Leonardo DiCaprio wants to recruit Robert Pattinson for the P-ssy Posse

There’s no nice way to say this. Back in the 1990s, when Leonardo DiCaprio was the hottest thing going, he and his buddies used to hit up clubs all over the world, hooking up with randoms and doing crazy, crazy things. They used to call themselves… The P-ssy Posse. The Posse included at various times: Tobey Maguire (for real!), Lucas Haas, Kevin Connolly, Harmony Korine (he dated Chloe Sevigny for a bit), and magician David Blaine (FOR REAL). Also-ran members of the Posse: Jay Ferguson, Josh Miller, Ethan Suplee, and Justin Herwick. For a great piece about what f—king brats Leo and his Posse were back in the day, go here to read an old NY Mag piece. Why do I bring this up? Because contrary to popular belief, the Posse still lives. Some members have dropped off to get married and become fathers (Suplee and Maguire), some have simply outgrown such antics, but there is a still a core group of dudes that drop everything (“everything” not being much) to hang with Leo when he calls. They still go to Lakers games. They still party. And now, The P-ssy Posse wants Robert Pattinson. JEAH SPARKLES!!!

Robert Pattinson’s love life is looking up – thanks to new buddy Leonardo DiCaprio! Sources say Leo invited Rob on a guys’ getaway after Kristen Stewart was caught cheating.

“Leo has been one of Rob’s role models for years, and Rob was totally taken by surprise when Leo called him,” said a source. “Leo invited Rob along on a getaway he’s planning when he’s in Puerto Rico for the wrap party on the movie he’s producing, ‘Runner, Runner’. Leo wants to book a mansion at a secret location on the coast so he and his pals can party in private.”

Leo got in touch with Rob through Reese Witherspoon, “who Leo met during a Haiti fundraiser two years ago… Leo’s kept an eye on Rob’s career ever since people started calling him the next Leonardo DiCarpio. Leo figured it would be great for him to hang out with a bunch of laid-back guys. Leo joked they could compare baseball cap collections – and told Rob before he knew it, he’d be dating a model, just like him!”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Robert Pattinson would be an excellent member to the P-ssy Posse, which is exactly why it probably won’t happen. Rob in 2012 is very much where Leo was circa 1999. Would Leo be able to handle seeing some version of that again with some other dude? Would Leo go along with it knowing that Rob could probably pull in the crème de le crème of ladies? Well, it’s not like Leo is really hurting there. He goes from one supermodel to the next, and I could see him preaching his “How To Date A String of Supermodels” philosophy to Rob. But… I’m just not sure Rob would be down for it? We’ll see.

Hilariously, In Touch Weekly claims that Leo has given up his P-ssy Posse ways… for his girlfriend Erin Heatherton. Because why not? In Touch says that Leo and Erin have moved in together (in his NYC apartment) and “He’s told her he’s more serious about marriage and finally settling down. He’s even told her she’s the one.” But that was before he realized how many young women he could pull with Robert Pattinson at his side.

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  1. Birdie says:

    Lol, Leo settling down with that Erin model? She is the rebound for Blake and well.. it’s LEO. He is basicly the next Jack Nicholson in my mind. I don’t see Robert being down for that. He seems.. too nice.

  2. beyonce's bump says:

    I am not saying everyone should be married by 35 etc, but I kind of find it really sad when I see all these older men who keep continuing to live the party lifestyle that would have been cool in their 20s/early-mid 30s. I just feel bad for Leo these days. I am sure he don’t mind/care tho!

    • Phaedra says:

      My thoughts exactly. My colleague is 40, never married and doesn’t have children. He just broke off with his girlfriend of 5 years and I feel so sad for him. I always wonder how people who don’t have a wife/husband and/or children will look in 30 years in a retirement home. All alone with no one to visit them.

      Does that make me a mean person to think people with no one are lonely?

      • Eleonor says:

        Having a family doesn’t imply having a good life once you become old.
        Saddenly retirement home are often full of old people with families who never go to see them.

      • Lin234 says:

        Just because people marry and have kids doesn’t guarantee that they won’t be lonely in the future.

        Spouses die, get divorced etc. and I’m willing to bet a good majority of people in nursing homes have children who rarely visit.

        If your co-worker is smart enough to save enough of his paycheck, he’ll be able to retire in a nice community with plenty of activities.

      • Mia 4S says:

        You would be surprised. The seniors on their own seem to have the most time to cultivate multiple friendships and engage in the community. Sadly the far more common one I’ve seen is one spouse dies and the other is neglected or ignored by the kids. Never get married simply because you don’t want to be alone, you may end up very disappointed.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ BB-Not sure how old you are but at 33, I see the scenario you described a LOT and it depresses me. I have a friend who is going to be turning 30 in a couple months and he just has NOTHING going on, both personally and professionally. I mean, he pulls a lot of tail but at the end of the day, I just feel sorry for him since he is lacking in any real, adult relationship.

        I told him the other day that unless he wants to die alone, at some point it has to stop being about him ALL the time. Leo and men like him strike me as so incredibly self-serving.

      • DelilahJ says:

        I’ve been divorced for ten years and I always feel sorry for all the miserable families I see. Maybe I will be alone when old, senile and in a nursing home but at least I’m not spending my prime years fighting over bullsh*t and being unhappy.

      • linlin says:

        My great aunt never married and I can tell you she’s far from lonely. Instead of her children visiting her nephews and greatnieces and nephews are visiting as well as her many friends. Not having married and children doesn’t mean not having a family and not having a (blood) family doesn’t mean not having a support system. On the other hand there are plenty of people with children that are lonely.
        Not marrying is not the same as a dude who while old still wants the party lifestyle.

      • CooCooCatchoo says:

        I think there’s something to be said about waiting for the right person to come along. Not Miss or Mr “Right Now” but the RIGHT one. No one should settle – I think these guys are at a disadvantage because they can never be sure if a girl likes them for their money and fame only. The right person will feel like a thunderbolt. It’ll feel natural, organic. I rushed into my first marriage because I was almost 30 and all of my friends were getting married. That was a disaster. Met my 2nd husband quite unexpectantly when neither of us were looking. Thunderbolt. Love of my life :)

      • andrea says:

        I think you’d be surprised how many people over 35 are happily single. Some people just aren’t as obsessed (for lack of a better word) with finding “someone” or starting a family. Alone doesn’t necessarily mean lonely. Both my older siblings are over 35 and unmarried, and both just happen to not be dating anyone serious right now. Trust me, they’re quite happy. My older sister works for a charity organization that has her moving to different parts of the world every few years, which I think is one of the reasons she’s never really wanted to “settle down,” and she is the most fulfilled person I know.

      • Issa says:

        Those retirement homes are full of people with children. Everyone got married during our grandparents and great grand parent generations. So those people sitting in homes are mothers, fathers, and once spouses. Don’t think its filled with life-long singles because the older generations didn’t remain single. I know a life-long single woman, now 70, that moved to Africa and began an orphanage. She is now surrounded by lots of children, friends, and is living her golden years with adventure. Sometimes ending up alone isn’t such a bad thing, it can make your world very big, open, and with many options.

    • couldn't help it says:

      I think the sad part is seeing an “old guy” still at the bars/clubs trying to act like he’s still 22. It just makes him look desperate & creepy.

  3. original almond says:

    And yet, I wouldn’t touch either of them with a ten foot pole.

  4. ewww says:

    InTouch and National Enquirer… Sure I will believe anything that comes from those two mags. LOL! Just the fact that InTouch claims to know what Leo ( the private ) told Erin is hilarious! It seems like inventing stories will never go out of fashion!

    • BB says:

      the thing I don’t undestand is what some mags want him to settle down every time he has a new girlfriend, ridiculous

      • ewww says:

        I know! It`s Leonardo Dicaprio and every time he starts dating someone new within just months there are engagement and settling down rumors. I mean who believes these stories? If they move in and he is ready to settle down it`s not gonna be InTouch, Life&Style, Star or National Enquirer that breaks the story!

      • CC says:

        Lol eriously, i think it’s pretty clear that he’s not looking for someone to settle down. He keeps choosing his model-type, but let’s face it….they’re pieces of a$$. He seems the type that would only settle down with someone his mother would approve. And mothers aren’t too fond of models, they won’t feed or take care of their boys properly (I know how bad it sounds, but it’s amazing how many mothers desire this for their sons, and change their tune for their daughters, their children, male or female are to be taken care of by their partner, always).

  5. phaksi says:

    The only name I recognised was Tobey Maquire. Who are the other people?

  6. really says:

    Great photo. I had no idea Pattinson had such a great smile.

  7. eric says:

    They’re gonna make a great couple, RP is Gay and Leo swings both ways.

  8. Mia 4S says:

    Oh my god no, they’d eat him alive! I have no problem with the party lifestyle as long as there are no kids you are neglecting, but I think this bunch may be a but much for Sparkles. Still, I don’t see Sparkles ever eclipsing (heh) Leo, so he could probably get admitted.

  9. Hautie says:

    Nice to see our favorite fat doughy frat boy is still out there… with his p*ssy posse.

    Which lets be real. None of them are pulling the quality they once could.

    So now they have had to resort to bringing in a ringer, Pattinson, to lure the hot girls over to the table at the club.

    Poor Leo. Maybe if he took a shower daily and used deodorant. He would not have to resort to using a nice younger guy to pull his new tail. Man, that has to hurt not to be the “it” guy anymore.

    • heisenberg says:

      LOL ridiculous. They get the complete same quality. You think hot girls and women have no interest in partying (and whatever) with generous celebrities because they are over 30? In which fucking world? If anything Rob would be a little more competition, but really, nothing to worry about.

  10. Gigi says:

    Am I the only one who think RP isn’t attractive AT ALL? He looks like some old dirty smelly lumberjack

    • dee says:

      You are not alone. I’ve said this before but he’s got the kind of looks that are not inconsistent with a developmental disabilty. I know he doesn’t have one but humans are hard wired to be attracted to healthy individuals who will provide healthy offspring and to me this guy is, while not ugly, sexually repulsive. Plainly other folks see him differently

  11. tracking says:

    The word that comes to mind when I think of Leo is “callow.”. He seems like he has the emotional maturity and depth of a flea. Which is why I find him so boring onscreen. While I’m not a Twihard, Rob P seems quite lovely.

    • Ann Emmess says:

      What’s weird? Leo gave fantastic interviews in the pre-Titanic days. MovieLine ran several with him, very young, and he seemed memorable and likable in a “next big thing” way.

      Then once he was the Big Thing, it’s like all that likability dropped down a hole. I don’t know why he didn’t hang onto it.

  12. eric says:

    If anyone wants to join this Pu–Gang Leo favorite hangout is Goal Bar.
    I agree PR only looks good at certain angles, in the last shot of Bel Ami when he walks out of the church he looks like a male model, but for the rest of the movie he looked pretty plain.

  13. I.want.shoes says:

    Oh, please. This story is such BS. For one thing, Leo would never admit anyone into his Posse that is a big star. RP would be too much competition. He prefers to hang out with no name losers who worship him. And date interchangeable girls who will never upstage him.

  14. I.want.shoes says:

    On a different note, Leo hasn’t changed his hair style since he was a kid, has he?

  15. Eleonor says:

    I call this bullshit, but I think Leo sees a lot of himself in Robert.
    To me Robert doesn’t seem a guy who wants to party and go from a supermodel to another one, otherwise his team would have just provided him some random hookups, with a VS model.
    In the early 90′s Leo was the hottest thing on earth, even if he wasn’t my cup of tea back then; now at his very best he can be charming. I think Robert is going to age better than Leo.

  16. Nessa says:

    Anyone that has seen pictures of Leo with Erin knows she isn’t even remotely interesting to him. He finds her as boring as we all do.

    Leo just isn’t the settling down type. It’s not going to happen, at least not while he is still able to pull the young hot models. Maybe in 10-12 years when he loses the aesthetic. He is still on top of Hollywood at moment, too. No way he gives up all that p*ssy now. Especially when he has women that allow him to do whatever he wants to be the public slam piece, I mean girlfriend.

  17. Helvetica says:

    Oh please. I can’t see Leo ‘recruiting’ friends at all. He sticks to his same crew, the ones who know him best and has for a long time.

    Nonetheless, Rob should totally get out there and start dating tons of girls. Why not?

  18. marie says:

    well, that just upped the douche factor.. and I OBJECT, out of all the guys you named as the ‘originals’ or ‘O.P.P.’ (hey, look at that) none of them are attractive..

    story might be true, but in my gossip mind Leo is totally mean-girling Rob, calling him Sparklepire behind his back..(still too early to come up with a better name)

  19. aquarius64 says:

    Pratically every entertainment outlet is acting like dating services and matchmakers for Pattinson. I think the word is out in Hollywood proper that Robsten is done. The Twi-hards are probably having a cow that people are eager to pair him up with someone so soon, but Stewart must be taking this the worst. She must feel everyone has discarded her, but she only has herself to blame.

  20. hoya_chick says:

    This makes Leo sound pathetic. He is almost 40. Time to grow up and stop living like a frat boy. Not everyone has to get married and have kids but at some point you are the old guy at the party and it’s kinda sad. Also, who are those other people? I don’t recognize any of those names….you’d think he’d give his partners in p-ssy crime a career boost and throw some work their way. Guess not. I don’t think Rob will have any trouble hooking up or finding a girl, he has amazing hair and girls will line up to be the one who helps heal his broken heart. Barf.

    Oh, isn’t that the Ben Affleck movie with that other douche whose name escapes me about gambling?

  21. Anna says:

    I call total bullsh*t on this story. As if Leo would be caught dead with what he considers a Twilight franchise loser. And as if he told the tenth 20 year old VS model that she was “the one”.

  22. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    I hope Rob is better than that.

  23. Dani says:

    As fake as this story is, I can totally see Leo, Rob and possibly Leo’s best friend Emile Hirsch hanging out. Like frat boys. Where’s my invite??

  24. andy says:

    This story was already discovered to be false YESTERDAY. Good reporting.

  25. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Ooooooh! It would be awesome if Rob joins in!

  26. Mary says:

    Robert Pattinson and Bar Refaeli will be the perfect couple!

  27. carly says:

    nah, Rob wouldn’t do that, i don’t see him in a another relationship for a while, or he could go back to Kristen

    It will be intersting who starts dating first, actor or non-actor???

  28. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I just wish Rob gets some Super Model like Gisele Bundchen. :D

  29. Welldun says:

    Hmm, I still think it’s the penis posse for Leo…

  30. lola says:

    don’t follow leo’s path rob! Your face will get bloated and you’ll get weird man boobs!

  31. geekychick says:

    I think Pattinson is above that.
    And, yeah, right!-on that hilarious story that DiCaprio is in a commited relationship. ;)

  32. kellyinseattle says:

    Leo reminds me of a four year old, his face

  33. MerryHappy says:

    There’s something so sinister about all of that after reading the p-posse article. Like leo wants to groom RP to be an emotionally-abusive pseudo-rapist.

  34. mimi says:

    I don’t know how Leo is in real life, if he a closeted gay or has issues with women or what have you, but I for one would think that it could be a nice gesture for a guy to invite someone who is in pain (if this is not a PR thing) and to cheer him up.

  35. Kate (newer one) says:

    I think the tabloid writers have an alphabetical list of A-list stars, and they’re sticking pins in it to decide who next to embroil in this saga.

  36. Amanda G says:

    I just can’t picture Rob hitting on a girl and trying to be seductive. I think he has a GREAT personality, but no “moves” to go along with it. Look how he was in Twilight with his own girlfriend. All those scenes were AWKWARD.

  37. Kosmos says:

    Rob seems to me like he would want a good, stable relationship, despite his young age. I would be surprised if he went on the prowl for random women. I see him more as maybe dating some nice women to see if there is ultimate chemistry. Just because of the scandal, I don’t see him trying to get revenge by going after the rif-raf…women throw themselves at him constantly. Leo, on the other hand, reminds me of a man who never grew up and does just want to play around FOREVER…may seem kind of the life to some, but also I see this as empty.

  38. Sam says:

    I’d jump on Leo 100 times before I’d touch Rob. Leo’s a talented actor and well, he’s freaking Leonardo DiCaprio. R Pattz’s acting range isn’t.. Good? And he’s famous for playing a sparkly vampire. I don’t think Leo has anything to worry about.. At least if he wants me ;)

  39. khaveman says:

    Why not. Kristen was photographed with a man in a CAR. He needs to move way past her. Go for it.

  40. logan says:

    Give me a break, if that wimp Pattinson could keep a woman satisfied, Kristen wouldn’t have gone looking for a real man. Ashely Green practically outed him.

  41. another nina says:

    Hmmm, speaking of models — it’s not such news imo. Sparkle actually has been dating models since he was 17. His first serious relationships was an international swim suit model, several years older than him. And he was looking for models, when he arrived in LA. And he is not above short flings as well…
    I doubt Leo would hang out with Sparkles though…

  42. Joe Shmoe says:

    In the last pic, it looks like Leo has a coke booger up in nostril.