Rielle Hunter: “If you aren’t having sex with your partner, chances are someone else is”

As you’ve heard, that batsh*t excuse for a political mistress, Rielle Hunter, has been promoting her new memoir, What Really Happened. Rielle, who has a child with former Presidential hopeful John Edwards, is now using every excuse to justify the fact that she had a long term relationship with John when he had a wife at home who was suffering from cancer, and who subsequently died with the knowledge that her husband had a baby with one of his mistresses. We have some new excerpts from her book today, and it’s all about how the affair is not her fault and she’s not going to feel guilty about it. According to Rielle, John and Elizabeth’s relationship was already broken and John wasn’t sleeping with Elizabeth, so their affair basically doesn’t matter. Isn’t that what every cheater tells their mistress? “My wife is a bad person. She doesn’t understand me. We don’t have sex.” Only the dumbest ‘hos fall for it. And here you have her. Rielle has an interview with 20/20 to air on Friday (Radar has a video preview here) and she also has a new interview with People magazine. Some highlights of her book and interviews are below:

On how she justifies the affair
“Because there wasn’t any physical or emotional intimacy between Johnny and Elizabeth, I had absolutely no jealous feelings about her. The ‘wife as innocent victim’ did not match the reality,” as the pair had a fractured relationship.

Rielle wrote their marriage was “filled with issues that clearly neither Johnny nor Elizabeth wanted to address. They did not want to disclose the truth to themselves, much less the public.”

Rielle reasoned Elizabeth should have been wise to John’s cheating because of her own desolate love life.

“If you aren’t having sex with your partner,” she explains, “chances are high someone else is.”

On how she felt sorry for Elizabeth but didn’t care at all
Rielle said she first met Elizabeth at an event in North Carolina in late 2006, and Elizabeth did not look her in the eye “and appeared to be frightened.

“I felt really bad for her,” she writes.

“I felt miserable for Elizabeth and what she must be experiencing,” she wrote, “but my loyalties were with Johnny.”

On what John told Elizabeth about the affair
Rielle said John told her that Elizabeth repeatedly pressed him about how he could be drawn to someone like her.

“The honest reply, ‘She makes me happy,’ was not received without punishment” from Elizabeth, Rielle writes.

On how Elizabeth Edwards reacted to learning about the affair
Elizabeth requested all the tapes I’d made of the campaign. She locked herself in a room to watch. On one tape she saw Johnny walking into a room and his reaction to seeing me. She apparently told him that he never once looked at her the way he looked at me. So she took that bit and put it on her computer as a screen saver in order to watch it over and over again.

On her realationship with John now
“I’m still in love with John. That didn’t go away, shockingly enough. Marriage? I have no idea. I’m not a big fan of the institution, but never say never.”

How often she sees him
Hunter, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with their 4-year-old daughter Quinn, still sees Edwards, 59, regularly. “Sometimes five days in a row. Sometimes every two weeks. It varies,” she says, adding “he can play with [Quinn] for hours.”

[From Radar Online and People Magazine]

Well maybe John and Elizabeth had a “fractured relationship” because he was stepping out on her with a bunch of clueless twits like this one. Maybe Elizabeth didn’t want to have sex with John because she was suffering from stage four breast cancer. The selfishness of this woman just baffles me.

The stuff about how Elizabeth watched the tapes from the campaign over and over is just cruel to reveal. (Plus I doubt it’s technically accurate, Elizabeth may have viewed it over and over, but I doubt she made it a screensaver. That incorrect detail just annoyed me.) Elizabeth has passed away from cancer, but her grown kids are still around, and they’re John’s kids too. They don’t need to have all these nasty reminders of how horribly their dad and his mistress treated their mom when she was at her sickest. I don’t think of Elizabeth as a victim because I remember seeing interviews with her and she was one tough defiant lady, but I also imagine what she was going through. I’m amazed that someone could be as entitled and defiant about cheating with a married man whose wife was dying of cancer. Yes it’s John’s fault just as much as Rielle’s, but doesn’t she realize how she’s coming across? I suppose anyone who would do such a thing would also be clueless enough to brag about it like it was no biggie.

Oh and Rielle has new staged beach photos where she’s wearing a tankini and a smirk. Of course she did that.

I just remembered – you know who this chick reminds me of? She’s like that serial mistress lady but more defensive, like Samantha Brick.

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  1. lizzi says:

    She’s gross to listen to. And look at. blech. She looks like a less attractive version of Samantha Brick. yes i went there.

    • Julie says:

      when i saw the picture before reading the headline i thought it was samantha Brick.

      • Snail says:

        Same here, when I saw the first photo I thought she looked a lot like Samantha Brick, and she has the exact same arrogant and delusional attitude, too.

        These people are spiritually devoid. Because they don’t have the ability to be honest with themselves, or take responsibility for their actions, they truly believe and stand behind the rationalizations they spew forth. Deep, deep denial and dysfunction…

  2. maemay says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that just as men state that women love bad boys, men love CRAZY bat sh@t women.

  3. hateonit. says:

    she looks exactly like that lady that says shes just too beautiful and all the women hate her because they’re jealous. -_-

  4. CreamSoda says:

    In some of these pics she reminds me a bit of that woman Samantha Brick who wrote about how other woman hate her for her looks.

  5. hollyjo says:

    The picture with all the kid toys is creepy.

  6. Jayna says:

    I don’t really hate people, but I despise this woman. Try battling cancer for six years, you twit.

  7. Jackie O says:

    why does she call him johnny? i guess to show intimacy.

    i never understood HIM being with her. i mean, he is an attractive guy with lots of money. im sure there are tons of really good looking, sexy, women who would be his mistress. she is so homely. don’t get it.

  8. grabbyhands says:

    God this woman is loathsome. And so is he.

    Trashing on a dead woman? Classy. If John Edwards has ANY shred of decency left, he will publicly denounce this book and the freak who wrote it. His kids (all of them) deserve better.

  9. Jillian says:

    I hate to say this, but she is right. Some husbands do look for sex elsewhere if they aren’t getting it regularly at home.

    • Anname says:

      HIS WIFE WAS DYING OF BREAST CANCER. There’s the difference – it wasn’t just a case of inattention.
      John Edwards is a horrible person for inflicting more pain on his wife, and she is horrible for not understanding this.

      • Carol says:

        Thank you. I happen to suffer from debilitating endometriosis. Though I’m in my 20′ s I have never been able to have pleasurable intimacy and if this progresses then any intimacy will be or of the question. My husband is very gentle and understanding with my condition and instead of looking at it as a way to cheat…he sees it as something that is terrible for ME! The thought of going elsewhere to satisfy a selfish need when I live in agony and am kept from ever getting any pleasure myself, sickens my husband. But then, he is a beautiful, wonderful spirit. A real man. Lots of men do cheat or at least try to…but those bad apples should not make us feel like we have to behave like pronstars even when we don’t feel like it just to “keep them from straying”. I’m happy to set the women on here with compassion. Saying a man will stray if there us a lull in sexual frequency is like saying we woods leave our husbands for someone richer if they lost their job.

      • LeeLoo says:

        *Hugs to Carol*

        While I only have mild endometriosis. I understand what you are going though. It knocks me out every few months during my period. I hope you are to be find some sort of treatment for it. Fortunately, you sound like you have a wonderful support system at home and that’s super important.

      • Carol says:

        Thank you so much! Best wishes to you too. I actually almost died from my condition as it caused a massive internal hemorrhaging and insurance canceled on me so I just must hope for the best. It’s hard when I want a baby so badly though and the pain is horrible. Thank god for, apparently, one of the few good men out there… Supporting me totally. Reading these comments saddened me because I remember my own mother telling me that I should feel “fortunate” that my husband does not cheat on me because I don’t “put out”! I think it sad that any woman could excuse such behaviour or participate. I refuse to perpetuate such a terrible stereotype, therefore giving validity to people that cheat.

    • Chatcat says:

      Jillian…that is so 1960ish thinking…YIKES.

      He is a pig and she is a ho. Period. There are no redeeming qualities in either one of scuzbags and if Karma exists, I hope I am around to see some serious Karma whoopass when it falls down upon them.

    • marigold says:

      Yes, but if your wife has a terminal illness for which she is receiving treatment, a good husband, who has taken vows, will take the lack of sex like a man and go rub one out in the bathroom. Should Elizabeth have taken one for the team while she was ill so her husband wouldn’t go sleep with some clingy fame whoring lunatic? I don’t believe in cheating pretty much, ever, but in this case, he is a pig and she is trash.

      • gg says:

        I have something to say about chemo – how chemo works is it stops cells from regenerating. It starts with the fastest-growing cells, and then if you’re on it for long enough, works its way to your slower-growing cells like toenails, etc. Ergo, all your tissues are stressed, especially mucous membranes, like the inside of your nose, your mouth, tongue, eyes, feel tired, weird and painful – you get the picture. It can be painful because friction against delicate tissue is not pleasant. So having sex? NO.

        Not to mention the stress of having done chemo before, and knowing you’re dying in Elizabeth’s case.

        Which is even more dammning to this delusional cow than she even knows.

    • Jackie O says:

      women may not like this, but it tends to be the truth.

      • maemay says:

        If his wife was healthy yes, but battling a life ending disease…ummm no.

      • Debo says:

        I have to agree with Jillian and Jacko. Men need regular sex. They will find it somewhere.

      • LH says:

        As my therapist said to me once…. “You want to have a stronger marriage? Fixing it for you will take therapy, examining your motivations, understand what your upbringing did to you’re psychology, etc… Make it stronger for your husband? That’s easy, have lots and lots of sex with him.” She was being a bit facetious but my god, there is some truth to that.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Yes, it’s true but his wife was dying. It’s not Elizabeth’s fault. All he had to do was keep it in his pants for 2 damn years.

      • KardASSian Butt says:

        It’s likely true, I see finding a mate as looking for one of the 3% who are decent. Thankfully, it looks like the woman above with bad endometriosis found one.

        What is wrong with this picture other than John Edwards being a total prick and not banging one out in the bathroom while his wife was DYING – is that this HO comes out and makes it like it’s Elizabeth’s fault.

        Here’s the thing – it’s the fault of biology not the wife and there is no need to advertise and take photos of yourself wearing just a man’s shirt on your kid’s bed. EWWWW!

        She keeps trying to look “hot” in these photos of hers where all she manages to look like is ho.

      • BLA says:

        Debo says: I have to agree with Jillian and Jacko. Men need regular sex. They will find it somewhere.

        Then those pieces of trash shouldn’t bother to get married, unless you also think men “need” to hurt their families. End of story.

    • Hautie says:

      “If you aren’t having sex with your partner,” she explains, “chances are high someone else is.”

      And if you are a married female and don’t realize this… I feel sorry for you.

      I have spent 20 years working in a male dominate industry. And never has there been a truer statement made.

      If he is not getting laid at home, on the regular. There is some random jump-off out there willing to do it. And even more willing to break up your marriage.

      As much as it sucks that Elizabeth Edwards got to deal with this crap her last couple of years. But sadly, there was a lot of truth to the fact, the marriage was not a happy one.

      But John Edwards should have been smart enough to walk away.

      And not humiliate everyone near him by having his jump-off get pregnant.

      • Samigirl says:

        As sad as it is, it’s really true :( We had 2 couple fans recently split up because of this. The wife stopped putting out, so he found someone who would.

      • Jess says:

        It’s not just wives who stop putting out. I have a “friend” who rejected his wife sexually over a year ago (multiple times) so they haven’t had sex in over a year. She really wants to leave him (she really misses sex, intimacy, and physical affection) but they have kids and she can’t bear the thought of putting them through a divorce. She hasn’t had an affair but after the past year she’s certainly more sympathetic to people who are stuck in crappy marriages because of the kids but are looking for a bit of happiness on the side. All that being said, Edwards’ wife was struggling through cancer so he doesn’t get a pass!

      • maemay says:

        So Elizabeth should of sucked it up while on chemo?

      • duurp says:

        So women satisfy your men or else…Ugh.I love it when people appreciate emotional anarchy only when it suits them.If you’re not happy with your relationship get out of it and do whatever you want.It has nothing to do with morality.It’s about treating your woman/man as an equal.Yes we all make mistakes and sometimes that’s all there are…mistakes.
        And I don’t believe in absolute statements which exist to justify someone’s actions.

      • KardASSian Butt says:

        He should have had several on the side instead of hooking up with this loon. Like someone said above – men must like crazy.

        And WTF is wrong with her chin.

    • Chatcat says:

      I am simply astounded that there are people that are justifying cheating on a spouse FOR ANY REASON. I mean, really?

      If your not happy, get out, don’t stay for the kids sake because believe me they don’t want you too! Of course, most folks just throw in the towel at the least little thing, or go ahead and cheat/have sex outside the marrigage, because WTF why not people will defend it!

      Call it cliche or whatever, but I would rather be alone for the right reasons than be with or stay with somebody for the wrong, but I am stubborn and a fighter not a quitter, so I would work on what I could to make my marriage last and so no other entity has the chance to break into it. Oh and if hubby did cheat, I’d be gone quicker then a hillybilly could spit chew.

      • Samigirl says:

        I do want to make it clear *I* am not justifying ANYTHING. I just know it happens. And it’s sucky. My husband and I just…ahem…for the first time since our daughter was born (almost 8 weeks) and just thinking about him with someone else makes me sad and murderous. I don’t think it’s a good reason to do it, but it happens. Like someone else pointed out, women do it too.

      • Chatcat says:

        @Samigirl…first off congrats on your brand new baby! I hope you find that it is and will be the greatest accomplishment of the many accomplishments you will have in life!

        I understand the “thoughts of” being with somebody else or the thought of your spouse being with somebody…sometimes they are fantasies and sometimes they are nightmarish and frightening, but acting on impulses such as those only lead to heartache.

        Signed Chat, mother of 3 grown children and wife of 28+ years~

      • Sweettart says:

        Exactly, Like I said on another post, she is a vile human being and a completely narcissist. But she sounds *exactly* like ever other cheater I’ve known.

      • KardASSian Butt says:

        I’ve always thought I don’t cheat, if I am no longer interested I walk.

        Men aren’t like us… they have to have a new place to go before they jump ship. I’ve seen it happen to my mom and several aunt-in-laws.

        It’s not a justification – it’s more of a fact that we need to keep an eye out for.

    • fabgrrl says:

      If the wife is healthy and is only denying sex to punish, control or manipulate the husband, then maybe. But if something else medical or psychological, say cancer treatment, is causing the lack of sex, then no, that’s no excuse.

      And if Johnny needed @ss that badly then it seems like the “decent” thing to do would be to hire a hooker. Not to get a “girlfriend” who is going to do everything she can to “win” him – get pregnant, advertise their relationship, etc.

      • Dash says:

        It’s a sad world when the “decent” thing involves hiring a prostitute.

      • anti-icon says:

        Hiring a hooker is not the decent thing to do, no. Not for a public figure running for the highest office in the land; nor for the average Joe whose wife has stopped having sex with him. GENERALLY, intimacy IS an emotional/psychological issue between the husband and wife. To resolve. Together or with a therapist, pastoral counselor, or as a couple. It is alarming and disturbing that this is not obvious: masturbation for a husband or a wife is what “desperate” people do while they are working out their intimacy issues. NOT PROSTITUTION. NOR EVEN PORN. What kind of world are we living in?!?!

    • SarovaMel says:

      Reille says “if he isnt sleeping with you chances are, he is sleeping with someone else”

      Lets examine this statement.

      We know that John was sleeping with 2 other women while he was with Reille, so this must mean this : “just because he IS sleeping with you doesnt mean he IS NOT sleeping with someone else”.

      We also know that many couples have infrequent intercourse even though neither of them is unfaithful, so this must mean this: “just because he IS NOT sleeping with you does not mean that he IS sleeping with someone else”.

      The reasons why men cheat are alot more complex than just not having sex within marriage. The reasons why some women dont want sex are also very complex and deserve exploration. Very often those 2 reasons intersect e.g. she is not sleeping with him because of some fundamental emotional disconnect and he is cheating on her because of some fundamental emotional disconnect.

      The idea that men are sex driven baboons is deeply offensive to smart men. The idea that womens motivations surrounding sex are irrelevant in this discussion is deeply misogynistic; they place the male sex drive above the female sexual pyschology.

      Sorry if I am lecturing but I have spent too much time listening to betrayed friends placing blame on themselves for what is ultimately a mans failing. If he truly was starved you would think he would communicate that verbally and wrap it with the divorce ultimatum, right? John cheated on Elizabeth because he is a deceitful man – no excuses for him.

      • Chatcat says:

        The reason people say “men have a physical need to have sex” is because for centuries, dumb ass women have made that excuse for them. Respect and self control go hand in hand (and IT can go in a hand if a guy needs it more then he’s getting from his wife…jeez).

        I mean really, somebody else said “use a prostitute” OMG how can people think so little of themselves and of others to make excuses for f*cking outside the marriage?

      • MST says:

        The idea that men are sex driven baboons is deeply offensive to smart men.

        I agree. Not all men “have to have it” at any cost.

        In your marriage vows you say that you are “forsaking all others.”

        Anyone who buys this book is surely going to hell (well, that’s a little strong, but please dont buy it and support this beatch)!

      • duurp says:


        Exactly.Thank you.

      • gee says:

        WELL SAID. This should be copied and distributed many places on the internet.

      • Raven says:

        Well said indeed. I know many very fine men who would not act as JE’s did. Sure mistakes happen, but he is just a selfish, entitled individual.

      • kazoo says:

        this is the smartest post ive ever read on a gossip site. really well stated.

      • Gem says:

        SarovaMel, you nailed it, thank you! I am sick of the excuses being made by people for men (and women) who cheat. You’re cheating on your spouse? Face it, you are nothing but a slut or a louse. If you’re big enough to play the games, then at least own your behavior, for crap’s sake. Don’t make excuses and don’t blame the human condition. Not everyone gives in to every urge they have.

      • Belle says:

        @SarovaMel… well said, thank you! Amazing how some are posting in this thread, making such general statements about men. Maybe those who are making these blanket excuses for cheating husbands are speaking from their own unfortunate experiences. That certainly doesn’t give knowledge or insight into the moral character of every other man though.

      • Henry says:

        @Mel & Chatcat: THank YOU! :D

        and yes! I also dont get the logic of men needing to have sex at ANY cost and “denying” them sex is gonna lead them to cheat. This excuse has been made up by men for men for years and perpetuated by women.

        and yes, it is an insult to smart men. I have tons of guy friends who are single and don’t see the need to get laid or sleep around.

        if a man ever gives me that “oh, I’m a man I need sex and you arent giving it to me” I’m dumping him.

      • Mrs. O says:

        @SarovaMel: +1,000. Perfectly said.

    • Cats says:

      While I agree that “Some husbands do look for sex elsewhere if they aren’t getting it regularly at home”, I absolutely hate the way that this is construed as being the wife’s fault. Those husbands are shit*y husbands. If you’re not happy in a relationship you leave. There is never an excuse for cheating. My fiance’s parents got together when his father cheated on wife no.1 with his mother. Even though his parents stayed together he is now totally and utterly against cheating because it caused so much pain and trouble in his family and amongst his half-siblings. He lost so much respect for his parents when he found out that their affair had been long-term before his father left the first wife.
      This case is even worse because “not getting it at home” was because his wife was DYING. FFS suck it up and keep it zipped up.

    • Kellie says:

      Agree 100% The problem with women is that they never understand men DO NOT think like us. His wife was not dying of cancer 24/7.

      • Chatcat says:

        @ Kellie…”The problem with women is that they never understand men DO NOT think like us. His wife was not dying of cancer 24/7.” Please please please tell me you were saying this as a joke? Because if not, that may be the most cold hearted and asinine thing I have ever seen written on a blog!

      • Kellie says:

        @ Chatcat. If you cant step outside your world as a female and understand that men do not view sex the same as most women then you would consider my comment cold hearted and asinine-and its neither. My comment is truth. Is it my truth or your truth- probably not, but it may be for others and who are you or we to judge. He started cheating on his wife when she was healthy enough to travel and campaign with him. The truth as we know it is that their marriage had cracks way before she started dying in earnest. I dont condone infedelity. Maybe when you start to understand that not everyone thinks or feels like you; your approach to anothers view will be less vicious.

      • Chatcat says:

        Sorry Kellie, your not going to sway me one little bit. Honey, I’ve been married for over 28 years, it’s work on both our parts to keep it going and keep it “fresh” so that faithful stands… I know because I live it…in good times and bad, sickness and health (and 3 vaginal deliveries) etc etc.

        You short change more men then not by asserting that “the problem with women is that they never understand men DO NOT think like us.” No shit they don’t think like us, what does that have to do using their pecker outside the marriage? What, they don’t have a heart? A brain? A soul? Nope, according to you it’s because women have the problem by not understanding them. What’s not to understand? Keep your pecker in your pants when your in company with anybody BUT YOUR SPOUSE…you know the woman you made a committment too…because if you don’t your a BIG FAT CHEATER.

        As far as your compassionate “she didn’t have cancer 24/7″…like what she deserved for him to cheat because she didn’t have cancer? she deserved for him to cheat because she did have cancer? Which is it? Was she perfect, I am sure not…did she deserve for him to CHEAT…I am sure not.

    • lulu says:

      Jillian is right. However, it’s not an EXCUSE for having an affair, but when a man is married to an able bodied woman and they love each other, he’s going to want to have sex. (And so will she, but likely not nearly as frequently as he ;) . And men don’t take rejection well. If these types of issues are not dealt with, the marriage stands little chance of surviving intact. My husband is a marriage and family counselor and sees it all the time. ALL the time. Not saying this is the situation with that Edwards idiot. He is just as selfish and vapid as Rielle.

    • original lucy says:

      MAYBE it wasn’t that Elizabeth wasnt putting out…maybe that pig John, just wanted to screw a new, younger, slut, who thought he was God’s gift to the world…so we are going to take as gospel whatever this mental case says….PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK…do not reward this woman for helping to break up a family and causing severe emotional pain to a dying woman and her children….

    • sara simonds says:

      Some men look for sex elsewhere because they can, not necessarily because they aren’t getting any at home. That’s an old wive’s tale.

  10. Dusty says:

    My bet is she is on the list of “most hated women” along with Casey Anthony.

  11. Ainsley says:

    Rielle Hunter and John Edwards are a couple of nasty whores who deserve each other. I just feel bad that his wife had to deal with their trashy ways while she was dying. If I were one of Elizabeth’s kids, I would have zero respect for my dad at this point.

    • claire says:

      NO doubt. These two are just vile.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Yes, they are both hideous sluts. I personally don’t think cheating is that big of a sin–I mean, some people are just inherently base and un-evolved. But to intentionally neglect Elizabeth while she was terminally ill with cancer is beyond reprehensible. “Johnny” is a depraved piece of sh*t.

    • Gem says:

      I know, right? Why his other children are putting up with his disgusting ways is beyond me. Note to women with cheating husbands: put salt peter in their food. If it works on prisoners, maybe it will work for them.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        TELL! what is salt peter and how does it work? I am thoroughly intrigued by your post :-)

      • the original bellaluna says:

        There’s always belladonna, aka deadly nightshade. (You’ll want to avoid arsenic, cyanide, and strychnine, as they leave obvious signs.) DON’T JUDGE ME BECAUSE I KNOW MY SHIT!

        (Haven’t read this, because I just CAN’T right now. But I know a thing or two about herbs and plants.)

        p.s. Salt Peter is potassium nitrate.

        p.p.s Don’t worry – I haven’t gone off the rails! I just have a Mum who taught me about plants and such, and I’ve picked up a little knowledge on the way. ;)

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Pretty moon! Is salt peter something one can purchase? I did some research and learned salt peter is a nitrate and is in every lunch meat and sausage product out there——but it really diminishes sex drive in men? Good lord, get me MORE of it NOW!
        Kidding really, my husband is a great guy–but I have never heard this and I seriously am intrigued…

        (p.s. I always heard hemlock works quick–painful, but quick. ;-) )

  12. janie says:

    She can stop talking now.

    Yes, he probably would have looked elsewhere if it wasn’t for her, but that’s no excuse for being the horrible person he cheated with. And PROFITING from it. Excuse me while I vomit.

  13. Katia says:

    Some people say that she is really WEIRD. At one point I couldn’t figure out if I feel sorry for her or not. But I think she is pretty manipulative and clueless and she shouldn’t have gotten herself entangled with someone else’s husband. That’s like the end of it. Pure and simple.

    She might only be hungry for fame, or why not stay quiet? Some people think she is naive but I think she is just dumb!

    I agree CB, this is just awful for the Edwards chidren and her daughter too!

    Oh, and look at these articles printed about her before. It shows how much of a nut she is!


    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      She reminds me of my mother-in-law (who also “dated,” and got pregnant by, a married man whose wife was terminally ill). She (and Rielle) play dumb, but they’re smart about playing the game. My Mother-in-law’s “boyfriend” put her up in a home and paid for her (and her two other kids, including my husband) to live, so his dying wife wouldn’t find out about her and their “love child.” I believe both ladies were thrilled (if not actively trying) to become pregnant, in order to use the child in their little game of exploitation.

    • lassie says:

      Lisa Druck, huh? Not a ‘spiritual’ enough name, so you have to change it? Quinn doesn’t have a chance.

    • sara simonds says:

      Dumb? I don’t think so. She’s actually pretty shrewd. She doesn’t work, she lives in a lovely home that she did not pay for, and she has a child with a married, prominent figure who’ll be on the hook to her for the rest of his life. She has no discernible talents and is not especially attractive…and yet here she is, the talk of the town.

      • anon33 says:

        Never in a million years will I understand this argument. So, she should be proud of being a lazy a88 wh8re who has a child by a very prominently married man, whose wife died of cancer while this was happening??? WTF is this world coming to…I am neither conservative nor religious but this is f888ing ridiculous. I would never EVER walk around bragging that I all I am is a cum dumpster who chose not to support herself and her child, but rather exploited a dying woman and her family to get $$. NEVER.

  14. The Original Mia says:

    Horrible woman. Absolutely horrid.

  15. Macey says:

    Not sure what is more annoying, her trying to justify their relationship or her always over-emphasizing her nick name for him…”Johnny”. I swear she makes it a point to always, always call him Johnny, kind of like her own pet name for him even tho everyone else including his wife called him John (among other names Im sure).

  16. Lisa Turtle says:

    The older I get, the more open-minded I grow… Life is complicated and messy. People can only put together the pieces of what they are given… Is there anything lonlier than feeling lonely while in a couple?

    John and Elizabeth obviously had different ideas of what marriage meant to them. Sadly, it sounds like the years, the politics, the world they lived in pushed them apart. They were both living a facade. For his career, and also for her… I can’t imagine staying with a man who fell in love with another woman. I can’t. Some women can… Elizabeth Edwards decided to make her marriage “work.” But John had already given up… This happens…

    I find stories like this to be polarizing, but also fascinating. These are the stories that reveal the real side of human nature. None of these people are “evil” – Not John, Not Rielle, Not Elizabeth. They are all just human.

    We all want to be loved, to feel intimacy, to be close with someone. Some people need that more than others. John needed it more, needs it more than most. He wants to be loved, needed, worshiped, etc. I think he is one of those people who can never be loved enough, can never have enough attention, devotion and affection.

    Rielle seems to understand that aspect of John’s personality. Strangely, I feel like Elizabeth also understood it. They both accepted it to some degree. Neither woman got to have all of John. But they both got to have part of him, and they both settled for just part.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Of course. But you don’t walk away from your spouse and the mother of your children when she is DYING of cancer. Whatever emotional problems he has that cause him to cheat can and should be put on hold while he does everything he can do to comfort his dying wife and probably terrified kids. He is amoral.

      • oh dear says:

        yeah, sometimes i wonder what standards we hold people to these days if it becomes acceptable to cheat on your dying spouse…

        i wonder how shed feel if her husband did that to her whilst she was dying of breast cancer. im sure shed be totally understanding and all..

        grrr i just wanna punch her in the face! poor kid as well, dont even want to imagine the values shes teaching him/her.

        and that last picture is effin creepy! britney wannabe, just 30 years too late.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Exactly. And guess what Rielle, if he’ll do it with you, he’ll do it to you. So, may god have mercy on your daughter if someday you, Rielle, can no longer care for that little girl and she needs her father.

      • Lisa Turtle says:

        He walked away? …. I’m just pointing out to you that John Edwards did not actually walk away from Elizabeth. He did not file for divorce.

        Whatever was going on in their marriage had been going on for years and the cancer diagnosis did not change it. On some level, they both accepted it.

        Their story is more complicated than: Wife got cancer, Husband was evil, mistress was a husband-stealer. I just see the humanity in all of them. They were all lonely in their own ways. Its quite human, and quite tragic.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Just because he didn’t legally file for separation and move out of the family home doesn’t mean he didn’t “walk away.” It takes time and energy to impregnate and then hide a mistress–time he should have been spending with his existing children whose MOTHER was dying of cancer.
        There is nothing complicated about doing the right thing by your children. You are there for them–no matter what. By spending his energy and time with a mistress while his wife was deathly ill, Johnny was WRONG and immoral on every level.

    • original lucy says:

      Lisa Turtle = I will bet my bottom dollar that you are one of those “other” women…sleeping with married men….yeah, its just human nature, Rielle and Johnny (puke) are just being human (rolling my eyes) whatever happened to loyalty and pride and putting others before yourself…aren’t these human nature too? If not, then God help us all…

      • Jeez says:

        I can’t even believe your need to personally attack and attempt to malign lisa turtle. WAY out of bounds. And for the obviously limited amount that it’s worth, lisa, I agree with everything you wrote, but you’re making a nuanced point that some people will refuse to get.

      • Lisa Turtle says:

        Original Lucy = Pay up. I’m not sure the value of your bottom dollar, but I’ve never slept with anyone’s husband. I’ve simply learned, through my own experiences not involving affairs, that life is not black and white. To err is human.

        I can see all sides of this story, which makes the story all the more complicated and all the more fascinating and human.

        @ Jeez… Thank you. It is a nuanced point, but I occassionally I like to actually think about these things and I’m glad to see that other women do to.

  17. Blue says:

    Someone needs to put a muzzle on this bitch. She is such a disgusting excuse for a human being. I feel so bad for John’s children with Elizabeth. This stupid, classless, trashy woman disrespecting their dead mother. I also feel bad for her kid, poor thing has 2 assholes for parents. She must have John’s nuts in her purse because I don’t know how he hasn’t said anything.

  18. stinky says:

    “My wife is a bad person. She doesn’t understand me. We don’t have sex.” – Only the dumbest ‘hos fall for it. And here you have her.” THANK YOU. I knew the minute his trial wrapped that this freak w/b out squawking in 3-2-1…

  19. brin says:

    He’s such a good liar, hope he’s screwing around on her left and right and she doesn’t have a clue.

  20. Agnes says:

    yes, i do think that the vast, vast majority of cheaters tell people that their wife/girlfriend/partner is an awful human being with whom they no longer have a relationship. bottom line, both rielle and john are just skanky. she can make up any excuse she wants to for her behavior, but that just makes it more pathetic.

  21. Nan209 says:

    It’s Johns fault for bringing this useless human being into his families life however he didn’t act in a vacuum and she is choosing her own actions which as of now have nothing to do with JE and only with keeping attention on herself. She is dirty rag of a human being, can’t wait for her to become irrelevant.

  22. stinky says:

    Again, when Courtney Love said it out loud, that the homely girls try harder and the boys know it – her comments were met w/ alot of criticism. But it’s true, and thats that. Don’t be shocked if/when you find the other woman aint all that…. We’d like to think our mates would at least cheat “up” the food chain. Well they dont. More often than not, they’re taking the easy piece, and the easy piece is feelin’ pretty special about it. It was destiny, you know (!) “It just happened”.

    • KardASSian Butt says:

      Courtney Love should know she’s the homeliest girl out there. She let a homeless man suck her boob and there are pictures.

    • Cam S says:

      @Stinky: Often the husband downgrades w/the jump off. He has someone to fawn over his worthless butt, and the mistress thinks highly of herself cuz she wooed him away from a beautiful woman. You are so correct in this assessment. See: Leann Rimes/Eddie Cibrian.

      At least my ex bf had the courage to leave when I went through my treatments. I actually respected him for his honesty not being able to go through that w/me (tho it hurt at the time), cheating is unforgivable in that situation.

  23. ladybert62 says:

    The comments that I have read that he has made about her to his friends indicate to me that he has absolutely no respect for this woman – he used her and threw her away.

    I feel sorry for the kid but then that is the oldest trick in the books isnt it? She tried to get the catch of her life by getting pregnant.

    They are both disgusting.

    I dont believe what she says about Elizabeth.

  24. Lucy2 says:

    She and John are utterly disgusting. They do deserve each other, sadly their kid has to pay the price too.
    Why can’t she just shut up?

  25. Sillyone says:

    This woman just higher on my list of most hated people! UGH I can’t stand her. In my opinion Elizabeth presenter herself class and tact even during this whole crap storm unlike this troll.

  26. lena80 says:

    She truly has not one ounce of class. His wife was extremely ill and unless Elizabeth gave him permission to be with someone else physically (this can happen when one partner is ill for an extended period of time) he should have popped in some porn, played some Sade, lit a candle, and finished up with a warm washcloth when it became unbearable for him.

  27. Violet says:

    What a vile piece of trash. She and John are clearly a perfect match.

  28. Gata_Salsera says:

    I just wonder if this woman has any amount of respect left in her? Lord, I have never seen something somebody act so shameless-ly in my life.

  29. Lynette says:

    Stupid Bitch! Simple as that .

  30. Junegorilla says:

    Elizabeth should have left him many years ago. But she hung In there for a chance at being first lady. Just like Hillary and all of those Kennedy wives. She was also instrumental in perpetuating the myth that Edwards was a family man with strong values who would have made an excellent VP. It’s a damned shame that she couldn’t LEAVE him before she was I’ll and died. Everyone in this story is disgusting. Having cancer doesn’t automatically qualify you for sainthood.

    • Chatcat says:

      Clearly June you have not had anybody you care about in your life suffer with cancer or die from it, however, I sense suffering from lack of compassion has not left you unscathed.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      No, having cancer doesn’t automatically grant you sainthood. But you would think, when you are fighting for your life, that your LIFE PARTNER would have your back.

      I’m sure ELizabeth was no saint. Who is? But he should never have done her like he did. And Reille needs to STFU. Seriously.

    • Choupette says:

      None of us know Elizabeth Edwards life. You don’t know why she did what she did, or why she didn’t do anything. It’s easy to attack someone when that someone is dead and buried with no chance of defending herself. Should she even have felt the need to.

  31. NeNe says:

    Okay. Enough already. This two-bit wh*re needs to STFU!!!

  32. kadymarie says:

    ohh, so just cuz im in a temporary long distance engagement means that my fiances cheating on me? i highly doubt it. there are some real honest men out there with morals, people. if men cheat, thats just cuz they think, “oh, im a hot guy who can get who he wants” but it takes TWO to cheat. sorry…i get touchy about cheating and i havent had my coffee yet :(

    • stinky says:

      i’m touchy too. v-e-r-y. my theory is that honest people dont think it’s gonna happen. but if/when your partner is intent on deceiving you – it can be done. there are NOT always “red flags”. i get pretty touchy about THAT mantra.

      • Kadymarie says:

        because of the distance, its in the back of our minds but we COMMUNICATE!! we talk about everything and his momma would be pissed if he cheated and kick his butt!! i dont even hang out with my guy friends just so im not in a bad position

  33. Jane says:

    She is such a btch. And this is coming from someone who was once the other woman. :D

    • MST says:

      I was once the other woman too, and I’m not proud of it. Even though my husband was an abusive jerk, it was still a terrible thing to do. With therapy I’ve gotten over my self-loathing but I will regret it for the rest of my life. I don’t want to go into the details — my advice is just don’t cheat. It’s not right and it’s not worth it. In the long run someone always gets hurt, and it just might be YOU.

  34. tru tru says:

    she’s a roadkill looking skank.

    she sees herself as the victim, trash!

  35. Sarah says:

    In a weird way I feel sorry for this pathetic woman. Elizabeth Edwards will always be known as brave and kind and Rielle will always be known as the physical manifestation of everything wrong with John Edwards. I think she knows it too. That’s why she says stuff like, “I feel sorry for her” and implies that Elizabeth was obsessed with her. She knows she will never live up to this woman, so she’s trying to put Elizabeth on the same level as her, as if they were equals.

    Also, I love how she says that she’s not a fan of the institution of marriage. Some people aren’t fans of it for legitimate reasons, but hers isn’t one of them. She isn’t capable of putting in the hard work of being an ACTUAL partner, she just likes the thrill of being picked over another woman.

  36. Cait says:

    She is beyond disgusting. The fact that bitch is still trying to justify her actions is beyond me. If she thinks ‘Johnny’ will stick with her and their child when the going gets tough, she’s more delusional than I thought.

  37. palermo says:

    Does this dumb bitch ever stop to think maybe if you’re having chemo, constant vomiting and knowing you are dying kind of takes away the let’s have sex! feeling? This woman can go straight to hell

  38. Turd Fergussen says:

    These two horrible, old assholes deserve each other. She’s not nearly as cute as she thinks she is. Her body is okay for someone who’s almost 50, but you’d have to throw a sack over her face.

    She has treated Elizabeth Edwards horribly, both while she was alive, and now, unforgivably, after she’s died. Imagine what Elizabeth and “Johnny’s” kids think about all this shit she’s spewing. A vile, disgusting woman.

  39. Clint says:

    My ex wife tried to use the same “It was already over” BS excuse when I found out about her emotional (never found out if it got physical) affair near the end of our marriage after nearly 10 years of me attempting to make things work. Rielle’s moronic attempts to justify her own pathetic choices are just as bad as hers was. Hopefully karma will take care of them both.

  40. birdie says:

    She is disgusting! What is wrong with the world, that mistresses are now in the media and get interviewed for basically wh**ing around. They should all hang their heads in shame and shut up. S***s!!!

  41. Reece says:

    I feel bad for the kids in this, the adults and the little one.

  42. Jayna says:

    I still remember that Newsweek story that came out after the affair/baby photo broke. He had interviewed her or met her for lunch way earlier before that came out. She was a whacko, like she was going to get “Johnny elected.” But he asked about Elizabeth. She said she wouldn’t look at her and that Elizabeth had “bad energy.” LOL Well, is she delusional talking about a then candidate’s wife like that anyway if she was on his campaign? But Rielle was having an affair and obviously Elizabeth wouldn’t look at ther because of her suspicions; yet, Rielle says Elzabeth had bad energy. What boggles the mind is she’s telling another person this story of meeting Elizabeth leaving ot the tawdry detail that she was sleeping with this woman’s husband who had suspicions. She is a narcissist of the highest order.

  43. potatopeel says:

    She didn’t need to write a book to explain to her daughter that she is the by-product of an affair with a married man. She could have written a letter, saved it and given to the girl when she was older. I doubt the girl would be too proud of mommy then. Nope – the book is solely for the purpose of this harlot to keep her ratty face in the news. I’m not sure I would be bragging about having an affair with a married man who’s wife was dying from cancer. Just pathetic on every level. Guess they deserve each other – now, go away.

  44. Kirsten says:

    Did this woman actively enjoying tormenting Edwards’ terminally ill wife?

    Do you recall how she bragged in a 2010 GQ interview that “Johnny never lies to me”, knowing the dying Elizabeth would read it, only to reveal in this piece of shit book she learned for the first time “Johnny” was lying to her a few weeks into their affair in 2006?

    Shame on her.

  45. Failawrence says:

    It’s media including gossip websites selling her and bringing her money. Why do you even talk about this bitch? Why not just ignoring her? And I’m part of it!

  46. Anon73 says:

    Rielle is not cute / pretty / sexy. She IS however any idiot.

  47. Dibba says:

    Hope her and Johnny both rot in hell. I know karma, and she’s a real bitch

  48. Jovia says:

    Third photo down is perfect.

  49. Katy says:

    She is disgusting!! I can’t stand to look at the selfish bitch.

  50. Billy says:

    Barf that she calls him Johnny.

  51. olcranky says:

    What we have here is a complete and utter lack of common sense, common decency and an unwillingness for the man and woman in the adulterous affair to take responsibility for any action they took all while claiming to somehow be a victim. HuffPo had a post about the yourtango survey indicating that people say emotional dissatisfaction is the reason for affairs. I posted the following comment:“G-d forbid you actually consider speaking to your partner if you are dissatisfied in a relationship/marriage – I mean there’s no way open and honest communication could do anything to rectify the situation if it’s fixable so cheating is most definitely the more logical and productive thing to do. / sarc” which lead to an exchange with someone who seemed to put the blame for the “need” to cheat (and lie) 100% on the shoulders of the person who is being cheated on as being unreasonable/unloving and any attempts of the cheater to have open communication to try to fix the relationship just reinforces that the partner is the problem (but he “can’t” just end the relationship so he must cheat being the implication).

    If you want to see the exchange (you’ll have to expand the thread):

  52. Genevieve says:

    God, bring on the ugly!!!!!

    This woman simply screams “white trash”, from her tacky name to her hideous Clorox-blonde hair, to her unbelievable heartlessness about shagging a married man. She made Elizabeth Edwards’ last days a living hell. I’d say she’s evil and malevolent, but I simply don’t think she has the brainpower to pull that off.

    Selfish and stupid pretty much sums up this piece of trailer trash.

    Enjoy your fifteen minutes, Rielle….and remember, karma’s a real B*TCH.

  53. Izzy says:

    The sheer level of this woman’s narcissism blows me away. Honestly, I don’t think it occurs to her at all that John and Elizabeth Edwards lacked physical intimacy because ELIZABETH WAS DYING!!! (Sorry for the e-shouting, but Ho-bag Hunter makes me so darn mad.) I know I am going to catch a lot of flack for what I am about to say, but I really do hope that one day, Rielle Hunter gets to experience the kind of devastating fight for her life that Elizabeth Edwards did. (Not saying she should die, but she should get to experience what Elizabeth Edwards while she was alive and fighting cancer.) Maybe, just maybe, somewhere in the furthest corners of her dim little mind, she will finally come to understand what was really happening and the role she played in it.

  54. judyjudy says:

    I don’t understand why these women feel so proud for getting a man to have sex with them. Last time I checked, it’s really not that difficult.

    Yes, there are a lot of good men out there who treat women well and are true to their marriages/relationships, but it ‘s not surprising when a man has an affair. Even the smartest, strongest, kindest man will be tempted if some bimbo rubs up on him naked.

    Bragging about getting a man to sleep with you is like bragging about getting a dog to eat a piece of bacon.

  55. maemay says:

    Another thing about men…..they LOVE Gold-diggers. Why else would john stand by and let this woman tarnish the mother of his children? Men love crazy b’s and they love gold diggers.

  56. Carolyn says:

    Was this guy a Pres hopeful who mucked it up by misappropriating funds and having affairs? He was just copying the Clinton playbook (the affair bit). He must be mystified why he’s not in the White House by now. He probably looks at Obama and snarls “that should be ME”. He would have been a bad Pres. I get him confused with the medium guy (much more newsworthy). I’m Australian…not really up with the ins & outs of US politics.

  57. Bodhi says:

    I’ll tell you what, my husband isn’t getting any (or much) at home & I KNOW he isn’t getting any on the side. I know this because he goes to school 8 hours a day & then goes to work for 8 hours. He doesn’t have time to cheat on me. We see each other for about 30 minutes a day when he comes home to change his boots & put in his contacts.

    So yeah, not all men who don’t get it at home find it on the side.

    • Sunny says:

      Don’t be so sure about that. Sorry to tell you but they will always find time for a quickie… guys cannot live without sex

      • Bodhi says:

        I’m sure he rubs one out fairly often, but I don’t give a shit about that. As I said, I know for a fact that my husband isn’t cheating on me. He doesn’t have the time, the opportunity (all male classmates & all male workmates), or, frankly, the money.

        I’m sorry that you have had a bad experience with your husband. Just because yours is a jerk doesn’t mean that mine is too.

      • lulu says:

        Bohdi, not saying he is cheating on you, but what makes you think he would need money?

        I hope you are right, but when my husband stops approaching me for sex is when I will start worrying.

      • Bodhi says:

        I didn’t say that he has stopped approaching me for sex. I said that he doesn’t get much. He gets it when we have time for it, quickies when the ILs take the kid outside to play in the yard, etc.

        And, as to the money issue, since he zero opportunity at school or at work the only way he’d be able to get any strange is if he paid for it

      • Mrs. O says:

        @Sunny: way to say something incredibly cruel. Bodhi, I totally understand! My now husband was doing night law school for the first three years of our relationship and I managed an underfunded nonprofit. It reeeeally helps if you know there’s an end date for the crazy schedules (ie. graduation). Now we are married and very…er….active. Ignore the nasty people that can crop up around here sometimes.

    • stinky says:

      ladies… i know this comment thread is hecka long & you’ll prolly not be back to scour it again (like i am!) but let it be known – there are skank ho’s out there who get off on deliberately shagging your dude. they will rendezvous ANYwhere in order to do so. and i mean anywhere. So please know that telling yourself there’s no opportunities for cheating to occur is truly incorrect. having said this, let me stress that i’m NOT trying to say everyone should live in fear, trust no one, etc. cuz thats not me, and im not the jealous type myself – but yes it does indeed happen, it happened to me, and it CAN happen to anyone (whether you put out regularly or not). a friend of mine once told me about an acquaintance of hers, who was a scandelous female that literally would met her screws in parking lots, on the bike trail, and god knows where else. it CAN be fit into one’s day is all im saying. this was a v-e-r-y disturbing thing to hear because you realize there’s just no way to say that it’s impossible. its very possible. and its gross & sad. and its fuckt up people who are so unevolved they can’t even live a life of truth.

  58. Cait says:

    These two assholes deserve one another.

  59. Ginger says:

    YUCK! My father was having a long term affair and my parents split when my Mom just couldn’t take it anymore. Of course I had to be subjected to meeting her and spending time with her and her children from her broken marriage after the split. It was awkward for everyone at best. What was worse is she had breast cancer so I couldn’t even hate her. I can imagine somewhat from my experience what it’s like to have to deal with Rielle from the kids perspective. It sucks! And the fact that she’s going around bragging about the affair makes it even worse. I hope her book doesn’t sell. She’s a selfish Biatch!

  60. Sunny says:

    So true. I hadn’t slept with my hubby for 18 months due to various reasons – and he started rooting someone at work. No great loss though, he wasn’t good in bed and they deserve each other!

  61. Artemis Rose says:

    Rielle Hunter again demonstrated, in her own words, that she fits the textbook Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders classic example of a self-serving sociopath, an ego-maniac and narcissist, with her head so far up “where the sun doesn’t shine” and showed the world that she is indeed SOUL-LESS, lacks integrity and genuine heart energy.

    Instead, Hunter’s self-indulgent ego-mania is driven by her gonads, not her heart, and with obvious her addiction to sex and her narcissistic thrill of seduction and capture of another woman’s husband, and then confuses lust for love.
    Hunter, as a woman and mother, brings shame, shame, shame to all mothers, and all women. My compassionate heart goes out to her daughter and the shame-filled journey this little girl will be forced to endure because of the thoughtlessness and self-serving acts of her parents. My heart goes out to Hunter’s mother too.

  62. Artemis Rose says:

    Hunter’s complete lack of thoughtful consideration for Elizabeth Edwards’ (and John Edwards’) children is stunning. These children, too, will suffer and be further victimized by Hunter’s self-serving narcissistic indulgences in her book. How dare Hunter write such unkind, hurtful, disrespectful comments about Elizabeth after her death, and for Elizabeth’s children to read.

    I wonder just how LOW Hunter’s reptilian mind and her complete lack of consciousness go? To what low, low, low levels will this horrid unconscionable Hunter woman stoop to stupidly and narcissistically try to defend herself? What a stupid obtuse vacuous fool Hunter has made of herself! Had Hunter any decency, she never would have written a shame-filled-tell-all book for financial profit.

    I guess Hunter’s ego-mania hasn’t yet hit the ultimate eventual backlash bottom. But in time, Hunter’s karmic comeuppance will definitely come back to her. I look forward to celebrating that day with Hunter’s future demise.

    May Hunter be forced into hiding the rest of her life because of her ego-mean-driven book spouting hateful words against Elizabeth and boasting about her sexual encounters with Elizabeth’s husband John.

    Shame on Rielle Hunter! Shame on John Edwards! They are both sluts and lack moral compasses.

    • stinky says:

      yo, im starting to think things really ARE over between Reille and John beccause she’d not put out this book if they were still together – theres just no way he’d sign off & give the ok if they were together!? I think they’re apart, and therefore this really is her first shot at cashing in. next w/b pictorials, attempts at reality tv, etc.

  63. yoyo says:

    This chick is cracking me up. She’s not posing as a victim, she’s totally unapologetic about the whole thing, totally clueless as to the consequences of her actions and loud mouth on her kid. She’s totally gangsta! Where is her reality show already? Can you imagine the insanity? I’m surprised she doesn’t talk about herself in the 3rd person. It’s actually disappointing that she doesn’t do that then she could REALLY fill in an application for the Guiness Book of Records as one of the most self absorbed dumb ass b*tches to ever walk the planet and join the ranks of octo mom, Kate Gosling and all these other dumb broads who like to listen to themselves talk while destroying their family (and others’ too if they can)

  64. sallyreo says:

    My husband was not having sex with me,
    he never felt like talking to me or giving me a compliment. He was cold, towards me, but he had a “guy” best friend, who he simply adored. They would talk quietly on the phone and I could only hear the laughter. For years, I was clueless of the real reason why he was so cold with me. I was sooo naive and stupid. Just raising the kids, cooking dinner when I got home from work and doing the laundry and cleaning house on the weekend. My husband was always tired, overworked, in a bad mood, working long hours, bored, I had gained 15 lbs, any excuse not to touch me. Sex for a man is a need, just like eating, drinking water, going to the bath room. The first clue that he is getting it somewhere else is that he is too tired to have sex with you.

    Now, it may be easier to ignore the problem than to face the reality of the situation.

    I am a grandmother now, I just wish someone would have opened my eyes or I would have shared what was going on with someone older and wiser.

  65. Chris Kay says:

    100 comments and no one gets it. He’s a SEX ADDICT. She’s out for the dough. End of story.

  66. Bodhi says:

    I am really saddened by all of these comments intimating that men have no control of their sexual appetite. Women need & want sex just as much as men do (its science people, look it up). If a man strays, it isn’t because his wife isn’t giving him what he needs physically, it is because there is some psychological or emotional issue at play. A man who is happy & in a healthy relationship is very unlikely to stray from his relationship. (And the same goes for women)

    To say that a man is a slave to his sexual desires is to reduce him completely. Its akin to saying that a woman can’t do anything but be a wife & mother. It is an antiquated way of thinking & I’m pretty shocked that people still feel that way.

    • Chatcat says:

      Thank you…thank you…thank you!

      I have been in those moments of my marriage, and I know my husband has had to have them too, that it just seems disconnected. What keeps you from going out and getting some strange is self respect and respect for your spouse. If you get to the point where your baser urges are getting out of control and you’re going over the edge, separate. If in that space of separation you wind up acting on those baser needs, you’ve at least cared enough about what you had together and not gone out and got strange then come home having to hide anything. If you feel compelled to hide anything then you know it was wrong, or married folks would walk in and say “hey honey I just got laid at the office…it’s all good right?”

  67. Skinnybetch says:

    I don’t condone cheating, but I understand it happens because people start to take their partners for granted, the romance wears off, sex becomes less frequent because of kids, jobs, bills. . .you start to let yourself go because things get too comfortable. That I understand. However, That fact that he could have multiple affairs while his wife was lying in bed succumbing to breast cancer is gross and shows what a shitty character he has. And she is delusional for writing this book thinking the public will understand or care for that matter. . Nobody wants to hear the mistresses side of the story.

  68. Aubra says:

    This loon boon is right though, there is always some brawd out there who is single and lonely enough to jump right in when a powerful man finds her homely self attractive and willing to go a certain distance with her. Thing is, there are women out there who don’t make a habit of dating/falling for married men, but will bit once the opportunity presents itself. Thing is, what this woman doesn’t seem to understand, is that John Edwards has basically told her in so many words that he can’t be trusted and he has a point he reaches in which he’s no longer interested in sharing his feelings…

  69. LittleDeadGirl says:

    She is absolutly disgusting and her cluelessness is horryfing. They had a broken relationship? Really? She had f–king cancer you moron.

    My breaks a little more for Elizabeth after this. She may have been one tough lady but it doesn’t mean she didn’t have a heart and it didn’t break when all this sh-t went down, when she was at her weakest and wanted some support, and she got this piece of sh-t.

  70. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Afte reading about this idiot everyone needs to click on the 21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity. A much needed dose of something good after reading about this woman that makes me want to shower so I don’t feel dirty.

  71. ldel says:

    she is one ugly, delusional biatch. um, no, if you’re not having sex with ‘your man’ that does not mean someone else is. some men have integrity and actually LOVE the woman they’re with regardless of the sex factor. especially men who are with women who have a terminal illness.

    this b-tch knows nothing of the relationship between john and elizabeth – all she knows is john is a lying, cheating dirt bag and she ‘won’ the prize. matter of time before he leaves her too….no matter how much or how often she puts out. losers, both.

  72. Dimebox says:

    If John Edwards ever hoped to quietly get back into some level of politics, like lobbying or back room wheeling and dealing, this bitch just ended that possibility. So thanks Rielle for revealing just how disgusting Edwards is. The two of them had their big romance while Elizabeth suffered. They both lack morals, but he was also breaking vows to a woman who supported his political aspirations even at the risk of her own health. And Rielle has revealed that she is so deeply narcissistic that she didn’t mind what this book would do to her child. When Quinn is older, does anyone think that the best private schools will accept her? Will mothers want their daughters going for sleepovers? When she’s a teenager, what parents will want their sons dating her? I speak as the mother of 3 sons who saw a backlash against the daughter of a woman like Rielle. No parent will want their son around a woman who will probably be going for MILF- type cougar status. She has no boundaries, no morals, and certainly no kindness.

  73. Meanchick says:

    Hate to break it to you, but JE is a narcissist of the worst kind, he is a cheater and not because he’s not getting’ any, but because with women like this twit around, he CAN cheat. He always came off as someone who thought he belonged with, get ready-this is a bit harsh- someone better looking than poor Elizabeth as a wife. RH is a royal twat of the first order and yes her and Johnny may have something, but she’s not the only one, you better believe it and blaming the wife for a cheating husband, most lame excuse ever! And is is just me or does RH just NOT look clean?

  74. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Look, RH is very obviously “off” kilter. There is something wrong with her “upstairs.”
    There are two things Ive learned in life that I didnt “get” when I was younger.
    1. It’s really very very true that women dont understand that for men the sexual urge is the same as needing food and water. The SAME. That doesnt mean all men become animals to satisy that urge though. All men handle it differently.
    Women just dont understand the importance of this urge.
    2. The other truth of life Ive also learned is that women who go with married men tend to be “off” in general. They all tend to be bats**t.
    As someone stated upthread that men must love crazy beoches. There is a truth somewhere in there I think……….for some men anyway.
    As for Rielle……the stink of KooKoo just rises off her like a thick fog. Holy crap!!! Those creeeeeeepy pictures! Inappropriate much?!

  75. why? says:

    The sad part is that she is PROUD to be with a man who publicly denied her child and didn’t want anything to do with the child. Instead of trashing Elizabeth, shouldn’t she be thanking her? I thought I read that it was Elizabeth who made John step up and be a father to the child he fathered with RH. How can she look him in the eye each and everyday and not feel disgust for how he treated her child? What is stopping him from rejecting that child again? He didn’t even love her enough to even take responsiblity for being her child’s father and now she wants us to believe that they have this loving relationship?

  76. Jen says:

    Someone posting under the name of a close associate of Hunter last year claimed Hunter was mad at Edwards for failing to leave his wife while she was alive, then breaking his promise of a rooftop wedding once she had died. The poster claimed Rielle was transfering the venom she had had for Elizabeth onto Elizabeth’s children (which seems to be backed up by Hunter hinting here that Elizabeth’s kids are “in the way” of him being a good enough father to Quinn. Edwards should stand up and denounce this book the way his eldest daughter stood up for him.

  77. Jen says:

    Someone posting under the name of a close associate of Hunter last year claimed Hunter was mad at Edwards for failing to leave his wife while she was alive, then breaking his promise of a rooftop wedding once she had died. The poster claimed Rielle was transfering the venom she had had for Elizabeth onto Elizabeth’s children (which seems to be backed up by Hunter hinting here that Elizabeth’s kids are “in the way” of him being a good enough father to Quinn. Edwards should stand up and denounce this book the way his eldest daughter stood up for him.

  78. laelro18 says:

    She reminds me of Leann Rimes!

  79. kingkayski says:

    The problem with this skunk,after she open her legs with a two timing cheat of a manwhore “Jhonny baby” and get knocked up hoping to get her 15 mins.of fame like Monica Lewinsky,she now realize he’s been duped by “Jhonny” and possibly now broke and trying to shove her disgusting book down our throaths hoping we’re stupid enough to buy her BS of a story re: of what really happened to the 3 of them .You buy her book it’s like you’re condoning whats shes doing.

    • Victoria says:

      Please, do not compare Monica Lewinsky to Rielle. Monica was a 22 yo young woman who got played by a man who doubled her age. He had the power; she was just mesmerized by his tittle and political persona.

      He had an obligation and he lied to us. He is the ass. She was the victim.

      • kingkayski says:

        “Hos” comes in different ages and Monica goes into that relationships with open eyes and mind,she knows what shes getting into and what she’ll get out of it, that’s why she retain her “jizzed” black dress for evidence,dickmerized or not she knows exactly what shes doing,15 mins. of FAME that is , same as this ugly ho.

  80. KJ says:

    I’ve got news for this disillusioned twit, if she thinks for one second that she was/is the only whore in this scumbags life, she is VERY sadly mistaken!!

  81. Aubra says:

    I think we can all agree that no matter the “reason” for him stepping out on his wife, that this is in TRULY bad taste and unfair to his children. That was still their mother and it says alot that she is using a book as a public platform to bash someone she never knew. Karma is sure to make an example of her…

  82. Mom says:

    When I saw the Oprah interview several years ago, she was frightening. I knew she was someone I would never want to go up against on anything.

    Does she attend the Scientology Church? Really none of my business, but she so reminds me of someone who used to.

  83. Victoria says:

    He is disgusting. Everything she is telling is because he told her, and he does not care that she is publicizing these intimate details at all! He hadn’t even tried to stop her for the sake of his children. Nobody with compassion would kiss a woman who doesn’t respect his children’s dead mother.
    Anyway, if this peace of vulva makes him happy he must be a guy with low self-esteem. Even without the Rielle affair, he could have not been our president; he is not intelligent and he just cares to look pretty.

    It just amazes me her lack of empathy: unable to put herself in a cancer patient situation. Her stupidity seems impossible to me. I bet Elizabeth had a lot of stress (because death calling to the door, how her situation affected his children, being married to a stupid and ambitious guy, etc) and suffered side effects. These things were enough to dry her sexual appetite, but I be she needed hugs from him and he didn’t respect the bible he sword when they got married, which I though was important to him.

  84. Kloops says:

    Awwww, what a psychotic bitch. I can’t wait until she gets what is coming to her. And it will.

  85. Helvetica says:

    She is so disgusting. And John is even worse.

    If he was so unhappy in his marriage, he should have just divorced his wife. That’s it.

    Instead of publically humiliating her this way and having his jump-off spew drivel after drivel, book after book.

    What would make this amazing is if they got married (John and FugMuppet) and he ended up cheating on her and getting another jump-off pregnant and said jump-off coming out talking smack about her.

    There are plenty of men who get regular sex from their wife and still cheat.Some women do this too. So Rielle, you’re an idiot.

    The fact remains: he should have just divorced Elizabeth.

    These two have zero class.

  86. MooCow says:

    Edwards doesn’t have “grown children” He has a 30 year old daughter from his marriage and then two MUCH younger children. He and Elizabeth decided to have more children after their son was killed at age 16 when his Jeep was blown off a cliff. John had a vasectomy reversed and Elizabeth did fertility treatments. Elizabeth was 50 years old when she delivered the youngest. They are only 13 and 11. I wondered where they were while Hunter had the paparazzi down to the beach.

    BTW “Johnny” is Edwards’ christening name.

  87. HoutsonGrl says:

    -Samantha Brick
    -Crazy tan lady
    -one hundred layers of sh*t

    …there you will find Rielle Hunter

  88. Ryan says:

    Ew. That last picture is in very poor taste. Not surprising, though, coming from this pig.

  89. Heather says:

    “She apparently told him that he never once looked at her the way he looked at me.”
    I find that hard to believe. This woman just looks like a tart.

  90. Lee says:

    This lady has been fair strung along… Johnny’s wife didn’t understand him… they didn’t sleep together any more… he was going to marry her into his family once his wife died. Now she’s woken up and realised she wasn’t even allowed to attend Cate’s wedding, let alone be wife no. 2, as per her scheme. Good luck, Johnny.

  91. Jane says:

    I know Rielle will never see this, but I wish I could speak with her face to face, and tell her that she is a monster. It literally made me ill every time she called him “Johnny”. How dare she make accusations about Elizabeth, or try to speak about what Elizabeth did. I can’t say I wish her happiness in the rest of her life, because I don’t.

  92. Charlie says:

    I hope no one buys her trash book. This woman has no SHAME. I am not sure what her definition is of a home wrecker, but she did take part in a relationship with a married man. How dare she put the Edward’s children through any thing else. You have no class. You want your daughter to know the story, well I hope that she grows up better than her monther. To be honest with you, you disgust me. How dare you trash a mother, who is dead and can not defend her self. I only hope her gutless ex-husband speaks out against your book, but knowing you if he did you would hold is child from him. Just remember what goes around comes around.

  93. Aubra says:

    Lemme hop back on in here!

    I knew back when the small detail started getting bigger when this first broke a couple of years ago, that him and this brawd were gonna be a couple. But I am looking at the fact that this woman is talking and not being seen in much more telling picutres. By telling I mean pictures with just the two of them w/o their daughter. That and the fact that she’s trashing the mother of his children, I would think that John Edwards has some consideration for how his children will live within this information becoming public, so I can only think that he is somehow allowing her to “hang herself” so to speak, he is at that breaking point where he will just cease any contact beyond his child with her and basically send her packing, his mid-life crisis isn’t over, he just got acquitted two weeks ago, so when the dust REALLY settles, he’s done.

  94. Sal says:

    What an evil heartless b*tch! She completely shat all over a dead woman who hasn’t done anything to her, and who was the mother of John’s children. How do people get so cold, so vicious and so heartless?

  95. lori says:

    Hmm…It will be interesting to see what happens if Rielle contracts a severe chronic life-threatening illness and catches Johnny making out with her nurse in her hospital room. Maybe the next mistress will end up writing a tell-all book trashing her, and dedicate it to Quinn.

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