LeAnn Rimes tweets photo of Eddie Cibrian’s creepy birthday cake: trashy?

LeAnn is another Twitter rampage. On Sunday, she tweeted the above photo with the message “Just two happy people loving life”. Why so try-hard? LeAnn had so many extra duties to do this weekend! It was a combination of Father’s Day and Eddie Cibrian’s birthday – both on Sunday. And of course LeAnn celebrated the only way she knows how – on Twitter. In addition to tweeting photos throughout the weekend, she also crack tweeted this:

I am so BEYOND fortunate to have had many men in my life I’d call dad thank you to each and everyone of them. @darrellbrown @mantis7jewels you are two of them. I love you both so much! Love you daddy, and my bonus daddy TED….so many who have truly been there for me. LOVE YOU ALL

Happy DADDY’S day @eddiecibrian
You are an amazing father who sacrifices a lot for two beautiful boys. I love watching the way you love and raise them. It brings me such joy to see the respect and love between you three. We all love you so much. We are all lucky to have you in our lives.

[Via LeAnn’s Twitter]

Sigh… I mean, if it was someone else, someone less of a Twitter-addicted famewhore, I might think those messages of love were sweet. But all I can focus on is how LeAnn needs to stop putting all of this out there for public consumption. Still, it’s always nice of LeAnn to tweet lots of photos that we can jack and make fun of. Speaking of, here’s the birthday cake that LeAnn got for Eddie. A cake of the two of them in bed, with the kids at the bottom of the cake? OF COURSE. Because that’s not creepy and inappropriate at all.

Here’s a photo of Eddie and his father. Cibrian Senior looks like Nigel Powers.

She also managed to tweet this photo of one “her” boys too:

Of course. And finally, LeAnn linked to a blog called “The Evil Stepmother Speaks” with is some kind of infomercial-like thing for step-mothers who think that they rule the world. Which is fine – being a step-parent is an important and often overlooked job. But LeAnn is hellbent on getting herself SO much attention for looking after her step-sons. Oh, and people are getting upset about LeAnn’s link to the post because there was some kind of reference to dealing with “that nasty ex-wife”. I don’t know… I’m not going to get into it. The Brandi versus LeAnn flame-war gets too minutia-oriented at times. You can read more about it here and here.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. Eve says:

    Has she tweeted her poop yet? Really, that’s the only thing missing.

  2. Ella says:

    That is the creepiest cake decoration I’ve ever seen- maybe fine for a “private” party of the two of them but dishing that up to the family is just plain weird.

  3. lucy2 says:

    OK, that is definitely the creepiest cake I’ve ever seen. And the two kids at the bottom – one looks like he’s crying and the other just looks depressed. Lovely.
    Anyone who tries that hard can’t possibly be truly happy.

  4. Cleveland Girl says:

    That cake is disgusting and she should be committed.

  5. Marianne says:

    OMG that cake!!! What an attention whore.

  6. smith says:

    Dear Leann’s last photo:

    We ARE judging you. Even ugly baby judges you.

  7. Julie says:

    at least she makes me laugh. not in a good way though.

    • lunabell says:

      ^^ Yes. My first reaction was dafuq did I just see? Then I laughed.

      Side Note: I wonder how he responds to her cray cray love offerings. Like, I would almost pay money to see his reaction after she handed him the cake.

      In my mind, his eyes widened at the tackiness / desperation of it all, and then he pulled her close while muttering generic thanks in her ear like “thanks, baby, I loove it” while hiding his grimace in her hair.

  8. GoodCapon says:

    Do I see a shape of a bum between the sheets?

    Eddie looks nothing like his father. Now we know where he got his looks from…

  9. Lindy says:

    That cake. I’m kind of. It’s impossible to believe! I mean, I didn’t think she could come up with more crazy BS weirdness. But this cake. It is more crazy BS weirdness. I suppose we should be grateful that they’re underneath the covers, right?

  10. I.want.shoes says:

    Girl needs to up her meds. That cake is seriously disturbing.

    We should be grateful for the fact that she isn’t riding him on top of that cake.

    • SolitaryAngel says:

      I know, right? I’m thinking, if THIS horror was the public “family” cake, what the hell kind of kinky kama sutra cake with penis-shaped candles did she get him for in private? Cuz you just know this nutty twit got him one!

      I really didn’t think her craziness could get any crazier, but she just keeps on raising that bar, doesn’t she? Yikes.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      It actually looks like the boys are hiding under the bed (or sitting on its pedestal) whilst they’re in bed.

      DISTURBING. Who TF wants to take a bite of THAT?!?

  11. Mandy says:

    Ugh, that cake!!!! What was she thinking??

  12. Prinny says:

    She’s the “only one that matters” y’all…of course she has to be the main focus of his cake. I can’t believe I actually used to like this chick. It’s sad she really doesn’t see how inappropriate this is. Fine, if she wanted them in bed on top of the cake, but leave the kids off of it.

  13. original lucy says:

    Well, thats the icing on the cake! LeAnn is OFFICIALLY the craziest, most inappropriate, mentally deranged, fame=whore in all the land! That cake is sick. Can’t you hear Eddies little boys describing daddy’s cake…and there is me and there is my brother and there is daddy and my crazy ass bonus mom under the sheets! Geez!

  14. Jayna says:

    I have to say all the photos I saw she looked really cute and loved her dress.

    Funny how one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Liam Neeson, can have a small birthday party at a restaurant and manage not to get papped even once.

  15. sarahtonin says:

    That cake is really f^*#ed up. Are the kids waiting at the end of the bed or at the bedroom door for Me!Ann to finish icing Daddy’s cupcake?

    • ahoyhoy says:

      Yes, SERIOUSLY ‘f-ed up’!!!
      This cake is a try-hard ADVERT, a la Will Smith & Jada Pinkett—’Look at how much sex we have, world! This cake proves we love each other and will never part!’

      LeAnn is protesting WAY too much with this cake….it’s like a giant f-you to Brandi. ‘I’ve got your hubby in bed, and your kids are here with us’. Can the cake be read any other way?

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @sarah, love the avie! Lindz is really doing an awesome job channeling Liz there ;)

    • sarahtonin says:

      This mental skank reads everything that is written about her on the internet. I’m sure she has google alerts set up for herself. She must know that everyone sees how pathologically insecure she is, and that she only spams this happy snap crap trying to prove her marriage is really, truly tru luv 4 evah. She must know deep down that no one buys it and we can all see she’s only trying to prove it to herself. (Although, in her fragile little mind, that probably encourages her to post even more ‘proof.’ See? He does love me. He gave me the birthday present I paid for). Reality is, no one else believes for a second he loves her more than her money. She is repellent and offensive, and she has almost no friends or family who can tolerate her, so why would Ediot?

      These celebs really need to get rid of the yes-men minions and employ someone who can give them a reality check. I’ll happily get paid to tell her everyone is laughing at her. As long as I can wear a Kevlar stab vest when I do it.

  16. the original bellaluna says:


    She needs to stop. Just. STOP.

    • Jennifer says:

      She’s not going to stop. Exhibitionism and tackiness are in her personality and has been on display in per pap-called pictures and her twitter feed. Like someone said, at least we can all get a good laugh out of her craziness.

  17. cupidityrox! says:

    At this point one of those her “dads” should have her committed. She’s off her rocker. & I’m pissed that this heifer uses the same cell phone as me!

  18. Dejah says:

    I think it’s hilarious that she’s calling it his favorites things cake yet she is the main focus.

    Honestly if this was a valentines day cake it would be cute, but….it’s father’s dad. A day you praise a man for being a loving DAD not a loving HUSBAND. Eddy and the kids should have been the main focus of the cake or if her ego couldn’t handle being second to his kids then maybe she should have commissioned a cake with the whole family on the bed. I know many families with young kids that spend father’s day or mother’s day morning in bed hanging out and waiting for mom or dad to finish their breakfast in bed.

    That would have been cute but the attention whore in LeAnne just can’t let it go. She is very possessive of Eddy even from his own kids.

  19. Lizzie K says:

    So on Father’s Day, Leann gets Eddie a cake that puts their sex life a full level above the two little boys he fathered. How appropriate for a homewrecking ho.

  20. Katie Too says:

    One million quatloos to the first person to find a non-creepy explanation for that cake…

  21. Shelley says:

    Ow!! My eyes!! I am – speechless – that cake…! I don’t twitter; for those of you who do, did she post an accompanying explanation of the, um, thoughts/rationale that went into the design of this cake? It’s…well, whatever else it is, it’s ugly, too. But I have to say, Good Lord, Eddie Cibrian is incredibly good to look at – the photos of him are Compensation for my having to look at that Cake.

  22. Dejah says:

    Okay I realized it’s a birthday cake but still around father’s day, a cake like that is still tacky. It’s almost like she’s saying “Happy birthday Eddy, from LeAnne…….oh! and the kids too”

    They seem like an afterthought especially the way their figures are positioned and crowded together.

    Also I know this isn’t true for all people but growing up when we were as young as Eddie’s kids whenever my mom made a cake for my dad or had one made at the bakery, she always had it signed “Happy Birthday Dad.”

    He knew we didn’t pay for it but that and having me or my brother bring the cake in always made us feel more involved.

  23. Dana M says:

    What a terrible cake! Simply trashy! Doesn’t surprise me coming from her though….. and she is not ashamed either.

  24. Gisele says:

    The cake is beyond mental and inappropriate, just like the woman who ordered it. The fact she tweeted a picture of it and was surprised that she has received negative backlash, just drives the point home that she is so unhinged, she has lost touch with reality and is living in her own little world of delusion. One thing I have to admit LeAnn is the best at is bringing the crazy. Nobody holds a candle to her in that department.

  25. Theskinny says:

    This is her way of saying “He f*** me He F*** me..not YOU…ME. He wants ME…not his ex, not his co-stars! Me! Me! Me! Me! See how F**able I am? Look at me in my bathing suit! See this body? This is what HE WANTS TO F***! He validates my narcissism. Anyone who doubts my worthiness is a Hater! He F**** meeeeeee GET IT? Mommy’s right..I’M SPECIAL” Lawd. They have pills for that whore.

  26. lisa says:

    I have always tried to cut her a break. Things happen life. You make mistakes and hopefully learn from them and try to be a better person. But this and all the tweeting is too too much. That cake is nasty. Why would she have her and Eddie in bed with the children sitting at the bottom. If it is an adult cake then why in the world would a sane person include their children..


  27. lower-case deb says:

    is that a hidden message?
    like, happy father’s day, from the soon-to-be baby we made under the yellow sheets that kim kardashian gave to us.

    and what are those white flecks on the fondant-boy hair, the one to the right of the cake

  28. SolitaryAngel says:

    If I had baked & decorated that monstrosity I’d pay her NOT to tell a soul that it was me!! Upon pain of death, I wouldn’t admit I’d had anything to do with that thing.

  29. lori says:

    I think this cake says: “I’m sleeping with your ex-husband b!tch, and your kids are next.”
    It shouts creepy child molester cake to me.

  30. Liberty says:

    This cake is sitting on the road between Sick and Pathetic. Those poor kids.

  31. Kate says:

    Interestingly a tepid shout out to her own father on father’s day. I know they “reconciled” but she did sue him for $7 plus million at one point in time. Of course his response to that suit was that she was a “spoiled brat.” Gee, maybe Papa Rimes hit the nail on the head a decade ago.

  32. judyjudy says:

    Well that cake is ironic now, isn’t it?

  33. Samigirl says:

    Before I saw the cak I thought, “surely it’s not that bad. Someone has to be overreacting.”

    I should have known better when it comes to her.

  34. TXCinderella says:

    Okay, that is a weird cake. Totally inappropriate. I used to be a fan, but after she sued her father I was turned off by that. Her parents sacrificed alot for her to have the career that she’s had and she returns the favor by suing her father? Who does that? The woman is warped.

    • Jayna says:

      Spare me. She supported her family. Their sacrifice paid handsomely. I have yet to read a pop star rave about their early years looking back, especially someone as young as LeAnn was. They are on tour nonstop. They have no childhood. when the parent/child line becomes so blurred because it becomes about the career it gets dangerous. What is in the best interest of their child, not their workhouse, becomes hazy. And many parents cross boundries with their child’s money and misuse the funds quite a bit. You paint the father as a saint. I doubt it.

      I’m not saying she shouldn’t have been in show biz. She had a gorgeous voice, but the music biz is very tough and grueling. Christina Aguilera has talked about being a teenager and so exhausted between shows, interviews in between, that she didn’t know what town she was in. She said every moment of her day was tightly scheduled by her handlers, very little down time. She had resentment as to how she was treated in those respects. I think it’s why she tours infrequently now.

      • nomorerimes says:

        No, maybe he wasn’t a saint but go and google LeAnn Rimes and father. He tried reining her in (actually a pretty good pun!) when she was 15. The courts ordered she not live with any unrelated male while she was underage–both she and her mommy disregarded the court order. That is when she made the statement that she had a “dark side”. And boy, is that ever more true today! She really needs mental help but mommy still thinks her precious little girl can do no wrong. Maybe if they had listened to Daddy Rimes back then she would have been much better off.

  35. Cam S says:

    Fondant bonus boys, don’t look up!
    I thought this was for a bachelor/bachelorette party actually. Cheese and crackers Leann Rimes needs to seek some kind of intensive psychological therapy! I’m not being facetious in any way when I say this.
    Next time Leann, get a box of Duncan Hines and call it a day!

  36. Ruth says:

    is it just me or is it odd that she says there are several guys who are “like a father” to her, rather than saying something about her um.. actual dad?
    Much as one can have really special realtionships with other father-figures.. she seems to have the focus wrong on both her tweet and that utterly wrong cake.

  37. brin says:

    It’s pathetic that Ediot does not protect his children from Leann’s sick famewhore antics. He knew this would get attention from the media. He is such a hypocrite and not only a lousy husband but a lousy father.

  38. Patricia says:

    Please remove the “?” from this story heading.

    There is no question here.

  39. Anon says:

    I cannot even imagine the questions the two boys might have in their heads about that cake. Maybe that’s the difference between playing momma and being one.

    • Djinn says:

      Nope. It’s the difference between sane and being a narcissistic loon. Everyone on this thread thinks this is completely nuts, I doubt all of them have kids, I’m not a mother, but I’m also not bat shit crazy so I would never conceive of such an in appropriate & tacky move.

  40. Dee Cee says:

    She’s cray cray and wanting something truly exciting to happen that stars her exclusively in the drama.. but she might not like it’s her that’s incarcerated, greatly embarrassed by her foolish plans, jealous emotions and determined stalking..

  41. sup says:

    the cake is creepy, trashy, tacky and every negative adjective on the planet, and you know exactly why she chose this theme… give a non-subtle message to a certain angry ex-wife “i still get to sleep with him” and she does everything to exhibit their not-so private life…. remember when she gave the paps the wrong time for an appointment? if it wasn’t for her tabloid tackiness nobody would have remembered who leann was. she was certainly not that talented and not even that popular. a sad has-been resorting to pathetic tricks.

  42. why? says:

    Eddie’s cake is missing 3 things: Alcohol/Don Julio, Lizzy, and Money. Seeing how Eddie is rarely seen without a cup of alcohol in his hand, how come Leann didn’t put that at the top of his cake? The cakes seem more like a reflection of Leann’s favorite things to taunt Brandi with.

    Well her hubby is a serial cheater and he opted to spend the morning of his birthday “working”, so of course Leann has to use a cake to make it look like she is the “only one that matters”(a quote she hijacked from Eddie’s ex-mistresses interview) to him. Lately he doesn’t want to go anywhere with Leann unless Lizzy and tequila can tag along. Lizzy must be standing next to Eddie in that top photo because notice it’s a repeat of the photos from the Fitness opening? Even though she is hanging all over him, he isn’t even looking at her. So the only way Leann can have Eddie, alone-without the alcohol, Lizzy, women, money, trips, or gifts, is to make an image of him and put it on a cake.

    Notice how she even made the sidewalk chalk art all about her? She did the majority of the work and just let the kids fill in the spaces. If she wanted to make it special for the kids and their father, then why didn’t she just step back and allow the kids to make the pictures for their father? Why does she have to watch Eddie while he is spending time with his kids? Is he that much of a cheater that she is worried he will attempt to contact another woman while playing with his kids?

    It’s sad that she mentions those two guys as father figures because they have said some really nasty things about Brandi on twitter.

    What sacrifices has Eddie made for his kids? Really? Allowing Leann to exploit them after proclaiming that he didn’t want that for his kids isn’t loving, raising, or making a sacrifice for them.

    • Prinny says:

      Exactly! Brandi is the one who always gets accused of harassing Leann, but Leann’s inner circle are the ones who bash Brandi on twitter. Especially that Darrel Brown who compared Brandi to Moms who have murdered their children. Brandi’s fans may bash Leann but I have rarely seen her real life friends do the same. And saint Karla, who plays both sides, she just comes off as one phony human being! Another person Brandi tolerates for her kids’ sake.

      • Prinny says:

        And I love tht one fan who goes ape-shit when Leann doesn’t tweet her. Comical! Ha!

      • thetruthhurts says:

        EXACTLY. From what I’ve seen, Brandi’s real life friends never tweet about LeAnn EVER. Have you ever seen Jennifer Gimenez utter a word? Nope. LeAnn’s “friends” are so obviously on the starfuck train, and rely on her to pay their bills whether it be doing a horrible makeup job on her or writing songs and mixing her record. They all get paid. And you are spot on about her fans. They are the creepiest of losers who always beg for her to tell them she loves them or ask for advice on their pathetic lives, it’s quite entertaining. There is also that one who is always complaining about her “ailments”–”oh I have heartburn today LeAnn” –she’s my favorite. It must bum LeAnn out knowing THIS is her following, unlike Brandi’s, who has a bunch of cool, fun, normal girls tweeting her.

      • Prinny says:

        Haha! I’m. Pretty sure we are talking about the same fan. Woleny or something? Too funny!

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        YES. And tonight she is concerned that LeAnn is “mad” at her. It’s like a car wreck, I just can’t look away!

  43. Boo says:

    From DListed’s resident genius, Michael K:

    “Nobody wants to see Eddie and LeAnn hand bang each other in bed and I especially don’t want to see it in fondant form. Those two little fondant boys are right below and they’re trying so hard to not look up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen sugar look that scared before in my life.”

  44. ria says:

    Daily mail hasn’t wrote their daily fluffpiece about LeAnn yesterday or today. Are they on her payroll too? LeAnn realizes that this little stunt backfired in her face and now wants to keep it hush hush, she can’t keep it contained over here but overseas a site like daily mail and a message like that would expose her her European fan base. Oh, who am I kidding. She doesn’t have one. Sites like daily mail, jj , celebuzz and radar are all her puppets. but on another note I saw this comment on Dlisted and thought it was funny as heck, but agree this cake, her and Eddie are f’kd up. Its not normal her way of thinking, and god only knows what goes on it that house, with her friends and other people. Brandi should file for full custody as it is becoming clear that these two are not suited to take care of the children. See the comment below.

    Submitted by perky on Sun, 06/17/2012 – 6:02pm.

    If she thinks it’s appropriate to combine a sexual husband/wife image with that of children, then methinks we need to bring in Chris Hansen to tell her to take a seat and have some lemonade.

    • SpunkyPR says:

      That’s what I don’t get, what does Eddie have over Brandi, because honestly, with all the display that is being twittered, Brandi should be able to walk into any courtroom and file for sole custody. There has to be more to this story than we know.

      • ria says:

        SpunkyPR. I’ve often wondered that myself. I really don’t understand and thought maybe that Eddie and Leann had something over Brandi’s head. Even if they do, they still need to called out, what’s more important? Don’t get mad at people who bash you on twitter, get mad at the ones using your kids for gains – leann & eddie. I don’t understand because she has a truck full of evidence by way of online pieces. If those were my kids this would have been done a long time ago. It’s not healthy to have those kids around leann, and more people are thinking this way. She may say her kids are happy, but having kids around a psycho who is a ticking time bomb is not something I’d gamble with. No way, no how.

      • NerdMomma says:

        It is unbelievably hard to get sole custody, and even really difficult these days to get primary custody. If a parent wants 50% it’s usually granted.

      • heidi says:

        That’s the same conclusion I’ve come to, that they’ve got dirt on Brandi, leaving her in a bind. She can’t possibly be so naive as to believe Eddie has the kids best interests at heart. She knows her husband of 13 years was leading a double life all that time~~~why try to see the best in him now. His antics throughout his adult life prove he’s not a good dad nor a good man. Period

      • claire says:

        Let’s be realistic. The courts don’t take away custody based on someone being a narcissistic delusional fame-ho. They take custody away based on physical or sexual abuse. Maybe if Leann was actually diagnosed with something, and acting erratic and off meds, and showing signs she’d harm herself or others, but that’s not happening here either.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        He doesn’t have to have anything on her: Cali’s community property when it comes to the kids, too. (Yes, I realise how crass that sounds, but it’s true.)

        You have to jump through endless hoops to prove that a parent is unfit (see: Halle Berry) or be willing to lie your ass off in an attempt to either exhaust the other parent into submission or exhaust their finances, whichever comes first (see also: Halle Berry).

      • why? says:

        Which explains why her response to the backlash for the cake was to tweet the inappropriate photo of her and Mateo sucking on popscicles and say that it was “kid’s play” and set up the staged photo-ops of her dressed inappropritely at the Park with the kids while being extremely inappropriate with them. The staged park photo was definately a message. Leann is basically daring Brandi and her lawyers to do something and thinking that they won’t ever be held accountable.

      • why? says:

        Which explains why her response to the backlash for the cake was to tweet the inappropriate photo of her and Mateo sucking on popscicles and say that it was “kid’s play” and set up the staged photo-ops of her dressed inappropritely at the Park with the kids while being extremely inappropriate with them and Eddie. The staged park photo was definately a message. Leann is basically daring Brandi and her lawyers to do something and thinking that they won’t ever be held accountable.

      • Sal says:

        Thats what I wonder. She is a very good person and mother but I wish she’d take a restraining order out against LR for the kids’ protection, and hers. I know she is doing what she *thinks* is right for the kids, but is it really what IS best for them? Subjecting them to LR, the paps, cakes like that, that is mental and emotionally harmful and as a mother she should be concerned about the emotional affects of LR’s behavior, as that is every much as abusive and dangerous for children as physical/sexual abuse. No matter how much the boys like LR, it is NOT in those children’s BEST INTERESTS for them to be around her, and not one Psychiatrist or Counsellor would contradict me on that. If Brandi truly loves those boys and has their BEST INTERESTS at heart, she needs to remove LR from their lives. It affords these boys their only chance at stability and peace, out of the public eye. Non-exploited or subjected to adult themes. As a mother, she is obligated to act. She cannot put this off any longer than she already has. Could she really forgive herself if LR’s influence causes the boy/s to be psychologically disturbed and go off the rails in a few years? Could she really forgive herself? Could she?

    • lori says:

      I agree, if she weren’t famous and wealthy all of her predatory stalking of Brandi and her kids, along with the implied message of this cake: “Happy Bonus Family Orgy” would be grounds for a possible restraining order. But it’s Hollywood, so she’ll get to keep playing her kinky games with these kids.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Daily Mail has her garbage on now! Disgusting skank!

  45. qtpi says:

    I wonder what Eddie’s parents think of this whole situation. I thought I read somewhere that he is an only child. I would be mortified if that is how my only child turned out.

    And that cake seems to be yelling for attention. She hasn’t been in the news much recently and any attention is good attention (in her mind).

  46. ladybert62 says:

    Nutso – nutso- nutso! She is nutso and that cake is creepy – she needs some psychological counseling.

  47. eileen says:

    I am without words….that is truly horrifying. And what are those circles drawn on the driveway? They look like multi-colored boobs.

  48. Over It says:

    She needs help ASAP! If she can’t see why people might find the cake gross, then she has something seriously wrong with her. I am always stuck between thinking she is crazy or knows exactly how to get people talking about her. Wonder what would happen if we all stopped commenting about her, unfollwed her twitter, and just left her the 10 fans begging for her attention?

  49. ria says:

    The cake designer has no shame either. Friend or customer I would not feel comfortable making that cake and I would tell them that. Adult cake is fine but not putting two little kids on a adult themed one. Sweetandsaucey is like The evil step mother speaks blog. Both loving being associated with leann by use of twitter to amp up their profiles. They have no shame. Evil blog even thanked radar for mentioning her blog even though the story was a rare slam against leann and the intent behind the blog, nasty ex wife. People seem to cast their morals aside for her and are starstuck by a woman who hasn’t had a hit in more than a decade. This cake was just so inappropriate, the grossest cake I’ve ever seen. Wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels and sweet and saucy is disgusting too.

  50. lori says:

    Based on Leann’s twit pics alone, one must conclude she wants to shoot Brandi and have sex with her kids.

  51. Cam S says:

    Leann re-tweeted this quote: “I would rather have been beaten up in the media than live a life that was unhappy.” – @KimKardashian, #Nextchapter

    Umm.. HELLO! If you had been an honest and forthright person from the start, you wouldn’t have to worry about either.

  52. Shelley says:

    And YES about the writing in the driveway – two little boys who love their dad could have had a blast writing him messages in chalk. Instead it looks like a professional artist was hired to make it all lovely and perfect. WTH! And does EC look at that and actually think his sons drew that? Isn’t the whole point supposed to be about them taking pride and joy in making something for their Dad, and him loving it because they did it just for him?

    Eddie and Leann should step back and think – childhood flies by, and sooner than they realize, those boys will be young men. I still harbor the hope that Leann is kind to them, one on one, and honestly enjoys them, but between the Cake of Many Horrors and the No Child Allowed to Write on MY Driveway stunt, I have to wonder how she does regard them and vice versa. If she is jealous of them and shows it, then she *is* damaging them, and that is beyond wrong, and repulsive. Many of us have had to step back from our own childhoods and consider that things were not what we would wish them to be; we work hard to ensure that whatever we lacked growing up is not reflected in how we treat others, especially children. She could, at least, do that.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Eddie doesn’t give a crap about those kids; Eddie is his own priority. He showed that when he allowed Leann to crawl all over him at soccer games and vacations and didn’t think about his sons and their need to adjust to a new situation. As for the driveway, it’s simple: Leann comes first. Look what I did! Look what I got the boys to sign! It’s all about control with that (gag) chick.

  53. Chell says:

    I can’t help but think of the scene from the “Godfather” with the horse’s head in bed~ that is really what should have been on top of that cake!
    She is so beyond TWISTED! That is the most disturbing cake I have EVER seen! I feel “dirty” looking at it!!!

  54. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    It looks like Eddie and LeAnn are on some serious drugs, and the cake is beyond creepy.

  55. mellaniee says:

    SOOO on that website celebrity-gossip or whatever there are a ton of pics of LeAnn and Eddie on fathers day at the park (the same outing where she took that HORRID twitpic of her sucking on that popsicle). Obvs since this trainwreck is my guilty pleasure I checked them out and I will summarize for you. Most of them are LeAnn in extremely short shorts nuzzling Eddie (grosss) but 2 in particular are interesting.
    1) http://celebrity-gossip.net/leann-rimes/photo/leann-rimes-678

    …blanket look familiar? Brandi has the same style (South American design) blanket which she brings to all the kids soccer games.


    ….HOW CREEPY?? Is she seriously standing over that poor child in that way?

    • Theskinny says:

      She is either eating something in a way that says “This is what I look like giving Eddie a BJ” or she is bending over showing us her girl parts. She is at the park in shorts that are no bigger than PANTIES and bending over left right and sideways in front of those boys in a sexual manner. Brandi is a moron if she doesn’t take that to the lawyer. What is she waiting for? Her to spread her butt cheeks for them? So disgusting.

      • claire says:

        She’s gross. And always “posey” like that when she’s got her paid pap with her. Same guy who was with them at the birthday party at the Malibu Inn. The shorts up her a$$/no bra look at a family picnic is, um….typical.

        I remember when Brandi wore a sundress, without a bra, to that RHoBH all-women, private cocktail party. (the one where Kyle kept shining the laser light on her boobs) Leann’s paid fan-friends skewered her for days. They’re so noticeably silent on all of Leann’s nipple pics with the kids.

      • why? says:

        I agree.

        This behavior from Leann and Eddie should not go unchecked. It needs to be addressed and both Leann and Eddie needs some serious consequences. I thought the cake was bad, but the photos of her at the Park with the kids are far worse.

        Leann gets blasted for an inappropriate cake and rather than learn from her bad decision, she turns around and makes even more bad choices the next day. It’s like Leann is gloating and telling Brandi that she can do whatever she wants to Brandi’s kids because there is nothing Brandi can do about it or she knows that Brandi won’t do anything about it so she just keeps pushing the boundaries.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Are those CROCHETED SHORTS? With FRINGE?

  56. beclove says:

    Wonder if Ed knows she tweeted that disaster? Does he keep up with her twitter bs and know how much crap she puts out there? Or maybe (likely) he has no damn shame either?

    • thetruthhurts says:

      I have a feeling he doesn’t have a clue. He has only tweeted 80 times compared to her THOUSANDS. Something tells me if he knew, he would be mortified. Especially because he is an actor and this looks sooo bad to casting directors and producers.

      • beclove says:

        Bet you are right. He doesn’t know the full story and no one cares enough about him to tell (or help) him… just like Leann.

        If I were Brandi I would be kicking both of their trashy asses into next week.

      • why? says:

        Didn’t Brandi email Eddie at one point asking him to make Leann stop with the tweets, twitpics, staged photo-ops, and blogs about the kids because she was saying and doing inappropriate things? So Eddie knows exactly what Leann is doing and saying on twitter. He just doesn’t care because he doesn’t have loyalty to anyone but himself. Perhaps if the kids wore dollar signs on their foreheads and painted themselves green, maybe Eddie would put more restrictions on what Leann is saying and doing on twitter.

        Considering that there are photos of him eating the birthday cake and the disgusting photos of them from the park on Sunday, it’s safe to say that Eddie condones everything that Leann does. Eddie allowed Leann to walk out of the house wearing sheer shirts with no bra several times knowing that his kids and his parents could see everything.

    • lori says:

      I doubt he knows anything about her twitter stuff or even half the tabloids she has deals with. If he had a real friend or family, or agent who cared about his career they would show him her media campaign and then show him the backlash from all of it. But something tells me this guy is such a user, he doesn’t have anyone who cares enough.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Wonder who his agent is?? If it is the same as Sleaze’s, that would explain why nothing has been done to stop this garbage! Sleaze’s agent probably feels like she does–any publicity is better than no publicity! How wrong he/she is! Sleaze’s career is in the toilet waiting for the flush. Eddie could possibly still salvage his IF he left the skank now!

  57. original lucy says:

    Lets hope Karma kicks Eddie in the ass and he ends up looking just like his dad! HA!

  58. Chell says:

    I just read that she tweeted it is “Eddies favorite things birthday cake”~ guess there are more fondant things on the cake like a paddle board & some sports jersey in addition to the bonus boys. Of course her explanation of the cake doesn’t make it any better…she is basically saying being in bed with her is one of his favorite things…she is pathetic! If it’s supposed to represent his favorite things then she should have just added fondant credit cards with her name on them & fondant cocktails…cuz I personally think that’s all EC is truly intersted in!!!

  59. ria says:

    Has anyone seen Josie Davis Twitter recently? She has a posted a pic of her and Eddie and he is looking down and away from the camera. He never misses an opportunity to pose, I wonder if lemann instructed him not to smile or seem interested in any pics with Josie. That’s right Eddie focus on steering wheel, you want that new car. Must appease LeAnn, picks up his string cheese balls from floor. On second thoughts, someone get him a tampon because I’m sure he has periods. Not manly at all.

  60. tru tru says:

    that cake is horrid, she has to insinuate herself in EVERYTHING!!

    them in bed??? really??

  61. gg says:

    Cibrian Senior looks more like Hugh Hefner on a Viagara bender to me.

  62. BuffaloGirl says:

    I don’t know if anybody saw here tweet pic of the “Ice Cream Party” presumably for her hubby’s bday party. It was really pretty, but by really pretty I mean it would have been great for a kids party or a mom/sister or fabulous friend but not for a husband – kind of emasculating. Another thought – there must be trouble in paradise, he’s not looking all that happy these days. Awesome smile, but distant in the pics. I have been through that myself – I can see it a mile away.

  63. why? says:

    So just as predicted, Leann released a staged photo-op of her and Eddie in the park with his kids. And Leann had the audacity to say that Eddie made sacrifices for his kids and was a loving father?

    You should see what Leann is wearing. She has on really short shorts and is bending over so you can see everything. It’s the bocce ball fiasco all over again, only this time instead of a bikini up her behind she has on really short short shorts that are very tight. If the intent was to have a special day with the boys, why would she dress like that? Because she invited the paps and had to look her best! Short, shorts=hubby isn’t cheating on her.

    And as usual she made sure that there were pda moments between her and Eddie, in one photo she is looking “lovingly” up at Eddie while he directs his attention somewhere else.

    So just like he set up the “devoted father” staged photo-ops in Cabo on a beach with Leann and kids to promote his Hallmark movie, he has set up yet another “happy family/devoted father” staged photo-op with his kids and Leann at the park to promote his role on Rizzoli and Isles. What a low life. He threw a fit because Brandi wanted the kids on her show, yet he seems to have no problem when he needs to use their names and faces.

  64. why? says:

    I just took a look at the staged park Father’s Day photos from GG and they are much worse than expected. She is definately grooming those boys.

    Leann is kissing all over Eddie, so you know right away that Eddie is really drunk. What a great dad who makes sacrifices for his kids, right? He can’t even be sober long enough to spend time with them.

    Leann is laying on the ground on Eddie’s leg, and you can see all of her business hanging out of the shorts. Her shirt is also too short, so when she runs, it slides up to reveal her stomach and much more.

    In one photo she is standing over Eddie’s son like she is giving him a strip show. On another site, it looks like he is sad.

    Like in all of her staged photo-ops she does the donkey laugh and looks right at the camera.

    Seriously why has this allowed to progress to this point? Her behavior has gotten worse since Friday. She is really displaying some disturbing behavior that should not go unchecked. And Eddie. Someone needs to smack some sense into him or give him a wake up call because what he has allowed Leann to get away with isn’t cool at all.

    Does Rizzoli and Isles really think that this will help them bring in the ratings? How can Hallmark, Eri1 LaSalle, and Rizzoli & Isles continue to support Eddie after seeing the staged park photo-ops?

    • nomorerimes says:

      “you can see all of her business hanging out of the shorts.” Not surprising considering she been using it since she was 15 with older men. Two were mentioned on Google. Then there was Dean and who knows how many other considering her behavior throughout the years. Probably needs surgery there too–She looks like she has been rode hard and put away wet MANY times!

  65. John Wayne Lives says:

    Omfg. And I couldnt even get through all the pics of them at the park.

  66. Lisa says:

    Which one of us wants to submit this to Cake Wrecks?

  67. Rita says:

    Again I say, this is all very good and entertaining for me.

    Eddie, who I despise, is locked in the clutches of a tight rope walker dangling over Crazy-Bitch-Falls.

  68. Dagny says:

    Has anyone submitted the cake to cakewrecks.com???

  69. judyjudy says:

    About the top picture…I just don’t understand what’s so funny all the time. What could they possibly say to each other that is so hilarious and elicit such fantastic grins and laughter? I am happily married and my husband is a funny and charming man…but I don’t walk through the streets hanging from him with my mouth wide open in a big old laugh. Maybe once when we were first dating and got really, really drunk, but other than that… What the hell?

  70. MBGB says:

    That cake was made and tweeted as a direct “in your face, bitch” to Brandi. Trust me.

  71. HoneyB says:

    This chick gets fuglier and fuglier by the minute. She looks like a fourteen your old boy. Her shoulders are so manly looking and the one pic – she has some big ASS feet!! There is nothing sexy, sleek or gorgeous about Leman. It is sad to say she has to dress like this especially around Mason who is getting older And is a preteen. She needs to behave in a right manner and to tone down her sexual display off affection, bra less shirts, short booty shorts and skirts, bathing suit bottom up her stretched mark ass ! He will come to know that LR was the reason for all the wrong caused to his own mother. Nothing ever classy with this train wreck!

  72. Erica says:

    Just when I think she can’t go any lower. That cake is disgusting and perverse. Even her own family had to be horrified to see that nasty suggestive trash. I am going to email it to People Magazine and ask them why didn’t they do one of their fluff pieces on the sick cake and those perverted park photos. I think I will send it to Curb Records, Hallmark Channel, and Taste of Country. I don’t know how they will gloss over this one.

    If a man tweeted photos of a cake with him and his wife in bed and his two step-daughters below he would be in big trouble. If that same man tweeted pictures of himself standing over those girls in short shorts with his vegetables hanging out he would be getting a visit from social services. Why should it be any different for her? She has repeatedly crossed the line and someone needs to step in and protect those boys.

  73. why? says:

    Leann’s staged park photo-op must be getting a huge amount of backlash because she has her pr people on one site doing some serious damage control.

    • Kristina says:

      Are the “you are all fat and jealous” brigade at it again? Or is it the “LeAnn and Eddie are in love and have sex, deal with it” crowd? They defend the most heinous behavior. I guess that her paid for pals need to earn their keep some way.

      • why? says:

        They haven’t dragged out the “you are fat” line yet, but they did use the “you are jealous” and “you are cow” line.

        The Leann fan/or possibly Leann herself is trying to argue that Leann had no idea that the paps were there and keeps claiming that the photos were taken from far away. Which is odd because in at least 5 different photos you can see Leann looking directly at the paps. So the paps couldn’t have been far away since they were close enough for Leann to center on their camera and look right into it.

        The Leann fan/possibly Leann herself is claiming that Leann didn’t set up the staged photo-op in the park and that the park is a common place for the paps to hang out because other celebs are often photographed there. Which is odd because how would the person know what park Leann and Eddie were at to be 100% sure that it’s the same park that other celebs frequent? Which means that Leann is sending her pr people to the site or she has been DMing her fans more personal information about Brandi’s kids.

        Leann is out of control. She is making sure that everyone of her mouthpieces does a write up of the photos of the park. I find it interesting that many of them are excluding the bad photos as if that makes it okay to exploit the boys.

  74. Kim says:


    Her and Eddie in bed with the 2 boys on the side?!

    This is perverse and sick sick sick on her part!!!!!!

    Brandi should call social services & never allow those kids around LeAnn. She has no business being around kids if this is what she calls appropriate or even a joke! This is disturbing!

  75. Rita says:

    I can’t imagine what the oldest boy thought when that cake was set on the table. These are the sorts of things that a young boy will remember into the “teenage Karma” years.

    Happy “Father’s Day” Eddie. Why don’t you try being one for once in your life?

  76. jesstar says:

    This bitch is CRAY CRAY! She’s so disgusting and repugnant! I’m almost shocked she has actual fans, but then I remember crazies usually unite.

    Still, she s so repulsive and has no clue how all her crazy is so evident to other people

  77. Kim says:

    Not much shocks me – this is shocking to me! I am dumbfounded. What pill combination was she popping when she thought this would be an appropriate cake to buy?

    I pray those young boys did not see this cake. OMG!

    She is the world worst step mother ever!

  78. Memphis says:

    Leann will continue to try and play this off like everyone else is in the wrong/over reacting because we don’t have a ‘sense of humor’..
    No, Leann.. We have a sense of humor, what we don’t have is a skewed moral compass.

    We can see how sick the cake you had designed was. We can see it was an obvious dig at Brandi, and we can see that you really don’t care about the damage your self absorbed actions cause two small boys.

  79. Cathy says:

    I really cannot get over how inappropriate this cake is! I cannot think of one situation when this cake would be a good idea. My mind is boggled. To be inside LeAnns head when she ordered this cake – yes, I’d like a cake with Me and Eddie in bed, and the two boys on the side? WTF???

  80. Suki says:

    Wow. I have never seen anything in such bad taste or that revealed so much about a person’s psyche as THAT cake. WTF was she thinking? Obviously, she is out of touch with reality and has no concern for her image? NUTS!

  81. skuddles says:

    Yeah, that is one weird cake… we get it LeAnn, you and Eddy have sex. It’s just poor taste to show them in bed and then stick kids on cake too… but sound judgement is not exactly one of MeAnn’s strength’s.

    Her comment about Eddy is weird too. Eddy sacrifices for the boys? How is that exactly? Time? Money? Being unemployed he’s got nothing but time on his hands, and he’s got plenty of LeAnn’s money to spend. Not to mention he’s only with his kids part time so how does that constitute him sacrificing “a lot” on their behalf?

  82. Awwww I love her, she is so selfless with these 2 wee boys and she loves to share with her fans. She’s so pretty……….ha ha ha ha ha ha JOKE!

  83. Rmc says:

    She is disgusting. Does anyone know if she checks this site?

    • skuddles says:

      I believe she does Rmc… I recall someone saying once that they tried to follow her on Twitter and was rejected – and the only reason they could think of is that they previously posted snark about LeAnn here on CB. I imagine MeAnn spends much of her day googling herself….

    • Rita says:

      The way LeAnn hangs on everyone of Brandi’s tweets and reads all of Brandi’s friends’ tweets you can be sure she reads every one of these comments.

      LeAnn reads every comment on every thread about her on every gossip site. She doesn’t have a career anymore and she generates these threads not only to taunt Brandi but LeAnn (The Evil Skank’s C_U_Next_Tuesday) enjoys this sort of attention.

  84. sarahtonin says:

    I’m waiting for her to tell us how nice she was to save a piece of cake to give to Brandi when she picks up the boys.

    Which bit would she offer her?

  85. ria says:

    The bronco. Rub that salt… Or an unexpected twist – the bed. how sick would that be?

  86. nomorerimes says:

    Besides the cake what did SleazeAnn give her “loving” hosband for a present? Her bestest friend, Kim K, gave her love a $750k Lamborghini. Maybe Sleaze should have bought 2 of them to give to Eddie–one for his birthday and another for Father’s Day just to show her immense love for him. (Then he could turn around and sell them!)

  87. nomorerimes says:

    Even though I realize that her twittering does hurt people–especially Brandi–as it is meant to do–she is just supplying the rope to hang herself with. But she is too stupid to realize it. I can’t believe her “paid-for” friends can possibly condone this disgusting cake! But I’m sure some will only because she pays them to say nice things about her. She is soooo pathetic!!

  88. Quinn says:

    She is the poster child for personality disorders. I cannot begin to imagine how exhausting she must be to be around. Eddie gets what he deserves, but I feel incredibly sorry for those children.

  89. nomorerimes says:

    On ROL the article says they couldn’t keep their hands off each other–real story–Sleaze couldn’t keep her hands off hosband. Get it right!

  90. why? says:

    Wow, Radaronline is calling Leann out for how inappropriate she was dressed at the park with the kids and how inappropriate her makeout session was with Eddie. That wasn’t what I was expecting from them. I totally thought that they would write a fluffpiece praising Leann like the rest of her mouthpieces did. The only nice thing that ROL has posted this week about Leann was about her staged birthday party with Eddie.

    ROL did make it a point to say that they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another, but then again Eddie was drunk, it was a staged photo-op, and Leann has to convince people that Eddie isnt’ cheating on her, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are all over one another.

    It’s sad. It was Father’s Day and rather than making it about Eddie and his kids, Leann just had to insert herself in it and make it all about her with her short and tight shorts and her major pda session with a drunk Eddie. Why won’t she allow Eddie and his boys to have that time alone if her marriage to Eddie is solid? When you see other celebs with their kids on Sunday, you see the kids with their father. Megan Fox was with her hubband and stepson, and she didn’t do anything to take the attention away from her husband and his son, so what is Leann’s problem?

    So the day before Eddie makes his debut on a TNT show, the media is suddenly bombarded with Eddie playing the “devoted hubsband” and “devoted father”? Sick.

    • claire says:

      Where are you seeing any websites praising her? All I’ve seen are websites ripping her to shreds. DM did a negative article, Popbytes, Dlisted, tons of baby/parenting blogs are tweeting negative articles about her, heck, I’ve even seen some tweets from country radio stations trashing her. She is NOT having a good day with publicity. (JJ is of course kissing her butt like usual, though)

      • why? says:

        In regards to the articles about the cake, you are correct, she is being trashed. From USWeekly to Gather. Leann is being slammed for how inappropriate the cake was.

        But in regards to the articles concerning her and Eddie’s Father’s Day at the park with the kids, then NO, she isn’t being slammed. CBS, GG, and JJ wrote glowing articles about their “happy family” staged photo-op. CBS and JJ even went so far as to protect Leann by leaving out the bad photos. In one of the photos posted to CBS, it even looks like she isn’t wearing any underwear. Only ROL called her out for dressing inappropriately and engaging in the excessive pda during their park staged photo-op on Sunday. Notice how even though DM critized her for the cake, that they too jumped on the “Eddie and Leann…love because they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another” bandwagon?

        It looks like she is trying to deflect from the negative stories about the cake by bombarding the internet with positive “happy family” stories about how they spent Father’s Day.

    • Theskinny says:

      That’s not what I saw in those photos AT ALL. I saw a woman practically naked in public being totally ignored by her husband. I saw him look exhausted while reading her card and then I saw her get a kiss that she probably prompted (DON’T YOU LOVE MY CARD???!) while he didn’t change his body language or even put the card down to kiss her. The oldest boy looks pissed every time he is with her and Eddie looks tired/ bored/ embarrassed.

      • why? says:

        Have you seen the photos on GG or The Superficial? Eddie and Leann were putting on a major “Eddie isn’t cheating because…” pdafest. Some sites are being very careful in what parts of the staged park photo-op they are posting because the photos are just so over the top and cringeworthy. I’m not saying that when I look at the photos I see a loving and adoring couple who can’t keep their hands off of one another because they are happy and in love, I’m saying that this is story that Leann is having her mouthpieces spin. I wish the media(ie-People mag, GG, DM, ROL) would for once be brave enough to post what we see when we look at these photos, rather than keep being deceptive and selling the farce that is Leann and Eddie’s marriage.

        I agree that the oldest boy always looks disgusted. In one of the photos on The Superficial, Leann is standing over Eddie, who is laying on the ground, and she has her leg raised with her foot on Eddie’s chest. The look on the boy’s face is priceless.

  91. midnightmoon says:

    eddie is aging quickly, isn’t he? lookin tired, Edster… start taking your vities. madness takes a toll…

  92. why? says:

    Josie Davis posted photos from the set. Someone tweeted her and said “Hey that’s Leann’s husband”. She responds by saying that they have a good eye and then laughs. Eddie may be Leann’s husband but it’s obvious that he isn’t acting like it on that set, which explains the “Me, Me, Me” pda/Courtney Stodden photo-op at the park and the birthday cake of her and Eddie in bed.

  93. Jennifer12 says:

    These two are without a doubt the most disgusting specimens I’ve ever seen. I’m married to my kids’ father and we don’t act like that in front of them. It’s embarrassing and immature. It is, however, what you’d expect from someone who called the paps to photograph every second of her life and her piece of crap husband. They acted like this in front of the boys when the separation was new, they act like this in front of them on vacations, and they do it now. What are they trying to prove? Do they think of ANYONE except themselves? Leann is a moron and Eddie is a selfish douchebag. Do they even care how they make those kids feel? And that cake is so ridiculous and inappropriate that there are no words. That’s Leann: their sex life comes on top and before everything, including two little kids she purports to adore. I like how she tried to condescendingly say, “Um, they know we share a bed.” Well, of course they do- you’ve pushed being Daddy’s real girl at them from day one. And to put it on a cake and claim it is supposed to be funny? I truly loathe these two nightmares of genepools. I don’t know what Leann thinks Eddie sacrifices, but I know what he sacrifices: his kids’ childhood. He is SUCH a tool, and Leann is a sociopathic, anorexic piece of garbage. It’s HILARIOUS that Radar keeps calling them out.

    • Linda says:

      @Jennifer12: “That’s Leann: their sex life comes on top and before everything…”

      But sweetie, the way it started is how it will end. This mess ends one sure day. And I’m to see it and glad to know it.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        The problem is that they will damage those boys horribly before this mess finally ends. The sins of the father….. don’t know how people say they feel badly for Eddie. He’s brought this mess on himself and he’s sold his sons like they have a shelf life. Which they kind of do- sell them while Leann thinks they’re cute.

  94. elaine says:

    really think Eddie was adopted,he doesn’t look like either of his parents, both short people. Kind of looks like a young Fidel Castro to me.just a rendom opinion. I blame eddie for all this mess with that nutcase.but, then again, he did get a Bronco out of it

  95. Linda says:

    Did you guys notice how absolutely blood shot Eddie’s eyes are in the pic with him and his dad??

    He’s nothing but a freakin’ drunk day and night. I actually feel pure disgust within me for him.

  96. LadyD says:

    She really did not think about these kids did she?? Poor Eddie, I am really embaressed for him. I am sure his new co-workers think his horse wife is off her rocker running wild in the stables. LR sees nothing wrong with what she does. If I was Brandi I would be pissed. Seriously the cake could have been all four hugging or holding hands as a family for God’s sake. Of course Horsey has to trash it by having some sort of sexual display of them both…why i do not know. Bitch has been hit by the ugly train too many times.

  97. junegorilla says:

    Pedocake. Now I have seen it ALL! Whatever wacked out bakery made that creepfest of a cake should be ASHAMED.

    The folks at cakerwecks must be thrilled.

  98. ria says:

    Pedo cake. lol leann’s life’s theme song should be creep by radiohead. She is getting slammed today. Notice her fans are rather quiet, probably thinking the same thing as the majority.

  99. why? says:

    I didn’t think it was possible, but the photos on the Superficial are even worse than the photos on GG. Leann is laying across Eddie’s lap and she is lifting up her legs in front of the boys. I thought her shirt was too short, but it’s actually the design of the shirt. So she purposely went there wearing a shirt that exposed her back. Was this in response to those photos of Eddie’s arm on Josie’s lower back?

    Remember the popscicle that Leann was sucking on in the photo she tweeted of her and Mateo, well in the photo of her and Eddie’s son on the Superficial, she is allowing the boy to suck on that popscicle. Seriously? Well now we know why the kids are always so sick. After her joke about giving Eddie BJs on Chelsea Lately why is she allowing the kids to eat on things that she has had her mouth on? Isn’t that once again crossing boundaries? The boys don’t belong to her so it’s inappropriate for her to be sharing food with them that came out of her mouth. I saw photos of her doing the same thing at the soccer game with the youngest boy. She is always crossing boundaries.

  100. Vanessa says:

    I can’t believe just a few short years ago leann was actually a country music star with a good solid career. Leann is a piece of work she the one who destroy Brandi marriage Leann has this need to continue to hurt Brandi for some sick twisted reason .Eddie is a poor excuses for a father and human being all he cares about is maintain his lavish lifestyle that why he won’t ever tell Leann to knock it off with her out control behavior . I think if Eddie was to tell Leann to knock it off with all of her insane behavior she would

  101. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Woman can’t do anything normal can she?

  102. Girlygirl410 says:

    First of all, that cake is sick and disturbing. Second, not only does she call the paparazzi, she approves the photos. Not one photo is she portrayed badly. The girl is a manipulative witch.

    She is so out of touch from reality. I honestly believe Eddie is a drunk because he can’t deal and understand his break-up, divorce from Brandi. This man is in a spiral.

    We can watch LeAnn (and we should, entertainment). But keep your eye on dimples, he is going to make a crazy move.

    I don’t think he will be caught cheating (which I am sure he does). It will be a DUI or something of the like.

    I wish nothing bad on the father of really cute boys. He is going to get karma and it is not going to be nice to him.

  103. Lee says:

    LeAnn is trash plain and simple. She’s never needed a disturbing cake and a Twitter account to prove that to anyone.

  104. galaxygirl says:

    She has children?
    Is the cake of her leg on him or PG?

  105. nomorerimes says:

    Maybe it’s time for all of us who are disgusted with Sleaze’s actions to take action.–Call your local country music radio station and protest any playing of her music…Go on Google and find out her tour schedule and contact those venues. Contact People, JJ, etc. and protest them covering this garbage. Contact the CMA and do the same. Eventually these actions will have some effect on this totally sick behavior of this totally psycho broad. If everyone would do at least one thing, it would help those two innocent little boys cause when the money is gone, Eddie will be too! Hopefully Eddie will smarten up long before that. I still feel he could salvage his career if he left NOW! COME ON PEOPLE–DO SOMETHING NOW!

    • brin says:

      I agree, count me in. She’s getting worse by the minute and there are two children who didn’t ask for this wackjob to be in their lives.

    • Theskinny says:

      If you search her name on twitter there used to be a bunch of radio stations that tweeted “Now playing Leann Rimes song…blah blah” That has come to a grinding halt. Now what you get are gossip sites tweeting their articles on how crazy she is. She has her final product coming out for Curve this November. Based on the crazy and the low (buy one get one) ticket sales, the bad P.R. moves, I don’t anticipate her getting another record deal. Color her finished. Eddie Cibrian filing for divorce in 3, 2, 1….

  106. Mary Jane says:

    Because of the comments on this site, I have started to read LeAnn’s tweets more regularly and it’s so obvious that not only is she probably mentally ill, she doesn’t have a self aware bone in her entire body. It seems that she can’t understand how the public don’t believe her lies. Lying has probably always served her well, but now, with a trail of PR manipulation clearly traceable for all to see, the lies aren’t cutting it any more. She tweets about how people basically owe her positivity and that we should all be thrilled for her happiness, regardless of who she has damaged and she doesn’t seem to be able to grasp the concept that she’s attracting the negativity to herself with her actions and words. How can she not see this? People who aren’t in her little circle of sycophants will never support her narcissistic behavior and completely inappropriate step-parenting. She even pats herself on the back for being so damn gifted. She is truly delusional and actually really scary. As things continue to crumble, she’s going to lose it even more. Unfortunately, two sweet little boys are in the path of her self-destruction and that is the worst part of it. Their father “Mr Sacrifice” doesn’t seem to have the balls to put a stop to the madness either. Probably too scared she’ll cut his allowance.

    • nomorerimes says:

      “owe her positivity”??The only thing I would like to give her is a punch in the big horsey mouth! She just makes me sooooo sick! To think how she is trying to make people think she is such a nice person and a wonderful “bonus” mom! What a creepy jerk! Just keep on throwing the rope out that you will hang yourself on, Sleaze!

    • eileen says:

      Wow. Now THAT my friend is one of the best comments I’ve ever read on a Leann thread. It is absolutely correct and you summarized beautifully WHY women have tried to hard to help Brandi and expose Leann. Before Brandi was on a show-she was getting brutally harassed by Leann’s friends and stalked by Leann. Leann was playing a SICK game and it was terrifying everyone knowing how much hate she has for Brandi and then is in the boys company 50% of the time. Women on here want to know why we feel for Brandi and tried to protect her during that time, THAT’s why. Leann had all the money, power and lawyers and Brandi was having to PAY back some of her child support to Eddie.
      Things are better now-she has a good income coming in, good lawyers who can advise her and she has enough popularity that Leann’s little jabs and sh1t she tries to pull doens’t go unnoticed anymore. I’d really like to think that our little group helped bring attention to her behavior and that we aided in adding a nice little rotation to Leann’s careers circling toilet journey. ;)

      • nomorerimes says:

        I agree with you–I would like to think that Brandi’s friends are making a difference. Hope she knows that she is now not alone. There definitely is a TEAM BRANDI and we aren’t going to take SleazeAnn’s crap anymore!
        In one of my earlier posts I urged people to contact their local country music stations asking them to NOT play Sleaze’s songs. I just sent one to my local station and it always has a big bash in June–stay tuned to this site to see if the boss of the station replies to my email. Whenever I go to their site they show what songs they have just played and I haven’t seen a Slimes song in a long time. And they list the top 20 and guess whose songs are NOT there! So again I urge everyone to contact stations–concert venues etc. NOW!

      • brin says:

        Agreed! We can and do make a difference…more and more people see how crazy Leann is and all Brandi wants is for her kids to be happy. Leann is on the way down and Brandi is on the rise, as it should be!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I can honestly say that my eyes were certainly opened by reading about all the mess ME!Ann was pulling. I’ve never had any love for cheaters, so it’s not like I had a vested interest in either cheating party (other than my subscription to US, which covered it relentlessly in those early days) other than a serious dose of disgust.

        But reading the coverage of the SWF’ing of Brandi by ME!Ann completely cemented my disgust into a “Girl, get a better attorney; a restraining order; and get your boys away from this nut job!” feeling.

        And the way the whole child-support and Ed not working thing was handled just made me sick for Brandi; and very, very angry as a woman and mother.

  107. Unfortunately says:

    Eddie will leave. This is not a couple who will be married for the next 25 years. So, this can only end in one of two ways: murder-suicide or just suicide. Clear as day.

  108. Jezi says:

    Wow, I missed such a hey day of fuckery from Leann while I was enjoying the father’s day weekend. I don’t understand how in every picture it’s Leann hanging on Eddie. Why isn’t Eddie hanging out with his boys? I mean it is father’s day. She takes over everything and even competes with the boys for their father’s attention. Pretty sad. The cake is disturbing on all levels. She’s mentally ill.

  109. Gabby says:

    I read this on a website and honestly, I can’t imagine a better interpretation of what’s going on in Eddie’s head:


    I am in almost exactly the position of your husband. I left my wife 18 months ago after 17 years of marriage. I then left the so called mistress 6 months ago and fully intended to go back to my wife. After a short time with her, I returned to the mistress thus doubling the hurt. Things did not go to plan. It was a disaster- I was a disaster. I was all over the place emotionally. Everybody was trying to get involved, my wife was an emotional wreck and I foolishly kept up a contact with the mistress, who was also an emotional wreck. I dont know how I did not kill myself. I do not know how I got to where I now am. Unlike your husband, I have now got no contact with my wife but do see my eldest child who is over 16. I have no idea whether she would now take me back either. I also have no idea how I can get out of the relationship I am now in. But I will have to do something. It is one thing to realise you have totally screwed up but another to work out how the hell to get out of it. I really fear that my one time “mistress” now new partner will not survive my leaving her for the 2nd time. She is massively dependant on me, totally insecure to the point of suffocation and has herself left her husband and kids to be with me- though it was her that pushed things very heavily from the start with deadlines and ultimatums and a hell of a lot of pressure. If she did survive this then heaven knows what repurcussions and revenge would abound- revenge on my wife would almost certainly happen and I really do believe this could be serious. But as every day passes, I try to plan a way out of this- but my life is so busy and mapped out that I let things go time and time again. I have asked my new partner how she can claim to be happy when she spends every living second checking where I am. I phone her hourly from work. I do not dare to see my friends as this just causes too many problems. I wish there was a way out. And as every day goes by, its another day where I could come closer to losing my old life forever, if that has not already happened. I wish I could erase the last 2 years. I wish I could run away. I Can`t. I wish my new partner would feel the same way and we could part amicably and she could go back to her husband. But she will never do that. She says she can not live without me. My wife claims this too (or certainly has done). I want to go back to my wife and for us to have our lives back. And I plan to do this somehow. I may be too late. I may not even be able to pull it off. But that is my wish. Given what your husband did to you, I guess that may be his wish also- hence that being the case, then you have every reason to be hopeful. He will not be able to let you even have a sniff that these are his true feelings as he too may feel he is unable to do anything about it. But he may find it in him to do this one day and come back to you. I know that in my case this is my deepest and most secret wish. If only I could pull that off then I would never ever do anything like this again. Hope this helps you.”

    • Linda says:

      Wow, wow, and wow!!

      I have to agree with comment 109, there is no other way than for this to end tragically. She will ‘never’ let him go freely. She has paid a very high price for him. I remember reading some anonymous post that he already wanted out.

      The smiles in pics are just on the outside but secretly he wants out. He is already tired of her and of all her shenanigans.

      This does not end well. He and he alone did this to himself.

      • Gabby says:

        Oh, absolutely. I think it’s very evident (especially by Leann’s behavior after) that she made it basically impossible for him to stay with his wife by leaking the affair to the press (there’s a bunch of evidence that Us Weekly got the original tip from her side). She was a homely girl with the typical child-star pitfall of having extraordinarily low self-esteem coupled with a surrounding of yes-men, whose approval is contingent on her financial success. She’s basically a spoiled child but with enough self-awareness and intelligence to understand that, fundamentally, the people she surrounds herself with are sycophantic flatterers, and the public’s criticism is the true objective opinion. That’s why she’s so insecure and ban-happy on Twitter. She truly believes the critics and can’t handle their voicing of her deepest fears and the way she truly views herself.

        I think that’s why this trainwreck is so entertaining, her desperate juggling is ridiculous–I just can’t wait for the other shoe to drop.

    • nomorerimes says:

      I really feel for the position this guy is in but then again–he left his wife not once but twice??!!! He really needs to get maybe a clergyman to get involved. Someone to listen to all parties involved and help them resolve this train wreck. Maybe someone should show this to EDDIE but we know SleazeAnn would NEVER allow that to happen. I still think that if Eddie left his skankwife, his career, even though damaged, could be revived. You know that old saying about the grass always greener on the other side but sometimes the other side is brown like the crap Eddie is in! And the saying you don’t know what you have until it’s gone! Leave Sleaze, Eddie and get a real life back!

      • heidi says:

        IMO you’re giving Eddie way too much credit. He cheated on his girlfriend before Brandi-Julianne Morris-, throughout his 13 years with Brandi, cheated on his mistress with Leann, cheated on Leann. He’s a wooden actor and judging by his non-engagement with his sons, he stinks as a father too. What’s his saving grace? None, in my estimation. A piece of narcissistic crap.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Heidi–You are right but would still receive my appreciation if he left the skank he is married to and SOON! And sometimes it takes losing what is important to you to change your character. With Sleaze he probably doesn’t care but if he got another chance with Brandi, he might do a complete turn around and be faithful to her. I’ve seen it happen before. Once he gets out of this mess, he may become a different person! I’m not holding my breath about that though. But it has been known to happen!

      • heidi says:

        If he has a personality disorder-as I believe he has- then all bets are off and I wouldn’t hold my breath. That person refuses to change or admit any wrong, always attempting to make the world bend to how they see it or blaming outside forces for whatever misfortunes. He’s remorseless, a drunkard, smug, a pathological liar and a lazy bum.
        I’ve had personal experience with the type therefore feel really strongly about my observations. Plus Brandi can do much better in every department. But I like your idea of reaching out to the stations, venues, etc.
        Team BG always

      • Linda says:

        @nomorerimes said: “Once he gets out of this mess, he may become a different person!”

        …but only if he comes out of this alive.

      • lori says:

        I think the only motivation for Eddie to reign in Leann would be if her antics cost him acting jobs. If he got fired from a job because of the negative publicity or a company refused to hire him because of her, he might do something. But I agree with Heidi, Eddie is a true narcissist, who only cares if his own needs are met. So as long as Leann keeps spoiling him with money and attention and praise, he won’t stop her behavior. Leann knows he needs constant attention, it’s why she gets so anxious if she has to go out of town without him, or if he is on a job without her. This is a man who is willing to allow his kids to be pap’d in sexually suggestive shots with his wife for publicity.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Why is it that men don’t appreciate what they have until they completely destroy it? This is just another case of feeling like “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

      If I was his wife, I likely wouldn’t take him back. He sounds too weak and too destructive.

      • eileen says:

        From what I understand, when Brandi kicked him out, he was out. I would be very surprised if Brandi would even think about taking him back. He has sat back and allowed Leann to harass and stalk Brandi for 3 years. He’s done nothing because he can’t stand the fact that Brandi would drop such a prize and leave him to end up with his crazy ho-bag stalker. I’m sure in his sick head, he blames Brandi for his current situation.

      • Lady D says:

        Hey Original B, I don’t think there is any way in hell she will ever take Ediot back. On the other hand, who knows what she (or any mother) will do for their children’s happiness. For the record, I believe Brandi is far to smart to ever let that happen.

  110. nomorerimes says:

    Okay–I am doing my part. Just contacted three country music stations in my area asking them to NOT play any of Sleaze’s songs. One of them has a big bash (in fact coming up soon) and last year they asked for suggestions as to who they should get to appear. Back then I told them –ANYONE BUT RIMES! So far she has not been here. Hopefully that continues.

    Has anyone else contact any other stations yet??

  111. Theskinny says:

    I just get the feeling that while Eddie is tired of the tramp he is LOVING the press. Brad Pitt isn’t in the news as much as Eddie is. Unfortunately he is too stupid to realize that we are all laughing AT him and not WITH him. It’s not “Oh look at that hot actor let’s book him for our film” It’s “Haha..that guy’s career is so over and the wife? CRAZZY. Wasn’t she a singer or something at one time?” If anyone decent had this much face time in the press they would be making movies for the big screen all year. Not piddling little Lifetime gigs once in a blue moon.

  112. nomorerimes says:

    I went to the Hallmark Movie channel website and told them that I wouldn’t watch the movie but also that SleazeAnn shouldn’t be allowed on the set! Wonder if that will get her skanky butt kept off!?!

  113. Jezi says:

    As much as I don’t want Eddie having any bit of money coming his way, him working drives Leann even more insane. The more he gets his life back, the quicker he will be able to escape her and she will no longer be able to have any part in those boys lives.

  114. hoya_chick says:


    After reading all the press about the cake and the park photos she posted this on twitter. Absolutely no self awareness, the eternal victim who is never wrong.

    • brin says:

      Yeah….”I, I, I, me, me, me, my, my, my”
      … we get it wewe.

    • lori says:

      This is how child abusers justify their behavior.” We were just playing, horsing around. You don’t have a sense of humor. I am the victim, the child wanted it. Noone understands me. I’m just a big kid at heart. I didn’t do anything wrong, I’m being persecuted.” Listen to the interviews with Jerry Sandusky and what he says sound a lot like Leann Rimes.

    • Mary Jane says:

      My new name for LeAnn is going to be Sham Wow because she basically embodies the definition of self absorbed. The words me, my and I are repeated over and over in her latest Twitter rant. She’s so fun, everyone else has absolutely no sense of humor.She’s so cool with herself and her Mother thinks she’s great and that the creepy cake and disgusting Father’s Day photo op and display were hilarious and awesome and that everyone else is just jealous and boring. No chance of anyone on her payroll being honest with her or of her taking a step back and rethinking her behavior. Her tweets paint a picture of someone who’s not only a total narcissist. but who’s also apparently descending into madness. Her tweeted declarations of happiness ring hollow because secure, happy people don’t seek the kind of attention she seems to need constantly. It’s ironic because she tweets about what she’s learned over the last few days and it just shows that she’s learned absolutely nothing and probably never will.

    • why? says:

      Here are the problems with the lessons that Leann “learned” in the past few days:

      1) The better lesson is: DO NOT “play” softball with YOUNG boys in skimpy shorts and a shirt and then invite the paps to get candid shots of you bending over and opening your legs in their faces or climbing all over their father, since her hubby is so concerned about his kids being exposed to the media and of course being teased and bullied. As for the ring. It has nothing to do with softball and more to do with the fact that her marriage is OVER. Leann is already making up excuses as to why her wedding ring is missing from her finger.

      2. When Leann sees Brandi in an outfit or stalks her timeline, then DO NOT say “I want to do that too.” So basically Leann set up the staged photo-op in the park with the boys, so she could use them to promote her concert with the GMCLA boys on Saturday and Sunday. And since she made a reference to Monday night, does that mean she set up another staged photo-op? How is it that at the age of 29 Leann suffers from so many ailments? She just does it to get sympathy.

      3. Leann is such a liar. She doesn’t think that her mother is a prude, especially since she allowed Leann’s 20 yo boyfriend to live with them when Leann was only 16. If she really thought her mother was a prude, then there is no way that Leann would have been dressed the way she was at that park on Sunday and doing the things pictured in those photos. Of course her mother thought the cake was “fun”, keep in mind that she also thought allowing her 16 yo to shack up with a 20 something yo man was “fun” too. So just like Eddie and her other paid friends, Leann’s mother tells Leann exactly what she wants to hear, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

      4. If Leann was cool with herself, then she wouldn’t have paraded around in the park on Sunday in those tiny shorts and shirt. If Leann was cool with herself, she wouldn’t have to use twitter, staged photos of her and Eddie engaging in pda, and a cake to validate her marriage. If Leann is cool with herself, then why does she SWF Brandi? If Leann is cool with herself why does she use two innocent kids to taunt a mother?

      5. Why do people like Leann think that no matter how badly they act or how inappropriate they are, that they will always come out on top? She is always guoting the Bible, yet does she bother to read it? If she was blessed and found something new to be happy about everyday, then she would have admitted that she was wrong for the cake and staged photo-op instead of posting the twitlonger judging those for commenting on her bad behavior.

      If she was happy, how come it’s not reflected in her actions? Family should be the most important aspect of her life, and yet rather than protect “her family”, she puts it on display like she is showing off a shoe or a purse.

  115. lori says:

    It would be interesting to see if any of the media like People, would write a tell-all timeline of Leann’s mental breakdown.
    “From Pop Star to Predator; The Sad Decline of Leann Rimes.”
    It would be an expose on her dark side. The whole stalking of Eddie and Brandi, the fake double dates, the set up ‘secret’ dates and Leann’s subsequent feeding of the photos and videos to the press. Her canceling of concerts with fake excuses to coincidentally bump into Eddie at places. Leann’s following and harassment of Brandi, moving close to the family, stalking the kids at school etc. Eddie’s denial of the affair, her outing of it, the betrayal of both families. Then the more recent obsession and swf-ing of Brandi from plastic surgery to tweets, the paid bullying of Brandi in the media and the exploitation and predatory sexual acting out with the kids.

  116. alidorival says:

    my very first comment on celebitchy(which ive been reading for months)and its on this psychotic equine turned PEDO leann rimes. go figure. SIGH

  117. mellaniee says:

    This whole saga has gotten too much for me. I am so disturbed by this woman’s behavior. I do not have twitter or any affiliation with the “BB”s but I have to say I honestly think about Brandi and especially those poor boys every day and wish there was something I could do. It is like watching a horror movie unfold. I have a terrible feeling LeAnn is going to do evil unspeakable things in the future when this falls apart and it scares me.

  118. sarah says:

    I just went on the website of the stupid people who made that atrocious cake (sweet and saucy) and where you are supposed to email inquiries about cakes I wrote that they should be ashamed of themselves for affiliating themselves with such an awful human being. EVERYONE should do the same! Companies need to realize how many fans or potential costumers they lose when they do business with her. I also emailed the Glee Project whom she worked with to stop bullying (is that a sick joke?) and said they should google leAnn and they will find out she is the biggest bully of them all. we can make a difference guys…we have to for those poor kids!!

    • Theskinny says:

      I did the same. The NERVE of anyone using HER to speak out against bullying…my GOD! She is the QUEEN of bullying. It’s either irony or stupidity at it’s finest. I can’t decide which.

      • sarah says:

        omg check this out!!

        we have a chance to “livechat” with leann and 2 other people tonight and ask them why they take a stand against bullying. I say EVERYONE who cares about Brandi and those Boys FLOOD oxygenlive chat with questions for leAnn about how she herself is a bully. No one say anything mean to her or anything she could twist as being bullied herself…just say you have seen online how she ruthlessly bullies Brandi and are just curious to why she thinks she is entitled to do so. OMG please let this happen

      • claire says:

        Someone should post on that wall for the live chat:

        Leann, my husband had an affair and left me for another woman. Ever since then, his new girlfriend and her friends and coworkers have been harassing me on Twitter. They even set up fake accounts to call me awful names and call me a bad mom! That’s bullying, right??? I’m so scared. What should I do??? Leann, you’re soooo pretty and soooo positive! I hope you will pray for me and tell me what to do!


    • Jezi says:

      Can you give us the email address?

    • why? says:

      Notice that she scheduled the live chat on the same day that Eddie is set to make his debut on TNT and Rizzoli and Isles? Well now we know why Leann and Tori were being so chummy. I goggled Oxygen and it says that it’s owned by none other than NBC Universal. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

      Are these people serious? Leann Rimes is going to talk about her experiences with bullies? What could she possibly say? And after her staged photo-op with the kids in the park and that cake, the last thing Oxygen needs to give Leann is the platform to play the victim.

      Here are some questions for Leann:

      Why do you set up staged “happy family” photos with your stepsons or tweet about them after your hubby bullied his wife in court documents claiming that he didn’t want his kids to experience ANY TYPE of public exposure? In fact why do you set up staged photo-ops with those kids when you and Eddie have something important to promote? Staged happy family photos come out the day prior to this chat? And after your hubby bullied his ex-wife about the kids being on her show?

      If you are so against bullying, then how do you explain the tweets from DM and his partner, your hair stylist, and road manager to Eddie’s ex-wife? And then you being photographed with those same people after you were aware of what they said and did?

      If you are so against bullying, why do you retweet links to articles that make nasty comments about ex-wife?

      Didn’t you say that you dislike reality tv? And yet OXYGEN is full of reality tv shows, so how do you reconcile your support for a channel now that supports something you detest?

  119. Erica says:

    I’m contacting local radio stations, the ACM, GAC, CMT, Grand Ole Opry, TNT, Curb, her future concert venues, and anyone else I can think of. I’m forwarding the links to the Freudian Cake Wreck From Hell and the photos of her acting like a pervert in front of the two little boys. I guess it’s the Mama Bear in me that wants to protect those poor boys. I want to help them and this is the only thing I can think of. It may not do any good but at least I feel like I’m doing something. She is doing 200mph on the on-ramp to destruction. Her twitter documented descent into madness is ominous.

  120. nomorerimes says:

    WAY TO GO FELLOW POSTERS!! Hopefully we will make a difference. As to her twitter–her mom a prude–give me a break! Mommy was around when SleazeAnn as a young teen-ager lived with a 20 year old. They weren’t just “playing house”! Her Dad tried to stop that situation but mommy and Sleaze just ignored him AND a court order forbidding such a thing. NO WAY would my parents have allowed me to be so free with my body at that age!
    And the remark about a few people being upset–there are a lot more than a few people this time, Sleaze! Your mental health is an accident waiting to happen!
    Just keep sending out the evidence that you are crazy! We’ll keep track of it for you! No need to thank us–you’re welcome!!! LOL

  121. nomorerimes says:

    What a joke Sleaze being on a show about bullies! She is the queen bee of bullies! So she will know a lot about it! HA!

  122. Meanchick says:

    That is the fugliest and most disturbing cake I’ve ever seen. Why do some people think it’s cute or funny to be wildly inappropriate?

  123. thetruthhurts says:

    We can say as much as we want to say about LeAnn, but the fact is, I think she gets off from all of this. All the bitterness & hatred towards her is also attention. She LOVES it. She has reason then to play the “oh i am so wonderful why does everyone bully me?” VICTIM. If she had any sanity or desire for privacy, she would back waaaay off the Twitter, because if the same type of vitriol was being directed towards you daily, wouldn’t you get tired of Twitter and just stop doing it? Why would you continue to go on and post pictures of yourself that you know people will ridicule? She does not want a peaceful life with Eddie. She wants the drama, just like the drama she had during the affair. It’s like a drug to her that she gets high off of and it makes her feel IMPORTANT.

    Anyway, enough of my analysis…regarding the cake, even though I think it was gross and inappropriate, Brandi doesn’t seem to mind at all or show worry for her boys. She tweeted someone back today that asked about the cake and said something like “my boys are perfect and they will be just fine!” I think we have to respect Brandi’s opinion too, no matter how much we dislike LeAnn.

    • why? says:

      I think that Leann puts out this stuff to get people to talk about her, but she greatly underestimates just how disliked she is(because her yes people have convinced her that it’s just a handful of people who dislike her) and thus she isn’t prepared by the overwhelming negative responses that result from her pr stunt. Hence why she tweeted the comment about the lessons she learned and of course made that “prayer” about God giving peace to people who “judge” her.

      You would think that Leann would be familiar with how her pr stunts are going to turn out and not keep repeating the same mistakes, but she is surrounded by YES people who perpetuate the cycle.

  124. Snowpea says:

    Ummmm, well I just went and had a look at The Cake again, and upon closer examination…

    …the fondant Eddie HAS A HARD ON!

    This takes it to a whole new level of What the F$%kness…

  125. Francesca says:

    She should have gotten a cake topper with a woman sitting on a toilet; that’s what is really sexy to him!!

  126. nomorerimes says:

    Another lie out of Sleaze’s mouth–remember the twitterlonger thing in post 116. Sleaze says she used a kids glove and hurt her itty bitty finger. Went to DM and the pics there sure show an adult size glove. Can’t get your story straight at all, can you Sleaze?? LIAR!!

  127. Rita says:

    “BB’s” Brandi’s Bears.

    Now Jezi, unless you’ve copyrighted it, BB’s is open to variations.

    Like Brandi’s Bitches or Bully Beaters or Beautiful Babes….well maybe not. If you insist on exclusivity we could go with BMB’s- Brandi’s Mamma Bears?

  128. Jennifer12 says:

    I’m glad people are catching on to Leann’s crap- several have talked about Leann climbing all over Eddie in front of his kids. Why didn’t they write this when the separation was new and Leann was lying on top of him while squashing Jake? Or at various soccer games when they’re making out in front of Eddie’s kids, not to mention other people’s kids? And Eddie would bring Leann to his sons’ games and make out with her then and there. Watching the games? Not a chance. Have some restraint in front of your kids and others’ kids? Hell, no. And just like at the games, and on the first vacations, Eddie is not once photographed interacting with his actual children. All the photos are of him making out with his scantily clad wife. I know Brandi can’t fight every little thing, but certainly some boundaries can be applied, can’t they?

  129. why? says:

    Josie posted more photos from the set. Eddie makes acting look so tedious and painful. Is anyone buying him as a teacher? A gym teacher, maybe.

    GR was asked about Leann’s cake. Does anyone know what she said? Leann sent her a tweet over the weekend, saying that they should hang out.

    How odd, if you spell out GR name, the post(s) gets deleted or won’t post at all. Strange.

  130. Well, I have started by sending an e-mail to Sweet and Saucy, the folks who agreed to the cake.

    I believe Rimes is scheduled to play at a college about an hour from where I live, and I will be calling the collage to voice my displeasure. Especially since it is my brother-in-law’s alma mater, and he is a well known and respected teacher in the region.

    I will be going down her web site, calling each venue where she is scheduled to play, and doing the same. I am tired of this – I really did not think she had it in her to out-do herself, but she has. Even by Hollywood’s relaxed standards, fact is, this is beyond the pale.

  131. why? says:

    I would love to know Maya Angelou’s thoughts on the cake that her “daughter” designed for her man. What did Leann say that Maya Angelou said about people who use foul language(which is odd because Maya Angelou appeared in several movies that had foul language in them)? So then you know that she found her “daughter’s cake to be highly offensive.

  132. Ming Lee says:

    leann’s feelings about twitter: “I think some people use it as a tool to kind of combat the things that are said about them, but God knows.” ..and then she goes on to say she ignores most of the crap..”and the only thing that is truthful is pretty much what comes out of [her] mouth and on an albumn.”

    found it on this radio interview here:


    it just came out, so its rather funny that she would go directly to twitlonger with all the bullet points.

    i don’t twitter, but to tweet something that requires bullet points seems ridiculous.

    • why? says:

      The lessons learned from Leann’s Saultstar interview:

      1) As a Rule of Thumb, take the opposite of everything that Leann says.

      So everything that comes from Leann’s mouth isn’t truthful. Did you see the part about how she says that her fans are coming back and supporting her? If I didn’t know any better, I would think the article was some sort of a spoof.

      2) Leann is highly upset about the negative feedback she received concerning her man’s birthday cake. In her mind, she just knew that come Monday morning people would be talking about her and Eddie’s “amazing, incredible, hot” sex life. Don’t you love how Leann used this interview with Saultstar to combat the things that were said about her and the bad choices she keeps making? Some people=Leann Rimes.

      She is using Saultstar to save face, which is quite sad. You know that things are bad when she has to tell us all off by giving an interview under the pretense that she is promoting her album.

      3) Leann thinks that grace and forgiveness can be bought. She “donates” money to Kim’s Church. And viola, she is “blessed”. Why do people like Leann preach about God and the Bible, when it’s clear that they have absolutely NO CLUE what’s in it? I would suggest that she stop goggling Bible verses and actually READ the Bible. Everyone remembers King David, right? King David didn’t escape the consequences of his bad choices, so why does Leann seem to think that she is immune?

      4) If she wants people to move and on and forget that she had an affair with a married man and accept her relationship with Eddie, then it’s not a good idea to keep bragging and gloating about her new album which is about her affair with a married man who called her a speedbump and was repulsed by the fact that people thought he would actually sleep with someone like her.

      I think she put this new interview out there to once again get people to talk about her, but as usual she keeps underestimating just how disliked she is. While this new interview will definately get people talking, it’s not going to get people to buy her album or tickets to her shows. It’s just making her more of a joke.

      5) Leann needs some new friends and family members.

      • Theskinny says:

        “Fans are coming back. They are falling in love with me.” THE HELL? “She has become a step-mother OF SORTS.” Yeah…let me help you out with what sort…lmao And then she basically calls Elton John older than dirt. DELUSION thy name is LeAnn Rimes. That chick is so stupid it hurt to read that interview. And wasn’t Miranda Lambert called a “Spit Fire” and now weewee has to swf HER and name her own new album that?? I’m sure Ms. Lambert just laughs because she knows that LeAnn’s new album will start at the bottom ten and then slide down from there. Color her OVER.

      • nomorerimes says:

        She did that article with the Sault paper because she has a concert scheduled for the Sault MI casino tomorrow night. I contacted the paper who did the article and emailed a letter to the editor saying I wouldn’t go see her and why. I mentioned that people could go to her twitter account and see the disgusting cake.

        Almost gagged when she made the remark–”the only thing that is truthful is pretty much what comes out of my mouth or on an album.” SPIT==SPUTTER! Cheaters have to lie to be cheaters and that quote above is another lie she has told. WILL SHE EVER JUST SHUT UP!!! Then there would be no more lies.

      • why? says:

        Well, keep in mind this is also the same person who posted on TWITTER(because she isn’t one of those people who uses twitter as a tool to combat what was being said about her) that she thought her mother was a prude, despite the fact that her mother allowed her to shack up with a 20 something yo man while she was just 16 yo.

        When I read the interview, the first thing that popped into my mind, was Funny or Die. Her interview can pass as a spoof.

        Did you see the spoof article about how she wasn’t photographed in a bikini?

      • claire says:

        Her interviews are usually even better than her twitter. I’ve never seen a celebrity show so much ego and delusion. Remember when her big thing to say in interviews was that she was America’s Sweetheart? Or just recently, she did the one where she said she was sooooo busy and on a huge tour.

        So now she does this one and says she doesn’t use it to combat lies, yet, it’s what she does all day long: twitlongers, quotes and retweets, all aimed at sticking up for herself one way or the other.

        She is completely certifiable. I guess I just find it crazy how she lies, on things that are clear as day she’s lying about. Kinda like saying that low-selling show the other week was private, and a quick google search can show where that show was advertised all over and they were trying to give away the tickets.

        Then, she originally said, “If I didn’t live it, I didn’t write it” about the album. She got flak for that, so next article she said the affair-album was about her friends, now she she’s back to saying it’s about her and the last 3 years.

        Honestly, it’s the delusional / lying part of her personality that creeps me out the most about her. She seems totally manic, and not living in reality. And it really makes me despise Eddie for bringing this mess into his kids’ lives, into Brandi’s life. I have no respect for anyone that is in her little paid-for circle: the money is more important to them than getting this nutjob the therapy she needs.

      • brin says:

        @claire…you’re right, that’s it in a nutshell (the nut being wewe)!

      • why? says:

        I agree.

        She lies even though she is completely aware that there is evidence to contradict her. I don’t know if that is a part of her sickness or the result of her being surrounded by people who enable her bad behavior and won’t hold her accountable for her bad actions.

      • claire says:

        @Why, Brin:
        My theories why they go along with it:

        1. She supports them with her money. They don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. In all the years she’s been in LA at this point, and in the business, the only friends she has are on her staff. Says a lot about a person.
        2. Belinda is a head-case, and like many “stage moms”, she’s living her fantasies out through her daughter. That’s more important than her daughter’s well-being, as we’ve seen happen with many of them: those crazy pageant moms, Dina Lohan, etc. Remember, this is the woman who was letting a young LR move adult men into the house and have sex with them, buy them cars, etc.
        3. She’s a scary B**ch. We’ve heard the stories about her weird stalker antics towards Brandi in the beginning. I know she still stalks now, but I’m talking about the creepy car confrontation at the kids’ school. We’ve seen how she flies off the handle at even the most innocent questions from fans on twitter, just because she does not like to be questioned on anything. It’s highly likely she super rages behind the scenes. She scares them – they don’t want to confront her.

      • brin says:

        @claire….that makes sense and I think you’re right about the rages…she has to “let it out” at some point and never in public. When this all blows up it will be epic.

    • nomorerimes says:

      @why? I missed the spoof article about her not being photographed in a bikini! Wow! Where was that?

      • why? says:

        Country California, they wrote the spoof on June 5.

        Here is a part of the spoof article:

        A source inside the LeAnn Rimes camp has revealed the tragic details of a recent beach outing with husband Eddie Cibrian during which the sculpted and manicured Rimes wore a brand new white Michael Kors Speed Clip Bikini without any photographic documentation whatsoever.

        “It was chaotic to say the least,” said our source. “First, two of the photographers we tipped off came down with strep throat. How does that happen? Anyway, the TMZ guy got into a fender bender with Amanda Bynes and couldn’t make it.”

        The complications didn’t end there: “I could’ve taken a picture myself, but I dropped my phone in the surf. That’s the third one this year! Then, Eddie’s phone ran out of juice, so we asked LeAnn if she’d brought hers. She said ‘This thing doesn’t have pockets’ and that was it. Not a single person was around to get proof of just how hot and stunning she looked in that new suit.”

      • nomorerimes says:

        @Why? Thanks for the spoof story! Funny!

    • Tanzy Girl says:

      A little late to the party, I know (hopefully people are getting alerts, ;) ) but I just now had the time to read the article you linked. Got a question…. I’m not signed up with that site. Do you have to be in order to view/post comments? I didn’t see any comments to speak of!?!? Thanks for the link!!

      LMAO at these two gems….
      “The fans are falling in love with me”
      “Compassion is what’s missing in the new artist out today”. I think I quoted the 2nd one correctly? Either way, both had me rolling my eyes as I LOL.

      That chick’s sooo delusional. She doesn’t realize the “fans” she has, are the ones that are in her head. As for the compassion missing? After everything I’ve read so far, which isn’t even close to what many of you have, that chick is lacking in compassion across the board!! Color her an IDIOT!!!

  133. nomorerimes says:

    Someday in the hopefully NEAR future–just went to People. One of their photo articles is entitled–”Breakup-Countdown. From Denial to Split! Thou dost protest too much? See the stars who claimed their love was true–until it wasn’t.” Won’t that be super when SleazeAnn’s and hosband Eddie are featured in something like that!! LOL! The time is coming!!

    • brin says:

      There will be a seismic shift in the earth that will register on the Ricter scale from the reaction of the news.
      Twitter will be down for days from overload capacity…lol.

    • why? says:

      What I find so funny is when her fans say that Leann and Eddie are still going strong because they look happy or that their relationship is solid because they have been together for 3 years. Eddie was with Brandi for about 13 years and Leann was with Dean for 7, so as we can see the amount of time they remain together means nothing. Leann looked happy when she was spotted with Dean and Eddie looked happy when he was spotted with Brandi. And from Leann’s own mouth, she has said that she was “depressed” during her divorce, despite the fact that we saw photo after photo of her smiling and making out with Eddie. So just because a couple looks happy, it doesn’t mean that they are. You know that there is trouble in their marriage when Eddie won’t take a photo with Leann unless Lizzy is present or he is drunk.

      The photos of Leann and Eddie are STAGED, so of course they are going to put on an act for the cameras.

  134. nomorerimes says:

    Haven’t heard anyone remark about how the bullying forum went last night. Anyone know?

  135. lori says:

    Most people don’t know the whole backstory on how Leann split this family up. So they don’t understand the full impact of Leann’s current antics, that it is bullying in person and in the media and that it’s been going on for years on many sites and tabloids. I didn’t know all of the stuff she’d done until I read the old threads here and other sites. Someone needs to put the whole story together and then post it to many sites all at once. So then it could be picked up by a journalist broadcast to a bigger audience.

  136. nomorerimes says:

    Very interesting! Just read something in an article about Jerry Sandusky and histrionic personality disorder. From the American Psychiatric Association the condition is defined as “a pervasive pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking”. YUP that’s Sleaze!
    Some characteristics:

    ** “uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention.” YUP that’s Sleaze!

    ** “interactions with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior.” YUP that’s Sleaze!

    ** “consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self.”
    YUP that’s Sleaze

    ** “considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are.” YUP that’s Sleaze.


    • lori says:

      Symptoms of HPD from the Cleveland Clinic:
      In many cases, people with histrionic personality disorder have good social skills; however, they tend to use these skills to manipulate others so that they can be the center of attention.
      A person with this disorder might also:

      Be uncomfortable unless he or she is the center of attention
      Dress provocatively and/or exhibit inappropriately seductive or flirtatious behavior
      Shift emotions rapidly
      Act very dramatically as though performing before an audience with exaggerated emotions and expressions, yet appears to lack sincerity
      Be overly concerned with physical appearance
      Constantly seek reassurance or approval
      Be gullible and easily influenced by others
      Be excessively sensitive to criticism or disapproval
      Have a low tolerance for frustration and be easily bored by routine, often beginning projects without finishing them or skipping from one event to another
      Not think before acting
      Make rash decisions
      Be self-centered and rarely show concern for others
      Have difficulty maintaining relationships, often seeming fake or shallow in their dealings with others
      Threaten or attempt suicide to get attention

      • nomorerimes says:

        Can’t verify the one symptom–shift emotions rapidly–without being around her but the rest definitely fit her totally. Why can’t her mommy see that?? I know–it wouldn’t matter because of the money!

      • Theskinny says:

        Did I read somewhere that she was kicked off Bryan White’s tour at 15 for stalking HIM? Or was that wrong?

      • why? says:

        “Be excessively sensitive to criticism or disapproval”

        Twitter tantrums where she attributes any criticism of her behavior to jealousy or people being unhappy in their lives. Or equates the negative feedback she gets with bullying.

        The Saultstar interview

        Her “Dear God give peace to people who ‘judge’ me” prayer

        Her twitlonger about the lessons she learned in a few days

        Retweeting quotes from Gabrielle U and Kim K about being “bullied” and judged

        Twitter rants against GR, WW, TR, Eonline, Star mag, Popsugar,PH

        Comment to the guy from Huffpo who said that she couldn’t sell out small venues

        Blog entries

    • lori says:

      The symptom of ‘emotions shifting rapidly” is Leann. She staged a “Seven Year Itch”, anniversary party with Dean in September of 2008 and invited the paps and sold the story to People etc. She talked about how they wanted to show the world they were still very excited about each other, still madly in love and were trying for a baby. One month later,she began filming on Northern Lights, sleeping with Eddie, and within a few more months she was stalking the family.

  137. Natalina says:

    Why can’t she leave the children off the cake? I dont understand the mentality?

  138. Prinny says:

    Did anyone else notice she’s following the Honest Company on twitter now? Since her bonus boys are a little too old for diapers I wonder if she’s trying to tell people something. Baby maybe? Ugh! Well, at least it would have a 50% of being good looking.

  139. Jennifer12 says:

    Go to Janet Charlton’s website. There is a recent piece on the lack of taste pertaining to the cake and Janet is asking if she was wrong to give Leann the benefit of the doubt because she “seemed young, sweet and in love”. Start posting!!

    • Prinny says:

      Young!? What was she 27? Not like she was 17. Definitely old enough to know better. I guess Janet got confused over Leann still having her baby fat. And love? I think too many people confuse love with lust. Whatever that cake was trying to prove, it has so backfired. I can’t see Eddie being too thrilled with the neg press either, and I bet his patience is seriously wearing thin. You can see it on his face.

  140. Ming Lee says:

    i hate to be the one to actually put this into words, heaven forbid the universe sees this…

    she will release a sex tape sometime in the future, not sure when, but its gonna happen. she’s gonna have to top this somehow.

    she loves to prove things.

  141. lori says:

    Yes, she already joked about rumors of a sex tape on Twitter. The Father’s day cake and pics are over the top because I think that her ideas of father and family are so full of psychological baggage. I think it makes her manic. The stuff about Eddie sacrificing for his boys was a dig at her own dad.
    Leann sees ways to replay her parent’s divorce and feuding over her. at the time of her very early sexual acting out. Her mom used her, pimped her out at a young age, to get back at her dad for cheating and leaving the family (for sex). Then when he objected to it, they teamed up and sued him. So for Leann, sexuality at a young age is power, revenge and love. It explains why she chose Father’s day for her most explicit show of sexual poses with the boys. This is more than just about revenge on her mom/stepmom/Brandi. This is about her having power over her dad/Eddie/the boys. It’s why she had so many tweets about any man who cares for kids on Father’s day, and why she acted so manic at the picnic. She is replaying her own troubled family dynamic and trying to control the outcome, make it like her fantasy.

    • nomorerimes says:

      You know how SleazeAnn is always saying how her marriage to Dean and Eddie’s to Brandi were failing so they moved on. Everyone should just “get over it.” Wonder if she would still say the same thing about her parents marriage or does she blame daddy more than mommy. Sounds like he was the smart one to get away from all that insanity! Bet he was and is a lot happier being away from the crazyness! They both, Sleaze and mommy, are two peas in a pod.

    • Ming Lee says:

      i think you’re spot on here. i think it goes way deeper than brandi/the affair. it seems like she enjoys/plots to make people pay for what she feels they did wrong by her. yet she is never in the wrong.

  142. nomorerimes says:

    Guess this site is winding down–see you all the next time when Sleaze does something obnoxious and disgusting again.
    Heard a segment on radio about bullying–the speaker said people should stand up to bullies. Sounds like a lot of us are doing just that to Sleaze! GOOD WORK! KEEP IT UP! I know Sleaze would be happy if Brandi just went away–well, Sleaze, we would just take her place so “Get over it!”

  143. Theskinny says:

    Well, all I can say is Backfire (her last album for Curb..completing her contract with them) sounds done and now she needs a NEW record company to back her. The crazy isn’t doing her any favors at this critical juncture. She is going to crazy her way out of what little living she HAS been making. Without a record company to pay the band and the venue…where is she? Done.

  144. nomorerimes says:

    SleazeAnn is appearing (?) tonight at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste Marie Mi. The website is Kewadin.oom. It has a 1500 capacity. Wonder how many will actually go? I emailed them and told them about her and that I wouldn’t go if they paid me to. Tomorrow I will go to the Soo’s paper to get the report on the concert–if she shows!! That does mean Eddie is by himself on the movie set with Josie–unless Sleaze sends mommy as a chaperone!

  145. Juliette says:

    Has anyone ever actually walked up and punched this b*tch in the face? I hope someone does and they wipe that stupid smirk off her face. Crazy biotch.

    Because seriously that is what she needs to have happen. I do not condone violence in any way but sometimes a little slap to the melon wakes a person up.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Gosh–no–then she would really play the “see how I’m bullied” card. Might mess up her cheek implants too and she would sue like you wouldn’t believe! I know that is what a lot of people would like to do. Me included! But we will hurt her more in the money department and the lack of concert scheduling and the non-sale of her CD! When the money is gone–so will Eddie be!

  146. Ming Lee says:

    X17 has photos of leann out and about and she’s covering her face..first time i have ever seen that from her. at first i thought maybe she was embarrassed about her bahavior this weekend and that crazy cake. but then i think that this is just another form of manipulation, ‘see, i didn’t call them. i hate being a celeb and having my photo taken.’
    she’s still grinning like sin behind her hand though.


    • nomorerimes says:

      I agree–she is a master manipulator and never does anything for no reason. Either her paps didn’t take the pics-(no credit given on x17)therefore she doesn’t get paid OR you are right and she is trying to say–”look they found me just walking down the street–I don’t always call them!!” She lies so much, I wouldn’t believe her at all. And with the silly grin I bet she did call and is trying to make it look so unplanned.
      At least she is completely clothed–but then the boys aren’t with her. She seems to delight in being in skimpy clothes when the boys are around!

    • why? says:

      Leann definately set-up the staged photo-op with x17. Keep in mind that Leann gave x17 photos that she took while in Cabo with Eddie before she even posted them to her twitter account, the video of her and Eddie not being concerned by the pap being in Eddie’s son’s face the night of his graduation, and of course Leann gave x17 exclusive interviews about how she was close to being a judge on XFactor and her interview with Maya Angelou.

      Another clue that makes it obvious that Leann set up the staged photo-op with x17…check out their choice of words: Lovely, beauty, picture perfect, cutie. Why does she have to pay a media outlet to validate her if she is cool with herself like she claimed in her “Lessions learned” tweet? And then how sad because once again she uses a media outlet as a tool to combat what people were saying about her and her cake. Did you also notice what x17 said about the cake? Poor Leann. Since she wasn’t getting positive feedback on the cake, she attempts to fix it by having one of her paid mouthpieces talk about how the cake was to die for?

      What esle is odd. X17 says that the photos were taken on MONDAY, but today is THURSDAY. Now why would they release the staged photo-op days after it occured? Remember Leann was tweeting about all the things she did on Monday and I thought that she was gearing up to release a staged photo-op.

    • why? says:

      Leann definately set-up the staged photo-op with x17. Keep in mind that Leann gave x17 photos that she took while in Cabo with Eddie before she even posted them to her twitter account, the video of her and Eddie not being concerned by the pap being in Eddie’s son’s face the night of his graduation, and of course Leann gave x17 exclusive interviews about how she was close to being a judge on XFactor and her interview with Maya Angelou.

      Another clue that makes it obvious that Leann set up the staged photo-op with x17…check out their choice of words: Lovely, beauty, picture perfect, cutie. Why does she have to pay a media outlet to validate her if she is cool with herself like she claimed in her “Lessions learned” tweet? And then how sad because once again she uses a media outlet as a tool to combat what people were saying about her and her cake. Did you also notice what x17 said about the cake? Poor Leann. Since she wasn’t getting positive feedback on the cake, she attempts to fix it by having one of her paid mouthpieces talk about how the cake was to die for?

      What esle is odd. X17 says that the photos were taken on MONDAY, but today is THURSDAY. Now why would they release the staged photo-op days after it occured? Remember Leann was tweeting about all the things she did on Monday and I thought that she was gearing up to release a staged photo-op.

    • Theskinny says:

      Please, if this trick was serious she could have just held up her giant purse. Brandi must be threatening to sue for putting her kids in the media twice a week. So here comes the staged “I’m so famous..no pictures please” photo.

  147. why? says:

    Lessons learned from the “I don’t call the paps because I put my hands in front of my face as they take photos of me” staged photo-op Leann set up with x17 on Monday:

    1) Leann isn’t cool with being Leann. Hence why she is using x17 to combat the negative feedback she received concerning the cake and what she was wearing in the park on Sunday.

    Notice how Leann’s pants are similiar to what Brandi wore to her son’s birthday party and to what Brandi said in her fashion blog?

    2) Leann is STILL highly upset about the negative feedback she received concerning her man’s birthday cake. In her mind, she just knew that come Monday morning people would be talking about her and Eddie’s “amazing, incredible, hot” sex life. It’s THURSDAY and rather than accept the consequences of her actions, she pays x17( a media outlet everyone knows that she has a relationship with because she has given them photos from her iphone and several exclusive interviews)to write positive things about the cake using a staged photo-op from Monday.

    3) When Leann tweets where she will be for the day, 9/10 times expect one of her mouthpieces to post staged photo-ops of Leann out and about LA doing exactly what she tweeted.

    4) Leann seeks validation from media outlets like x17 in regards to her looks because Eddie doesn’t think that she is beautiful, cute, perfect, lovely, or sexy.

    5) Leann needs new friends and family members. Now who told her that she could combat the backlash she was getting for setting up the staged Park photos on Sunday, by pretending to be shy? And what makes her look stupid is the fact that she just couldn’t let x17 post a normal article, it had to be one that overly praised the cake and her looks. Notice how the staged photo-op matches what Leann said in her interview from Saultstar?

  148. why? says:

    Radaronline posted this article: “X Factor’s Stacy Francis Had Affair With Bishop ”

    Doesn’t Stacy Francis tweet to Leann? No wonder Stacy and Leann are so chummy. Birds of a feather…

  149. nomorerimes says:

    How stupid does Sleaze think we are? If the paps really watch her house to catch her out and about, don’t you think they would be getting pics of Eddie going places. HE would be the one they would follow to catch him cheating. HE is the story. SHE can be seen anytime-anywhere. That’s proof that she sells herself to the paps. IF the paps were smart (?), they would cling like glue to Eddie’s butt to get the sensational story. So much for your story Sleaze–”Oh my, look how I can’t go out of the house without someone taking a pic of me!”