Lindsay Lohan upgraded from ‘person of interest’ to ‘suspect’ in crackie heist

“Because she’s a cracked-out genius” will be the answer to whatever question you ask in this post. Because she’s a cracked-out genius. A few weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan passed out in the middle of a sketchy “house party” in the Hollywood Hills. When everyone came to the next morning, the homeowner discovered that several expensive items were now missing – allegedly, more than $100,000 worth of luxury watches. The homeowner called the cops and wouldn’t let anyone leave until they were questioned, Lindsay included. There was a theory that Lindsay had let two “friends” into the party in the middle of the night, and those were the dudes who crack-heisted, but my gut always told me that it was Lindsay in the library, shoving watches up her crack muffin.

Anyway, the cops questioned Lindsay but she reportedly “blew them off” and the cops deemed LL a “person of interest” in the case. Then, before you could say “Crackenjuice” three times, Lindsay flew to New York to fence her stolen wares, and she began tweeting BS about people “fabricating lies” about her. Michael Lohan spoke up in the Cracken’s defense, claiming that the homeowner had recanted, which made me think that perhaps I was wrong and the whole thing was just an insurance scam masquerading as a crack heist. Unfortunately for the Cracken, however, it does look like this scandal is going to stick around for a bit longer. The Cracken has now been upgraded from “person of interest” to “suspect”:

Lindsay Lohan is now formally a suspect in the theft of $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay was at the Hollywood Hills home of Sam Magid a week ago when Sam called the LAPD and reported a jewelry theft. We’re told Lindsay has been at the house frequently, including at an all-night house party a week ago Sunday.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Lindsay and her assistant Gavin Doyle are both suspects in the theft.

Now here’s the twist … We’re told Sam has recanted his story and now says nothing was stolen. But our sources say cops are not closing out the investigation because they believe they have independent witnesses who can finger Lindsay and Gavin as the thieves.

Sources tell us … LAPD detectives contacted the lawyer for Lindsay and Gavin today, asking for an interview with the two suspects but the lawyer rejected the request.

It’s unclear why Sam — who is insanely wealthy — suddenly changed his tune.

One final thing … This is really bad news for Lindsay, because she’s on probation for the theft case involving the necklace at a Venice jewelry store. She could go to jail if she violates probation by stealing more jewelry.

[From TMZ]

I have literally NO idea what’s going on this point. Did the dude really recant, or was that just a pipe dream cooked up by Michael Lohan? Who are the independent witnesses who saw Lindsay shoving watches up her crack muffin? And why would you ever admit that you witnessed that? To make matters even worse for Team Crackie, TMZ also reports this morning that Lindsay is also being investigated for lying to the police… but not for a crack heist! It’s all about her crack lies after her car crash in June:

Lindsay Lohan is a most wanted woman … because TMZ has learned a SECOND police department wants a chitchat with the actress to determine if she committed a crime by lying to cops.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Santa Monica police detectives have been trying to get in touch with Lindsay to ask her questions about a car crash last June, when she slammed into a big rig on Pacific Coast Highway. Sources say Linsday’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, called the station and complained that cops should not be calling Lindsay directly because she has an attorney.

We broke the story … Lindsay lied to cops when she told them she was NOT the driver, but a passenger. Cops are convinced Lindsay was indeed behind the wheel and are now investigating

Sources tell us the follow-up questions relate to Lindsay’s alleged lying to cops — which is a crime punishable by 1 year in jail. We’re told the case will be referred to prosecutors. It will also be sent to the L.A. City Attorney for a possible probation violation in her necklace conviction.

And, as we first reported yesterday, the LAPD is investigating Lindsay on another front. She’s now a suspect in a $100,000 theft of watches and sunglasses at at Hollywood Hills home, and cops want to speak with her STAT. LIndsay’s lawyer shut detectives down, saying no way would she cooperate.

[From TMZ]

Even if you’re a perpetual optimist and you believe in Santa Claus and the California Justice System, there is still no way that Lindsay is going to walk away from her series of cracktastrophes with anything more than a “friendly pat on the firecrotch.” That’s simply ALL the California legal system will do to her. The cops in both cases could have all of the evidence in the world, she could be charged with providing false information to the police, she could be charged with theft too, and all that will ever happen to her is a firecrotch pat.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    I don’t know who is worse, the Cracktomaniac or the Keystone cops.

    • This Just In says:

      The cops, for sure. There’s nothing more insulting than for hardworking taxpayers to fund government agencies that then don’t do their jobs.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Definitely the police and the courts. We pay an insane amount of taxes in LA county and this crap is a maddening disgrace. Our judges are an embarrassment, the whole system sucks.

        I posted about her being a suspect last night. I’m hoping she gets found guilty of something that is going to get her hard time, but I keep hoping a money tree is going to sprout and grow in my yard too, so take that for what its worth.

        We at least will get to add to the rap sheet!

      • Genevieve says:

        @ OTiff…

        As a non-reident of CA, I still don’t get it. As I recall, you had to explain to me just how and why CO$ was so pernicious months ago…’cause I didn’t understand that, either.

        What is the deal? Texas is also a huge state w/ prison overcrowding…yet, celebrity or not, your a$$ goes to jail if you commit the crime. Is it just a particularly well-paid graft system that’s in play in CA?

        This whole issue with the Cracken perpetually going scott free, crime after crime, baffles me. And unfortunately, it’s way too early here for a Cracktini to soothe the frustration. This b*tch, SERIOUSLY :(

      • Izzy says:

        I never thought I’d say this, but I’m getting a tired of drinking cracktinis.

        Ladies (and gents) of CB, if The Cracken is charged with something and gets off YET AGAIN, we should start an online petition to ask for EQUAL JUSTICE, for the prosecutors and judges to do their jobs, and to send her sorry a$$ to jail already – for real this time, not just a quickie crackie visit due to “overcrowding.”

        Whew. Sorry about the rant. I’m completely overtired from taking down storm shutters.

        I need a drink…

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Hey Ladies!

        I think Lindzis able to get off with a pat on the firecrorch because that is what she’s offering these men in exchange for their silence. Forget Sookie, this b*tch has a magic vagina. Perhaps all those crack rocks she shoved up there gives those men extra tingles ;)

  2. DanaG says:

    I am with you the cops won’t do anything they let her get away with everything and she will continue to do what she wants. Until she actually kills someone she will get away with it. At this point I think she could do a bank job, get caught on video and walk past a bunch of cops then tweet about it and the law will still let her go. I do have a theory though, could it be the consider having her in gaol cruel and unusual punishment for the other inmates?

    • Rux says:

      Please note that it is not the cops who “let her go” it is the court system. The cops pull her in, give the DA all the evidence and from there it is up to the DA to make the “charges” stick. In this case, it’s not the Cops who are at fault for letting her loose it’s the judge and prosecutor who can’t seem to throw this bitch behind bars for more than a couple of hours.

      • Boo says:

        Good point. My money says the cops want her to be put away, too.

      • Becky says:

        Except 4 the time they threw out a Baggie of of coke that was on her at the arrest thus contaminating it.
        Crackie warned us haters would be lie telling because that’s what we do whenever she is doing great.

      • TG says:

        @Rux – You have a good point and we tend to forget about the DA but are the cops really doing everything they can? I mean they supposedely have been trying to find her since June re the accident? That doesn’t sound like much of an effort on their part, I guess that is a different police dept but they all operate the same way no one seems to get to the bottom of anything. I am wondering if this wasn’t a setup to get the cracken locked up for good. Why else would you invite her to your house?

    • RocketMerry says:

      Nope, my positive thinking policy is still alive and well, and it’s saying that Linds is going to jail in the near future. Yayyy!! :)

      No, but seriously, I HAVE to believe that this time she’ll get punishment. It HAS to happen. I do believe in Santa; I also believe that even the mysterious “big-shot” that she is blackmailing is not going to get her out of trouble this time.

    • cmc says:

      Wasn’t she in trouble with the IRS for back taxes? They can’t even throw her in jail for THAT? Come on! Everyone goes to jail over owing the IRS- even Martha Stewart (I’m pretty sure that’s what she was jailed for, right?) Someone please get this crackhead off the streets and away from cameras, I’m sick of looking at her unwashed face.

  3. dorothy says:

    Another day, another legal problem for Lohan. I would imagine she has her own parking spot at the court house be now.

  4. skilo says:

    She may not go to jail for this crap but she’s going to be looked at at as a liar, a thief and general waste of life forever so it’s not like she’s completely getting away with it.

    • This Just In says:

      She’s already looked at as those things…those things and worse. But yet here she is. And getting “work”. If life were fair and just, she’d be a total social outcast. Instead, her behavior is rewarded and she continues acting out. God, this woman disgusts me so much. I can’t even.

  5. Lm says:

    “Sources say Linsday’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, called the station and complained that cops should not be calling Lindsay directly because she has an attorney.”

    “LIndsay’s lawyer shut detectives down, saying no way would she cooperate.”

    What the? Is this how it goes on in the US or is LaLa Land caught in some sort of twilight zone?

    • Thea says:

      Only in LA does that happen. If your average Joe you go to jail.

    • Esti says:

      If they want to arrest her then her lawyer can’t stop them from doing so, but she’s not obligated to cooperate with an investigation and she’s never required to talk to the police (you have the right to remain silent, remember?). And her lawyer’s right that the cops shouldn’t be calling her about a crime they think she committed when they know she’s represented by counsel — once you lawyer up, the cops aren’t allowed to try to talk to you without your lawyer being present.

      I’m not defending LL in any way and I hope they finally find a way to give her some real jail time (which has always been a problem with California’s overcrowded prisons, not the police investigating her), but she has the same rights that every suspected criminal does.

      • MW says:

        Thanks for spelling that out. It looks so easy on Forensic Files, but there is obviously a lot more involved. Must really be frustrating to families when the cops say they can’t arrest somebody for the death of a loved one for instance, when it looks so obvious, but they just do not have enough evidence for Court to convict them.

    • Byte Me says:

      How Lindsay can afford to keep her lawyer on retainer is beyond me.

  6. Thea says:

    Isnt the cops fault. It is the judge who keeps letting her go, reducing charges, etc. I would release a petty criminal on the streets and make room for Lindsay. She needs jail time. Period. Also, if there were drugs at this party, and her 16 yr old brother there and he partaked of any of it, there should be a whole new round of charges for Ms. Thing.

  7. Shelly says:

    This bitch. She never learns. But why would she? She gets away with everything. You are probably right, and nothing will come of this or happen to her. I was on her side for a long time, but at this point I just loathe her.

  8. neelyo says:

    When is she not a suspect in a jewelry heist?

  9. Liberty says:

    Why did Sam recant? “Because she’s a cracked-out genius” – adding him to her john list for life? You’re right. The answer is always the same. This should be the game of the day.

  10. Talie says:

    She is totally pathological.

  11. lizbet says:

    See, if people weren’t so curious about natural redheads, maybe she would get a better punishment instead of all the firecrotch patting that’s going down.

  12. Rux says:

    At this point, it was not Bernie Maddoff that stole those billions it was Lindsay. Seriously, crackie stickie fingers.

  13. Ellie66 says:

    I wonder where she fenced the goods? Maybe her dad did it for her ( for a cut no doubt).

  14. Celeste says:

    She looks as old as her mother these days. Yikes.

  15. tru tru says:

    ya know, I thought it was HER folks saying the case is closing or whatever..

    McCrackle is back in full force.

    looking like Baby Jane Hudson in “what ever happened to baby Jane”

    The McCrackle rogue bunch, a bunch of addicts, her and her assistant and the lot of them.

  16. jojo says:

    its not the cops its the court system. the cops are the ones that are actually charging her with their crimes. Its the courts that are letting her off easy.

    if the victim recants his story, its probably due to LL either paying him for his silence or quietly returning the merchandise, stating a misunderstanding and sweeping under the rug.

    • Sunnyinseattle says:

      I was just going to say the same thing Jojo. I think the cops and even prosecutors are trying. It seems to me it is the judges. She must have a client high up there with whom she has a video or pictures of. Disgusting thought… :-(

    • LeslieM says:

      You know they could be looking at her simply because of her troubled past. It doesn’t mean she did it. She is brilliant actress. The Parent Trap is my favorite movie. I’ve watched at least ten times. She’s got a mental illness. She can’t stop what she is doing and she won’t until she gets some proper medication. I wish I could help her. She doesn’t have a decent family member to help her. I wish she could go back to her oldself and make some new movies but she’s got to stop with the lip injections. She is so pretty when she is her natural self.

      • Happymom says:

        She’s been evaluated for mental illness during one of her many trips to rehab: none, unless you count extreme narcissism.

      • islandwalker says:

        “She’s a brilliant actress.” Bwahhahahahahahaha ‘snort’- Thanks for the laugh Leslie.

      • LeslieM says:

        The vast majority of people who go to rehab have some form of mental illness they are self medicating. I know this because I am in the field. Abuse is another thing that causes these issues but the abuse has caused a mental illness or defect. One can argue that narcissism itself is a form of mental illness but it can also be a learned trait. I don’t know how you know that she was evaluated for a mental illness in rehab that’s usually done elsewhere. Brittany Spears is an example of someone who has at least in part over come an extreme mental illness through family support and treatment. Lindsey Loghan needs the proper medication and therapy to get back on track. I don’t know how you could see her work as an 11 year old playing 2 parts in one movie and not say she is increadablly talented. At least she was. Sometimes people who have lost the ability to function or cope never return to their creative selves in part due to medication that helps them function in the real world. The creative, artistic, mind is often troubled that’s why may writers and painters go off their medications because their work suffers.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Hey Leslie you know what else makes you act like that?

        Delusional asshole disorder. That’s what she has, nothing more. She sucks as an actress too. Saw Mean girls for the first time…Tina Fey saved her with her writing.

        Her looks? Never will they come back, she’s ruined for good. If she was a dog, someone would have put her down by now for being a vicious asshole of a dog.

  17. Quinn says:

    Ugh. She is just a drugged up version of Groundhog Day, isn’t she???

  18. Krock says:

    She needs to be locked up already!

  19. G says:

    Michael Lohan needs the September rent money.

    It may backfire on him, though. Maybe they’ll investigate why the homeowner backed off after contact with ML.

    These people are beyond sad.

  20. Macey says:

    this was so predictable, who really did not see this coming?
    You can always bet the real story comes out days after her denials, then ML’s denials, then soon after the real story from the cops.
    Sadly, I still dont think anything will happen to her and she knows that. why else would she have posted those pics of her with men’s watches and jewelry? it was like the old FU on her nails all over again.

  21. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait until her next mug shot.

  22. Cathy says:

    A day without a cracken scandal is like a day without sunshine. Looking out the window…checking….yup the sun is shining. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha. Cracktini time…anyone care to indulge with me.

  23. NerdMomma says:

    Oh man, we all know this girl isn’t going to jail, but she’s getting increasingly bold…one of these days, she’s going to rob the wrong person. That’ll be her demise.

  24. Elizabeth Rose says:

    I’m really starting to wonder what, if anything, Cracken’s going to have to do to get any punishment from the cops. Does she need to be caught red handed by Colonel Mustard in the Ballroom with a lead pipe? Eh, I bet even that wouldn’t do it.

  25. TheOriginalMaxi says:

    DUN DUN DUNNN!!!! *cue dramatic crack chipmunk!

  26. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    Bugs me that they waste so much money with all the investigating and stuff and then nothing much ever seems to happen to her! Jail has become a joke. Maybe putting her in prison for a year or two would turn her around and get her off the drugs and alcohol (not to mention away from her idiot mother). Maybe with some discipline and counselling in jail she could turn herself around and start fresh. I’m so sick of her and so sick of her getting off on one thing after another. You know a regular person (non=celebrity) wouldn’t get off on all that stuff! If they aren’t going to really do something to punish her then don’t bother wasting taxpayer money and resources with all this “investigation”!

  27. Hotpockets says:

    I was bored the other day and went through this site’s old archives of some of my favorite celebs to read about, one of them being La Lohan!

    Anyways, this girl has always been a mess, even when her career was slightly promising..starting at the age of 19 she was starting her job as a call girl, having legal troubles, and looking like a crackie mess. I never thought Lindsay Lohan was that attractive or talented, so I guess I never understood why people were so hung up on her getting her shit together, when she never had it together to begin with. She will never change and why should she? There are no consequences anymore to her actions. The only thing that changed throughout the years is that she became more transparent, when before, she covered it up a little better.

  28. rtms says:

    If this Sam guy is rich, why doesn’t he have surveillance cameras in his home. BOOM Cracken is caught red handed right? And now he’s recanted? Something fishy is going on,she either paid him off or he was intimidated perhaps by Micheal Lohan?

    The cops do play a part in this, they have to gather the evidence and I keep getting the idea that they don’t gather enough. The prosecutors charge her any way and the judge takes one look at the meager evidence and is forced to go easy on her. Of course in some cases the judge goes easy on her anyway. Witness the last judge who practically praised her in her last legal round.

  29. Pete says:

    This was an all night party at his residence with Lohan and her hangers on. Who knows what shit went down. Sam Magid probably doesnt want the sketchiness out in public which would happen if it goes to court. I bet Lohan has dirt on him. So maybe he figures that better take the loss of 100k ( the guy is a millionaire anyway) than his private life be exposed. Or Lohan returned the goods in exchange for him dropping the charges.

  30. Ella says:

    I’m confused. I want to see Lindsay imprisoned as much as any other decent human being, but if Sam “says nothing was stolen,” why are the cops “not closing out the investigation because they believe they have independent witnesses who can finger Lindsay and Gavin as the thieves?” The thieves of what? Isn’t TMZ virtually saying “nothing was stolen but the police think they know who did it anyway?”

    • dee says:

      Because it’s sketchy in the extreme. They may be investigating whether he attempted to commit fraud by reporting a theft that didn’t happen; they may be investigating whether he is being coerced or outright blackmailed into recanting; they may be investigating a shady scenario that involved minor children being present. The whole thing stinks from top to bottom and when you are talking about in excess of $100,000, it doesn’t go away when you say “oops, my mistake” which he hasn’t even said according to anyone but Michael Lohan. Of course the letter he wrote to that effect might still be in the mail because that’s exactly what anyone in the 21st century does when they want to communicate with the police about an extremely important matter and a so-called friend of theirs is being publicly fingered as a big-time thief. Snail mail’s the way to go I’m sure we all can agree.

      • Mrs. O says:

        In criminal cases, it’s the state that is prosecuting the crime, not the victim. Therefore the state decides whether or not to move forward with prosecution. I used to work with survivors of sexual assault, and sometimes the DA would refuse to drop a case though the survivor wanted him to. Once a crime is reported, the state decides whether or not to pursue prosecution. So even if this guy recanted, the investigators can still pursue prosecution of the perpetrator if they think they have enough evidence.

      • Mrs. O says:

        In criminal cases, it’s the state that is prosecuting the crime, not the victim. Therefore the state decides whether or not to move forward with prosecution. Once a crime is reported, the state decides whether or not to pursue prosecution. So even if this guy recanted, the investigators can still pursue prosecution of the perpetrator if they think they have enough evidence.

  31. Devon says:

    TMZ has another story about how the Cracken is blaming someone else for the theft. It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it Lindsay?

    • skilo says:

      Yeah I read this on TMZ and thought OH MY GOD! Lindsay really doesn’t know when to keep her crackie mouth shut. Suge Knight has killed people. Grown men with rough backgrounds are scared to mess with Suge, and now Lindsay is calling his son a thief ? Wow she’s really smoked away all her brains.

    • boo says:

      So Suge Knight’s son did it? This sounds suspiciously like the time she blamed “the black kid” in that Malibu caper where she hijacked a car with 2 or three teenagers still inside and chased her assistant to her mother’s house. At that time she blamed “the black kid” for driving, when in actuality she was driving and acting like a lunatic. This chick is such a manipulating little liar, I hope she gets put in jail.

  32. TheOriginalMaxi says:

    Now she’s claiming “she had hidden some of the other items around the house because she was afraid they would be stolen by burglars” via TMZ


  33. Bess says:

    I think Michael Lohan is blackmailing Magid and forcing him to recant his story.

    ML’s 16 year old son, Cody was at the party with Blohan and her assistant. There were probably all sorts of illegal activities going on in the presence of a minor. ML probably threatened to expose him as some sort of pervert.

    Blohan probably still has the loot and will return it to Magid when she gets back to LA.

  34. Anne de Vries says:

    Eh, she’ll spend 45 minutes in jail. Whatever. Nothing is going to stop her.

  35. Jessica says:

    I’m sorry but she just needs to OD already.

    We ALL know it’s eventually going to happen.

    • MST says:

      Wow — I know that she’s not a great person and I can see not liking or even hating her, but wanting her to OD? Thats a bit much.

      • Jessica says:

        Lindsay obviously does not care about being on drugs, so why should anyone of us care if she does OD?

        overdosing is exactly where she is headed if she does not get help.

        and personally, I don’t think she even wants the help.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I wonder if you’d feel the same if she killed someone you loved driving drunk or high.

        Sorry, but I will not be a freaking hypocrite who shows up here after she offs herself and be all poor, sad Cracken. I’ll feel happy that she is off the streets of LA and out of her obviously f-ed up life of misery and coke hooking. She lies, steals, abuses others and IMO the only thing that could EVER help THIS bitch is hard prison time.

        Yeah, call me a bitch.

  36. Susan says:

    I’m by no means advocating any crack mayhem LL is probably perpetuating.

    Could the reason why the CA judicial system has let LL get off with a slap on the hand for the most part be due to her possible connections to other, more nefarious criminal elements?

    I only say this because two of the main components that drive the judicial system (in theory) are exchanges and filtering. I mean specifically “exchanges” as in plea bargains for lesser offenders who either get processed out of the system quickly or roll over on their bosses. This “filters” out criminals who’s offenses tie up court resources when those same resources could be put to better use to put serious felons behind bars.

    So why LL is a shady person indeed, she may very well be a connection in a much bigger case that we don’t all know about.

    Who knows.

    • Annie says:

      Nice theory. I also get the idea that she’s in very very deep with some nasty career criminals, much worse than we know but at this stage is still considered a small timer by police (which is still a big concern for Lindsay as the serious felons grow into it from being small fry). I do think there’s something far more shady going on here than the typical Hollywood mess a la Tara Reid or Amanda Byrnes.

  37. OXA says:

    She better hope they revoke her probation cuz according to TMZ she accused Sugh Knights son of the theft.

  38. Kaiser says:

    Aw, don’t worry about her! She was a little Twihard obsessed with making Kristen Stewart into a victim. So obviously in her mind, Crackenjuice is pretty much a martyr. A crack martyr.

  39. Schnikes says:

    The whirlwind of crack lies has apparently touched down via TMZ.

    In the end, the assistant will be convicted of a felony and sentenced to 5 years in prison while Lilo gets stuck with more annoying community service. I can’t see any other reasonable conclusion.

  40. Bess says:

    If she’s a suspect in this theft and lied to police about the accident, how long can Blohan avoid talking the police???

  41. GirlyGirl says:

    She’s more interesting as a jewel thief than as a d-grade “actress” anyhow.

    Keep stealing Lindsay! Maybe when they do your tv movie they can get a real actress to play you.

    Finding someone better than Blohan should be easy. And if money’s tight (a la Lifetime) they can put bloodshot googly eyes on a half-empty vodka bottle.

  42. LeslieM says:

    Most people with bipolar disorder have symptoms for ten years and repeatedly seek treatment before they are properly treated.

  43. Sunnyinseattle says:

    Holy crap. Now TMZ says this Sam dude is in love with her and obsessed sending her text saying he will fight for her. He said he told the cops basically she can’t steal from him because what’s his is hers and that two males stole from him!!! WHAT THE HELL DO PEOPLE SEE IN HER????? She is gonna walk on this too! I am beyond disgusted. Yet again! :-(

  44. Isabella Notarfrancesco says:

    If Lilo was a gangster rapper she’d be getting praised for her infamy. Just sayin’

  45. e.non says:

    she supposedly gave the goods wrapped in a t=shirt to knight’s son; who then returned them to magid.

    there could be a bright spot in this … she can beat the l.a. courts but not suge knight. and i can’t believe that he’s appreciating his son being called a thief by a used up piece.

  46. irishserra says:

    All such a waste of time anyway; she will totally get away with everything as she usually does.

  47. Carolyn says:

    Lindsay won’t go to jail unless she actually kills someone (ie. hit & run whilst high on gosh knows what). I pity the poor person who is in her way at the wrong time.

  48. skuddles says:

    I love how the greasy, devious crack chickens ALWAYS come home to roost, sooner or later. You just can’t keep a good thief down! G’luck there Linds, sure you’re working hard on your defense already – outrageous lies and blowies ’till your face falls off…

  49. TheOriginalMaxi says:

    Annnddd TMZ just said she won’t be prosecuted bc the DA is rejecting the case. What a crock of shit, she totally has something on the judges or someone

  50. DarlingNikki says:

    Now I know why she can never ever go to prison…the rumors are true…Lindsay Lohan is Illuminati! Dont laugh, seriously think about it & ponder why she never gets in SERIOUS trouble.

  51. Dee Cee says:

    Oh..maybe she can remake a cheap version of to catch a thief with some pr0n star so she can learn how to get away with it and not get caught?

  52. JRenee says:

    ok sp she has some billionaire in her back pocket? some judge on video? What is it with Teflon Lohan that nothing sticks? I hope no one is seriously hurt or killed before she is stopped.

  53. erika says:

    if she gets away with this then there truly is NO God….

    she should have her own reality show!!! OMG!! that way, you’d have all her crackshanigans ON CAMERA!!!

    she would totally go for this! $$$ and she’s a ‘celebrity’!

  54. Vesper says:

    Even if she isn’t charged, it’s not going to help her restart her career. I mean really, who is going to give her another chance? She is always in trouble with the police, lies to everyone, probably steals things off the set. Her behaviour while working hasn’t changed. She still parties while working, shows up hours late, tries to get away with not showing up at all, and refuses to abide by her contact. It was made clear to her during the Liz Taylor gig that she can’t drive, because she is uninsurable, yet she did anyway. Not something for a director to take lightly. On top of that, she looks like a bloated mess, isn’t all that talented, and could land herself in jail in the middle of a project. I think her time in Hollywood is just about done.

  55. Isabella Notarfrancesco says:

    Maybe she has compromising photos of a powerful politician or something.