Tom Cruise steps out with another ‘mystery woman,’ plus thoughts on ‘The Master’

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise continues to live it up in the London nightlife, and I am seriously wondering what the hell is up with him. Not only is he thumbing his nose at suggestions that he’s not spending enough time with Suri (because phone calls are enough) and moobing it up with “mystery ladies,” but Tom was also spotted at the same nightclub as Tara Reid the other night, which is never a good sign. Not even for a moment would I have ever expected Tom to be boogying down in close proximity with Tara, but I guess he feels the need to feel young and funky these days. Whatever.

Tom was out again on Friday evening for yet another late night, and it’s a wonder that anything is getting done with the movie, All You Need Is Kill, that Tom is supposed to be working on right now. Never mind that he could have hopped on his private jet and visited Suri over the weekend, right? Here’s Tom’s latest “mystery woman” who was part of his dinner party and exited with Tom. While I don’t think they are actually dating (because Tom is a huge fan of PDA with the women that he does become involved with, contractual or otherwise), there’s a statement of some sort being made here. Obviously, these ladies could have exited out a different door than Tom or even just a minute before or after him, but he has wanted to be seen with these chicks. This one seems (as Kaiser suggested) as if she could be closely related to Victoria Beckham. Same fake bake, same style of dress, and same grimace.

Tom Cruise

Beyond the superficial aspects of Tom Cruise, Ladies’ Man, I’d also like to talk a bit about The Master, which I viewed on Friday and have been slowly digesting over the course of the weekend.


The Master is a good movie, and some might even call it a great movie. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but those reasons were different than why I originally expected to like it. Was it a movie about Scientology? Not really, but it did obviously concentrate upon a choice set of characters during a period of time that coincided with the inception of the CO$. Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) was obviously L. Ron Hubbard by a different name. Joaquin Phoenix was phenomenal as Freddie Quell, and Amy Adams was pretty brilliant as Dodd’s wife too. Hoffman was, well, not up to his usual level of performance, but he was still better than any other actor who could have shown up in the role. In the end, the performances are the best reason to see the film, particularly during the “initial processing” scene, which was captivating as hell.

Unfortunately, The Master did not set me on fire like other Paul Thomas Anderson movies have done. I didn’t go in expecting an outright, completely obvious hatchet job on Scientology because PTA was using the cult as a framing device. Essentially, the movie is about the reacclimation of WWII vets into society and, more importanly, a rather frighteningly co-dependent relationship between Freddie and Lancaster Dodd. This is their story, which would have been a fantastic thing if done correctly. Instead, the movie felt like a frenetic series of vignettes with many loose ends and questions left unanswered. Yes, it should have been quite creepy that Dodd tracked down Freddie in a movie theater (although this part may have been a dream) after he left The Cause, but the film never communicated that feeling. So what the hell happened? Much of the movie (including parts of the trailer) must have been left on the cutting room floor, and I tend to blame Harvey “Scissorhands” Weinstein since he was in the editing room with PTA, who said in an interview, “I’ve learned so much from him.” Basically, my running joke for the past few days is that Harvey must have made PTA wear a Marchesa dress while editing because the end result wasn’t pretty as far as the story was concerned.

Of course, the film looked great from a visual standpoint with very lush cinematography that repeatedly focused upon the gorgeousness of churning ocean water and highlighted the creamy bokeh of ship lights from a distance. Jonny Greenwood delivered another outstanding, creepy score. There were a lot of boobs on display too (which made me briefly wonder if I was watching an Eli Roth film), and I have to wonder whether we really needed to see “L. Ron” getting a hand job from his wife? Not really. I probably could have done without the fart jokes too, but I guess they served the purpose of illustrating the feral nature of the Freddie character. Mostly, I celebrate The Master for Joaquin’s performance, but it could have been so much more.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

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  1. Cat says:

    The woman is an actress. Can’t place her for the life of me. She aged rather badly though.

  2. Bellabumbum says:

    She looks like that actress from Touched by an Angel.

  3. Luise says:

    God, look at that over done nose job!

  4. Jayna says:

    The movie lets scenes go on far too long and thus makes it drag in places.

    I don’t think Tom is handling the breakup with Katy well at all. Now he knows how Nicole felt. He is looking gaunt.

  5. weezy says:

    her name is roma something? and maybe she’s english, and wasn’t she in a long running series in the 90′s where she was an angel?

  6. Guesto says:

    It’s Roma Downey and that’s her hubbie Mark Burnett behind TinyTom in pic 1. So no, not out with a mystery woman.

  7. Jackie O says:

    i found this movie to be overrated.

    phoenix and adams were great, although i think he overacted alot of parts.

    the sexual violence of the main character is difficult to watch for over 2hours. wish i had of been warned!

  8. swack says:

    Another website had this story up this weekend and at first said it was a “mystery” woman. Later they changed the same story to say it was Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett. Makes you wonder if Tom is trying to plan some type of project with Burnett. He should have flown home to see his daughter since he obviously had the weekend off.

  9. Marmy says:

    Someone replied to Enty on twitter that it’s Mark Burnett’s wife. I don’t know if that’s right or not but Enty RT’ed it.

  10. study-er says:

    It’s not that feasible to suggest he could just stop in for an unscheduled visit to see Suri, given that there are probably strict guidelines on visitation rights.

    We don’t know the terms of the divorce, for all we know he may have next to no visitation whatsoever.

    To be honest, I’m starting to think that he might be planning to show that fact off, as in “hey, look at me out and about and unable to visit my own child”….

    • Julie says:

      I think the possibility exists that he might give up on the kid if he thinks she can’t or won’t be a Scientologist. His soul has been sold.

    • swack says:

      But every thing you read says he has generous visitation rights with Suri, so I don’t believe he has that many restrictions. Plus he probably knew he would have this weekend off ahead of time and could have made plans to go see her. He or at least his sources keeps saying how he keeps in touch with her constantly, but that is not the same as seeing your child. Makes me wonder if he really talks to her that much.

      • TG says:

        I keep thinking about Katie’s maneouver in moving to NYC in preparation of her divorce filing and the filing itself and the 11 days it took to settle and her lawyers carefully crafted statement after the settlement that sounded more like an oscar speach. So I think he lost big time. I am not sure about his two visits with her though. But, not seeing your child for 45 days? This is a man who chooses to work incessantly rather than spend time with his kids. I mean he could afford to stop working today and live very comfortably for the next thousand years. So he has made a clear choice. I despise this creap.

      • swack says:

        @TG, I’m sure he lost big time, but even his own PR machine says he has generous visitation rights. I also agree and have said on numerous occasions that he chooses to stay away from Suri by working on film after film without any breaks. I believe it also added to the demise of his marriage (along with other factors) as he was never home for any length of time. Believe me, I think 45 days is unacceptable for not seeing your child when you have the means to do so. Been through some of that with my oldest grandson.

  11. hmm says:

    she’s wearing a ring folks…

    why do people never check for the ring? ugh.

  12. KellyinSeattle says:

    Wow, she’s aged really badly…I wanna say she looks a little bit like Lindsay (I’m such a bitch without my coffee!) but that’s over the top. I’m sure she’s a way more pleasant person. Let’s start a petition to stop all Tom stories. Roma is too good for him, and he likes younger chicks…like I always say, he needs to move to Japan, where he is mostly idolized.

  13. ahoyhoy says:

    The hand-job scene is the reason Amy Adams will probably win the Oscar next year after 3 (?) nominations. She scared me!
    Her character was VERY interesting…more driven than her husband, the person who quietly powers her husband’s operation behind the scenes.

    I liked it. The incredible Joaquin scene from the first trailer should have been included, though. It rounds out his character, pre-’Cause’, better.

  14. Ludakristen says:

    I am in complete agreement about the movie. I know PTA enjoys fucking with his audience and making us all feel like idiots when we don’t ‘get’ it, but really. Something was missing. The performances were phenomenal, though.

  15. Lem says:

    ENOUGH with that sweater, Tommy !

  16. Gossip PHD says:

    Kaiser – It looks like Roma Downey to me.

  17. Teka says:

    The only reason to watch this film is Joaquin Phoenix. The man is awesome!

  18. TG says:

    @swack – I know his pr machine is active, what is funny is that his lawyer is doing the PRing. That says a lot too. When your lawyer has to tell People magazine that you call your daughter every day, you know you have sunk to a new low. I don’t know what to make of all this “generous visitation bs”. It only makes him look worse like you said, why isn’t he making use of this so called generous visitation. I hope for the little girl’s sake that he does scoot on out of her life that is the best thing for her since he and his goons are nuts.

  19. gg says:

    “… moobing it up with ‘mystery ladies’”


  20. Hm says:

    I feel sad that people don’t know who Roma Downey is anymore.

  21. O'Connell says:

    I think that is Roma Downey who was in that angel series. Is she also a scientologist?

  22. dcypher1 says:

    Sounds so dissappointing since I did really want to see this movie cus I luv pta. I think his best movie will always be there will be blood.

  23. Becky1 says:

    I agree 100% with Bedhead’s review of “The Master.” Performances and cinematography were awesome, the script not so much.

  24. AnnieGrey says:

    Relieved that he’s not with Roma. phew