Angelina Jolie laughed at Jennifer Aniston’s ‘pathetic’ engagement. Of course!

I was just thinking yesterday that it felt like we hadn’t had a good Uncool Bermuda Triangle story in a while (a while = a month?). Sure, we’ve been teetering around the edges of Uncool Bermuda Triangle-ism, what with Jennifer Aniston getting engaged (like magic!) on the very weekend every media outlet was breathlessly awaiting Brangelina’s wedding. There was a connection to be made, but it just feels like we haven’t had a good “Angelina called Jennifer and made her cry, and then Brad cried and then the gerbils of doom LAUGHED!” story in a while. Well, this was worth the wait. Star Mag claims that Angelina was bad-mouthing Jennifer’s engagement to Brad Pitt’s mom. If any part of this is true, Angelina Jolie will become my High Priestess of All Things Bitchy.

Angelina was recently talking to Brad Pitt’s mother, Jane Pitt, and Jane mentioned that she was very happy for Jennifer Aniston and her engagement to Justin Theroux.

“Since Angie can’t say anything straight to Jen’s face, Jane is the next best thing,” an insider told Star. Jen has been over the moon since her Aug. 10 engagement to Justin Theroux, but arch-nemesis Angelina doesn’t have any messages of support for the former Friends star.

“After Jane offhandedly mentioned how thrilled she was for Jen, Angie said, ‘Please! She’s pathetic! But, hey, it’s about time. Sure hope it lasts, but don’t get your hopes up. Justin’s going to dump Jen,’” revealed the insider. “Then Angie made some snide comments about how she’d believe it when she saw it, in regards to Jen’s wedding — making it clear that she thinks Jen is a pathetic, neurotic mess.”

The friend adds that Angie knew full well that Jane would tell Jennifer. Another source confirms, “Jane went running back to Jen to report Angie’s comments, and that sent Jen into an emotional spiral.”

“Jennifer is putting on a brave face, but of course she has concerns about whether Justin is capable of being faithful. Jen is doing everything in her power to move forward and get Brad out from under her skin. But Angie’s right there, trying to throw cold water on her happiness.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Pathetic. Dump. Neurotic. Mess. The cable news channels talk a lot about “dog whistle politics” – various political language and messaging used in place of more straightforward and blatantly offensive political messages (see: the current coded language about welfare). I think this story is “dog whistle gossip.” Even though most people don’t want to believe it, and might even refuse to believe it, there’s still an emotional pull, a gut-check reaction because of the language used. You can’t call Jennifer Aniston “pathetic” or a “neurotic mess” on our watch, the Aniston-loonies cry out. And the Angelina-loonies whisper, “Oh, snap. I’m surprised they didn’t throw in ‘Botox-faced spinster’.”

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  1. Tifygodess24 says:

    **Sit backs and grabs popcorn this thread is about to get interesting** And by that I mean nasty of course ;)
    It will be awesome the day the media stops trying to make this happen …

    • lisa2 says:

      Totally agree.

      In almost 8 years Angelina has never said Jennifer’s name nor talked about her in interviews. And why would she even care. they don’t have a connection at all.

      so can this please end. It seems there has to be some lame story for every weekend.

      • Kim says:

        BS I see the tabs writing this fiction while yet again a celeb couple breaks up, Amy and Will ,and none of the tabs have a clue.As a fan of Brad and Angie I hope JA has a long,happy marriage so the triangle will end.BTW I think Star just reported Angie and Jane dont speak because of anti gay marriage letter

      • acp says:

        Um, hell-O! When Angie was on the cover of Vogue a few years ago, she was asked if she had ever met Jennifer Aniston. Angie responded that she “she would love to meet Jen”. I believe in the same article in Vogue, Angie mentioned that she was happy that one day her kids would be old enough to watch the film where “Mommy and Daddy fell in love”. And this go MAJOR press coverage, b/c it was seen as an admission of an affair taking place. And Jen responded in an interview in some other publication later that year and said “that was really an un-cool thing to say.” Sorry, I have an acute memory of detail about random things!

      • Emma says:

        rme. She did not say she’d love to meet her. She said she’d sit down with her to talk about things but it’s totally Jen’s decision. That is not an admission of an affair. I swear, are you purposely being dense? Her and Brad’s characters fall in love. Jen is the one going on national television calling Ang uncool for no reason and she even made a “joke” about babysitting Angelina’s children even mentioning them by name.

      • Kristin says:

        Hey Emma, no offense but I think you’re the one who’s being a little dense. I have a great memory and Angelina gave an interview where she talked about how falling for Brad made her so excited to go to work everyday. And then she said how it was great that their kids would be able to someday watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith and see the moment where their parents fell in love. Uh, if that isn’t an admission to an affair then I don’t know what the hell is. And if you’ll pull the archives on these interviews you’ll see that Jennifer Aniston only made those “uncool” comments AFTER Angelina’s admission. I am not particularly fond of either woman but it seems like a whole lot of Angelina fans like to rewrite history. But that issue aside, I tend to believe that both of these women want nothing more than to just move on with their lives. There is so much great gossip and dirt out there, I don’t understand why the media is so desperate to keep this ridiculous, so-called feud alive. I’d much rather focus on the crazy enigma of Leann Rimes:)

      • lisa2 says:


        the quote was to the affect… that it would be interesting for their kids in particular to see a movie where their parents meet and fall in love and try to kill each other. Now if Brad and Angie are trying to kill each other in real life that quote would strange… the quote obviously was about the characters they play in the movie. And she didn’t say she would LOVE to meet Jennifer. She was asked if she had met or talked to her and her reply was no then she changed that answer and said

        “But.. so .. you asked if I have ever met Jennifer and I said no. I did., but it was not a proper meeting. We’ve, like, passed each other and said hi briefly, shook hands. But not a real sit-down and talk kind of meeting.”

        Interview: Do you imagine that happening at some point

        Angelina: That would be her decision, and I would welcome it.

        no where did she say she loved to, and from her comments she didn’t sound like someone afraid to answer questions or talk to the other person. There is a lot of rewriting of history and quotes being taken out of context and misquotes all around. I always correct fans of the JPs when they say Jennifer said that Brad would be lucky to have 2 kids. She never said that, anymore then Angie called Shiloh a Blob.. but it is still out there as fact.

        anyway I agree that there is not connection between these people. Brad and Jennifer didn’t have kids, and anything other then that should have made the split done the day they said it was over. Brad moved on a long time ago with Angelina. Now I hope the same is true of Jennifer with Justin.

        Time to close that book.

      • Emma says:


        No one is rewriting history. Jen fans twist history to make Angelina look like a bad guy. Angelina’s quote mentions killing each other so she was obviously talking about their characters. Brad is the one who says things like MAMS changed his life. Did Jen call Brad uncool?? Hmm, no. Wonder why? Angelina saying she can’t wait to go to work is not admission of an affair, lol. Anyone with a functional brain knows BA fell for each other on the set… Aniston has said she loved going to work on Wanderlust with then married-now boyfriend Justin. She also said that about Steve Zahn, does that mean she had an affair? No.

      • Tina says:

        God I am so sick of Jolie’s fan’s adding ‘and then try and kill each other’ to the quote she gave to the New York Times. Yes, She did not say that, that was a separate quote from the always reliable Daily Mail, which has nothing to do with the NYT piece that got so much attention.

        She said, “not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.” Period. Not where their parents play people who fall in love. Or fall in love and try to kill each other. It was a big deal, the press has a field day with that quote, and that’s why Aniston responded to it and the whole “I think a few months in I realized, ‘God, I can’t wait to get to work.’” debacle.

        The other quote from the Daily mail (a tabloid newspaper who are always caught our lying) is completely different- “They’re going to have a great laugh – to see when their parents actually met, and watch them fall in love and try to kill each other!” Not the same interview at all.

        I just hate how this misinformation is perpetuated on these sites by people who probably know the difference.

      • Emma says:

        Except she did actually say that. You can find the video on YouTube from when she was doing Wanted press. Angelina’s comments are nothing shocking. Did Jen and the world think BA didn’t fall in love with each other until after filming? It was not an admittance to an affair. It was an admittance to something anyone who isn’t stupid already knows, she and Brad fell for each other while filming. Angelina’s comments could be considered insensitive but Jen doesn’t need to address anything. She looks like an obsessed loser commenting on it. She should be thankful since with that comment she became even more pitiful and that is what her careers lives off.

      • Emmav1 says:


        “I think the funniest thing for our children will be to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith because it’s so odd to be able to actually see your parents, when your parents met, and watch your parents bicker as a married couple, and try to kill each other. It’s such an odd thing to actually have.”

        Jen fans/Angelina haters always try to twist things. No “duh” Jolie and Pitt fell in love/really liked each other on set, but the difference is whether there was an affair or not (did they have sex, etc.?)

        The only evidence suggests Pitt & Jolie did the deed in September, which was 1 month before Pitt & Jen divorce, and she’d already filed for divorce 2 months before that.

        Also, for interviews, it’s an on the spot thing. So saying your parents fell in love on set is just her way of trying to explain things (whether in the movie or real life) and not an admission of anything.

        I guess we should assume Jennifer Aniston loves using the R word and thinks she’s doing charity by vacationing in Mexico (also a video for that lol)

      • Annie says:

        Oh, I’m sure most of them are either greatly exaggerated or completely made up – however, I’m a great believer in the expression “where there’s smoke there’s fire”, somehow, in some way it is those 3 to blame for keeping these love triangle stories alive.

    • Dinah says:

      Oh, god- I am sooooooo tired of these triangle stories. The greater likelihood is that non of these people really give a sh!t about each other anymore.

    • muffin says:

      Does anyone else besides me think that BOTH of these women are starting to look old and haggy, and irrelevant?

      • priestess says:

        Yep they are getting haggy well at least by Hollywood standards. When Jolie gets too Haggy Brad will kick her to the curb and get a new younger hotter co star!(with a big bank account) Its called karma Jolie is due for some karma. Adopting poor kids is one thing stealing someones husband is something else

      • Debra Johnson says:

        I agree that as you reap so shall you sow. But why did you bring the children into this discussion. All of them are her children. No matter how iit came to be. Please refrain from margainilizing adopted children.

      • muffin says:

        i think brad should take up with Amber Heard.

      • Mrs Jones says:

        AGREE. Plus they are BOTH annoying for different reasons. Mother-Teresa Jolie saving the world just uses it for her great image, while Aniston is too desperate. BOTH starred in a bunch of bad movies :romcoms versus ‘action’ movies, though if you ask me, I’ll always choose a romcom over Tomb Raider, Salt or Tourist (never even watched these and don’t intend). Both use botoks/fillers etc/ BOTH had nose jobs done, both need to get a life

      • Kim says:

        No woman can steal your husband.Your husband dumped you.Get over it and stop projecting.Its pathetic.

      • Emmav1 says:

        Whether you like them or not, both of their careers/finances are doing great, so in reality you guys are the ones who need to get a life and not them.

        Jen, despite strings of bad reviews, manages to get paid anywhere from 6 to 10 million for less than 2 months of work. Angelina is the only female actor at the moment commanding 20 million for non-franchise movies.

        Jen’s taken a year off of movies (never did it before for Pitt, Vaughn, Mayer, etc.) to focus on her relationship with Theroux and all you people were predicting Jolie/Pitt would be over within 2 years of getting together back in 2005.

        Seems to me they’re both doing smashingly well.

      • looneytunes says:

        Emmav1, great post! I totally agree with you!

      • cs says:

        Yes, I noticed that JA has been looking really bad since hooking up with JTX. Something is not right with her face. It always looks puffy and she look as though she aged 10 years. Maybe the smoking and tanning finally caught up with her.
        I can’t stand to look at her magazine covers since the Vogue UK editor called her out. All I see is photoshop. You can actually see the difference in the photos above.

    • F5 says:

      @ Kim
      Blind Gossip knew about Will and Amy.

      • Kim says:

        I know I was referring to tabloids like Star,NE,etc Most of these couples that broke up this year were never covered by them in regards to having marital problems.Yet there have been hundreds of stories about Brad and Angie cheating,fighting,breaking up,etc

  2. rosalee says:

    high school bitchy girl stuff – the tabloids manufacture fantasy crap to sell their garbage to the naive morons who believe bat boy lives..

  3. pretty says:

    Is Angie’s first photo here photoshopped?
    Her neck looks weird..there is no texture. Anyway she looks like a goddess.

  4. Cherry says:

    LMAO@ ‘Sure hope it lasts, but don’t get your hopes up. Justin’s going to dump Jen!’ As if Jolie would EVER say that. How would she even know? She’s never met Justin, nor has she ever seen them together, correct? Is she an expert on all things adultery-related now?

  5. Nessa says:

    There is no way these things were said. Angelina has always taken the high road when it comes to the whole situation. As she should… She has Brad. And, well… She is mother f’ing Angelina Jolie.

  6. mln76 says:

    Whatever tab writer made this shizz up is the real ‘pathetic neurotic mess’…I don’t think Angie gives a rat’s ass about Jen.

  7. Bad Irene says:

    Dear Gossip Genie,

    Just one time can we have a story about Brad saying crap about Justin please, I am tired of women being pitted against each other and being portrayed as bitches.

    Bad Irene

    On another note I like JA glasses.

  8. Zvonk says:

    Ridiculous. Why would Angelina Jolie care, let alone comment? She’s the hottest female movie star, and she has her man. I very much doubt she fears losing Brad to Jen. Besides, I don’t believe for a second that Jen would take Brad back even if he wanted to. They broke up years ago, and they’ve all moved on. The only people that haven’t moved on are the press and the diehard fans who are still inexplicably angry.

  9. Miffy says:

    But of course she laughed, maniacally, while stroking a white cat whilst sitting in a large leather throne, with Maddox at her side laughing just as hard as they over-saw the third world orphan fight club Angelina Jolie established to see who was worthy to be the newest member of clan Jolie-Pitt. *eye roll*

  10. serena says:

    LOL it would be good if it was true.

    Anyway I don’t believe Jane would go and gossip with Jennifer, just no. Why would she? She seems to like Angie very much, at the very least they were gossiping between each others but I doubt Angelina cares about anything regarding Jen.

  11. Janet says:

    OMFG, if the Star is reduced to fabricating bullshit stories like this one to sell magazines, they must be on the point of bankruptcy. In which case all I can say is good effing riddance.

  12. Jill says:

    Love Angelina. I honestly don’t think she laughed or said any of this crap!! I doubt that is of her character. Look at what she is doing. She has a brood to care for, she is volunteering her time and working. Why the frank would she care what Aniston is doing or root for her to fail.

    This is just a person trying to trash her name and portray her in a bad light. “Insider” yeah WHATEVER! Reveal yourself you lying coward.

  13. valleymiss says:

    I don’t think AJ cares enough about JA to give a crap if she’s engaged or not. And I highly doubt that Jane Pitt would pass along something like that. If you hear that sort of thing, you keep it to yourself. Why spread a shitty insult?

  14. Sabrine says:

    Star is desperate and this is obviously a trumped up BS story, nothing but lies. Obviously this never happened. At least I think people have had it past the gills with this nonsense and nobody is buying the pathetic attempts to try and make something out of nothing.

  15. DenG says:

    Good grief–Brad’s brother said that Angie is “awesome”. I don’t believe the Pitts have any problem with her.

  16. Puffy Schmuffy says:

    Mon Dieu!!!!!!!! Less than 300 comments after a decade could the Bermuda Triangle be played out?
    Naah I guess everyone is waiting for the weddings.

  17. cat says:

    No real idea but I seriously doubt that Angelina (whatever you think about BP and JA’s split, I do believe someone does not ‘go’ willingly unless they were ready to…) did have a ‘thing’ with Brad while he was married and then later, after it being all covert, basically admitted so which JA then said was “uncool.” We have no real idea what AJ (weird that their initials reverse!) is REALLY like. We know her media image that she has carefully re-crafted. I think she cares about her causes and cares about family for sure. And geez.. she wears a lot of eye make up so she clearly is working it so that she always looks close to perfection. It’s not as if she’s playing up some natural version of herself. I actually could hear her saying half of that. I think we are getting – via the media – some version of her (so starkly different than early wild child AJ) that is just too ‘too’. She can have her private life but she’s workin’ it. So, to say (as some have) that she never is thinking about JA as if she (AJ) just is too good and too busy and too above it all can’t be entirely true. That’s my point basically.

    • cat says:

      oops I amended my comment and then didn’t check it properly. I don’ t doubt that AJ and BP had a thing in first sentence. I started to say something different so sort of ‘ignore’ the prelude to this …

      I think I started to write because I was wondering when that JA ELLE cover was from ! I don’t remember that. Clearly during “Friends” but also during Jen Aniston/Pitt marriage? Thx.

    • Imelda says:

      Yeah that kinda bugs me too as if she’s some kind of saint that is above wordly things. Since when is she not human, she can and no doubt does have hissy fits like anyone but on here she is Jesus, Mary & Joseph rolled into one.
      Jennifer always has to be the saddo and Angelina the hero – so inaccurate I’m sure.
      And guess what – I see qualities in both I like.

      • mln76 says:

        I for one don’t think she’s a saint BUT it’s true that despite years of Jen and her BFFs publicly trashing Angelina(AND HER KIDS) not a peep has come out of Angelina’s mouth about Jennifer in several years. That isn’t canonizing her as a saint its just a statement of fact. Angie doesn’t seem to give a flying fig about Jen. I am hoping Jen is finally moving on too, And then maybe the ‘Teams’ No?

    • flan says:

      There had been divorce rumors for about a year before Jolie was in the picture. Supposedly because BP wanted kids and JA kept postponing it for another year of ‘Friends’.

      Then AJ came along, who already had a kid but without the burden of a father of that kid. I think that was part of the attraction.

    • San says:

      No. Angelina and Brad never had a ‘thing’ while Brad was still married. That was proven false. And Angelina never ‘admitted’ anything. In fact Aniston admitted herself that there was no affair.

      And I fail to see how Angelina having eye makeup, means she is thinking about JENNIFER ANISTON. That means any woman who wears eye makeup, is thinking about Jennifer Aniston. Thats too bizarre for words, where the f did you come up with that?? You seem illogical, delusional and you have no point.

  18. Micki says:

    I found it funny that JA announced engagement exactly on the AJ supposed wedding day. Many will find it pathetic and still hard core competing, regardless what two of them say.
    And I do admire Jolie but believe she can say this as offhandedly as her mom-in-law.

    • Shoes says:

      Except by the time they announced the engagement on a Sunday evening in the US, it was obvious that no wedding had happened that weekend in France.

      And who honestly thought Brangelina was actually going to get married that weekend anyway? European tabloids are worse than even Star; X17 flew someone out there on the Thursday or Friday before and they said nothing was happening on the estate.

    • Murz says:

      Why is everyone so quick to forget that it was JUSTIN’S Birthday weekend!!!
      It was his birthday present from her to himself, or however you want to put it.
      It was their(J/J) weekend.
      And it was announced on a Sunday night, most weddings are held on Saturdays. So, clearly, there was nothing to “upstage” anyways.
      And yet, we still get a story, that like “magic” Jen does something to “steal” the lime lite from B/A.
      While, what is not pointed out that in order for the JP’s to be married on THAT particular weekend that, THEY (B/A) were the ones trying to “steal” Justin and Jen’s thunder. and forever attach themselves to Justin/Jen.
      How is it that, THAT is overlooked?? and somehow reversed so that J/J are the scene stealing coat-tailing villains?

      • Emma says:

        Please. They reached out to the media and put out their engagement news. Justin might have been planning the proposal for months but the need to hurry to the press with the news on the weekend Brange was rumored to wed? Super shady. Your second point makes no sense because the rumored date of their wedding came before J/J engagement news. You think Brange magically knew Justin would be proposing on his birthday so they put out rumors of their wedding? LOL the difference between BA and JJ is that BA don’t need media rubbish to stay relevant.

      • Murz says:

        You think Brange magically knew Justin would be proposing on his birthday so they put out rumors of their wedding?
        —-No, I think very few people knew when, or if Justin was going to propose.

        My point was WHY ?? would B/A set a date for “THAT” particular weekend? and How did it come to pass that JJ were the bad guys in it all?
        Correct me if I am wrong but that date has been his for 41yrs now, it is not like he pulled it out of thin air and said…

        “You know B/A are rumored to wed THIS weekend, I think I shall have not only my birthday this weekend, but I shall also propose to Jen.
        Just so I can outshine them on their “big day”.

        There are plenty of other weekends to “rumor” a wedding on. That would clearly not have anything to do with J/J.

        – If BA don’t need media rubbish to stay relevant.

        Why, THAT date or weekend AT ALL ever???

        When everyone and their mothers would all attach it to J/J somehow.

      • Emma says:

        Did you read my comment at all? I said it was very likely Justin had been planning on proposing on his birthday for months. It was them running to the media hours after it happened that’s what’s shady. Why did they feel the need to run to the media about their engagement?

        Are you implying BA have any idea what Justin’s birthdate is? The media and the public made absolutely no connection between the dates. Maybe if it were Jen’s birthday or a day close to Brad and Jen’s wedding but Justin’s birthday? Stop reaching so hard. You’re going to pull a muscle.

    • Hattie says:

      Its not about when/where/how they got engaged. To me its about why they issued statements to the media so quickly.

      • Murz says:

        Oh, I don’t know… Maybe because they were thrilled!,,, There could be any number of reasons. Maybe there is a blabber mouth in the family that they wanted to cut off.
        All in all if you love someone and say yes, to a marriage proposal, why can’t you tell everyone immediately?… Is there a law I am unaware of that stipulates a waiting period on such news? Is that the next sin that J/J should be crucified for?

  19. anon33 says:

    When did Angelina have bangs like that? When is that picture from? She looks awesome, and I’m not even a fan of hers!

  20. Sunnyinseattle says:

    I could certainly see her saying thayt, ;-) but I can’t see Jane “running to tell Jennifer”. That would ne mean, and doesn’t seem like something she would do. Obviously, I don’t know her, but that is just a cruel thing to do. If they even talk personally anymore! :-)

  21. Laura says:

    I hope Maddox is the insider.

  22. Shoes says:

    This about as true as anything else Star has published about the Brangelaniston triangle.
    (Which is obviously to say that everything they print is made up garbage.) They don’t have any sources. It’s all poorly-conceived fan fiction.

  23. Mac says:

    Does Jane Pitt still maintain a close, personal relationship with Jennifer Aniston?

    If so, I could understand how that might be a source of irritation to Ange.

  24. Kendra says:

    When I heard about Justin asking his “cash cow ” to marry him, I laughed , also. LOL

  25. SpunkyPR says:

    It’s not even entertaining anymore. Please someone stop the madness! If the goal was to make sure that I don’t care about Brad, Angelina, Jennifer and her flavor of the month, mission accomplished! I don’t want to see any movie these people are involved with for the simple fact that I just don’t see them as actors anymore since the whole triangle. But that’s just me and I needed to get that out. Whew!

  26. Debra says:

    Well I sure hope Jen has a baby.
    I’m willing to believe it will be beautiful, pure perfection.
    That was the problem with Brad and Angies babies. Bad mix of the genes.
    Not one of those kids is attractive. Unfortunate, but true.

  27. Itsa says:

    I don’t believe it. Why would either of the women care? They each have their own lives. I doubt whether they give each other much thought at all.
    And, I also doubt that Brad’s mom would discuss Jen in the first place, let alone pass along insults from Ang.

  28. Ally says:

    Angie’s a bitch, Jen’s a neurotic mess…and Brad, he’s a saint obviously.

  29. Maritza says:

    Gossip Cop said this was just more of Star lies.

  30. Emma says:

    Like Angelina would even waste a breath on Jen. Unlike Jen, Angelina doesn’t rely on this stupid love triangle to maintain relevancy.

  31. Jaxx says:

    I don’t think Jennifer is even on Angie’s radar and I certainly can’t see her badmouthing her to Jane, since Jane may still have a soft spot for Jen.

    Nope, this story is pure dog poop. Throw it out with the garbage.

  32. Kosmos says:

    Okay, I don’t like Angie anyway, but still I cannot believe this story. Anyway, if something were exchanged between Angie & Brad’s mom, how in the world would it ever reach the public? No way, I say….this is just fodder. I also don’t believe that Angie would be this mean. She’s had her own life with Brad and they seem content, so she has no reason to want to keep Jen from being happy with someone…ridiculous.

  33. Moreaces says:

    Jen, So wants to be Jolie.

  34. Lizi says:

    LOL…nobody believes this,right? If somebody does,mankind is doomed forever.which already is because of all the crap that is going on in the world. =(

  35. GT says:

    I don’t believe a word of this. Why would Angie care?? She’s got Brad and it’s been years! I love how it’s always an “insider” or “source” and they can get away with saying this crap.

    • lisa2 says:

      The funny for me is that these “inside sources” can hear all these intimate conversations but they never can tip the press on where the family is on a given day. These “inside sources” didn’t know about the engagement or when and where the proposal happened. Never know where the family was spending holidays or what happened at birthday parties. YET they know when Angie talks to Brad’s mom. I have to laugh because the rags shot themselves in the foot. they posted that Angie doesn’t have friends so now they can’t say a friend it is always a source. And they never quote JP friends/family because they don’t talk to the media. Brad has male friends that never ever talk to the press, and have never done so for year. The Jolie-Pitts seem to have a close circle of people that protect them and their privacy. So the tabloids post “sources”

      Brad just said that the rumor of him buying Angie a firing range was a lie..just like the reports of all the houses, helicopter, waterfall, bikes, cars, and all not true.

      I never get why people still buy these magazines.

  36. zenb!tch says:

    I laughed and thought it was pathetic for Ms. Famewhore obsessed with looks and her career in bad-acting to get engaged to some nobody so why shouldn’t Angelina enjoy a giggle or two?

    I totally believe the one about the nose.

    PS: I don’t like either of them but JA puts herself in a place where sane women can’t help but make fun.

  37. skuddles says:

    Part of me wants to believe it just because it’s so deliciously bitchy, but I am very sure it’s all total b.s. Total stretch to think Jolie would say that to her MIL, and even harder to believe Jane would run and blab it all to Aniston knowing fully well it would hurt Jen and cause trouble with Angie. Jane could not possibly be that dense or disloyal.

  38. ruby says:

    What a pack of lies XD It reads like bad fanfiction. The only thing I find kind of fishy with this whole business (other than the timing) is this dragging things out with the ring. I understand this recent “thing” of showing one’s massive rock off to the tabs is kind of obnoxious, but with Jen’s publicist’s MO being what it is, I’m really surprised they’re drawing this out. I don’t see the point. Are they trying to keep people interested ? Because it’s not working. When I saw the title of this story I was like “Oh yes I forgot but she’s engaged now, meh”.

  39. pwal says:

    So we’re supposed to believe that Angelina, who was seething with rage over Jane buying Shiloh frilly dresses, would now pop off about Aniston to Jane?

    Seriously, I wish the tabloids would get their continuity straight.

  40. Memphis says:

    Honestly I think both women are over it and just sit back shaking their damn heads over it at this point.

    But I guess tabs wouldn’t sell if there wasn’t a fight till the bitter it is what it is.

    • lisa2 says:

      the thing is what exactly would they be fighting for. Angie and Brad are together. Jennifer is with Justin. Why would there be any rivalry.

      nothing to win on either front so nothing to fight for.

      The tabloids milked this crap for 7 straight years. Everyday and even on holidays. Now there is nothing to say. Boring and boring and boring.

      nobody cares about who was married to whom 7 years ago. No children, no property to split, nothing. Besides there are real celebrity dramas and silliness. Why the need to make stuff up. I think Jennifer finally landing a guy that is sticking around was the final straw

      Game over.. but there never was a game in progress anyway.

  41. girlsrunthismutha says:

    IMO Brad totally cheated but his pr always made sure to put out the other story that he waited to not ruin his supposed good-guy image, and Angelina was a homewrecker,Brad was not contemplating divorce from Jen, that’s total b.s. to excuse cheating and homewrecking…. from what I’ve heard from people working on set during Mr&Mrs S. Angelina was in Brad’s trailor a lot, at first he was taken aback by her agressiveness, then after awhile he fell for her and fell hard. This woman totally pursued another woman’s husband and he just happened to fall in love with her and find his soulmate after he was already married to someone else, shite happens,but Jen was the one who got the worst of it because she still loved her husband and she lost him in public on the world stage, that must not have been easy YIKES. Glad she found happiness now, but not sure this guy is her soulmate, something’s not jelling there.

  42. paula says:

    Just because there was no children does not mean that it was easy to split for Jen, she was married to Brad for seven years, children aren’t the only thing that make a marriage worthy, I know couples married 20 yrs with no children, if the wife or husband was to split it would be devasting. Jen truly loved her husband when he walked out.

    • pwal says:

      Umm… Pitt and Aniston weren’t married for seven years – they were together for seven years. Two plus years dating and just under five years of marriage.

      • surebecca says:

        It does not matter how long Jenn and Brad were married and that they had no children, what matters is that He knew he was married to Jenn when he fell in love, pursued another woman and so did Angelina. I believe he did cheat on Jenn with Angelina and that Angelina totally chased and bedded a married man, that is her modus operandi from past years(BilleBob,Brad Pitt even Johnny Depp she went after according to Vanessa’s press) Angelina likes the supposed unattainable-man. Maybe she wanted to show the world that the golden couple(Brad&Jenn) were not so golden and she could covet the prize husband in Hollywood from the percieved Friends-goodgirl sweetheart. I love Angelina as a actress and moviestar but I would never trust her with anyone’s husband, if I were Elsa Patsky I’d worry if Chris Helmsworth ever did a movie with her. Angelina is like a vampire homewrecker.

      • pzarena says:

        Angelina is a goddess, she is not just another women. A Angelina Jolie comes along once in a generation, she is legend status.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        Like a “Trampire”? Oh god, stop projecting and make up stuff @ surebecca.

    • Facts says:

      What? Jen herself said Brad wasn’t the love of her life, she was the one who walked out, not Brad. Aniston chose a career over a family with Brad, she walked out on their marriage so evidently she didn’t love him and never truly did. And Brad and Jen were only married for 4 and a half years. She didn’t seem to love him even at the beginning. I believe Brad put his all into it and Brad truly loved her, but his efforts weren’t reciprocated by Jen who seemed only in it to get herself in Hollywood. She used him, I feel, and Brad was devastated by her treatment of him.

  43. april says:

    Jennifer has beautiful hair but as far as looks go, Angie wins hands down. Brad is the one who will always have to wonder if she would ever leave him. I don’t see that Angelina would ever have to worry about that Brad would leave her. And I also agree with the ones above who said you can’t steal someone’s husband.

  44. Tres Jolie says:

    Why on earth do people get married anyways? I can see why Brad and Angie would do it, if it’s for their kids’ peace of mind, but why would Jen do it? After just being with a guy for such a short time? They are already living together etc., what’s the point.

  45. Tres Jolie says:

    Just want to add that I think Jen wears too much jewellery now that she is a bit older. She is athletic looking and that type looks odd in so much decoration. She should keep thinks simple, like she used to do.

  46. crtb says:

    No woman can steal your husband.Your husband dumped you.Get over it and stop projecting.Its pathetic.

    Kim is this is true, then Jenn didn’t still Justin from his girlfriend. Right?
    Since you can’t steal a man from his woman, then he must have dumped her!

  47. jk says:

    These comments about AJ “stealing” Brad are funny as hell and those who say it please apply for the next “dumber and Dumber” movie. Jen did not BUY Brad Pitt. SHe married him. In order to “steal” something you to own it, you do NOT own a spouse. If you cannot hold onto a husband or a boyfriend and getdumped too bad. Put on your big girl pantied and don;t make a fool of yourself by saying someone stole your husband. HE left You period .. He was planning it long before he met the new woman. He must have been looking for some reason or another. Look in mirror and find out why he left but stop playing the blame game. AJ did not steal Brad he met her got to know her anpt fel;l in love with her and the main reason he fell in love with her was because how she was how she loved her kid ,you know child ,baby , that Anniston refused to have . SO I hope they are happy and stay happy and that they never arrest AJ for THEFT lol The same for that man stealing Jennifer ,hope she is happy and stays happy too.

  48. Truth Hurts Deal says:

    AJ has no respect for other women. U don’t sleep with a married or engaged man period. She did the same to Laura Dern w Billy Bob Thornton. She is a nasty skank but she will get her karma.

  49. Truth Hurts Deal says:

    AJ has no respect for other women. U don’t sleep with a married or engaged man period. She did the same to Laura Dern w Billy Bob Thornton. She is nasty but she will get her karma.

  50. Truth Hurts Deal says:

    AJ has no respect for other women. U don’t sleep with a married or engaged man period. She did the same
    to Laura Dern w Billy Bob Thornton. She is nasty but she will get her karma.

    • Janet says:

      So you posted it three times and it sounds ridiculous each time. Laura Dern was engaged to Billy Bob Thornton only in her own imagination. He made it clear he never intended to marry her. And when he married Angie, what did Dern do? Got knocked up by Ben Harper who was already married to his pregnant wife. The babies were born 3 or 4 months apart. So don’t go acting like Dern is some kind of saint. She is anything but.

      • crtb says:

        That is not true. Laura Dern and Billy Bob were engaged. She was preparing for their wedding when BBT and AJ were filming Pushing Tin. She was totaly unaware that he was having an affair at that time. I am not making excuses for her behavior afterwards. What she did is wrong however that doesn’t change the facts that AJ suduced BBT when he was involved in a committed relationship. No different than Jen and Justin. If one woman was wrong then both women were wrong.

      • Minty says:


        Ah, you better do more research, because you are excusing Laura Dern’s shady behavior beforehand. Laura cheated with Billy Bob while he was married to Pietra Dawn Cherniak, his fourth wife. Didn’t you know? I don’t agree with what Angie did with Billy Bob, but Laura is no innocent, either. What goes around comes around.

        People give Laura a pass because she “seems” innocent, i.e., her public image isn’t bad girl or maneater like Angie. I do smell a lot of hypocrisy here. Interesting that many people rarely examine the person behind the public persona. Billy Bob comes out the worst in all this. I wonder: has he ever been faithful in any of his 5 marriages?

  51. Truth Hurts Deal says:

    AJ has no respect for other women. U don’t sleep with a married or engaged man period. She did the same
    to L Dern w B B Thornton. She is nasty but she will get her karma.

  52. Truth Hurts Deal says:

    AJ has no respect for other women. U don’t sleep with a married or engaged man period. She did the same
    to L Dern w B B Thornton. She will get her karma.

    • Janet says:

      How many times are you going to spam this thread?

    • Minty says:

      @Truth Hurts Deal:

      Oh hush with that stupid narrative already.

      Speaking of karma, Laura Dern got what she was dishing out. FYI, Billy Bob Thornton cheated on his 4th wife with Laura. Years later, Laura hooked up with Ben Harper, when he was married to his first wife, who was pregnant at the time. Let’s not forget that Jennifer got together with Justin while he was supposedly still with Heidi.

      In other words, the double standards I’m seeing are ludicrous. Funny how celebrities with ‘good girl’ images (Laura, Jennifer, Julia Roberts, Claire Danes, etc.) get a pass when they misbehave, particularly when they cheat. Those with ‘bad girl’ images get called homewreckers every day, twice on Sundays, even when there’s no concrete proof of the crime (Angie & Brad). And where is your criticism of the men who were unfaithful, especially Billy Bob?

      If you’re gonna cry foul about Angie/Billy Bob, you’d better do the same about Laura/Billy Bob and Laura/Ben, as well as Jennifer/Justin. To single out Angie only for your condemnation is ignorant and freakin’ hypocritical.

  53. kira says:

    Wow, some people…

    Jen’s fans NEVER mention what she did to Heidi Bivens. Aniston met Justin on-set while he was in a 13 year long live-in relationship. They start dating later, as pics show. They lie about it the press and to Heidi’s mother (it’s on record). Then, months later, Heidi moves out and is quite angry about it, but she said she won’t say anything unless they mention her by name first. The same week as Heidi moves out, Jen releases pics of herself kissing Justin, and they go out together wearing matching rings.

    So, let me get this straight, Jolie is the devil for what she did to poor Jen, but everything Jen did is perfectly ok? The hypocrisy is stunning….

  54. ku bus says:

    Angelina can be quite the hooora to get what she wants. She is gorgeous, no doubt Brad and many men’s head would turn for her, but she is still quite the skannnkee hoooorrrra. No way plain Jenn could compete with that skank in the bedroom or out, Angie is one of the most beautiful women ever in Hollywood for decades and as some of my male friends told about the situation a gorgeous, pushy,mysterious,skanky freaky girl-woman like Angelina was going to win hands down against Jenn.

  55. Joe says:

    Hey! We’re watching “Friends” re-runs,
    drinking Smart Water,
    and laughing again with Jen!