Robert Pattison of Twilight is a cad

Robert Pattinson, star of the film “Twilight” – and supposedly the next big thing – is quite the player according to multiple sources. He’s been linked to two of his costars despite having a serious girlfriend, Brazilian model Annelyse Schoenberger.

“Rob is on the verge of becoming the breakout star of the year,” an insider told The Enquirer. “Girls are throwing themselves at him and he’s trying to catch as many as he can.”

But while Annelyse was looking for commitment, Rob, who has been linked with actresses Camilla Bell and Shannon Woodward, was looking elsewhere!” Annelyse was mortified when photos popped up on the Internet of Rob licking Anna Kendrik’s face at a Hollywood nightclub,” said the insider. “When she confronted him about it, he just brushed it off, saying it was, ‘nothing serious.’”

Then, during the filming of “Twilight,” he became so smitten with co-star Kristen [Stewart] – his love interest in the film – that he asked her to marry him on more than on occasion, even though he knew she had a steady boyfriend.”Kristen jokingly told him, ‘Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls,’” said the insider. “And the funny thing is – he does.

[From the National Enquirer, Dec. 1, 2008, print ed.]

People has more details on the proposal story. Apparently Pattinson does it all the time (so he claims) and while he admits to it he tries to spin it like some cute, jocular way of greeting strange women. I think it’s supposed to come off as charming, but given the licking of costar’s faces, I’m going to say it’s actually just typical player behavior.

And yes, Pattinson proposed marriage to Stewart on set.

“I mean, I don’t know how serious he was, but yes,” Stewart says. “We spent a lot of time together, a lot of like really heightened time.”

“I can’t remember proposing to her,” Pattinson says, adding that he pops the question to women as a “good conversation starter.”

“It used to be my thing, I would propose all the time,” Pattinson says. “Just go up to someone, you know, and say I love you or ask them to marry you. It always works.”

[From People]

I bet it always works. It probably goes something like this: “I love you. Will you marry me? No? Well can I at least lick your face? Thanks.” If he’s into licking faces in public, I do not even want to imagine what this guy is into behind the privacy of closed doors. Really I find the face licking much more upsetting than the multiple proposals to multiple women (while having a girlfriend). Something tells me this guy is going to be getting a lot of headlines – and a lot of Valtrex – in the next few years.

Meanwhile, “Twilight” is getting mediocre reviews. Entertainment Weekly called it, “repetitive and a tad sodden, too prosaic to really soar…” but noted that fans of the books will like it. I was considering seeing it, but I’m not now. I’d be too distracted fearfully waiting for the appearance of a tongue instead of fangs.

Here’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the premiere of “Twilight” held at the Mann Village Theater in Los Angeles on November 17. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. devilgirl says:

    He looks like he thinks he’s the s*it!

  2. Syko says:

    Oh yeah, fangs are much better than tongues. Especially from him. I’m sorry, I just find him so unattractive and it KILLS me to have him playing Edward, who was described as “beautiful”.

  3. Amy says:

    Yeah he’s single, he’s said it in multiple interviews. And I’m not so sure there will be fangs in the movies, I feel like the director said they were going to follow the books and leave those out.

  4. poopie says:

    and if you READ the books, you would know that vampires don’t have fangs..that’s straight from the vampire’s mouth !!

  5. I choose me says:

    He looked much more attractive as Cedric Diggory in the HP movies. Who would you have cast in the role of Edward Syko?

  6. ff says:

    I don’t feel the attractiveness of this guy either. I’m basically nonplussed when people start wetting themselves over him. But whatever floats your boat…

  7. Susan says:

    I just watched the trailer for Twilight – did they put brown contacts on his beautiful blue eyes for that movie????

    He doesn’t really do it for me personally. My 10 year old daughter is dying to go see the movie.

  8. LOLA says:

    He’s 22. 22. committment at 22. Are you serious?

    He’s a GUY. leave him alone to be a single guy and get over it. G/F is NOT married, after all.

    And these days, even married ain’t married… but don’t tell all the prop 8 lovers that.

  9. adleisia says:

    But…but…he’s Cedric Diggory! I’m a big Twilight fan (not a crazy phanatical fan, but close) and I like him as Edward. I find him very attractive, but I had a huge crush on him when I saw him in Harry Potter.

  10. Syko says:

    @I Choose Me: Ryan Philippe. Now that’s male beauty!

    Or actually anyone who appears to ever wash his hair.

  11. cakes says:

    @lola:my husband married me when he was 21. Some guys are ready at that age.

  12. SeVen says:

    I think his opinion of a funny pick up line and ours differ because hes British. They say all sorts of wonky things the rest of us would find daft. As for his hotness? Hell to the Yes! I’m not a psychotic fan scratching my neck open for blood but i wouldnt kick him outta bed.

  13. Baholicious says:

    @Cakes: Exactly what I was thinking…he looks like the kind of guy that makes you watch your drink like it was the Baby Jesus.

  14. Enonymous says:

    Meh, He is not even good looking, both he and his costar are fugly.

  15. vdantev says:

    I thought it was that dingus who played Lestat in Queen of The Damned.

  16. huh says:

    I met a guy from London in NYC and he was proposing to me all night…which I assume was just a thing he did regularly…he didn’t lick any faces though.

    I’ll have to find out if he regularly proposes or not…

  17. Ling says:

    @ “poopie”: Don’t listen to anything these ersatz vampires say. Every other vampire author in the history of literature has made special note of fangs. Fangs are probably the most important part of the vampire’s allure: They can’t be intimate with someone without hurting him or her. That’s why Edward Scissorhands was such a tragic figure.

    The other most important part: their photosensitivity, meaning they can only exist in shadow, separated from the rest of the world. It’s also their only weakness, and, ho ho, the other part of vampire lore that Meyer ignored.

  18. Nova says:

    Yes Susan…they put contacts on his eyes to make them a warm hazel brown like in the books. Because he is a “vegetarian” vampire (ha!) his eyes turn that color when he is well fed….and they turn black when he is hungry. At least I think that was it…. *shrugs*

  19. Nova says:

    Yes I also found it weird that Stephanie went a different way with vampires in this book…but at the same time, it was a refreshing change from the same ol fanged dark folk that we are used to reading about.

    I just find it funny that people are showing up to premieres, etc…with fangs on and bloody holes in their necks. Silly silly people. Go read the books. ;P

  20. mollination says:

    Have you guys seen the guy they got to play the vampire James? Now THAT is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    His name is Cam Gigandet. Google him. DAYYYYYYYYYYYUM!

  21. mollination says:

    Also, Enonymous, I think the girl playing Bella is beautiful (that’s just not a flattering picture). She is supposed to be sort of a plain-jane, understated kind of pretty. I think they hit the nail on the pretty brunette little head.

  22. sol says:

    Cam Gigandet aka James aka Volchok on OC killed Marissa Cooper!!! Lol. :)
    Waiting to see the movie in Argentina.Maybe RP is borderline and is seeking for someone to love him.Seriously i read about how he loves Kristen and it must be tiring for her to have to tell him to stop saying those things especially because it must be hard for her boyfriend to know his feelings for her.He must be like a pain to be around drooling his feelings.He should be more considerate.I thought he was cute as Cedric.

  23. Codzilla says:

    He doesn’t do it for me at all. Way too pretty and smug. But then again, I’m a cranky bitch. :twisted:

  24. Jessica says:

    I think he looks slimey.. sleazy… off.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    @ Adleisia: You too? He was so gorgeous in Harry Potter, I just wanted to scoop him up and take him home!

  26. Christina X says:

    He even looks like a douchebag.

  27. RaraAvis says:

    I concur. Not my type. He and Kid Rock could have a grease-off.

  28. Aspen says:

    Honestly, I don’t have a problem with people his age acting this way.

    It’s kind of what you do at that age. Being a shameless flirt and running from anything substantive in the commitment category are normal and actually healthy at that age.

    As long as he’s fairly upfront with the women that he dates about not REALLY planning on anything serious…which should be obvious unless they’re idiots given his behavior…then I don’t see anything wrong with it.

    I think he’s a smokin’ hot little number, myself. But…I try not to look at men that young. It’s a bit too close to creepy.

  29. Kelly says:

    i saw the movie today & i love the books btw but the movie was AWFUL its the worst i think ive ever seen & it was all because of him! He sucked hes one of the worst actors ever he was God awful

  30. madeline says:

    i think he is hot just not in this picture the one in people tho omg that is hot hehe 8O

  31. cider says:

    LOLA: Its not his age-Its his lines- George clooney is way older and has been a player a long time but he is honest!

  32. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Ugh- I see the next Mickey Rourke in this kid. He’s gonna be sooo greasy and nasty in 15 years!!!

  33. sCandace says:

    Im glad I found some common ground here.

    Robert pattinson…eh he’s okay. He’s not ugly. But if you took any skinny guy who was a little more than average (mess up his hair/put him in a movie/ give him a false aura of mystery/smack all black on the bloodsucker) he’s got a set female fanbase.

    The only thing I was intensely suffering from last night was a strong sense of hunger. His makeup job reminded me of a powdered donut. I didn’t have a chance to eat dinner while standing in a 2 hour line. I also missed out on lunch.

    btw, is anyone else more than annoyed at those stalkers who are trying to kill eachother over him? :!: Some of them can give terrorists a run for their money.

  34. Kathy says:

    He’s licking faces, he’s not faithful, he’s getting drunk? He’s also only 22 years old! What else do young men in their 20s do? If I wasn’t old enough to be his mother, I’d let him lick my face if he wanted to! LOL! I find him quite attractive, but I think British me are the bomb!

  35. Christina X says:

    I think it’s stupid that people excuse his behavior because he’s “young”.

  36. Aspen says:

    I don’t look at it as excusing his behavior. I look at it as explaining his behavior. I don’t think he needs to be excused. He’s not doing anything wrong.

    He’s not engaged. He’s not married. He’s not a father. He’s not a clergyman or a role model. He’s not doing anything illegal or overtly immoral. He’s not showing up drunk to press events or flashing his genitals to the paps.

    So he’s a shameless flirt and gloriously basking in the attention he’s getting from females. He’s an unattached 22 year-old male who’s still young enough to feel how “cool” it is that he can legally buy his own beer now.

    Why does he need an excuse?

  37. Christina X says:

    Please excuse me as someone who’s been lead on and rejected a countless amount of times in her life by men with the same attitude.


  38. brianne says:

    I agree with many others here, he’s 22! ofcourse he’s not committing to anybody, and why should he. He has soooo many options, why not feel around for what fits? Where I grew up, its like everybody and their dog got married within a year or two of graduating high school, and with the five year reunion coming up, more than half are already divorced. How very sad and expensive!! commitment is great when you’re ready, but 22 come on?

  39. Leah says:

    I’m a fan of the books, and “Twilight” SUCKED.

    And Pattinson totally seems like a cad.

    my review of the film:

  40. Aspen says:

    Christina, I am sorry that you’ve been hurt before. I have been, too. Looking back, however, I can see how stupid my choices were…and with all due respect, women need to be more discerning in who they choose to trust and share their bed, life, and soul-bearing with. It takes two to make a bad coupling, and the jerks would be out of business if women held their men to a higher standard.

    You’ll note that I said in my post, “As long as he’s fairly upfront with the women that he dates about not REALLY planning on anything serious”

    If the men you’ve been hurt by promised you more than they delivered…then they’re jerks. But this guy isn’t one of your ex-boyfriends, and he hasn’t put a ring on anyone’s finger.

    He can do what he wants.

  41. Aspen says:

    BTW…loved your review, Leah. I was afraid of that.

  42. Atari says:

    Ok I’d so say yes to one of his proposals. I think he’s ridiculously cute. Say what you will about me ok.

  43. I choose me says:

    Okay. Saw the movie Twilight this weekend and I thought Robert Pattison looked really hot in it. His acting sucked but I’ll give him a pass because I’m sure it was hard to say some of those lines with a straight face. Kristin on other hand made a wonderful Bella. As a fan of the books I tried not to have any expectations for the movie but it was bit of a letdown none the less, I found myself yawning through parts of it and snickering through other parts. The best part of the movie was the baseball scene.

    Ladies, who do you think is the hottest vampire of all time?

    William Pratt, aka William the Bloody, aka Spike (Played by the beautiful and talented James Marsters) is my pick. His rival Angel comes a very close second. :mrgreen:

  44. I choose me says:

    leah. I just read your review. I agree with *almost* everything you said. See my above comment regarding Kristin’s performance but where’s the f’ing chemistry between her and Edward? is what I kept thinking. Sigh. Think I’ll just reread the books.

  45. Laura says:

    normally, i wouldn’t respond, but i just saw an interview with him from about a week ago and he said he was single. so i’m really not sure about this “model.”

  46. clare says:

    I saw several video interviews with him and he was really charming – very overwhelmed by the crush of young girls who just stand and scream at the sight of him. He sounded intelligent and interesting in the interviews.

  47. bevtastic says:

    The Bomb – you spelled “you’re” wrong. Who’s stupid now?

    Anyway… I think Robert Pattinson is quite hot, and quite young. I agree with those above who’ve said he’s just sowing some wild oats. He seems charming in all of the interviews I’ve seen him give, and genuinely surprised by all this attention. I have no doubt he’ll do the nasty Hollywood hook-up thing, and I look forward to seeing the pics. That’s why I read these gossip blogs, after all. ;)

  48. Lilly says:

    @ I choose me: I agree with you 100%! Best vampire of all times: most definitely Spike…yeah baby!

  49. marianne says:

    ahhhhhhhh,,,edward is so so so handsome,,,wishing to be his girlfriend,,,i really really love to watch the movie :lol: :oops:

  50. mayara says:


  51. Melissa says:

    EW he is so highly unattractive, he ruined Twilight. James and Jasper… way better looking =]

  52. Aidin says:

    I think Robert is so gorgeus! Loved him in harry Potter and even more so in twilight! beautiful man.

  53. Millie says:

    Maybe he likes to propose a lot or to lick chicks faces but he’s SO HOT!!! & by the way he’s already a grown up, I mean, he can do whatever he wants so give the poor guy a break.

  54. kimmz says:

    awww com`on he is tottaly gorgeus!!! i was never that into watching twilight and harry potter and all those fantasy movies that are made from books. my dad actually forced me to watch twilight. i was really in a bad mood at the movie theater.

    BUT…. wen i saw the movie i was lik WHAT THE HELL!!! this movie isnt soo bad! and wen i saw edward cullen (robert) i reallt thought he was a godess! i would worship him! and in the movie he is really cute and a good actor! so is kirsten… did u kno that kirsten is my middle name. i actually hated that name but untill i found out that the actress kirsten played bella i loved my middle name since then!! :) )

    wen i saw the movie i could really feel the bond between them lik if its real life. and watching that movie made me wanna fall inlove with a vampire!

    after i saw the movie i asked my dad to take me to barns and nobble to get me the book. once i read the book it was addicting! i finished the book in two days! so i got all the books and finished them all in two weeks! but after i finished the books i was really upset at the fact that it was the end!

    So be nice to him! and dont say all this shit about him! it aint rite! let him live his life! if u wer him u for sure wouldnt want everyone talking crap about u! he is who he is! let him b that way!!!

    u guys that do stupid gossip brings pity to my day!

    -Kimberly :) ) Cullen :) )

  55. Janie says:

    First off, this article is complete BS! The licking was a JOKE for a photo op with other cast members goofing on Anna. The proposing comments were a JOKE. He is very sarcastic and actually does not remember saying it to Kristen. He was not in love with her either or the model. This article is all bits of garbage skimmed off other bits of garbage. This guy is NOT smug and actually put off by all of this. How can you hate this guy based on lies? And gay? Proof please! Quit spreading lies!

  56. Janie says:

    Oh, and Guilherme, he never met Annelyse? He is photographed with her at the Kings of Leon concert. he has been spotted with her ewlsewhere as well.

  57. Carla says:

    He is a young man on the rise leave him alone. The last time I checked sex was consensual.

  58. Cakeface says:

    Leave the poor bloke alone. If anyone was in his place having beautiful people thrown at them I’m sure you would lick their face too?
    We don’t know the back story, maybe him and his girlfriend were on a break. No Rachel/Ross pun intended. But maybe she cheated on him. Maybe they were in the midst of breaking up. MAYBE he just likes to lick peoples faces, maybe that’s his way of introducing himself.
    And I’m with Amy, he HAS said in many interviews that he is single, followed by lots of girls screaming.

  59. nueruel says:

    emp nothin’ else to add. i love watching twilight than HP.
    so cool… juz i wish i hv one like edward in twilight…..hakhakhak

  60. sydney says:



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  62. #1 super fan says:

    robert is so hot!!!!!!!!

  63. mekdi says:

    just stop insulting any one i’m not like being the smart and nice person here but they both are sweet i mean he is so sexyyyyyyyyy…and freaking hottttttttt…and she is sweet and smart even though she doesn’t want to say it but i know they both are so it means i’m not taking any sides cuz they both rock and yes i’m a girl.