Ryan Reynolds’ family thinks Blake Lively is “overbearing, bossy and pushy”

Over the past few months, the tabloids have been claiming incessantly that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are on the verge of marriage. They’ve barely been together nine months… which I’m sure some of you will say is enough time to “know”. Considering Ryan just got out of a marriage last year, I’d say his radar still needs some jiggering, though. Anyway, in May, Star Magazine had an interesting story about Ryan’s mom, Tammy, and how she totally hated Blake Lively. Tammy thought Blake was/is too career-focused and wouldn’t be in the mood to provide grandchildren right away. And Tammy wants Ryan to move back to Canada to raise a family too. So… it sounded like a hot mess. Now the Enquirer claims that Blake hasn’t just alienated Tammy – apparently, Blake has pissed off the whole Reynolds clan.

Blake Lively’s race to get Ryan Reynolds to the altar has hit a major speed bump. Ryan’s close-knit family fears Blake is running roughshod over easygoing Ryan, and he’s put the brakes on wedding talk.

“Ryan’s family finds Blake overbearing and bossy,” revealed an insider. “His brothers have also told him that they think Blake is career obsessed. He’s eager for kids, but Blake has made it clear that work is her priority now And when he bought a country house for in Bedford, NY, for them to share, she immediately took control and embarked on a massive remodel. She even put him to work painting and doing plumbing repairs. She treats him more like a houseboy than a boyfriend!”

Ryan and Blake are reportedly unofficially engaged and planning to wed in summer 2013 at the spread in Bedford. But during a visit with Ryan’s family in Vancouver, Blake reportedly clashed with Ryan’s mother over where the couple should settle down.

“In the beginning, Blake cooked dinner, baked and even did Ryan’s laundry,” said the source. “He feel for her hook, line and sinker, but his family is aghast that he’s talking about making another commitment so soon. They also have lingering suspicions about Blake’s role in ending Ryan’s marriage to Scarlett. After their last visit home backfired, Ryan told Blake to stop the wedding talk. It infuriated her, but she realizes that if she wants to marry him, she’s going to have to win over his family.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

So many things wrong in that story, I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, since when is asking your boyfriend to do some painting in the new house he just bought considered “treating him like a houseboy”? Isn’t it just “good home ownership”? As for the whole “Blake won him over by cooking for him and doing his laundry” thing. Don’t get me wrong – I know that method works. Most men like to be taken care of. Cooking for them and cleaning up after them does work. But it feels like Ryan only fell for Blake because she was his maid and cook. Let’s give some credit to her boobs, amirite? As for the suspicion that Ryan and Blake fooled around while he was married… I’ve had that suspicion too. But why does his family hate Blake for it?

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  1. atlantapug says:

    This sounds like mostly BS. What rich, famous person does laundry, plumbing and painting? I just don’t see that as being true.
    Maybe the Reynolds family dislikes Blake, and maybe she doesn’t want children or to move to Canada. But if Ryan wants a woman who will uproot her whole life and toss away her career to be mommy, then he needs to find a “normal” girl, not a young actress on the way up.

    • RocketMerry says:

      “What rich, famous person does laundry, plumbing and painting?”

      I suspect Blake does. ‘Cause girl’s got a plan! She wants that marriage with a B+/possibly-A-list actor badly. She can almost taste it, of course she’ll use every trick in the bag!

      And the only one who suffers in the game is the dog. It’s aaaalways the dog. Sigh… poor Baxter. She’ll break his little canine heart.

    • julie says:

      Some people are still down to earth enough to do stuff around the house and i think RR is one of them. He has never shown himself to be a typical Hollywood maniac. BUT i don’t believe for one minute that he wants to go back to living in Canada to raise a family. He may want a family but he has a career too. He’s not exactly ready for retirement, so I don’t buy this story at all.
      I also do not believe for one minute that he was cheating on his wife. He might have started dating after they separated but no way was she a factor in their split. Scarlett herself has admitted that she was the one who screwed up by not realizing the effort it took to make a marriage work – especially a hollywood marriage when they are apart so much.
      I say the story is BS.

  2. Anna says:

    Career obsessed? What…career?

    *I think the correct term is fame-obsessed.

  3. two words says:

    National Enquirer. That says it all about the credibility!

  4. cupidityrox! says:

    That dog’s adorable!
    & this story is dumb

  5. Laura says:

    He seems like a real douche!

  6. Jenny says:

    Isn’t this the same thing the tabs said about Pitt’s family’s opinion of Ms. Jolie. Since that story dried up, it seems they just changed names and wrote the same story to make the woman a “total bitch” while the poor, poor man won’t speak up to mama. Typical tab story line is to trash the woman and emasculate the man.

  7. Lauren says:

    Please tell me someone else noticed how much Blake Lively looks like his mom!?

  8. lisa says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like her. But she does have a career. She is working some of the best people.

    I don’t believe the story. She and Ryan have been visiting his family a lot. If the hated her I don’t see that happening. I think people should prepare for them being together for a while. Maybe even marrying one day. They are on that track it seems.

  9. ashley says:

    remember how leo’s mom wasn’t feeling her,tammy’s mom probably sees what she is trying to do like leo’s mom.

  10. It is ME!! says:

    Oh for the love of fuq.

    I am no fan of Blake Lively. I think she is overrated as both an actress and a “beauty,” but that’s just me.

    That being said, she doesn’t strike me as bitchy, and seriously? So what if she isn’t ready for kids? He might not be ready, either! If his moms is the one pushing for grandkids (if this story is even true), she needs to mind her own business and let her grown kids be grown! She’ll be a grandma when the time is right.

    And heaven forbid she remodels their new home, or asks him to help out with THEIR home. Shit, if the husband and I bought a house, I’d be a remodeling mofo.

    I would love to live in Canada (or, hell, stay here in Germany- the U.S. is losing its collective mind over stupid bullshit; I’d rather live in a place where there are SOME sane people who don’t want to be up in my bedroom or sticking their holier-than-thou noses in my uterus), but again, that’s just me.

    This “story” just sounds like some stuff I picked up off the ground right after my dog hunched over….

  11. Kellie says:

    After many years of living I have found some things to be true. It doesnt matter if you sleep with a guy on the first date, or after sixth months and screw him like a porn star, it doesnt matter if you cook like a five star chef, and clean like a hired hand. If they want you, they will stay and if they dont, they will leave.

    • Lizbet says:

      Truer words were never spoken.

      I’m constantly trying to tell my girlfriends to chill out about “making” a man do something. Why would you want a man who you had to con into being with you? If they want you, they will stay, and if they don’t, they will leave. It may be sooner, it may be later, but it always happens.

    • normades says:

      Sooo true. The 3 dates rule is so dumb. You can make a guy wait 3 dates but if he doesn’t like you he’ll still dump yer arse. Likewise you can give it up on the first date and end up married a year later.

      That said, imo relationships are more about timing than anything else. You can be madly in love with someone, but if you don’t want the same things at the same time, it won’t work out. I think Blake/Ryan will work out because they do.

  12. Wizza says:


    I like Blake. I DON’T like this coupling (I miss BLEO sob sob) but its evident that as the Scarlett-Ryan-Blake love triangle did not stick, the tabs are looking for another angle.

    Odd considering this very vanilla couple have never done any carpet, red or green and never actually confirmed they are dating there is a need to add spice and scandal

    Incidentally did we not read this EXACT same story with Justin/Jessica; Eva/Ryan; Rachel/Ryan;et al.
    Same narrative different cast till next year

  13. Jilliterate says:

    Honestly, I kind of believe this story, because this is the kind of illogical garbage family drama is. “She asked him to paint, so she’s treating him like a slave.” I think if they were making this one up, they’d make up stuff that was a little more scandalous. And if it is true, I hope Reynold’s mother steps right off. I hate this attitude that your own children are an incubator for grandchild. Christ, you’d think parents would have a little more respect for the child they created. You don’t always get what you want — Mother Reynolds should sit back and keep her mouth shut. If she gets grandchildren, cool, if not, well, it wasn’t her decision to make anyways.

  14. mercy says:

    The Enquirer. At least they’re stories are good for a laugh. Their last one featured Blake’s little dog Penny’s diva-like behaviour causing trouble in the bedroom. Now it’s Ryan the poor put upon plumber. Right. They’ve been traveling almost non-stop since reports came through about them buying the place.

  15. ella says:

    Haha, love the contradiction. First it’s all “Blake is too career obsessed and doesn’t care about starting a family and making a home!” and then it’s “Blake has too much interest in remodeling their country house!”

  16. nina says:

    sounds like a load of crap. ryan seems more marriage obsessed though in general, he always gets engaged quickly.

  17. bella says:

    why do i hate this girl so much and want ryan to dump her and go back to scarjo? i need a life…

  18. catt says:

    Never understood the whole R.R. is so hot thing. I think he is really unattractive esp. those little beady eyes and most of all cause he looks like a younger George Bush.

  19. Lee says:

    If this story is true, it’s ridiculous. I’m sure if Ryan brought home a normal girl who was ready to set aside her career and start having babies, they would call her a gold digger.

    Not a Blake fan, but good for her for standing her ground and letting his family know they are not going to run her life and tell her where to live, when she should start having kids, and when to put her career aside. It’s not their business to tell her what to do.

  20. GirlyGirl says:

    Canadian Moms generally have this problem with American girls, it may pass.

  21. Eiramzify says:

    This sounds like a fan fiction.

  22. dizzy says:

    If this is true, his mommy needs to mind her own business. Blake is only 24 and has her whole life to pop a kid out. It’s not her business also where they decide to settle down or where Blake’s career is headed. I’m not Blake fan, but I don’t see her as being a meanie. So stop, because nothing is more bitchy then pushy and intrusive future in-laws making drama out of nothing.

  23. ToastedSkin says:

    seeing baxter in that photo is the best part of this post. he’s so cute!

  24. leslilly says:

    Not a Blake Lively fan particularly, but so the f what if she’s “career-obsessed”? Ryan’s mom, Tammy, sounds like a royal bitch, if this is indeed true. I mean, wtf? His mom expects them to move to Canada & for Blake to give up her career & “provide” her with grandchildren. She sounds like she’s planning to breed two dogs.

  25. Kosmos says:

    I agree that if Ryan wants to marry Blake, he’d better be prepared to deal with her career as well. Of course, she really isn’t a very good actress, but she’s still in the biz and she’s young and will want to continue with her career. Then we have them both traveling, making movies, and being apart, all of which is hard on a marriage. If he marries someone out of the business, then you have a different situation. In meeting Blake, I can totally understand how Ryan’s family might see her down the line as another failed marriage partner for him. I have to agree with them on some level.

    • Carolyn says:

      Agree. If Ryan’s parents are decent people they will want what they see best for Ryan (that he doesn’t get hurt or conned) and are likely to not want him to rush into a serious relationship, let alone marriage so quickly. Assuming Ryan has a lot of money and is viewed as a prestige catch, they will also be concerned about whoever dating him as potentially being a gold-digger. If they have half a brain they will have googled Blake and seen the persistent rumours of her being a tart, the Harvey stories and possibly white-washing her sexual history and be a little concerned for Ryan’s judgment. I get that he’s wanting to have fun and she may be Miss Right Now. I don’t trust her. I don’t think any mother would.