Tom Brady, VMAN: “I’m not really concerned with portraying this tough warrior”

I wish I could accurately describe the mix of emotions I felt upon seeing Tom Brady’s VMAN Magazine photo shoot. At first, I was just looking at Brady and I thought, “This might be the best he’s ever looked.” I’ve never been interested in Brady as far as looks (or anything else, really). I usually don’t go for the pretty ones, and I rarely go for athletes, so it’s surprising that I find myself attracted to Tom at this late date. I still think he’s too pretty (for me). But his sex appeal is definitely growing.

But… as I really looked through these photos, I became increasingly disturbed by the use of the Doberman. I love all dogs – and I’ve known some really sweet, crazy-smart Dobermans. Like Pit Bulls, Dobermans get a bad rap because of their owners. And while I’m sure this particular Doberman was a trained puppy, simply “performing” for the cameras, it still bothers me that this kind of dog-on-man violence is used for a photo shoot. I guess the photographer (Mario Testino) could argue that the dog-on-man stuff makes the photo shoot so “compelling”. But I think it promotes the image of Dobermans as violent and temperamental.

Anyway, here are some highlights from Brady’s VMAN piece:

There are plenty of hugs and kisses to go around in the Bundchen-Brady household. During a Carine Roitfeld-styled, Mario Testino-photographed shoot with VMAN (their fall issue hits stands August 23), Tom Brady opens up about not being afraid to show off his softer side — especially when he’s hanging out at home with wife Gisele Bundchen and his sons, Jack (with ex-Bridget Moynahan) and Benjamin.

Brady says he grew up in “an environment where people weren’t afraid to express how they really felt or express their emotions,” he tells the mag. “I’m very blessed to be able to do that because with my two boys — I kiss them a thousand times a day. My wife and I are very affectionate, it’s just part of our nature.”

Even though he makes his living in one of the most macho industries there is, “I’m not really concerned with portraying this tough warrior,” he explains. “I mean, that’s part of my job and I take that very seriously. But I don’t have anything to hide and I’m not concerned with what people think.”

Turns out the NFL star, 35, and his supermodel wife will soon have another family member to cover in kisses; as Us Weekly first reported in June, Bundchen is expecting her and Brady’s second child together.

“Yes, she is pregnant,” one source told Us at the time. “[She and Tom] are really happy!”

[From Us Weekly]

Last week, there were some really nice photos of Gisele, Jack and Benjamin visiting Tom at the Patriots training camp – you can see them here. Tom does seem very affectionate and “hands on” with his two sons, and I can see how Gisele is a part of that too. I think that’s good – it’s a great parenting style, to be very tactile and affectionate. That’s the way my mom was, whereas my father and I rarely even hugged (we showed affection through food). As it turns out, that’s what I’m like as an adult too – I’m not a very tactile, touchy-feely person. Still, I can admire that quality from afar.

Photos courtesy of VMAN.

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Kaiser-I love everything you said about the glorification of “dog violence”. My best friend has volunteered at the local ARL for many years and she loves Pits and always tells me amazing (and often sad) stories about them. They are a very misunderstood and largely mistreated breed. Same with Dobermans-my uncle always had one and they were very sweet and fun dogs.

    I love TB because I’m a Pats fan but I probably won’t revisit this post because I know everyone hates him and I hate reading all the negative comments.

    Go Pats! :)

  2. jamminatorr says:

    Urgggghh I hate Tom Brady so much. He’s so full of poop. I’m an Indy fan though so there’s some bias there.

    I agree with you about the Dobermans. They are such sweet and loyal dogs, and this shoot does nothing for their reputation.

  3. Arlene says:

    Sweet photos of him with his family. He seems like a very hands on father.

  4. Merritt says:

    I can’t stand Tom Brady. When I saw that interview with him crying about how glad he was that he got the call to play for the Patriots and didn’t have to sell insurance, it confirmed my opinion that he is a douche. I already thought he was a douche due to how he treated Bridget Moynahan.

    • Kevin says:

      If you sell insurance you are indeed a douche. Other than banks and the American government I can think of no organization more corrupt. (other than Tiny Tom’s group) Kaiser, I currently own an American Staffordshire (the pure breed form of pit) and have owned a Red Dobie. Loved both as much as humanly possible. With my Am-Staff I knew before I got him that he came with a lot more responsibility than any other dog I’ve owned. He’s always leashed and supervised when he’s out in my fenced yard. He’s a sweet heart but these dogs do have a stigma attached.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “If you sell insurance you are indeed a douche.”

        Um actually, no. People that sell insurance are just people trying to make a living like you, me or anyone else. It’s all well and good to hate insurance, till your house burns down or you get into a car accident.

      • sunmoonstars says:

        I think most people would agree that being part of a scam and a system that is set up to screw people over doesn’t really let you claim the moral high ground. “I was just following orders”, right? That’s why things never change!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh LAWD, I can’t even with you….

        I’ll give you my standard advice to angry & aggressive types-just light up a doob and RELAX. Life isn’t all that bad and (SURPRISE) not everyone is out to get you. I can’t imagine going through life with your mentality-it must be exhausting….smh…

        Having insurance just saved my friend 10K in medical bills after he suffered severe head trauma. Should the people that sold him his medical policy feel BAD about that?

        It’s like saying the cashiers that work at WalMart are responsible for WalMart’s rampant corruption. The argument is BEYOND silly and I could find a million more examples of people who work to make a paycheck and are NOT responsible for CEO’s misbehavior or industry corruption. What about the Nike factory workers? You’d probably blame them for working for Nike huh? (“they’re part of the problem, those slave workers!”)
        Joe Smith, the local insurance agent didn’t INVENT insurance, Joe Smith just wants to provide a house for his family.
        Now go light up, please. For all of our sake…

      • epiphany says:

        I’m amazed you can type on a keyboard, sitting way up there on your high horse.If you find the corporate fixtures of western capitalism so repugnant,
        the highly ethical and not-at-all corrupt People’s Republic of China is waiting for you. They also have insurance, but don’t worry, no one will sell it to you, as you will be ordered by the government to purchase it. They also have many dogs, but you will be so destitute you may have to eat one.

    • Dana says:

      Can’t stand Brady either. How he can think that annually receiving an new Audi in exchange for endorsing the Best Buddies charity is admirable? He regularly throws temper tantrums on the field when calls don’t go his way. Last season he cussed out a coach on the sideline who dared to correct him after Brady threw an interception. Brady’s right about not being a tough warrior though. That guy would have the balls tell his *itch wife to neither parade his kid around the paps naked nor denigrate his teammates in public.

  5. Maria says:

    I love Tom and Gisele together. I’m not a football fan but I love them as a couple and as parents!

  6. bella says:

    These photos are disappointing for me given that I’m a Brady fan. Exploiting animals in any form is disturbing and I’m trying to find the significance in showing Brady with what is meant to look like a violent dog. “Alpha Dog?” Is that the comparison? Then it should portray confidence and leadership – not violence or dominance. Fail!
    As for Brady…he’s a true gentleman, family man, kind and compassionate celebrity athlete. He is generous and giving of his time within the community. Just my 2 cents as a Bostonian.

  7. DavidBowie says:

    Yes, we know Tom Brady isn’t concerned about “portraying a tough warrior”. Google the picture of him going down a water slide. THAT is definitely NOT a tough warrior portrayal.

  8. Dibba says:

    Photos from magazine weird and not appealing to me at all.

  9. Phil says:

    I see no problem with it…it’s a trained dog obviously. Hell, I have pictures of my dog normally barking and he looks like the freaking devil lol. People get allll caught up in a tizzy about this, but then admit being entertained on the previous honey boo boo post…I’m all for NO animal abuse but people apparently care more about this than much more important things. Sure, ‘let’s let kstew kill herself with her diet, she’s a stupid whore’ but ‘oh no! A dog looks ferocious and has a bad image’ even it’s obvious it’s trained and there’s no abuse involved. Oh well my opinions, and I’m on pain meds from surgery so I probably will regret saying all of this lol

  10. Rux says:

    Kaiser, I would like to thank you for all that you said regarding the dog violence personfication and the fact that it’s not the breed of dogs but the owners. I have a pitbull mix and he is the sweetest, nicest, loyal, obedient, affectionate — I could go on. He would never hurt or bare his teeth to anyone. I can pick food out of his mouth without a tinge of fear. My mom has this little shit tsu and it is the nastiest, meanest, poor behaved dog ever. I lost count how many times he tried to bite me or did bite me. But this is all to my husband and I’s parenting style and my mother’s. My mom lets her dog get away with everything and caters OVERLY much to whatever he wants. Whereas my husband and I work on discipline and affection. My dog does not piss in my house when he is mad at me however my mom’s will piss all over the place if he does not get a treat when he wants it.

    • sunmoonstars says:

      I used to work at a vet and we saw a LOT of pit bulls. Every one of them was a delight, even if they had really trashy owners. They used to be nanny dogs back in the day, they are sweet and so loyal. Little dogs are often evil but the breeds we ALWAYS had trouble with (no exceptions) were Akitas and Chows. Now those are evil, horrid dogs and despite being a dog person I hate those breeds. But they never get the rap they deserve, sad to say. I wish I could have a pit, but when we move, it’s on!

      • Rux says:

        @sunmoonstars — My husband informed me of the Chows reputation but never heard about the Akitas. Thank you for informing about Pitbulls being Nanny dogs; I could certainly see that.

      • Liv says:

        Akitas and Chows are usually very focused on just one person and supposed to be pretty independent – definitely not family dogs.

        I agree that it’s mostly education (is that the right word for dogs? ;-) ) what defines the dog – but I also think that every breed has different characteristics, and if you can’t handle them or educate them right, they can be pretty much out of control. A dobermann is definitely not a dog for a person without knowledge.

        By the way, I don’t like the photos above – they support the image of the dobermann, being cruel and aggressive. This is the wrong message for certain people.

      • sunmoonstars says:

        Rux, Akitas are worse than Chows, if you can believe it! We always had to have the owner muzzle them and hold them down until they were sedated because they were so horrid. ALWAYS. If you look, there are a lot of cute pics from the turn of last century with kids and their pitbull nannies. Petey from the Little Rascals was a pit too, but I’m sure everyone already knew that. They are so sweet, it breaks my heart they have such an undeserved bad rap.

        Liv, yeah that’s what I’ve heard too. Didn’t make me like them any more though! And I agree about the pics, Dobermans are usually such sweet dogs, at least in my experience. I’m just so sick of violence in general, can’t people find something else to do? Violence and sex, it’s getting really played out and booooooring.

  11. Kiana says:

    Interesting photos. I like it. I’ve got to give the man props. He made it. A 6th round draft pick, and now he’s living the life…

    I wonder why he felt he had to address the affection angle? Was he being criticized for kissing his sons on the mouth?

  12. Puffy Scmuffy says:

    He’s a sweet guy. I’ve NEVER heard Brady make a malicious attack on anyone team-mates or otherwise no matter how many times he’s blasted.
    I know people who volunteered at Patriots and Jets training Camps, no one had a bad word to say about him.
    He reminds me of Beckham. Gorgeous face juxtaposed with a child like personality

    • bella says:

      Agreed. Tom has an impeccable reputation as a gentleman in Boston who is always supportive of his team and community. I have to DISAGREE though with the Beckham comparison. Tom is intelligent and well spoken. While I don’t have anything against Beckham, he doesn’t strike me as the brightest bulb.

  13. sunmoonstars says:

    Dislike him, hate his ugly obnoxious wife. Is it just me or does he look a little slow?

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      He’s one of the SMARTEST quarterbacks that exist.

      • sunmoonstars says:

        Yeah, he could be (I wouldn’t know) but he looks slow. I guess I dislike him because I hate his smug man-faced wife. How can someone so UGLY become a supermodel?? Even the less pretty supermodels are at least interesting looking or can be made beautiful with makeup…Gisele is just plain hideous and her smug sanctimonious drivel makes her even more ugly. I guess I thought he’d have to be stupid to be able to put up with that!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        ….not that you’re bitter about it or anything….

      • sunmoonstars says:

        How am I bitter exactly? Because I cannot understand how someone so ugly and insufferable is a supermodel? I’m mostly just insulted that they would hold someone so unfortunate-looking up as a standard of beauty. At least give us someone that isn’t the definition of a butterface!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        *SIGH* hasn’t the idea of beauty being a subjective perception been addressed AD NAUSEUM around here?

        I get that you think she’s ugly which is fine-your opinion-but she’s made millions based SOLELY on her appearance so clearly there are many that disagree with you.

        It’s almost like you think that by declaring over and over again that Giselle is ugly, it will automatically make it true or make every person here suddenly agree with you.

        Now if you want to critique her personality, that’s another story…

      • Ava says:

        What makes me laugh is yes, you are entitled to have an opinion on the way Gisele looks, yet her having an opinion makes her sanctimonious? As opposed to your opinionated and ‘ugly’ remarks?!? I’ve been following Gisele’s career since the year 1999- and she may not be conventionally beautiful but she is definitely unique and the real deal when it comes to models in high fashion. Anyway if you don’t get it, that’s too bad- Gisele is pregnant and still busy making millions despite being a ‘butterface!’

  14. Ally says:

    As an animal lover I find these pictures upsetting.

    I think him and his wife good looking in a very generic way. And I live in the UK so have no idea about sports in the US.

  15. sundaygal says:

    What’s upsetting is the fact that he looks like Perez Hilton on the cover.

  16. T.C. says:

    Not feeling these pictures at all. Don’t like the styling. Don’t like the dog violence.

  17. Ava says:

    It looks a bit contrived. I don’t think there is any animal cruelty involved. That’s a bit…silly to assume given how high profile it is. Dogs can be trained to do stuff you know!

  18. mimi says:

    He is acting dumb ever since he is with Gisele.
    Is he actually trying to convince us that “modeling is difficult and his wife is making it look easy”?


    While I don’t like the mother superior and annoying- and crude and masculine faced- Gisele, there is something nice in how he loves and supports her (if this is the case, I do not know how they share the responsibilities of raising the children)

  19. Abby says:

    Tom Brady looks REALLY hot in these photos. I think it’s the hair, and the tux.

    Looked at the family photos and they are precious! My husband just asked me if it’s like mommy porn, looking at male celebs with their babies. lol

  20. Kosmos says:

    Tom really seems like a good guy with a nice vibe. His wife I’ve followed for years, but I keep hearing reports that she is actually smug and not so nice to people, is that true? Too bad. As for her looks, she’s made millions, on body & face, but I have to agree that she doesn’t come off as beautiful in the face for some reason. It must feel awkward for Bridget Moynahan, the mother of Tom’s oldest boy, to share her child with Gisele & constantly hear about them. T & G’s home alone is fabulous & worth millions…

  21. Kosmos says:

    P.S. I’m not fan of the dog violence pics either…but Tom definitely looks fantastic.