Charlize Theron shows off her newly buzzed hair during an outing with baby Jackson

These are some new photos of Charlize Theron and her son Jackson in LA yesterday. Fame/Flynet says she was taking Jackson to the doctor for a checkup – I always wonder how photo agencies get those details, or whether they’re just making the assumption, “Oh, she’s walking into a pediatrician’s office – it must be time for Jackson’s checkup!” Anyway, I just wanted to talk about these photos because there’s a lot to discuss:

*OMG Jackson is so cute. OMG. He has a beautiful little face. And he’s so tiny and alert! BABIES! I love his green pants. I love his itty-bitty kicks. And I especially love his hat.

*Is Charlize carrying a diaper bag? Is that fabulous black suede bag her diaper bag? Or is it just a tote bag that she repurposed as a diaper bag? My guesstimate for the cost of that “diaper bag”: $2000.

*I kind of love Charlize’s outfit. It’s the kind of outfit that only really works on someone like Charlize, though. I couldn’t work those Capri pants. And horizontal stripes make me look like a circus tent. Also: LOOK! She’s wearing flats. Hallelujah.

*As Lainey pointed out, it really looks like Charlize buzzed her hair. Is it all gone? Is Charlize copying Anne Hathaway? Did Charlize just get tired of her sometimes unflattering weaves and hairpieces, and in a fit of pique, she just shaved her head? Or did Charlize get a buzz cut for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road? Charlize is supposed to do that film at some point (IMDB says July) with Tom Hardy, Zoe Kravitz and Nicolas Hoult.

*Re: the buzz cut – if it is for Mad Max (probably), do you think more or less of Charlize for undergoing a drastic style change for the sake of a film which will definitely not score her an Oscar nomination? Do you get what I’m asking? Like, Anne Hathaway cut off her hair for Les Miserables, and that transformation will be the centerpiece of her Oscar campaign. Do you think Anne’s transformation-for-awards is better or worse than Charlize’s transformation-for-badassery?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Her hair was damaged anyway… Jackson is soooo cute

  2. beyonce's bump says:

    OMG Jackson is giving me LIFE with his cute baby cheeks and everything. What a cutie. It would be very interesting to see Charlize with a buzz cut. I wonder if this could be some new trend?

  3. Luise says:

    It doesn’t matter what she does with her hair. She’s still smashingly beautiful.

  4. Eve says:

    do you think more or less of Charlize for undergoing a drastic style change for the sake of a film which will definitely not score her an Oscar nomination?

    If the character is supposed to have a buzz cut, having to spend hours at the make-up room just for that would be time-consuming. She’s being practical, I think. And like Lainey said, very badass too.

    Like, Anne Hathaway cut off her hair for Les Miserables, and that transformation will be the centerpiece of her Oscar campaign.

    That and her weight loss.

    Do you think Anne’s transformation-for-awards is better or worse than Charlize’s transformation-for-badassery?

    I’d say that Hathaway is very professional too, and if she’s asked to cut her hair and lose weight, she’ll do that in a heartbeat. But…it doesn’t feel like she does it for herself, you know? That she’s a badass or anything. In fact, it feels (at least to me) like she does it because she craves approval from people (directors, producers, writers, critics) all the time.

    Having said that, I think Theron’s transformation is BETTER, because it’s painfully obvious Hathaway wants to be nominated for awards with hers (a.k.a. “going hard for the Oscar”).

    • RocketMerry says:

      I agree.
      I don’t think much of Hathaway anyway, and I don’t think much of that hair-cut Oscar-campaign technique.
      On the contrary, I respect Charlize much more for going for it even if it’s a non-award-worthy movie.

    • Choupette says:

      Cutting hair for bad assery trumps cutting hair because “I MUST HAZ OSCAR!” every single time. Plus Charlize is way cooler than Anne anyway.

      • Amelia says:

        Why is it the Academy loves ‘transformations’ do you think? Whatever happened to a good performance and maybe an accent? I mean, fair play to R.D Jr and Heath Ledger. They pulled some cracking performances out of the bag, but all these transformations don’t carry the same appeal they once had IMO.
        Matt Damon and LeoDiC (feeling lazy ^^) got nominated for Invictus and Blood Diamond without having to lop their hair off or slap on the prosthetics and make-up. Same goes for Sandra Bullock.
        Just sayin’ transformations aren’t always needed if you’ve got the cojones to back it up.
        My little rant of the day ^^ Happy Tuesday people!
        Oh, and Choupette! Your comment instantly made me think of a LolCatz calender I have!

  5. Glimmer Bunny says:

    I think she’s gorgeous enough to pull off any hairstyle!

  6. lucy2 says:

    I don’t think the super short cut work for Anne, her features are a bit too strong, but I’m guessing Charlize will look gorgeous no matter what.

  7. Gia says:

    I don’t think you can really compare Charlize to Anne…it’s like comparing fine wine to tap water, you know?

  8. Sara says:

    Notice how dark her hair is under there. Not blonde like I thought.

  9. Tiegs says:

    Charlize is a Bad-ass. She always looks so effortlessly cool, and her baby is gorgeous.

  10. Mrs.Darcy says:

    She had short hair a lot in her early movies (Astronaut’s Wife, Devil’s Advocate, etc) and it really suits her, so not sure how daring or scary a move it is for her really. Jackson is scrumptiously cute.

  11. Launicaangelina says:

    That bebeh is cute!

  12. Loulou says:

    I love his little shoes!! I also think in about 15 years, there will be more serious roles for young black actors in Hollywood.

  13. Darlene says:

    Her son and Sandra Bullocks son could be cousins or brothers!! To me, they have a lot of similar features. SO CUTE.

  14. Nanz says:

    She’s bad-ass. As for cutting one’s hair for an Oscar, I don’t understand why that would be part of the Oscar nom consideration process. I mean, it’s hair. It grows back. I’m more interested in the acting – the emotional/mental transformation of the actor into the character.

  15. TheOriginalKitten says:

    ITA, Eve. Honestly, I don’t think that Theron’s physical transformation for Monster was solely to garner an Oscar nom. In fact, I think it was more of a strategic move to make the leap from “pretty face” to “serious actress” much like Hillary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry. I’m sure the Oscar was part of the plan, but I doubt it was the motivating factor. Anyway, I think Hathaway has had a few moments of brilliance (Rachel Getting Marries comes to mind) but she is no Theron IMO.

    • cupidtyrox says:

      Hilary Swank was a pretty actress? Whoda thunk it!

      • Esmom says:

        Haha. Yes, she’s no Charlize but she’d most recently been on 90210 and I think she made her transformation to gain some credibility as she tried to make the leap to film. I’m sure Oscar was nowhere on her or anyone’s radar. That was amazing, really.

    • Eve says:

      Honestly, I don’t think that Theron’s physical transformation for Monster was solely to garner an Oscar nom.

      Me neither. It was probably like you said: trying to distance herself from the sex symbol image and being taken seriously. But I had to bring that (specific transformation) up before anyone tried to call me out on that.

      However, I do think Theron deserved an Oscar more for her performance in “North Country” than for the one in “Monster”.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Why are we even comparing Charlize to Anne? My image of Charlize going to get her hair cut is that of telling her stylist to cut it off. Because whether it’s a romcom, actions film or Oscar worthy performance Charlize gets the job done. When I think of Charlize winning for Monster, I don’t see someone who changed her appearance for the Oscar, I see someone who saw herself as doing her job.

      Whereas, I think in Anne’s case her manager had to convince her this would help her win an Oscar, the director told her she’d get fired if she didn’t, etc. Her fiancé had to hold her hand and wipe the tears from her face as she was getting her hair chopped off and she has been in a depressed funk ever since about having short hair. Her Oscar campaign will be all about how she had to sacrifice her hair so she could win an Oscar.

      To sum it up: I think while Charlize enjoys looking good and pretty, she is willing to set aside her vanity for the sake of her craft which makes only adds to her immense talent. My opinion of Anne is she has very little talent and all she has is her vanity, her looks and her high maintenance behavior.

      Edit: I totally meant for this comment to be for lucy2.

      • Eve says:

        Why are we even comparing Charlize to Anne?

        We’re just answering Kaiser’s question, Leeloo.

        And regardless of their talent (or lack thereof) they can be compared since they’re both A-list actresses who have been nominated for Academy Awards.

      • LeeLoo says:

        I get that part. I meant that in the all around figurative why would anyone want to due to the fact they are on two different planes not only in the looks department but in how they approach their jobs.

      • Eve says:

        I agree with you that they are in two different planes — Hathaway always seems to be trying hard whereas Theron doesn’t. My point is that, as far as being a critically acclaimed A-list actress goes (most critics do seem to like Hathaway), they can be compared.

        For many (including myself) Theron is the better one…but there are those who prefer Hathaway or think they’re equivalent.

  16. kate says:

    goodness she’s beautiful. and her baby is so cute. such a gorgeous little family.

  17. Maritza says:

    Jackson looks like the little brother of Louise(Sandra Bullock’s kid), both adorable kids. Check this comparison,

  18. Andrea says:

    these babies are starting to look like accessories. He is beautiful though…

  19. BW says:

    Mommy hair. The baby probably yanked on it too many times and she’s had enough.

  20. valleymiss says:

    I think Charlize isn’t expecting an Oscar nom for the Mad Max thing. Just like Natalie Portman with V for Vendetta and Demi Moore with GI Jane, it’s just part of the role. Hair grows fast, and she probably figured with her hair being damaged, and with her having a baby, a buzzcut would be helpful anyway.

  21. the original bellaluna says:

    I much prefer Charlize. Besides, she rocked very short hair for years and she wears it much, MUCH better than Anne does.

  22. Kimble says:

    It looks like her hair is pulled up into a bun below the hat rather than buzzed

    Baby is cute …

  23. Scarlet Vixen says:

    OMG–I’m addicted to baby shoes. I think they’re the cutest darn things! I have a boy and a girl, and while I buy alot of their clothes and toys secondhand (they grow out of things so fast I can’t afford to buy everything new!) my one addiction is shoes–my kids always have cute (but still affordable) kicks. :-)

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Mum always told me “You can’t scrimp when it comes to your kids’ developing feet.” Smart, she is. No second-hand shoes for my kids, ever.

      And I don’t know how old your son is, but I can rarely find second-hand clothes for mine (just turned 3). In my experience (2 boys, 1 girl), boys outwear their clothes LONG before they outgrow them.

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        Bellaluna: Shoes, socks & undies I always make sure to buy new. Even if my daughter’s feet are growing faster than I can keep up with! My son is 4 1/2, so it was tough finding used clothes for him for awhile. Fortunately he’s big for his age (he’s in a sz6 now), so I can usually at least find t-shirts and church clothes. My daughter is 18mos and before she was even born I got her entire wardrobe 0-2T from a craigslist mom. Even tho most of their clothes aren’t new I always make sure that they’re in great condition and people always compliment my kids when we go out in public on their cute outfits. And their shoes. :-) I’m 4mos along with #3 (my LAST!) and I’ve been saving all their clothes, so whether it’s a boy or girl we’re pretty much set for awhile at least.

  24. Bubbling says:

    If I had face like that, shyt I’d buzzed my hair too

  25. Karen says:

    I hope Alex likes her new hair style. Just sayin’.

  26. Crystal says:

    This flawfree bitch. Ugh. She’s stunning with hair and she’ll be stunning without it. I love her. She’s lucky I know she’s a good actress so I’m able to forgive her for that ridiculous over acting she did in SWATH. I was not happy with that movie. At all.

  27. Embee says:

    I think she looks better with short hair, so the cut will be a plus, not a risk. Charlize probably knows she rocks the short hair, but like most women, became attached to the long hair security blanket. Cameron Diaz is in this camp as well. IMO she cut it for the role but also probably enjoyed the impetus to do so because it is a better look for her.

    Her kid sure is cute, but I know she’ll be glad when he gets a little longer and can wrap himself around her waist a little bit. They are so exhausting to carry at this phase.

  28. bns says:

    My head is way too big to pull off something like this, but oh do I wish.

  29. Gene Parmesan says:

    with Zoe Kravotz really??

  30. WillyNilly says:

    Wow, she looks really good bald. Hate her!

  31. bothered by what I see says:

    This poor baby is ALWAYS looking sad, worried, uncomfortable and angry in her arms.

    And seeing how his “”mom”" acts toward him (distant and kind of unnaturally acting) I am not surprised.

    She sends absolutely ZERO motherly vibes and seems so cold.

    It’s so obvious she is not the kind of woman made for motherhood.
    Poor child.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Seriously? And you can tell this HOW exactly? Just by looking at a few papparazi shots? She looks like a mother holding her child in a protective way. I don’t see what is cold about that.
      Gah. Sometimes I wish The Mommy Brigade would just put down their pitchforks and torches and stop with the incessant judging.

    • Navy Blue says:

      You don’t know her and how dare you judge her and the baby and determine their feelings when all we have to go on are paparazzi photos with annoying paparazzi in their face. Are you not smart enough to grasp that? It’s not the most comfortable situation to be in. You don’t know what their private moments are like so zip it.

      • mayamae says:

        Navy Blue –

        Really? How dare you? I imagine that not one of us here has met any of these celebrities and I bet you have posted opinions on these celebrities. Should I ask you – how dare you? Lighten up. This is supposed to be fun. Noone has insulted your grandma.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      “And seeing how his “”mom”” acts toward him (distant and kind of unnaturally acting) I am not surprised.”

      Um….have you even looked at the pictures?? Did you look at #2, where she has him snuggled quite sweetly and naturally to her chest, and is kissing him? Moms running errands and walking around town don’t always smile constantly and make goo-goo faces, ya know. I’ve seen birth moms that are way less adept at taking care of their babies than CT.

      And I don’t think Baby Jackson looks sad, angry or worried at all–I think he looks alert and inquisitive. He has very expressive eyebrows, and he’s taking in his surroundings. While I’ve seen him frightened in other pap shots (who wouldn’t be?) in these pics he seems quite relaxed and looking all around just taking it all in. You know babies don’t always giggle and coo, right?

    • Tiffany27 says:

      Bothered by what I see- Please go somewhere and have several seats. If you don’t like Charlize fine, but your assessment of her being a horrible mother based off of 3 photos is quite ridiculous.

    • jaye says:

      Oh for heaven’s sake. Have you ever been around a baby? Do you know what babies Jackson’s age do when they are nervous, angry or in need of attention? They cry. I’d say MIGHT have a point if he was crying in every pic (and even then I’d take it w/a grain of salt, some children get spooked by the paps). To quote Tiffany27, please have several seats.

      • Samgirl says:

        EXACTLY. Babies don’t just pop out cooing and smiling. Heck, half the time, my almost 5 year old doesn’t just walk around with a smile on his face.

      • bothered by what I see says:

        Wow. What a bunch of Theron-loonies here !
        I had the same feeling EVERY time I saw her with little Jackson.

        Now, I would be happy to be wrong. But I think that pictures don’t lie except if you have no objectivity like some of you it seems.

        *** I personnaly dont dislike her but I find her body language toward her baby absolutely weird and off…(look at how are her fingers!)***

        Then again I hope I am wrong.

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        @Bothered: I LOVE how anyone who happens to disagree with anyone on this site because a (insert celeb here)-loonie. *eyeroll* God forbid a bunch of actual moms know more about child behavior than you do. *another eyeroll* Do I happen to think CT is easy on the eyes and a decent actress? Sure. Do I give a crap otherwise? Nope. I don’t get all emotionally involved with celebs I’ve NEVER met. Your comments were simply silly, overly judgmental, and not based on any sort of fact. You sound like the one with no objectivity.

      • Navy Blue says:

        Pictures don’t lie? Bothered by what I see you do realize that the only possible situation for you to see Charlize and her baby together are when they are being hounded by aggressive paparazzi do you? Understand the context before you place judgment on a mother and her child!

        Disagreeing with your ridiculous assumptions does not make us loonies. Any sensible person can see you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. That’s all.

      • jaye says:

        @Bothered By What I See…I’m not a Theron-loonie. I’m an anti-moronic statement loonie.

    • Karen says:

      No-one does the intense, blood shot stare better then Charlize. I’ve seen it in all of her movies and you my friend need a good shot of stink-eye for those ignorant comments!1

    • Kim1 says:

      Why is mom in quotes ? Is it because he is adopted? I saw vídeo of this there were 8-10 paparazzi screaming their names.I think she is angry and frustrated with the paps behavior around her son

      • bothered by what I see says:

        “Mom”is in quote not because the baby is adopted BUT because she doest’n act like a loving and affectionate mom to me.
        She said herself she did not want kids and suddenly she magically changed her mind. She was CHILDFREE.
        What a better PR than adopting ? How convenient. I so hope I am wrong but this is not what I feel.
        I may not be objective but you folks are not either !
        And I have the rigt to state my opinion as you do = freedom of speech.

      • jaye says:

        @Bothered by what I see…So? She had a change of heart. It happens. And, as stated previously, you can’t judge whether or not someone is a good parent based on paparazzi photos. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but you are stating your opinion as fact.

    • Pissed says:

      Don’t you come to a Charlize post again. You’re not welcome if you just want to say hurtful sh*t about her. Leave her alone – it’s hard enough to adopt a kid on her own and she has the courage to do it. So, DO NOT JUDGE.

  32. Reece says:

    1st thought “Oh she matches her son now…”
    He is so cute! I think he has the best surprise face.

  33. Lake Mom says:

    I’m kind of a meh on Charlize but gimme that baby! I just want to smooch his little chubby face! He’s adorable!

  34. cake... says:

    Jackson is a little studmuffin. OMG. So cute.

    I wanted to name our son Jackson but hubby vetoed it. I’m still partial to the name.

    Charlize has such an excellent bitchface. She is gorgeous.

  35. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Bitch is still beautiful with shaved head. She looked very cute with her son.

  36. supervisor says:

    never understood why some consider her exceptionally attractive. i don’t think she was ever attractive to begin with.
    while not quite angelina skeletal, she has absolutely no muscle tone on her at all.

  37. blah says:

    Fack she’s flawless. She seems like she’d be loads of fun to hang out with, too. Anyone know why Lainey always goes on about what a bitch she is, or is Lainey just talking out of her ass as usual?

  38. mayamae says:

    Yous guys kill me here with your random opinions.

    Natalie Portman shaved her head for a film – no big deal, so what, who cares, it’ll grow back

    Ann Hathaway shaves head and loses weight – desperate, afraid to say no, pathetically groveling for an oscar, obvious, ugly

    Charlize Theron shaves her head – Cool, stunning, liberating, gets the job done

    Charlize Theron getting fat & ugly – not manipulative, good strategic move, just a good actress becoming a character

  39. LMB says:

    I always liked her better with short hair.

  40. Pat Dorty says:

    Are all of the “Super Stars” in Hollywood afraid to adopt a white baby? I can’t think of one who has.

  41. Anon says:

    Mary Louise adopted a Super cute baby girl from Etophia.She made an announcement for the wee one and was never seen again with the child. My kind of adoption. She enjoys her beautiful daughter and family in private without trying to prove anything. I cannot stand the “fronting”. No silly comment of helping a poor child etc. When one adopts a child; the person who adopts is the lucky one. Giving up one’s child is a difficult and painful decision; one I will never make.