LeAnn Rimes feeds the Twitter trolls, sounds just as crazy as them

I do have moments where I feel some sympathy towards LeAnn Rimes. I know, I know, go ahead and yell at me. I think LeAnn is willfully delusional and crazy as all get out, but she has to deal with both fans and “enemies” who can battle her crazy-for-crazy. A great example? LeAnn puts her insanity out into the world via her Twitter feed every single day. LeAnn is ALWAYS on Twitter. It’s pretty much her life. The problem is that when someone puts so much of herself into Twitter, when someone trolls that person, it’s really difficult for someone like LeAnn to simply ignore it. Yes, someone trolled LeAnn and she fed into it. And it was… just a mess, from start to finish:

LeAnn Rimes is on the defense! The social media savvy singer got engulfed in a nasty Twitter battle with a follower on Wednesday, after they slammed her for her homewrecking ways – and RadarOnline.com has the details.

After Laura James mentioned Rimes in a Tweet, noting that she “cheated with Ed & broke up her marriage and his,” the country star immediately rushed to defend herself and her marriage to Eddie Cibrian.

“correction…we broke up our own marriages,” she responded, also stating that “people have nothing better to do than judge something they know nothing about.”

“Well, then u better prove to others what u did was right by staying together so u can get ur fan base back. Otherwise the breakups & your marriage were all for nothing,” James spat back at LeAnn. “And u might not want to believe this but ur fans hate u & ur career is in the shi**er. while Ed smells like a rose through all of this! Hope ya have a prenup bc that is all he wanted is ur money. Good luck to you.”

“excuse me? I have nothing to ‘prove’ we are happy and my fans are wonderful and no one is perfect. All I need to speak to about me and my sins is the good lord,” responded LeAnn. “Remember you can’t break what’s already broken. I’m not anything like what you read about. It’s all lies and anything you’ve read about no matter who or where it comes from….well, let’s just say its a game for so many to hurt others. Time to move on, everyone else has.”

[From Radar]

Now, I went through LeAnn’s Twitter feed for like a full five minutes (five whackadoodle minutes that I will never get back), and I couldn’t find any of these tweets. Somehow, The Mail managed to get screencaps of them, which you can see here. Even without the screencaps, I already believed the story though. Because A) LeAnn is dumb enough to feed the trolls and B) All of this sounds like Classic LeAnn. She even included some of her mantras: “No one is perfect” and “You can’t break what’s already broken” and “it’s all lies”. My favorite is “All I need to speak to about me and my sins is the good lord.” That’s right, y’all. Only the good lord can judge LeAnn because it’s all lies except for the true stuff but that only happened because no one is perfect and because both marriages were already broken!! Y’ALL!!! Anyway, please, stop trolling LeAnn. In the end, you’re just feeding her persecution complex. And when LeAnn feels persecuted, she just maniacally tweets random crap about bullying, interspersed with bikini photos. And no one needs that.

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. marie says:

    ha ha ha, delusiuonal and crazy, bad combination..

  2. brin says:

    Simple solution Leann: Stop Tweeting.

  3. Theskinny says:

    She is a narcissist, wrapped in crazy, surrounded by delusion.

  4. tru tru says:


    I watched some of it unfold, just hilarious and I couldn’t beleive that the “fan” really told her about herself!

    even told her EC wanted her $$$.

    too funny

    I wonder if she has a bunch of silly LOVE cliches’ all over her house, keeping her in a fantasy world, smdh.

  5. Paige says:

    I follow her on Twitter now after reading her tweets on here.She really does think in her little delusional mind that everyone hates her and wants her life.SMH so sad. Dang that last picture makes her body look like SpongeBobs.

  6. Nicole says:

    There are no words to describe the true horror of the last photo.

  7. Natalina says:

    Yes, however, Twitter is a public forum and public figures need to grow a thick skin.
    What is the difference from trolling her on twitter than u writing an article about her and including her favorite “private” photos.
    I believe as a celebrity and multi-millionaire, Leann should have not responded.
    As a member of the lower-middle class, I have a constitutional right to crack jokes and make fun of Leann Rimes because she has also tweeted negatively to me. (I used to be a fan and got angry when she canceled a concert my cousin in Kentucky went out of her way to get to)
    So, please stop telling us to stop trolling Leann, no, Im sorry, I won’t…until u stop posting pictures of her. Any press is good press, right?

  8. hoya_chick says:

    That Laura James person is my new hero! Lol It’s funny cuz it’s true. Don’t feel bad for her! She’s terrible. Plenty of people have had affairs and married the person they cheated with and none of them bring out this kind of anger (I always point to Tori Spelling as my example). She brought this on herself with her terrible behavior. Save your pity for someone who actually deserves it! I think she is the troll, and is on twitter all day responding to people to make her self feel relevant. How can she have any sort of life when she is always on there looking to pick fights with people who say anything about her that she doesn’t agree with? Also, not to be mean but that last pic without her head looks like a man. No shape at all. So unattractive even without her face in a shot. Didn’t think it was possible.

  9. brin says:

    Wowza…Eddie has aged, he looks bad. Livin’ la vida with loco will do that to you.

  10. Blackbird says:

    I wondered when you’d pick up on this. She’s been even crazier than usual over the past week or two. I watch, I cringe, I find it hard to look away. But then I have to, because to say it’s pretty scary to be drawn into her delusional bat-shit-crazy-shitting-crazy-bats world is an understatement.

  11. Roma says:

    Maybe they are actually happy? Who knows.

  12. Green_Eyes says:

    The chick puts the Crazzzzy in Crazy! Wth is w/ that last pic? Her delusions of what is a hot body is just as whacked as her other delusions.

    Just a lil advice for LeAnn.. Have a COKE & smile, eat some solid food & stay the hell off of twitter. Maybe w/ food in your mouth and eating utensils in your hands you can actually keep your thoughts to yourself and put some weight on. You look scary skinny not sexy skinny. Oh wait can’t do that… Your just another one that’s trying to keep up w/ an Ex…. This case Ed’s Ex.

  13. NeNe says:

    It was hysterical when she said “time to move on, everyone else has.” She is the one who cannot move on. Does she really think that anybody cares to know her every move? I cannot stand her, and I know I am not alone. Fans, what fans? Does she still have any??? She is a home-wrecker, and is being called out for being one. Nobody has forgiven her, and it just shows how delusional she is if she thinks that she has done nothing wrong. She is in desperate need of some serious professional help.

    Laura James is 100% in everything that she said. Everybody on earth knows that Eddie is with her for her money, and that’s it. Once the money is gone, so is he. I can almost gaurantee that they never signed a pre-nup, because if Eddie was asked to do so, he would have left her in a flash. On Leann’s planet, things apparently read differently than here on earth.

    Props to Laura James!!!! You go girl!!!!!!

  14. Macey says:

    Thank God for Adblock so I dont have to look at those pics to read the article or comments. My word the evil and delusion just exudes from her eyes.

    I have to crack up every time she posts how happy they are and that she knows “our Love”. sorry but letting your hubby bang his side pieces so he wont leave you is not love or happiness.

    and Liz’s lips are HYSTERICAL. Looks like she has hemorrhoids of the lips.

  15. Cam S says:

    Didn’t she tweet over 200 times in a 24hr period? How can she enjoy her “blissful” life and tweet that much? And it is so obvious that she calls the paps, she says she wants privacy then tweets THE EXACT LOCATION of where she will be.
    Her fans have the combined IQ of a half eaten peanut if they buy the “The paps hunt me down!” excuse.

    I’m not trying to be cruel, but since she WANTS people to comment on her body ( isn’t that why she posts half naked photos?)- she looks like my 12 yr old nephew. Those huge shoulders! She has no curves, or hips. How does she keep her pants up? Sorry, but she sets herself up for the negative comments, and I have never seen someone so in love with themselves (someone so homely)

  16. DANDILION says:

    Because Eddy is happier, can do what he wants and that ex family is made richer by association to me too, so I am a true blessing dangit.. Wot? My ex? Do I bother him? NO.. nothing odd or evil to see here.. move on haters..

  17. Viv says:

    Oh dear, why did I click on this. That outfit in the last picture just made me nauseous.
    It’s a good thing she is in a bikini most of the time, because she has no fashion sense whatsoever.

  18. Gisele says:

    LeAnn will never, ever, get the fact that she has brought all of the negativity directed toward her onto herself. She is literally the least self aware woman I have ever seen in my life. She could stop the tweeting and the staged photo ops and go live her life in the private way she claims to want, but she won’t. Everything LeAnn does and says seems to be wishful thinking rather than reality. The photos of her clinging to her husband (who looks perpetually drunk), the gushing tweets about their blissful love and the fact that she is now the “mother” of his children, her gushing about the BFF, who is just another disloyal person she leached off of the ex and her boasting about her new album, all ring hollow. It’s all a big facade that is incredibly transparent. When she calls people jealous, it is again just her own wishful thinking. She “won” Eddie and we are all supposed to be jealous of her because of that. She cannot grasp that a dimpled serial cheater and liar, who can’t get a job isn’t exactly the dream of most women. She must be so frustrated that she can’t sway public opinion and it is causing her to look even crazier than everyone already thinks she is.

  19. dorothy says:

    LeAnn needs to take some of the money she spends on vacations and put it towards a psychiatrist.

  20. DD says:

    She’s her own troll sometimes. She makes diff names. I’m convinced of that. No one cares that much about her anymore.

  21. Jezi says:

    Oh Leann is a manic mess lately. She was trolling actually and went off on one twitter person she had blocked awhile back. She’s been batshit crazy. She knows Eddie is cheating, she’s going broke, and her little snowglobe world is crumbling. Karma is a bitch!

    • toobadsooosad says:

      Yep! Ever since the blind item came out and people have been hounding her on twitter about Eddie’s “alleged” cheating, her inner maniac has come out again in full force. It really set her off. Funny thing is, in all her crazy ass tweets, she never acknowledged or denied Eddie’s new cheating rumors. Instead, she replied and gets furious at people saying stuff like she has “grand canyon tits.” Umm okay.

  22. frankly says:

    They look so creepily alike it creepingly creeps me out. They are in love with their own reflections.

  23. bubbles says:

    is her phone glued to her fingers? I don’t understand if she is sooo happy and things are sooo great why she constantly has to twitter and tweet. does she not have anything better to do?

  24. Jennifer12 says:

    Schadenfreude, but she sure deserves everything she’s getting. Kudos to that fan for telling Leann off and telling her what everyone really thinks. She will probably try to blame Brandi because she needs a scapegoat, but it’s time to face the truth: she f–ked up her own life and it’s in the toilet and the same goes for her idiot husband. Karma always, always delivers and in this case it’s richly deserved.

  25. Megan says:

    Did she seriously post that picture of ediot kissing the cake photo of leann as a kid???? Seriously that’s some fcked up shite right there…

  26. Holl says:

    ok so get this. My husband’s friend works with military public affairs and they were talking about different celebrities who could attend and perform at an event within the next year. He said Leann’s name came up as a suggestion and one of the response emails said:

    “I don’t want to be cold I’ll put that out now but our demographics is the 18-35 year old male (and his family.) Not only is Leanne Rimes so physically unattractive to the average male I’ve polled here but she’s only really known for cheating on her husband these days. Not sure a bunch of guys coming home from deployment want to be entertained by a woman like that. There is nothing more unappealing to someone in the military than an infamously unfaithful, disloyal spouse. She may be affordable but..neigh. Think we could somehow possibly get Carrie Underwood or Kelly Pickler as far as female artists go? Price may be higher but so would entertainment value”

    He just recently forwarded it to me but its hilarious and its too good not to share since none of my friends understand the hilarity of trollface. I don’t know what event it is they are talking about but Ill ask.

  27. Ella says:

    “Time to move on, everyone else has.”

    No, we really haven’t. Every time you publicly post a picture of yourself in a bikini on a beach with Eddie Cibrian (ie. every other day) we’re reminded of how you stole someone else’s husband and seem to have no career any more.

  28. Quinn says:

    That last pic belongs on a Pro-Ano website…unsafe for viewing by those without body dysmorphia.

  29. Megan says:

    Did she seriously post that picture of ediot kissing the cake photo of leann as a kid???? Dude that’s some fcked up shite right there…what gives with their love of inappropriate cakes?
    Leann reminds me of good ol tila tequila with all the attention seeking and non stop tweeting. (although grudgingly i do believe leann does have vocal talent, tila just has a talent for lying) so being bored today, I checked out to see what’s she’s up to these days. Batshit crazy to put it midly! Among many nonsenical tweets, TT claims she quantum hops, some kind of astral traveling thing where she’s so super talented she can be in four different places at the one time. Oh and she also claims the illuminati tried to kill her in march…alrighty then!
    Leann may not be anywhere near that level of insanity but there are so many similarities between them (attention seeking, narcissistic, addicted to twitter, addicted to lying, addicted to inappropriate behaviour, man I could go on and on) I just wonder how far deep she will go off when ediot finally jumps off his horsie

  30. mellaniee says:

    ummmm anyone else see how different her face looks in these new pics? wtf did she do to herself! I swear she got cheek implants or something. Her face in the second pic from the bottom is sooo scary and joker-like. There is no way her fans actually think she had emergency dental surgery right? Its soo obvious she got work done!!

  31. Prinny says:

    She doesn’t seem to get it’s not so much about what she did but about what she continues to do. Now putting the blame on Brandi and Dean. She’s a low-life.

  32. Honeychild says:

    Can you feel it LeAnn? It’s happening. Ed’s cheating is about to hit the mainstream media. But don’t worry. They can’t break what’s already broken.

  33. Shelly says:

    LeAnn needs to get the hell off of twitter, delete her account, live a private life, and start singing again. Only then will she stop being a joke and stop inciting rage in people. If they are really so happy together, then she should just live her life and stop telling everyone how happy they are. She seriously needs a shrink, or at the very least needs someone to hide her camera, computer, and phone from her so she can stop her social media madness.

  34. Juliette says:

    This picture of him kissing the cake is gross. He is so skeevy and pathetic he makes me dry heave a little.

    Leann, no one is jealous of you and no one wants your jobless bum of a husband – truth!

    • Jessica says:

      You know he was piss drunk and she set that up as another Twitter photo op. What we probably didn’t see was his drunk ass drop it in his lap after trying to make out with it. “Ed just give the cake a little kiss, I’ll extend your allowance a little higher this week if you do!”

  35. Mela says:

    What will Leann say when Eddie’s next mistress tells her “We couldn’t deny what our hearts felt. I didn’t break anything, your marriage was already broken. Don’t judge me, everything you heard is lies. I know I’m not perfect but only god can judge me”

    Also, WTF is she wearing to her birthday dinner!? Tiny shorts and crop top? So desperate. So appalling to wear in a public resturant!! Vulgar

  36. ama says:

    I imagine the equine enthusiast who trained this horse how to use twitter is reeeeeeeeallly regretting it now.

  37. Rita says:

    Let’s make one thing very clear….LeAnn is the biggest troll on twitter and gossip sites.

    She obsessively searches for her name in twitter conversations and then jumps on every negitive casual remark about her while encouraging her troglodytic followers(subservient trolls)to track down the beasts who would besmirch her smirchalicious reputation. (Not sure of the spelling of smirchalicious and no time to look it up).

    Obviously, LeAnn has no personal life in that she tweets, DM’s, or reads tweets several hundred per day. Eddie’s latest cheating episode has certainly amplifide her neurosis.

    • Danni says:

      I read, but don’t comment on other sites and on one in particular, the blogger seems to have made a deal with the devil when it comes to LeAnn. Negative posts about LeAnn with info that seems personal and accurate get removed, but posts made by someone who was revealed to be Amejean, or something like that, where they use incredibly vulgar language and make horrible insults to Brandi and other posters are left on the threads. Some of the comments read exactly like LeAnn’s tweets as well so I would completely believe that she does spend her time reading comments and defending herself. It is funny because the negative comments come from many different posters and the positive ones seem to be made by only a select few LeAnn brown nosers and maybe even LeAnn herself. What a mental case she is.

      • Ming Lee says:

        i believe i know what blog you are talking about. just jared. and yes, it is clear to see that the crazy posters are all probably just the one delusional leann fan, or more than likely leann herself. the writing and language style screams leann.

    • Sapphire says:

      @Rita-cogent and accurate analysis. A good example is that a number of people have been blocked even though they have never tweeted her or even re-tweeted a comment containing her name. I suspect she has an app that blocks anyone folowing certain accounts like Brandi’s or Jezi’s.

      I cannot imagine having a life so empty that you would spend hours combing the internet for anyone mentioning your name. No wonder Curb reportedly isn’t thrilled with the latest soap opera/album

  38. Maggs says:

    here’s another bash leann tweet from yesterday:

    BitchPudding ‏@TxMelly

    @leannrimes KNOW the last year!!! Some ppl actually DO go to work every damn day of their lives DESPITE their legit illnesses! For example,


    12h BitchPudding BitchPudding ‏@TxMelly

    @leannrimes old. Do u forget all the cancelled & rescheduled gigs? Did u forget that you’ve been on beach & ski vacays every month for I


    12h BitchPudding BitchPudding ‏@TxMelly

    @leannrimes do u EVER get tired of ur own shit? Give me a gawd damn break! U have not been working everyday of ur life since u were 13 yrs

    • Jessica says:

      I love Melly. She had such a great point. Melly is so patient but even she has her limits and Leann’s constant pity parties on Twitter, such as saying she deserves to take the WHOLE month of August off (from what, who knows) because she has worked every day since 13 was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    • Ming Lee says:

      leann’s “been working since i was 13″ comment that she always makes really makes me burn with anger and annoyance. i’ve had a job since i was 15, and most people get jobs in high school and then continue on to work adult jobs FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

      her comment carries no weight in the real world. no one feels bad for a spoiled brat complaining that they’ve had to ‘work so hard.’ STFU and join the rest of the world.

  39. Memphis says:

    Arguing with a twitter fan then deleting it. That doesn’t sound like Leann at all *rolls eyes*

    We all know rational thought isn’t really her strong suit and now with Eddie’s cheating (and everybody knowing) it’s really pushing her off the edge.

    What amazes me is the fact that Eddie has mastered the art of looking at her without seeing really seeing her. But I’m torn, I wonder if he’s picturing a dollar sign wearing a bikini or if he’s picturing his mistress? Either way. He has the look down. Props to ya, Ed. Props to ya.

  40. KellyinSeattle says:

    I tweeted her one time about the same as the lady in this article, and she not only deleted the comment but also denied my access to her precious twitter acct…

  41. Rita says:


    Not everyone is up on the social media lingo so when you plead for your readers to make LeAnn a “troll free zone” (TFZ), they may not understand.

    You might suggest what Curb Records has done: Stop Whipping A Dead Horse

    (Double Entendre Much!!!!)

  42. Mela says:

    whats the latest dish on eddie’s cheating?

    how has it not come out yet?

  43. Mimi says:

    Ive been following all the crazy action on twitter..when will eddie’s cheating ways be exposed in the tabs, i cant wait any longer leann is acting way to smug right now

  44. LondonLou81 says:

    Let’s be honest, not a ‘well’ girl is she?!

  45. pf says:

    That last pic is so disturbing, with the face cut off I thought that was the body of a young boy. She thinks she’s hot? Please.

  46. Lisa says:

    Girl needs a hobby. She likes the gym, do that.

  47. SweetLou65mums says:

    The photo with the birthday present to herself — the handbag — really shows how mentally and physically ill she is. When I first saw it, I could not believe it was Leann Rimes and I thought she had somehow convinced a young boy to pose for this picture. She has never looked more ill in a photo. As for the rest of it, her behavior, the twitter fighting, the long silences between tweeting over the last week — she can change all of this with some simple changes in her behavior. She can dress with just a tiny bit more modesty when she has the kids in tow. She can use twitter sparingly, to announce a concert or make a friendly hello to her fans, and nothing else. She can stop calling the photog from GSI and other agencies. She can keep her private life private. She can take care of her health. And even if her “husband” is out with other women, she can sit down with her lawyer and make a rational plan to live in a financially responsible way within her sham marriage if that’s what she wants, or she can begin proceedings for a divorce. She is incapable of doing any one of these things. She can’t even nourish her body in a responsible way. If she were in a hospital, in a coma, she would be on a feeding tube. The handbag photo is the most serious evidence of her mental incapacity to date. She really needs a legal guardian looking out for her to preserve her from additional physical and mental and financial ruin. But she’s 30 years old and it looks like her family is truly done with her. The sad part of this is that nobody cares about her, as a human being who is seriously mentally ill. She has become as wasted (in terms of her talent and potential as a human being) as her body is in that photo. Wasted.

  48. Eileen says:

    Did you guyys see this tweet she sent a girl because the girl said she needs to get the Grand Canyon Gap between her boobs fixed? SHe is getting unstable!!


    • Gisele says:

      LeAnn’s go to accusation for anyone critical of her is that they are hateful and jealous. Meanwhile she has behaved like a deranged stalker toward the woman from whom she hatefully and remorselessly acquired the “man of her dreams”. How convenient. No matter what she does, everyone negative is just jealous and no one is allowed to judge her regardless of how pathetically she behaves. Quite a code to live by. The more she tweets, the more her instability becomes painfully evident.

    • Theresa says:

      What is even more hilarious is how she had to call out the attractiveness of the poster, like it’s relevant to the discussion. Because she can’t throw the “jealous” card at an attractive detractor, she has to call out her behaviour as antithetical to that of “pretty” people… like all attractive people need to stick together, or how can someone so pretty on the outside be so ugly on the inside, yadayadayada, not realizing how it demonstrates just how superficial LRimes is; to assume attractiveness = compassionate. This is one of the most obvious pieces of evidence I have seen in a long time of just how her mind really works. She holds attractiveness/superficial beauty as some kind of virtuous attribute, which is why she needs constant reassurance that, yes indeed, Leann, you are beautiful… So very very sad.

  49. Katija says:

    I am always simultaneously logged on to my company’s Twitter, which I run as part of my position. No offense, but I can not understand why anyone would do this for free or for fun. Urgh.

  50. Blackbird says:

    I tweeted her once last year, telling her, quite simply, enough was enough when it came to harassing Brandi and saying snide things about her (it was in direct response to one of her tweets, not just randomly).

    She replied in such a nasty manner and then blocked me – just for telling her that I thought she should stop it now! Blocked for ONE TWEET, and it wasn’t even that bad!

    • Memphis says:

      I never even tweeted her and I was blocked.

      I guess her life isn’t as full of LovE as she would like us to believe since she has enough time to troll through people’s timelines, see who they follow, and throw up some preemptive blocks because she thinks one day they *might* tweet her based on who they follow.

      Crazy nut bag.

  51. KellyinSeattle says:

    Does she have a GED or anything? Maybe she could work on that?

  52. Holly says:

    I was blocked for also following Brandi. She does live in a snow globe world! I’ve never heard it put better.

  53. thetruthhurts says:

    I am sure Eddie is so completely embarrassed by her. Now to the pictures: Liz and her lips are disgusting. She really needs to take them out and she is not sexy. Now I know why LeAnn hangs out with her, so she can actually look better next to another woman (which is a challenge for her). I never really saw the Grinch resemblance until this photo of her and Eddie. Someone PLEASE do a side by side and photoshop the Grinches face onto Eddies. Please.

  54. DetRiotGirl says:

    I have no comment on Leann, but I do wish we could all agree to just spell out the word “you”. I’m so sick of seeing grown people writing thoughts out with a one letter abbreviation for a word that is only three letters long in the first place.

  55. Melissa says:

    Is that last picture actually her or a pre-pubescent cross dressing boy who hacked in to her Twitter account? It’s so hard to tell!

  56. kellyinseattle says:

    maybe she’s trying to look like her bonus boys so they will relate better to her

  57. why? says:

    Even if people weren’t “trolling” her twitter account, Leann would still tweet. She is a classic textbook example of HPD and of course her husband is cheating on her with several woman, including the one she keeps trying to pass off has her BESTEST BFF(aka Lizzy).

    Leann’s reaction had nothing to do with people trolling her account, but everything to do with the fact that yesterday was Lizzy’s birthday and Curb doesn’t like her new album. Eddie and Lizzy must have had a really good time celebrating her birthday. Of course Leann just had to buy herself a bag for her present, she needed to one up Lizzy!

    Her husband cheats on her and demands that his sidepiece go everywhere with them, and Leann’s response is to set up photos of her and Eddie engaging in excessive pda on a beach and tweet photos of her and Eddie tagging it “my sweet baby” picture. That will surely convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating!

    Not only did she tweet the photo of Eddie kissing the cake with her photo as a child, she then wrote that Eddie wanted to eat a piece of her. There were at least 5 other photos of Leann as an adult on the cake, so why weren’t ay of those used? Either Eddie likes young girls or even he is repulsed by Leann’s looks.

    • Sugar says:

      whoohoo Why? is on-i was wondering when you would join in. i live on the west coast so its always hard to stay up on postings and by the time i get home at night & can settle in its too late…but i always look forward to reading your comments on Leann. I am on vacation for a few days so its way funner to be able to jump on this site during the day…
      so if Leann does read this site
      HEY Leann i am taking a couple of days off from WORKING & OMG i so deserve it how bout you gurl you do you have a couple days off coming to ya;) cool we should do something fun like go to the beach awesome-call me *fakey wink*

    • thetruthhurts says:

      What I don’t understand is how did these Ed/Lizzie affair rumors get started? I know she and her husband are always with them, but why do people think he is banging her? Divini I can understand, but Lizzie? She is ugly as sin, uglier than LeAnn. Did he cheat with Lizzie when he was with Brandi? I don’t want speculation, only real facts if someone knows. Thanks!

      • Dawn says:

        Only way I can answer that is he did Leann why not Lizzy or any other woman that is not very attractive. My best guy friend in school told me when I was upset when my boyfriend cheated and it was with a girl everyone that was very ugly outside and inside said he don’t matter but a paper bag over her head they are all the same!

      • why? says:

        The facts are in Leann’s tweets, staged photo-ops, and twitpics.

        Eddie is sleeping with Lizzy based on the fact that:

        Leann would tweet that Lizzy was at her house hanging out with her, but there was no way that Leann could be hanging out with Lizzy like she claimed because Leann was cranking out 100 tweets. So if Leann is tweeting, where is Lizzy? With Eddie.

        Leann tries way too hard to convince people and herself that she and Lizzy are the bestest of friends. At first I thought that she was just doing this to taunt Brandi because Lizzy used to be Brandi’s friend, but the more and more she tweeted about Lizzy and how much bonding they were doing, the more apparent it became that she was trying to hide something. It’s as if Leann has convinced herself that if she says that Lizzy is “just her friend”, then it will be so!

        Eddie and Leann set up a staged photo-op everyday of their honeymoon, but when Lizzy arrived in Cabo, the photo-ops stopped and Leann took to twitter posting bikini photos and arguing with people. Once again, where was Eddie when she was fighting with people? With Lizzy. Just like on her honeymoon, on Lizzy’s birthday and the days leading up to it, Leann has major fallouts on twitter? Where is Eddie? With Lizzy.

        You can always tell who Eddie is sleeping with or pining for by who Leann is single white femaling at the moment. Leann has single white femaled Lizzy several times. Leann even got so jealous that during one outting with Lizzy, she changed into a dress that matched Lizzy’s shirt. It was as if she was trying to one up Lizzy. If there is’t anything going on between Eddie and Lizzy, why would Leann feel the need to one up Lizzy?

        Just recently Lizzy showed up in public wearing the very same dress that Leann wore in January. Since Leann bragged about how Eddie picks out her clothes, then we can conclude that Lizzy wore that same dress because Eddie wanted her to wear it. Why is Eddie picking out clothes for Lizzy?

        Eddie’s demeanor towards Leann in their staged photo-ops was also very telling. When he has an incentive(ie-Lizzy or alcohol), he is more willing to play along in the pda farce with Leann. For instance compare the photos of Leann and Eddie before and after Lizzy’s arrival on their Christmas vacation to Aspen. No Lizzy, Eddie was very distant towards Leann, walking ahead of her. Lizzy comes in the picture and he is all smiles.

        Lizzy is ALWAYS with Eddie and Leann. People think that Leann just started “hanging out” with Lizzy, but if you check out the earlier photos of Eddie’s son’s soccer games who is in the background? Lizzy. I don’t ever recall Dave being there. Just Lizzy. Lizzy was even vacationing with Eddie and Leann in Aspen for Christmas 2009. So what went on in 2009 that Leann would gift Eddie and Lizzy that same vacation in 2011?

        Leann’s insecurity. If there wasn’t anything going on between Eddie and Lizzy, then why does Leann feel so threatened by Lizzy’s presence to the point where she “mysteriously” becomes ill and cancels her concert so that she can “miraculously” become well enough to be papped holding Eddie’s hand and dining out with Dave, Lizzy, and Elisa at Nobu the very next day? Leann is all over Eddie as if she is trying to convince herself that Eddie only has eyes for her and not the other woman who is always photographed with them.

        Eddie slept with Leann, so he isn’t selective about who he sleeps with. I don’t think that Eddie cheated with Lizzy when he was married to Brandi, but I remember someone saying that Lizzy liked Eddie and flirted with him while he was married to Brandi.

      • Cam S says:

        @ thetruthhurts:
        Did you not see the pics of Leann fondling Lizzie (kissing and grabbing her breasts) and Eddie taking pictures? It was so lewd and crass and they were on vacay with HIS KIDS.


        And Lizzie and her hubby go literally EVERYWHERE with them so Ed doesn’t have to be alone with Leann. I think they even went on their honeymoon with Lizzy

      • why? says:

        Did Lizzy attend Leann and Eddie’s wedding? I thought I read somewhere that she wasn’t at the wedding. So why wasn’t Lizzy at the wedding? She was such a good BFF that Leann took her on vacation to Aspen with her and Eddie in 2009. Did Lizzy refuse to attend the wedding because she couldn’t cope with the fact that her “lover” was going through with the wedding to his cash cow or did Leann not invite Lizzy out of fear that Lizzy/Eddie would make a scene and object to the wedding?

    • Ming Lee says:

      if i was celebrating my bff’s bday, i would not be trolling the internet/twitter for my name or anything said about me. and wouldn’t a friend say, ‘hey! get off your phone and hangout and celebrate with me!’

      i think lizzy has just as many ulterior motives as leann does.

  58. why? says:

    Leann actively pursued Eddie, so why does she think that she doesn’t hold any responsibility for what she did to Brandi’s marriage and what she continued to do to Brandi even after the affair was exposed?

    If Leann had noting to prove, then why does she set up staged pda photo-ops with Eddie while wearing skimpy bikinis or tweets twitpics of her and Eddie saying “my sweet baby” to cover up Eddie’s infidelity?

    If Leann wants people to move on then she needs to CANCEL her album and stop tweeting and giving interviews about her album or bragging about how she allowed Brandi’s kids to listen to her album. She can’t expect anyone to stop talking about her affair, when she herself isn’t willing to do the same. If she has moved on and didn’t break up Eddie’s marriage, then why is she singing a song about how she BORROWED a MARRIED MAN for her new album? She says that you can’t break what is broken, but obviously that isn’t what she truly believes.

    Even King David had to face the consequences of his poor choices, so why does Leann seem to think that God is going to hold her to a different standard? Before she tweets about God and judgement, she needs to read the Bible!

    Seeing that her twitter war resulted in even more backlash, Leann attempts to fix it by bombarding the internet with articles about how she is going to perform for Save The Music Foundation! What a great idea! Yet another cause that Leann can make ALL about her and her marriage to Eddie! And then she and her fans act surprised by the fallout that comes from her exploiting these organizations.

    Too funny, Leann has NOTHING TO PROVE, yet why is the internet being bombarded with “Leann is a good person because she is singing for Save The Music” articles in response to the media picking up on her arguing with people on twitter?

  59. Zooyork says:

    Imagine seeing that hulking-shouldered silhouette in a dark hallway!

  60. Jennifer12 says:

    To quote either Kaiser or CB (can’t remember which), get off the cross, Leann. Others need the wood. You’re done, stupid. Totally done.

  61. XOxoXO says:

    Oh Rimesy, you are my most fav unhinged lunatic.

  62. Tanya K says:

    She sure has a lot of nerve to tell people to move on when her new album coming out next year is dedicated to telling her side of the affair and it’s aftermath. Is that “moving on”? Hardly. I know she was a child star, but seriously, how can anyone be that deluded and entitled. Leann seems to be under the impression that she gets to behave however she wants and that the public owe her positivity just because. She’s either incredibly arrogant, incredibly stupid,incredibly naive, or all three.

  63. Sway says:

    Eddie’s skin looks gross. It’s because of those sunny beaches Leanne drags him on all the time.

  64. Jennifer12 says:

    If the media picked up on those comments, then could someone on Twitter go at her about how she treats Brandi and how her entourage/fans/paid friends bully her? And the boundaries she ignores with someone else’s kids and how inappropriate she is concerning them? She’d delete the tweets, and then someone would save the screencaps. Get more attention to her bullying, stalking, harassment and inappropriate behavior- even Radar talked about how she was climbing all over Eddie on Fathers’ Day.

  65. Linda says:

    Why isn’t she wearing her wedding ring/band??

  66. heather says:

    Wow just wow this woman is a mental case! I’m not saying it as an insult it is very clear LeAnn Rimes is extremely mentally unstable and it is scary to see. Obviously no one in her life cares enough to get her the help she needs. I feel almost sorry for her and then I remember those poor boys and Brandi THEIR REAL MOM whose lives she ruined and continues to flaunt the fact to the world…then I don’t feel so sorry for her

  67. why? says:

    Someone said that if a celeb wants to control the media, then they should be the first to put the story out. That is exactly what Leann did with this incident. She had ROL and DM post about the incident first, spinning it so that she came off looking like the victim and as if she put the fan in her place. And as usual 70% of the media blindly followed ROL and DM lead and depicted Leann as the victim who triumphed.

    What is most interesting about “I’ve had all I can stand, I can’t stands no more!” spin that ROL and DM put on Leann’s twitter rant, is what they conveniently left out of the account.

    Leann was fighting with people on twitter all week long.

    What Leann wrote on twitter about how she and Eddie broke up their own marriages greatly contradicts what she sings in the song Borrowed. In Borrowed she acknowledges that Eddie refused to leave Brandi. So if Eddie’s marriage was broken before Leann entered it and Eddie was done with Brandi before Leann even came into the picture, then why is Leann singing a song where she worried that Eddie was telling Brandi he loved her and was having sex with Brandi? She can’t deny that the song is about her affair with Eddie because what is the other explanation? That it was a note that one of Eddie’s sidepieces wrote to Eddie?

    Leann is a walking contradiction. She wants people to move on and stop talking about her affair, yet she is gearing up to release an album and single about her affair with Eddie. She wants people to forget about the affair, yet she will straight up sit on twitter and brag about how she and Eddie allowed Brandi’s kids to listen to her album.

  68. why? says:

    Do you know why Leann posted the photo of her and Lizzy and made the reference about the cab? Because she was taking a dig at Brandi. One of Leann’s closet twitter pals posted on another site that Brandi has to take a cab because she doesn’t have her license(because of the DUI) and made some very mean comments about her as a mother. And then Leann has the audacity to claim that she is being stalked and harassed? So in the middle of being stalked and harassed, she takes the time to take a dig at Brandi? This is precisely why those boys don’t need to be around Leann. Well at least one thing is very clear, Leann is telling her fans what to say about Brandi.

    Leann, Eddie, and Lizzy’s boatride is taking on the same tone as their trip to Mammoth. When they were in Mammoth, Leann posted photos of her and Eddie “loved up” and of her and Lizzy “bonding”. And then DM released the photos of them drinking and Eddie egging on Leann and Lizzy as they made out. No wonder she posted “boat happiness”, what happened in Mammoth also happened on that boat!

    • XOxoXO says:

      Please tell us what your connection is to these people… Your detailed knowledge and insight is blowing my mind, and I mean that in all seriousness. How/why are you so close to their story?

      • why? says:

        Actually, perhaps you could explain your connection to Leann. In all seriousness, how/why are you so close to their story that you use other poster’s names to make posts?

        If Leann wasn’t tweeting, posting twitpics, setting up staged photo-ops, or sending her fans to various sites to do her dirty work, then we wouldn’t have all this detailed knowledge and insight! Now that is mind blowing. That rather than do the right thing, Leann continues to think that she can manipulate and bully people to get the desired results. What is it with people who use the name of other poster’s to make comments?

      • Ming Lee says:

        dear XOxoXO– you can find everything online, usually from leann’s own words on twitter and her own twit pics. or you can view the many pap photos of them on their many vacays, or loving it up at the airport, or having a swimsuit fashion show on the beach.
        even more importantly, a lot of people, like myself, have eyes and can read. and i’m not going to apologize for that.

      • brin says:

        “is blowing my mind”….hmmmm, interesting.

    • XOxoXO says:

      I swear I do not comment on any gossip sites other than celebitchy and dlisted. I have no idea what/who you are referring to. I use this user name only on this site, no where else. I have no connection to Rimes, I merely assumed you do because of how much you seem to know about her.

      • why? says:

        So after you posted the comment here at 2am, you didn’t go to 3 other sites and make comments in other poster’s names?

        That’s odd that you would keep claiming that you don’t know how we know all this stuff about Leann because in the post you responded to, I clearly stated that the information was coming from LEANN’s twitter page, staged photo-ops, and of course Leann’s closest fan who posted for a week on a particular site about Brandi’s DUI and how she had to take a cab as a result of this. And of all the comments to respond to and ask “how do you know”, why did you pick that particular comment? That was what stood out to me and made me assume that you were connected to Leann.

        Like I said, we know so much about Leann Rimes because of her tweets, staged photo-ops, interviews, twitpics, and of course the “fans” she sends to particular sites to do her dirty work(ie-the fan who posted about Brandi’s DUI and how she has to take cab and made negative comments about her as a mother).

      • Sal says:

        I’m a big supporter of Brandi but Why? really scares me with her accusing every single neutral to pro-LR poster of being a multi-nicker. She is just as unhinged as LR, she is the mirror image of LR, but she can’t see it. I really cringe that she is on our side because it is not a good look for BBs.

      • Samigirl says:

        Cosign with Sal. I dislike LeAnn but never comment bc of Why…incredibly accusatory towards other commentors to the point of it being borderline abusive.

      • why? says:


        What should really scare you are those people who claim to be Brandi supporters or neutral, but you come to this site pulling what you are doing. They comment on other posters, rather than the article itself. Haven’t we seen this once before? Only it was a poster going by the name of “PLEASE” and “jasperkitty” who did this? Now that is unhinged and being a mirror image of Leann. I really cringe when people play games like this.

        Thr strange thing is that I knew that posts like yours and XOXO were going to come out because this is the same thing that happened when I gave reasons for why Lizzy and Eddie are cheating.

        First off all, I didn’t attack XOXO for being neutral. I simply asked some questions.

        Seriously, what you should be more scared about is the fact that a poster claiming to be neutral went to 3 other different sites, after posting here, and made posts in names that didn’t belong to him/her.

        Also there was an XOXO who posted on x17 in Dec 2011, who was an avid fan of Leann’s. So is this the same XOXO from Dec or a different one?

        I also I have had 3 other people say that they have come here to read only to see their names being used to make posts. It even happened to me. Someone was using a name that I used on another different site to make posts in these Leann Rimes threads. And you would be very surprised what I learned when I reported the comment that was made in my name.

  69. skuddles says:

    There’s so many things to make fun of in this story I don’t even know where to begin….. And I see the Edster is going bald. LeAnn buys Eddie hairplugs in 3..2..

  70. why? says:

    This is what Leann posted:” it’s not about “offensive” it’s about the oh about 30 people who stalk every single one of my tweets, say they want to use my head as a piñata and beat it I with a bat. Is that ok? I’ve had people say please just kill yourself or I’ll do it for you. That ok? ”

    And yet Leann didn’t have a problem when Just Jared stalked her tweets seeing as how after they posted the photos of her and her “friend” shopping along with the tweets from her twitter page, she responded by posting the link to that article to her twitter page and then tweeted JJ saying that it was cute and that she and Lizzy had fun.

    Leann seems to think that she can tweet and say whatever she wants and that there will be no consequences to her actions. Where did she get this notion? From CBS, The Talk, NoH8, Sharon, GR, Enews, Rob Thomas, People magazine, Curb, and Got Milk who supported her bad behavior. Now Leann thinks that she is the victim because people are not ignoring her atrocious behavior the way that these organizations and media outlets did.

    What about how she just used Brandi’s head as a pinata and beat it with a bat by posting the twitpic of her and Lizzy “catching a cab” to make fun of Brandi’s DUI? And we know that this is what she was doing with that twitpic because her fan posted about Brandi and how she has to take cabs!

  71. Helvetica says:

    LeAnn is a hot mess.

    And that first picture of her… could she be trying any harder? She looks so much older than she is. It’s from her nasty famewh*ring attitude and the things she does, plus she needs to eat.

    Idk why she thinks her comments are going to change anyone’s mind about her. She should just shut up about the entire thing. But she is so insecure and can’t help herself so she keeps feeding this thing.

    My bet is that this is a huge topic for her and Eddie constantly in their marriage and any couple that is forever trying to show how “happy” they are is not really that happy.

  72. lori says:

    The picture of Eddie kissing the little girl cake and Leann’s tweet about how he wants to”eat her lol,” is so typical Leann. She equates sex with children. This cake and Eddie’s birthday cake with them having sex while his two boys wait and the Father’s Day photos of Leann posing with barely any clothes on next to the boys, then putting her popsicle into the boy’s mouth, and mocking about blow jobs being kid’s play, are all examples of how her mind works. She is sick. It’s sad she has care of two little boys and no one will protect them.

    • Theskinny says:

      Actually if you watch Stalked:Someone is watching (a true life crime show about stalking cases) on Netflix it will blow your mind. Not only is episode 2 Leann to a T IMO, the last episode they find child porn on the computer of a stalker. The police say that they often find child porn when they catch stalkers because it is another form of control. Eating disorders are about control. So does she have control issues? This is not the first man she followed around and tried to break up his marriage. Her father claimed she was in a romantic relationship with Brian White doing the same thing. I don’t know if that is her issue or not. All I know is she is not doing herself any favors with all the creepy tweets and behavior.

      • lori says:

        Yeah, she was sleeping with Bryan White when she was 15 on tour and then had another man move in and bought him cars and booze. It seems like she’s been using her money and fame to try to attract and keep men her whole life. I agree she has big time control issues. It’s sad she won’t get help for herself, she is damaging two small children. I guess she doesn’t want to be any different than her own parents were. Child exploitation for fame is the legacy of the Rimes family.

  73. Stephanie says:

    I’m starting to get the impression that LeAnn Rimes is one of those “do as I say, not as I do” people. She seems to feel entitled to behave in whatever way she sees fit, regardless of how it affects others and thinks that the public has no right to judge her or criticize her. She herself judges and attempts to patronize others with her holier than thou quotes and retweets. The amount of negativity directed at her is all self inflicted but her head is to far up her own boney ass to figure that out. How does anyone get to the age of 30 without gaining at least a little self awareness? As a side not, Eddie C is looking rough lately. Rough and wasted.

  74. why? says:

    Leann posted a photo of her and Lizzy in bikinis hugging one another with her leg inserted between Lizzy’s legs. Oh no, it’s the Mammoth trip all over again, Lizzy and Leann make out while Eddie watches and takes photos of it.

    Leann claims that she has nothing to prove, yet with more and more talk about how Lizzy is Eddie’s mistress and not Leann’s friend, Leann sets out on a mission to prove us wrong by bombarding the internet with the “Lizzy is MY FRIEND” campaign.

    In regards to the Leann, Lizzy, and Eddie triangle, could they be polyamorous? Which is defined as “the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.”

    So in Leann’s mind, Eddie isn’t cheating on her and Lizzy isn’t Eddie’s mistress because she gave Eddie the permission to sleep with Lizzy.

  75. why? says:

    The most disgusting thing about Leann Rimes is how she involves Brandi’s kids in her pr stunts. When the media still won’t jump on her “Birthday” celebration tweets and twitpics what does she do? She puts Brandi’s child in angel wings, takes a photo of him, posts the photo to her twitter account because Eddie doesn’t want his kids to be exposed to ANY TYPE of public exposure, and will soon contact ROL/DM/x17/GG so that they can write a fluffpiece about her exploitation of the child. The sad thing is that she takes advantage of a child’s love and FOUR ADULTS(Brandi, Eddie, and Eddie’s parents) sit back and allow her to exploit those kids for her own benefit. Poor Leann. Now with the photo of Brandi’s son in angel wings circulating among Leann’s twitter fans there is no way that the media will dare ignore Leann’s month long birthday celebration NOW, right? So Eddie had a problem with his kids being on RHOBH? But he doesn’t have a problem with his kids being on Leann’s “reality tv show” because let’s face it with as much as we see Leann and those kids it’s the same thing as them being on a reality tv show.

    If Leann truly loved those kids, then why is it that she can’t spend ANY QUALITY time with them without making it into a circus? They are kids not acts in a circus show. Oh wait. Leann and Eddie are like a circus show, they have so much in common with Courtney Stodden and Doug. So while Eddie is with his girlfriend, Lizzy, Leannis babysitting his kids.

  76. why? says:

    Wow, Leann is going nuts posting the back to back photos of herself in a bikini! Since the other bikini photo with her “friend” didn’t cause a stir, she posted a photo of herself in a see through bikini top because Eddie can’t possibly be sleeping with Lizzy because Leann is wearing a sheer bikini top posing with a man! Those poor kids. Well Eddie is having sexy times with Lizzy, so it’s understandable why Leann is posting back to back photos of herself in bikinis like she did on her honeymoon!

    She is trying to create a media storm by bombarding her twitter account with bikini photos and photos of Brandi’s youngest son.

    Instead of posting these “Leann in a bikini” articles, perhaps the media should post why does Leann use bikini photos to validate herself and her marriage if her marriage to Eddie is so solid?

    She tweeted how she “ran” into some guy on the beach yesterday, so expect “Leann changes into two bikinis in one day” staged photo-ops! Seriously, someone needs to get those boys away from her before they get hurt really badly. Be ready for the mega, mega, mega media birthday bash that she has planned for tomorrow. It’s going to be very bad, especially for Brandi’s kids. Even Courtney Stodden isn’t making this much of a fuss over her birthday and she is a child!

  77. NinaS says:

    That picture of Eddie kissing the cake? It was a photo of Brandi. Leann photoshopped herself in.

  78. Sal says:

    LR seems to get upset the most when the things people say about her are true. I cannot wait for Eddie to leave her. She is very easy to hate because she has no redeemable human features.

  79. brin says:

    Go Eileen!!! She’s calling Leann out for the liar that she is!

  80. why? says:


    First of all, you should be honest. You only cosign with Sal and are pulling the borderline abusive number because you didn’t like my stance on Leann sharing food from her mouth with Brandi’s children. Leann took a photo of herself and Mateo sucking on popscicles saying that it was “child’s play” and later on she was photographed sticking that same popscicle in Brandi’s son’s mouth. I stated my reasons for why this was inapproprate. Samgirl didn’t like my reasons, saying that I was being ridiculous for thinking that Leann(the same one who suffers from dental problems and tooth abcesses) was taunting Brandi by sticking a popscicle from her mouth into Brandi’s son’s mouth, even though she had no problem believeing that Leann was taunting Brandi by holding her son at a soccer game. Now that is borderline abusive, you depict yourself as the victim because I didn’t support you for saying that it was okay for Leann to share food with Brandi’s kids from her mouth.

    Before you jump on the borderline abusive train, there was an avid Leann fan who went by the name of XOXO on x17 in Dec 2011. So is this the same XOXO from Dec?

    Since someone was on this site using a name that I used on another site to make posts, I am valid in being accusatory against “some” people! I wasn’t even going to mention the incidents, but since you just had to post about how you “don’t” post here because I am being abusive, this was something you should be aware of.

    • why? says:


      Oh and did I tell you that in addition to making posts in my name that the person was also using another name to make posts within that same thread?

    • Samigirl says:

      Nooo, you’re a crazy person. I’m an “agree to disagree” kind of person, and I could care less if you think it’s ok to share food with someone else.

      Do you have a damn folder with screen shots saved on your computer or something? You’re crazy, paranoid, and you’re incredibly rude to other people who state their opinion. You’re JUST as bad as LR.

      I will not be returning to this thread. You can’t reason with crazy.

      • why? says:

        Says the person who is being dishonest with everyone because I wouldn’t agree that it was okay for Leann to share food with Brandi’s kids from her mouth.

        If you were a “agree to disagree” type of person, then you wouldn’t have taken the time and energy to write a post calling me names. Even when you are wrong and have been proven to be wrong, you keep going. It’s you who can’t be reasoned with. Once again, your “paranoid or crazy” logic doesn’t work since there are people who flat out state that someone has been using their name to make posts on this site and then my own experience where after reporting someone for using my name to make posts on this site I learned that the person was using another name to make posts within that very same thread. So do you still want to play this game because it’s not going to work in your favor?

        What gives the impression that I have been taking screenshots? I REPORTED 2 comments that had appeared in my name. I was told that in addition to using my name to make posts the person was also using another name to make posts.

        Who exactly have I been rude to? There is nothing ruder than someone using someone else’s name to make posts. Perhaps if that poster hadn’t went to 3 other sites and made posts in other posters names after he commented here, then he/she wouldn’t be in a position he/she is in now!

        You’re JUST as bad as LR. Because when given solid proof that your logic was wrong, you still want to argue that up is down and down is up! You seem to be rewriting history too. In both instances, YOU responded to me. I didn’t seek you out or respond to you first. And now you are playing the victim.

        Don’t you find it funny, while everyone else is focusing on the tapes, you have SAMIGIRL here trying to get the threads shutdown by starting a fight.

        So now you are upset because I pointed out that there was an XOXO who posted on x17 who was an avid fan of Leann’s? You were the one who stated that I was making false accusations and now that you don’t like the evidence you once again play the victim?

      • why? says:

        Funny how everytime I give the reasons for why Lizzy and Eddie are sleeping together, incidents like what we are seeing from you occur.

        No matter how you spin the “crazy, rude, or paranoid” card, you won’t erase the fact that:

        a) There was an XOXO who posted on x17 who was an avid fan of Leann’s.

        b) After XOXO posted here at 2am, posts appeared on 3 other sites in the names of other posters.

        c) People have said that they have come here to read only to see their names being used to make comments.

        d) Someone used a name that I used on another site to make posts on this site in one of the Leann threads, and after I reported those comments, I learned that not only was the person using my name, but that person was also using another name within that very same thread. So whether you like it or not, I am not being paranoid or crazy, there is a Leann fan who is pretending to be a Brandi fan, supporter, or BB and who uses names that belong to others that he/she is taking from other sites. I guess it’s a form of intimidation or maybe a way for him to gain trust. Who knows why anyone would have the audacity to misrepresent another poster by using their name to make posts. Now that is rude and what you should be up in arms about.

        I’m surprised that even in the face of solid proof you are still trying to argue that up is down and down is up. And that you are now throwing a tantrum because I dared to provide evidence that supported that I had every reason to suspect that person of being a Leann fan. But continue on your “Woe is me” campaign.

        Please be honest with everyone, in the two times that I posted to you, how did that come about? You sought me out. So please stop making it look like I out of the blue just attacked you.

  81. Ming Lee says:

    here’s the link to the audio clips of leann calling a twitter rival and bashing brandi etc


    didn’t leann just call out a girl on twitter for being evil? cause leann sounds pretty evil in this phone conversation. you can hear it in her voice.

    • why? says:

      Someone posted more recordings on GossipRocks! Wow.

      The most important question: How long will it take the media to jump on these recordings and call Leann out on it?

      It will also be interesting to see ROL and DM response to these recordings, will they ignore it or will they write another fluffpiece depicting Leann as the victim?

      We all know what Leann’s response to these recordings will be. Staged bikini/beach photos of her and Eddie engaging in excessive pda while she plays “devoted” stepmother to Brandi’s kids. And of course she and Eddie walk around with alcohol in their hands!

      • Eileen says:

        That’s why you nice ladies need to SEND those posts to the media! Get the word out! :)

      • why? says:


        Thanks for posting the recordings.

      • Ming Lee says:

        @eileen — done and done!

        i’m waiting on pins and needles to see the ‘leann truth’ twist she’s going to put on it to try and explain it away.

      • Ildiko says:

        By no means have I ever been on LeAnn’s side, but have always kind of given her the benefit of the doubt as someone who made some bad choices in her personal life but wasn’t necessarily a bad person. Well, that GossipRocks story has been a real eye opener. How dare she say those things about the Mother of her step-children to people who are basically strangers. What kind of vile, vindictive things about her husband’s ex does she say around the children? She really is evil like people have been claiming. I am so disgusted. Oh, and Eddie, what a completely spineless, repulsive, horrible Father and human to let her behave that way. Is he really that desperate for money that he is willing to allow her to treat the Mother of his children, a woman he spent more than a decade with, in this manner? He is a total scumbag. LeAnn needs mental health help. To say that she could do really mean things to Brandi, like she hasn’t already is a personal threat against her. Surely Brandi could use this in court to lesson LeAnn’s contact with the boys, couldn’t she? LeAnn is a poisonous, horrible witch. I’m sorry it took so long to see the depths of her vileness, but at least I never defended her.

    • Jonah says:

      Love this! Cannot wait for the rest. Why put just a small clip up? Its more believable to upload the entire conversation otherwise it looks edited.

  82. why? says:

    It’s interesting because Leann spoke to the Brandi fan just a few days after she made out with Lizzy on a balcony while Eddie watched and while Brandi’s kids were just a few feet away on their vacation in Mammoth, which was on March 26 because she was papped having lunch with her friends by GSI at a restaurant. So it’s funny that Leann says that Brandi is vindicative and that she is teaching the boys not to be like that, when 2-3 days prior to the conversation she has with the Brandi fan, Leann didn’t seem to care enough about the boys when she was drunk and making out with her husband’s mistress and posting the photos to her twitter account of her and Eddie all “loved up” and of her and Lizzy! Where was this concern for the boys then? What exactly was she teaching the boys then?

    Is this what she will be teaching the boys in the bikini/beach/birthday staged photo-ops that will soon saturate the internet this weekend?

  83. FLR says:

    @Eileen etal: Having fun times via Twitter @ LeAnn’s recorded fits of hate & expressed indignation. I have to believe that LeAnn is highly motivated to “teach those boys” not to be vindictive for her own self interest when they become live-in teens, so as, they don’t be “vindictive” towards herself!