Jessica Simpson wears cleavage-y muumuu, details her daily WW diet

When I was very young (like, 13 or 14), I hated my pubescent body. Nowadays I would absolutely LOVE to have that figure again. Anyway, I wore a lot of baggy clothes, trying to do anything I could to mask all of my (mostly imagined) body imperfections. At that time, someone told me this great universal truth: baggy clothes don’t make you look smaller, and baggy clothes don’t mask your body. Baggy clothes only make you look BIGGER. Has anyone told that to Jessica Simpson? Because I really don’t think this glorified peasant-dress/muumuu is doing her body any favors. Yes, we can bitch and moan and analyze Jessica’s lies, but the truth is, I believe she’s a lot smaller than this dress would have us believe. Maybe we’re just supposed to be so hypnotized by her massive cleavage that we’re not supposed to look below the boobs. Now, THAT does work. I figured out that trick in my late teens: if you don’t like the way your ass looks, flash some cleavage and no one will notice anything else.

Additionally, Jessica submitted an accounting of her daily food intake to Us Weekly. Note the lack of hawt dergs.

Dust off the Daisy Dukes! Four months after Jessica Simpson welcomed daughter, Maxwell (with fiance Eric Johnson, 33), the star says: “I’m 10 pounds away from my prebaby size!” She shares the secrets of her success on Weight Watchers with Us Weekly.

7 a.m. Simpson, 32, wakes to feed Maxwell, then eats breakfast: half a Flatout flatbread sandwich with egg whites, peppers and fat-free cheddar (6 PointsPlus).

8 a.m. Simpson straps on her pedometer and hits the streets with Johnson and Maxwell. “I’m trying to do at least 14,000 steps a day,” she says. Afterward: a snack of berries, bananas, melon or grapefruit (0 PointsPlus).

11 a.m. Four days a week, Simpson reports to trainer Harley Pasternak for a 45-minute session. After a cardio warm-up, it’s circuit time: seven sets (up to 30 reps each) of dumbbell triceps extensions, hamstring curls and crunches with a medicine ball throw. “Her waist is going in, and her thighs are growing smaller,” says Pasternak.

12:30 p.m. If it’s Wednesday, she weighs in at home with her mom and pals.

1 p.m. “I make lunch my biggest meal to keep me full through the day,” she says. One favorite: spinach salad with 4 ounces of chicken satay and pear (8 PointsPlus).

2 p.m. Stroller walk with Maxwell, or hoof it at home on the treadmill watching 24. Her reward: a WW berry smoothie (3 PointsPlus).

6:30 p.m. Bathtime and bed for Maxwell, then dinner for Mom! It’s often fish (4 ounces of halibut or tilapia) with roasted eggplant, broccoli or asparagus (6 PointsPlus). And for dessert? Skinny Cow chocolate truffle bars (3 PointsPlus).

10 p.m. Lights out.

[From Us Weekly]

I eat less for breakfast than Jessica. Is that bad? I have an Activa yogurt (don’t judge, I f—king love Activa, it tastes so good) and a banana. That’s my breakfast every day. I’ve just never been a breakfast person – like, I can’t sit there in the morning and have pancakes or waffles or anything. My appetite hasn’t really gotten going, so I just go healthy. But… by lunchtime, I’m starving. I’m not going to tell you what else I eat throughout the day, though, because I don’t want you bitches to judge me! Mmm… Fritos.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. dahlianoir says:

    These look painful..; Aoutch.

  2. Tifygodess24 says:

    You can only spend so much time in spanx and I’m sure she had like 6 or 20 on when she was doing her interview with Katie and right before out in public. Plus The way that dress shows off her cleavage makes it look like a babies butt is coming out the top.

  3. Sue says:

    Let us see the cute little baby!!!

  4. Quinn says:

    Yuck…she looks more strip club than airport.

  5. Devon says:

    She has 26 points a day. I do Weight Watchers off and on and if she’s eating her max points for the day, she’s currently weighing in at about 150lbs. If she’s lost 40+lbs already, she weighed upwards of 190-200lbs when she gave birth. What’s wrong with telling people that number? 40lbs of weight lost and a current weight of 150lbs, when you weighed upwards of 190 is a big accomplishment. I don’t get all the secrecy.

    • Anonny says:

      I think you’re absolutely spot-on with your estimates. Didn’t she say somewhere she gained nearly 70 pounds? (Maybe it was said for her.) If that’s the case, going from 200 down to 130 seems about right. (There’s no way she’s only 10 pounds away from her pre-baby weight. Twenty, I’d buy, but not 10.)

      I think if she was honest, as you suggest, people would be a lot more empathetic.

      • Devon says:

        I don’t buy that she’s 10lbs off her pregnancy weight either. I think she’s got at least another 20 lbs to get back to where she was in early summer 2011.

        It doesn’t help that her boobs are ginormous right now either. Those suckers are going to add some weight on and make her look heavier then she is. If she didn’t hoist them up to her chin, her neck would look longer and she’d look thinner. Jessica can’t dress herself to save her life.

    • scal says:

      Points depends on your height and what weight loss goal is as well not just your weight. I’m 5’4 and 180 (hence the WW) and I’m at 27 points. And started at 26.

      So she could be at 170 and at 25 points-which I actually think is more accurate in her case.

  6. Sisi says:

    my sister tells me not to eat Activia yogurt. She works at a cancer research facility and apparently there are some not-so-awesome things in activia iirc.

    And it’s so sweet, yuck. I had the flavorless one once and it reminded me of the taste of liquid laxatives, which might be correct since it was supposed to help me crap.

  7. Anastasia says:

    She’s utilizing another trick: carry a giant bag.

    Her daily meals sound hugely unsatisfying. I’ve lost 50 pounds cutting out white flour and sugar. But I still eat healthy fats (no “fat-free” crap), lean meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, you name it. Real food.

    (Also no artificial sweetener.)

    • Sisi says:

      last week I tested a diet without potato & white flour and more fibers thru vegetables and whole wheat. I lost six pounds in one week by switching my potato part of the meal with some extra veggies and eating earlier so I would not snack on crisps around 6 o’clock. And when I made quiche or bread I just used a healthier base flour than I normally used. Those were the only things I changed. quite shocking how much effect that had.

      And kudos for you that you lost so much weight in a good and sustainable way!

    • NYC_girl says:

      Congrats! I started eating more brown rice and salads too instead of pasta. I lost 3lbs in 2 weeks and I don’t feel bloated at night. And those artificial sweeteners are really bad for me (see my post above re IBS) and are in so many items. Splenda, sucralose, aspartame – they’re horrible.

    • Cloud&Feather says:

      I think the trick she’s utilizing is having her veiny boobs hang out. It’s supposed to keep you from noticing that she hasn’t lost a lot of the weight she claimed she wanted to.

      And it that doesn’t work LOOK a giant BAG!!

    • Devyn says:

      Many people don’t realize that fat by itself doesn’t cause weight gain. It’s only an issue in the presence of carbohydrates (which basically means sugar and starch, as you say).

  8. Rhea says:

    I think if she insists wearing that type of baggy dress, perhaps one with a simple print or a single color would be best for her and not make her look heavier.

  9. NM6804 says:

    Picture four: Even women can’t keep their eyes of her breasts!

    Picture five: the woman in the background. Her face is the face I pull whenever I read interviews of this Simpleton.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Too bad they can’t interview her boobs. I bet they’d more interesting.

      • Lauren says:

        In defense of Jessica..i am 5`5, 130 lbs, with DD boobs..natural. I am a size four on the bottom, a 10-12 on top. Folks think i have had a spectacular boob job. I have my Mum`s boobs, and my Dad`s legs. I have been heckled since I was 12, cause of my big boobs. My back hurts all the time, and was told to have reduction surgery since i was 15. Big boobs are painful, and Cancer Specialist Doctors advised me to not wear tight bras all the time..because of the history of breast cancer in my family. No, they are not saggy, my husband loves them..but They Kill my Back. And i have two children–nursed both them. Jessica`s back must be killing her too..meanwhile countless women envy & villify her. Silly jealousy.

  10. Jenny says:

    She had to wear a loose muu muu after all that spanx she squeezed herself into the other day. Her poor organs need some room and she has to breathe normally.

    • Dirtnap says:

      My crock theory: She wears the mumuuu specifically BECAUSE it makes her look bigger. She’s not as dumb as she appears. All of that fabric trains our eyes to see her as larger than she really is. That way, when she does a reveal, it seems more drastic to us. She’ll wear frocks like this until
      her next reveal, and then I’m hoping to God she will stop.

      • t says:

        I buy your theory, Dirtnap! :) It is plausible. I have one too, but maybe not as plausible as yours. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Jessica Simpson wrapped up like a mummy at the end of next month to announce a second pregnancy and this is why…

        Weren’t there stories a while back about how Jessica Simpson needed to lose a certain amount of weight by August to qualify for a chance to win the $4 million prize Weight Watchers offered her?

        I could easily believe she didn’t make weight because on Couric’s show she just looked not-pregnant-but-girdled. Maybe this whole Katie Couric reveal was a parting gift to Simpson from Weight Watchers. A way for her to save face and announce publicly that she lost 40+ pretend pounds before getting pregnant again as her out for why she had to “quit” Weight Watchers.

        She won’t have to admit to being eliminated in round one for failing to lose enough weight and she’ll be able to belly-up to the buttered pop-tart buffet for the next 9 months.

  11. Erinn says:

    Boyfriend thought he had celiac- still not sure what he has- so he cut out gluten. He dropped 30 pounds so easily, but was pretty miserable not being able to eat anything with gluten.

    I personally couldn’t do it- though when he was around I did eat gluten free as to not tempt him with anything with wheat in it.

    Jessica eats a lot more than I do in the run of a day, by the sounds. Gotta get my sorry butt on that elliptical.

    • Starsky says:

      i tried that diet too because i was having tummy problems a lot. it made me miserable as well. i understand his pain. It turns out i was just extremely lactose intolerant and cant handle any sort of dairy because once i cut that out completely i felt great

    • Erinn says:

      @Starsky & @Mort

      Interesting. He goes for an ‘upper’ scope/biopsy tomorrow. He’s been eating gluten again, but on a med that coats his stomach. I think when he cut out the gluten he also cut out a lot of dairy and fried food. They’ve thrown the idea of an ulcer around, as well as lactose intolerance. The poor guy hasn’t felt well since spring. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow, and they can figure something out.

  12. neelyo says:

    Ugh. This is her new career. She’s going to gain and lose weight in the public eye for the next twenty years. When movies,music, and tv all fail; weight loss is the last stop in the showbiz career train. Can’t she just go away and run her fashion empire quietly?

  13. Hanna says:

    I can’t eat breakfast either. I just get my cup of black coffee and that’s it. I usually don’t have time to cook pancakes and waffels. And yes, I do feel huger pains towards lunchtime but whatever.

  14. REDSLIP says:

    So she’s not even going to meetings?

  15. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Didn’t she already have a breast reduction at some point in her early 20′s?

  16. Macey says:

    its total over-kill on Jessica diet watch now. I never got the tadoo with her but now its all about her weight and diet, pretty much like Kirstie Alley…boring.

  17. Lem says:

    She lied about her weight pre*preg and lied about her weight when pregnant, so why would she tell the truth now?
    Valerie Bertinelli was a great spokesperson.

  18. Beatrix says:

    This woman has the absolute WORST sense of style, it isn’t right that she has such a lucrative fashion line.

  19. Sisi says:

    I’m not gonna hate on her for the muumuu. Sure it’s ugly, but in the past few years she’s worn such dresses occasionally, so whatever, it’s her thing. It looks like comfortable flying attire.

  20. What Jessica is really trying to pull off here is LOOK AT MEEEEE AND MY GIANT BOOBS (and not at my fat ass and tummy)

  21. Abby says:

    Y’all, I like this dress. I’d totally wear it to the airport. I don’t have her giant boobs, but I’d wear it.

  22. Mar says:

    She looks horrible. Her hair is beyond gross

  23. Flora Kitty says:

    Heaven help whoever happens to be nearby if she sneezes.

  24. Lucy says:

    I just LOVE all the side eyes on her in the 4th and 5th pics. She looks like a bloated parade float. Fool.

  25. TheOriginalKitten says:

    That might be the worst dress I’ve ever seen…she doesn’t look any different to me but that might just be the hideous dress…

    I eat a 2% Fage yogurt, a honeycrisp apple, and a handful of cocoa almonds every morning.

    I applaud anyone who does WW. All that math would drive me crazy! :)

    • NYC_girl says:

      I tried WW a few years ago and actually GAINED weight.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I feel like I would gain on it too, NYC Girl. A woman I work with is on WW and is dropping weight like crazy.

        I dunno….it seems like a lot of work for a diet. If I had Simpson cash I’d probably just have meals delivered. Easy peasy for us lazy folks.

      • hoya_chick says:

        @TheOriginalKitten Thanks Kitten! (I couldn’t reply to your last message directly) I’m trying, it’s so hard, but I am vain and I am happier when I am working out. It helps me a lot with my stress level and I need the energy for my sometimes 14 hour days :) . Funny you should mention it; I recently started working with a trainer at my gym. It’s not that expensive where I live but I had just to cut back on a few things to compensate. I feel like it’s a great investment and I can live without Netflix and a few less nights out a month. But I was like you, doing an hour a day and I sorta hit a plateau. I wasn’t losing any weight in fact I think I gained some! He works me HARD for 30 mins and I feel like it’s a whole body thing as opposed to what I was doing. A lot of manual stuff, using my whole body and not machines, intervals and combos like you said. It’s hard but worth it. I only work out with him twice a week the other days I incorporate the things we do into my cardio routine or take a class if possible (only the ones where I don’t feel ridiculous in lol). I am usually sore (in a good way) by Sunday! Because my time is so much more limited now a days I really had to rethink how I approached my workouts. Plus I really like to cook and eat so I have to find a balance and it’s a daily thing.

        @Mort: Sorry didn’t mean to offend. But her whole outfit is a mess. I am not attacking nursing moms! It seems like they are squeezed to within an inch of their lives and that’s really what is unappealing to me not that she is nursing!

    • hoya_chick says:

      HAHAHA Kit, that’s the only thing that is sticking out to me as I read these comments…..who wants to be doing math when they are hungry and about to eat?! Lol. I don’t understand WW at all and how it works.

      The thing that helps me as I go deeper into my twenties and approach 30 (and my metabolism slows down) is portion control, lots of veggies and lean proteins (I don’t eat red meat or pork anyway so it’s not that hard for me), fruits and lots of water. I am not a carb person and I’m the rare person that seems to prefer brown rice/whole wheat pasta over the regular stuff. My vice is dessert, my sweet tooth will lead to my demise! I have no appetite in the morning so I usually have some oatmeal and fruit at around 10am and that’s it.

      OH and lots of cardio and strength/resistance training. There is no magic pill. Time is the one thing I wish I had more of. Between my MA program, working full time and my commute, I sometimes only have 30 mins a day to work out and then I’m too tired to even attempt it. I try and compensate by working out on Fridays-Sundays a lot harder/longer.

      People like Jessica who have so many resources and the time have no excuse to be fat. Her boobs look so veiny and gross and that mumu/huge bag is not doing what she thinks it’s doing…..

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Hoya chick-sounds like you’re doing everything right.
        I’m the type that works out for at least an hour every night but from everything I’m reading these days, it’s more effective to go REALLY hard with interval training but in half the time. Do you ever do that with your 30 minutes?

        At my gym it seems all the personal trainers have their clients do short, REALLY fast spurts on the treadmill, alternating with weight training (but combo exercises). Makes me feel like I should start doing that and save myself some time.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @hoya, those “gross veiny boobs” are common in nursing mothers (with small and large breasts). Pregnancy and nursing leads to increased circulation and more prominent veins. It’s one of the ways you can tell a mother is nursing and there’s no reason to call her gross for that.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @hoya, understood. Perhaps I’m a bit sensitive because I have huge nursing boobs LOL. I usually agree with most of what you say. I too had a personal trainer after the birth of my second child and lost the weight fast. He started training me so hard with heavy weight (and insisted it would help me get “cut”) but I started bulking! I was only lifting 30 minutes twice a week, but after 1 1/2 years my muscle mass increased too much! Now I do Pilates 2x a week for an hour and TRX once a week. I also try to run 3 + miles 2x a week (so I can enjoy goodies too ;)

  26. kristine says:

    I have done WW after both my children and exclusive breastfeeding. If she is really breastfeeding than she gets 15 more points to her normal alotment per week for the first 6 months and then about 8-10 mor points per week once the baby starts solids part time. she is probably not being all that honest here about her actual intake but we judge so who can blame her there.

  27. mandygirl says:

    You know, I’m getting really sick of people harping on about this woman’s weight. I’m her same height and size right now. My son died in January and I used food to self-medicate, thus gaining more weight than is necessary for my frame. I’m starting to lose weight with a trainer & nutritionist, as my grief is getting better, but some of you people need to stop judging and being so hateful. I think it’s refreshing to see a celebrity battle weight issues that other “normal” women do on a daily basis. I’m so sorry that not everyone is a size 2. As for her “look at me and my boobs” I don’t think she’s trying to show them off all the time. I’ve got huge knockers and I’m sorry, but you can’t really help or hide how they look in clothes. If you’re big-chested, the girls are going to look huge no matter what you wear. That’s just the way it is. Sheesh.

  28. Aria says:

    I’m flat as Keira Knightley or even more and anytime I see Ms.Simpson girls I thank God for being an A cup. Those boobs look painful. I can’t imagine her back pains.

  29. Sapphire says:

    What’s up with the Kirsty Alley size brag-fitting into a size does not equal weight loss or estableish what is a healthy weight.

  30. Helvetica says:

    Her t!ts look ridiculous. She looks like a Fraggle muppet.

  31. RN says:

    “Fat free” and “cheddar” should never be in the same sentence. It’s a shame that Weight Watchers continues to promote such an unhealthy way of eating that ignores science. The bottom line – eat whole foods that nourish the body. Don’t eat anything labeled “low fat” or “light”. Stop paying so much attention to calories and look at the QUALITY of your food. Learn how to cook. Buy your food locally and organic.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Spot on! “Diet” and “low-fat” foods typically contain all sorts of nasty additives. Eat REAL food. Remember, if you aren’t hungry enough to eat an apple, you aren’t really hungry.

    • anniecc says:

      I agree with you about the importance of whole foods, but I’m not sure it’s right that WW “ignores the science”. I’m a scientist, and I think that WW is one of the more scientifically-defensible diet programmes. Realistic weight loss is about changing behaviour – while it might be preferable to cut out cheese altogether, many people find this difficult and in that case the lower fat options have their place.

    • mandalala says:

      WW wants you to eat “real” food, but they know most people don’t like it (hence their snack cakes, which I never buy). And those are the people that go right back to their old way of eating when they reach their goal, and gain it back. The point of WW is to make a lifestyle change, learn to eat right, and then continue to do so. It’s hard, but it can be done.

      I did WW this summer, and was started at 26 points, and was FAMISHED. I had to up it to 29, and I wasn’t working out. if jessica is exercising, that will add points to her day, so honestly, it doesn’t sound to me like she’s eating enough, and that’s not recommended. Maybe she’s not doing all of that, though. Weight loss on WW is slow, like a pound or two a week, so that might explain why she was still working at it. Also, she’s over 30, and I don’t know about you guys, but my metabolism reaaalllly slowed down the summer I turned 30, and it was quite a rude awakening :)

  32. tmbg says:

    I remember how fresh-faced she was on the Newlyweds show in its prime years. She still had the really blonde hair, but it wasn’t as long and Dolly Parton-ish. She also dressed pretty nicely compared to what she wears now.

    My favorite episode was the camping trip. She was a complete bubble brain, but looked so good without makeup and just casual clothes.

    I can’t pinpoint when she turned into Mrs. Roper, but it was not a good move.

  33. Starsky says:

    My husband said she looks good in these pictures. I still think she looks around 150-160 which is average here in the US. She’s not ginormous and looks fairly normal compared to the girls around her at the airport. I’d rather her body be that than Leann Rimes sickly thing on the Voice last night.
    (although my adventures at Walmart this morning tell me honey boo boo mom is closer to the average in my area…ugh)

  34. serena says:

    LOL look at how everyone around Jessica is staring at her huge boobs.

  35. lori says:

    she needs to tone down the yellow hair and all the extensions. Giant hair doesn’t make you look skinny either, sam as baggy clothes.
    Give me Jennifer Garner post baby any day.

  36. Tanya says:

    it’s not about a calories, with a small yogurt, it’s about sugar and carbs. If it is low fat, or NO fat, they need to add starch to make it more palatable. This creates an insulin spike so although these food items may seem healthy due to low calories, they are actually affecting your insulin in a harmful way. Better to get a large container of full fat, greek yogurt, have a small portion of it and add a hanful of frozen berries that defrost and give a nice juice to make the yogurt fabulous!… Low fat dairy is not natural or healthy. Jessica’s daily diet is very unhealthy and TOO low fat. You can’t absorb nutrients without fat, especially veggies. A,D,E,K vitamins are all fat soluble. But, while not a healthy diet, she will lose weight..and that’s the goal I guess.

  37. Mingy says:

    ick..cover those tits!
    not sexy…at all.

  38. Lacie says:

    You should NOT eat breakfast if you don’t like it. I mean, you should not eat anything at all until lunch if you are one of those people who doesn’t like breakfast, which is about 35-40% of people. I do endocrine research and the reason you’re not hungry is because your *individual* cortisol spikes longer in the morning than others’. Try not eating breakfast for a week or eating it later and see if you feel better. As long as you pay attention and don’t overeat the rest of the day, your hormones will cycle better. Also, you’ll feel better without that GD pressure to eat when you shouldn’t be. Cavemen didn’t eat a breakfast sandwich.

    I hate the stupid breakfast myth. It’s a bigger lie than the ones Jessica Simpson and WW are telling.

    • Tanya says:

      exactly!!.. I eat mostly paleo, not always, but mostly. I wake up RAVENOUS, but that’s just me…. the whole eating 6 times a day is flawed science as well. Eating releases insulin which is the fat storage hormone…going a bit hungry releases glucagon, the fat burning hormone. We are all unique. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat, if you are, eat something. Unless there is some medical condition that calls for regular feedings.

      • Lacie says:

        +1, you are spot on about the insulin.

        Thank you Tanya–I love to see a woman who actually researches this stuff!

        I eat 2-3 times a day and it’s ENOUGH. Who wants to eat 6 freaking times a day? I like the ideas of Paleo, you know…our bodies were made to survive the wild, not fuss with making carrying around mini meals all the time, eat real natural foods and sustain regular activity. I try and eat just whole foods and I do leangains (, which is 16 h fasting, and 8 hours insulin release.

      • Tanya says:

        well coming from YOU, who specialized, that’s a huge compliment. I’m a personal trainer and I like to truly help people…and it isn’t easy. Everyone is so brainwashed by the bodybuilding sort of mentality. *sigh*… but, I do my best…always striving to learn more. Exercise is the same…NO traditional, high end, cardio, just strength circuits,a couple times per week, which counts as cardio and strength at the same time with modest amounts of cortisol but fabulous HGH that negates it.. :-) lots of low level exercise in between…one day a week of HIGH HIGH end intervals for 10-15 minutes, which can be done with dumbbells, bodyweight, or a cardio machine..or my fave, stairs….of that 10 minutes, it is actually maybe 3-5 minutes of work. :-) just say no to long distance running..or long distance anything… about hurting yourself in the long run….!!!

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I do the Zone-which is kind of modified paleo. What a difference and I don’t put anything in my body that has chemicals or crap in it. No bread, whole foods, lots of veg-all organic and GMO free.

        The weight loss is great, but the way I feel is priceless!

        I bike and do yoga daily too or walk.

        The absolute shit she shoveled in her body when she was carrying her baby was horrid and now she eats fish? GMAFB! Buttered pop tarts good for baby? No, but now she eats healthy. Bitch. So happy she cared about her child’s health.

  39. anon says:

    This is why Dolly Parton & Jessica are such great friends.. They get it get each other..they also have a lot of fun with the media & know exactly what there doing.. NO one stirs it up like Jessica. lol

    ON another note Jessica is still breastfeeding so her point intake is still different then a point intake of someone not breast feeding. She is gorged with MILK.

  40. Denver Danni says:

    I’m currently back on Weight Watchers, have huge cans, and I have a long way to go. I’ve done it once before and lost 74 pounds. Got away from it by not being vigilant. But I like seeing women promote something that is healthy, doesn’t require powder or drugs or surgery, and it is geared at healthy blood sugar control. I def relate to Jennifer Hudson more than JS – her diction is intolerable. I still like it becoming more youthful and accessible. I hope she has success and doesn’t rush – its sustainable because it’s slow and and a “lifestyle” not a diet. I admit I like that the discussion being more mainstream. If she really has a WW coach they’d be telling her to go slowly too.

  41. megan says:

    i know i’m supposed to avoid baggy clothes (esp cause I have huge boobs) but i just can’t get behind wearing a tank top or whatever like i used to. i feel like all anyone will see are my rolls (i unfortunately gained weight in the gut). i feel like the “don’t wear baggy clothes” rule cannot possibly apply to someone with such a fat stomach like me. in brighter news, my legs still look pretty good so my MO is loose/tunic-y top w/ shorter shorts or skinny jeans.

  42. Me Too says:

    I’ve lost 198 pounds and have 90 more to go. I’ve tried every diet out here including WW, which was the best but sadly I wasn’t ready for it. There is no magic pill or exercise. There’s no “right” way to eat. There’s what works or you. For me, I’d never been taught portions and I was so heavy I had stopped moving. Over the past year and a half I’ve eaten everything I want…just the correct portions AND I’ve exercised everyday. I started sow. Just dancing or 5 mins with my iPod. Now, I do at least an hour a day. Bad knee makes lunges etc. Impossible o I’ve adapted them. Different strokes or different folks. Paleo works for one of my friends and wouldn’t for me. The key is finally having he mindset to do it and then finding what works for you.

  43. suze says:

    That woman’s face behind her in the fourth and fifth pic pretty much sums it up for me too.

    • Relli says:

      HAHA me too! That face is killing it in every shot!!!

      Honestly I am kind of bored with this WW & Chestica Simpson thing. AS irritating as I find Lainey sometimes the rant she had put up on her site the other day regarding this whole charade was spot on. So lately i have been just cruising the pictures thinking inside i feel for her because i porked out when pregnant and it took me 2 years to find my waist again and much like her wasn’t really seeing how much i was gaining when preggo.

      BUT the other half of me is like, if i had her money and resources I wouldn’t be wasting my time with WW and embarrassing myself on TV with this stuff. I would have hidden out locked up at home and come out 6 months later, looking like a million dollars.

      Remember when she used to sing and have a career that was leading somewhere… Yeah this was for the paycheck and it yet again makes her punchline.

  44. skuddles says:

    Gastric bypass. That is all.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Wouldn’t she be thinner by now if she had that done?

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        There’s the lap band (which is used for people that aren’t morbidly obese). I swear J Hudson had the lap band procedure, and I think Jessica may have had the procedure during those few months we didn’t see her. The Lap-Band device helps you lose weight safely and steadily. According the lap band website, it may be possible to lose 2 to 3 pounds per week (but it is more likely that you will lose about 1-1/2 to 2 pounds per week). Weight loss like this would have most people thinking that she did it the Weight Watchers way. Also, I don’t think Weight Watchers wants to know how their spokespeople reach their weight loss goals, they just want them to show up thinner and praise their brand.

  45. Me2 says:

    GAH. She looks ridiculous with her massive boobs — I have no words. (I have big ones too, but know how to work with them and still look classy. This is not.) And the examples of the food she eats — total and utter BS. If she was doing this and working out like she says she’d be a stick by now. The more I hear from her the more I can’t stand her.

  46. Aqua says:

    I like her and she doesn’t seem to take herself to seriously.

  47. Jessica says:

    I hope the lying bitch runs into Nick and Vanessa and their little bundle of joy and Eric leaves her pathetic ass after they get married (IF they do) and I also hope she does not sign a prenup and he takes half of her money.

    Jessica Simpson is a pathological liar to the core.

    I hope she reaps what she sows x’s 10.

  48. Lulu says:

    That diet sounds nuts. She’s eating hardly anything and working her @$$ off at the gym. I thought Weight Watchers was supposed to be a sensible diet. Makes sense now why all the women I’ve known who were on it all gained the weight back.

  49. jani says:

    $3-4 million to be Weight Watchers spokesperson. Commercial shot only from the neck up. Fake, bogus, B.S. con job by WW and Simpson. Do they really think that everyone is as dumb as Jessica?

  50. Jessica says:

    Bring back Jennifer Hudson. at least she did not lie like no talent simpleton did.

    And she has a grammy to boot.

  51. anon says:

    Ya all here is something to think about after you take the time to look.. Obviously pics & links cant be posted here but if you go to Katies sight there is a pic of three women Sheryl, Katie & Jessica all standing after the show. Take Sheryl out of the pic & look at Katie & look at Jessica. There are very close to the same size so there is no manipulation of pics. NO way does 3 or 4 spanx on help Jessica look like that.Lets get real here. If you say Jessis still 170 or close too then you are saying Katie is also & she has spanx too. Honestly look at the pic. Yes Jess is very little larger then Katie..

    Secondly she did not stop breast feeding. That was second third hand info in an article. Go back & rewatch GMA or Katie & she still breastfeeds.

    To the namesake Jessica you really need to stop with the hate and travel to all the boards with the same message.

  52. Lisa says:

    lol, so low-fat. She’s gonna be HOOOON-GRAY.

  53. anon says:

    Her weight watchers mentor travelled with her to NYC & they have there meetings at Jessica’s house. Her mentor travelled with her husband & her own two children to NYC all together. She spends a lot of time with Jessica.

    It also took Jennifer HUdson over a year to lose her 80 lbs look at her before & after.. for some reason everyone thinks Jessica needs to have lost it all in four months & also exclude the fact that she never got to work out for 6 weeks so were not talking about lying at all here but try to be realistic at least.
    IT will take Jessica at least her 9 months to a year to lose her weight also.

    • t says:

      How do you know what her weight wrangler does? Are you her stalker or her dad?

      Nobody thinks Jessica Simpson should lose 80 pounds in 4 months. Some are saying they think her claim that she has lost more than 40 pounds is a lie. They don’t believe that she lost that much. Some also think Jessica Simpson is lying when she says she only has 10 more pounds to lose.

  54. The Wizz says:

    If she can lose weight on the horrid “new” weight watchers points plan then she’s doing better than most women!

  55. Jill says:

    I can’t believe she makes so much money off her hideous fashion line. The stuff looks like flea market crap.

  56. STOPGOOP says:

    She eats a lot. And that workout doesn’t sound intense at all. I am impressed she is losing weight at all with that program.