Kathie Lee Gifford confirms that Taylor Swift crashed a Kennedy wedding

I can’t believe how much interest there is over Taylor Swift crashing a Kennedy wedding. I guess it’s not that surprising – it’s one of those genius stories that has everyone interested because it has an element for everyone. The purely gossip-lovers enjoy the story because we’ve been following Taylor Swift’s sudden summer romance with a high school Kennedy boy, and we’ve been uncomfortable the whole time. The political people are paying attention because it involves one of the most important political families in America. And the judgy, Miss Manners-types are interested in the story because it involves a self-involved celebrity stealing a bride’s thunder on her wedding day. They’ve even been discussing the story on Morning Joe, of all places.

So, what more is there to add? Either you believe the mother of the bride, Victoria Gifford Kennedy, who told the Boston Herald that she asked Swifty to leave, or you believe Swifty and her rep, who claimed that the bride was super-thrilled that Swifty crashed her wedding. Well, someone else has chimed in! And that person is perpetually-drunk Kathie Lee Gifford, who was actually AT the wedding:

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Am I alone in not really understanding who Kathie was related to? I think she’s related to somebody through marriage. Anyway, here’s the summary:

On Thursday Today show, Kathie Lee Gifford confirmed what the Boston Herald reported Wednesday: Conor Kennedy and his girlfriend Taylor Swift crashed the wedding of Victoria Gifford Kennedy in Boston last Saturday.

“The truth, because I was there,” Gifford said on television, “[is that] Vicki, [my husband] Frank’s daughter’s account of what happened in Boston is accurate.”

Kathie Lee, the step-grandmother of the bride, explained that Conor was invited to the wedding but failed to RSVP and, instead, texted the bride’s mother, Vicki Kennedy, right before the ceremony and asked to attend.

“He got in touch with her an hour earlier and said, basically, ‘Can I bring my girlfriend?’ ” Gifford explained. “[It was] a beautiful sit-down dinner that had been planned for months.”

Nevertheless, the pair showed up at the wedding, says Kathie Lee.

A source close to the bride and groom confirms the account, telling PEOPLE, “It was kind of weird, and the family felt like they couldn’t do anything.”

Still, says Gifford, Conor and Swift, whom she said was waiting in the hallway for her boyfriend, did eventually leave. “[Conor] came out and took [Swift] by the hand and they left,” said Kathie Lee. “So, I didn’t know there was any drama going on at the time.”

So, why were the two asked to leave? As Gifford’s Today co-host Hoda Kotb put it: “When Taylor Swift walks into your wedding, she gets all the attention and you’re chopped liver.”

Meanwhile, the source tells PEOPLE that Conor and Swift did return to dance at the reception. (“At that point [the bride and groom] didn’t care,” says the source.)

And Kathie Lee adds, perhaps the Grammy winning singer didn’t know she committed a faux pas.

“I’m not sure she didn’t know she wasn’t invited,” says Gifford.

Swift’s rep, Paula Erickson, told the Boston Herald that the singer was indeed invited to the wedding and “the bride thanked her profusely for being there.”

[From People]

Granted, Kathie Lee’s version is just repeating the mother of the bride’s version, but I like how People Mag got independent confirmation of what went down. It does make Swifty seem like an a—hole. Conor Kennedy too. As for why all of this is being aired publicly… I think there’s been a shift in how the Kennedy family sees Taylor Swift. There are divisions – which is nothing new. The Kennedys always disagree amongst themselves. I think there’s a pro-Swifty camp which is dwindling, and an anti-Swifty Kennedy camp which is growing. She simply moved in too fast, and she has provoked too much controversy too fast.

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  1. mln76 says:

    Taylor just seems downright demented. It’s not just the age difference (which if the genders were reversed wouldn’t be that big of a deal). It’s the fact that she’s literally stalking the family. She’s not just immature and clingy she’s totally loco.
    I can only imagine what kind of hellfire she’s going to spew when this boy finds another girl at school to play with.

  2. L says:

    Yup if you are gate crashing a wedding-there isn’t going to be a seat for you at the sit down dinner. Since no one planned for you to be there. Totally knew this was true once it was confirmed that they left after cocktail hour and returned for dancing (did they even show up for the ceremony?)

    Tacky, tacky tacky.

    • T.C. says:

      I said this yesterday that they only left because at a wedding dinner the seating is already set for the guests that RSVP ahead of time. They had no seats so they left but still didn’t get the hint and came back after dinner. It’s beyond rude. The mother of the bride straight up told Swifty to leave and she refused. 18 year old boys don’t care about weddings. MOST guys don’t want to go to weddings so sorry this screams ‘Taylor Swift’s idea to go observe a Kennedy weddin. She is 22 years old and should know better.

  3. Naye in VA says:

    Kathy is married to the father of the mother of the bride.

    Maybe Taylor didn’t know she wasn’t invited. But surely they had other things they could do besides stick around awkwardly after finding out they weren’t welcome. You can’t just walk in and expect a seat.

    • bella says:

      Yes, Kathy Lee is married to Frank Gifford who is the grandfather of the bride – the bride is his daughter’s daughter…his daughter Vickie Gifford is married to a Kennedy.

      All of this is creepy to me. The boy is too young for Swifty and she moved too quickly especially in buying a home on the Kennedy Compound. NUTS.

      And it was rude to show up to a black tie sit down without RSVPing and bringing another to boot.

      • Liza Jane says:

        Apparently she has not bought a house there,but she is a little lost girl who seems to crave love and an adoring boyfriend and has had to move backwards to a teenager to find this as her own age and older are too sophisticated for her romantic ideas of what love should be.She seems caught in a time warp,poor girl.I am sure this will not last the summer. She needs to grow her own identity,relax and eventually she will find someone who will be what she needs! Plus her parents are divorcing so she must be feeling rather lost right now and mistakes the Kennedy’s as some sort of shining example of a stable family!! Another heartbreak ahead for her! I do agree that she needs to grow up ! She should,as the older one in the relationship have told him that they should leave the wedding!

    • Esmom says:

      Holy age difference between Kathie Lee and Frank! I think I always knew that but when it’s put into those terms it seems harsher, lol.

  4. Lisa says:

    Kathy is married to Frank Gifford He is the grandfather of the bride.

  5. GiGi says:

    Victoria Gifford Kennedy ( outspoken mother of the bride) is Kathie Lee’s step-daughter. This is just the oddest story to me. Very bridezilla but it seems that the mother of the bride is the one who was upset and the actual bride didn’t really care.

    • Erinn says:

      Whoa whoa whoa, you think someone showing up uninvited to your wedding and people being upset is very bridezilla?

      I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous.

    • Lithe says:

      I don’t buy that the bride doesn’t care. I just think she was polite when she thanked Taylor for attending the wedding. I do think, though, that the MOB is out-spoken. I’m surprised a Kennedy would dish to the press like this.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Agree. At that point, seems the bride had just accepted what went down and by the time Taylor made her way over to say ‘hi,’ the bride was like ‘thanks.’ What else was she supposed to say? ‘Thanks for ruining the biggest day of my life’?

      • Erinn says:

        That’s my theory too. I think the poor woman was just trying to enjoy her wedding and wasn’t up for a bitch fight with Swifty. I think the mother was much more in protective mode, and had no problem telling the press about how disgusting Swift’s behavior was. Probably caught on to the ‘heehee I’m so adorable’ charade.

      • LAK says:

        Taylor Swift is already using this for publicity…..’the bride was super amped to meet ME’ or words to that effect.

        Nevermind the rudeness of gatecrashing a random stranger’s wedding. Dating a relative of the bridal party doesn’t give you automatic invite to family events.

        So whatever opinion on the MOB or step GOB, they are right to speak out to correct the story the famewhore in their midst is trying to spin to make themselves look super special.

      • holly hobby says:

        Maybe the Kennedys want to get rid of her as in they don’t want her to marry into the family. There was an article awhile back how Maria Shriver didn’t want Taylor to look up her son Patrick’s shorts (dating) so they basically discouraged her. Taylor did the next best thing, hit on the grieving cousin.

    • Maeglynnx says:

      As per strict wedding etiquette, however, it is the parents of the bride and groom (particularly the bride’s parents), rather than the bride and groom themselves, who are the actual hosts of a wedding. Traditional wedding invitations reflect this: “Mr. and Mrs. ______ request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter . . .” As such, the MOB would be within her rights to take issue with wedding crashers.

      The Kennedy family is dysfunction wrapped in promise and tragedy, but that doesn’t mean that Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift were not in the wrong. For Pete’s sake, this is a family that prides itself on occupying a particular social sphere. It’s ludicrous to believe that Conor Kennedy didn’t know the rules by which his family plays. If Swifty didn’t know, she should have attempted to find out. How difficult would it have been to RSVP or, failing that, to not do a reception drive-by?

      Understand, I’m not arguing that the social rules Conor and Swifty broke are sacred, universal, or carved in stone, merely that they exist for Conor’s family and that breaking them in such an obvious manner was not the best play for someone who might have dreams of joining the team.

  6. Amelia says:

    *goes to check pet bunny*
    ….S’all good. He’s fine. Not so sure about Swifty’s popularity, though.

  7. brin says:

    Ok, now this story jumped the shark.

  8. Tvcon says:

    She is too damn old for him in the first place. She’s 22 and he’s still in high school.

  9. snappyfish says:

    i want taylor’s purse – that is adorable.

  10. KellyinSeattle says:

    She won’t last amongst the pious Kennedys; she’s too trashy. They’re America’s Royalty. Maybe they could get a reality show. What would Jackie say? I wish all the Kennedys, though, good wishes as they’ve had so much trauma, they don’t need anymore. Am I the only one who is thinking, “what in the world is going on with Taylor’s lipstick?” Jackie would not approve!

    • Mac says:

      The Kennedy’s have a long history of ruthlessness. Taylor Swift should think about the type of people she’s involving herself with.

      Conor’s mother was recently illegally exhumed from the family plot, moved 700 feet and reburied in an unmarked grave.

      JFK’s sister Rosemary was lobotomized in order to eliminate the likelihood that she would embarass the family.

      Rosemary may not have been as brilliant as other members of her family, but she was a fully functioning person, kept a diary, had an active social life, attended balls, plays and operas, and was presented to both President Franklin D. Roosevelt and King George VI.

      Her father sought the lobotomy to cure what he called “moodiness,” fits of irritability and rebelliousness. There also appears to be some fear on her father’s part that she might embarrass the family during one of her many escapes from the convent where she was being educated and “cared for.”

      Well, Rosemary’s moodiness was cured. So was her ability to think coherently, speak and control her bowels.

      The operation reduced her to a babbling, infantile state. She was soon shipped to a residential institution in Wisconsin where she died many years later.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, as fascinating as they can be I don’t know that I’d wish them all that much goodwill. They’ve brought a lot of s^%* on themselves. Just one example…Ted Kennedy driving over a bridge and leaving his date to drown.

  11. Nibbi says:

    that silly little “aren’t i cute?” act this chick does is obnoxious and has been increasingly so for a while now.

    kathie lee’s eyes are too tight.

    i dig this story cuz i love when obnoxious rude entitled brats get a little comeuppance. it seems pretty clear that that is the situation.

    neither of these kids seem to have manners or education which is surprising given their “backgrounds”/ reputations.

    do feel bad for the couple, too. for years, this’ll be everyone’s memory of “their” special day.

    • Lithe says:

      I have to cut Conor some slack here because the boy recently lost his mother in a very tragic way. I can only imagine the toll that has taken on him. And before that happened, his parents were locked in a bitter divorce feud. So, I’m not surprised that Conor may not be thinking straight. And I do think given the circumstances, the MOB could’ve allowed him to attend by himself. “Please do not come” to your teenage nephew whose mom recently hanged herself is very cold.

      I can understand the family not wanting Swifty to attend. And it was rude of her to disregard their wishes. But again, I think Conor should’ve been allowed to attend on his own—and that the MOB shouldn’t be dishing to the press about her family.

      But MV.

  12. Oi says:

    Again, with the lame defenses of Swifty. She is not too young or too naive to use ignorance as an excuse. No way she didn’t know she wasn’t invited. Swift knows exactly how weddings work, and how you get into one. you never just show up. She knew she wasn’t invited. If Conor told her that it was ok and people wouldn’t mind, he lied to her and embarrassed her and if she knew that they were requested not to come she is guilty as sin. I think some past posters theory about her controlling Conor are on the money. It seems he wasn’t planning on attending (what 18 year old guy likes weddings?) and she convinced him to so she could make an appearance, or he decided to show up with her to show off. Either way, not a good situation. And I still doubt the bride was thrilled.

  13. yellowshaba says:

    I said this before and I got hated on like crazy, but ill say it again…there is something so off, so strange about taylor..I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is but honestly she gives me the creeps..all I can picture is her boiling a rabbit fatal attraction style

  14. Nibbi says:

    also, yah, it’s sketchy that a) she’s that much older than he is- when you’re that young, four years does make a lot of difference, and b) that he’s dealing with his mother’s very-recent suicide and a very high-profile romance with a superstar at the same time. both make her seem sort of, i dunno, predatorial, or something.

  15. Kristin says:

    Not to defend Swifty (because I hate, hate, hate her new song), but I’m not really sure Victoria Gifford Kennedy is exactly all that fond of the Kennedys. I think she was separated from Michael when he died in that skiing accident. Rumor has it the Kennedys are not super thrilled she blabbed to the Boston Herald about all this, especially in light of all the bad publicity surrounding Connor’s mother’s death.

  16. Po says:

    Even if you believe that Swifty didnt understand she wasn’t invited before she got there, when the mother of the bride asks you to leave YOU LEAVE. She’s not family and she barely knows these people. She dif however know that when she walked into that room all of the attention would be on her. She is so tacky.

  17. Nibbi says:

    also (whoa, i must be having a bad day, why am i feeling such ire? ;) her whole “i’m so fresh and young and sweet and cute and innocent and easily heartbroken” thing, and angling her way into the Kennedy clan, is just ick. does she really have that image, still, after dating that long string of douchey guys (john mayer??) at such a young age??

    cuz john mayer, ok. howwww many different strains of HPV must he have at this point? cuz damn.

    • Lithe says:

      You know, this used to bug me about Taylor Swift. But now I just feel sorry for her. I’m getting the impression now that she’s simply not that bright and that she is emotionally and socially immature with way too much money at her disposal. I hope for her sake that her handlers rein her in before she completely wrecks her reputation.

  18. This Just In says:

    Taylor Swift is creepy and desperate, and apparently so stunningly arrogant that it hasn’t occurred to her that the world is laughing at her.

  19. Skins says:

    To all of Taylor’s exes. Please, somebody write a song about her. Something along the lines of “Psycho Stalker”

  20. bea says:

    All I’m getting out of this is Conor Kennedy is rude and it’s stoopid to let a teenage boy make your social plans.

  21. kristiner says:

    I’m envisioning a Camelot themed CD coming 2013-2014. She’s going to have notebooks falling apart with lyrics. I see a crashed wedding themed music video, retro beachy videos filed around New England, presidential looking videos. Lana Del Rey National Anthem looking videos but Swifted and with every worst country lyrics and sounds.

  22. To be that big of a celebrity and not be conscious that you’re gonna steal a bride’s thunder on her one big day?
    Either Tay-tay is (at best) an unaware idiot or (at worst) a manipulative show-pony bitch.

    I have a friend who got married recently, and she ‘Pippa Middleton-ed’ herself. Meaning, I think her bridesmaids looked better than she did (and, oddly, her bridesmaids were also wearing long white dresses, just like Pippa!) I have always thought that I’m going to put my darling sister in a burlap sack on my big day, so that for once, I can be the pretty one (ha! Jokes sis, I promise!!)…

    Jesting aside, I think that the average person realizes that you don’t steal the bride’s thunder. Eg, first rule of Wedding Etiquette is don’t wear white. We all know that.
    Second rule should be don’t attend if you are more famous than the bride, unless she has explicitly invited you.
    Damn Tay-tay, you cray-cray…

  23. Cookie says:

    Taylor Swift is so annoying. And she’s not some amazing vocalist, either. I saw her sing live on some awards show and she was so off-tune and horrible. It was embarrassing. If she didn’t look like a supermodel she would not be this famous. The fact that a 22 year old woman is dating a boy still in high school is completely ridiculous, too.

  24. Janet says:

    Jesus please us, who would be tacky enough to crash a society wedding?

  25. Talie says:

    Does have girlfriends? It really doesn’t seem like it.

  26. IrishEyes says:

    Is she friends with Leann?!
    Swifty’s looking super shady these days…

  27. Nanz says:

    Taylor Swift CAN’T BELIEVE you don’t have a seat for HER. Her spots are showing.

  28. valleymiss says:

    Somewhere, Jake G., Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Kanye West, and John Mayer are sitting together laughing and high-fiving each other and asking, “So, do you think Taylor will write a song about THIS?”

  29. ZigZagZoey says:

    I think Taylor Weirdo Swift should be Tommy Boy’s new bride.
    Creepy enough combination?

  30. sweetpea says:

    Hold on everyone. Didn’t Conor’s mother just pass away like, 2 months ago? So he went to a family event without properly RSVP’ing? Something, surely his mother would have prompted him to do.. I’m sorry but this all seems a bit crazy to me to blame him.. Maybe he wanted to see his cousins and be at a big family gathering after such a traumatic summer… lets cut him a break. I kind of can’t believe his Aunt would tell him to leave a wedding after the summer he has had..

    • T.C. says:

      His Aunt’s problem was with Swifty grabbing attention from the bride-her daughter not Conor. She went up to Swifty and asked her to leave, she made a point to say it was Swifty she talked to about leaving not Conor. I don’t think she would have had a problem if Conor was there by himself. It’s the big celebrity that she and the bride didn’t want upstaging everything. People were asking for Taylor’s autograph! Besides you really think an 18 year old boy WANTS to attend a wedding (family or no family) if a parent or girlfriend didn’t push him into going? Boys don’t like weddings, that’s a girl thing. This was SWIFTY wanting to go to a wedding and using Conor as her ticket. Conor can see his cousins whenever he wants outside of a wedding.

    • Meg says:

      I don’t understand where his dad was in all of this? I mean for God’s sake, he’s still a kid. I was not thinking about RSVPs at that age because my parents would do this for me, why would he even have gotten an individual invitation? It’s all just so weird and messed up. Why isn’t anyone saying anything about his dad? Did he go to this wedding? It seems like he’s getting a free pass on his crappy parenting skills.

  31. Stormy says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is totally blown up?They were probably saying behind her back she should leave.Plus,he is 18,he wanted to take his girlfriend to a family members wedding,thats normal.Swifty is being “shifty”(hehe) but this incident isn’t that weird.I like her,I just think she is looking for a fairy tale,which god help her dumb ass with that family.

  32. Eleonor says:

    Kennedy or not, it was rude to crash a wedding. Stop.

  33. hateonit. says:

    lets get something straight. the girl can not sing. at all. she’s 22 years old going out with a kid still in high school. you can see where her mentality is still at. this reminds me of jlo and Casper the ultra friendly bf. taylor is annoying and facially she looks like a mouse. she’s clearly obsessed with them and that shows buying a house near the family home.

  34. dorothy says:

    I understand coming to the wedding and not knowing your boyfriend didn’t RSVP. But once you’ve been asked politley to leave, you go. You don’t hang around and make someone ask you AGAIN.

  35. KellyinSeattle says:

    KL: Does this outfit make me look old?
    FG: No, your face does.

  36. Paloma says:

    Maybe Taylor will fit right in with this family. :)
    What I want to know is Kathie Lee’s regimen for such a wrinkle- free face. You go, girl!

  37. Onyx XV says:

    It just sounds to me like Conor & Taylor exercised bad manners. He figured that it was his family, so it would be fine to just decide at the last minute to drop by the wedding. It is funny though how one report says they were asked to leave, and another says the bride was thrilled that Taylor was there. I mean, which is it? Pick one. Sounds like there’s some fiction going on in there somewhere.

    Also I don’t get what the big deal is with Taylor dating Conor. He’s not THAT much younger than her. I say BFD. I’m sure we can find more scandalous scandals out there than that…just sayin’…

  38. Katie says:

    Didn’t swiftly buy a house near his compound?! Or did I dream that up?

  39. Marla says:

    Kathy lee makes me shutter…that’s all I have.

  40. thatgirl says:

    Ok…I’ve been wondering about this. It was definitely rude for them to show up at the last minute without an RSVP, but when you plan a wedding, don’t you expect that? We had a sit-down dinner at my wedding and we were told by the caterers to plan for a certain number of “extra” dinners for people who didn’t RSVP and showed up anyway. I’m feeling like there’s something more to this other than just “there wasn’t enough food for them”.

  41. Luffy says:

    Kathie is the grandmother of the bride on her mothers side. The mother married one Kennedy or another.

  42. A says:

    Taylor behaved badly by not leaving when asked, but the mother of the bride made it even worse by blabbing to the press. Connor’s a moron kid whose Mom just died, so I’d cut him a little slack. However, when both showed up they should have left when asked.

  43. pwal says:

    I have a question… who goes to a wedding if you don’t have a horse in the race – or in other words – you don’t know and/or love either the bride or groom? Aside from going to funerals, going to weddings of people you don’t know can be an unpleasant and somewhat stressful situation. Couple that with just showing up uninvited… what was she thinking?

    I can take or leave weddings – personally, I’ve only been to three in my life, and two of them involved people I knew well and loved – those weddings were fun because of that. The other one was a waste of a Saturday, uncomfortable, couple with the fact that the couple had an elaborate wedding just to divorce a year later…

  44. jferber says:

    I agree, A. Even if this did happen, Victoria really blew it up by blabbing to the press. Her daughter’s privacy on her special day should be her priority, not sticking it to Taylor Swift via the press. Kennedy dirty laundry is FAR dirtier and sinister than anything Taylor is capable of doing. Victoria’s husband Michael was f-ing the baby sitter when the girl was 16. Big scandal and Kathie Lee defended Michael. To make it up, Michael sold Victoria some very lucrative property for $1. Ethel Kennedy was pushing Michael to play ski football the day he died by skiing into a tree. The ski patrol told them before it wasn’t safe to play this game without helmets, but they didn’t listen. Ethel’s relative Skakel killed a 15 year old neighbor girl by bashing her head in with a golf club and got away with it for YEARS. Actually, I’m afraid for Taylor. The Kennedys are pathological in protecting themselves at all costs and have not an iota of empathy for anyone else (Teddy Kennedy, anyone?) And I say this as a lifelong Democrat.

  45. Kate (newer one) says:

    His mother just killed herself, and he’s only 18. He needs someone to mother him, not someone to alienate him from some of his relatives.

    I thought it was a bit off until she bought the house. Now, I think it’s bunny boiler territory, and with a really vulnerable kid. It’s really unsettling and I have gone from no opinion on her (other than sympathy over Kanye’s idiocy) to a severe one. He’s in an incredibly vulnerable position, and if she is that into him she should damn well wait a couple of years and be his older friend until then.

    It wouldn’t be so bad were he not so recently and horrifically bereaved, and were she not so damn pushy over it all. As it is I just don’t think I will click on stories about her, as this situation is genuinely really upsetting. He needs his mom, not some girl in her twenties who doesn’t even know not to crash a wedding… or to buy the house next door to her teenage boycrush.

    • Patrice says:

      Co-Sign 1000% KATE :D Not only did the boy just lose him mom but it was to suicide (which is all the more painful and traumatic) but his parents were engaged in a vicious emotional/legal battle for months before her death (also an unbelievable strain) and now he’s also had to take on being the sole executor of her estate. That’s a hell of a lot for anyone to take on, much less an incoming high school senior. And contarty to what a lot of commentors on here seem to (falsely) believe, all of that that does not somehow equate “maturity”. It’s all so sad to me and I can’t believe that the media isn’t all over Swift for this…

      Just goes to show you the influentuial power of the Kennedy press/political machine. If Swift is made to look bad is all of this, surely so would Conor’s father. And rightly so I might add. Maybe focus a little more on your grieving kids and a little less on Cheryl Hines…Just sayin’

  46. JudyK says:

    Love your cover pic of Lip Licker…shows her in all her botoxed glory. Not a compliment.

  47. Lushus L. says:

    I read in a bride magazine that if someone doesn’t RSVP, you are supposed to call them up and find out if they are coming or not. I had to do this, actually. I wish Miss Manners would settle the whole mess. ;)

  48. Jaded says:

    They should have sat their skinny asses in a faraway corner with a ham sammich and diet coke. The nerve.

  49. Embee says:

    Wait a minute. The account told by Kathy Lee has them texting last-minute and showing up late. This means HE screwed up on RSVP-ing, checking on a +1, etc. That’s on him. Why is Swifty to blame?

    Also according to KL, Swifty was waiting in the hallway while Conor checked to see if it was alright. So how is that the bride’s mom telling her to leave directly?

    And their attending the ceremony and the dancing smacks of their being wlecomed but just havnig no place to seat them for the meal.

    Just a couple of kids with poor manners, but the onus was on him. I don’t get why Swifty is the one to blame? I don’t like her or her music but this just doesn’t make sense to me.

    As for the house: that’s frickin weird.

    • Aria says:

      She’s receiving all this hate for dating a younger guy (legal age). Some people are still kind of prudish regarding this matters.

      • Jax says:

        People are bashing her because she is coming off as a predator to this person who has gone through a lot lately. her outings with this family have been coming off as public photo ops for her. I would be pissed if I were the family and can understand if they feel embarrassing her in the press is the only way to get her to calm down on trying to ingratiate herself into the family so quickly.

    • T.C. says:

      Taylor Swift is not a kid, she is a 22 Year old woman who manages a multi-million dollar organization named Taylor Inc. Taylor’s presence caused a stir amongst the guest and they were told ahead of time NOT to show up. There were no seats at dinner for them because they weren’t expected. This is rude and entitled behavior. What are the chances that an 18 year old boy was the one who wanted to attend the wedding? How many men do you know who LIKE attending weddings? This has Swifty all over it.

  50. Patrice says:

    This chick is CLEARLY going through something (first the bolt ons-please no one even try to deny such and obvious surgery) then starting to date a boy In HIGH SCHOOL (doesn’t matter if he’s a senior for heaven’s sakes. He’s in high school!!), then buying a house on his family’s property (I live in MA and am very familiar with the area;her house in ON the Kennedy compound, not across the street as nationl media incorrectly reported) and now this.

    I predict an EPIC, Mariah Carey style breakdown as soon as Conor comes around dumps her *ss which, hopefully for his sake (she admitted that she was “obsessed with the Kennedy’s” to the press multiple times before she met or started hanging around them all a few months ago) will be much sooner rather than later…Conor, why??

  51. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    You all knew Tay-Cray was born out of her damned mind, now you just know you always knew that. That said, Lady Bracknell is a stone cold bitch if all she has to say for her seriously bereaved young relative is how he ruined some wedding to every damned news outlet that’ll hear her whine. Two grown-ass

  52. Patrice says:

    P.S. Remember all of those lonely walking by the pond picks in London that Taylor staged after Eddie Redmayne *allegedly* cut ties with her (after just a few days of hanging out) when she didn’t get the part in Les Mis? Kaiser covered that story and is was back then that I really started to think “This girl is the definition of CRAY”. I’m just glad her true colors are starting to show through more and more :)

    That fairy pricess bit is a studio sanctioned image just like Katy Perry, Lana Del ray and almost all pop stars have these days. Idk why everyone doesn’t see straight though that. T-Swift is a savvy business woman who knows where her bread is buttered.

    (I can’t believe so many people actually equate her with the preteen audience that is her target demographic…it’s so silly.)

  53. jwoolman says:

    The center of the storm seems to be the mother of the bride (MoB), backed up by her relative, the always tacky Kathie Lee Gifford. Back away from all your dislike of Taylor Swift for a minute and consider that MoB was rather peculiar and heartless first in texting an 18 year old relative (still in mourning) just not to come to a family wedding and then secondly being nasty enough to tell his girlfriend to leave (for the unconscionable sin of being more famous than that particular Kennedy, obviously she’s supposed to stay under a rock between gigs) instead of saying in the first place: “We’d love to see you, Conor, but can you amuse yourselves elsewhere during the dinner? We don’t have any extra room since it’s a sit-down dinner and we only planned for a certain number, it’s too late to add anyone. Oh, and ask Taylor to keep it very low-key to avoid distracting from the bride and groom”. See how easy that would be? Expecting an 18 year old and a 22 year old to automatically understand all this without explicit instructions is rather unrealistic. I can certainly see why the boy wouldn’t have felt comfortable coming by himself but wanted the support of his girlfriend, no matter how much y’all and MoB can’t stand her. He might be seeing people who haven’t seen him since before his mother died, and he might not want to have to deal with all the sympathy without a buffer. I also can see why he might not originally have wanted to go for such reasons but got his courage up when Taylor said she would go with him, hence the last minute decision.

    Somehow I think if the spur of the moment guest was some famous person MoB actually liked, MoB wouldn’t have been in such a snit. The very fact that MoB was so happy to spill her story to the media should raise all sorts of red flags about MoB’s odd behavior. Getting support from Kathie Lee should be the next tipoff that MoB’s behavior was odd. And regarding the cradle robbing concerns – good grief, Taylor is 22, not 52. Chill. She seems to be a comfort to him at the moment, and that’s not a bad thing. She’s a rich girl, born and raised, and ran in the same circles as the Kennedys anyway.

    • Lushus L. says:

      You make great points about how the Mother-in-law could have better handled the situation. Also, as someone further up the thread mentioned, the MOB should have left some wiggle room for unexpected guests. Even I know that. Let’s be real.

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      Finally, someone who’s making sense on this thread. I’ve read all the comments and am amazed at the lynching that is taking place. Connor Kennedy is a young man with little guidance trying to navigate the suicide of his mother. CUT THE BOY A BREAK! Taylor Swift may be famous, and apparently has a lot of haters, but she’s also a human being who was trying to support her boyfriend. There are a hundred better ways the MOB could have handled this matter.

      It’s obvious the MOB’s dislike for the older Kennedy’s affected her judgement in this matter. Vicki Kennedy was estranged from her husband Michael at the time of his death. There is no love lost between she and the Kennedy Clan. She knew exactly what she was doing when she dissed Connor and she knew even better what she was doing when she ran to the press, and then asked Kathie Lee Gifford to do the same. Shame on her. Obviously her daughter (the bride) handled the matter much better than the MOB. Everyone’s smacking on Taylor for tagging onto the Kennedy Clan. Truthfully, for those of us who have paid attention to this troubled family, Taylor is the one who should be running the other way.

  54. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    UGH, where did my comment go? Cut off mid-sentence?

  55. Hoda says:

    How long have they been dating???

  56. HillbillyintheCorner says:

    Sorry , but shes a singer and famous with the I’m famous they should be glad I graced there wedding adtitude…and they weren’t so they told them to leave…I would have two…you plan weddings down to the tenth and if she wasn’t on the setting list she can’t sit. ..
    But my question is why is a 22 yr old dating a just turned 18 yr old no matter who he is….a woman who has been dating 30 something men dating a young boy…I think she dating his name and who he is…she has the aura of a fame stalker about her….HUmmm

  57. Me2 says:

    Uhh, I’m not a “judgy, Miss Manners-type,” but I do think it’s pretty obvious this is a clear cut example of a self-involved celebrity stealing a bride’s thunder on her wedding day. ???

  58. Me2 says:

    Uhh, I’m not a “judgy, Miss Manners-type,” but I do think it’s pretty obvious this is a clear cut example of a self-involved celebrity stealing a bride’s thunder on her wedding day. WTH?

  59. CW says:

    this girl Swiffer, looks kind of retarded. something is just wrong with her

    sh’es homely and weird looking
    can’t wait for swiffer to find out the kennedy kid has a new girlfriend when he returns to high school

    that’s gonna be good… I predict big and bad things happening…lots of stalking and maybe even an arrest for assault in her future
    she is bat-sh$% crazy that one

  60. Arla says:

    In a month none of this will matter because she will be busy writing songs about their breakup and he’ll be back to his studies where he belongs.

  61. Jeffrey says:

    Taylor knows better than anyone the sting of having a big moment ruined (side eye to Kanye). She has no excuse.

  62. Kosmos says:

    My take on this: If Conor didn’t RSVP, so what? The kid’s mother just passed away, how tragic, so it would be horribly rude not to allow him to show even at the last minute. However, I think she was right in not wanting Swift to steal the bride’s moment, so Swift should not have gone, at the host’s request. Taylor doesn’t strike me as the type of person who would violate a request like this, so this puzzles me. Another thing..it is common that a 22 year old woman would want to date a high school boy? Just curious….

    • jwoolman says:

      If Conor hadn’t been sick a lot as a child, he would probably be a college freshman at least by now. Taylor is still young enough to be a college senior on the normal age track. I remember college well enough to think the gap is not insurmountable – seniors and freshmen can find themselves on the same sports teams and in the same classes and on the same committees etc., it’s not that big a deal. He must be considered relatively mature for his age since he was made executor. Obviously nobody would bat an eye if an 18 year old girl dated a 22 year old guy, but that’s because of the usual direction of the male/female maturity difference at the same age. Individuals vary. We toss 18 year old males into combat and let them be recruited at 17 but worry when one dates a 22 year old?!? Someone mentioned she’s been dating men 30 years old or older – this sounds like a healthier match, she’s dating closer to her age at least. Anyway, since I know plenty of couples with greater age differences, I just can’t get quite so bent out of shape over this. Who knows? Maybe they’re a good match. Maybe they’re not. Maybe they’ll marry and have a passel of grandchildren some day. Maybe they’ll break up next week. The boy has more serious problems to face within his own family, as this whole story highlights.

  63. garvels says:

    Where was Conor’s father? This was his niece getting married, or was RFKJr. too busy hanging out with Cheryl and his Hollywood buddies.

  64. Sullivan says:

    He was a junior in h.s. and his mother was still alive when the invitations went out. The invitation would have been addressed to his mother & family. His father probably received his own invitation since the parents were separated. Maybe Conor’s Mom was too depressed at the time to deal with social graces. After she died, the invitation probably sat in a huge pile of correspondance gathering dust. Conor gets a pass; Swift has learned a valuable lesson that not everyone is thrilled to be in her presence; and the MOB is a bitch for talking to the press about.

  65. Sullivan says:

    He was a junior in h.s. and his mother was still alive when the invitations went out. The invitation would have been addressed to his mother & family. His father probably received his own invitation since the parents were separated. Maybe Conor’s Mom was too depressed at the time to deal with social graces. After she died, the invitation probably sat in a huge pile of correspondance gathering dust. Conor gets a pass; Swift has learned a valuable lesson that not everyone is thrilled to be in her presence; and the MOB is a jerk for talking to the press about.

  66. Xantha says:

    Yeah, how DARE the MOB tell her side of the story when the press asked her! She’s so tacky, spilling personal business to the public for her own personal gain.

    You’ll never see Taylor Swift doing something like that.

    Oh, wait a minute.

  67. birdy says:

    Why would anyone think it is suss? She just happens to start dating a Kennedy just after her ex (Mayer) puts out an album and starts talking the press and her name gets mentioned a couple of times in some interviews about the whiny song she wrote about him. Great way to avoid the Mayer press is to go the whole 180 on the douche and sate a kennedy. And he is fantastic as a boyfriend as he will be back in school when she starts to promote and tour so she gets the PR attention of the kennedy name but not having to actual have a relationship with the kid as he will be back in boarding school. That way it is all about Swifty, 24/7.

    And it’s a concidence that she also just happens to be releasing a perfume over the summer of Camelot love. Oh and the first single to a new upcoming album.

    No idea about the kid but it really looks like she is exploiting him when he is still dealing with the death of his mother. Swifty is using him for press the same may she did the jonas brother, Jakey and the bloke who was cast in her video. She is happy to be in the press in the lead up and the release of her products but once that is done, she discards the blokes like they are nothing. All this for some lame he loves me, he loves me not songs that only a tween could enjoy.

    And personally, I will die if there are any more sparkly prom dress to accompany this album.

  68. Carolyn says:

    The BIG question really is…what is Taylor going to do when this guy goes back to boarding school? Stalk him there? Bring him daily lunch in a wicker basket with gingham napkins? Pine for him, wailing about “Waiting for The One” (who really loves you etc etc)?

  69. chalkdustgirl says:

    I have never been able to take Kathie Lee. EVER.

  70. Gigohead says:

    Now that Katie Lee yapping now makes me go team Swifty. The Gifford mother is a lout for calling out a kid, that’s what he is.. a kid who recently lost his mom. Give the damn kid a break.

    I really don’t like Kathie Lee Gifford. She is hard to stomach!! UGH!!

  71. MrsBPitt says:


  72. vanisland says:

    why had no one mentioned that Taylor’s rep called the MOB a liar…is that any way to get close to your boyfriend’s family members?!

  73. LeslieM says:

    I just can’t stand Kathy Lee. She used to be America’s sweetheart but now she had that bleached out hair that looks terrible with her completion. She also uses affected voices all the time instead of speaking normally. No one else on television does that. She tries to dance and move like a younger person and looks ridiculous.
    She wears sleeveless dresses all winter to show of her arms and calls everyone “Dear” and “Sweetheart” in that gross madeup voice. It sound so ignorant and condescending. Anyone else agree?