Robert Pattinson isn’t sitting in Ojai, crying sparkle-tears, he’s out partying

Ooooh SPARKLES! This is an interesting development: what if Robert Pattinson isn’t as “distraught” as everyone thinks he is? What if he realized that Kristen is NOT the lip-biting love of his life and he’s just hiding out because he doesn’t want the added attention? What if Sparkles already dumped Kristen and he’s prepared to move on? Because that might be happening. Radar and other outlets are reporting that Rob had a night out in Ojai on Friday, and he was in “good spirits”. You mean he wasn’t crying sparkle-tears?!?

Robert Pattinson’s friends tried to get his mind off girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheating on him by taking him to a cowboy dance and music club Friday night, is exclusively reporting. He was spotted at The Deer Lodge in Ojai, CA, 90 minutes from the home he used to share with Kristen.

“I’ve been told by several people that Robert Pattinson was here enjoying the music with his friends. He seemed in good sprits,” a Deer Lodge employee, who asked that his name not be used, tells “I wasn’t on that night so I didn’t personally see him, but several others did.”

As reported, Pattinson has been staying at his Water for Elephants costar Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai ranch. The Deer Lodge has been a popular local hangout for decades, offering live music, dancing and lots of beer and good times.

“Awesome night in Ojai. Got to hang with a rowdy bunch of Brits & one of them happened to be Edward,” a fellow patron tweeted after bumping into the star – who plays Edward Cullen in the popular Twilight movies – at the lodge.

“He wasn’t moping and the girls were definitely just his friend,” she continued. “The girls were drunk and literally danced on the floor. The girls were nice. I stood next to them at the bar. He wasn’t drunk. Just taking in the scene. Smoked next to him outside.”

The lively establishment was playing host to indie band The Lonely Wild who are a small group from L.A. In addition to being an A-list actor Pattinson is also a musician who plays the guitar, piano and composes his own music. He even sang on the Twilight soundtrack.

Meanwhile Stewart is struggling to come to terms with her infidelity with director Rupert Sanders. reported the actress is ‘crying non-stop’ at the home of producer Giovanni Agnelli who she has been staying with since the split. Pattinson is extremely upset about the arrangement and has even accused Agnelli of having an affair with Kristen.

[From Radar]

And in case you think that this Radar story cannot be believed, Us Weekly confirmed it with two eyewitnesses, only they said everything went down on Saturday night, not Friday. An eyewitness said Sparkles “seemed to be having an amazing time” and he had “a few drinks and laughs” with friends, “He looked like a guy that was just trying to enjoy himself and get away . . . seems like a good kid!” The other eyewitness said Rob and his two friends “crashed” an Irish wedding afterparty, “Everyone was doing Irish dances — [they] went through five bottles of Jameson!”

So… how does this make you feel, Twihards? Sad? Happy? Anxious? It sounds like Rob needed some cheering up and it worked. I also think he’s behaving like a dude who has made up his mind – either he’s completely dumped Kristen, or he’s decided to take her back. And considering what I know about the always-fragile male ego, I’d say that he’s decided to dump her and cut his losses. Just my opinion. It’s perfectly possible that they’ll “stay together” until they finish promoting Breaking Dawn Part II, but something tells me that Sparkles is over it.

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  1. marie says:

    well good for him. I can not stomach Jameson though, causes me to hug some porcelain every single time, and at my age, it isn’t pretty..

  2. RHONYC says:

    why is Missy Elliot’s ‘Gitcha Freak On’ playing in my head as i read this? :lol:

  3. Julie says:

    i dont think we will get anything really new before the movie is out. im sure they were advised to shut their pie holes and not be seen alone with people from the different gender for some time.

    right now its all just speculation and we dont even have a sinlge new picture since the scandal broke. (only of rupert sanders but none of the three others)

    would love to have a recording of what went down at summit/lionsgate when they saw the pictures.

  4. The Original Denise says:

    Yeah for Sparkles!!

  5. Birdie says:

    Go Sparkles! Forget about that Trampire.

  6. Micki says:

    “Meanwhile Stewart is struggling to come to terms with her infidelity …..reported the actress is ‘crying non-stop’ …. ”

    Wasn’t he supposed to be “heartbroken” too? If he is parting, she might be pot smoking in the corner waiting for the storm to be over…Who knows?

    • Aria says:

      I find really hard to believe KS is distraught by the break up. She might be upset by the fact that she was caught.

      • Micki says:

        I think she wanted off but the overblown proportion of the Twihard epic meltdown stunned her.I think she would have been more happy to break up “privately” and keep her dark-edgy-whatever image intact.Now she’ll be called names for a while and then the next one is in.
        And Hollywood is certainly not so morally rigid and (self)-righteous like most of us(LOL) not to give her another chance if she brings the money home.

    • tera says:

      It’s been a couple weeks and all the reports are making him out to look like a complete P*ssy. If I were him, no matter how sad or unsad I was, I’d be seen out looking okay to for the sake of my pride.

      • IzzyB says:

        Same here, I wouldn’t want everyone to pity me. I’d make sure I was seen out looking okay to save face.

      • Micki says:

        Do you mean he looks “pu–y” because he’s reported “crying”? I won’t name a man so if he shows feelings.But there wasn’t any evidence apart from him talking to “random people at bars”! complaining he hasn’t anyone to talk to.The only thing he’s done is to move out and we still don’t know if temporary.
        There were reports before that he’s parting with other girls.I think the only difference is that he doesn’t have to “hide” it any longer.

  7. Ank says:

    Oh, my Sparkles. Fly like the wind, child.

  8. CTgirl says:

    Good on him. He probably feels a lot lighter after losing the 110 lb. black hole of angst and emo clutching.

  9. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    A cowboy dance club? That sounds terrible.

  10. Gwen says:

    Again with “the always-fragile male ego”! Why the heck is it a gender thing or even a fragile thing do dump someone who cheated on you?!? I think it’s totally understandable if he dumps her. How many here would not think she would be dumb, if it was the other way around and she took him back? Geez!

    Also it seems Sparkles has a lot better pr-people than Stewart. Good for him.

    • Anname says:

      I have said this before, but Rob does not have a PR person/team. He and Angelina Jolie are some of the only hold-outs in this, at their level of fame. He has said the only reason to have a PR person is to get free stuff (LOL).

      As much as I would like to believe this story, I think it’s made-up. Some girl tweeted he was there, and the manager “confirmed” it, but the manager wasn’t actually there to see him in person. Deer Lodge loves the publicity, but I doubt Rob was ever there.

    • LittleDeadGirl says:

      I agree. I may be harsh on cheating but I don’t get why ego has anything to do with leaving someone if they cheat on you. To me it’s about self respect. The other person clearly wants to be with someone else or with many someone else’s so let them. No hard feelings but peace. What does that have to do with the “fragile male ego”. I guess I got it too cause I’d do the same thing.

  11. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Conspiracy theorists loving this I bet.
    This makes it seems like not only is he not phased by the break-up, but that he was prepared for its inevitability.

    • Chatcat says:

      Hey Kitten…I am with you. Although I have entertained myself here with this whole drama, the inevitable was that they were no longer going to be a couple (if they ever REALLY were?)

      As far as the backlash, I think KLewd and her team thought she was made of teflon and they quickly found out that was not the case.

  12. Loulou says:

    I hope he’s getting properly laid, pardon my French.

  13. jess says:

    Does no one have a camera on there phone? Why didnt she take pictures?

    I dont believe it. The girl who supposedly saw him had a tweet the day before saying that she was going to buy Robert Pattinson a drink if she saw him and then the next day she does? Sounds alittle sketchy to me. Just because UsWeekly “confirms” something doesnt make it true either. They are still a tabloid. The “irish dancing” part is a dead give away that this story is fake because Rob said he doesnt dance. I dont think Rob is as upset as everyone says but I dont think he would be out right now knowing very well that everyone wants to see him and whoever gets the first pic of him is going to get alot of money.

    • Jax says:

      I might be wrong, but I think that area is celebrity ridden and for the most part if the locals and the local businesses want the celebrities to keep coming and spending their money, they will afford them a good amount of privacy. Otherwise they’re not coming back. Pictures, especially. So it’s possible they’re might not be pictures and it might be somewhat true. But it sounds like you know 100% because you were at the bar anticipating Sparkles movements.

    • keats says:

      I don’t dance either, but if I have a good amount of jameson in me, you’re damn right I’m interpreting the music with my whole body!

  14. Aussie girl says:

    Sounds like his healing in a safe & fun environment. I’ve said this before that I really don’t think they suited each other. With her emo middle finger stuck up additude. The journey they shared together is what they needed @ the time but that time is over. She suits a rock star, he suits a classic actress. I’m Abit over the whole thing. But what does hold my interest is how they will handle the breaking dawn promo???

  15. Cathy says:

    I don’t understand what the big hype is about this guy. I don’t find him good looking. I’ve only seen 1/2 of 1 Twilight movie, and I couldn’t get into it. Whatever floats peoples boats I suppose.

    • Anname says:

      Listen to some of his interviews, he is goofy and charming, very genuine (famously rejecting the studio media training). And he didn’t turn into an egotistical jerk after Twilight turned him into a household name. I think that’s the base of his appeal.

      • Ann says:

        Agree. Some of his interviews are downright hilarious. Good looking guys are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, but so many of them don’t have personalities. For all his instant fame and fortune, his persona doesn’t seem to change. I think that’s what people respond to. Also, he has that lovely, British, self-depracating sense of humor. And, of course, the accent.

      • EllaDee says:

        Yes to all you said, he comes off as so goofy and funny in behind the scenes videos and interviews! before this whole scandal I couldn’t care less about him, but after seeing some of his stuff I am now a fan!

  16. Liv says:

    So, Radar is saying he was out on Friday and US Weekly Saturday?? Don’t they even get the date right!?

  17. flan says:

    I hope that Agnelli guy is gay, otherwise she might set her cap at him.

    Above all, I hope he’s not married.

  18. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    The best way to get over someone is to get under someone.

    • Micki says:

      That’s a good one!
      Mind if I use it too?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”

        I have guy friends who live/die by this saying. Does this approach actually work for peole?

        Personally, if I’m really in love with someone, no amount of post-break-up shagging is going to help me move on. If anything, random sexin’ after a serious break-up usually just depresses me more – reminds me of how much I miss having something real with someone.
        Temporary distractions are just that: temporary.

      • Micki says:


        For some people it works alright.
        Not only guys get better relaying on rebound sex.Mind you on first month after I’d be a mess but wouldn’t you feel fine, desirable, beautiful and so on if another guy shows…hm, his desire?Do you think only guys go for one night stands?I know some women who did just that as a kind of “revenge”

        My ex went straight after on rebound dating and sex)till he met his now-wife.That went for about 2 years and he felt just fine.I went on girls drinking tour because I’ve already met my present husband but we were in different countries.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh no, Micki-I know women (including myself in the past) go for one-night stands ;)
        I just used “guy friends” as an example because of the R-Patz comparison.
        And I do totally understand the feeling of wanting to be desired, especially after you’re dumped. I guess I just mean that the saying is sort of false as far as truly getting over someone. I think you only truly get over someone when you meet/fall in love with someone and you care about them as much, if not more than the person that broke your heart. Sex is just a temporary (if fun) distraction.
        lol @ “girls drinking tour” :)

      • Micki says:

        I thought my drinking experience is going to come handy after marrying a German BUT! the guys where we live now are into wheat beer and I’m more wine person…Ah, one can’t have everything…

  19. Adeli says:

    Yeah, I’m still sceptical about this supposed sighting by “eyewitnesses”. Why would he still be hanging around in Ojai where the paps would be able to find him? And none of these “eyewitnesses” thought to take a pic on a cameraphone? Are people in Ojai all just that nice and rrespectful? Doubtful. I have a theory that he managed to get out of the country undetected and is hanging out in the English countryside with Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller and baby Marlowe. That scenario makes me happy. Feel free to dismiss my theory as fanfic.

  20. Sloane Wyatt says:

    The dirt is that Sparkles has been dogging Kristen for YEARS, stepping out and shtupping with his heavily utilized wandering dong.

    I’ll say it again their showmance and friendship, that I buy. Anything else was and is to sell a franchise and their careers.

    I’m NOT buying this whole ‘scandal’.

  21. Rory says:

    Maybe Pattinson doesn’t care about the breakup, maybe he’s relieved he doesn’t have to pretend any more. Time will tell what the truth is. So far all of his friends have been remarkably discreet. In ten years time we may all be saying “I knew it was all fake! They didn’t fool me!.”

  22. Chris says:

    I think Rob is just a Taurus. Kristen messed up and he’s moving on. No looking back.

  23. jess says:

    Where is the irish wedding story at? I just read the Us Weekly article and it didnt say anything about a wedding. I do find it interesting that Us is saying their “eyewitness” says he was there with a bunch of guy friends but the girl who tweeted about seeing him there said he was there with a bunch of female friends. Something doesnt sound right.

    • ninola says:

      Apparently, that tweeter had written weird tweets prior saying she was going to Ojai to find him and then suppossedly he just ended up at her friend’s bar? Most people think she was embellishing or lying and that’s why US isn’t going with her account and went instead with more reliable sources who were established to be there without a fan-motive.

  24. geekychick says:

    Good for him. I bet he ust doesn’t want to think about any of this. We won’t know anything else by the promos. If they didn’t confirm their relationship, he sure as hell won’t issue a statement about his lovelife. But I think he’ll dump her, too.

  25. Mel says:

    Or here is another perspective.: Kristen is auditioning for a movie and has a boyfriend. She is 17 years old. This gorgeous guy flies in gets the role and pretty much wiill tell anyone who listens how he is in love with Kristen. He finally wears her down and she breaks up with her boyfriend and starts with Robert. She most likely feels some what of an obligation to keep this going for the fans , movie success, her career etc. a lot of pressure for someone who is barely 22. Hopefully Kristen gets some time to her self to figure out what she wants and where she is headed without so many outside forces. I like Robert but he just seemed so needy of her all the time. They both need a break to see if they still really want each other or has it just been the idea of each other after all.

  26. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    HURREEEEH! \m/^_^\m/ I’m sooooo glad to hear that he is fine now and partying with friends! Sigh… I am so relieved now. My brother has been teasing me since the time this Twihard meltdown occured. He said Rob Patzz would commit suicide. Lol! I am so happy after reading this post today! Truly made my day!
    You go Rob! Enjoy your life! There’re a lot women, you can find another. :D

  27. kmen says:

    You are a man w h ore robert,that is why kristen cheated onn you cuz u were always partying and hooking up with sluts #bestrongkristen

  28. lola says:

    I don’t buy it was a pr-mance, it was too long of a showmance and too intrusive on their real lives. It could only be a beardship or be real(and who knows what real is behind closed doors, they could have had an open arrangement and she simply messed up getting caught).

    I vote for real though, and he had to make an outing at some point to make sure he didn’t look like a crybaby. They’re young, they’ll get over it all soon enough. lol

    • Anname says:

      If you look at the way he has handled himself the past few years, he doesn’t “plan outings” for press coverage. He avoids all tabloid coverage of any kind.

      • lol says:

        I don’t think it was planned-planned, I bet it was nice for him to get out with his friends and have fun. He’s been holed up for weeks now when it’s not his fault. But it doesn’t hurt that people see that he’s not slashing his wrists or crying into his pillow though. It’s ridiculous how they are portraying him. Getting cheated on sucks, and having it so public sucks times ten. But they weren’t married, and he’s young, I’m sure he’s dealing with it fine.

      • Anname says:

        Agree lol, even if the story is fake, it’s better to hear him being out with friends than crying in his cereal.

  29. hairball says:

    I haven’t been following the Twihard meltdown – are they against her now?

  30. spitfire says:

    So Sparkles is sparkling his sparklies around. Go Sparkles, and may the Sparklers be with you!

  31. imabrat says:

    I felt sorry for Kristen when the “scandal” first broke, thinking how awful it must feel to truly have made a horrible mistake and then later realizing the implications and what you’ve lost.
    If she’s moved in with another man, even if they’re just friends, I no longer feel sorry for her. Even if it were completely innocent, it shows no regard whatsoever for Robert. I’m beginning to think she just wanted out, plain and simple.

    • cara says:

      The Gio moving story sounds fabricated, he’s only being used cause he tweeted something in her defense. Besides dude is gay with a long term partner and is currently raising three teenaged nephews, one who is severely handicapped. He has no time to play mama bear to a grown girl like Kristen.

    • kiki says:

      yeah i don’t belive that gio story. if he didn’t tweet nonstop about kristen then the media wouldn’t have even known who he was. as for kristen hopefully she is with her parents, and they are giving her some tough love. ger god knows her fans aren’t helping.

  32. spitfire says:

    So Sparkles is sparkling his sparklies around. Go my dear Sparkles, and may the Sparklers be with you!

  33. spitfire says:

    So Sparkles is sparkling his sparklies around. Go my dear Sparkles, and may the Force be with you!

  34. spitfire says:

    Uh, sorry for double postings. Something wrong here.

  35. Julie says:

    i believe it wasnt a showmance but if it was and he always hated her and this then happened to her he surely will have problems to ever stop laughing.

  36. says:

    Sparkle on, you crazy diamond!!!

    And get yourself a hot little girlfriend who doesn’t think she is so above PDA.

  37. ISharted says:

    OMG Whhhhyy Kristen!!! Whhhhyyy!!! I had to return my Twitlight special addition vampire fangs out of protest. WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYY KRISTEN!! I’m going to find a staircase and throw myself off from the second step!!

    Anyone else tired of reading this kind of stuff from the their fans? Take a midol already and chill, lol. Its just a movie and I bet their relationship has been staged this entire time. Kristen got sloppy and stupid. Rob could careless. One less thing for him to lie about. The franchise is all but over and they’ll still make their money.

  38. Holl says:

    Is it weird that this whole drama scandal has made him hotter to me? I hate twilight and think its stupid and therefore i disliked Sparkles & Co but he is handling this whole thing remarkably classy so I like him a bit more.

  39. Izzy says:

    A toast to Sparkles and his newfound freedom! *raises Sparklepolitan glass*

  40. Izzy says:

    TomKat. Sparkles and Lip-Biter. The Cracken. The Cracken II (Amanda Bynes). It’s like the Olympics of gossip lately. Someone get these crazy cats some gold medals!

  41. Amanda G says:

    He’s rich, good looking, famous, and now SINGLE. What does he have to cry about? Get your party on Rob!

  42. opinion says:

    why everybody say rob is single i didn t see any statement from him or from is agent nick or stephanie seeing: rob and kristen have decide to take a break they love each other but……blal bla bla
    clearly he want to take his time because it s five years of his life he love her and that s his choice to give her second chance or not
    so for me they are still together.
    from rob interview:

    “It’s my decision who I want to be together with. That’s why my life should be more beautiful with her than without her.” – Robert Pattinson

  43. aquarius64 says:

    Newsflash…Pattinson is doing an interview on Good Morning America on 8/15, the day before Cosmopolis comes out. Stewart could be brought up; good chance she would be; he can’t avoid it forever. Any takers on how he’ll handle this mess?

    • lolab says:

      He’s finally got a reputable film with a iconic director to promote, you honestly think he wants to taint that with anything juicy about his private life? No way-he’ll offer up a vague, I’m doing fine response at most – and I doubt even that, given the fact his team will probably keep it a very controlled interview-maybe even pre-taped.

  44. Colin Sullivan says:

    Good on ya, Rob. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone new.

  45. Camille (The original) says:

    I wonder who his next relationship will be with. Anyone have any ideas of who you’d like to see him with? Emma Stone and Sparkles would have made a cute couple.

  46. ally says:

    this outing sounds so fake, no pictures of him, the girl that 1st tweeted wished she could see Rob,and such is her luck that she saw him, fake!!!

    I do hope he is not cryinng in corner all day, as mch as I love Kristen that should be here for what she did. :(

  47. Jennifer12 says:

    He is, by all accounts, a good guy (I live in NYC and the papers love him and they’re hard on everyone) and I hope he had a good time and is feeling better. I don’t think Kristen is sitting around crying, either. I think she’s upset at how it all turned out, but she’s too self centered to care about how Rob feels.

  48. mls8662 says:

    Someone close to the couple, unnamed sources, unnamed eye witnesses. These tabloids use these all the time. That way they can print anything they want,true or not.

  49. Adrien says:

    So he isn’t Jennifer Maniston after all. Good for him.

  50. Billie says:

    Ughh Kristen Stewart grosses me out I so agree with Daria she was pressing her bum into Rupert’s crotch well this is why you spell her name this way: Kristen EWW WART cuz she is a wart who is eww spread the name amigos

  51. Christina says:

    I really think this thing has been blown way out of proportion. The R.Patz and K.Stew relationship seemed a little for show anyways. Sure, what K.Stew did was not cool, cheating sucks, but she is 22 years old! She is allowed to make mistakes.Besides, for all we know, as pretty and sweet as R.Patz seems, he could be the worst boyfriend in the world. No one really knows how everything went down. I do not even like her at all and I am saying this. Part of me thinks that the whole relationship with them was just a big PR stunt to fuel the Twihard fire. It just seems that in Hollywood it is completely acceptable for the men to step out on their women, for the men to be sexually free, but if a woman does it, she is a whore. I am not saying cheating should be allowed or anything of the sort, just that sometimes situations are more complicated and the media only reports what will make the most sensational story. It could also just be as simple as, K.Stew was attracted to another man and she screwed up bigtime. Either way, she is a 22 year old hugely famous actress who probably has no clue what she wants and is possibly not ready to settle down with anyone, let alone someone that she is expected to be with by millons of tweens around the world. On the note of R.Patz partying to ease his heartbreak…if I was depressed and my friends took me to a cowboy bar, I think I might become suicidal. That’s just me…