Willow Smith, 11, got her tongue pierced (update: it’s fake)

I often think about how lucky I am that my only kid is a boy. I see little 12 year-old girls in booty shorts and makeup, and I feel a sense of gratitude that I’m not the one trying to hold that child down, wipe off the makeup and put her in some long pants. Maybe I would not have the authority as a mom to get my daughter to actually listen to me, and that scares me as much as the prospect of having a child who would try to leave the house like that.

So I have some sympathy for mothers of daughters, since I know I was a pain in the ass and I have no idea what that was like to deal with. For instance, I pierced my own nose when I was 18. My parents just kind of shrugged and figured I was old enough. What would I do if my 11 year old pierced her nose, her bellybutton or her tongue, like Willow Smith appears to have done? As a mom, I get the same urge to take this out of that girl’s mouth and tell she’s grounded if she even thinks about wearing metal in her mouth that isn’t from the orthodontist. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe kids need to do dumb stuff like this in order to learn. Maybe you need to pick your battles with kids. To me, this seems like one worth fighting.

My questions are: Did Willow really pierce her tongue or is she just clutching a necklace in her mouth or something? And, do her parents know about it and did they approve it before she did it? Willow dresses creatively, and we know she has the ok from her parents for that. We also know they regularly treat her like an adult. The Smiths claim they’re not Scientologists, but they sure act like they are. (And Scientologists believe kids are just little grown ups and should make their own decisions.) So do they think it’s fine that Willow pierced her tongue? If she really did this, she would presumably have to get their permission since she’s under 18. She’s a little pop star, I guess she gets free reign to do what she wants. She seems to want more of a childhood though, judging by some of the things she said lately about fame. I can see letting your kid shave their hair or dye it a bright color, but a piercing goes too far for me.

Update: as many of you have pointed out, there are fake magnetic tongue rings available. Hopefully this is what Willow is wearing and this isn’t permanent.

Another update: I just spent way too long digging through Willow and her buddy here, Bobbie DeBarge’s twitter and instagram accounts. I guess Willow originally posted this on her instagram. I found more photos on Bobbie’s instagram of them showing off their “piercings,” and some of them included the hash tags #fake #justhavingfun. So these are just two kids goofing off with magnetic piercings. Here’s another pic:

Other photos are credit: WENN.com

Photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. HotPockets says:

    When I was little, boy, was I a wild child. I dyed my hair purple with henna when I was 9 0r 10? I also sported a bunch of hair wraps, too. I definitely loved the 90′s grunge era as a kid, but I cannot imagine growing up in today’s young generation.

    I always think if I have kids, if they want pink hair, then they can have it…but I would never sign off on a tongue ring because I associate tongue rings with sexual purposes. I could maybe okay a nose piercing, but not a tongue and I think they’re tacky no matter what the age is.

  2. Alexis says:

    OH HELL NO! Are the Smith’s serious? This child has NO business getting weird piercings at the age of 11. Ears are fine, but a tongue ring?? Her lack of boundaries makes me think she’ll wind up in rehab by 14 or 15. SMH.

      • Tiffany says:

        I saw this Will Smith quote on another site, and after reading this I think it is BRILLIANT. It this will help her be strong in her boundaries when it comes to her body. Sadly, I think too many teen girls are taken advantage of, and this attitude might prevent that.

        “When you have a little girl, it’s like how can you teach her that you’re in control of her body? If I teach her that I’m in charge of whether or not she can touch her hair, she’s going to replace me with some other man when she goes out in the world,” he explained.

        “She can’t cut my hair but that’s her hair. She has got to have command of her body,” he added. “So when she goes out into the world, she’s going out with a command that is hers. She is used to making those decisions herself. We try to keep giving them those decisions until they can hold the full weight of their lives.”

      • julie says:

        True Scientology upbringing principles. Never say no to your child. Morons.

      • Tiffany says:

        Julie, I don’t see that as being Scientology at all. I think he makes a good point, I think girls should be taught ownership of their own bodies from a young age. When girls get to be teens, so many people try to take advantage of them. I think his idea is to make sure that girls know they are the ones who set the boundaries.

        I am not so biased that I would discredit a good idea simply because I don’t subscibe to the larger theory. I am an atheist, but I can still agree with many of the things that Jesus said.

    • Lisa Turtle says:

      Yeah, This.

      Some kids end up fine growing up in families that do not enforce boundaries. Certain personalities will create their own rules, or enforce their own behavioral standards, and those kids will turn out fine: healthy, happy, and well-adjusted…

      Unfortunately, Willow Smith is showing all signs that she’s not one of those children. Its very sad, she’s a little girl who obviously needed someone to set some boundaries a long time ago. As much as I hate to say it, I think we’re watching the beginning of what will become a tragic story.

    • Liv says:

      If she has a permanent tongue piercing, her parents are just insane.

      There’s a difference between tongue and belly piercings! It’s much more complicated and risky to pierce a tongue..

      Plus this girl is just 11! That’s not the time to pierce anything, except maybe ears ;-)

  3. ramona says:

    Looks real to me, and I think it’s hideous.

    I have several piercings and half a dozen tattoos, but I got them as an ADULT – when I was capable about making decisions about minor surgical procedures on my own. That’s what piercings are, people. And 11-year-olds are still growing – a chunk of metal in your mouth is going to effect the way your mouth forms and grows. And how you pronounce words. Which, as a singer, that little girl should really have thought about.

    If her parents DID OK this, I think that’s really not kosher. If they didn’t, that piercer should get shut down.

  4. Rhea says:

    I think her parents let her pierced her tongue. It seems real.
    I am also concern that she seems “lost” in most of her pictures recently. As if she’s trying to figure out her place in the world. I mean, maybe that’s what the kids at this time and generation start thinking about??? When I was her age, I was more carefree and happy. Not looking like shouldering a weight of problem. The parents should let her have a normal childhood. :(

  5. d says:

    are you kidding me?!? i would have a heart attack if my 11 year old came home with that!!

  6. Vicky says:

    1st picture I thought was a boy. I’d rip that thing out so fast her head would spin. If she had that done in an actual piercing shop, they should be in big trouble. At that age I don’t think parents should even be able to give permission. It is just wrong and could effect her teeth and speech in a negative way.

  7. L says:

    No way. 11 is to young for that kind of piercing.

    Ears? Fine. Nose? If it’s tastefully done-fine. But this? No.

  8. marie says:

    it would appear (cause her tongue isn’t all red, swollen) that mama signed off on it. 11 is too young though..

  9. ab says:

    I can’t imagine any piercing studio would pierce an 11-year-old’s tongue, whether she had parental permission or not. but maybe the rules have changed? I was 17 when I got my first piercing, and back then (1997) they would not pierce anyone younger than 16. 16 and 17 year olds needed parental permission.

    ugh, I am not looking forward to raising a tween/teenaged daughter! I was on the whole a good kid and I still gave my mother hell. kids these days are growing up so fast.

  10. Nanea says:

    Poor kids.

    But what do people expect from those $cientobot parents?

  11. Dee Cee says:

    Her keepers are getting weird, encouraging her to famewhore.. momma doesn’t care?

  12. Kola says:

    Didn’t she also stretch out her ears? Oh well, I am not surprised. It might be a magnet though.

  13. Nashville Girl says:

    I am the mother of an almost tween and my response is Hell No! Also legit piercing requires parental consent under 18

  14. lolita says:

    It could be magnetic. ….I occasionally wear a magnetic tongue stud but even if it was real I don’t think its such a big deal some kids mature younger and make their own decisions. I got my first tattoo at 13 and now at 22 I’ve never regretted it. And if she changes her mind she can just take the stud out and let the piercing close up. I don’t see what the big deal is with the smiths parenting methods.my parents always let me make my own decisions and I think I turned out fine…..even better than those with more conventional upbringing

    • mewmow says:

      Wow. You’re all of 22 and don’t regret anything? lol Sweetie, not to be mean but you’re barely past her age of 11 and have alot more to do, and regret. 11 is way too young, and at 22 you sound too young. ;-)

      • Smarty says:

        I’m the same age as Lolita, and I don’t have any regrets either. No use worrying about the past, what’s done is done. I did stupid things, learned my lesson and moved on. I was 14 when I got my first piercing, and 16 for my first tattoo. Does that make me and Lolita badasses? No.
        Sorry to rant, it just bugs me when people say ‘oh you’re so young’ and imply that you know nothing.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Smarty & Lolita-
        I’m not going to be patronizing about it because I agree that it’s annoying. But just so you know-in 10 years you will look back on being 22 and realize you didn’t know shit. I’m 33 now and I fully anticipate to look back on myself 10 years from now and realize that I too, didn’t know shit :)
        But that’s the best part of growing older-with age comes wisdom and experience. I find it reassuring to know that we’re always changing evolving and learning from our mistakes.

      • mewmow says:

        I wasn’t trying to be patronizing, and I certainly didn’t to say 22 is young in a bad way. :-) That said, I have 20 years on you and trust me, there will be things you will look back and wish you had done something different. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it’s just how life is.

        By the way 42 is young also and when I’m 62 (still young), I’m sure I will look back and wish I had done things different too! ;-)

        Hope I made my point without being rude, seriously wasn’t my intention. :-) :-) :-)

    • Lisa says:

      I think it’s because Willow’s building upon this image of being a bratty, shake dem hatas off girl, when she’s just some celebrity’s kid. A lot of kids are brats at that age, but most of them don’t have her $$ and exposure. It’s just not an image that should be nurtured. I’m 24, and no prude, and I think this kid needs to be reeled in.

  15. Samigirl says:

    I don’t know ANY reputable piercer that would pierce anyone under 16. I have had 17 piercings (I was a wild child once I was out on my own), so I’ve been around a LOT of piercers/tattoo artists. I sincerely hope this is NOT real.

    Remeber “No sex in the Champagne Room?”

    If a girl has a tongue ring, she will probably suck your _ _ _ _!

    If a guy has a tongue ring, he will probably suck your _ _ _ _!

    That’s all I think of when I see tongue piercings.

  16. lover says:

    Scientology crap allows them to behave like adults

    • Isabel says:

      Ah I forgot about Will being Scientology-member. That explains it I guess; If the kiddo wants something she will get it. Can’t wait for punky-Suri. Or bikini-clad Suri in the middle of winter. And then a tell all book from a mom in Scientology, claiming it ruined her kids. (Ohhh you don’t say? Really?)

  17. Kim1 says:

    GMAB you can buy fake tongue, nose and navel rings at the mall no piercing involved.

  18. HappyJoyJoy says:

    I had my own tongue pierced over a decade ago (late 90′s), the size of the ball at the top of the barbel seems too big. Plus your tongue gets so big it spills over your teeth, at least it did for me anyway. Any-who, regardless of the piercing this child seems to have been asking for serious attention from her family for a while. I hope his isn’t some Xenu way of raising kids, because next week Hellion Cruise will be sporting a My Little Pony tattoo.

  19. Kim1 says:

    I just checked you can get fake tongue ring for $5 on Amazon.com

  20. Lukie says:

    I am so disgusted I cannot even comment without saying something horrible.

    I have lost.total respect for her parents for signing off on this & I thought so before, but now I am convinced this kid is going to experience a lot of ruff times in her life…

    PS: my sister says Claire’s sell magnetic one’s. I really hope that it is fake…

  21. Sigh says:

    So we don’t know if it’s real or not, but that isn’t reflected in the headline.

  22. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    For some reason, I still find their son Jaden to be far more offensive…oh wait, maybe it’s the smug look that seems to be permanently plastered on his face.

  23. Sabrine says:

    A tongue piercing is a much better option than a facial one. Any piercing on the face will leave a scar. When you remove the ball from your tongue, it heals very quickly. So it could have been a lot worse. She will have to learn how not to wreck her teeth with it.

    I think it’s a fake one anyway. Relax.

  24. JessSaysNo says:

    You need to be either 18 or have parental consent to get a tongue ring. I’m sure her attention seeking mom allowed/paid for it. My parents would NEVER let me get a tongue ring because it is associated with sucking d**k. Once I turned 18, I knew it was trashy as all hell and would never ever want one.

  25. Bronson says:

    There is no way that is a real piercing, same with the other girl’s lip piercing. I was a body piercer for 7 years and no reputable piercing studio would pierce anything besides ear lobes on any child under 13 regardless of parental consent.

  26. Lucy2 says:

    Hope it’s fake.
    I worry for her- there don’t seem to be any boundaries, and I think she’s under a lot of pressure. Too young to be pushed in the spotlight like that.

  27. Kayleigh says:

    It has to be fake. Its way too far back and the girls “lip piercing” is really off center. If it is real the person who did this, with or without mom’s consent is a moron.

  28. Sassy says:

    Hopefully it’s fake. My 11-year-old daughter asked me if she could get a tongue piercing – my answer was OH HELL NO!

  29. Puleeze says:

    Will and Jada, come get your child. It really doesn’t matter if it’s fake it’s still a bad choice for Willow and for Jada and Will to approve of it says a lot.

  30. princesslizabeth says:

    The Pinkett-Smiths have two of the most obnoxiously snooty-looking kids I’ve ever seen. It’s just appearances, I know…maybe they are charming in person. But, every time I see them I think…YIKES!

  31. islandwalker says:

    This poor child is screaming from the mountain top to be parented and there is no one listening.

  32. Ailine says:

    It’s probably fake. She has braces so it would be a really idiotic move to pierce her tongue.

  33. Trish says:

    all I see underneath all of the silliness is a little girl who needs rules, bedtime…consistency and unconditional love…she very well may get all of that but in seeing that clip of her talking with her Mom and Grandmother I believe?… the content of conversation was WAY too sophisticated for her age…so just from that, I can see she isn’t experiencing life as just a little girl. kind of sad actually…..

  34. Jackie O says:

    this kid seems a mess to me. she is only 11! by this age you can usually see if a kid is going off the rails. maybe her parents need to stop famewhoring and step up to the plate.

  35. ok says:

    excuse me but boys are not that easy to raise either, and not ALL young girls are wild. I hate when people say “oh thank God I don’t have a girl”. I never hear anyone say “oh thank God I don’t have a boy”. Girls are the ones who tend to end up taking care of their parents, they are the ones the parents tend to rely on in old age.

  36. Lem says:

    That poor baby looks so much like her father.

    My 12 yo and I are constantly having the ‘is this age appropriate” conversation. Mainly concerning hair dye and bikinis.
    Every parent is vastly different. I know a 6 yo who dyes her hair a gorgeous mahogany, she is forever touching up her makeup. Inappropriate imo. I also know a tween who has never been allowed to wear shorts. Ridiculous- to me. Which child will end up a knocked up teen? Time will tell. So far, the overbearing parented child is a lier and a thief. The 6 yo is just obnoxious, but generally a good kid.
    I might have changed my own opinion just now. Meh

    • ok says:

      I wasn’t allowed to wear shorts either and I wasn’t allowed to die my hair or cut it short. I grew up in a pretty strict household and I ended up just fine. I did not end up a highschool drop out and pregnant at 16. Kids now a days are given way too much freedom and are spoiled to no end. This can’t be good.

      • Lem says:

        Truth be told I probably take issue with either extreme.
        It’s nearly 100 degrees. Relegating your child to long pants (no skirts either because boys are evil) in this weather is no better than locking them in the car with the windows up!

      • ok says:

        I disagree, it’s not child abuse. Cultural and religious beliefs also keep some young girls covered up. I’d rather be covered up than walking around half naked at the age of 12. It’s not like you have to wear thick corduroy and sweaters in the summer…there is a lot of breathable cotton clothing out there. Plus it’s a proven fact that the more skin that is exposed to the sun, the more hot a person will feel. Shorts are fine, but when I see 10 year old girls wearing daisy dukes and bra tops, that’s just insane ! Hot weather is no excuse for a child to be dressed like that. What’s wrong with a nice pair of cotton shorts and a t-shirt?

  37. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I got my nose pierced at 16. I got it pierced with a gun so I didn’t need parental consent.
    My parents were NOT happy. I do think 11 is too young but I don’t really see the harm in dyeing your hair or body piercings. It’s definitely not as bad as say, a tattoo which is permanent. I mean yeah you can remove it with laser but I heard that’s a long and painful process.

  38. miriam says:

    She’s an entitled brat.

    Also she should never have cut her hair so short, those ears make her look more like a boy than her brother.

  39. Just Sayin says:

    Who cares, as long as its not my kid and I don’t have to deal with the fallout of an overindulged adult child. Side note those kids look just like their daddy, guess that makes them lucky for the deep pockets.

  40. Sour worms says:

    If a 12 yr old girl is walking around in booty shorts and make up, it is because her parents allow it. What 12 year old has money or a car to go and buy that stuff themselves? I see it all the time and can’t for the life of me figure out what parent in their right minds would allow their young daughters to walk around looking like a street walker.

    For example, lily rose is…what? 13 or 14 yrs old? and is allowed to wear outfits like this:


    Also, Willow parents are Scientologist. They believe in letting children raise themselves. Can’t wait to see how the Willows and Suri cruise is at 18.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh, god. That picture reminds me of the ones I have of my friend and I dressing up in my old, too-small skirts and training bras with hair and makeup because we wanted to be like the Spice Girls. We posed all pouty and sultry. We were Willow’s age. Only difference was that it was at a sleepover and there was no tumblr to share it with! (I wonder now if we might have. yikes.)

    • the original bellaluna says:

      It was a constant battle for my Mum and me over shoes – my feet were a woman’s 6 when I “graduated” from 6th grade (this was 1982). I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember way back then, but all the heels were 3-4 inches high and very pointy. We had many a row over buying me shoes that ended with me in tears and no heels.

      Fast forward to my daughter: we had many a row over what “low-cut” meant, and what was an appropriate length for shorts. (Thank God the’s 18 and engaged to a pastor-in-training and that the youngest is a boy!)

      Now, I’m fine with fashion, but what kind of perv makes low-cut jeans and booty shorts for a 9 year-old?

  41. Lem says:

    Cant wait for “Suri’s” take !

  42. ama says:

    No piercer with half a brain would pierce an 11 year old’s tongue, even if Mama signed off. It’s clearly fake, and obvious they’re just trying to make the tabloids.
    Sadly, it’s working.

  43. Aud says:

    That’s a bit too much to get your tongue pierced at that age. Still I don’t believe any credible piercer would do it.
    This kid is has a disturbing need for attention.

  44. the original bellaluna says:

    I can’t WAIT to hear what her orthodontist has to say about this! THAT’S who I want to hear from!

    As far as piercings, an 11 year-old with a tongue ring brings to mind a child-sex-slavery ring. It’s highly inappropriate.

    I’m not a prude (I pierced my own ear a second time at 12; a third at 14); my daughter got her nose pierced at 14 or 15 and wore a tasteful, very small stud; I pierced oldest son’s ear for him when he wanted it done (he was a senior in HS, I think), but there is an appropriate age for piercings and tattoos, and where they are located.

  45. keltripp says:

    That is one homely little girl. Yikes.

  46. A says:

    “Hopefully”? No, no, no. Please let this be real or at least NOT magnetic. Magnetic fake “piercings” can prove LETHAL. Same way as swallowing 2 magnetic pieces can be lethal. No, I do not condone piercings for 11 year olds, but I would prefer my kid to get pierced (and subsequently grounded) than tear their intestines and die with a stupid magnetic accessory.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      I totally had the same thought — I have little kids and was warned about magnets as a swallowing hazard b/c they can block your intestines.

      I can’t believe they are selling magnetic tongue piercings! That just seems like a horrible accident waiting to happen.

  47. bagladey says:

    Looks fake and the other girl’s piercing is off-centre so looks fake too.

  48. SashaVice says:

    As a few others have stated, tongue rings are a sexual piercing-

    they will make you look like a walking blow job machine to men.

    Damn creepy for an 11 year old.

  49. anom says:

    i think willow will come out as lesbian. i say GOOD FOR HER. and her parents obviously love her so she will be ok.

  50. Patricia says:

    Despite the BJ implications which is beyond awful for an 11 yr old, a dentist once told me there was an epidemic of broken teeth from the soaring popularity of tounge rings (as mentioned above). I was surprised to hear that – never really thought about it I guess, but if that thing is real, I can’t call that healthy parenting. Broken teeth are permanent, even if the piercing is not. Poor aimless child.

  51. Lisa says:

    I was a few yrs older than Willow when I decided I wanted my lip pierced. HAD TO. I took a fake nose ring or god knows what it was, and stuck it in my bottom lip. It looked real. I can’t remember if I ever wore it outside of the house, but she’s not the first kid to experiment with stuff like this. Again, if she wasn’t such a snot, this probably wouldn’t be such a huge deal.

  52. eileen says:

    I grew up with no parental supervision. Got a tattoo at 14 with a guitar string and a motor tattoo gun. Belly and ear peircings…it a miracle I’m not a crack whore on the corner somewhere. I have two children who do have boundaries and will have a curfew and if my daughter came home with anything but the ear piercing she got when she was 3, it will be pulled out, she will donate double whatever it cost to a teen shelter from her allowance and she will be grounded for a month. Period.

  53. Mita says:

    It does seem like she is acting out. Maybe she doest have anything to do, I mean her album never came out, and out of 3 songs she only had one hit. I think she wanted to be super famous like her parents but she is seeing that her fame status isnt going as well as she thought. She seems lost and alone, even her twitter status says alot: ” “Sometimes life sucks….this day has been horrific #wish life was easy” then she post “I am just a regular person…….forget that…..nobody has a picture perfect life….im still just a kid.”

  54. jesstar says:

    WHY does an 11 year old need an ORAL SEX AID???

    Seriously, the Smiths are heading into O’Neal territory. So sad.

  55. lisa2 says:

    Not sure if true.. but Gossipcop says it is a magnet not a piercing.

    With this getting some attention someone gave a response.

    I just think at least in pictures that Willow hangs out with other girls that look way older than she is.

  56. e.non says:

    ugh…. isn’t this the child who was bemoaning her lack of privacy now that she’s a famous international star.

    • lisa2 says:

      I think the magic word is CHILD. I think many adults posting are forgetting that she is just that a child.

      She is finding her way in a world that is so beyond what it was for most of us at that age. And sad that unlike the majority of us she has to do it with the world watching. I don’t know how I would have handled all those awkward times or times when I thought I knew it all and realized I didn’t.

      I don’t like child stars or celebrity for children. I wish the all had to wait to be 18.

  57. HappyJoyJoy says:

    They’re still selling those magnetic ones? They are one of the better known sources of intestinal blockages. Just plain dangerous.

  58. Pinkhairedmommy says:

    I would absolutely FLIP if my daughter walked in with a piercing (other than ears) at 11!! That being said I am 33 & I have multiple piercings (including tongue which I got after I got married 11 yrs ago bc I wanted something on my face without being IN your face, not for sexual reasons!), 16 tattoos & (like my name states) pink hair. I’m all for self expression but I didn’t even get my daughter’s ears pierced until she was old enough to ask for them & tell me why she wanted them, she was 5 then! We have since had 2 more girls (one who’s 4 & one who’s 8mths) and it will be the same deal for their ears. I have had this discussion MANY times with people (even some rude strangers) who ask “What will you do when she wants _____ done” and I always tell them my kids are free to do whatever they want to do to their bodies AFTER they finish growing and school, not before. After that I can’t stop them but until then it’s not an option. I just can’t respect a parent who allows a child to make an adult decision. I truely hope it’s a fake but even if it is GET THAT MAGNET OUTTA YOUR MOUTH!! That’s dangerous!!

  59. Nance says:

    Arent’t fake tongue piercing even more dangerous than a real one ???

  60. stop the madness says:

    I still don’t think she should be thinking about tongue piercings and a fake one sounds like a choking hazard.

  61. AcesHigh says:

    That awkward moment where I thought that was a guy… but when I was eleven, I was still playing with my model horses… this chick reminds me too much of a sixteen year old. Kids need to enjoy their youth ‘cuz adulthood sneaks up on you and then it’s too late…

  62. dana says:

    this photo is pornographic – the insinuation (sp) with the tongue ring real or fake would make me cry if I this were my child…I have an 11 1/2 yr old…Willow’s poster(s) and a host of other teen throbs I could care less for are on her wall…I’m pretty liberal with her since she’s my only one and she’s a good, respectable girl that wears mix n match socks that occasionally makes the honor roll. I don’t understand how this is appropriate even if it is fake…this photo of both of them sticking their tongues out like Vivid video porn stars is sad. This makes me so sad as a parent of a child of the same age…my daughter has a piercing in each ear (done at 3 months) and is dying for a second (she enters 6th grade this yr) she’s a good girl so I’ll comply before the end of summer :)
    I’m 33 and I say
    Willow and her friend are already having sex and I’m not sure with each other or not…but it’s happened…there’s no way around it. The sad thing is all Jada and Will can do is get her some birth control and pay her more attention…she’s already out there now tho…sigh… These girls are different now ….yikes

  63. Meadowlark says:

    I actually have more of a problem with preteens taking pictures with their mouths open, tongues out. The sexual connotations are disturbing.

  64. Moreaces says:

    I was getting ready to say, Her parents are insane.

  65. Carolyn says:

    Pretend to be bad and turn your few fans and their parents off.. real cool move kid.. Jada attend to your wayward child and stop posing half naked..

  66. Ravensdaughter says:

    I was at my dentist and he had an article about an adult woman in Seattle who got her tongue pierced and contracted a life threatening infection. A legitimate concern.
    In related hijinks-I had a recent surgery, and tattoo ink can be problematic depending on the proximity of the tattoo to the incision-not exactly sure about why that is…maybe more scar tissue. I’m sure we all know that some of the sketchier tattoo parlors do not practice sanitation to the extent they should.
    Jada and Will should be more responsible parents!. No tattoos or piercings for my sons-10 and 12-until they’re old enough to decide themselves. Even then they’ll get an earful from Mom (me) arguing against it.
    If you feel compelled to do this to your body (or your kids do), at least inspect the place that’s doing it for sanitation lapses and find out what to do if things go wrong.

  67. mayamae says:

    I would suggest that this girl will end up sexually active at 14 but the majority have no problem with that according to the Kim Kardashian thread.

    I think this is probably the stupid scientology belief that children are actually adults in
    children’s bodies and can make their own decisions.

    I don’t get these young kids who have free rein in social media. It just makes them more vulnerable because everybody knows their personal life and it’s that much easier to earn their trust because they think you really know them.

  68. katie says:

    Her tongue ring might be fake but it’s a pretty good indicator of what’s wrong with kids and parents. There are no boundaries anymore. Allowing your kids to pretend to do things adult do isn’t harmless, and it makes me sad that so many parents think it is. It sends mixed messages to your kids when you let them wear make up, dress like a tramp, dance like a stripper and then wonder why they end up pregnant or on drugs.