Star: Natalie Portman doesn’t want any more babies, does want more wine

Natalie Portman allegedly does not want to have another baby. Scandal!!! Except not really. You know what’s weird? Except for the timing of Natalie Portman’s pregnancy, I don’t really remember her pregnancy as being that big of a deal. I mean, yes, there were those sketchy paternity rumors – which seem to have grown since people insist there’s a resemblance between Aleph and Darren Aronofsky. And of course the simple fact of the pregnancy and sudden engagement announcement was an interesting, and solid gossip story. But I don’t remember her actual pregnancy being that controversial. She seemingly conceived with ease (maybe even accidentally), she gave up veganism while pregnant, and she managed to look lovely and stylish throughout the awards season. She didn’t gain “too much” weight, nor did she gain “too little”. If anything, her pregnancy hormones seemed to make her a nicer, more emotional person, more prone to gushing and happy-tears. So why the “I don’t want another baby” drama?

Natalie Portman was probably the best looking pregnant woman on the planet, but that doesn’t mean she wants to do it again! Portman, 31, told an old college friend that she’s happy with having just one – her son, Aleph, 13 months.

“She still complains about how crazy she was during pregnancy,” the friend says. “She couldn’t wait to get back to her normal routine and diet, which includes two glasses of wine at the end of the day!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

It’s her body, her choice, and sometimes mama needs her wine. For an actress of Natalie’s caliber, I would imagine she’s got projects lined up for the next two years and she simply couldn’t fit in the time for another pregnancy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I do think she’ll probably want another baby when Aleph gets a bit older, though, don’t you?

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  1. Eleonor says:

    Usually I don’t like Natalie that much, but this time I’m with her.
    She has experienced one pregnancy, and she’s decided it was enough. If she doesn’t want to go through another one it’s her right.

  2. Phaedra says:

    He’s so cute. And she’s so beautiful!

    I don’t really care if she gets more children. The only thing I really care is if she can give the child everything it deserves (attention, love, shelter, food that kind of things). And by the looks of it, she gives Aleph everything he needs.

  3. CamColty says:

    Her son is too young to be thinking about having more anyway! Get your sleep back, and let your body heal

  4. Mia 4S says:

    She was an only child and may have liked that…really not seeing the scandal here.

    • Ellen says:

      I think she even said that she wouldn’t have been able to pursue her acting career in her teens if her parents had had more than one child. She seems very positive about the single-child experience all around so it makes sense that she’d continue.

      But this feels like a day full of stories that COUlD be true but could also be made up by anyone with even a minor in celebrity studies. A woman who’s openly praised her experience as an only child doesn’t want more than one children. Leo wants to add Rob to his posse. Jen wants to protect her fortune. Kristen is strung out post break-up. I know there’s a lot of talk about PR people planting things to work an angle but isn’t it just as likely that editors are filling column space with 80% of what they publish?

  5. Lindy says:

    She usually annoys me to no end, esp. in interviews where she so often comes across as clueless and pretentious. But I kind of love the pictures of here you have here–taking a walk just after showering, hair still wet. And her kid wiggling out of her arms and fussing while she’s juggling stuff at the airport. It really sort of feels like a “stars, they’re just like us!” set of pictures.

  6. dlc says:

    No scandal there, moving on along…

  7. Boo says:

    Yeah, Nat and Aleph look way more like normal, “this fussy baby is making me nuts” people than the darling and ever smiling bundle of unreasonable cuteness Finn Kerr Bloom and his sailing-through-life-on-a-beautiful-cloud mother.

  8. Al says:

    Her choice, not everyone wants a big family. What’s the big deal?

  9. cody says:

    I know a lot of couples who have said they only want one child and that is all they had and there a couples who announce that they are going to have 3 children and they have 3. To each his own.

  10. Helvetica says:

    That baby is cute! I had never seen pics of him before.

    If she knows what she wants, there is nothing wrong with that.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    My cousin said the same thing when her baby around a year old. Y’know, one is enough — however, once her son started prek and she realized he was one of the only kids around plus she forgot all those sleepless baby nights — she now wants another one! (The same thing happened to Tina Fey, too).

  12. Jade says:

    Eh babies are so overrated. Having copious amounts of wine is so much better!

  13. hoya_chick says:

    He is sooooo cute even when he is crying. He is definitely one of the more adorable celeb kids.

  14. Starsky says:

    I don’t have kids, but I have a cat with liver disease at the moment and I have to get up every 3 hours to feed him until he is better. And I’m so exhausted I feel like a zombie for it. So I have no idea how you mothers do it for that first year and then some. Good on Natalie for making the decision that is best for her. Although to be fair, life as an only child isn’t so fun because you get used to being the center of attention (hard lesson to unlearn) and when you get older and realize your kids won’t have uncles/aunts/cousins growing up.

    • mayamae says:

      Yes, that is tough. But as an only child myself I have to say the advantages way out weigh the detriments.

      In my case, you get 100% of your parents’ attention, your friends can always come over and spend the night, you usually get to take a friend with you on vacation, you get lessons in everything (ballet,tap,piano,clarinet), often a say along with your parents in family decisions, you have nicer toys and clothes than most of your friends. You tend to be more mature because you spend a lot of time with adults, you have learned to entertain yourself easily,and some studies claim onlies are smarter and more successfull.

      Tradeoff – You’re lonely sometimes, no siblings so no nieces/nephews. Sharing can be difficult at times – especially sharing my mom’s time (and I’m an adult!). I would have killed for a sister, but my luck I would have gotten a brother.

  15. Jill says:

    Is it just me or is Portman’s casual style since having her baby a lot like Jennifer Garners? Not a criticism. I have two little ones and I’m in a tshirt, shorts and flip flops any day over 70 degrees, so I’m clearly no fashion plate. I just noticed that in the pics in this article.

    And good for them for patiently waiting in line at the airport with a ticked off little one like everyone else. She didn’t pull the celebrity card to get quicker service and that makes me like her more.

    Does she have spit up on her knee in that last pic? Yeah, I can see her wanting to wait a while to have another kid, if at all. The first year with the first one is a bit overhwelming at (many) times.

  16. carrie says:

    i think her pregnancy wasn’t easy and stressful(she’s tiny , she did a big baby and an Oscar campaign in same time) but i don’t see where is the trouble? they only want one kid .Why not !
    (i don’t believe their kid is Aronofky’s son)

  17. DD says:

    Good. She shouldn’t breed. She’s annoying.

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    Yes, babies are THE celeb accessory right now, but they do tend to put a crimp in one’s lifestyle. (That was both sarcastic AND honest.)

    Aleph is such a cute little guy, but boy! Does he ever have a serious face for such a little one.

  19. Nessa says:

    Meh. Boring girl, boring story. If she is a good mom to her one child, that’s all that should matter. It isn’t how many kids you have that’s important, it’s how you raise those kids and teach them to love and respect themselves and others.

  20. marie says:

    He is a cute baby, if she only wants one then what’s the big deal.. Aleph look like the kid from James and the Giant Peach, those little pinchable cheeks..

  21. Tiffany says:

    This story from Star did not shock me…no, the fact that she married Centipied did. I really thought that they would be engaged forever and just quietly break up. Is that terrible of me to think that?

  22. jacquie109 says:

    I like that she only wants to have one. Theres nothing wrong with bigger families although too big is a burden not just on the parents. People used to have a lot of children to help with house/farm work and also because disease took away a lot of kids. Now that the world isn’t like it used to be people really need to think about pairing down on the kids. We aren’t really leaving many resources for generation 500 to 1000 years from now and people don’t seem too concerned with that.

  23. LaTiDa says:

    I did not know there was gossip about the paternity of Aleph. He appears to have blue eyes and Natalie has brown/hazel, anyone know the eyecolor of the two prospective dads’?

  24. RHONYC says:

    “…which includes two glasses of wine at the end of the day!”

    amateur. :lol: ;-) :-P

  25. vic says:

    Aleph looks like NP’s ginger father.

  26. Gia says:

    Also as a mother of a 13 month old I can agree that the though of having another it’s totally overwhelming. Big time life change and at this point it’s just calming down and becoming a little easier (I say that lightly)…I am doing it anyways though. Time isn’t really on my side as I’m pushing 35…

  27. Lolitalola says:

    Why is that supposed to be news, anyway ? This is as boringly interesting as she is.
    Maybe she doesn’t want more kids because she knows she will divorce her K-Fed ? Or will he drop her ?
    Whatever, I still don’t buy her being a mom. No offense to all the lovely and strong young mothers on the planet but Natalie Portman just looks like a 12 year-old who recently gave birth.

  28. sup says:

    i agree kaiser. i do think she’ll want more when this baby grows up.

  29. wilkiecollins says:

    No opinion on the baby front to each their own. But I do like NP’s casual style easy to replicate for the frugal shopper.

  30. j.eyre says:

    She may be talking about the pregnancy itself. People joke about pregnant women with their “baby brains” and it is funny; but if you are a Type A personality, it is quite disconcerting. I would forget everything, lose my train of thought mid-sentence and it was terribly frustrating for me. I think Natalie is fairly driven and has a large amount of control of herself – right or wrong, the feeling of losing that control is, in some ways, terrifying.

  31. bluhare says:

    That baby has the best baby-grumpy-face of all time!

  32. Kellie says:

    I have one child, he’s 9. I knew when I was pregnant he would be an only child. Children are “wants” not needs.

  33. Scarlet Vixen says:

    She may change her mind, ya never know. I always said I wanted 4, but for 2 years after having my son I said I only wanted 1 after all. Then my body started telling me I wanted another baby, hence my daughter. LoL I’m DEFINITELY done after #3 tho-I’m getting too old for this.

  34. mimi says:

    She was an only child and had a good experience as such.

    Plus, her child is just a baby and so young. She has many many years to think about it if she wants another.

    I do appreciate how she understands how demanding and how much you need to give (attention, care etc.) to be a parent and therefore, knows her limits and makes sure she can give all needed to her child instead of habing more children and not being able to give all she can.

  35. B says:

    Maybe she’ll change her mind later after her kid has grown up a bit and she’s able to relax again, or maybe she just genuinely only wants one child. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I don’t understand why there’s pressure to keep cranking out babies. Some people want zero, some people want one, some people want an army of kids. Nobody is more right or more wrong. Just do what you want.

  36. Brou ha ha says:

    I kind of like the idea of Aleph as an only child. She seems like the kind of disciplined, hyperinvolved parent I would stay away from, but I admire her for recognizing her limits and giving Aleph the love and attention he needs right now.

  37. Amanda_M87 says:

    Who cares. She might change her mind later on or she might not.

  38. TTT says:

    Is she still defending Roman Polanski?

  39. Moi says:

    I love that ginger baby! I also agree, sometimes mama needs her wine. :)

  40. Andrea says:

    I’m an only child and want zero kids. My animals are my babies. I get so much grief for being 31 and not having any, like I am missing out and my life won’t be complete. Funny thing is, everyone I know with kids, especially more than two, are grossly in debt, one woman I know with 4 kids is 100k in credit card debt! Ridiculous! I’d much rather have a car and a roof over my head then worry when the creditors are taking away my house and car. It also is an awful way to raise kids (them seem to perpetuate the debt cycle).

  41. justsayin says:

    Darren Aronofsky makes ugly babies.

  42. Jennifer says:’s funny, when my daughter was a newborn, my inlaws (my MIL specifically) started right in on me about when I was going to start trying for another. And actually, it was a common theme. “Oh, what a cute baby!! How many are you planning to have?” When people get the baby rabies, they ask all sorts of questions you never thought of. In fact, it continued for about 3 years when people finally seemed to give up. Yes I shut them down all the time, didn’t stop the next random from popping up and asking…except then it was “Oh, she’s adorable! So are you going to give her a little bro/sis to play with?” (My bedroom >> NOT your business people).

    Sorry for the tangent- she may be putting that out there so people stop asking her questions that are none of their damn business.

    • orion70 says:

      lol@ “baby rabies”.

      I agree that it’s really not people’s place to dig into your baby-making business, or lack thereof. Besides, who knows when you may be hitting a nerve with someone privately suffering infertility or a miscarriage.

      I know people who had very difficult pregnancies, and one was more than enough for them. They didn’t change their minds. And good for them, because you shouldn’t have babies because everyone else wants them. And maybe you just want to keep more of yourself, no biggie.

  43. Ravensdaughter says:

    The stroller in the last pick-office chair? Who makes it? My kids are 10 and 12 now, and I still have traumatic traveling with stroller memories.

  44. Marta says:

    Natalie Portman looking more and more like Glen Close.Creepy.