Patrick Swayze attends wrap party for The Beast

It’s been over eight months since Patrick Swayze received a very dire pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Reports at the time claimed doctors told him he could expect to live five weeks, which his rep denied, saying he had a “limited amount” of cancer. He seems to have beaten the odds through high tech cancer treatment coupled with alternative therapies and a devotion to work. Swayze stars in the A&E drama “The Beast,” which premieres January 15. He attended the wrap party in Chicago yesterday along with his wife of over 30 years, Lisa Niemi, and his brother:

Arriving just after 7 p.m. dressed casually in a hoodie and baseball cap, the actor joined his wife of 33 years, Lisa Niemi, brother, Don, and club owner Billy Dec on the club’s couches.

“He had scruffy facial hair and looked relaxed, laughing easily,” an eyewitness tells Us.

His drink of choice? Cosmos! The star ordered the Grey Goose cocktails at the bar and chatted with cast members and fans.

Swayze’s wife “mingled a little more than Patrick did, leaving the couch to grab a drink or talk to people, but mostly she remained at his side. Patrick let the party-goers come to him, never circulating around the room and rarely even standing up, but when others did come to him, he chatted at length with many of them,” the witness says.

By 8:45, Swayze and his wife said their goodbyes and called it a night.

“Patrick still looked healthy and rested when he left – he didn’t appear drained by the appearance at the event,” the onlooker tells Us.

[From US Weekly]

US notes that Patrick’s costars sung his praises, talking about what a great guy he was to work with and how much energy he had. It’s heartening to see Swayze out and about and we wish him and his family the best. It’s a very incredibly thing to go through and he has handled it all with grace. Swayze has a lot of fans rooting for him and hopefully his new show will be a hit.

Here’s a preview for “The Beast”:

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  1. D says:

    I hope he is able to beat this horrible disease. I just lost my favorite aunt (my dad’s only sister) to the disease-her memorial is today. She went downhill so rapidly it was frightening. We’re in Houston-Patrick’s hometown BTW-where we have one of the best cancer treatment centers in the US (MD Anderson), but unfortunately all of the high-tech treatments she receveived & her unbelieveable devotion to work (as a registered neuro-nurse) was not enough for her. I’m praying for him & his family that whatever treatments he received will keep him in remission.

  2. Syko says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt, D.

    He does look fairly healthy there, a little thin. I hope he continues to beat it, at least until he and Lisa celebrate their 50th.

  3. Aspen says:

    My mother in law is one more pet scan away from being declared cured from stage four lung cancer…which has only a 15% survival rate.

    It CAN happen. I sure hope it does for Patrick Swayze. He looks like someone who’s been through chemo and radiation…but he doesn’t look sick. I hope, sincerely, that he’s going to be okay.

  4. SolitaryAngel says:

    I wish Patrick & his family all the best; my prayers are with them. I will also be watching his show–looks great!!

    @ D: I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt; you have my prayers, too.

    @ Aspen: Prayers to you as well; stories like your mom’s are what gives hope to others.

  5. Baholicious says:

    I’m sorry about your Aunt too, D. I lost my beloved Granny in 2002 to bladder cancer about 5 months after diagnosis. I hate that disease…it can’t just take people you know? Anyway, I don’t want to upset folks and if you’ve lost someone to cancer, you know what I mean.

    I love Patrick Swayze. He was an alcoholic for years, he quits drinking and now this. It’s just so unfair but I have to wonder if his drinking just caught up with him.

    I wish him all the best and am really pulling for him. I would love to see him beat this. We can all take a lesson from his outlook and his perseverance.

  6. john kendall says:

    Beast would be great “if you could see it. Filmed so dark it makes me want to stick with NCIS & Burn Notice.
    If you’re a Patric fan, Roadhouse and Point Break, you want to see him and be able to follow the show, the darkness is a “real bummer”.
    Maybe it will get better in the future, we can all hope!