Liberty Ross steps out in London, holds hands with mystery man

First of all, I don’t think the anti-fur people are going to be happy about what Liberty Ross is wearing in these photos. These are pics of Liberty and an “unidentified man” in London last night at a party at The Serpentine Gallery. Liberty is wearing what seems like leather pants (?) and a big fur coat. That looks like real fur too. Anyway, the bigger story is that Liberty is in London now, her home turf, and that she seems to be hanging out with an attractive dude who is not her husband. SCANDAL!

She’s had a very difficult few months following the revelation of her husband Rupert Sanders’ affair with Kristen Stewart. But the smile was well and truly back on Liberty Ross’ face on Monday night as she headed out with a mystery man in London.

The 33-year-old model beamed with delight as she left the Future Contemporaries party at The Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens with her male pal. Following the event, Liberty and her friend headed to the Groucho club to continue their evening, but did their utmost to avoid being photographed together. And as they called it a night after their evening out, the pair were spotted holding hands as they headed home from the club.

Liberty is doing her best to get back to reality after photographs emerged of Rupert and Kristen in a passionate clinch, and recently returned to her day job by walking the catwalk at New York Fashion Week.

Speaking after the show, Liberty said: ‘I was totally terrified. I hadn’t actually been out of my house for seven weeks so I was really anxious. But it felt amazing.’

Following the publication of the photographs showing him and Kristen, Rupert was quick to come forward to apologise for the pain he had caused his family.

He said in a statement: ‘I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.’

[From The Mail]

Do you think the “former model” is just in London for Fashion Week, and to see some old friends and maybe check in with her family? Or do you think that Liberty is going to make this London trip more permanent? Initially, when the scandal first broke, it seemed like Liberty was simply miserable in Los Angeles, and she would use her husband’s infidelity as an excuse to move back to England. But then she used the public sympathy to her advantage in a series of photo-ops, and she seems to be consulting divorce attorneys in LA. So who knows?

By the way, beyond the fur, I think Liberty looks really great in these pics. She looks genuinely happy! I hope she’s doing well.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. andy says:

    Damn Liberty and her self-righteousness.

  2. steph says:

    Holding hands in the last picture? Maybe he’s a good family friend. Nonetheless, she needs happiness in her life

    • Jacq says:

      I, too, thought he must be an old friend (or maybe her main gay?). All I know is that if my husband messed-around on me or my marriage ended unexpectedly and against my desire, it would take me a longgggggggg time to get back on the dating scene. Good for her, if that’s what works. Get that revenge nookie, Liberty!

  3. The Original Original says:

    Theres something up with her teeth and she looks beyond her 33 yrs to me. I guess Im the only one on here who doesnt find her attractive though.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Nope, you’re not the only one. Something about her whole mouth/nose area is not attractive. I’m pretty sure if she was the cheater, not the cheatee people wouldn’t be so up her butt.

    • Katren says:

      You’re definitely not the only one. I think people are just quick to compliment her because her husband cheated… I think she looks 40+ here

    • tripmom says:

      I agree. I’m 34 and I think she looks at least 10 years older than me. Aren’t models usually very young looking? Her face has a hard, rough look to it even when she’s smiling.

    • mel says:

      Great figure but besides that…not pretty. Years of yo yo dieting will do that to you. (Just my guess since she is a model and all).

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      I agree; she’s really not very attractive – a plain Jane if you ask me ; even if you didn’t ask me. :)

    • my .02 says:

      I agree – she’s just not very attractive in these pictures. It’s amazing to see how the way people feel about women (identifying with someone who’s been cheated on by a scummy spouse) will change how they perceive their appearance. I don’t think this woman’s any more attractive than LeAnn Rimes, but people are always ragging on her looks.

      It says a lot about what women really fear – being betrayed by their men for a younger woman. I wish that we could get to a point where it didn’t happen as much, but that would mean a society where women aren’t judged solely on their looks. Wow, talk about the circle of life. *laughing*

    • AnnieN says:

      I finally watched SWATH, Charlize Theron was really great in it. KS on the other hand had her mouth open about 95% of the movie and all I could look at were her giant chiclet teeth. She is not a good actress, very flat the whole time.

      I feel bad for Liberty and her family because my family went through the same thing but I really don’t think she’s beautiful. Even when I have seen her modeling pics she just doesn’t do it for me. When we were watching the movie, I told hubby she was 33 and he could not believe it. Her eyes look much older and she has a tightness in her face that makes her look washed out and tired. I don’t think Rupert cheated on because of her looks though, men cheat because someone is available and different. Most cheaters actually cheat with people below their SO.

    • Jacq says:

      i get a major Debbie Mazar vibe from her.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      She’s only 33? Wow, I thought she was older. And no, you’re not alone.

  4. Katyusha says:

    Minus the fur, I love the way she dresses – she also has a fantastic smile. SO beautiful!

  5. Brown says:

    Yikes… Why??? Why would you do this?? I’m not sure why when you have the collective public’s sympathy/empathy and nearly everyone in the entertainment sphere (who has been following this scandal at least) is rooting for you, you would wear fur out to be papd. Just seems like a no-brainer. She’s in a perfect position to emerge from this situation looking great… I just feel like wearing something as controversial as fur is a pretty stupid move. And of course, all of that is mentioned in terms of PR, without even acknowledging the fact that fur is reprehensible and disgusting to begin with.

  6. emmieapricot says:

    The mystery man looks a lot like her — could it be a relative??

  7. Sway says:

    She’s glowing. Good for her.

  8. normades says:

    Whoever the freind is he’s younger and cuter than Rupert. Go girl, I’m behind you.

    I hope hope hope she divorces him ***crosses fingers****

  9. Elizabeth says:

    She is sure is getting a lot of press from this scandal.

  10. Dee Cee says:

    Poor thing is withering away with sads..

  11. CT says:

    First of all, I really hate when people wear fur. Secondly, I have yet to see this woman being photographed without a smile since the scandal. What is she some sort of psychopath? Is she really relishing the attention, the fact that her husband cheated or what is it? makes no sense…

    • andy says:

      Psychopath? Should she bring forth tears and have a breakdown in front of the paps? I can’t believe the nerve of this woman. She should never smile again.

    • Riana says:

      Its not like she’s sniffling on the way to her mailbox. The woman has had to leave her home for very specific reasons and she KNOWS she’ll be photographed.

      I’d rather be photographed with a smile on my face than pouting and gloomy, the man did cheat on her with a girl in her 20′s, looking miserable would give him TOO much satisfaction.

    • PleaseICU says:

      What is she supposed to do? Look miserable and angry all of the time? I’m sure she is plenty angry behind closed doors.

      Hell, if she did do that and walked around looking sad and surly she’d probably get accused of copying KStew and wanting to be like her, looking for attention that way.

      As it is, this woman gets accused of copying KStew’s fashion sense, clothing choices, etc whenever she steps out of the house. If she walked around with anything less than a smile on her face I have no doubt she’d get accused by some of trying to copy KStew’s public persona or personality.

      This poor screwed over woman simply can’t win with many people. Now she can’t even smile out in public without people accusing her of being shady.

  12. Harpreet says:

    Was she a big model back in the day?? She keeps on being referred to as a “successful model” in the media.

  13. SmokeyBlues says:

    So is she the next woman we are all you going to adore just because she got a screwed over by some idiotic man? I don’t find her attractive or interesting. Like Brandi G, I dont think she is so great just because she got cheated on.
    That probably sounds cold and bitchy.

  14. Jayna says:

    She’s okay looking. I don’t find her gorgeous or anything. He’s probably her gay best friend.

  15. eric says:

    Yes, the teeth look like a pop-in denture, and she looks way older than 33

  16. Aria says:

    I will give a pass for that awful furcoat. She’s so beautiful. I still don’t undestand why her husband cheated on her. KS must be really good in the sack.

    • Nola says:

      I don’t understand comments like this. Don’t people cheat for other reasons beside looks. Sometimes people cheat bc they no longer connect with their partner.
      By Rupert’s own admission he thought that his wife and Kristen are very similar in looks and attitude.

      • Aria says:

        She’s not only beautiful but charming and somewhat intelligent. I’m a fashion whore and I known her long before this scandal broke through. Liberty is quite the opposite to KS in the attitude department. She knows how to behave herself in public, no flipping the bird, no dropping the f’ bomb every three words. Regarding looks, I don’t see the resemblance a part from pale complexion and light eyes.

        If a man has a woman like Liberty and cheats on her with KS, he has poor taste. Sorry, Kristen fans.

      • Nola says:

        I think Rupert sanders knows his wife (and Kristen) better than we ever will.

        So if he says they’re similar than they probably are.
        We can’t forget that liberty is 10yrs older and more mature. I bet Kristen won’t be the same girl she is in ten years. Even the worst of us mellow out with age.

        I get the idea that Rupert was chasing after a younger version of his wife and Kristen fit the bill. The way he describes his wife is very similar to the way describes Kstew. So who knows.

      • Aria says:

        I think the only thing they have in common is the fact both were banging him but as you wisely said, we will never know….

      • meg says:

        I agree with Aria. Rupert was deluding himself when he said Lib and KS are so alike. Vaguely similar physically but worlds apart otherwise. C’mon, he said Kristen was regal. lol There’s nothing regal about Kristen. Kristen is awkward, nervous, uncomfortable. Liberty is self possessed, graceful. Watch an interview of Kristen’s. She twitches, shakes her leg up and down, moving around in her seat. Liberty is calm and poised. Kristen lets loose a “f*ck” every other sentence. Liberty would never. Kristen throws caution to the wind and dives in the deep end of the pool w/o a second though. Liberty takes forever to decide anything and is more wary by nature. And on and on. Not saying one is better than the other – they’re just different.

      • xo says:

        Honestly, how do you know any of those things about Liberty? For the most part we’ve never heard her talk and aside from vague tweets we don’t have much insight on this woman. The issue I have with this particular side of the scandal is the TAYLOR SWIFTING of Liberty. Yes, she was wronged and we all feel for her but we shouldn’t all start projecting traits and accolades that don’t exist. It’s embarrassing and trite to see the media fawn over the Liberty when they weren’t giving her the time of day yesterday. It’s even worse when people compliment her styling- which is s****. For such a striking young woman, she has a very tacky since of style.

      • Aria says:

        Maybe not in the States but in UK and Fashion World she’s well known and cherished. If you ask me about sports and stuff related, I know nothing. It always depends on how interested you are in something. I love fashion and I really like Liberty work as model. As actress she is just bland. As I said the fur coat is unfortunate.

      • xo says:

        I didn’t realize she was so beloved across the pond. The way both the UK and US media write about her comes off very disingenuous and fake.

        Since you do know so much about the model, could you describe her career prior to the scandal?

        Also is it true that her family shunned Rupert Sanders because he was middle class? I read a comment over on DListed and they mentioned that Liberty had to groom Rupert into a proper Upper Class Husband.

      • Adele says:

        @aria. Liberty was quite the party girl when she was kristens age, in fact she dresses quite trashy with ripped fishnet hose and tiny jean shorts on the red carpet. Pictures of her grinding and hanging all over other guys even after she was married Pictures dont lie. There is nothing regal about liberty except for her role as a queen in swath

      • Aria says:

        I never said she was regal or something (?). She always seems nice and polite even when she was young. Being hardcore or pretending to be one doesn’t mean you have to be rude or impolite which she never was unlike another lip biting actress. As for her cheating on Rupert or being photographed with other guys I haven’t seen a single photo or heard about it so I cannot give you my opinion.

        I trully feel for her and her kids. It really sucks that your husband cheated on you and it becomes a public affair.

      • meg says:

        @xo I don’t know Liberty personally but I know a lot about her. She met rup because he was good friends with her older bro, milo. I don’t think they hated him (they might now though!) They’re blue bloods, her grandfather was a Baron and ambassador to Egypt. They’re very bohemian though, very creative and artsy. Most everyone thought she married beneath her. Her bestie kate was dating Johnny Depp, her friend Helena was dating Michael Hutchence and lib was dating … Rupert.

      • meg says:

        couple of little articles about her pre scandal …

        and an vid interview.

        She’s really sweet and charming imo and from everythign I’ve heard from those who know her well. I think if people knew more about her than what the media tells them they’d probably think differently.

    • Emma says:

      She’s so stunning. I love staring at her modeling pics. I wish she hadn’t given up her modeling career. She would have had such a hellava portfolio.

  17. Riana says:

    Good for her. When something like this happens on this scale its quite earth shattering. Bad enough your husband/gf cheats, but when they do it on such a public sphere…you really do have to change the rules a little and not give in to your worst desires.

    I think she’s dealing with the attention with attitude. If she started crying in public and looking sad she knows it’d be in the tabloids and she’d be the ‘sad pathetic woman Rupert left behind’. She’s choosing to look kick-ass and confident.

    • Jess says:

      Kristen’s fans want Liberty to hide out and look sad. They think she’s milking the attention. But what they don’t understand is that this is probably a woman with a lot of pride in her appearance, and she isn’t going to get fat and wear sweats and wither away on the couch after her husband mincoopered her. She was ALWAYS invited to these parties, she was just never papped there. The pappz have her on their radar now. What is she not supposed to go? Is she supposed to lower herself to the situation or rise above it?

      • meg says:

        right. the thing with models is they’re all confidence and strength on the outside but low self esteem on the inside. They often believ (and sometimes rightly) that the best they have going for them is their physical beauty. Under those circumstances, imagine what it feels like to be traded in for a younger, supposedly more beautiful woman? I think more than anything Liberty is trying to bolster her self confidence and prove to the world that she isn’t the cliche fat, boring, frumpy middle aged housewife left behind for a younger girl. She’s probably trying to prove that to herself too

      • Jess says:

        She’s always looked good. She’s just not withering away and crying in a corner like Kristen’s fans deem appropriate. Because that’s a great message for girls? When your husband trades you in for a younger model, you must become a sobbing snotty fat mess and never smile again. Or, you can throw up your middle finger and move on with your life, as it appears she’s trying to. I say, go Liberty. F them both.

  18. marie says:

    good for her on getting back out there, but bad choice of outerwear, booo..

  19. Jenna says:

    She’s 33? Seriously?! o_O

    Anywho, good on her and all that jazz.

  20. keats says:

    We should start a fund to get her some new shoes.

  21. Jess says:

    Her date is probably gay, and I hope the fur is fake. No one can be that stupid. Alhough, she did marry Rupert in the first place. I think she’s pretty. She was gorgeous in her modeling days. She does look a lot older than 33 though. If she was 40, I would say she looked great. For 33 she looks plain old.

  22. francesca1 says:

    What did she model? Feed bags?

  23. Lisa says:

    Whoever he is, get him a lint roller.

  24. Blue says:

    Smh. You can always tell when Twilight/Kristen Stewart fans are around.

    • Adele says:

      Equally obvious when pattinson fans show up. They are linertys staunchest supporters. Perhaps his fans have forgotten that rob pulled a rupert back during twilight filming. HE cheated with kristen while she was with michael. Once a cheater always a cheater, rob

      • Blue says:

        I’m not a fan of anyone involved in any of this. I just think there are alot of unnecessary, rude comments going on. The woman didn’t do anything except marry a douche bag.

      • Ann says:

        Sorry, in no way did Rob “pull a Rupert” back then. Rob wasn’t married. He didn’t have two small children at home. He wasn’t old enough to be Kristen’s father, or in a position of authority over her. He wasn’t photographed pawing Kristen in a public place.

        While people often assume that Kristen got with Rob before she split with Angarano, nobody really knows. There is no evidence of when she and Angarano actually split. Or when she and Pattinson actually got together. Which is completely unlike the situation between Rupert, Liberty, Kristen, and Rob. Do you remember any “I’m sorry, I love him” statements from her back then? Me neither.

  25. Kelly says:

    The guy in the picture is Liberty’s Ex BF Chris. She dated him when she her and rupert had broken up for few years before they got married

  26. Loralei says:

    She just lost my support. Anyone who wears fur has no sympathy for innocently suffering animals. She can’t claim that she doesn’t know how these animals are treated because she’s in the clothing buisness. F**ck her.

  27. lena80 says:

    This is going to sound mean, but her mouth/jaw area looks like a ventriloquist dummy. It definitely gives her a unique look which I guess works for her since she is a model….a very old looking 33 yr old model.

    I don’t think she is leaving her husband, maybe just spending time apart.

  28. yeah says:

    She’s kind of a butterface. And clearly loving all the attention, so yeah, I am sure she is heartbroken.

  29. CaramelKiss says:

    Sooo, maybe Liberty is like Lady Gaga? She’s wearing fur for the sake of “ART” and to make a point about her life… You see…the innocent, lifeless animals that she has draped around her body is much like herself in that she didn’t have a CHOICE? SARCASM. Bitch, please. You just lost my vote too.

  30. Beth says:

    These are my thoughts on liberty and this whole situation. She gave an interview during swath where she stated that she had forsaken her career bc her husband worked and she HAD to be the single parent. I let this type comment slide at the time because, frankly, I didn’t know anything about liberty Ross and Rupert sanders. After this situation went down and now I see and hear more of liberty, I am beginning to question what role she played in all of this.

    This is the 21 century, women do not have to be stay at home moms if they don’t want to. There was no reason liberty had to abandon her career. There are plenty of regular people and celebrities where both parents have busy careers that involve traveling. If liberty wanted to remain a model, she could have whether in the UK or LA.  She has the family support, the fiscal means to have childcare and the connections. Plenty of people are capable of juggling family and career successfully.  What interests me is now that her husband has cheated on her, she decides to take the plunge, premieres, rodeo drive shopping, fashion week in NYC and London. What is she doing with the children now when she was so devoted to them before?  Is this tough time in their little lives not her focus? Or is rebuilding her career her focus? Because like I said before, there was no reason for her to play the “martyr”, she could have had this lifestyle for the past few years. She had no problem with taking her children away from LA for SWATH shoot, so it is safe to assume if she wanted to participate in fashion in London, she could have taken the children. Others do it All.the.time.

    Now on to her interview at NYC fashion week. Liberty stated she hadn’t been put of her house in seven weeks. Well, if you don’t count lunches, shopping and premieres as “out of the house”, then ok but in the real world, she was out and about. Makes me wonder if liberty tends to exaggerate situations. Makes me rethink her swath “I am a martyr” interview. Also makes me think if liberty says and does things that don’t jive. What was her real dissatisfaction. Was she pissed her husband was more successful now,  did she enjoy the perks and flexibility of not working but living a great life and then get bored.

    What happened to liberty sucks but I am not sure liberty is this perfect person she wants us to believe she was/is, devoted to her husband and children but now when those children need her most, she is taking care of herself. Perhaps she should have been taking care of herself along with her children all along instead of playing the “martyr”. Those comments do a disservice to ALL women everywhere, those that juggle a job with family and those that stay at home because it is what they want, not because they have the “martyr” complex.

    • Ann says:

      Women’s decisions about childcare and working evolve over time, and as the children grow. Just because she decided to be with them while they were babies/toddlers doesn’t mean she intended for it to stay that way forever. Their kids are 5 and 7, which means as of this year they are both school age. That is often a time when women who stayed home decide to return to work.

      She may have been going to fashion week and the like all along, we just wouldn’t have seen it. I don’t think anyone has the right to slam her as a parent at this point. We’d need a lot more evidence that she has done something not in their best interest.

      Her husband on the other hand, has definitely lost the parent of the year award, by publicly boffing his young colleague – who is closer to his children’s age than to his. Gross.

  31. Dahlia1947 says:

    i don’t like her that much anymore. Yeah it’s cause she’s wearing that ugly fur. It looks wayyy better on the animals. Stupid fashion people.

  32. Janet says:

    I couldn’t stand KStew even before this went down, but what makes me loathe her even more is her despicable psycho fans trying to make Liberty Sanders the villain of the whole mess.

  33. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Do I feel sorry for her because her husband cheated? Yes. But do I also question her taste/values/vanity for parading around in fur for photo-ops? Yes.

    You know who acted really classy and didn’t fame-whore after being cheated on? Tiger Woods’ wife. Of course I don’t know any of these people in real life, but based on how they conduct themselves that we know of, Elin seemed so classy. I guess it’s because she herself was never a celebrity, and more importantly, never WANTED to be a celebrity, so she doesn’t have Hollywood “values.”

    Wow, that was a tangent. Back on topic: sorry her husband cheated on her, but shame on her too for the fur photo-op.

  34. perla says:

    this woman is enjoying her new fame so much, nobody cared about her before the scandal, she is such a hypocrate, she didn’t go out for seven weeks??? did she forget about all her papz pictures of her smiling?? going to BALENCIAGA store to shop (knowing that Kristen is representing that brand) wearing the same shirt Rob was wearing as well?? going to movie premiers and parties??

    poor thing must have suck to stay at home, at least be honest and admit she is milking this for all it’s worth it.

    she is not even attractive….

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      She is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t! You Twientologists will never forgive her for inconveniently being married to Kristen’s jump-off. She has done absolutely nothing wrong. Except wear fur, which is gross and tacky.

    • Annie says:

      And what about Kristen? She helps ruin a marriage and everyone thinks she’s so brave and special for showing up at a red carpet a month later? Let me remind you that Liberty had a fashion career long before Rob and Kristen had an acting career.

      And there’s nothing NOTHING you can say that can erase what your idol did. She might still be a star (Lindsay still gets jobs) but people will never forget that she screwed her married director. Fans might as well come to terms with it.

      PS – I hope your significant others don’t find out you’re this cool with cheating.

    • Annie says:

      And what about Kristen? She helps ruin a marriage and everyone thinks she’s so brave and special for showing up at a red carpet a month later? Let me remind you that Liberty had a fashion career long before Rob and Kristen had an acting career.

      And there’s nothing NOTHING you can say that can erase what your idol did. She might still be a star (Lindsay still gets jobs) but people will never forget that she sleeping with her married director. Fans might as well come to terms with it.

      PS – I hope your significant others don’t find out you’re this cool with cheating.

  35. Fred says:

    I think she looks great, and I like her hair this way, rather than severely pulled back, as she wore it at one time.

  36. marky says:

    keep trying to happen Liberty, is not working lol

  37. meg says:

    Funny how I don’t see anyone calling Kristen out for her beloved lamb skin leather Balenciaga jacket. no one cares about innocent baby lambs, I guess.

  38. Emma says:

    This lady continues to be my hero. Except for the fur. Love her so much. She’s handling this thing like a boss. :D Does she have a fansite yet?

  39. Kosmos says:

    I think that’s a relative or brother with her. I like her, and hope that she doesn’t go back to her husband. Can she really trust him again, once he’s making another picture with a young ingenue? He was very weak, and I think Liberty deserves a better man.

  40. la chica says:

    She looks like KStew’s mother. For real.

  41. sam says:

    She wears CRUELTY on her back!!!! Everything this lady gets is well deserved karma. She should get a life beyond being a consumer of violent acts of cruelty.

  42. aquarius64 says:

    I’m glad she’s getting out and about and not scarfing Hagen-Daas at home. And she’s seen with a guy at a public event. Does this means she’s going to dump Rupert once and for all? If Liberty files for divorce during Breaking Dawn 2′s promos it would be a nightmare for Kristen, Rob and Summit. The media is going to run with it, especially if Kristen is named co-respondent. The press will raise the question did Liberty learn new information about the Rupsten hook-up? Like if it was more than once, or if it was sexual, making the “momentary indiscretion” statement by Kristen and her team a bold face lie? Did she discover nude pics of Kristen on Rupert’s cell phone? Or sex texts between Rupsten? Is there a sex tape? You know the press will run down these avenues. If Liberty files Summit and/or Team Stewart is going to regret pushing the “Robsten Is Unbroken” narrative to make sure BD2 has an extraordinary box office. It can blow up in their faces. Liberty is a wild card, and a lot can happen between now and Nov. 16.

  43. jessie ong says:

    Happiness will show in the eyes, just look at her eyes, I don’t think she is happy. She just enjoy going out but I believe the guy is just a friend. There is no harm taking a time off to be able to forget your problem in just an hour or two. Liberty is a victim here, who is a wife. Would you feel great if in the news you see your husband in the arms of another woman? It is really very hard to face the fact that the person whom you love/cherish and look up to be the protector of your family/children do something to break your heart more so because he is with the person that you admire before you know her personally and even befriend with in the movie… It’s just a pity that some people is painting her bad because she was given the chance to model alexander wang as if she connive with her husband in the scandal. Is it her fault ?