Emma Stone’s pictorial for the July issue of Vogue: busted or beautiful?

As I previewed last week, Emma Stone covers the July issue of Vogue Magazine. I was surprised that so many of you hated the cover preview. I thought Emma looked good – and I still think that now that I’ve seen more of the photo shoot. They definitely used the best shot of her for the cover, because I’m not crazy about the rest of the pictorial. Especially the shot of Emma in the newsboy cap, which is maybe the most horrible, unflattering, flat-out tragic shot of Emma Stone EVER. Thankfully, Vogue hasn’t released the whole Emma interview – I’m thankful because I don’t have to sit here and read the whole thing looking for good quotes, which takes forever. Here’s Vogue’s preview of their cover story:

This summer finds 23-year-old Emma Stone dangling from the rooftops in her blockbuster breakout as Peter Parker’s brainy blonde girlfriend in The Amazing Spider-Man—and gracing her first-ever cover of Vogue.

With photos shot by Mario Testino, Stone cultivates a persona all her own, an innate, antic glamour that’s inspired as much by Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall style as Lanvin and Giambattista Valli. And in July’s profile, Nathan Heller encounters the actress at the cusp of a pivotal transformation in her young career, after earning her reputation as Hollywood’s go-to girl for strong, spunky characters bridging unreconciled worlds, going brunette for Superbad and making her move from comedy to The Help.

“Working with Emma was like diving into a thrilling, twisting river and never holding on to the sides,” says her Spider-Man costar Andrew Garfield. “From the start. To the end. Spontaneous. In the moment. Present. Terrifying. Vital. The only way acting with someone should be.”

In our cover story, Stone recounts what it’s like to see her childhood dreams come true (appearing at the Oscars in February, hosting Saturday Night Live); confesses to a history of panic attacks and how she learned, growing up in Arizona, to channel that anxiety into laughter (“Comedy was my sport”); and reveals how she launched into acting at the age of fourteen (to convince her parents to let her move to L.A. to pursue her dream, she made a PowerPoint presentation). That may have been her first major performance—now, as Spider-Man leaps into theaters, we’ll see her hanging from the precipice, perfectly poised for her next big moment.

[From Vogue]

How do you read Emma’s relationship with Andrew Garfield? I know most of you aren’t paying attention to them, but I love them, and I think they’re really, really into each other. My read is that he’s more into her than vice versa. Emma likes him a lot, I think. But I just get the feeling that Andrew kind of worships her. And that’s really cool, because in so many of these Young Hollywood relationships, it feels like the girls are getting the short end of the stick with game-playing d-bags.

As for Spiderman… is anyone else worried? No, here’s a better question: is anyone actually excited to see this film? I think the flaw is going to be that the studio tried to reboot the franchise too soon after the success of the Tobey Maguire-led franchise. People have Spidey-exhaustion, especially considering the simply fact that Spiderman isn’t really the most interesting superhero.

Photos courtesy of Mario Testino/Vogue.

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  1. Courtney says:

    She looks sooo different from her superbad days.. not just the fact that she’s older either.

  2. Mina says:

    Andrew Garfield is like 30. That’s SO WEIRD. He still looks 15.

    The blonde and skinniness really brings out how strange Emma’s face is. She looks like a Bratz doll.

  3. RocketMerry says:

    I think Andrew is the kind of guy who ends up believing pretty much about anything if a girl he likes says it. I mean… he actually believes that Emma only wants to be a baker in life.

    Which is cute, you know, and has potential for heartbreak and entertainment. Poor thing.

  4. carrie says:

    she ‘s beautiful but she just looks like one of these malnourished blond models like Jessica Stam and Gemma Ward

  5. jinni says:

    Spiderman isn’t a boring character. It’s just that Tobey and the writers didn’t really play up Spidey’s comedic personality. Sometimes I get the feeling that any comic book character that isn’t dark and brooding (Batman, Wolverine,etc) is usually considered boring; which isn’t the case.

    You are right that no one is really looking forward to it because it’s just to soon, plus the last Spiderman movie was a mess.

    As for Emma and Andrew’s relationship. I think most people are waiting for what happens after the promotions to see if they’re legit. Why waste time investing in a couple that might just be a PR move.

    • Jilliterate says:

      YES. The fact that there have been bad Spider-Man films just goes to show how much Hollywood screwed up one of comics’ more nuanced characters. Spider-Man is far from my favourite character, but he is inarguably one of the richest characters comics has to offer. Comics Alliance’s Chris Sims has a fabulous write-up on Why Spider-Man is the Best Character Ever: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2012/03/09/ask-chris-96-why-spider-man-is-the-best-character-ever-yes/

      That said, I’m not exactly hopeful about the film. The Parkers being CIA agents is one of the more annoying ret-cons out there since it completely subverts the humbleness of Peter’s origins. I love Emma Stone, but how I’ll feel about Gwen will depend on how the film treats her. Gwen Stacey is a precious character to a lot of people, so the folks in charge need to be handling her with kid gloves.

      • duncecap says:

        so true. The totally dropped the ball on PeterParker/Spider-Man. When I saw the movies, I was like this is NOT what he sounds like. Spiderman is snarky, funny, irreverant– he jokes a lot– especially when he’s afraid– which is all the time. But the movies couldn’t decide on a dominant tone, much less convey that. Horrible.

  6. Jenna says:

    Spiderman and Batman are probably the only other movies I’m looking forward to this summer, so…no. Not worried about it.

    Emma & Andrew are adorable though! :D

  7. Crystal says:

    I think she looks gorgeous on the cover but the rest of the shoot is a mess. And they photoshopped the f*ck out of her eyes. I wish she’d go back to red hair.
    I love Emma a lot but I can’t wait ’till the promotion for this is done because she’s becoming overexposed.

    • Marissa says:

      It’s sad that blonde is her natural hair color, and it looks bad on her. It ages her completely and washes her out. Granted, she has very pale skin, the blonde color makes her look ill. She’s very pretty, though. But I feel like having red hair, made her stand out more, and made her look gorgeous. These pictures are just tragic.

  8. The Original Mia says:

    Yes, this is a busted shoot. Not just the styling, but she’s lost so much weight.

    Yes, the studio should be worried about this film. There’s little excitement about it. It was too soon to reboot it. People liked Tobey’s Spiderman & yes, the 3rd one sucked, but its suckitude didn’t mean there needed to be a new one.

    No one believes those two are together, but time will tell. I guess. Not sure anyone really cares about them as a couple.

    • Another Nina says:

      I more believe than not that they’re together. He was very convincing when he begged paps not to take their pics when they just started appearing with Emma in NYC. For some reasons, I bump into Andrew quite often, they look legit. But then again, they are actors, who knows…

      • jess says:

        I think he was trying to keep in DL in the beginning cause he has just dumped his longtime girlfriend Shannon Woodward (Raising Hope) and he moved on pretty quickly or he dumped her for Emma. Now they seem to be very public which makes me believe that they are trying to get attention since Spiderman doesnt look like its going to do well.

  9. daz says:

    i just wish she hadn’t starved herself for the vogue photo shoot. looks better looking normal and super cute like before.

  10. kennedy says:

    She really needs to go back to red… too many blonde girls in the industry and while Emma’s face is unique enough to stand out, red suits her better. Crazy how blonde is her natural color yet red looks much more natural on her. Or maybe we’re just so use to seeing darker hues on her? In any case, I’m really happy to see her FINALLY grace the cover of Vogue. I thought Blake Lively would get July’s cover b/c of Savages and she hasn’t been on the cover of the mag for over a year *GASP*… I hope Queen Wintour gives Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Olsen covers. Wouldn’t mind seeing Felicity Jones either! No more K Stew, Jennifer Lopez, and GOOP!

    As for Spidey-woes, I think this film will do moderately well but I don’t think it will be playing anywhere near The Avengers or TDKR numbers. Hell, I’d be surprised if it plays like The Best Exotic Madrigold Hotel which has been a blockbuster story in its own right.

    I hope Gangster Squad does well though… at least for Stone and The Gos’ sake…

  11. katiem says:

    Was she always this skinny? I kind of thought of her as being curvy before…maybe I need to rewatch Zombieland

  12. T.C. says:

    She looks too skinny, pale and washed out. I heard she wasn’t getting good roles with her natural blonde hair. It’s because she looks so generic with that hair color.

  13. really says:

    Man, does she ever look like Jane Levy (from Suburgatory) in the newsboy hat photo.

  14. only1shmoo says:

    I don’t even recognize her anymore. Emma Stone was unique and stood out from other Hollywood girls. I’ve always really liked her, but now she looks like another blonde bobblehead, which is a bit sad. I get that Hollywood may have pressured her to look a certain way (which sucks), but they better not tell her to lose her sense of humour too, or else I’ll be pissed!

  15. Isla says:

    I just do not find her beautiful or gorgeous or even pretty.

    She’s very plain to me and there’s something about her eyes that makes her less attractive – I won’t say they’re droopy but maybe…shapeless?

    I might just be meh about her all around – I find her to be just ok – ok-looking, ok-actor, ok period.

  16. mia girl says:

    The Amazing Spiderman will do ok, but as my husband said… too soon, too similar, too much money to go to the movies, so, too bad but he won’t see it. When I told him the leads were dating he said that even that was just like the first Spiderman. Ha!

    Why does no one mention that Garfield had a girlfriend of three years going into the filming of Spiderman, and he broke up with her mid way through. Always seemed a little sketchy to me. He must have left her for Emma, bc soon after photos of them together starting appearing.

  17. Anna says:

    I want to like but I can’t… I find her so annoying and overrated, she’s a mediocre actress at best.
    Andrew Garfield is bland.

  18. k says:

    I tend to believe the implications that she and Garfield are a fake couple.

  19. Gene Parmesan says:

    I love Emma but damnn she looks constipated in that sec pic. You can tell the outfit was really heavy or uncomfortable to wear

  20. Paul Frehley says:

    I think the title of the post should be. “This is why Emma Stone is better then Lindsay Lohan”

  21. Nan says:

    It look like I’m minority here, but I REALLY like these photos.

  22. Belle says:

    I actually really like the cover photo… and the last photo. The 2nd and 3rd photos, not so much.

    I also like her blonde hair. Yes, red hair makes her stand out more, and looks great on her, but she’s lovely with her natural color as well. Her make-up in this shoot seems to wash her out (other than her eyes, which I think was the intent).

    My one gripe is her weight. While I don’t think she’s reached lollipop-head status, she could use a big meal(;

  23. Really? says:

    Terrible photo shoot, love the green dress though, wow…

  24. Anna says:

    I like Emma. I think she is a good comedic actress (not so much in the drama) and very cute. This is a terrible, photo shopped to the gills, photo shoot though. They messed with her eyes by making them wider and less bulging among other things. Anyway, I hope Emma’s career ends up being okay. There has been some negative buzz about Spiderman (only the fanboys are interested, and Savages will take a big chunk out of the older demographic that would see Spiderman as Savages opens three days later). Also, my cousin who works in the industry said Gangster Squad is a god awful, CGI, crap fest and is going to get slaughtered by the critics despite having Gosling and Penn. He’s seen an early cut, and said it’s ridiculous that they are opening it in the fall because a) it sucks and b) it won’t win any awards when it is going against Lawless, Killing Them Softly, Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Master, Djano Unchained, etc.

    • mia girl says:

      Anna -The trailer for Gangster Squad was pretty awful… Sean Pean was chewing the scenery, and Emma Stone seemed out of place. Frankly it looked like a poor man’s LA Confidential (love that movie) meets Miller’s Crossing.

      I thought that just might be bad marketing, but I guess the movie is not so great after all.

      • JJ says:

        I thought the trailer for Gangster Squad looked quite bad as well. Emma does look out of place, and Ryan Gosling looks and sounds ridiculous, talking in that high pitched weenie voice. I love Emma though and hope she has a long and wonderful career ahead of her. I love her in comedies, and I agree the red hair suits her much better.

  25. I Choose Me says:

    First thing I noticed was the weight loss. Shame, I really liked her at her Zombieland weight and I too prefer her as a red-head (or brunette) even though blonde is her natural colour.

  26. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I think they are a cute couple and I like but the pics are awful. In the bottom two she looks ok but in the other ones her eyes are creepy huge and she is bobbleheaded with how skinny she looks.

  27. Ally says:

    Gawd, Vogue US is so lame!!!! Can’t they hire some people who are more mature than Nylon but less ancient than Wintour (who should be editing Redbook at best) to craft some relevant visuals and articles that are based on more than here’s-some-expensive-crap-that-looked-cutting-edge-in-1985.

    This shoot does nothing for a gorgeous young actress or the clothes.

  28. eljeran says:

    she is the most wonderful actress to come along in forever. I hope she stays classy and doesnt turn into a white trash whore like most actresses are. She is just like Jodie Foster. we needed a new Jodie