Michael Fassbender: “I like strong women like my girlfriend Nicole Beharie”

Aren’t you some lucky Fassbitches this week? I keep thinking that we won’t have any news about Michael Fassbender for another year, but now I’m writing my second Fassy story in a week. Huzzah! This is a new interview published in a German magazine called Joy. The interview is written in German, and it was translated by someone at Fassy’s fansite, Fassinating Fassbender. That’s just my way of explaining why the wording seems “off” at times – I’m guessing Fassy did the interview in English, his words were translated into German, and then re-translated into English. So… it seems awkward at times. There are some notable quotes, though – Fassy talks about marriage and what he likes in a girl, and he once again calls Nicole Beharie his “girlfriend” too. By the way, I’ve been watching The Good Wife in repeats, and GOOD GOD did they give Nicole an AWFUL wig. It looks like a dead animal! And is it just me or is that wig off-kilter in every other scene? Anyway, some highlights from this new interview:

Fassy on how success has changed his life: “It depends on what goals you have in your life – and I still want the same thing: to learn; to work with people, who inspire me; to spend time with people I love, and be able to spent more time for go-kart driving (laughs). I’m 35. Ten years ago I would have been even more impressed by being famous. Today I do not care anymore. Fame is not necessarily what brings great joy. However, there was a great experience at the Grand Prix in Monaco when I stood alongside Michael Schumacher, as he climbed into his car. It was a childhood dream of mine, of which I have dreamed about 20 years.”

His other career options: “ In school I was only mediocre. At first I thought, I’m going to be a lawyer. But I’m a slow reader, and with the thick file that would be difficult. Then it turned out that I’m also not suitable as an architect, because I had failed in technical drawing. When a former classmate, who was studying at the Irish Theatre School ‘Gaiety School of Acting’, staged a piece of my college, I joined in and suddenly I realized: That’s exactly what I want!”

On Steve McQueen: “Yes, Steve McQueen is a genius – I love him. Last year I shot with him the drama “Shame,” in which I stripped to the buff. Our next project is the slave drama “Twelve Years A Slave”, in which Brad Pitt also plays along. Unfortunately before every new movie I still have the fear of failure.”

Fassy’s Philosophy of Life: “Treat others as you would like to be treated. Everyone wants to be accepted and loved. Probably it sounds kitschy, but we should all love more.”

What he likes in a woman: “I like strong women like my girlfriend Nicole. I like her confidence, she is an equal partner.”

His feelings on marriage: “In my job, it’s difficult to live a relationship, let alone to be married. And I’m a romanticist: to sit in the garden or a sunset at the beach is always nice if you experience it with another one.”

[From Joy (German magazine) translation by Fassinating Fassbender]

He’s romantic but realistic. He likes “strong women” and I think he does like having an “official” girlfriend. I still don’t see him getting married any time soon, do you? Even though he keeps talking about Nicole – and I believe they’re for real, and I think that’s hot – I don’t see them getting married. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she got pregnant. I think I just got pregnant from looking at these photos.

Not to be crude, but how could you not want to sit on this face?

Photos courtesy of GQ France, Fassinating Fassbender, various sources.

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  1. maemay says:

    What I like about this couple is how normal and non famewhorey they are. Like Michael says they try to spend as much time together. According to tweets Nicole was on the set of TYAS which was directed my Steve Mcqueen, who was sort of a matchmaker for them. Will it be marriage who knows but I’m impressed with a man who would go down to Birmingham just to be with his girl.

  2. Earth to Kelly says:

    Omg loved the last line of your post! I was brushing my teeth and my mouth literally fell open :)

    Can’t wait for At Swim Two Birds to start filming…….Michael Fassbender, Colin Farrell , Cillian Murphy and Jonathon Rhys Meyer all in one film? I’ll be impatiently waiting…….

  3. Vera says:

    I just don’t think I could imagine him married. At least not right now. Nothing against his girlfriend – I really know nothing about her to pass judgement.

    I wonder if he did the interview in German, though? I know he is Irish-German and whatnot. I think I read that he had to review it a bit before Inglourious Bastards, but also that he wanted to do a full German film in the future.

  4. Gwen says:

    He just doesn’t do it for me. He’s a good actor but .. nothing happens no.

  5. beyonce's bump says:

    He is on my top three sexy list, he is hot, really hot. I like that he seems like a sappy romantic too. Fassbitches for life!

  6. Nessa says:

    “Not to be crude, but how could you not want to sit on this face?”

    Best line ever… and perfectly appropriate for the Fassdong!!!

  7. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “I think I just got pregnant from looking at these photos”

    LOL! Kaiser, you’re the best.

    He’s so hot, my ultimate. Definitely looks older than 35 but who cares?

    I’m not crazy about the “romanticist” part. I mean, watching a sunset together is cool and all but I hope he’s not the type of dude to do the romantic dinner with the corny music and crap like that. That’s just not hot to me. I like my Fassy a little rough, not sappy.

  8. Julie says:

    meh. the “strong women” line seems so forced. like “i want someone with personality” whatever that means and what kind of personality is left open. same with “strong women”, what does that mean for him?

    im instantly turned off if i think guys give answers that sound trained.

  9. Chatcat says:

    Michael Michael Michael

    I am soooo the woman for you! When you come to your senses and realize this it will be all good.


  10. Europe/ Amsterdam says:

    My gaydare sences are alllllll over the place, going peep peep peep peep peep peep peeeeeeeeep

  11. Memory30 says:

    Lmao!!!!! How could you not want to sit on his face?? Funny

  12. LucyOriginal says:

    Kaiser, you outdid yourself again! :)

    I really really like Nicole. So, I am glad they are still together!

  13. almond_joy says:

    No pics of the girlfriend?

  14. Cathy says:

    Yup, I’d sit on it…but lightly though. Don’t wanna suffocate the Fassy.

  15. Cherries on a lazy afternoon says:

    I want to see him in more roles, cant make up my mind about his level of talent really. He was only OK in “Dangerous Method” and he was quite good in “Fish Tank”, but honestly I was more impressed with Carey Mulligan in “Shame” than with Fassbender. Nevertheless there are always these new hot actors coming along that get a lot of hype. If he can hold his own with the likes of Sam Rockwell or RDJ or even Tom Hiddleston I may be more convinced. Just because an actor has the courage to show off his impressive Penis does not make him talented, IMHO.

  16. tracking says:

    They had terrific chemistry in “shame,” hope it works out.

  17. Sandy says:

    “Not to be crude, but how could you not want to sit on this face?”

    Easy. He ain’t pretty.

  18. Madpoe says:

    Delish new pix, thanks, they kinda soften the girlfriend blow.

    Curious? Was Zoe not strong enough?

    • T.C. says:

      Zoe was too young, too much of a wannabe hippy but she is also a strong girl. She gave her interview saying he looked up to her in the relationship. I think he is a bit of a puppy dog liking his women to be in charge which I don’t mind.

  19. T.C. says:

    Kaiser you are wonderful. Two Fassy columns in one week.:) Such a sweetie talking about his strong girlfriend and being romantic. I’m turning into a puddle of lustful mush reading this. It’s ok he ain’t into marriage we could live in sin with plenty of sweaty hot sex daily.

  20. A Girl Named Mikki says:

    Ummm!!! An alpha male with a vulnerable side…YUM!!

    Not really surprised by Fassy’s admission of liking “strong women”. My experience with European men as a woman of color from the States has been pretty much the same. I believe G-Butler made a similar statement some time ago. (Wait, did I just mention Butler in the same post as Fassy?!?! My apologies!)

    The European men I meet seem to exhibit an UNSHAKABLE confidence…a masculinity that I find intoxicating (or maybe it’s just what I’m attracting) so I can see them (Fassy included) desiring powerful confidence in their women.

    I hope they’re enjoying the relationship and I’m happy for them both…

    Great Fassy post!

  21. daz says:

    i think the writer needs to get control of herself

  22. Little Darling says:

    I’d sit on his face with my face and gaze into his eyes while sucking his lips. Yum.

  23. LucyOriginal says:

    I love to read news about Fassie, but I must say his recent interviews are a bit boring. Or I guess my Fassie lust is ending…

    1-” I like strong women like Nicole”. Yes, George Clooney used a similar phrase during his desperate Oscar campaign. Of course, he could not name a girlfriend as a strong woman, so he said he is surrounded by strong women, lol. Please don’t try to be the next Clooney.

    2- His comments about Schumacher are annoying to me, but hey he is consistent. Although, a friend of mine said he gave an interview to a Brazilian newspaper during Prometheus release, and he mentioned Ayrton Senna (yay). He said he started watching F-1 in the late 80′s because his grandfather was Senna’s fan, :) .

  24. Anon says:

    “I still don’t see him getting married any time soon, do you?”

    Where did I read a similar quote for an IR couple? Oh the David Bowie/Iman relationship in its infancy – 20 years and one child (in wedlock) still drama-free and strong. Ms. Beharie you have the support from the person who matters the most – Mr Fassbender. It is his life and he will spend it with whomever he chooses.

    • T.C. says:

      Did you read the interview? they asked him about getting married and he said: “In my job, it’s difficult to live a relationship, let alone to be married. And I’m a romanticist: to sit in the garden or a sunset at the beach is always nice if you experience it with another one.”

      That’s why Kaiser said she doesn’t see him getting married any time soon but maybe they will just live together and make babies like Brangelina not because he is in an interracial relationship. Many actors don’t want to get married then end up divorced a year later losing half their income in the divorce settlement.

  25. buckley says:

    Verging on over exposure at this point…

  26. dizzy says:

    Lol, it’s always fun when you write about Michael Fassbender.

  27. Chordy says:

    Nicole Beharie is so ridiculously sexy. She might even be sexier than Fassbender. God I hope they make a sex tape.

  28. Duelly says:

    Who knows if he’ll marry soon? Nothing against Nicole but she’s not attractive at all imo. Her hair always looks like a rats nest, I’d recommended a deep conditioning for dryness or a better weave. He’ll probably be dating another co-star in a year or two.

    • Audra says:

      Some of y’all need to sit your asses down and have SEVERAL seats! First of all, Nicole is waaay more attractive than her boyfriend and secondly, who the hell are you to say when he’s going to date a new co-star? Im sure Charlize offered herself up to him more than a few times and yet he’s still with Nicole so what’s your point? BTW she has micro braids on, which is why they look “dry”.

    • T.C. says:

      I like Nicole. Her hair looks natural, healthy. It’s not gonna shine like White hair. Doesn’t mean it needs conditioner. Don’t know how long it will last. He dated Zoe Kravitz from working on XMEN. Then Nicole from Shame. Now he is working on Tweleve Slave Years. If there is some cute African-American or Asian or mixed race girl on set she could be the next girlfriend. Or his relationship with Nicole could last forever. Who knows. Like Kaiser said maybe Nicole will get pregnant. Another baby bump watch. lol.

      • Ali says:

        “not gonna shine like White hair”

        What does that even mean!? My hair is shiny. I am not white, which means one of two things:

        1. I have White hair – No and No for so many reasons.

        2. Hair other than White hair can shine – Yes, we have a winner. In other news it can also grow to long lengths.

        3. Racial stereotypes still exist in this not even close to a post-racial world. – Sadly, yes indeed.

    • Ali says:

      Honestly, I hope Nicole follows the Twitter link to this post and sees your hateful comment. What a tragic person you are.

    • Gene Parmesan says:

      @ Duelly
      Your ignorance, jealousy and yes envy is even showing. I’m not gonna waste my time in pointing out how beautiful and healthy Nicole’s NATURAL hair looks. Michael loves it and your’re gonna have to deal with it you sad case of a human being.

    • Pilar Abril says:


      Nicole has natural black hair and like it was mentioned in another post black hair does NOT shine the way straight hair does. If you took 5 seconds to Wikipedia Afro hair – if you actually cared – then you’d know that black hair is literally flatter than straight which is round causing it to look matte.

      Black women can’t catch a break. We wear weaves we get mocked. When we wear our God-given hair it gets called nappy or a “rat”s nest.”

      Nicole’s hair is gorgeous and looks healthy. Your post is written in code language but I can read between the lines.

  29. Carolyn says:

    Kaiser your Fassy posts always make me smile. Don’t know about that last line though…I’d like to gaze into his eyes instead.

  30. Bec says:

    This is the post ever! Hilarious writing! Thanks for the laugh.

  31. Aubra says:

    Honestly, I hope Nicole follows the Twitter link to this post and sees your hateful comment.

    Why would you HOPE she sees a hateful comment? What would you expect her to do, and why would she care? Some of you are WAY too invested in this relationship! LMAO

  32. angela says:

    He says in that interview,

    You were born in Heidelberg. Do you speak German?

    Unfortunately not. My parents, who speak both fluently German, wanted to teach me – in vain. My mother is Irish, my father is German. They met in London and moved together to Heidelberg. When I was two, we moved to Ireland. As long as my German grandparents were still alive, as a child I often spent the holiday with them. I like the city of Cologne, the bohemian atmosphere there is second to none!

  33. LondonParis says:

    One of my closest friends lives in Louisiana, and he says that every few months Fassbender and Nicole bring the hotness to the Bayou! They go to parties, they go to bars, you just rarely hear about it because it’s such a laid back place (which is probably why they go there in the first place)!! I begged him to get me a phone call… he said he’d try. I. Would. PERISH if Michael Fassbender called me. His voice is sex all on it’s own.

    YEAH, I’d sit on his face!