Angelina Jolie makes a UNHCR trip to visit Syrian refugees in Jordan

Angelina Jolie is in Jordan right now, visiting the thousands of Syrian refugees who have crossed the border, fleeing one of the largest Middle East humanitarian crises in recent memory. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been systematically killing thousands (hundreds of thousands) of his own people for the past 18 months. I keep hearing that the interior conflict was rooted in the Arab Spring, and the Syrians’ own movement to live in a country that was more democratic and less of a police state, but at this point it feels like less of “a dictator/junta cracking down on protests in an urban civil war” and more like a full-fledged genocide. As I said, thousands of Syrians have escaped and are now living in refugee camps in Jordan. You can read the UNHCR’s coverage of Angelina’s trip, and here’s Us Weekly’s coverage:

Angelina Jolie met with nearly 200 new Syrian refugees near Mafraq, Jordan, overnight on September 11, Us Weekly has learned. The actress and UNHCR special envoy was joined by high commissioner for refugees Antonio Guterres and Jordanian foreign minister Nasser Judeh.

The Za’atri refugee camp hosts about 28,000 Syrians displaced by the 18-month conflict. Guterres told the Associated Press the “camp needs massive international funding” and that “the conditions are still not acceptable.”

After talking to Syrian women and touring the tent city, a teary-eyed Jolie shared the refugees’ “horrific” and “heartbreaking” stories with the Associated Press.

“I am very concerned; the world is very concerned,” the Academy Award winner and mother-of-six said. “What is very heartbreaking is when Syrian people ask you why you think no one is able to find a solution for them. What they described on the ground, hearing it from them, is so horrific.”

According to spokesman for the UNHCR, “Refugees tell us that artillery and air attacks are continuing in villages and towns close to the Jordanian border. There are reports of thousands of displaced people in Syria’s south, moving from village to village seeking safety before they can cross the border.”

“This mission that we are sharing has a key objective,” Guterres added. “It is to draw attention to the international community to express a much more stronger solidarity with Syrian refugees and the host countries that have kept their borders open to all those fleeing the conflict.”

Guterres and Jolie are planning to meet Jordan’s King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Judeh mid-afternoon September 11.

In April, Jolie was promoted to the diplomat-level position of UNHCR special envoy after serving more than 10 years as a goodwill ambassador. She is currently engaged to actor and philanthropist Brad Pitt, 48, her costar from the 2005 film Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

[From Us Weekly]

I know some people are just going to hate on her and nit-pick about the politics no matter what I say, so let’s just do this… here’s the donation page for the UNHCR. If you feel like donating, you’ll be helping to support many people in very desperate straits.

Meanwhile, the other half of Brangelina was recently discussing gay marriage once again. When Brad Pitt attended a screening of his latest film, Killing Them Softly, he was asked about the presidential election and gay marriage, and Brad said, “I am an Obama supporter and I’m backing his US election campaign. Gay marriage is inevitable. The next generation, they get it. It is just a matter of time before it becomes a reality.” Brad also discussed the wedding plans, saying, “No plans yet, other than we are going to do it. I plan very little as I get older

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Love her :) … Thoughts and prayers for the families of the victims of 9-11

    • WTF says:

      Thoughts and prayers for the people in Syria & Middle East.

    • Xithurel says:

      Thoughts and prayers for the Arabs and Middle East. It has been 4380+ days of terror with more than 6 million Middle Eastern people dead, orphaned, displaced, and marked across the Middle East combined and the toll is rising as the days continue. With acts of terror being committed towards minorities and persecutions all around the world towards people who are either Middle Eastern or look Middle Eastern – may our children forgive us for what we have done.

      I do not remember 9-11. I remember what happened AFTER 9-11 and what was justified in the name of 9-11, the North American Terrorist Occupation ie NATO.

      It has been 4000+ days since I have lived in shame.

  2. KellyinSeattle says:

    Before I say anything else, and not to make this political, but it is 9/11…we remember 9/11….GO Angie! It’s not fake as you see people w/ blown off feet who she’s talking w/ and I really admire her and think she is so naturally elegant.

  3. truthSF says:

    I admire the fact that shes been doing this for almost 12 years, and I doubt she’ll slow down anytime soon.

  4. mln76 says:

    Beautiful inside and out.
    There really isnt anything bad to say about these UN trips but I cant wait to see what people come up with.

  5. Jenny says:

    BS PR stunt. Let’s be honest, she HAS to do this. Her home wrecker image will never go away.

  6. lizzi says:

    It’s refreshing to see a celeb doing something that actually f_cking matters.

  7. Emma says:

    Beautiful woman inside and out.

  8. V4Real says:

    It’s so good to hear about celebrities using their super stardom for good causes such as this one. Angie really puts herself out there and I do believe she is ligit and uses her fame to bring attention to the seriousness of the atrocities that are taking places in other parts of the world. Min76, I’m with you, nothing bad to say but somebody will come up with something negative about this one.

  9. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Not a fan of her movies but this appears honorable; why aren’t more celebs donating their money and time to causes like this; hell bouncy and JZ can blow six grand on a baby crib; why can’t they help refugees from a vicious civil war?

    • annaloo. says:

      So true– Jay Z and Beyonce represent the worst of how people define success – Materialism and gluttonous consumption. The Christian Bale and the Angelina Jolie stories today are exemplary examples of success giving instead of being given to.

    • serena says:

      Because, like most of Hollywood actors and such, they don’t care enough. They make news such as ‘Blue Ivy has diamond shoes!’.. like, really?

    • Hipocricy says:

      The worst part : Bouncy would rather get paid by Khadaffi who looted his own people to pay those american superstars and who like many dictators kidnapped hundreds of teens and young women as sexual slaves to rape them over and over again.

      I have lost the little respect i still had for Bey over this. Accepting the money of a bloody murder and a serial
      rapist just to shake her bootey in front of his family while keeping a vrigin, innocent image at home !

      No solidarity whatsoever for the lybian people, no solidarity whatsoever for women, her age or younger who didn’t have the chance to be born in the US and had to be snatched from their family to become Khadaffi personal sexual slaves !

  10. Sabrine says:

    It’s not BS or a PR stunt. What kind of sad and lonely life do you live to even suggest something that stupid? Angie feels deeply for these people. She’s never quit trying to help them. We don’t know what she does behind the scenes. We just get these little snippets and a couple of photos here and there. She donates one third of her income to charity. How many other celebrities do that?

    • judyjudy says:

      There are many celebrities who share a significant portion of their income with charity. Most of them just aren’t photographed doing so.

      Not a dig at those who are visible with their charity, just pointing out that being on the cover of People isn’t the only indicator of generosity.

      • serena says:

        I don’t know why people are so pissed at her because she’s photographed doing charity etc. It’s part of her work as a UNHCR special envoy to be visible when going in those places, so she can bring attention and awareness to these crisis.

        And don’t give me ‘other do that without saying anything and blabla’ because, really? I’m not an hard brangeloonie, but you can’t deny they donate A LOT and thinking it’s a pr stunt is really idiotic.

      • Thalia says:

        ‘Many other celebrities’ aren’t UN AMBASSADORS with duties that mean they have to liaise with the press. Criticizing Angelina for having the press there is like criticizing the President for having the press at his conferences. It makes no sense! Angelina has no choice in the matter! It is part of her job duties. Its so easy for ‘many other celebrities’ to take out their check book and toss a check and go back to their spas, but actually going there on the ground in war torn countries is completely different. Many other celebrities wouldn’t know the first thing about charity. Tossing a check is not charity or dedication. Its nothing! Any idiot can do that. Try going to war-torn countries, and risking your life. Helping out on the ground. Meeting with these people. Hearing their stories. SEEING their stories. Liaising with Diplomats, meetings with Diplomats and Politicians in the highest echelons in the UN. Now THATS real work and real charity. Hardly any other celebs would have the guts to do that. Check-tossing is easy. What Angelina is doing is gutsy, brave, heartwarming and risky. Its true work. True charity. People can knock her for things like her acting. But even most of her haters leave her UN work alone. Its something all but the most nasty, vicious and hateful hater will grudgingly accept she is dedicated to and real.

      • judyjudy says:

        I’m not hating on her. I think celebrities using their visibility for charity is an amazing thing.

        I only mentioned that just because we don’t see other people contributing (time, money, whatever) doesn’t mean they aren’t equally dedicated to helping others.

      • Rhea says:

        I noticed she got coverage from the media the most—–only when she’s on UN mission (which I think part of the job is to promote the awareness for the cause).

        Here’s at least one of her “quiet” visit. It was only coming out because a wife of a wounded soldier blogged about it and a few people took pictures, which can be seen at the link.×8918304

      • MW says:

        Exactly Serena. I am sure AJ’s connection has raised awareness of the Syrian Refugees’ plight to many people who never would have been aware otherwise, as it is supposed to.

  11. judyjudy says:

    I admit I don’t follow Brangelina stories often, so forgive me if I’m missing something. I’m really not trying to be negative or stir the pot – honest. But what does she actually DO besides show up and talk to these people? I always hear of her going to refugee camps and talking to the the people, talking to officials, etc. but I don’t understand what she actually DOES to help them. Using celebrity to bring awareness is certainly a good thing, but other than putting on a concerned face and listening to stories, what does she DO to help these people?

    Honest question.

    • Emmav1 says:

      She’s donated a lot of money over the years to multiple causes and by campaigning on their behalf, bringing it to worldwide attention, she can shame governments and people into doing things.

      She’s helped refugees who were living in the worst possible conditions for 15 years get homes just after 2 years (and before you complain it’s us governmetn money, the US had some fault in the war/conflict)

      Educating girls in Kenya:

      An alum from SOS becoming a lawyer funded by her to work for other homeless children:

      She’s done SO much more. UNHCR is the only ones that get publicized for what she does, but like you say some celebrities do hidden work, she does A LOT MORE hidden work than most celebriteis in additoin to her public charity work.

      She’s also donated money (she gave like $1000 gift cards) to soldiers at walter reed (and this was only publicized because a soldier’s wife took photos and posted it on her blog)

      Also, lots of media outlets like Fox etc. check celebrity tax returns and Jolie/Pitt always rank within the top 5/top 10 every year…meaning they make substantial donations.

      Lots of celebs who do quiet work is because they only donate like $10,000 a year to charity and don’t actually go to those ravaged places….10,000 is still a great amount to help, but even if jolie is doing it for publicity, at least she gives way more than 95% of the celebrity population and has been doing it for 11 years and counting.

    • anniecc says:

      Agree. I don’t doubt that her heart is in the right place, but I’m not sure how it will help these people, who have lost everything, to have a movie star turn up for a few hours. Afterwards she’ll go back to her life of uber-luxury and they’ll still be homeless and hungry.

      • tmbg says:

        Well, she’s briefly shined a light on these people and it may be enough to start getting more donations coming in. Even a little bit of press is better than nothing. Plenty of people barely know what is going on there, so just reading articles like this and getting an idea of how bad it is in Syria might be a start.

        She can’t move mountains, but at least she’s trying to do something. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s donated to them as well.

    • Bite me aka aniston says:

      Well for starters she donates money to SOS villages , which is like a foster care program for children in their native country. She is co chairman of KIND which Provides legal services for refuge children … Not to mention the millions of dollars she has donated over the years… Google might provide more info.

    • Emma says:

      She has funded clinics, housing, animal sanctuaries and schools with her own money. And they arent corrupt like some other celebrity schools…

      As a special envoy, she does things at a diplomatic level. She lobbies for aid and etc in D.C. She meets with government officials to fight for refugees.

    • V4Real says:

      Put it this way; if she wasn’t there would we really be talking about it right now or would the media be so wide spread about it? Don’t politicians do the same thing when they show up to a disastrous event and plead with the public to help out. Look at former President George W. Bush; he didn’t do anything for the victims of Katrina but he put on this public front like he cared.

    • Hipocricy says:

      No offence but why would an international entity, 65 years old, that works with highest political entities all over the world will create that job description and send tens of UN goodwill ambassadors (actors, sportwomen like Serena Williams, singers, princesses, models)…if they didn’t have the proof by A to Z that it works better that way and that it is more effective than not having them ?

      In what kind of business do people create that type of high rank visible position if they think it would bring zero incenvtive to the project ?

    • samira25 says:

      I don’t understand why people think that George Clooney, Matt Damon, etc are great when they do these kinds of trips but Angelina is horrible and isn’t doing anything for doing the same kind of trips. As mentioned Angelina has donated time, money, supplies to build schools, start charities, etc. If anybody really cared they would look up what Angelina actual does instead of saying she does nothing.

    • MW says:

      Now that we are aware and might be able to donate a few dollars, we can do that. Kaiser even posted a link, above!

      • lisa2 says:

        I added the UNHCR to my donation list years ago.

        and yes she and Brad do so much more then anyone will ever know.

        and I so agree with one of the posters. If this was Clooney, Damon or Ben A there would be little negative. And talking about her past as if she killed some one.

        some people will twist anything to find the negative. And they get so mad when they see a lot of positive comments. It happens all the time.

  12. Helvetica says:

    She looks so hungry in the second pic. Like she hasn’t eaten or drank anything in awhile and is so tired.

  13. Eleonor says:

    I’m glad she went there, and for the haters: when you are a celebrity you can do charity sitting on a couch only signing huge checks.
    Madonna did charity for pr, and it turned out a mess.
    Angelina has been working her ass off for 12 years. You don’t go in war zone if you don’t feel to be there. And that’s great.

  14. MaryJo says:

    Guterres, the head of UNHCR, and the Jordanian Foreign Minister seem to take second place in this visit. The visibility Jolie bring to these matters must be superior to theirs.

  15. missanne says:

    not only does she talk the talk, she walks the walk.i highly respect her and the attention she brings to this issue.

  16. lower-case deb says:

    the one thing i really like about how she goes into these meetings is how she “styles” herself. no excessive makeup, no excessive clothing/jewelry, and neat fingernails with no color. i appreciate that a lot.

    in my country, lots of celebrities go to these meetings (with refugees/homeless/hospitals/whathaveyou) with full on make up, styled hair, and colorful sharp claws for fingers. sometimes the really clueless will go with tons of jewelry and dresses with sequins and beads and platform hoofs stilletoes.

  17. Lizi says:

    To everyone who criticizes jolie for doing charity: what do YOU do? charity can never do wrong,and she does it in a great way. at least respect that.

  18. mar says:

    she is one of the only celebs that I respect. I have met tons of celebs, J-Lo, Shakira, Kim K. and I can tell you they are all the most shallow people in the world.

    Here is a woman that is truly about something besides her hair.

  19. ANGELIC 20 says:

    i like her despite her personal indiscretions. i still can’t believe people are talking about the whole love triangle crap. the work she does is so admirable and i love her for that. she does not have to do anything but she do because she wants to. even without the charity work she will get movies and advisement because she is stunning and talented. imo she is great humanitarian worker and a generous woman.

  20. pix says:

    Last week, the new film by Bradley premiered.
    Anyone notice this? No?
    Right. Nobody noticed this.
    Now there are donations and relief efforts “Mother Theresa”
    In a few days it will again be new pictures of the kids.

    What a pathetic PR machine!

  21. menop says:

    ‘ve Also read that it was a first.
    But that does not matter, they do now for the films promotion. In addition, the Oscars are coming soon.
    There is every the same game in autumn.

  22. WTF says:

    Considering what I saw on CNN yesterday about Syria. How in the hell can ANYONE criticize Angelina Jolie for shedding light on this situation? I saw people dead (including children) lying in the street. Puddles on blood of the sidewalk and streets. I couldn’t even finish eating lunch after seeing that.

  23. Bobby says:

    MEH – I don’t like her, she seems so fake and full of herself, even with her ‘goodwill’ visits .. it always seems to be self serving. Hopefully her efforts do some good, but they will never change my mind about her.

    • Thalia says:

      I feel sorry for you. I really do.

      • Bobby says:

        Thank you? I guess you feel sorry for me because I have an opinion (which every one has and is entitled to) that you don’t agree with? I DID say I hope her efforts do some good, which I sincerely do. Thank you for feeling sorry for me for having and expressing my opinion, but you having said that – still does not make me like her.

      • Thalia says:

        I feel sorry for you because you have admitted you are closed-minded. That nothing will convince you, because you don’t want to be convinced, despite common sense, logic and a mountain of evidence. It takes a really ignorant person to close their mind and declare no facts will change their mind. I think thats sad. Thats why I feel sorry for you.

      • Bobby says:

        I suppose it was my mistake for the simplicity of my comment. I am really not a closed minded person at all. I should have written some essay on how I WANT to like Angelina Jolie because of her charity work, and for bringing attention to the suffering, pain, and problems of the world. I have read, watched, and seen the things she does. In my humble opinion they do seem to have an undercurrent of benefit to Angelina Jolie. I am glad she can utilize her celebrity to bring world issues to light, I like the efforts, I like the charity work, I hope they do good, and help the people who need it. I like the attention her efforts bring. In spite of that, I still don’t like her. Maybe one day I will change my mind, but for now, I still don’t like her. Hopefully her efforts bring some good to the world, I’m sure she is not doing it so people like her, RIGHT? She is doing it to bring attention to the issues? So it actually doesn’t matter if I say I like her or not, it will not change the fact if her efforts have a good or bad impact on the world. My opinion, my comments, my history, mean nothing in this context, so feeling sorry for me is really not the point right? You just feel some need to make a comment in her defense to every single person who has a different opinion about Angelina Jolie than you. I’m pretty sure, that you could find a better way to invest your time, maybe if you invested the time you spent today defending Angelia Jolie in this thread – doing some charity work instead, you could be more like her and make efforts to impact the world in a positive way. (but at this point, just from my first impression of you – it wouldn’t make me like you either)

    • endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

      Bobby – I think you should set foot in a refugee camp.. It’s goddamn tough to walk through.

      there are tons of other ways to get attention — she doesnt have to put herself through this level of sadness but she does it willingly.

      • Bobby says:

        I appreciate your suggestion – but with that suggestion you are assuming you know me, and my life experiences, which you do not. You have no idea what I have lived through, where I have been, what I have suffered, or what I have seen. I never said that going to a refugee camp was not hard. I simply said, I do not like her, her efforts always seem a tad self serving and I hope they do good, which … again, I do hope that. I understand the difficulty, pain, and suffering of war torn countries and refugees around the world. I hope her leaving her six kids with the nannies at the mansions, traveling on her private jet to walk around the refugee camps with camera men and weep for a day, brings the media attention and the eyes, genuine concern, and donations of those who would other wise be uninformed of the very real problems of the world.

      • Emmav1 says:


        By your own argument you are assuming you know Angelina Jolie’s underlying motivations since you state you personally believe part of why she does charity is for self serving purposes.

        I do agree with you just because she does good things (regardless of motivation) doesn’t AT ALL mean we should like her or any other person for that matter…but your comments (though not overtly negative and nowhere near attacking) make it obvious you at least dislike her.

        Saying things like living her life of luxury, leaving the kids to the nannies and hopefully her somewhat self serving efforts do some if any good show you dislike her (maybe not a lot, but you’re not neutral towards her).

        She’s never done anything to you, so by your string of logic (or the one you’re trying to present) you shouldn’t dislike her either and you shouldn’t imply some of the things you do. Let her do her work in peace and keep snarky comments to yourself or first do what she does before you decide to snark.

      • Ennie says:

        Feeling sleepy at seeing bobbys rants. You can lead a horse to the water…

      • Bobby says:

        Angelina Jolie lives a public life. She is a movie star. Part of her job is to sell movie tickets. Within that context, to be successful, there is a need for her to have some people like her. So, she gives interviews, and gives the public information about herself, so people can be familiar with her, her works, and so on (and guess what, form an opinion on her). I’m sure that for that machine to work, she would need someone – some place to like her.

        I never said she ever did anything personally to me, except expose me to far to much information about herself, for example past information about her loves, drug use, cutting, love of knives, and so on (we won’t even discuss how many people this information she put out there impacted, or how it impacted their lives) (why we need this information – I don’t know) . I am not really assuming too much, as I am only really looking at the information available to me, and forming an opinion, (which every person has a right to do) (for example .. yourself). I did not make any flat statement as to her motivations. The only statement I made was my own personal opinion, and my opinion is in spite of her efforts – they seem to be serving Angelia Jolie in some way or another. I did state this opinion on a website called CELEBITCHY .. did I not? … so I’m pretty sure this is the PERFECT format for me to make any snarky comment I want .. and state my opinions (what ever they may be) (even if YOU like it or not) on celebrities. I did not state my opinion on some UN forum or a charity forum – I did not make any flat statement, saying I have documented facts that all her efforts and motivations ARE indeed self serving, I said and I quote “seems to be self serving” She is indeed “free” to do her works in peace, more power to her. Still, strangely I do not like her.

        Also, before you cast stones at the SNARK in someone else’s thoughts and opinions on CELEBITCHY, maybe you should look at yourself .. because you too are snarky.

        PS read the clip from the site itself before you hit the submit comment button, it says “Celebitchy aims to be a friendly, welcoming site where people can discuss entertainment stories and current events in a lighthearted, safe environment without fear of harassment, excessive negativity, or bullying. Different opinions, backgrounds, ages, and nationalities are welcome here”

        So I should be able to say I don’t like Angelia Jolie.

      • lily says:

        People who worked in the field with her are always surprised with her preparedness and her dedication, even those who had their doubts before meeting her – I heard that first hand. Refugees and field workers know exactly what she does (and believe me, general audience doesn’t know 80% of all the good she does)and they appreciate it. Of course you have right not to like her Bobby, and state your opinion, but that doesn’t matter in her life or in lives of people directly affected by her. They know her, you don’t. Peace.

      • Bobby says:

        I never said anything about knowing her personally – and from your wording you do not either, so you make no valid point here.

        I am glad that someone said someplace something good about her, and you heard it, and took the time to post it in here .. I’m glad she is bringing light to issues, places, and people who need it, I hope it brings them aid, and funds for much needed relief. You don’t seem to know her either. I still don’t like Angelina Jolie. Peace :)

    • Hipocricy says:

      Maybe you should just stick to Aniston homewrecking ways, engagement ring, and yoga…

      Those considerations that Jolie does are so far from your idole petty superficial concerns, so of course it’s beyond comprehension for those who likes the superficial bleached blond.

    • Bobby says:

      My opinion is simply that, MY OPINION. You guys have your opinions, and you all are entitled to them.

      I don’t understand your need for personally hurtful negative comments directed at anyone who might disagree with you.

      Seriously if you are so concerned about world issues, why are you so consumed about who likes what celebrity. Everyone has different opinions. Attacking me personally does not make your opinions right, or you better people, it just makes you look bad. It also really won’t convince anyone of anything, or to like Angelina Jolie if they don’t like her. Why are you all so serious about this anyway .. geez. Get over it. I don’t like Angelina Jolie.


    • mln76 says:

      @Bobby I actually agree with you that you don’t have to like her I think all of us who are into celeb gossip have celebs we like celebs we hate and those we are on the fence on.
      It’s good that eventhough you dislike her you admit that she may be doing something positive.

    • flan says:

      Yeah, it’s really so important that someone feels full of herself (or not), when it comes to issues like this.

  24. videli says:

    It is uncanny how she looks like Nefertiti’s bust in Berlin, at least from certain angles.

  25. casey says:

    Bravo Angie. you are amazing.You are so admirable.never mind these jealous people bashing you .the more they hate you, the more i will love you. you cannot do anything wrong in my eyes.i will be forever your number one fan.

  26. Nancy says:

    keep in mind ‘working her ass’ off flying in private planes and sleeping in hotels. sure she is doing good but is no mother theresa. oprah did good work too. home wrecking…let’s see..what about billy bob and laura dern. angie cannot keep her hands off other women’s men. now she is because she landed the creamof the crop and has too many kids to run around.

    • Thalia says:

      The ‘homewrecking’ thing was debunked long ago. Angelina has never homewrecked anyone. And Dern and BBT were over months before he married Angelina, Dern’s own publicist statement said so. Its Jennifer Aniston (Justin/Heidi Bivens) and Laura Dern (who got pregnant when Harper’s wife was pregnant with his child, at the same time) who can’t keep their hands off other women’s men. Angelina has never had a history of that.

    • manly says:

      wait a min.Dern? i mean laura dern????who got pregnant with harpers baby while harpers wife is also pregnant????????u must be be pregnant for a while with 5 different men.

    • flan says:

      The relevance of homewrecking a marriage of two celebs. Let’s weigh that against the relevance of people dying and children having to stay in refugee camps. Hmmm.

    • Katherine says:

      So you don’t think Mother Teresa flew in private planes or slept in hotels? LOL!

      In fact Jolie almost always flies commercial to her UNHCR missions. Plenty of evidence of that and she pays her own way. There are some places that you really do have to take a private plane but that is usually a UN flight.

      Anyone who follows Angelina – and that includes fans and non-fans whp BOTH obviously follow her – and do not yet know what she does and how effective her work on behalf of UNHCR and other issues has been are people who do not want to know.

  27. OhMyGawh says:

    I don’t need a movie star to educate me on what’s going on in Syria. What Jolie is doing great, however I’ve never felt the same way about her since she got with Brad Pitt. They are both liars. Pitt even more so.

    • Thalia says:

      How is either Angelina or Brad a liar? They didn’t do anything wrong. They are good people who have shown admirable restraint and class in the face of the most horrifying vendetta and smear campaign against them for 8 years. There never was an affair, Brad and Angelina did nothing wrong, and there is nothing they have lied about. Stop being brainwashed to believe lies by the tabloids.

      • OhMyGawh says:

        Your defense of these two is a bit startling. Throughout the years Pitt and Jolie contradict each other in interviews. To be clear it’s really not the affair that has put me off of Pitt and Jolie, it’s their persona. Pitt and Jolie are very calculating.

        Nothing you say will make me change my mind. You believe they didn’t have an affair, Thalia. Good for you. You think they’re God’s gift, more power to ya.

      • Thalia says:

        Your judgment of a woman you don’t know is startling, as is your admitted closed mind. They have not contradicted each other at all. Post where they’ve done that? And HOW are Pitt and Jolie ‘calculating’? Give examples, or is this something you’ve made up because you have preconceived opinions because you want to. I don’t think either Pitt or Jolie are god’s gift, but I don’t like liars or people who spew lies and hate about someone who doesn’t deserve it. Hate is startling. Standing against hate isn’t and is an honorable thing.

      • Janet says:

        @Thalia and Ohmygawh: You know what? It’s really time to stop speculating on whether or not they had an affair before he dumped his ex. Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t. Nobody is going to admit it in any case. And after all these years, what difference does it make? Everybody’s moved on. Brad and Angie have built a life and a family together. Aniston is engaged to be married. The past is history. Let it lie.

      • Ennie says:

        People are not black and white. There have been very good people, great humanitarians witha not so perfect private life.real saints are very scarce, and some of the actual saints led sinful lives before becoming exemplary people.
        In real life I recall Audrey Hepburn, Clinton, Diana Spencer, And even Paul Newman, Miterrand, et al, who were/are great people not only worried about people in need or in war around the world, but also many also put themselves in the field… And guess what, they had very imperfect private lives or they got with their spouses/partners via cheating. Water under the bridge, everybody has moved on.

    • Bite me aka aniston says:

      Don’t worry Jolie is evil incarnated …. There there it’s going to be ok

    • flan says:

      You claim to know about Syria, but instead of sharing a bit more about that, you derail it back to a celeb marriage that might have been homewrecked years ago. And which has been discussed endlessly all those years.

      How useful.

  28. Jayna says:

    God, she needs some weight on. Her face is skeletal from the side.

  29. Jayna says:

    She is a true humanitarian and anyone who doesn’t give her credit I don’t get. Plus the woman years ago started donating one-third of her annual salary to charities. Admirable.

  30. skuddles says:

    I love that she consistently dedicates time, effort and money towards helping her fellow humans. Bravo Angie!

    I also think it’s pretty lame that bitter types try to suggest that her charitable work is just a big PR put on.

  31. OhMyGawh says:


    Thanks for your civil response. I wasn’t speculating about the affair. I was merely responding to Thalia, who jumped down my throat. I agree that both parties have moved on and as I pointed out, my issue with Pitt and Jolie goes beyond what happened several years ago.

  32. Ennie says:

    Is Olivia here or she changed her name? :)

  33. k says:

    I don’t envy her for her beauty, I don’t envy her for her fame, I don’t envy her for her family, but man do I envy that she has the ability and (the balls) to go and see what is really going on in the world and make a real life difference. Dang I wish I had the money/power to do that.

    Yes, yes, I know she is protected, and a “home wrecker” but damn I don’t think many people on here could actually stomach sitting with the horribly injured and just listening to the horrific stories for a few days. That is a really tough thing to do.

    I’ll always respect her and she is really pretty too. :)

  34. A.Y. says:

    People can choose to believe what they believe. I choose to admire this amazing woman, mother, actress and humanitarian.
    Though we both know that this world can’t be perfect and tragedy still happens everywhere ,everyday, but at least there are people who are trying to do something to make the slightest changes. Wish all the kind-hearted people in the world all the best.

  35. Oregon Amy says:

    Angie, you are the bees knees. On a day like today, instead of being on the Today Show on NBC, talking about yourself and your breast augmentation, (Kris Jenner, you were doing the world some service. You are a kind person. Please eat something. You are too skinny. But your still awesome.

    • lisa2 says:

      I think some of the people that have negative things to say would rather she be sitting front row at fashion week, or waking the streets in some over priced outfit drinking starbucks coffee. Or going to any RC event to have her picture taken.

      and for those screaming PR. perhaps you don’t know what PR is.

      I look on this site pretty much everyday even if I don’t comment. I don’t recall any post on the plight of the people in Syria. (not a dig) I have seen this on many Entertainment sites. If she had not gone I doubt that would have been the case.

      I love her dedication. I love that she does what she thinks she should do and not worry about what others think or say. She is not tweeting pictures of herself or opening websites to showcase her life. So rag on her all you want. she is a good person trying to make a difference in difficult world.

      I admire her so much for that. I’m sure the people that are there are grateful that someone cares enough to come and listen.

      she also gave money to aid them as well. Maybe others will follow suit and help

  36. orange says:

    Angelina is a CIA asset and this has nothing to do with caring about the less fortunate or “oppressed” or any of that feel-good, do-gooder claptrap. She’s “serving her country” but it sure helps if she can get some positive PR out of the deal. Not hating on her (you don’t turn down the CIA!) just pointing out the glaringly obvious to those of us who know how these things work.

    The Syria thing is just another example of Western meddling where we don’t belong. It’s common knowledge that the BBC Syrian “reporter” is a guy sitting in a London apartment who hasn’t been in Syria in TEN YEARS, making stuff up that fits the agenda and whips up anti-Assad sentiment. All Assad is guilty of is wanting to be an actual sovereign ruler of his country, instead of another Western puppet like Mubarak and Gaddafi…and we saw what happened to them when they didn’t follow orders!

    Nobody found it strange that we didn’t go in and remove Gaddafi after the Lockerbie thing, but all of a sudden it was so important to remove him 22 years later? Why? Same goes for Mubarak, and Saddam (check out the Nayirah testimony). There is something in Syria that the West wants, and this is how they go about getting it when things like “color revolutions” fail. Of course, they’re trying it again with Iran too, nobody seems to remember Mossadegh and the Shah either!

    I will admit, I am not a fan of Angelina or 99% of celebs, but this is classic propaganda and people are allowing their image of “St Angie” to obscure the fact that we’re once again meddling where we don’t belong and yet we wonder why they hate us! It’s not because of our freedom, and on the 11th anniversary of 9-11 (another shameful lie/false flag by our benevolent, I think it is important to speak truth to power. We are creating our own enemies and applauding people who are allowing themselves to be used to further the agendas of evil people! I’m sure I’ll get banned for this but it needs to be said. I hope some of you gain some insight into how the world REALLY works, even though it’s not pretty and it’s not what you want to hear.

    • Rhea says:

      Hmmmmm…ONLY Angelina Jolie as this CIA-classic propaganda-asset,I suppose???

      • orange says:

        Rhea- George Clooney is one as well, and I know there are more. Basically, if they’re doing “humanitarian work” overseas in these places, they’re probably what’s called “human intelligence” as opposed to satellite intelligence. Think about it, it’s the perfect cover, nobody would suspect a movie star. A friend of my husband does the same thing but he’s not famous. Valerie Plame is a more known example of what I’m talking about.

        Once again, it’s nothing personal against her, you don’t turn down the US government, but it’s very naive to think that she’s doing this all out of the goodness of her heart. I’m sure she does care but that’s not her motivation in these cases.

        Angel, yes. We make our own problems in the Middle East, and the world. We need to wake up and realize we are reaping what we’ve sown, but most people have no idea nor do they care as long as they have their bread and circuses. Even if you vote you still get screwed, look at what happened to the Ron Paul delegates at the RNC! It’s shameful, Americans AND others are dying every day needlessly because of our idiotic foreign policy….

    • angel says:

      @orange well said.maybe if America stop Medellin in other countries affair the world will be a better place

  37. kira says:

    It’s amazing–anytime she does charity–she gets VERY negative comments. It seems the people who dislike her want to diminish anything positive about her. But, it’s really over-the-top–like Angelina is the worst person in the world for doing 12 years of charity!:-) Liz Taylor did a lot of charity and wasn’t exactly an angel in her private life. It is possible to have good and bad qualities. It’s called being human.

  38. I love her! for me she is the epitaph of a perfect woman because as you can see, she is so Beautiful inside and out. And she continuously proves to us that even if it is the world is dark and seems to lose hope, there will be a person up there at the pedestal wanting to help you.
    Thanks for this post!

  39. Lady Satan says:

    There are more people in that Jordanian refugee camp than live in my entire town.

    I just took a moment to look out my window and tried to imagine everyone I know, my friends, family, and neighbours, everyone in this town, having to flee in terror, leaving their homes, jobs, possessions behind, not knowing if they will ever return. It’s horrifying and heartbreaking.

    Say what you will about Anjelina Jolie, she is doing what she can to bring the plight of these Syrian refugees to the eyes of the world, and for that she deserves respect.

    Now I’m off to donate what I can, because I am lucky enough to live in a country that is safe and EVERYONE should have that most basic of human rights.