Jon Hamm goes scruffy, commando in NYC: glorious or gross?

CB forwarded all of your emails over the weekend about the grand Hamm Dong event. I kind of love it that your first instinct, upon seeing The Glorious Hamm Dong, is to email me or Celebitchy. It’s wonderful. Anyway, Jon Hamm and his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt were spotted in New York over on Saturday, and Jon was noticeably without underwear. You should really go and look at those photos – we don’t have access to them. The photos I’m including in this post are also from the weekend – Jon and Jennifer were photographed at the US Open. There’s one particular shot where you can really see the shadowy Hamm Dong, so of course I cropped the photo for a better view:

By the way, you know The Hamm Dong is a “thing” that people discuss regularly now? Back in 2010, it became increasingly obvious that Jon Hamm is particularly well-endowed, and that he does not believe in supporting his endowment. I think he was going commando for months and months (probably longer), and when I pointed out his magnificent bulge in 2010, Gawker followed up by running a hilarious bulge pictorial. And then came the great story about The Hamm Dong causing problems on the set of Mad Men – apparently, there are serious costume issues regarding Jon’s lack of underwear. All of those events conspired – unfortunately – to Jon finally wearing underwear and wearing lots of baggy pants in which the Hamm Dong was hidden away for much of 2011. I’d like to think that 2012 will become “The Year That The Hamm Dong Came Back”. Please?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. sara says:

    Ick no thanks. There have been so many blind items recently about him hooking up with randoms. He should take better care of his peen.

  2. OriginalTiffany says:

    You didn’t put the good pics where you can see the package so clearly you can tell he is circumcised. You can basically see EVERYTHING. Including his scrot. It is like he is naked. Dlisted has them up.

    Hamm everything on display-these pics are super tame!

  3. KellyinSeattle says:

    I noticed the “Camel Toe of Men” right away. I think they look great….doesn’t bother me one way or another about his dong….but if it was my son or husband I’d tell him to put on some underwear! Put The Beast Back In the Cage…:) My ex used to go commando but he was a perv. Looks better on John.

  4. kpist says:

    Damn, I went to the other pics linked, he really is the grand hamm dong, seriously!!

  5. Jayna says:

    I saw the recent Rom-Com movie his girlfriend wrote or directed (I can’t remember which, maybe both) and acted in. Her acting was so leaden, wooden. Not leading actress material. The movie was okay, not great, but a better leading actress would have elevated it. And there was zero chemistry between her and the leading actor, though he was great in it. Hamm had a small part and was good.

    I predict Hamm and her break up for some reason.

  6. HillbillyintheCorner says:

    Bored….but the funny is the man behind Hamm in that second to last picture is no slouch in the hung dept…..he seems to a bit hanging in there too……

  7. snackysnaxx says:

    If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, “GO CARDS!”

    Love that he represents the 314.

  8. pf says:

    I saw the pics on dlisted this weekend. My mom happened to mention Jon Hamm, so I made her look at the “obvious dong” pics and she was like, “OH MY GOD!” Too funny.

  9. Eve says:

    He should consider wearing underwear. Or by the time he’s 60, he’ll be tripping on his balls.

  10. NerdMomma says:

    I am loving the Hamm dong. Haha. Also Jennifer Westfeldt has incredible legs.

  11. skuddles says:

    The close up crotch shot kills me – objectifying poor Mr Hammbone into just another nice penis like that :D

  12. GoodCapon says:

    In that set of pictures at dlisted, the last picture shows Jon and Jennifer totally hamming it up for the cameras. Ugh.

    I think he’s mighty fine, but for some reason these particular set of photos scream ‘d-bag’ for me.

  13. Guest says:

    I had to do a grawing of a penis when I was 15 years; took care of the mystery …….

  14. bella says:

    ugh – he disappoints me. thought he had more class but with all the blind items over the past year about him and randoms – now this “habit” – kinda grossing me out. anyone else think jennifer’s face is odd? it’s like she’s a caricature of herself???

  15. Marmy says:

    Finally! But these aren’t the ‘GOOD’ pictures. Glorious is my vote, I heard he swings it around but I don’t care. I still enjoy the view. 😜

  16. bea says:

    Those photos are impressive.

    I think I understand why men don’t like boxers, but how bad could tighty-whiteys be? No worse than panties I would imagine.

    I enjoyed looking at the pics, but I’m glad my husband keeps the goods camouflaged!

  17. lisa2 says:


    and if it was someone people here didn’t like that would be the comment..


  18. Isabel says:

    Just a random question, I feel dumb for asking this, but looking at the D-listed pics I only see his balls.

    I seriously can’t find the dong everyone is talking about. I see two big lumbs. I assume those are his nuts. Where is his peen? Everyone is talking about his dong, but I seriously don’t see it in the pics, only nuts. The only thing that hints towards peen are in pic 7, aka first pic in third row.

    The pic that clearly shows the bulge are called blablbla.nuts.jpg. Not peen.jpg.
    Or I am blind or completely unfamiliar with the male anatomy.

    So where is it? SHOW ME THE HOLY GRAIL!

    Ok. This was awkward xD

  19. The Original Mia says:

    Gross. Dude put it away.

  20. sillyone says:

    I hopped over to dlisted to see what the fuss was about..All I have to say is holy dongs that lucky bitch!

  21. Cam S says: has better (more detailed pics). Let’s just say he is “cut”, and it is very OBVIOUS. But he could be a “show-er” and not a “grow-er”

  22. Sabrine says:

    That one picture on Dlisted…you can see everything! These photos don’t even compare.

  23. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    He should wear a kilt.

  24. Feebee says:

    I bet he’s loving every minute of this ;) There’s no way he’s not aware of it.

  25. FingerBinger says:

    I know I’m probably alone on this one, but I just think not wearing underpants, male or female, is just gross. I’m not a prude or anything it just seems unsanitary.

  26. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Gross. Put it away.

    I’ll never, ever understand this average looking guys appeal. And having his dick out doesn’t make him more appealing to me.

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m all for free-balling, but there is an appropriate time, place, and outfit for doing so.

    I’m grossed out.

  28. thinlizzy says:

    boring, he’ll do anything for attention.
    his 15 minutes are UP

  29. Ally8 says:

    I love the Hamm, but this is just gross. You think he gets those trousers washed/dry-cleaned every day? Ew.

    Besides, Kelsey Grammer used to do this, too. How’s that for unsexy.

  30. Issa says:

    Like a girl with big boobs, tuck those suckers into some underwear. He’s rather looks too large to go commando.

  31. ZenB!tch says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that looks uncomfortable?

    Since I don’t know him, I think it’s hilarious and yet kind of gross BUT I have to ask HOW CAN JENNIFER LET HIM GO OUT LIKE THAT!?!?!

  32. Shannon says:

    Hahahhahah…I have never understood the fascination with Hamm. Yes, he’s good looking, but I could never understand why some women were creaming their pants over him.

    THIS, however, finally answers the question.

  33. Madmax says:

    Since he has it n likes for us too see it; why should we judge him? Enjoy the view n be thankful.

  34. Madmax says:

    Enjoy the view n be thankful.

  35. mommato5 says:

    I KNEW I was seeing that on the show!! I kept thinking I was just a perv-but if you type in Jon Hamm B…(you don’t even have to finish the word)it autocompletes it to “bulge” LMAO-then I didn’t feel so bad for being a complete perv because apparently I wasn’t the only one :) ! I think it looks hot, and man do I envy his girl .I really want him to be like Don Draper-a total cad that I can look at from afar LOL