Miley Cyrus’ pixie cut compared to Britney’s shaved head breakdown: fair or not?

Miley Cyrus has been tweeting photos of her new platinum asymmetric pixie cut since she got it just four days ago. To me she comes across like a normal 19 year-old experimenting with her look and sharing it online, only some people are concerned about her. Radar has quotes from a random psychologist who claims that Miley’s behavior is reminiscent of what Britney went through when she shaved her head in 2007. They’re both former child star singers who cut off their hair, but I don’t see it beyond that. Here’s more:

“Miley Cyrus seems stuck in a set of compulsive behaviors that cry out for attention,” Los Angeles-based psychologist Dr. Seth Meyers, who has not treated the Hannah Montana star, told in an exclusive interview.

“Miley Cyrus’ parade of unusual and provocative behavior recently reminds me of Britney Spears’ downward spiral in the past,” explained Meyers, referring to The X Factor judge’s meltdown in 2007 when she suddenly shaved all her hair off.

“The apparent recent marks on her wrist, the drastic haircut, and an undeniably fledgling career suggest to me that Miley is overwhelmed with anxiety, feeling lost and uncertain about her future. Her loved ones should keep a close eye on her in case her impulsive behavior continues and gets worse, potentially putting her at risk of self-harm,” he warned.

Wild child Miley got her headline-making haircut from Beverly Hills stylist Chris McMillan, who created Jennifer Aniston’s iconic ‘Rachel’ cut in the 90s.

[From Radar Online]

The only evidence Radar offers as evidence that Miley is cutting herself are photos of light scratches on her wrist. As commenters on Radar point out Miley has a new puppy. She has several dogs and it’s more likely that one of her dogs scratched her.

Miley is 19 years old. When I was 19 I pierced my nose, wore combat boots, and got tattoos that I thankfully had the foresight to put in places that clothing covers. We didn’t have The Internet or cell phones and our cameras weren’t digital so we didn’t take as many pictures, which is sad really. I wish I had more photos from college. What I’m saying is that if I were famous with a worldwide platform people would probably say I was crazy at 19 too, and look I turned out fine and now spend my days gossiping. Maybe I’m not the best example, but I don’t see the big deal about Miley’s cute new hair. She didn’t freak out and shave it in front of the paparazzi like Britney, she hired a celebrity hairdresser to give her an avant-garde new cut. She should let up on the tweeting, though, she gave it up once in the past and she should realize that she needs to step away for a while. It does look like she’s going through something, but it seems more like normal insecurity and affirmation-seeking than a breakdown.

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  1. Agnes says:

    i mean, seriously… it’s a haircut. millions of people get them. meh.

  2. Kathrin says:

    Didn’t she do it for cancer charity?

  3. brin says:

    Until Miley smashes an umbrella through a car window I’ll say unfair.

  4. Tooco$y says:

    Polarizing viewpoints are dangerous.

  5. Amelia says:

    I don’t think she’ll go down Britney’s path.
    Miley is just a good old-fashioned attention seeker, which is magnified by the social media culture we’re living in. She’s a narcissist who is neither talented enough or appealing enough to break into the ‘grown up’ film industry and so spends her day tweeting pictures of herself and conversing with the Kartrashians (I made the sorry mistake of checking out her twitter).
    I know a lot of people like this who plaster their Facebook with pictures of themselves, thinking they’re God’s gift to the world.
    But as someone else said, until she shaves her head bald in the middle of the night, she’s not cray cray. Just incredibly, incredibly annoying.

  6. marie says:

    meh, I don’t think it’s fair to compare her to Britney.. I chopped my hair off at 19 and had my 3rd tattoo by then however I wasn’t constantly tweeting pictures of myself begging people to pay attention to me (which is what I think she’s doing, she should lay off for a while) She’s just being Miley, ha! I hate that song..

  7. Lauren says:

    DIdn’t Britney just run into some random barber shop and get it shaved? Miley planned to get it cut and probably spent a shit ton of money on it. Plus, it seems like she dyed it blonde first and THEN cut it off which to me seems more thoughtful and like she was taking baby steps to the style she apparently really wanted? Plus her fiancee is filming, she’s probably just bored!

  8. samira25 says:

    Unfair. Britney was doing weird stuff during her breakdown. A haircut, piercings, tattoos, isn’t odd.

  9. truthSF says:

    “… and look I turned out fine and now spend my days gossiping.”

    Thanks Celebitchy, for giving my first laugh of the day.

  10. Nashville Girl says:

    I am 40 and chopped my hair off a couple weeks ago because it was hot. Also got a fresh color to covet the grey. Does this make me crazy?

  11. Birdie says:

    Miley seems just really bored to me. She has nothing really to do, just following her fiance around and tweet. I don’t hate on that, but that is what you do when you are bored and rich.

  12. Paige says:

    Reaching much? I don’t think it’s some cry for help. She’s 19 years old and trying new things. But I must say that I don’t think it flatters her. You have to have a certain face shape to pull that off hairstyle. Michelle Williams and that girl from HP look cute with their pixie cuts.

  13. Isabella Notarfrancesco says:

    i almost posted a comment the other day about it reminding me of Britney but I didn’t think it was worth saying.

  14. Riana says:

    Ridiculous. It’s just a pixie hair cut. Britney went through a lot of crazy before the barber ever shaved her head. Miley’s been pretty quietly actually save for Twitter.

    Tabs trying to create a drama that doesnt exist.

  15. DanaG says:

    I think her pretend little I don’t want my picture taken right after she had tweeted a tonne of pictures of the new haircut might be what some are looking at too. The cancer rumour came out after Miley was hammered for the new do. I like it I am not so sure she can pull it off though. There is a way of carrying yourself the edgy haircut and edgy clothes don’t make you edgy they can make you look try hard which I think Miley is. She want’s attention she cut her hair debuted it then dyed it and tweeted about it, dyed it even blonder and got it cut even shorter. She doesn’t have a job or anything else to do. It’s just so desperate for someone who wants attention and isn’t getting it any other way. Yet she has the audacity to whine about the paps! Here is a hint don’t phone them and don’t tweet every stupid thing you do. I dont think Miley is doing a Britney she just wants the attention Britney gets.

  16. dahlianoir says:

    Girlfriend just wanna have fun, let her be.

  17. tabby says:

    I can deal with her hair, but her eyebrows. OMG!

  18. evadstructn says:

    Needs to get off twitter and get out the vaccuum by the looks of that last pic

  19. lilred says:

    It’s a hair cut…people do it all the time.It’s really not ground breaking news.

  20. bowers says:

    She’s young and bored and unbelievably wealthy with little formal education. What else does she have to do right now?

  21. Dusty says:

    I think she has too much time on her hands. Fledging career or not, celebs have the power to really make a positive impact on the world if they weren’t so self -absorbed. Miley go volunteer – do something productive!

  22. Turtle Dove says:

    Is that her house in the last picture? Gross. Looks like a dump.

  23. Eleonor says:

    Oh please she is a 19 years old with an haistylist! She is not some crackout monster! At her age my hair were blue! A magnificent electrical blue.

  24. shannon says:

    Major yawn, she’s young, she looks adorable, she’s having fun with her look. If I had a dollar for every weird thing I did to my hair between the ages of 15 and 23, I could have a free tank of gas.

    Like someone before said (tried to ‘reply’ but couldn’t), call me when she starts smashing a car with an umbrella.

  25. kay says:

    Papa Don’t Preach.

    oh she is fine! for heaven’s sake.

  26. cheerfulgee says:

    I know its been a million internet years but there are still photos of Miss Spears, with a crazed look in her eyes, shaving her own head. As a matter of fact:

    I am pretty sure Ms Cyrus thought things out before went to a high end professional hair stylist to get her adorable hair cut. There is no equivalency.

  27. Hécate says:

    It`s just hair people! She`s 19 years old! I don’t see a breakdown, i see a lot of free time and loneliness. Look at the floor in the last picture, so untidy, get a broom and clean it honey!

  28. DANDILION says:

    Still cutting herself? ADHD

  29. Belle Epoch says:

    I know it’s “just a haircut” but she looks like a completely different person. I would not have even known it was her. That’s the part that bothers me. She keeps taking all these photos like she’s trying to verify who she is now – which is NOT the long-haired singer everyone recognized. I can see why the shrink made remarks about her mental state. She doesn’t seem stable to me either – but that’s still not pulling a Britney, who thought she had bugs in her hair.

  30. emmieapricot says:

    I don’t know… there have been quite a few blind items recently about mental illness & erratic behavior and Miley’s name has been linked to them. She is supposedly bi-polar but doesn’t want to take her meds and/or supposedly fired her mom(manager) after her mom confronted her about her behavior.
    I just think it’s a little strange to continually post pics of yourself. Fine, you love your hair. How many pics do we need? Why is she trying to convince us? Something seems off kilter.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I hope this isn’t true. Untreated mental illness can destroy lives and families. Hopefully she’s just acting out a bit because she’s bored. Comment above said that she had never known privacy (child star, etc.), so she thought her whole life was supposed to be public. Turn off the Twitter, Miley. It’ll be good for you.

  31. Adrien says:

    The haircut suits her. She reminds me of Human League singer Susan Ann Sulley, well, 80′s Susan Ann Sulley.
    I thought Miley is healthier than Britney. She’s following a gluten free diet and attending yoga classes. I saw a couple of her tweets and she seemed grounded and well-adjusted. No Britney phase just typical teenager.

  32. Juliebear says:

    It can’t have been for cancer- they can’t use heavily dyed & processed hair because the process by which they sterilize and make the wigs is too harsh for damaged hair. [otherwise i would have hacked mine off for locks for love a LONG time ago]

    Doesn’t she have a maid? How freaking gross is her house in the last picture? That has mentally ill all over it.

  33. Nibbi says:

    Frankly I think this look is actually a lot more interesting, edgy, and dare I say, “age-appropriate”… just in the sense that she looks more like a normal fun kid checking out different identities and stuff, rather than constantly working that sex-baby-doll-sex-chubby-cheeks-ingenue-sex-sex-sex-sex thing, which gets a little boring and is frankly kinda sad. she seems more like an individual person this way.

  34. Mayday says:

    I think the bigger concern should be why is her house such a fucking mess in that last photo. Geez girl, get a maid if you dont to clean, it’s not like you can’t afford it.

  35. jano1981 says:

    Oh goodness. The mess in that house. Hair looks cute and I like all the pictures except the one that she has bright red lipstick on in. Not a good look for little Miley in that one. I could never cut my hair to where my ears show but she looks adorable.

  36. Mayday says:

    Also I read somewhere she is in line to guest star on 2 and a half men playing a semi recurring character that is Jake’s punky girlfriend. I’m wondering if maybe she really wanted the role and wanted to show she was committing to it by really changing her look to suit it.

  37. HillbillyintheCorner says:

    Maybe she got tired of being a Hollywood Barbie Doll…you know the same long hair parted in the middle Same makeup…She looking for Miley’s real look…something that is her…trouble is she hasn’t found it yet..she will.. at least its not jet black with a pink steak in it or blue which seems to be the popular look for the “looking for me” young girls around here…my great nieces included..asked one “why did you do that to your hair,” she had beautiful auburn red hair…she said “cause I wanted to”….fortunally it did n’t last long ..
    Miley”s super rich , out of work, without a education , and BORED …living in LaLaLand. She looking for something to fill in her day to day life..
    I got a job for her….Clean up that nasty house…that floor is downright nasty….

  38. Jenna says:

    Meh; I still don’t think that haircut is ‘cute’. But I don’t think she’s going down Britney’s path.

  39. Dani says:

    Instead of focusing on her hair she should focus on cleaning her house.

  40. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Now would be a good time to try to at least get a GED

  41. G says:

    Only in Los Angeles is the shedding of extensions considered a mental illness.

  42. phillydelphyan says:

    This article seems like a good explanation… she’s just impressionable and there are lots of hipsters in Philly. She fits in!

  43. Linnythepooh says:

    As it happens, I had my hair cut two days ago and it looks similar to that of Miley. So this means I’m going crazy?

    “They’re coming to take me away haha,
    To the funny farm where life is wonderful all the time! There coming to take me away haha!”

  44. carlino altoviti says:

    Miley probably does not live the best days of her short life. Her career is not taking off and his former colleagues at Disney do better than her, but she can not be compared to Britney.
    A professional hairdresser cut her hair, she has not shaved itself.

  45. bagladey says:

    The haircut is fine, but that room is a real pig sty. I hope her dogs don’t get sick from eating any of the crap on the floor.

  46. Jillian says:

    Looks like her dogs need some chew toys and better supervision.

  47. only1shmoo says:

    The problem isn’t with her haircut or with the pictures she’s taking RIGHT NOW, it’s the fact that she INCESSANTLY takes pictures of herself, which makes her come off like a full-blown narcissist who is begging for attention. If she needed therapy for anything, I’d say that’s it!

  48. Shelly says:

    Miley’s personality can be grating at times, but I’ve never thought of her as having emotional problems, let alone being a cutter. Sheesh. I think she’s just a normal young woman. She’s always seemed pretty strong and like her head is on fairly straight. I expect to see the occasional party pics of her, etc., as she’s only 19. But she’s never even remotely acted like Britney, Xtina, Lindsay, etc.

  49. Lynn says:

    She donated her hair to a charity. How about some props for that at her age!

  50. Mia 4S says:

    Take one former child superstar, add realization that you are not talented enough to become adult superstar, add constant reinforcement from social media to still feel like superstar = obsession with changing body (weight, hair) in order to provoke media and public reaction.

    This equation also allows chance to comment on reaction from public/media (especially when negative!) thus providing more attention. It’s laughably predicable and has nothing to do with the mentally ill Spears.

  51. Relli says:

    I don’t think she is having a breakdown, but i do think she needs a job because having SO much time to take pictures of her newly svelte figure and haircut, seems kind of sad.

  52. eatmorepie says:

    To me, that haircut really shows off how unattractive and low-class looking she is. Poor choice, IMO.

  53. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    I wish I was 19 and had nothing to do but take pics of myself. Well, no I don’t.

  54. sam says:

    I got my hair cut yesterday, with an undercut. As far as I know I’m not having a breakdown.

  55. Danziger says:

    Yeah, uh, those scratches? I have many friends who cut or are former cutters, and I myself fit in the ranks of those, too, and unless that puppy’s mad precise, those are blade cuts.
    Add a haircut and Miley’s newfound obsession with slimming down? Been there, done that.
    99% sure that the girl’s very much struggling with self-harm (and some kind of mental disorder) right now. And trust me, cutting or some other form of self-harm is not uncommon at all among teenagers or young adults. Most are just so ashamed that you’ll never know. They hide their scars and unhappiness very well.
    Miley, it seems, doesn’t.

  56. tru tru says:

    There is nothing wrong w/a 19yr old getting a short cut or running from the “extension” craze.

    everyone looks the same and its horrid

    I actually commend her for doing something different.

    I will be getting my hair cut soon, I hate it past my shoulders–it

  57. mrsezc says:

    Ummmm .. she’s 19 and experimenting not 20something and losing it. Please she looks really cute and she’s acting her age.

  58. Kay says:

    I am not a fan of miss Cyrus’ acting or singing(though will admit she has songs that are catchy?) I will say that the pics that have surfaced of those “light scratches” do not look like puppy/ animal scratches. As a person who owns a lot of pets, animals do not make vertical lines across a wrist the way some of the pics show. When you factor the cuts, and the weightloss she has under gone, something seems fishy. I have both cut and have a close friend who has cut almost very inch of her body. Just google images of Miley cuts, and that’s what it looks like people. :/ She may be in actual pain and it irks me that everyone excuses it as “animal” scratches. Didn’t Demi’s PR team try the same bit but with bracelets?

    As for the haircut, I like it. It’s young and edgy, and her eyes look amazing with it. I dislike the colour though lol. But to each his own.

    I don’t think a hair cut = a melt down, come on now. But I do have a concern for her weightloss and cuts. She may be depressed since she has been out of work (and Her movie LOL didn’t do amazing…) I feel for the girl.

  59. Memphis says:

    Is that her house or a hotel room?

    I don’t mind the cut but I hate the dark massive brows with the platinum hair. Not a good look.

  60. KellyinSeattle says:

    I think she’s trying waaaaay too hard to be sexy/cute/whatever….yes, we can see your bra. Twitter Leann for us.

  61. Beth says:

    I love the cut on her. She’s 19. She’s supposed to experiment with her hair. Not at all like Britney who was driving around like a maniac & shaved her own head in front of paps.

  62. Stubbylove says:

    I think the cut and color is great. Now I’m just waiting for her to bring back her dad’s achy, breaky mullet – serious in the front, party in the back baby! The only thing that bugs me about this is the incessant twitter pics of herself – self-absorption at its finest.

  63. Amanda G says:

    It’s JUST a haircut! It grows back people! I actually dig it. I think it compliments her unique facial features! Obviously she’s loving the attention after a staled career.

  64. kct says:

    Well, she is making a lot of drastic changes lately with weight loss, engagement, and now clothing style, different makeup and SEVERE hair cut. What does the fiance think, I wonder? It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    The red lips photo looks a little like Gwen Stefani.

  65. Ella says:

    It’s just a bad haircut. But the vanity tweets do need to stop, for the psychiatric wellbeing of the general public.

  66. Lurkeelee says:

    Miley’s got a great body, but is a bit of a butterface, ala Aniston, and needs longer hair to cover her face. That cut is cute, but, not on her face. No, she not crazy just cuz of a haircut, but probably doing this for attention. Does Miley still have a career? IDK.

  67. gobo says:

    at the very most it’s her making a big change in her hair after a childhood and adolescence where she had to keep it the same all the time for her Disney roles. I think it’s cute and normal.

  68. Kate Kite says:

    The most important thing about the photo of Miley whatever her name is seeing the horrible way she lives….despite all that Disney Money. Take a look at the junk and debris around her. White Trash much?

  69. boo says:

    All I see is a young girl with too much money and time on her hands. Get a hobby or help some people with all that dough. Instead she comes off as an over-privileged teenager who is not that good looking but she has all this money to do whatever she wants. Sad and pathetic, I’m sure she feels all edgy and stuff, look at my do, look at my tatoos and pierces, I’m so edgy! You are not edgy you’re just bored.

  70. Alexis says:

    If I’m gonna make fun of her, it will be b/c she is now a try hard hipster. That’s the angle I’m going with.

  71. Nanz says:

    Like others have commented, Spears was experiencing a very public mental break. Or rather, we were witnessing her mental break thanks to paps and her skeevy entourage. But Miley…is just being Miley. That phrase has become a cliche, but it’s true. She’s 19. She’s experimenting. I wish I had had her nerve. At 19, I just experimented with hair colors. Never had the guts to do asymmetrical cuts. I love the look on her. She looks great and looks like she’s having fun.

  72. chalkdustgirl says:

    I personally don’t like the haircut, but who cares?

    I don’t think it’s apples to apples to compare this to Britney’s meltdown. The marks on her wrist are still in question, and 99% of the pics I have ever seen of Miley show that this girl is in a happy place. Look at her, she’s thrilled with the cut, and lovin’ life.

    My opinion: she needs to spend less on her hair and more on her cleaning person, lol.

  73. SFRowGuy says:

    That was the thing I thought when I first heard about this … ‘Miley did a Lindsay’. Actually the pixie cut isn’t as bad as Lindsay’s chop, but it is a little extreme. (Psst Miley, lighten the eyebrows too.)

  74. void says:

    Not fair. Whoever said that has poor insight. I don’t see this as out of character for Miley. And she looks really happy and confident and in love with the haircut, not like she’s dejected and crazy and having a nervous breakdown. I do think she is having some sort of problem not having any big project out, because she is becoming pilatesorexic and she has been running around letting her boobs literally hang out in a shirt with the sleeves and sides totally cut down to her hips [who does that?] but the haircut itself seems refreshing to her. My best friend shaved her head when she had a nervous/schizophrenic breakdown right around the time Britney did it, she didn’t proudly post photos or have someone else do it for her, she did it in the bathroom in total emotional crisis. It’s just different.

  75. void says:

    She’s just totally in love with herself, isn’t she?

  76. Deven says:

    For God’s sake! The teenager cut her hair! She didn’t cut her hair off at the skull. She just did something anyone would do: she cut her hair. Does everything require such macro-scrutiny and subsequent intense analysis? She had long hair. She decided to cut it short. END OF STORY.

  77. gg says:

    She needs a lot of decent art on her walls and clean up the floor already. Yich.

  78. jk says:

    Well she could have cleaned her pig sty up before lettingthe world see how she lives..cant they afford a maid?
    Her hair looks like crapand her black bushy eyebrows do not do athing for her, She was pretty now she looks like a fool.

  79. Mairead says:

    I think her hair is cute as hell.

  80. Carolyn says:

    awful hair colour…get that she’s young and bored. get a job. go to college. she’ll be a better person for it. get off twitter.

  81. Bobby sue says:

    Haircut is refreshing. Love it.

  82. Swan Jaco says:

    Looks really bad, plus she’s lost way too much weight. Pity, because for a while there she was looking fantastic.

  83. vava says:

    I can appreciate a young person experimenting with their looks, and that’s OK.

    I don’t think the color flatters her skin tone, though. And her complexion looks kind of distressed. pimples? With her money, she can surely afford some facials and good makeup?

  84. Mario says:

    It’s an OK hair style for her, if it were a little longer it might look better. She got her hair cut, get over it people.

  85. Leek says:

    Totally unfair. She went through a very tame wild phase, as far as we know. She’s young, cute, and confident enough to try out a chic style. Don’t think Kate Gosselun, think Kate Lanphear. Miley is actually seeming to be evolving into more of a woman than a lot of the ones we clown on. I vote give her a break.

  86. Jennifer12 says:

    I saw an Everybody Loves Raymond rerun last night and this haircut resembles the twin boys’ haircuts on the show when they were about 3 or 4. There’s nothing wrong with not buying into extensions and common looks, but this is a terrible haircut and color. And anyone seeking as much affirmation as she constantly does is raising a red flag.

  87. Whatever says:

    Ha B&^%% thinks shes punk rock or something. Your not edgy Miley go back to Disney or go away.

  88. didoodah_(france) says:

    The point would be: look at the haircut to forget the lips? She’s not too young for the hair experiments, but surgery? Parents are at fault.