Blake Lively might be pregnant, she’s ‘eating more than normal’ (update)

Everyone pretty much predicted this – given the seemingly “sudden” wedding of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, there was bound to be rumors of a pregnancy. We don’t know if Blake and Ryan had a shotgun wedding, or if Blake simply has babies on the brain and she wants to get knocked up right away. But “babies” are definitely in the air for Blake. Back in July, the tabloids even took note of Blake’s seemingly slight weight gain, claiming that she had put on “10 pounds of pre-pregnancy weight” because she wanted to get knocked up quickly. And now Page Six is trying to make the speculation ramp up even further:

Rumors are rife on the “Gossip Girl” set that Blake Lively could be expecting her first child. The blond beauty, back at work in New York after her secret Sept. 9 wedding to Ryan Reynolds, is “glowing,” say spies, but also is eating more than normal.

One spy said, “Blake is usually really careful about what she eats, but since her wedding, she seems to be eating a lot more. Everyone on set is on bump-watch.”

A rep for Blake rep didn’t respond to e-mails last night.

[From Page Six]

Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. In fact, I think it would make a certain amount of sense. It’s not that Ryan and Blake weren’t already headed in the “wedding and a baby carriage” direction for the better part of this year. But the suddenness of their wedding made it seem more like an elopement, or a hastily arranged ceremony put together before Blake began to “show”. Or it could just be that Blake is really hungry. Who knows?

UPDATE: Blake’s rep got on that quickly. The rep told Gossip Cop that Page Six’s report was “completely untrue.” Then why didn’t the rep say that to Page Six when they called and asked?

These are some photos of Blake on the Gossip Girl set in the last week of August. She doesn’t look knocked up to me.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. keats says:

    More than normal? But she already eats cupcakes all the time I thought!

  2. Cherry says:

    I totally want that outfit she’s wearing on the bottom pics. She looks like a high-heeled supervillain.

  3. marie says:

    so.. she’s eating the whole pickle rather than half? don’t a lot of folks put on a bit of weight when they’re in a happy relationship? I mean dang, the girl could just be hungry, get back to me when she’s got a face full of cupcakes..

    • V4Real says:

      You’re absolutely right, people tend to eat more when they are in a relationship. Think about it, when you’re in a relationship basically all you do is go out to eat, stay at home and cook, go to the movies and eat some more. When you were single you were to busy clubbing and hanging out with you’re single friends hoping to get lucky and meet someone relationship worthy. It makes me wonder do I wanna be single and ready to mingle or bored and fat in a happy relationship; go figure.

    • HotPockets says:

      I am happy you mentioned this, when I first started seeing my boyfriend, now my husband, I gained almost 20 pounds the first year or so. I didn’t even notice, until people started pointing it out. I called it the love pudge, but now I am back to normal.

      • Cloud&Feather says:

        I gained 9 lbs about six months to a year after my husband and I got married and I didn’t notice it at all until one day I just couldn’t get into my favorite pair of jeans and it was like…when the hell did this happen? It was so seamless.

      • Ludakristen says:

        I hope you punched the people who were nice enough to point out your weight gain.

      • HotPockets says:

        Luda, I should have, but I didnt because you know what? I got into amazing shape and now I have abs and toned EVERYTHING, not because of the criticism, but because I wanted to look so damn good no one could say $hit and it worked ;) Now they all hate and have gained weight themselves, so payback is a Bizatch ;)

        I always remind myself, fluctuating weight is normal and it happens. I never make the caddy remarks to other people about their weight like they did mine. When you’re falling in love, everything else is secondary, including the gym.

  4. apples says:

    And so the pregnancy rumors begin. Just like clockwork. This is going to get so ridiculous.

  5. Talie says:

    Well, they aren’t doing a full order of eps on Gossip Girl, so it’s good timing to have a kid because she’ll be on a break.

  6. Amelia says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised, either.
    Then Blake get can that white-picket fence set up outside and the pastel coloured baby room all painted pink and blue…
    …And little baby-shaped apple pies cooling on the windowsill and Swifty and Connor visit with their pet swans and polka dot sundresses.
    Or the girl could just be hungry. I’ve been known to put on happy lbs when I’m all chirpy and happy in a relationship.

  7. Brown says:

    I eat more than normal all the time. All day, every day. Not pregnant (but probably look it.) Welcome to the fatty club, Blake!

  8. PrettyTarheel says:

    Perhaps a little weight would fill out the lines in her cheeks. I think she’s gorgeous, and I really like them together. I’m happy they got married down here and I REALLY have enjoyed all the gossip that’s been caused by that wedding…but girl has some deep lines for a 25 yr. old.

  9. brin says:

    She did look like she put on weight in those swimsuit pics over the summer…time will tell.

  10. Nessa says:

    She looks older in these pictures. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is pregnant, or will be very soon. I mean, after gossip girl is over, what does she have going on? Not a whole helluva lot. We all know about her acting skills, and where that’s gotten her. Having Ryan’s baby would be a good way to keep people interested…

  11. SmokeyBlues says:

    Well i put on a little weight after my wedding, too! I was just so relieved to not have to worry about how I would look in my dress, and I was on my honeymooon, and I was in love, and… Yeah, I joined weight watchers this week. Anyway it could be “happily married” weight!

  12. Britt says:

    She does look older, that’s for sure. Well only time will tell. We will find out soon enough.

  13. Ranunculus says:

    So he could not make his marriage to his first bimbo work for more than 2 years, and is eager to get married to his second bimbo within less than 2 years. Well good thing, unless Mila and Kutcher both of them are boring and irrelevant, and probably deserve each other. Yawn!!

  14. Eleonor says:

    She doesn’t look pregnant, but if she Betty Drapered herself and usually spends all her freetime cooking, of course she has gained weight.

  15. Samigirl says:

    I am in love with that necklace she’s wearing on the GG set.

  16. normades says:

    Her laugh lines are not funny for a 23 year old.

  17. Sara says:

    You don’t really start eating more until your third trimester. If anything, in your first trimester, most foods sound repulsive.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Alert: I’ve been eating more lately and I’m NOT pregnant.
      I have a hat just like that; and I like scarves. Just a matter of how you wear them. I’m mixed about the boots.

    • Cloud&Feather says:

      Of course, that’s not true for every pregnancy or every woman. In the first trimester, I couldn’t get enough to eat with my first baby. I got heartburn eating in the third trimester. Didn’t look forward to mealtimes.

      • RTR_Girl says:

        Cloud, I was the same way. I had zero morning sickness and a huge appetite early on. By my second trimester, the voracious appetite disappeared on its own and the heartburn kicked in, making eating miserable. Not fun, but it probably helped prevent me from gaining a ton of weight. I should have bought stock in Tums…

        Oh, and even though I dodged morning sickness, I did pay my pregnancy dues with heartburn, severe preeclampsia and 7 weeks of bedrest. Nobody gets off scot-free, I guess. ;-)

  18. Sandy says:

    Seriously, at her current size even if she was pregnant she’d only be in her first trimester, and when I was in my first three months I could only eat sorbet and crackers. I doubt she’s eating like a hog that early in her pregnancy, unless she’s so perfect that she’s also immune to morning sickness (eye roll).

  19. Shelly says:

    I kind of can’t wait for them to have babies, and I am not even a person who gets excited about babies. I just think they are going to make the most gorgeous and tall and leggy babies. I honestly think she and Ryan are perfect for each other. I know people here generally bash Blake, but I dig her. I, too, am tall and leggy and like to bake, lol! We are soul sisters, lol! And I would kill to have Martha design anything for me, especially a wedding!

  20. Shitler says:

    It’d be nice to see her original nose on the baby

  21. Jay Elle says:

    uhh i’ve been eating more lately too and I’m not pregnant. it’s called “fall”. i think everyone does this in preparation for winter!

  22. Jennifer says:

    She has old looking face. Are you sure that she is only 25? Maybe she is using Beyonce math.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I was thinking Handler Math, and she’s not the only one. I’ve been noticing more and more lately, when reading Birthday Sluts (love Michael K!!) that people who I thought (and some I KNOW) are the same age as me, are celebrating their 38th or 39th birthdays or just turning 40.

      Something in the frosting ain’t clean!

  23. Hillshmill says:

    Nah, she’s just in the post-wedding binge phase. I got married 4 months ago and have put on 15 lbs since our wedding. I’m just now coming out of my post-wedding binge and it’s rough haha. Oh well, back to the gym & salads for lunch!

  24. says:

    Well she certainly isn’t glowing.

  25. DeltaJuliet says:

    I’m glad you put up the pictures you did as they reinforce my “what is the fuss over this very plain girl” statements from every Blake thread.

  26. GiGi says:

    She must have a really great personality.

  27. bns says:

    I’m kind of surprised at all of this, tbh. She seemed really into her career and was desperately trying to make it into movies, and now she wants to settle down? Of course she can still have a career with a husband and a kid, but she seems like the type who would take a lot of time off to be a wife and mom.

  28. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    This girl is smart. She hustled her way into a couple of movies that have A-listers (somehow!). She has had rhinoplasty and bolt-ons, long blonde hair and a size 2-4 body…then she used ‘The Rules’ to snag Leo and she is 25, married and can be professionally lazy while married – and soon to be pregnant – to a hot, successful actor and bake all day long. Girl has it made and I think we just need to bow down and hand her her props..besides, before we know it, we’ll be in line at Baby’s R Us buying some diapers and wipes that come from her “Lively Baby” line of eco-friendly products for mom and baby. Brilliant hustle. Bravo.

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    Dude, she honeymooned at an inn where the chef’s specialty is French cuisine! Of course she’s gained some weight! Who wouldn’t?

    She looks very harsh in the face in those on-set pix.

  30. sugarsugar says:

    those photos aren’t recent. I think they’re from last season cause I distinctly remember those pants. If she is gaining weight we can’t go by looking at these pics.

    I’m kind of hoping it’s true that she’s pregnant and that’s why they got married; cause otherwise Ryan really has no sense.

  31. someone says:

    It wouldn’t be surprising if she is pregnant. One article that came out in regards to her wedding quoted her Gossip Girl’s director as saying they toasted her with ginger ale when she got back on set. I remember that the ginger ale stuck out to me – like why point out it was ginger ale unless she couldn’t drink?

  32. Madpoe says:

    so she’s eating more than a cup of air, I get it, she must be knocked up.

  33. mercy says:

    The pics were taken the week before her wedding. The pants are hideous but they look OK on her.

    I doubt she’s pregnant or will be this year. They didn’t announce their engagement, but they’ve probably been planning to get married since they bought a house together.

  34. Annie says:

    So if before she ate everything she wants that means she’s now eating MORE than she wants and forcefeeding herself. Yeah, right. Celebs are so full of crapola when it comes to weight.

  35. videli says:

    Is she a smoker? I used to have those side-of-the-mouth trenches when I was smoking.

  36. restilyne says:

    she needs fillers in those nose/mouth wrinkles SO bad.

  37. Hannah says:

    I think they will get pregnant quick enough because there is no way she is in her early 20s. Late 30s for sure.

  38. Oi says:

    She doesn’t look pregnant, but she does look 40.

  39. Snowpea says:

    Wow, this girl COULD be kind of beautiful but her hair is a terrible Clairol supermarket dye blonde and her makeup is terrible.

    Plus, girlfriend needs to start wearing sunscreen.

  40. Tom says:

    She’s married now. Of course she’s eating more.

  41. Kosmos says:

    About Blake, she seems to look very chic most of the time and her clothes are well chosen. However, I somehow do not see her aging well in the facial area. It seems very fast for Ryan to be marrying again, so I hope their marriage is a good, happy one.