative, insulting to the public’s intelligence and really quite sad for the celebrities who choose to use these tactics. I must admit I am not a fan of Gosling or Mendes. I am a fan of Justin Timberlake YIKES (holds hands up as rocks are being thrown.) To me, its something more sinister (I know that’s a tough word) going on here. Let me explain. Some posters have stated that they feel sad for Gosling. I agree. It seems to me that there is a whole crop of ex thirtysomething MMC celebs participating in these shenanigans.

    Gosling and Mendes/FAKE AND FORCED
    Timberlake and Biel/ JUST FAKE FAKE
    Spears and Trawick/ FAKE AND SAD

    IMHO, I believe the MMC’ers have been in that bubble to long and have been handled and managed into oblivion. Everyone is in on the “game” the agents, the managers, publicists, tabloids, and yes gossip sites. In that bubble everyone tells (lies) you are so wonderful, you are so fabulous, all the while depending on their meal ticket to keep the gravy rolling in. So, some idiot team member (probably the publicist) hatches the scheme of the showmance. Now, I know these multimillionaires are NO victims. It just seems to me that they all achieved great success while they were still adolescents and that’s probably where the emotional growth stopped along with the ability to discern what is really good for them because they never had to. Someone was always there to tell them. I’m not trying to excuse any of this, but in my very in-artful way, make sense of what these folks are doing.
    So, today you have these pictures of these sad looking, deer in the headlights, fake people. Now, they are trying to ask the public to buy into the fake relationship that was never real, or the real relationship that could be fake all in the name of the “BIG SELL.” The only thing I see is a bunch of folks who have sold their souls. PITY.
    We need a Wiki Leaks for that MMC Machine stat.

    • amanda_rose says:

      Your post makes a lot of sense. What is up with all these forced and fake looking relationships being forced down our throats lately? Ryan’s fans aren’t stupid. The public isn’t stupid, they know something is up. I wonder how long these charades are going to go on for?

  41. Kevin says:

    LOL what is going on? Geez, a lot of sad women trying their @sses off to disprove one mans relationship. Eva can’t act for crap, but she is hot and you don’t just bring any chick to your mama’s graduation. Get over it ladies. He’s dating her. End of story. You can call it publicity if it makes you feel better, he’ll still be bangin’ her and taking her to see his mama anyways!! Gosling is the man, he’s dated lots of gorgeous women. Why so much hate on this one? None of you know her do you? I have a pretty good idea why but I’ll keep that word to myself, seeing as they will ALL deny it anyways. Whatever. Go get her dude!

  42. Ramona Q says:

    OK, it’s pretty obvious they both knew someone was taking a cell phone picture of them, and Ryan was truly annoyed by it, while Eva was posing by fake beaming at him.