Jessica Simpson makes her first postpartum gym trip, 5 weeks after giving birth

WENN tagged these photos “Jessica Simpson is photographed in her car as she leaves her personal trainer’s house.” Fame/Flynet tagged them: “New mom Jessica Simpson looks to drop her baby weight after working out at a gym in West Hollywood, CA.” So, which is it? Is The Jessica Simpson Weight Conundrum so massive (so to speak) that Jessica can only work out in the privacy of her trainer’s home, or is Farty McDonalds going to an actual gym? I have no idea.

Whatever the deal is, I feel sorry for her. LOOK AT HER RACK. Her boobs are so big, I can feel her back pain from here. Little Maxwell Drew is, for sure, one well-fed baby. Speaking from experience, when your boobs are that big, you have to approach workouts in a completely different way. There is no way that I would ever workout with my t-ts hanging out like Jessica is doing here – I would just be so uncomfortable. But… I would imagine that doubling up on sports bras probably hurts your nursing boobs, right? Also: I eschew running, just because no one needs to see my DDs flopping around. I would imagine Jessica is the same – no running. Plus, she’s still recovering from her C-section! Shouldn’t she give her body a chance to rest for, say, six full weeks before exercising? Eight weeks? Of course, Jessica was already having sex just a few weeks after her C-section, so God knows. Maybe she’s just a miraculous healer.

Another reason to feel sorry for her: her multimillion dollar Weight Watchers deal is like a bounty on her head. I really think that Jessica regrets signing on to Weight Watchers, and I’m guessing that she’s already looking for a way out. But Weight Watchers is going to hold her to it – and God knows what will happen if they don’t see results quickly. Do you think Weight Watchers would actually sue Jessica for breach of contract if she doesn’t lose weight? Poor Jessica.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. cupidtyrox says:

    She looks like she’s logging bowling balls around on her chest. Poor Jess!

    • Flea says:

      I just experienced sympathy pain in my boobs looking at those bad boys. I had forgotten all about the pain in my chesticles after child birth as that is all part of nature’s plan to trick you into doing it again. Not so fast dear ladybits!

      Poor Jess. All the weight watchers & gym time in the world won’t put her golden globes back to their original shape, size & consistency. Of course her baby is worth it but that’s going to be tough to remember when all the world has their camera focused on them waiting for some unrealistic magical transformation.

  2. mln76 says:

    Poor Jessica it’s not like pre-pregnancy she was existing on salads and smoothies. The homegirl likes to gorge herself I think she’ll stay thin exactly long enough to cash her check and go back to her old habits.

  3. Jill says:

    She looks like whale. Beyonce was in great shape after 5 weeks.

  4. gee says:

    Weight Watchers has a nursing mothers program, and I think she’d drop weight FAST if she ate healthily for a few weeks, even before adding exercise. Maybe she was going for some arms and legs stuff, nothing too intense?

  5. Julie says:

    God leave her alone – she just had a baby….

  6. erica says:

    I don’t know about all the “poor Jessica” stuff. She has great boobs, she’s getting paid millions of dollars to lose the baby weight, and she has a trainer and weight loss company at her disposal to do it. Sounds like an awesome deal to me.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      lol I know Erica. I would not mind poor ole me having such a deal at life. lol

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      And she doesn’t have to worry about rushing back to work at 6 or 12 weeks. So don’t feel too badly for her.

    • Pam says:

      I totally cosign with this. I have no sympathy for her. She wouldnt have so much damn weight to lose if she didnt stuff her face her entire pregnancy. That was a choice that she made. She is not a victim. Also, since when is signing a multi-million dollar deal something that requires sympathy? Oh, poor Jessica – she is getting paid millions to do weight watchers. I have to PAY THEM! Maybe someone should cry for me.

      • LizEJ says:

        @Pam lol. exactly.

        Every woman carries differently for sure, but she was really big which indicates that her diet was probably not all that healthy or wholesome during preganancy. I’ve seen a wide variety of pregnant women but I feel like she indulged herself a little to much in the name of pregnancy.

        Besides, nobody should feel bad for J. Simpson – she gets paid to lose weight and has tons of money and time on her hands.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Add my name. The shaming of the post-natal body is, well, shameful. But with all of her amenities she is no victim of anything but her own profligacy and hubris. Congratulations and good luck to her, yes–but that’s it.

      Are we sure that she’s wearing the outfit in which she exercized?

      I can’t help but think of some off-colour joke about her sweating Lawry’s and seeing Ghandhi in a corner.

  7. says:

    If she is breastfeeding, I doubt she could double up on training bras cause that would really hurt. Your breasts fill up with milk really fast when you are not nursing and become really hard and swollen…

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I agree. Doubling up, while working out intensely, is a bad idea. I got mastitis twice (with my first son) strapping down my G cups so I could run. The sweat and constriction contributed to the mastitis (which was VERY painful). This time around I try to avoid the treadmill and I cannot wait to stop nursing so I can return to my DDs (which now seem light in comparison).

  8. justalark says:

    Why do some women think it’s appropriate to constantly show off their cleavage? I am busty and have natural cleavage (no push-up bra needed), yet I don’t feel the need to emphasize the size of my bust when I’m working out, grocery shopping, going to church, etc.

    Jessica’s post-baby cleavage is so deep (and her top is so low) that it looks more like a butt than a bust in these photos…Not attractive or sexy in my mind. Leaving a little to the imagination can be a good thing!

    • NerdMomma says:

      Sure, but I doubt her intention is to be attractive or sexy. When I was nursing, I stopped thinking of my breasts as sexual objects and viewed them as giant milk bags that were constantly in the way of everything!

      Why does this girl need the Weight Watchers deal, anyway? Doesn’t her clothing line make her millions a year? I’d be trying to get out of that, too!

      • Annoe says:

        I think that Jess is trying to appeal to us every day women and moms. It’s a perfect launch into a baby clothing line and if we are already paying attention to her weight loss journey its easy to jump over and start buying her new baby clothes, maternity, etc etc. If she did start a baby line it would bring in millions. In fact I heard Maxi is called the billion dollar baby.

    • C.J. says:

      I’m a nursing mother around Jessica’s size and I can do nothing short of wearing a turtle neak to avoid showing cleavage. That’s not happening in the Florida heat so I’m always struggling with how I look. It’s been six months and there is nothing I can do to corral these G size boobs. Yes, G… it’s a nightmare for clothes. I’m giving her a pass on showing cleavage. :)

      • justalark says:

        I am not a prude or a misogynist. The female form is beautiful, and I am certinly not offended or repulsed by something as natural as nursing, which I myself did for over a year with each of my two kids.. What I am talking about is the practice of certain women (especially celebrities and reality stars) to constantly display their large racks like they are novelty items. It seems like anything goes in fashion these days, and being tasteful and appropriate is no longer a goal. I really don’t enjoy seeing some woman’s butt crack when she bends over in the grocery store because her pants are so low cut or having to explain to my 3-yr-old nephew why his friend’s mommy’s “boobies are hanging out” on the playground! I went to an amusement park last week with a girlfriend and her little ones, and I was actually embarrassed by some of the tasteless, tacky, and revealing outfits I saw, and I’m not just referring to the teenagers!

    • ZZZ says:

      The ass chest is the new black!

  9. Quinn says:

    Something about cleavage during daylight hours that makes my skin crawl. Ugh.

  10. keri says:

    Someone pays you 4 MILLION dollars to lose weight? jeez. That’ll be the day.

  11. Tiffany27 says:

    Those things look so painful. The fact that she sat up is seriously a miracle in and of itself.

  12. FinallyFr33 says:

    She kinda looks like Anna Nicole Smith in these pics. creepy

  13. kudzuqueen says:

    My boobs were like this after both my babies. They were ridiculous and there was really no good way to contain them because I was so small around. I had to smash them in jog bras and they rose up to my chin like this also. I was a 34 I. I was normally a 32DD. And no, no boob job. Walking, running, anything was painful. I also did not lose all of my upper body weight till I stopped breast feeding. I don’t feel like breast feeding helped me lose at all. It made me extra hungry.

  14. mwa says:

    Gross! She has neck rolls. I wouldn’t be calling those great boobs, can you imagine without a bra her nipples would be rubbing her pubes. Eeew!

  15. Mrsb says:

    My boobs looked exactly the same post both birth-ie massive.. Wore an H.. Yes ladies. H!! Impossible to hide.. In fact looked worse if I did. I gained probably as much weight as her. Lost it all- and then some just by breastfeeding and healthy eating (no exercise- unless you count running after 3 kids under 3). Wish someone had paid me to do it! Give her a break. BTW NO way Beyonce was actually pregnant.

  16. Samigirl says:

    I swear, I’m the only woman who didn’t get boobs while pregnant and hasn’t gotten them while nursing. WTF, boob fairy?!

    Good for her getting out and putting effort into it. The day I started working out again was awesome. I love little miss, but sometimes a new mom needs an hour to herself, even if it’s on am elliptical or treadmill.

  17. TXCinderella says:

    If she is going to the gym, girl needs a support bra. She is going to knock herself out with those knockers!

  18. valleymiss says:

    Maybe someone said it upthread, but I haven’t had time to read all the comments yet…anyway, when Jessica’s done having kids, she needs to get her boobs reduced to a more manageable “C.” That’s what I did (from DD/F) and it’s the BEST decision I ever made.

  19. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    “I really think that Jessica regrets signing on to Weight Watchers..”
    Haha how can any of us assume she already regrets that? Is this not her first(ish) attempt at working to get her body back in shape. Let’s at least give her a chance.

  20. LeeLoo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Jessica will wind up becoming the next Carnie Wilson? I seriously question Jessica’s relationship with food. I know she just had a baby 5 weeks ago and I have never been pregnant so I may or may not know what I am talking about but seriously is there any excuse to get THAT huge during pregnancy? Please enlighten me if I have too harsh and bitchy on the subject.

    Although I wish her luck as I am sure those milk jugs must be killing her back. I don’t feel so bad about the small boobs now.

    • sarahtonin says:

      She clearly has a weight problem. As I said below, I think she used the pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever she wanted and now she has to face the consequences of that behaviour.

      Perhaps she should stop fighting, accept she’s not going to be tiny and embrace a more realistic size for herself? Never know, maybe a voluptuous Jessica and a style change might revitalise her music career? It’s gone nowhere being thin and blonde.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I feel for anyone who has a dysfunctional relationship with food (whether it be overindulging, restricting, or bingeing and purging). Food is something you need to live, you can’t just go cold turkey (like with cigarettes or booze). I’m sure she struggles every day and that’s tough. All the personal trainers and fat paychecks in the world won’t make the internal struggle any easier.

    • bluhare says:

      You aren’t alone, Leeloo. I think so too. She certainly doesn’t look like that People magazine cover, that’s for sure.

    • SLM says:

      Jessica received a lot crap for weight fluctuations, pre-pregnancy – but let’s keep it in perspective. She was criticized for maybe being a bit larger than a Size 6? That is not unhealthy or obsese. If you run into almost any of these “stars” on the street – most of them seem downright elfin in stature. She may like Southern-influenced food – how shocking as it probably reminds her of home and family, etc. But she is not a naturally big girl with a weight problem like Carnie Wilson’s battle.

      As for the baby weight gain – it happens to millions of women all over the world, even the skinniest ones. I gained the average 35-40 lbs, but my skinny girlfriend gained 60… and she didn’t have a psychological problem with food.

      The problem is that media and celebrity have made it seem a) easy, and b) normal to be a size 2 six weeks after giving birth. For most people, neither of those things are true.

  21. Jenna says:

    Working out with a considerable sized chest is a bitch. And forget about getting an actual sports bra that’s good and has enough support. Might as well ace-bandage mine down so I can get my cardio in. Can’t imagine what she has to do. o_O

  22. sarahtonin says:

    I think if she regrets anything it’s that she lost control during her pregnancy and saw it as time off from her diet to eat whatever she wanted.

    Perhaps if she’d consulted a dietician, stuck to a healthy eating plan, and continued with (suitable) exercise, she might not have such a battle now.

    I don’t envy her, she has a lot of work to do and a lot of people are ready to give her shit if she fails.

  23. Sarah says:

    There’s almost no way she’s running or doing anything super difficult. It takes a pretty long time for your stomach/back/core muscles to recover from pregnancy, especially if you had abdominal surgery after a sedentary pregnancy. Unless her trainer is a total asshole or a hack, she’s probably doing light yoga and pilates to gently strengthen and tighten up slack muscles. Anything intense would be a really bad idea.

  24. Hypnotic says:

    I don’t get why people are talking so poorly about her breasts. Engorgement happens, there’s milk in there! I don’t see the big deal. Jessica is obviously not wearing her proper size. Perhaps she has on a non supportive sports bra because it’s comfortable. I am sure she’s sore all around.

    Anyway, companies make nursing bras, soft cup bras, wired and unwired sports bras up to an H cup. I am pretty sure she can find what she needs.

    Also some of you are acting like big breasts are a curse. I’m a 32G and have never contemplated reduction and never will unless it’s a medical issue. I don’t think cleavage is nasty in the day time, or that breast need to be managed! As I said a CORRECT fitting bra would solve a lot of these issues. I’ve seen countless women in bras with the band riding up in the back, quadra boobs, cups that are too too shallow etc.

    • justalark says:

      I disagree with you. Displaying three inches of cleavage is certainly inappropriate in some settings, and breasts do “need to be managed” (to use your own words) in public.

      Let’s put it this way: If a guy had ginormous testicles, would you want to see them hanging out of his shorts in public places? The answer is an obvious “No.”

    • Penguin says:

      I know, I’m the same size. Other women can be so bitchy. Always giving me the side eye when I go out lol.

      • Tiffany says:

        My Grandma has a big chest, and I remember she told me that one of her high school sweetheart’s mothers told her “No decent woman would have a chest that big”. Women can be SO MEAN to other women when it comes to breast size (both large and small). Quite sad.

    • TXCinderella says:

      I constantly get judged, by guys and girls, because of the size of my boobs, but I am modest about keeping them covered and not showing cleavage. I would never go workout with that much cleavage showing. It does not give you the support you need leaving them exposed like that. With boobs that size you must have good support or they will be down to your navel when you reach forty.

    • megan says:

      thank you. while i’m not thrilled to have such big boobs, and i am fairly modest about showing them off, i am tired of people acting like i’m some big attention wh*re because i want to wear a tank top with the rest of the world. but then again i see people with big ‘ol bellies or fat arms wearing the same tank tops and i do notice them too.

  25. CaramelKiss says:

    With all the gazillions of dollars she has, she can’t get the trainer to come to her house? She has to leave her home with that bird nest hair? You got the sympathy vote for birthing Jolly Green Giant’s baby but geez…

  26. Happy21 says:

    She should just be left alone. Unlike some celebs she didn’t get the c-section/tummy tuck combo at the hospital and is actually going to have to work her ass off to fulfill her contractual obligations to Weight Watchers.

    Maybe she’ll do it and maybe she’ll go back to her old eating habits after she does, regardless. She had a baby 5 weeks ago and is showing some interest in losing the baby weight.

    Who cares how long it takes, she’s doing it honestly.

  27. Kayla says:

    Lol Jessica so with all the money you have you can’t get a trainer to come to your house you have to leave the house like this so people can rave about how real you are & how they looked just like you after children, and you can’t compare to Beyonce because she was going for an event so she was wearing I’m sure a couple of spanx and generally looked put together, not skinny but put together

  28. Feebee says:

    I’m leaving her alone, she’s just had a baby and she has those enormous boobs to worry about.

    Though I will say I hope Weight Watchers does make her keep to the deal (after allowing a ‘real’ postpartum recovery time) because if Jessica gets out of it she may be doomed. I have a feeling she’ll need as much stick as carrot to get back into shape. Lots of carrots, hold the ranch.

  29. Piper7 says:

    Please stop feeling sorry for Jessica! She had a c-section, which also means she probably had a tummy tuck. She has every tool in the world to lose this weight without much effort on her part, and is getting paid millions to do so. And if people are stupid enough to believe she is doing it with weight watchers alone, they are stupid and naive.

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    Them are definitely nursing boobs! Mine were bigger than ALL my newborns’ heads! If one of them let go after my milk let down, my milk shot at least 8 feet across the room.

    I don’t think WW would sue her for breach of contract, but I do believe they’d withhold a certain amount of the money until she achieves “her goal” and/or dismiss her, a la Carnie Wilson (whatever company that was).

  31. Camille (The original) says:

    There is NOTHING to feel sorry about for this girl. Nothing.

  32. tmbg says:

    I never knew she had such a fondness for her beer and alcoholic beverages. Remember during the Dukes of Hazzard movie there were all of these rumors of her being anorexic? She stayed really fit and slim for some time after that too. Actually, she always seemed in shape up until the last couple of years.

    I don’t have kids, so I have no idea how hard it is to take baby weight off, but I’m going to guess it’s pretty darn difficult. But hey, at least she’s at the gym.

    On another note, I’d seriously consider breast reduction if I had breasts that large. They have got to be incredibly straining on the back.

  33. ZenB!tch says:

    1. Why is she wearing a low cut top and a push up bra?

    2. Kaiser I have one very athletic yet very naturally endowed friend – 5’9″ size 6 and DDDs. She wears two bras for running.

    I’m a D+ not quite a DD. I don’t run. I haven’t since my 2nd growth spurt at 19. I ran in HS when I was a B but now I wear a B or a C sports bra to do any sort of high impact exercise. I look horrid and squished but I’m not there to look hot (at the time).

  34. Pam says:

    WTF is she wearing on her hands?

  35. pamb says:

    Poor Jessica? Weight Watchers is a dream come true for her. She ate like crazy, filled up on all the junk food and greasy Mexican food that she could handle, and now someone is paying her to lose weight. I have a feeling that it is actually an incentive for her to be under contract to lose weight, as she’ll be too embarrassed (or wind up gaining again, like Kirstie Alley) not to do well.

    My favorite part of her interview with People magazine (aside from admiring the creative ways they shot her to look as thin as possible) is when she talks about how healthy she’s eating now that she’s breastfeeding. So buttered Pop Tarts and boxed mac and cheese are great while the baby’s inside, but once it comes out she needs to drink her kale juice? Did no one explain to her that the baby gets all of her nutrition from her while she was pregnant?

  36. mary simon says:

    I think she needs some recovery time, and doesn’t need to go rushing to the gym, even if she screwed herself up with her poor eating habits. Still, she is such a slob. I’m not a celeb but I would never leave the house without brushing my hair at least.

  37. Anna says:

    Big boobs don’t mean more milk. And as someone who currently has milk filled jugs I definitely don’t think she has to be wearing a push up bra! As soon as my milk came in it looked like I’d gotten some sweet implants and no matter what kind of bra they’re placed in they will be extremely firm and look pushed up when full of milk.
    Im sure with her resources she will be looking fantastic again in no time!