Angelina Jolie banned her children from listening to Rihanna’s filthy music

I don’t have kids. I don’t have nieces or nephews. I used to occasionally babysit my super-Christian neighbor’s kids (the kids were like 6 and 8), but that family moved away (Sidenote: the mother was so conservative, she didn’t want her kids to watch The Sound of Music. I really thought that movie would be okay for little ones, wouldn’t you?). So… my familiarity with children is pretty limited these days. I can’t even imagine raising a little one in today’s hypersexualized, danger-around-every-corner world. When I was growing up, “parental controls” were some new-fangled thing for the TV that only a few parents went to the trouble of initiating. Nowadays, you’re got kids surfing the internet, downloading R-rated music, watching True Blood when they get home from school, and the most violent thing of all – watching the news. So why should it be any different for celebrity parents? So it is with Angelina Jolie (because apparently she’s a single parent and Brad Pitt has no involvement whatsoever). Star Magazine claims that Angelina went on a parental-blocking craze after Pax started singing Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake”. LOL.

Rihanna’s songs are chart-toppers, sure, but Angelina Jolie wishes they were less popular with her kids. Pax, 8, and Zahara, 7, in particular love Rihanna’s catchy tunes. But Angie wasn’t happy when her second-oldest son started spouting the expletive-laden lyrics of a Rihanna song about impromptu sex.

“Pax was singing the lyrics to ‘Birthday Cake’ and laughing hysterically at the curse words,” says a source. Angelina wants to keep her kids innocent, so she put parental blocks on the music ASAP. The insider also says Angie keeps an eye on the sites they browse and their Spotify playlists.

As the source explains, “Angie grew up pretty fast, and she wants her kids to avoid that same mistake.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I can remember vividly the first time I ever heard Salt ‘N Pepa’s “Push It” when I was a little girl on my first sleepover. I didn’t understand the lyrics and I remember thinking, “What needs to be pushed?” My point? Most kids don’t understand the lyrics to half of these songs that their parents are worried about. Of course you have to put on those parental blocks, and of course you should monitor their internet usage. But don’t freak out because your kid memorizes some inappropriate lyrics. Chances are, they have no idea what they mean.

Also: I totally think Pax will end up in musical theater. Or as the lead singer of a garage rock band.

PS… In my mind, Empress Zahara knows all the words to Adele’s 21.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    …as every mother should. Period.

  2. Dodo says:

    Can’t say I blame her if true, Rihanna’s music is trash.

  3. Eleonor says:

    If one of her kids were caught singing one of those lyrics, tabloid and internet reaction would be something like: “Angelina awful mother exposes her kid to inappropriate music!”

  4. Mar says:

    I had to do the same thing. 90% of her songs are banned in my house. My daughter is 4 and she was very influenced by her music the first few times she heard it on the radio and it’s scared the living day lights out of me

    • lamamu says:

      Good for you! You’re absolutely right to feel that way. So many of Rhianna’s songs are about women demeaning themselves for the sake of their men. I know that kids don’t “get” that stuff right away, but their brains store it up for future use. I can’t imagine AJ wanting her daughters to internalize any of that hyper-sexualized garbage. Say what you will about AJ, she’s all about strong women.

  5. lisa2 says:

    Another crazy story. Angie is not that into music period. I think Brad is way more into music. He has interesting taste and I would think he would be the one that introduces the children to differend sounds then Angie.

  6. Cherry says:

    LMAO @’Angelina wants to keep her kids innocent (…) Angie grew up pretty fast, and she wants her kids to avoid that same mistake’! I assume AJ is wise enough to understand that kids do not grow up faster by listening to ‘filthy’ music.

  7. Riana says:

    That seems like parenting 101:

    “Don’t let kids listen to sexually charged songs”

    I will say I was a BIg fan of TLC’S Fanmail album when I was a little girl and didn’t realize till now how sexual many of the songs were. That’s where I think we get into ‘normal’ territory.

    Your parents try to shield and protect you, meanwhile you get into XYZ in total innocence and end up knowing stuff anyway. Or not knowing…and just hopping along in your head…sigh.

  8. hmm says:

    How cute is little Shiloh?! Love her. In my mind she becomes a sexy butch lez kind of like Tegan & Sara or Angie during her Jenny Shimizu days..

  9. olivia says:

    Jolie’s hands look like they belong on a 90 year old woman.It’s hard to believe that someone could be this skinny and not be in the hospital.

  10. lower-case deb says:

    Hello Kitty tattooes on Zahara!

    how i loved those kinds of tattooes (actually they were rather more like stickers) when i was a kid. (they’re thinner/more even to the skin surface and more persistently sticky nowadays) put some water (or slobber all over it)… my mum used to be so mad when i put it all over my face. then my grandma, then my teachers when i turned up for school on monday.

  11. Kim says:

    I guess Knox called Star with this info.Isn’t. it amazing the tabs didn’t know she and the kids were going to Bosnia but their sources told them this tidbit.

  12. Jules says:

    I’d block my kids from listening to Rihanna’s music because it sucks. But thanks for the S&P video!

  13. Amsterdamned says:

    we cant all have the same taste in music. I think its not true.’singing’ and ‘doing’ are two diffrent things.

  14. bettyrose says:

    I remember my mom trying to limit my exposure to anything she considered to promote a hypersexualized youth. Of course it was nearly impossible, even pre-Internet, to fully monitor what I was exposed to, but her explanations of why she didn’t want me watching/listening to these things gave me a different perspective on them when I was exposed. That’s a parent’s job, right?

  15. carrie says:

    10 years ago when my nephew was 5,he adored Kylie Minogue and Madonna .

  16. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    What’s the worst thing that could happen if you let your kids listen to Rihanna? I let my son listen to whatever he wants and even his parole officer says he seems like a nice boy.

  17. inthekitchen says:

    I think kids shouldn’t listen or see inappropriate music/images (especially violent and sexual images), but I agree that they probably don’t understand the words and real meaning. I saw Grease about 15 times when I was a kid and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized the INSANE lyrics to ‘Greased Lightening’ (it’s a real pu$$y wagon…WTF?!). I had no idea when I was bopping along to at age 10.

    • RuddyZooKeeper says:

      Sure, they don’t get all the innuendo and references, but that doesn’t stop their principal from suspending them for innocently singing a couple lines of it at school. Happened three times this year to elementary school kids in my state–two of them kindergarteners, and one of them charged with sexual harrassment. This is what it has come to.

  18. Soxfan says:

    If this story is true, then, good for her! The lines of appropriateness keep getting blurred and kids are being exposed to crap so much earlier-and it is accepted. I am 53 and movies that were rated R when I was a kid, are now PG 13. Seems to me music is the same. We had suggestive lyrics too, but, we were 14 and 15 while listening to it-old enough to get the meaning by then.( I feel they stopped writing good music after the 70′s anyway.) I have two girls, 18 and 19, and they tell me all the time that “it’s not the 1950′s anymore mom”. I tried to raise them as I was, to know what was appropriate as far as clothing, behavior, etc. and while they protested when I vetoed PG -13 movies BEFORE they were 13,(and, so did other moms, BTW) they “got it”. Sorry for the rant at 8:54 in the am-this topic just makes me insane. /steps off of soapbox now. :)

  19. Launicaangelina says:

    I recently took in my 13 year old niece and I cringe at so much now! They’re exposed to so much on TV, in music, etc. My niece and I went to see the Katy Perry movie the other day and one of the previews was for a Nickelodeon movie. In it, it showed teens dressing in sexy costumes, sneaking out and a big chicken statue humping a car (that’s as best as I can explain it). There was a small audience and many of the kids were very young and probably didn’t get it but my niece is 13 and I was a little bothered by the preview. What’s funny is that I’m not a prude but now that I have a 13 year old around, I’m cringing more.

  20. serena says:

    “What needs to be pushed?”
    I lolled so hard XD

    • KLaw says:

      I’m in my mid-30′s and I still don’t know! And please don’t tell me!! *horrified*

      I don’t understand why everything must be hyper-sexualized these days. I was influenced heavily by my grandmother, so I have a 1920′s attitude in a 30-something year old body. Imagine the comments of my future children… by the looks of things, I will have to raise them in a bomb shelter…

      I’m so glad to read postings of Celebitches who agree.

  21. Micki says:

    I’m not entirely convinced that the children now don’t “get” the meaning like it was 20 years ago.And when they go to sleepover there are nearly always older sublings/children, who first mock you and then “enlighten” you.So this education is probably the greatest chalenge for any parent.Swear words Y/N? If yes when and how much.
    I’m happy that mine are still small.I banned TV at home at all in the waking hours.My older one watches only age-approved DVDs and only at weeeknds.But he’s bilingual and very eloquent.I believe he has such and active vocabulary because hasn’t distraction from TV. When he goes to school we’ll change the rules but there is enough trash comming from every corner so whatever takes to slow it down is welcome.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Are you saying there were no older kids around to enlighten you 20 or 30 years ago? You would be wrong. I knew all sorts of stuff. I just didn’t know I knew it. I think I chose not to believe it.

      Example: there is a line in Grease where Kenickie says something about doing “it” taking 15 minutes. I had been told what “it” was but I refused to believe it. I thought it was an urban myth like Bloody Mary in the bathroom. Too gross to be real. I also knew some people were “gay” and that that was “bad” but I had no idea what “gay” was.

      Then there were Jimmy Page and his whips. I had no idea what he used them for but I knew they went with him wherever he went. I was 8 the year Grease came out.

      There are things you can tell a kid that they just don’t get or don’t want to get.

      • Micki says:

        20-30 years ago there were about 4 TV channels around and not 250-300 and more like now.They usually broadcasted programmes for adults and it was all boring.
        Sex videos were availiable only as video rental and you had to show your ID card.
        Then you came much later at the topics that are banged around by 10-years-old now.And the parents had better overview what the children watched just because there wasn’t a lot to be watched.
        My interest in boys and so on came in my mid-late teens.Sure there were teenage pregnancies, STDs and everything like now but some topics were not glorified with “real-life TV shows” that show only one side.

        Sorry to shock you with my age though…

  22. kay says:

    I had no idea what the cover of “1999″ meant, nor any of the songs (DMSR??)
    I just liked the music.

    my dad flipped out over Huey Lewis and the News (I want a new drug).

    Meh, didn’t harm me any.

    HOWEVER- no way is my kid watching Riri. or Xtina(back in her day).

  23. HotPockets says:

    I remember being a little kid and I LOVED TLC’s, “red light special” and of course, Patty Labelle’s, “ring my bell.” Yes, and I had no idea what the songs were referencing. My first CD was that TLC CD. You’re right though, most kids will not understand the lyrics and actual meanings behind the songs.

    • KLaw says:

      Someone is re-making the pop songs we hear on the radio, with cute lyrics for kids. I almost fell off the balcony laughing(while watching fireworks on July 4) when my friend’s son sang to me “I threw my sandwich at the Subway guy, saying Eh-Oh, There’s no Mayy-Oh”
      (real lyrics: “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying Eh-Oh, Gotta let-go”… can’t recal the name of the song)

      Anyway, I think these CD’s are brilliant!

  24. Johnny says:

    But how is she going to “ban” them from googling Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Hmmmmm…

  25. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I listen to heavy metal in the car. I’m sure they’re probably saying some pretty disturbing stuff but, if I can’t understand it, I know my 4 year old and 1 year old can’t. Haha.

    As an aside, Shiloh’s Burberry boys shirt looks adorable on her.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Hi Mort :)
      When I was a kid (and I mean a KID not a teen) I listened to Poison, Motley Crue, Trixter and other hair bands *hangs head in shame*
      This was during the Tipper Gore censorship nonsense and I dictinctly remember my dad buying me a tape that had “parental advisory” sticker on it, because I couldn’t purchase it myself due to being underage.
      I turned out fine. But I will say my parents wouldn’t let my bro and I watch MTV when we were REALLY little (I think about up until age 8 ) so..? *shrugs*

      Anyway, I think music is art and as such, I don’t plan on restricting what my kids are allowed to listen to, just like I wouldn’t prevent them from viewing nude paintings at an art museum.
      I will, however, monitor their internet use and I wouldn’t sign off on them seeing an R-rated movie. It just doesn’t seem like a black and white issue, like you have to take each situation accordingly…

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Hi Kitten!

        My husband is still a Crüe fan, and I grew up listening to GnR, Poison et al. (that was back when you could understand metal music lyrics). I can only speak for myself when I say that watching horror movies (A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining) and HBO (Tales from the Crypt) didn’t damage my fragile psyche. In fact,I bonded with my dad by watching horror and war films (like Full metal jacket). My mom blames him for desensitizing me to gore and thinks that’s why I became a funeral director. Haha.
        I agree with your take. I’d be fine with my kids being exposed to tasteful nudity (in art and entertainment). Any nudity that is non-sexual in nature is fine by me and I think it takes away the stigma that Americans tend to attach to the nude body.
        My kids only watch Nick Jr and Disney, but my 4 year old has caught snippets of The Walking Dead (when he wakes up at night and comes in my room). Although I change the channel, he does know what zombies are and isn’t afraid of them. Interestingly enough he is TERRIFIED of the sesame street characters at sesame place. Haha

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Mort-”Dr. Feelgood”. One of the best hair-metal albums of all time (yup, I said it!).
        I remember watching the video for Poison’s Unskinny Bop and being like “hmmmmm..” Now at this point, I was a little bit older and understanding things on a different level.
        So funny because I was never allowed to watch horror movies as a kid (nothing R-rated period) but now as an adult, I LOVE horror movies, even the cheesy ones. I think the fact that I was deprived as a kid might be one of the reasons why I’m so obsessed as an adult. So funny to think that you turned out to be a funeral director though! :D

        RE: your kids and Sesame Street. I remember loving Fraggle Rock as a kid but finding certain parts really, really scary. Which just goes to show you that no matter how much parents filter, it’s impossible to know what might terrify your child-sometimes it’s the seemingly innocuous G-rated imagery that creeps them out.
        I also remember on the nights my parents would let us stay up late (when they had friends over for dinner) my bro and I would sneak in episodes of “V” (remember that show?)-it was simultaneously terrifying and exciting. Blah blah blah…Now I’m just rambling but thanks for the trip down memory lane, Mort!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        You aren’t rambling at all! Love hearing from you. I never watched the original V, but I tried to watched a little of the reboot until it was cancelled. I’m a fan of all things horror too. There’s a horror movie convention (Monstermania Con) that’s held a couple of blocks away from my house (two times a year) and I always try to make it at least once a year. And, speaking of being terrified by the seemingly innocuous, my husband is scared of The Dark Crystal with Tom Cruise! Haha.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I was a little older so I was listenting to WASP – I didn’t like Poison’s frou-frou rock. WASP was a lot worse but still at 14…. I wasn’t going to DO anything WASP did. Not even with my immortal beloved Nikki Sixx of Motley who I still love (in a different way now) even though I so hate hair metal of any ilk – I can’t even listen to Def Leppard anymore.

        @TheOriginalKitten I concur with Dr. Feelgood – I can still listen to it at the gym. That one and the horridly sexist but not misogynist like hip-hop – Girls, Girls, Girls.

        No I did not go see Motley and Poison last year – no I will not see Motley and Kiss. I follow Nikki 6 on Twitter that is all.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @zen, two of the gentlemans clubs where my sister-in-law used to work were given a “shout out” in “girls, girls, girls.” When my first son was born she gave him a onesie that said “girls, girls, girls” that I couldn’t bring myself to put on him.
        WASP is still pretty big. I just recently heard about a crowd throwing a bottle at Megadeath’s Dave Mustaine because they were angry that he disrespected Blackie. How do you feel about Slayer and Megadeath?

  26. Lucy2 says:

    When I look back now at some lyrics of the songs I liked as a kid, I pity my parents!
    I have to laugh at a tabloid claiming to have such insider info, but either way, I wouldn’t want kids listening to Rihanna either.

    • bondbabe says:

      When I was 18 and my dad was helping me move, Tube Snake Boogie by ZZ Top (looooong time ago) came on the radio. He went to change the station and I stopped him, saying, “I love this song.” He then asked, “What does that even mean?” I hemmed and hawed, turning bright red, and had to explain it meant “the nasty.” How embarrassing!

  27. vv says:

    I had a moment similar to this when my daughter who was like 4 at the time began singing a Lady Gaga lyric, “Take a ride on your disco stick”. I mean she would just belt it out too, no hesitation, nothing. It was a little horrifying and awesome all at once…

    It caught both my husband and I totally off guard, and we were a lil weirded out but then he made the point that she doesn’t know what it means so meh we let her keep singing her little monster heart out because if we had begun making it a ‘thing’ she’d get curious and probably ask the wrong person what it meant haha

    She had since outgrown Gaga and is on to Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne (twitch)

  28. Ethiopian says:

    I love Angelina even more now!

    I hate mainstream HipHop/Rap and pop because most of it is sexist, misogynist filth and degrading to women, especially black women!
    I do NOT want my little sister listening to Rihanna and I hate the fact that she’s so popular with today’s youth.
    The only song by her I would consider letting kids listen to (if I had that power) would be “We found love”, and that’s because the only lyrics are “We found love in a hopeless place”. Repeat. The end.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Not a rap/hip hop music fan, so I’m curious about how it’s degrading to black women in particular? I always thought of a lot of it as degrading toward women in general.

      • Ethiopian says:

        Yes, it is indeed degrading women in general but black women are especially vulnerable to this.
        Google intra-racism in hiphop/rap community.

        The subject is a long and complex one which starts out with colorism in the black community (African American).
        I learned about this recently when I found myself on American soil and realized how harmful it is, and since people automatically group all visibly black people into one category: African American. I am also affected by it, everyone who is black is affected by the African American invention that is Hiphop/rap music.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Thank you. I will do that.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Ethiopian has the idea and those statements are 100 per cent true. Is there such a thing as mega-true?

      That whole culture (and entire world) definitely prizes light skin over dark. The sexism is so brazen that for the uninitiated it could very well drown out the racial politics. I get it, it’s harder to see things if you’re not confronted by them every day, but I’d say the internalized racism is exactly as much of an issue as is the sexism. The darker the skin, the more animalistic and unfettered is the sexuality. She gotta have it because it’s programmed into her DNA to Always Only Grand and how she gets it is inconsequential. The lighter skinned vixen gets male attention, the darker one has to work it on the pole. The notion of the ‘jungle bunny’ has not left us. You’d be surprised at how many rappers require the lead vixens in his videos be bi-racial (hint: the answer is higher than ‘zero’. So, it’s double degredation for the jungle vixen who strips and is rewarded with relegation.

      Mort: If you look up ‘colorism’ (my hand always wants to type that ‘u’) or check out some bell hooks on YouTube, you’ll certainly get an education out of that experience. Do some stretches first so you don’t get whiplash from shaking your head.

      • mayamae says:

        I agree with what you said. I used to work with a large community of Indians. I was shocked by how superior the Hindu woman claimed they were. I frequently heard the insult “South Indian” and it was explained to me that they are darker skinned. It was quite an eye opener. I am not claiming all Hindus feel this way – they probably don’t. It very well may be the caste system which inherently encourages feelings of superiority.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @jo, I’m floored. I didn’t know this type of racism was so pervasive. I was particularly upset by this account given by one of the girls auditioning for a Lil Wayne video:

        My friend Tammy is light skin and me and my friend jessica are dark skinned chicks, when we entered the room guda guda (of Young Money) was like “damn ya’ll pretty to be dark skin” and then wayne quoted a verse from one of his songs that said “Beautiful Black Woman i bet that b*tch look better red”. ,so me being the outspoken person that i am i said Wayne your daughter is dark skin so why would u say such ignorance. He then said “my daughter is a dark skin millionaire thats the difference between her and u”. He then said, “MY daughter is the first and last dark skin child im having, the rest of my baby moms light skin chicks i even got an asian baby moms to make sure i have a daughter with good hair, too bad we had a son”, everybody start laughing and me and jessica stormed out of the room and some guys followed us saying “not everybody hate dark skin girls Young Money just allergic to Chocolate.”

        I feel sorry for his daughter for having such a jackass for a father and I’m equally as horrified that black women have to face this kind of intolerance within their own community.

    • Janet says:

      When my son was coming up, I wouldn’t let him play that mess in my house.

      There is nothing remotely beneficial about any music genre that routinely refers to women as bitches and whores. I used to wonder how those rappers’ mothers felt hearing them sing that trash about them.

  29. Ravensdaughter says:

    My boys are 10 and 12. I love Eddie Izzard’s comedy because he is so clever-who else can make building Stonehenge or the Roman Empire sound so funny?.
    Last night, my younger son showed me some insipid routine from “America’s Got Talent.” So, of course I had to say;”Now THIS is comedy” and pulled up the YouTube clip of Eddie doing Stonehenge. My older son came over to watch.
    For me, it was a totally different experience-Eddie’s makeup was no big deal, fortunately. Men wear eye makeup often enough-mainly, the kids see it on the old “Star Trek”. But, I was hyper-vigilant about what was said and ended up counting all the times that Eddie used the F-word. It didn’t seem so funny anymore because I was looking at it through completely different eyes-the eyes of a part-time single parent (shared custody) of two ‘tween boys.
    Being a parent IS really, really hard in this world of endless information access. I am lucky that my older son is savvy enough that he can self-censor to a certain extent; my younger son is focused on classic rock and guitarists-he is playing guitar-so Rihanna’s music doesn’t interest him.
    But yeah; last week I put the controls on Google for image surfing….

  30. olcranky says:

    Is this where I blush and admit I was a sophomore in college before I found out what the oldies song “hang on sloopy” was about? I thought it was about Snoopy until my roommate made me actually listen to the words and I realized it didn’t sound like they were describing a plane battle with the red baron

    • moxylady007 says:

      OMG. what is it about? Isnt it just about sloopy, hanging on? HAHAHAHA. oh man, now I need to go read the lyrics….

    • mln76 says:

      Oh wow thanks for enlightening me I was completely innocent to the double entendre in those lyrics…Still don’t you miss those days when there was at least an ‘innocent’ to interpreting a song?

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        What does it say about me that I thought “Every Breath You Take,” by The Police, was a love song. My husband was like, “uh, honey, that’s a song about stalking.” o__O


      • velvet says:


        I am a baker. You would be amazed at how many weddings I have delivered cakes to that had that song playing as the first dance song after the ceremony. O__o indeed!

      • Red Granny says:

        My guess is that many people simply don´t think how it would feels like when there would be someone always watching and controlling them.

        Also the media kind of messed with our brains for so long that we don´t freak out when the price kisses Sleeping Beauty without her consent or when Belle falls in love with the beast who helds her and her father hostage o__Ô

        I remember watching “Untamed Heart”, a movie where Christian Slater resques Marisa Tomei from being raped. She is very glad at first but then she learns that he was secretly following her home a lot, watching her sleep and stealing her photographs. Understandably she feels violated and kicks him out therefore. But guess what his super romantic idea is? Yes, violating her once more by breaking into her home and decorating it for christmas! And because this gesture – obviously! – is super-duper romantic and not creepy at all, Marisa is all smitten. Awww… Wait WHAT? o__Ô

        And now we have a whole new generation who thinks that stalking (I´m talking to you Edward Cullen) is very romantic and non-consensual stuff is super sexy (50-Shades-Bella is not able to constet and Grey is a pushy sociopath, also Twilight-shirtless-guy: No, means no!). WTF?

  31. Jordan says:

    If that’s the case, I hope she bans Katy Perry’s music too which is specifically geared toward sexualizing children. At least Rihanna’s album was titled Rated R, which should have been a clue to parents.

  32. mln76 says:

    OK this is dating me hardcore but when I was a little kid my Mom was scandalized by ‘Let’s Get Physical’ by Olivia Newton-John….I clearly remember her sitting me down and telling me ‘this song is about aerobics!’ It’s pretty hilarious how far we’ve come from ONJ to Rihanna :)

  33. lisa2 says:

    Well Happy belated birthday to Knox and Vivienne.. 4 years old yesterday.

  34. FireNgin says:

    I’m 31 and I banned myself from Rihanna’s music because she is gross. My 5 yr old is also only allowed to use the word “sassy,” as in “I’m Sassy and I Know It.” I can’t deal with children using the word “sexy.” Having said that, he loves himself some Katy Perry & Lady Gaga, but he really doesn’t ever hear the more sexually-based songs. I do my best to expose him to my fav, Bruce Springsteen! I remember singing songs when I was young that I didn’t remotely understand the meaning (i.e. -”Shoop”), so I try not to be too hardcore on censorship. :)

  35. Emma says:

    Why is it only Angelina they make stories about? They always try to make her look bad with this crap yet never a word about Brad. So sexist.

    • Ethiopian says:

      Emma, I don’t think it makes her look bad at all.
      I do agree with you however on the sexist part since we almost never hear stories about Brad and his “feud” with another actor (example).
      I am happy that Angelina doesn’t want he children listening to Rihanna and other filthy music.
      Zahara is especially vulnerable to this (double edge sword, sexism and racism makes for a very nasty recipe).
      I wish more parents would take her approach.
      The lines between child and adult are slowly being blurred out and it is frightening.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Some still draw those lines. I have two older sisters who are much, much older than me so naturally they started high school much, much earlier than did I. When my mom found me reading a copy of A Streetcar Named Desire which featured Marlon Brando shirtless on the cover, shit got real. They were in OAC (that’s the erstwhile grade thirteen for any non-Ontarians or baby Ontarians out there). Same case with The Old Gringo and Kiss Of The Spiderwoman. ‘What is wrong with you? You’re not nineteen!’ Well, I could’ve told her that.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I remember Brad and Tom Cruise feuding.

        The Brad character in this story is a dumb pretty boy and well… if the shoe fits. I also think that in cases like this, Brad was raised in the real world no matter how conservative his mom was, while Angelina was raised in a weird place where having a live-in BF at 14 is allowed.

        Brad was probably singing along to whatever nasty songs they had in the early 70s that I missed or the ones I got in trouble for singing along to when I was 6 (Donna Summer anyone) but he knows it’s part of normal life. I don’t know that Angelina knows what is normal and I feel bad for her.

    • Red Granny says:

      Nah, they just make up stories as an excuse so that they can publish/post her pictures and droll all over them ;)

  36. Ravensdaughter says:

    Along these lines and addressing the TomKat divorce, I finally looked at the Stacie Jaxx photos in W that Tom said Suri freaked out over.
    Understandably so. They were very sexually charged with female nudity-not innocent, but very suggestive. Tom was wearing all this makeup and these other women (not her mom) were hanging all over her barely recognizable father (“groupies” I assume). I am still shock that his response was that it was funny that his 6 year old daughter reacted to them with alarm. That tells you just how out of it he is in terms of parenting and what is and is not appropriate at any given age. She should not have see them in the first place, but Tom the Narcissist must have showed them to her or at least left the magazine in a prominent spot in the household. Oh, I forgot, in the world of Co$, she’s an “old soul”.
    Katie deserves so much credit for pulling her out of bizarro world and bringing her out into a healthy, socialized, age-appropriate environment. You go, girl.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      When I was Suri’s age we lived in Los Feliz which is 2 neighborhoods Northwest of downtown LA. This meant that in the summer my parents would take all of Sunset down to the beach.

      The Sunset Strip had giant billboard of Alice Cooper that made me cry whenever we drove past it. I don’t know if I was scared by how ugly Alice was or if I was so sad that Alice was such and ugly woman but regardless Alice Cooper’s face made me cry.

      Stacee Jaxx looks a lot like Alice Cooper. Kids don’t like things that don’t make sense when they’ve just been told there are boys and girls and a mommy and a daddy. Seeing daddy dressed as mommy with these skanky women freaked her out.

      Suri may not know what skanky means but she knows it when she sees it.

      Obviously Tom did not bother to explain the photos to Suri. I’m sure she has an idea of what Daddy does for a living. He pretends to be other people in movies and sometimes part of his job means he wears funny clothes like kids do for Halloween. If they were laying around just saying they were about a movie she would see when she was older about the old days when people dressed like that would calm her down.

      I’m sure Katie took care of that when she found out.

  37. AnnieN says:

    @CB – I’m going through this right now, my 7 yr. old niece idolizes Katy Perry, right down to the “need makeup or not good enough” face. My SIL just took her to see the movie and I was pretty horrified. I’m not a prude but I don’t want my child to think that without makeup she is not good enough. That she needs the skimpy outfits and to shoot whipped cream out of her boobs. So we are stuck listening to the Disney Princess soundtrack and going to see The Fresh Beat Band live :/

    We live in very different times now. When I was young, the first time I saw a porn mag was when I was snooping on my older brother and found his porn stash. Now kids see this stuff on their Facebook feeds, sexting, internet, etc. If you want to be disturbed, check out the HBO documentary Middle School Confessions, which is almost 10 years old!

  38. Lisa says:

    Push It is so different from Rude Boy. Apples and oranges.

  39. Relli says:

    Kaiser those kids sound like the one Jane & Daria babysat and reinvented fairy tales for, the Guppy’s?

    Also when my son was born i found out that only songs i knew all the words to were 90′s songs from my teens. So i sang “push it” while he was learning to walk with his walker as well as the daisy duke song when he wears shorts. And if i ever tell him to raise his arms in the air he tells me “and wave them like you just don’t care.”

  40. G says:

    Salt N Peppa’s “Shoop Song” was worse.

    This is just a “good parenting” PR story since Angie is always getting hammered by the tabloids for her constant traveling and letting them eat junk.

    Well played Team Brangie…well played.

  41. fred says:

    I totally agree with her. I don’t allow my kids (9 and 6) to listen to Rhianna, Lady Gaga, and especially Ke$ha. Besides being complete crap for music, the lyrics and videos are trash.

    My daughter likes Adele, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. But both my kids listen to (and request) The Beatles, Rush, Foreigner, Cake, Journey and seem to tolerate jazz and some classical.

    No need for kids to listen to trash music. It’ll ruin their ears!

  42. faye says:

    she should ban it because it’s shit music.

  43. Moi says:

    Sometimes we will be in the car and my teen will be listening to a song and I won’t be paying much mind….. then I will start really listening to the words and say “whoa wait a minute, not appropriate”. She’s 15 (and hey I’m only 38, so I’m still down with some hip hop) But I KNOW that she knows what those lyrics mean. We’ve always been open, honest and communicative about sex with her since she was 11 and began to hear crazy things at school. Kids need to know what you as a parent believe is appropriate and not. Rihanna’s music is pretty damn vulgar.

  44. Rachel() says:

    Hahahahahaa! Omg Rihanna sucks. Glad Angelina is aware of this.

  45. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t think I understood the song ‘Master And Servant’ by Depeche Mode in its full capacity until I was 23 or 24. I don’t think I can add anything to that.

  46. hatsumomo says:

    Jeez, Im 27 and I wont listen to Rihanna’s crap. Thank god a mom nowadays has that much sense.

  47. Lizzie says:

    So, I’m thinking why do they care about Rhianna when the streams of vitreol that come from her potty mouth? What will she tell her kids about her disgusting sex life? Believe me, they’ll find out. She has poor Shiloh thinking she is a boy.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Exactly what I was thinking…. I don’t allow Rihanna in my house and I’m single but I also do not have any blood vials or making out with my brother in my past to explain to anyone.

      I actually dislike Rihanna because of how she comports herself as a woman not because she sings dirty songs. I can explain away a dirty song, I cannot explain Rihanna’s behavior or worse how do you explain a KardASSian to a child?

      • Emmav1 says:

        Brad stated in some interview that there’s blocks on searching for him and Angelina because of “raunchy” stuff.

        I don’t think the kids will be able to find out about Jolie’s past until they’re about 13 to 15 years old.

        At that point, i think it’s totally fine to tell them the truth and say “I did this, it wasn’t good, don’t do it. Learn from me.”

        That’s so much more powerful than saying “don’t do drugs. THey’re bad.” Kids always think “you’re just being a parent” and “how would you know, you haven’t done it?”

        The swearing of her potty mouth is ridiculous. Jolie is one of the few celebrities that don’t swear. I’ve only heard her swear (in recent times) in 2008 when she was talking about her mother. And it was like “f**k you made me cry”

        Besides, how you behave around your children and around other people are separate matters.

  48. Melissa says:

    It’s banned in my house and I live alone.

  49. tooey says:

    On a semi-related side note, my very Christian, very conservative neighbor dog sat for me while we were on vacation. I came back and noticed that my (old) issue of Rolling Stone with naked and blood-spattered Eric, Bill and Sookeh had been turned face down. The funniest part is that right under that was another (old) issue of RS with Katie Perry, semi-nude, straddling a chair and the headline was “God, sex and Katie Perry”. My neighbor probably had a heart attack! Her kids are 14 and 16, btw. They’re gonna have to come out from the bubble eventually.

  50. Shannon says:

    I can’t imagine explaining to a child about the paparazzi. Has Angelina or Brad ever addresssed this in interviews? Does anyone know?

    • lisa2 says:

      They have talked about it. Remember these children are still very young. Both Brad and Angie have explained that there are these silly people that want to take pictures. Brad said that unfortunately the kids think that everyone has people outside snapping pics. But how do you explain that to a small child. I will say I like that Brad and Angie don’t go all batshit crazy regarding the paps. I have never seen them screaming and going on. And I have never seen the kids screaming either. Brad said that 2 of his kids hate it and get upset/scared (Zahara/Pax- my guess) but they seem to be better as they get older. I think the way their parents deal with them makes all the difference.

      But since we don’t see their kids daily I guess they find ways to give them privacy and keep them out of sight a lot.

  51. Cameron says:

    I don’t know if the story is true. They brought Maddox with them to the MIR gala a few months ago and Rhianna was one of the performers. Unless Maddox left before the concert began.

  52. ZenB!tch says:

    A couple of things. I find it kind of hypocritical of Angelina “I made out with my brother” Jolie (we won’t go into everything else she said to the press back then) telling her son not to listen to Rihanna. I won’t listen to Rihanna. I can’t stand her but my friend’s kids love Gaga and have no clue what a Disco Stick is. I don’t think Rihanna would be allowed there either but it’s more of a how she presents herself thing than what curse words…. Earth to Angelina – how old were you when you learned those – how old were you when you were shacked up in your own mother’s home with a guy… I will remind you – 6 years older than Pax.

    Hip hop. I abhor any and all things about it. Way back in the 90s when they had all these talk shows on in the afternoon, they had some hip hop acts on and the white women in the audience would ask them why they were so sexist and misogynist and the stock answer was “this ain’t about choo, we talkin’ about gold diggin’ black women”

    I remember my friends and I watching this in a college dorm, thinking “Excuuuuuuuuuuuse me? You diss one of us you are dissing us all.” OK we didn’t say “diss” back then.

  53. ZenB!tch says:

    Kaiser, your very Christian, very conservative friend objects to the Sound of Music because it’s about Catholics.

  54. ZenB!tch says:

    One comment about watching the news. I watched Vietnam – at least the end of it: live and in color (maybe not color) but I remember heads on poles.

    My mom remembers me telling her that I never wanted to have sons because I didn’t want them to go to war. I was 3.

  55. Dana M says:

    Good For Angie!! I agree.

    My daughter is almost six and she still doesn’t listen to mainstream radio. She’s never heard a Rhianna song nor lady Gaga, etc. We stick to mostly classical and I download whatever song she is learning on the piano like “when the saints come marching in” or “here comes Peter cotton tail”, etc. not sure how long I can keep this up for but I’m gonna try my best.

  56. Gray says:

    I love me some Rhianna, but good on Angie for blocking her music from her kids. Just because adults like it, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for kids. Actually…generally BECAUSE adults like it, it’s not meant for children. I’m sure even Rhianna would agree.

  57. velvet says:

    You want to read some disturbing lyrics, read “Brown Sugar”

    I grew up listening to this. I am totally horrified by it now.

  58. Isa says:

    I’m 24 and it never occurred to me until now to ask what needs to be pushed.

  59. Kosmos says:

    Good for her !! I hate trash lyrics anyway, even for adults….they may be popular, but keep them to yourself, singers…don’t turn everything into something vulgar on the air.

  60. Jaxx says:

    I love the pic of Pax goofing in the street. He looks relaxed and happy. I remember reading that he had some adjustment problems a few years ago that were severe enough that they consulted professionals to help them help him. Looks like it worked.

    For all the complaints about the Brange it sure looks to me like they are raising a solid family. All the kids seemed bonded and loving toward one another.

  61. blah says:

    Off topic. I was looking at pics of her when she was younger. She was pretty but obv not the Disney bombshell she is now, and clearly got (very subtle and excellently well done) cheekbone implants, ears pinned, along with nose job, and her upper lip injected- maybe jaw work too? The work of a VERY good surgeon- she probably wouldn’t have been as big as she is now if she stayed as-is, but it made me sad. I went from disliking her to feeling for her- a person whose appearance is their bread and butter, who’s constantly finding fault with how she looks, so on guard to stay thin, and always looking to improve herself, and who cares so much what the public thinks of her. I can’t imagine the hell she’s put herself through all these years. She gets enough crap from the public but probably not nearly enough as the crap she gives herself.

    She seems like a good mom and I hope she”ll keep her kids away from show business. There’s something to be said about an industry that pushes beautiful women like her and Megan Fox to keep tweaking their appearance so.

    • Jaxx says:

      Did you hold her hand during the surgery? Were you her doctor? You don’t know if she has had ANY procedure done, much less the huge list you named. The lips alone are the most ridiculous assertion. She has had huge lips from childhood, and all three of her children have big lips too. Have they had plastic surgery too?

      Seems like some people just can’t stand to think an attractive girl might mature into a naturally beautiful woman.

      • blah says:

        Lol, calm down. I’m not accusing her of genocide. Why are you so angry at me speculating that she got surgery? If she did, big frakking deal! She’s in an industry where ppls looks make or break how many millions they make. Like it or not, most stars get their appearance tweaked.

        She was beautiful then, she’s beautiful now. I’m saying it’s a shame people who were lovely to begin with have to be so mindful of their looks, and also that I don’t envy any of them.

    • Jaxx says:

      Speculating? I don’t see any speculation. You said, “she clearly had bla, bla, bla. I don’t know why I bothered commenting as it isn’t going to change your mind or anyone elses. Everyone makes their own judgements about this woman but they don’t state it as opinion. They say she’s a heroine addict, or a this, or a that, just like they know it for fact. The tabloids print this crap and there are actually people who believe it verbatim, then spread the vicious lies with glee. Then other people believe it and hate her for a pack of lies. If you think none of this is damaging to her career, think again. One day her children will read this stuff. Some days the world just makes me sick so I sniped back at you. Sorry.

      It just gets to me some times.

      • blah says:

        I didn’t deduce she had surgery through tabloids, actually. An article abt chicken cutlet Phoebe Price compelled me to google cheekbone implant surgery, and I was looking at “befores” and “afters” of regular joes, and the difference between good facial tweaks and bad. Me being the snoop with no life that I am, I looked up pics of celebrities to see similar befores and afters. Megan Fox, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Kidman and yes Angelina Jolie. I don’t see why the procedures I said she’d gotten done are even a big deal. I’m not joking when I say I know people who’ve gotten more done. Who aren’t even celebrities.

        Me talking about her having plastic surgery is not going to hurt her career. Anyone who condemns a Hollywood actor for getting work done is an idiot and may as well condemn them for breathing. As far as her kids reading about her getting surgery one day, if it’s true they’ll probably be like “so what”, and if it isn’t, they’ll laugh at the nobody idiot who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  62. phebe says:

    I dnt knw y but 2 me,this seems like hypocrisy. Here she is banning her kids 4rm listening 2 rihanna songs while she herself has done some movies that portray even worse. Has anyone seen original sin? I think even that is worse than rihanna lyrics.

    • Red Granny says:

      The difference is: She already was an adult while filming ORIGINAL SIN, but her kids are 4-10 yeas young!

    • lisa2 says:

      Your comment is a bit strange. She is an actress playing a part. Just like many others. And for the record nobody knows if this story is true. Angie and Brad have both said their kids have not seen their films outside the animated ones. But if you are going to hold her to a standard regarding the PARTS SHE PLAYS IN A MOVIE; then you need to do that with everyone. But I doubt that would be the case.

      Angie and Brad have both said that they will let their kids find their movies when they are older. So I don’t see it being a problem

  63. Sunny says:

    I agree with someone’s post earlier – “push it” and some of Rihanna’s songs are really apples an oranges. Today’s music is a lot more explicit and it seems like it’s everywhere! When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s sure there was some hypersexual music and what not, but now days the media is much more prevalent. I’m horrified at seeing little girls dressing like Katy Perry or any of those idiots, thinking people like that are role models, it’s disgusting. I’m terrified to have children because of this, and I think any parent that tries to keep those influences away is doing a good thing. Maybe if all parents did that we wouldn’t be seeing things like the you tube video of preschoolers grinding on each other, the fame of jersey shore, half the reality shows out there…Maybe I’m just very disillusioned by everything, and not saying Rihanna is responsible for this, but music does influence culture both positively and negatively, and the lyrics now are much more explicit than they used to be.

  64. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Celine Dion is banned in this household and I haven’t encountered any Rihanna tunes though it would be interesting for them to do a duet, along with Justin Bieber.

  65. lisa2 says:

    I have to say I get a weird feeling hearing grown women talking about the sexuality or sexual identity of a 6 year old that doesn’t understand it herself. Gosh let her grow up and discover herself like everyone else. And I notice Marcia Cross’s daughter dresses the same as Shiloh. But I have never seen the commentary on her that is on this particular child. And anyone that doesn’t see that is just lying to themselves. IF she was not the child of these two celebrities and more to the point Angie then her name would not come up. I don’t get grown women doing this to a little girl. I just don’t understand it at all.

  66. telesma says:

    I banned myself from listening to Rihanna’s music. So what?

  67. janet says:

    As every mother should! Rihanna is filthy as is Katie Perry..I saw a show of little girls singing “I kissed a girl”. Disturbing.

  68. anonymous313 says:

    Rihanna has no respect for herself and it shows in her music, performance lyrics, etc, so fortunately my children no trash when they see it and know better to stay away for such filth.