Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie make first red carpet appearance together

Lainey’s gossip predicted that Brad and Angelina would walk the red carpet together this winter, and she suggested it would have something to do with awards season. No matter their motivations, Brad and Angelina look relaxed and happy as the meet a firestorm of flashes at the NY premiere of Angelina’s new film with Matt Damon, “The Good Shepherd.”

It doesn’t seem like these two can catch a break, and I admit I was down on them after all the scandals with Angelina’s heavy-handed security staff in Namibia and India. According to reports from New Orleans where Brad was filming, Angelina kept the brutes in check and was gracious with the locals. After the cute news that they toured Frank Llyod Wright’s masterpiece home, they seem like America’s golden couple again. Now that Reese and Ryan have split, someone’s got to take over. They seem to be all too aware of the role the public wants them to fill, and are still willing to play the game for us anyway. Thanks, you two.

Here’s the trailer for the film, which is a fictional retelling of the start of the CIA. Matt Damon looks incredible.

Pictures from SimplyBrad.

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  1. nora says:

    when does that come out? it looks so good!

  2. Action says:

    She looks great! He needs a comb.

  3. Solitaire says:

    OMG they look perfect. not fair!!!!

  4. Lola says:

    I don’t think that there is any love between these two, may be respect, considering the relationship Angelina had with her ex husband, this is too luke worm for lack of a better word, and it is not making them any happier. Their family is great though!

  5. kailie2 says:

    They look great together. I’m not surprised they’re not draped over each other for the photogs. That’s maturity, respect and whatever they’ve learned from their previous relationships–remember what Angelina and Billy Bob did on the red carpet? How many times you see a couple making a show of their relationship only to split two months later? Besides, if they openly and publicly showed affection, they would have been crucified for lacking a “sensitivity chip”.. I once read an interesting article about celebrities, PDAs and public kissing for the cameras. The author said that all of that is meant to convey a message about the relationship and that’s the only reason celebrities kiss and cuddle for the cameras (even if they don’t fully realize it). I think that she’s being very careful not to be too open about their relationship, mainly because of the controversy surrounding it.

  6. Diva says:

    Agreed kaillie…. how many of us “normal” people walk down the sidewalk climbing all over each other??? We all act exactly like these to appear to be in these pictures.

    I think it’s clear they love each other, and they’re just living their lives and not trying to put on any kind of show to prove anything. It’s refreshing.

  7. ER says:

    Angelina looks very elegant here – nice to see her looking so sophisticated!

  8. lyric says:

    I think we don’t see alot of pda from these two because this relationship is just not about them. They are a family now, not just man=woman and hotness. Not that there isn’t alot of hotness when they are alone.

  9. Domidroid says:

    My husband and I are very affectionate, it doesn’t make us any less “normal (our intelligence does that)”. Also, hot girls throw themselves at him all the time, and he doesn’t run off with any of them, I think that’s normal.

  10. Anonymous says:

    She gets prettier by the day. Never thought she was that attractive when she was dark and edgey. Motherhood seems to fit her well.

  11. renee says:

    yup! they don’t appear as the sexiest couple on earth. they appear as mommy and dady. a family. not a hollywood hunk with his vixen.
    angie looks sophisticated, but i don’t favor the dress, tho’ =p. but since it’s angelina jolie, who the f&ck cares?
    oh, and i sooo love their body language in this picture!

  12. Borat says:

    Gorgeous couple !
    They really are too much for the middle-kazakhs like me .But , heck, I would leave Pam anyday for any of these two!
    I heard the movie isn’t as total as my own debut- at least they can’t show the horse urine in a CIA movie, no?

  13. UGH says:

    angelina is one of my faves, but honestly – she looks so sick here. she needs to start eating again. she is participating actively in her eating disorder right now, and she knows it. she does not look great, she look weak and very tired with a great make up job. brad – take care of your girl and give her many sandwiches!!!!