Is Duchess Kate getting fillers & Botox, or is her transformation all-natural?

I mentioned this story yesterday, but why not devote a post to it separately now that I’ve gotten a chance to read the whole little story in In Touch Weekly? ITW has some kind of Botox expert willing to go on the record saying that he thinks Duchess Kate is full of Botox and fillers. Now… I’m not trying to start a Kate Flame-War, honestly. But I think there’s a little something to this. I personally think that Kate had some subtle work done before she and William even got engaged – a little eye work, maybe something tucked around her jawline. Around late 2010, she definitely began to look more “chiseled” and cheekbone-y, and there was a noticeable difference around her eyes. It’s not the worst thing ever – mostly because I do think it was subtle and very well-done, and it genuinely improved her appearance. But that’s not what ITW is focusing on now – this guy claims Kate is chock full of fillers and that it’s happened recently:

Kate Middleton was ready for her close-ups at the Summer Olympics, where her radiant smile drew almost as much attention as the athletes she cheered on. Did she get some cosmetic reinforcement for the occasion?

“It appears she had fillers done,” New York-based Dr. Robert A. Guida tells In Touch. Guida, who hasn’t worked with the Duchess of Cambridge, 30, says he suspects Botox and laser resurfacing came into play. Regardless, he isn’t arguing with the results! Says the doc: “Her skin looks fuller and very fresh.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

CB and I were debating the “Does Kate Botox?” issue a few months ago, I remember. There were some photos of Kate taken from a weird angle (like, half-profile), and she looked painfully ‘Toxed. But then a few weeks later, she didn’t look frozen at all, which might mean that IF Kate is getting something done, it’s something temporary like Botox or whatever.

Of course, there are non-invasive reasons that we could cite too – weight fluctuations, grooming, makeup, etc. For what it’s worth, I do think all of those things have contributed to Kate’s larger “makeover”. She’s taking better care of her skin, her eyebrows are hyper-groomed nowadays, and her face lost the “puppy fat” of her early and mid-20s. Still… I think there probably is some ‘Toxing and filler-ing going on.

PS… Can we talk about her old hair versus her new hair? She’s totally wearing weaves and extensions and hairpieces. For the love of God.

Kate in 2006:

In 2007:

In 2011:

In 2012:

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Mew says:

    To me it seems as if she had sort of a brow lift kind of thing, as the outer corner of her eye seems stretched up and out compared to before. Don’t know though, I’m not the expert.. there’s scars in her scalp around that area too but maybe those are from some other incident..

  2. Rose says:

    I’ve had a suspicion for a little while that she’s been botoxing her forehead, the rest I would chalk up to weight loss but you never ever see her frown, which leads me to think she just can’t

  3. Jackie O says:

    weight loss, botox, dental work, and hair extensions for sure.

    hyper groomed is a good way to describe it.

  4. ciel says:

    hair extensions and probably very subtle nose job.

  5. Cherry says:

    Look, I think it’s pretty clear that she has lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of hair, but botox/fillers? Nah. It’s not fair to compare photos of a girl in her early 20s to more recent ones when she’s 30. I, for one, look a lot more cheekboney now, at 31, than I did when I was 21 and I can assure you that I did not get botox. A lot of girls lose the baby fat in their faces in that period. I think that’s what we’re looking at here.

    • TheEntrepreneursWife says:

      +1 Me too — my face thinned out in my 30s.

      Plus she has expensive blowouts a couple times a week, and she has had professional make-up lessons. I would look this way too if I had the time and money to hang out at the salon and teach myself how to actually apply make-up properly.

    • jenna says:

      I’d also say a lot of it is due to dramatic weight loss and different grooming habits (and yes, hair extensions). As some others have noted, your face can change a LOT through your 20s–I know my face is a lot less “chubby” now (at 30) than it was at 18, even though my weight is the same.

    • mams says:

      I wish my face still had some fat in it! It’s like at 29, it all just went away. People used to be shocked when I told them I’d been teaching for 6 years. Now that I’m in my eighth year, people are like, “eh, I believe it.” Maybe teaching has something to do with it…

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      @ mams: LOL Teaching is hard work. I hear ya.

      I agree. The angles of your face can change quite a bit in your late 20′s and early 30′s but even then I don’t see a huge difference. And comparing photos of her walking down the street years ago with photos of her at an official engagement now that she’s the wife of the future King? Please. I’m sure she has the best professionals at her disposal. Lighting, styling, and make up can do wonders.
      Maybe MAYBE she had something done around the eyes but then that last pic suggests not.
      I’m not even seeing the extensions to be honest. Could be, sure. But my hair looks like that as well (minus the sausage curls) and I have no money for extensions etc. Wish my skin was as good as my hair. Ah well.

  6. meppa says:

    Definate nose work, smetime during one of those University breaks, her nose was even mre bulbous and had a thicker boxer-like ridge. She’s not pretty anyway, I’m not sure why the press keeps raving about her, she’s so average.

  7. amelia says:

    From certain angles I’ve recently thought her cheeks/jaw look a little odd. Maybe it’s the slightly too liberal application of blusher in an attempt to paint on Kate Moss-ish cheekbones, but particularly from a side shot it looks like dodgy fillers. Although, if I had any money to bet, I’d put it on weight loss.

  8. lisa2 says:

    At first glance I thought that was Katie Perry.

  9. Luise says:

    Oh come on! Of course she is doing all of this. She’s been doing it for quite a while.

  10. L says:

    Other than losing weight and better styling (eyebrows, skin care, makeup) she looks the same. A older version of herself, but the same.

    Her hair also looks the same to me, albeit longer and with better conditioner.

  11. Loulou says:

    She’s using a Swiss line of products, Karin Herzog, that I’m totally ordering for myself. This story sounds like a backstabbing plant by the cronies of “princess” Charlene of Monaco who is chock full of garbage in her face, breasts etc. Kate had her teeth touched up. I’m willing to bet the rest is a lot of good products.

  12. Scorellini says:

    Now that I look at the pictures, I’m honestly surprised it’s taken this long for a post like this. She looks…completely different! Actually difficult to recognize.

  13. Dana M says:

    Def hair extensions. It’s hard for me to tell if she’s had eye work done due to the heavy eyeliner and eye makeup she always wears. I can’t tell.

  14. LAK says:

    Fillers around the time of Nottingham jubillee visit hence the puffy face that sparked pregnancy rumours

    Botox, dental, Extensions, very subtle nose job BUT thinner nose could also be due to huge weightloss,different make up and of course a huge amount of weightloss.

  15. Lucy says:

    Idk…I recently lost a lot of weight (I am 40 though) and even though I take very good care of my skin it makes your face kind of “fall in” so I wouldn’t be surprised at the subtle fillers, botox etc. Give her a break! But look who that’s coming from, ha!

  16. tracking says:

    Definitely dental work and ‘toxed forehead–no tanner and smoker has a forehead that smooth without some help.

  17. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I’m on the fence, mainly due to her fluctuating weight/age. I kind of thought the brow looked lifted a bit too but the makeup in the hair up pic is pretty stellar with the highlighting work which can exaggerate this. Plus she is not as scary skinny as she was a year ago, she is a tall woman so 10lbs might not look like much on her body but maybe goes to her face first? Plus how would a duchess even get this stuff on the down low? She would have to get a doctor to visit her in house I would imagine.

    Surprised no one has mentioned the ever-present-in-the U.K. “Is she pregnant?!” watch either, I think the weight gain could be down to her trying to produce an heir.

  18. ANGELIC 20 says:

    am i the only one who thinks that she looks better before all the work and weight loss? i think she looks warm , pretty & human before and plastic & like an evil witch now with the scary fake plastic smile which used to look natural before.

  19. Katie says:

    2006 Kate is the most beautiful and warm looking to me. I wish she would go natural. She is a pretty girl.

  20. Cleo says:

    Kate looked sooooo much better before having all the work done, IMHO. Also, that last photo where she’s smiling is insanely scary!

  21. The Original Mia says:

    She’s had wirk done. Definitely. Hair extensions. Dental work by a famed French cosmetic dentist. Botox & fillers. Extreme weight loss. She’s even changed the way she speaks to adopt a posh accent & it sounds utterly ridiculous.

  22. Cleo says:

    Kate looked so much better before having all the work done, IMHO. Also, that last photo where she’s smiling is insanely scary!

  23. Cleo says:

    Kate looked so much better before having all the work done, IMHO. Also, that last photo where she’s smiling is kinda frightening!

  24. mabel says:

    Remember that picture of a scar in her hairline. I bet that is from plastic surgery. The news put out it was a childhood scar but never said from what. My money is on surgery.

  25. marglo says:

    Surprised by how much she looks like Katie Holmes in the 2006 and 2011 photos, right down to the weird side smile. Never noticed that before.

  26. Talie says:

    Full-time hair and makeup people can do wonders, and an unlimited budget as well.

  27. serena says:

    I think it’s because of make up (and her beloved black eyeliner) and weight loss.

  28. Carla says:

    If you see old pictures of her, she was much heavier. Of course, with weight loss, comes changes in the way your face looks. I’m not noticing anything here that looks suspicious at all.

  29. Isa says:

    She doesn’t have bags under her eyes anymore. She also lost weight, got a better makeup artist and a tan.

  30. tmbg says:

    I think she had the bags under her eyes removed and her eyes lifted, which is a big improvement because she looked tired and droopy before.

    She might be getting Botox, but you never see her making a slight frown, so it’s hard to tell. She never has forehead lines though, so I think she does.

    It’s well done Botox, though. I just wish she’d ease up on the makeup.

  31. Sachi says:

    Her forehead is frozen, look how smooth it is, especially in that last photo above. She looks like she can’t move her face hence the scary big mouth and big eyes trying to compensate for the inability to move the rest of her face.

    Her skin was very dry last year, even at her wedding. She had visible pockmarks as well as lines under her eyes and around the mouth. This year her skin looks soft and smooth, and in some pictures she looks like she has no pores and has been Photoshopped to oblivion.

    Her face has always been round, but last year she was so thin her features looked sunken and angular. She’s gained a bit of weight since then.

    However, the weight gain is not enough as to actually make her face look more filled out. Cosmetic fillers do that, not weight gain. Her body is still stick thin yet her cheeks look like they’re the only things gaining weight.

    As for extensions…it’s so obvious. Her hair was never this thick. Pippa’s hair right now was Kate’s hair, in texture, volume, and colour. Kate has since coloured and darkened her hair in various shades of brown, even had a bit of auburn last year.

    She’s definitely very made-up now. More made-up than any other Princess except Charlene.

    Kate was more fresh-faced in 2006-2007. She looked pretty with a nice smile. She even looked ‘humble’ then. Now she looks cold and robotic with a good dose of obnoxiousness and arrogance thrown in.

    • LAK says:

      I don’t understand how people can say she hasn’t had work done or because she’s photographed a lot can’t get it done.

      She has a lot of down time when she isn’t in the papers. That puffy face at Nottingham Which was the subject of frenzied pregnancy speculation

      And looking at the photo selection above, she’s lost the lines around her eyes and in her forehead that where there in 2007. She is obviously laughing pretty hard (ok, ok that’s her standard photo face), but no matching creases around her eyes like in the 2007 photo, and her eyebrows and forehead are not matching the big expression one would expect to see for that big a grin!!!!

      • Sachi says:

        LAK – her face in Nottingham had her cheeks looking unnatural. I don’t know why people can’t see the difference

        In this photo of her in Nottingham:

        Take a look at her left cheek. Notice the natural contour of her face. Then look at that line in the middle of her left cheek that forms a little circle. That little circle looks separate from the edge/shape of her face. It’s like that area was “raised” and inserted with a cotton ball.

        Here it is again:

        Her jaw is still narrow, but the front of the cheeks are round and plump. Her right cheek looks odd in comparison to her right temple. It’s like her cheek is overflowing and too big. Weight gain should make her face plump everywhere.

        Also, her left cheek again. The area near her left eye going into her ear, which is where the rest of her cheek muscles should be, look flat. Only the front, a small area, of her cheeks looks plumped up.

        Natural and just weight gain? I think not.

      • fairy godmother says:

        @ Sachi;
        The change in her chiseled jaw line I thought was from a very small chin implant.
        Only a well done chin implant can make such a sharp well-defined jaw line. The difference between losing weight and the way her shaped jawline appears seems like face shape change of celebrities i.e. Angelina Jolie.
        IA she has had work done by a very good cosmetic doctor(s).

  32. pf says:

    It’s not about aging or weight fluctuations, the girl’s forehead does not move in that last picture. And she’s 30 yrs old don’t forget! For someone who smiles amd laughs as much as she does, she would have lines in her forehead, crow’s feet, etc. Also, her eye bags magically disappeared. Oh, and the teeth are whitened and a bit more perfect-looking.

    • Squeeg says:

      I would think that too if I didn’t work with a gal who is 41, has no forehead wrinkles, only a couple small lines under her eyes, no crows feet, used to smoke like a chimney, and likes to drink. Her mom looks the same way and is a clean living lady. My co worker would never botox in a million years, but then why should she? She has great genes.

  33. Emma says:

    Those sisters have terrible genes. I mean who looks like they are in their late 30s in their mid 20s? She looked tired and haggard in ’07 when she was 26. And Pippa, forget it, just awful. It’s a good thing they have money.

  34. Luise says:

    Her eyes have gone from being droopy to slightly turned up at the corners. Botox or a brow lift will do that.

  35. Anne says:

    Kate used to look a lot more like Pippa than she does now.

  36. emmieapricot says:

    She looks great but I’ve always thought she was doing something — only because she had lost a lot of weight but her face stayed nice and smooth and plump. Usually your face gets deflated-looking with age and weight loss.
    And her hair has mysteriously gotten thicker. Again, with age your hair usually thins.
    Not that she is old by any means, but things just change between your 20′s and 30′s! & even more in your 40′s!!

  37. HoustonGrl says:

    I think your face changes all your life, so I’m willing to give Kate the benefit of the doubt. HOWEVER, weight loss would make her face less plump, not more. So IMO she is definitely botoxing. Whatever she’s doing, it works! She looks better now, but a bit “overgroomed” for my taste.

  38. P.J. says:

    It’s definitely dental work — her natural teeth were covered with cosmetic veneers around 2008. Notice her teeth are bigger and very white. Veneers and super-white teeth really make a difference in one’s appearance. They brighten up the whole face.

    • rachel says:

      +10!!! I think the veneers are rather obvious too and I’m surprised that more people haven’t pointed it out. I think the whole Middleton clan had the same set of veneers put in as all their teeth seem so fake.

      • greta says:

        LOL about the family — When you look at Ma and Pa Middleton, their teeth seem a couple of decades younger than the rest of their respective body parts!

        My question is – why veneers? In the words of a dentist I know, you are basically filing down and ruining otherwise healthy teeth…If they have issues with crooked teeth, why not old fashioned braces (invisalign is barely noticeable).

  39. Kloops says:

    I’d bet my right arm that she’s using Botox. Nearly every public figure is using it. Heck, most every 30+ year old woman I know is using it, some prophylacticly to prevent future wrinkles. I’ve had it between my eyebrows and it just subtly eases that “11″ crease. I can still move my forehead and have laugh lines and forehead wrinkles.

    The rest is weight loss, good products, probably hair extensions. The only one I can’t determine is if she’s had the bridge of her nose slightly narrowed or if that’s just the overall effect of weight loss….

    • Sachi says:

      The tip of her nose had a more bulbous appearance before, and that is gone now. Now the tip of her nose looks pointier and more refined.

      She probably tweaked her nose sometime between 2007 and 2009.

      Weight loss may make your nose appear bigger or smaller as the rest of your face narrows or plumps up, but it shouldn’t affect the size of the tip nor should it thin out the bridge. Weight loss changes a person’s appearance, but not that much, and it can’t thin out the bones and cartilages in your nose.

  40. Violet says:

    Why oh why do people do this to themselves? She must be incredibly insecure to have so much done. The worst part is that she looked better before.

  41. maemay says:

    I’m not getting this obsession with Kate, especially from those who dislike her. I don’t get dissecting every photo for plastic surgery. It seems Kate serves the purpose of making people feel better about themselves by tearing her down bit by bit.

    Saw what it did to Diana..

    • bluhare says:

      It’s OK, maemay. I don’t get people’s obsession with Kristin Stewart, Jennifer Aniston or Leann Rimes either. To each his own!

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      what is it with you? it’s a gossip site , people come here to gossip . so according to you if i don’t like someone i should not comment or voice my opinion ? why? you don’t like talking about people you don’t admire then good for you and please don’t compare her to diana because that is an insult to her memory. plus i am sure kate is not canceling her shopping trips because we are talking about her as she said in her engagement interview that she really don’t care about what people think even if those people are funding her lifestyle.

    • Another K says:

      Oh Maemay, don’t waste your time. I’ve figured out the guiding rules behind this site:

      1. Kate is unattractive and lazy and boring.
      2. William is unattractive and lazy and boring.
      3. Pippa is unattractive and lazy and boring.
      4. The York sisters supposedly do not like Kate and Pippa therefore the Yorks are acceptable.
      4. Harry is damn near perfect.

      That’s all you need to know.

  42. Jen says:

    Well, speaking as a photographer, none of the pictures used for comparison purposes even have remotely similar lighting, to say nothing of the hair-up vs. hair-down difference. (It does actually make a huge difference in the appearance of your features, face shape and jaw definition.) She certainly does look ‘fresher’ in the more recent pictures, but they are also lit much better and more evenly. If you forget the lighting/shadows issue and compare just the basic lines of her face, I don’t see much evidence of fillers.

  43. thinlizzy says:

    OMG she looks like HAMMsters girlfriend Jennifer something…

  44. Shelly says:

    I don’t see any work done. I think it’s just a difference between no makeup and makeup. Don’t care either way. She is the most boring princess ever. *Yawn*

  45. Brooke says:

    I thought it was commonly known that she had a blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty several years back, to remove the bags from under her eyes and shave down the tip of her nose. I bet her weight loss made her face look deflated/wrinkled, so she started doing a bit of botox; I agree that the way she smiles indicates a certain immobility of some of her features.

  46. Sara says:

    Is it just me or does it look like she had brown eyes in the old photos? maybe she has colored contacts now cause her eye color looks much better.

  47. SarahNeil says:

    I’m so glad someone finally posted on this. If you look at the recent cover of People magazine, her forehead is frozen. It is obvious.

    She used to be a lot prettier. She now looks scary the way her eyebrows arch out like Joker.

    Both she and her sister smoke, that is why their skin looks awful.

  48. Reece says:

    Well now that it been mentioned…I’d say definitely but very subtle.

  49. Mara says:

    She is lovely to look at and prettier than her sister Pipa .

  50. Peanut says:

    I really don’t get the obsession with who is or isn’t doing Botox. For one, it’s temporary. And secondly, it can improve your appearance if it’s not overdone. Tons of people do it. I don’t see the big deal with Kate doing it too. People tear her and Pippa down for looking old and leathery, but *gasp* when Kate starts having laser-resurfacing and Botox? I don’t get it.

  51. Stacia says:

    It’s called a damn good stylist and make up artist. I don’t think it’s Botox.

  52. kelley says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with the botox accusations, but her whole appearance has changed dramatically over the last few years and she seems so fake from head to toe:

    -Hair weave/extensions
    -Magic marker eyebrows
    -fake tan
    -extreme weightloss
    -overly padded bra — despite the drastic noticeable weightloss everywhere else, the boobs have magically “grown”

  53. Beth says:

    Looks like she botoxed the crows feet area.

  54. Mich says:

    She has definitely had her upper and lower eyelids done. I also have heavy lids and no amount of makeup can account for the difference between Kate 2006 and Kate 2012. And weight loss makes the skin more saggy (without the fat to plump it) – not less.

  55. greta says:

    In an unrelated post about the celebrity trainer who lost all her baby weight super quick, someone was talking about bullimia and how it changes your face. Maybe that’s the case here?

  56. minxy says:

    She has never looked young. Not really. Even back in her University days, she looked like a 40something divorced office manager. I do wish she’d lighten up on the eyeliner.

  57. whisper says:

    She’s been visiting a panel beater alright. And that bit of blusher/bronzer she puts on the end of her nose makes her look like Pinocchio.

  58. LuvHotGuyFri says:

    I don’t think it’s a big deal that she gets things done to enhance her appearance if it makes her feel better. It’s becoming so much more common and affordable-more power to her.

    I think she had an upper and lower blepharoplasty done-it’s where they cut the extra skin off under/over eyes. A woman that works in my dermatologist office just had it done and she looks amazing. She looked good before but now she looks so well rested and vibrant-she said it cost@$5k and healed in a few weeks. She said it was no big deal and she wished she’d done it years ago but let the stigma of plastic surgery keep her from doing it.

  59. pink giraffe says:

    I love the people who are like “this is nuts!” and “don’t make up stories where there are none!” Are you even serious? I have nothing against Kate-but it is so obvious that she is getting work done. It’s fine. She’s a major public figure, she’ll be queen someday, and yes, she’s lost weight and stopped smoking and probably drinking so much, but COME ON. She has obviously had a LOT of (very good, in my opinion) work done, and she’s continuing to do so, with the injections, and probably, if not now, then def. in the future, more surgery. Look at those old photos. No one looks so much better when they are five years older if they haven’t had the kind of super expensive plastic surgery she and William can certainly afford done. It’s not a knock on her, and I don’t think anyone ever expects she’ll admit to it, but this is Celebitchy. If every C-list sitcom star is having work done, the future queen of England, so touted for her fashion & beauty, is having it done too, and better.

  60. Heather says:

    Why do women care which of us is botoxed and which of us is natural? So what!

  61. Sabrine says:

    She’s probably trying to get pregnant and the doctor has told her to gain some weight.

  62. Moi says:

    As someone who is not opposed to something done here or there IF done in moderation, and worked for a Plastic Surgeon for a few years, I don’t think she’s having filler/botox injections. It’s better makeup, moisturizers, styling, etc. She is married to a Prince now. ;-) Also if she quit smoking (if she did indeed quit?), your skin can bounce back and get a glow to it at her age. Another also sorry, but when you get your eyebrows shaped well, that can make a HUGE difference to your face, especially the eye area. I keep going back and comparing the pics. lol

  63. GoodCapon says:

    She had all that work done and she didn’t think to get LIP FILLERS????

  64. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    She looks like Katie Holmes in those earlier pictures.

  65. ruby says:

    I don’t know about the plastic surgery. If she did anything it’s very light, but it could just be makeup and weight loss.

    However I have always known she uses extensions and hairpieces. Just comparing with old photos and photos of her sister makes it obvious.

    In any case as much as people want to see her as this stunning princess, she is rather plain. She doesn’t have a beautiful face, nor does she have that spark that makes people attractive. She’s just boring in my opinion.

  66. Jess says:

    Horrible pictures taken in natural light ten years ago? She was 20lbs heavier and didn’t have professional hair and makeup. I see nothing different except for maybe some forhead botox and some hair extensions. She got someone to perfect her eyebrows and a good highlighter under the eyes works miracles. Kristen Stewart has heavy bags, but when she’s done up you can’t even see them. I think Kate’s just learned to look her best like a lot of us finally figure it in our mid to late twenties. You take better care of yourself and appreciate that you won’t be young forever.

  67. Original N says:

    Omg! I thought that picture from 2012 on the second side by side was the wax figure of her upon first glance …

  68. She'saitch says:

    In the photos from 2007 compare to photos 2012 I can definately see she had her nosed slimmed down, the work is very good, Kate’s nose use to be very boxer-like in photos in her early twenties, at some point she had it shaped a bit. The nose work is good. I think Kate is the type of person who when she eats or drinks it goes to her face first, so when she is dieting severely her face droops. I think she may have had a pinch of botox here and there but not overly done. If you look at photos of her after the wedding, she actually had started to get droopy-jowels, now the jowels are gone again. Kate was never a young looking girl even in her early 20′s she always looked close to 30.

  69. Shannon says:

    Yeah, it looks like she had some sort of eye work done. It’s very subtle, but there is a difference that doesn’t seem totally due to make up. She could also be having botox injections for her eyes. She may not have had actual surgery. Plus that seems to be the thing to do for those who can afford it.

    The other changes I think are more due to weight loss. Her face looks more angular because she weighs less…IMO. If you look at the earlier pictures focus on her neck. In 2006 and 2007 she has a more “meatier” neck. In 2011 she looks like she has a lost a LOT of weight, so her veins and what not are more prominent.

  70. Andrea says:

    I dunno about eye lift. She has the white stuff around her eyes that celebs use to cover up bags around their eyes. Looks to me in the photo above it she still had the bags. I also see signs of ciggy smoking around her mouth. Those lines will look awful in a few years. She will look 50 when she’s 35. UGH. She already looks older than me, I’d say 35 and I am 31. I think some good makeup and facials has helped her skin, but it can’t repair the ciggy damage.

  71. Albeli says:

    I’ll sign off on an eye lift, but the rest looks like weight loss and professional grooming. I think her hair is real. If she’s got extensions, they’re really good and don’t look that different from her pre-engagement hair.

    • Sachi says:

      You need to look at her hair pre-engagement. Her hair in Nov 2010 when she got engaged was already treated and made-up.

      Look up photos of her partying and clubbing around 2007-2009. Her hair was very thin.

      See Pippa’s hair. Thin and stringy. That was Kate’s hair before she got herself all fixed up.

  72. Melissa says:

    Just looks like the work of a good make-up artist to me. She still has the undereye bags, they’re just not as prominent due to expertly applied make up.

    Besides, the source is In Touch Weekly. Give me a break.

  73. lulu says:

    I say yes, she has Botox, she looks very weird in the 2012 photos, that’s not a natural look/smile/cheeks, doesn’t look just like makeup or aging…
    In the 2007 photo there’s something in her teeth.

  74. pato says:

    I think it´s just the make up. she is now devoted to that so her face and hair look perfect. I think that maybe she just changed her hair color. but nothing else.

  75. Cliquot says:

    For one thing, I’m sure she has top-notch stylists now. The disappearing eye baggage can be chalked up to an exquisite concealer job and fortunate flash-camera lighting. As for her forehead, she’s never really been one to have a furrowed brow, so either she’s been getting ‘toxed for years,or she’s just naturally smooth. But let’s look at it a different way: if she WAS getting work done, would she really choose to leave her lips so very thin?

  76. KTM says:

    She smokes.
    Someone saw her with a ciggy before boarding plane.
    But the problem is not this .

    She is a vacuous & not unmotionally intelligent woman.

  77. Lizzy says:

    Kate has definitely had work done in ALL areas and I agree totally with the comments given above. I just saw a pic of her today when she was in her ‘sheer’ dress hosting the olympians…her face has bumps and lumps in it…gross! Yes, she does look like she is in her 40′s…take a look at her hands…wrinkled and thin skinned too. She should have left well enough alone because now there will be no stopping over the years and she will be sorry as she will not be able to keep up…sad, so sad!!

  78. Kj says:

    I work in the beauty industry. Without a doubt, Kate has cheek fillers, botox in her frown area and around the eyes. She has also had dental veneers. These are all very obvious when you know what to look for.
    Botox brows on her are different to her natural brow (much higher and arched now). Weight loss does not produce these changes.
    Also, with weight loss you need fillers to add volume back to the face. She clearly sees someone good.
    If you look at recent photos of Pippa (October 2012), she has also had botox & looks more fresh and less animated now.
    Things will show when Kate gets pregnant, you watch……her brows will droop and her upper face with have more movement thanks to no botox.