Will Smith’s 14 year-old son Jaden’s rap video: too young or expected in that family?

We’ve seen Jaden Smith, now 14, make his film debut in The Pursuit of Happyness with dad Will in 2006, and in The Karate Kid in 2010. Now Jaden is following in his dad Will’s footsteps by becoming a rapper. He has his first video out, a kind of monotonous song called “The Coolest” in which he barely varies his tone while he sings about how great he is. I don’t think Jaden has his dad’s talent for making music, but maybe he’ll surprise us. His sister Willow is a little popstar in her own right, and she had her first song out before she turned 10. Here’s a little about Jaden’s single:

[Jaden] gives it plenty of attitude as he raps about how girls are attracted to his wealth in The Coolest.

Jaden’s flash tune comes amid the crippling economic crisis enveloping much of the world’s population.

With a laidback vocal style, he proffers a list of reasons that make him the coolest kid on the block.

He teams his bravado lyrics with cocky smiles and a couple of glittery diamond ear studs…

Despite boasting about his riches in The Coolest, Jaden recently revealed he’s brought up in a strict household.

So much so, he claimed Will and Jada refuse to let him watch TV.

He said: “I stopped watching TV when I turned, like, ten because my parents were like, ‘TV’s really bad for you,’

“I’ll watch movies I like to see, Steve Jobs interviews, something that’s going to make me smart and then go to sleep.

“I always have to go to sleep with the TV on though.”

[From The Sun]

I don’t have a problem with the lyrics. A lot of rap music involves bragging about being rich and getting women. I do have a problem with a 14 year-old kid putting out a rap song, but this kid had been famous for years, and his sister became a singer when she was much younger. There were kiddie rappers in the 80s when I was a kid. It just seems like the Smiths want their kids to be in the family business and they don’t see or try and mitigate the pitfalls of show business for children. They treat them like adults. On the plus side, Willow and Jaden are confident kids and they seem fearless. Still, they’re kids, especially Willow. It makes me uncomfortable that Will and Jada didn’t use their wealth and experience to help their children have a more normal childhood. Instead, they taught them how to be famous and rich too. Hence this song featuring Jaden rapping about it.

These photos are from the Toronto Film Festival at the premiere of “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners.” Credit: FameFlynet and WENN.com

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  1. dorothy says:

    These kids are next in line to go down the Lohan path. I see problems in the future.

  2. Koko says:

    Jaden always has the same facial expression. He always looks very pleased with himself.

  3. smith says:

    Why does that boy always look so damn insufferable? It’s like he’s daring us to virtually slap the obnoxious out of him.

  4. ZigZagZoey says:

    Can someone PLEASE slap those eyebrows off of his face? I CANNOT STAND THIS TURD. He’s almost worse than Beiber.
    Who would have ever guessed that Will Smith could produce such disgusting kids? (Well, Jada is the Mom….But still…)

  5. mln76 says:

    Uhm he doesn’t have the rapping talent of Wil Smith :) since Wil was really cheesy as a rapper that’s bad. Jadens’ arrogance is so repulsive he reminds me of Michael Douglas’ son Colin. I’m not wishing anything bad on him but that kind of unearned self-entitlement doesn’t bode well.

  6. Birdie says:

    They treat them like adults.. sounds familiar? Very $cientology-driven, but it is not a big secret anymore I guess.

  7. Luffy says:

    Who taught him to make that squinty face when he poses for pictures? He looks like a young douche. Don’t really care for his music either.

  8. tara says:

    finally! people are talking about the look he has on his face in every picture. it’s clearly on purpose but it’s just so grating. i feel shallow saying i will never be a fan of his just because of the stupid look on his face, BUT i will never be a fan of his because of the stupid look on his face. regardless of if he ever grows some talent.

  9. HotPockets says:

    I always forget the Smiths are CO$, so it makes sense that they don’t prioritize school and normalizing their children’s life, but rather allowing them to do whatever they want. They have the rest of their lives to pursue an acting/modeling/ rapping/singing career, why can’t they wait until their 18? I just can’t with these people anymore.

    I am tired of people trying to justify it too, it is not normal, even when your parents are rich and famous.

  10. aang says:

    he sounds like he’s reading a phonebook.

  11. Cathy says:

    They both look like spoiled little brats. Well, I guess thats what happens when your parents have money and power in Hollywierd.

  12. Julie says:

    I don’t get what Will & Jada Smith are doing with Scientology. They have to be more plugged into the outside world than Tom Cruise. How could they not know the outside world is onto this cult bullshit? Yet they keep getting themselves and their children in deeper.

  13. valleymiss says:

    Here’s why this song and this kid don’t work for me: Yeah, 90% of the mainstream rap is the rapper telling us how awesome he/she is. But, many (not all) of the famous rappers came from difficult childhoods and poverty and broken homes (see: Eminem, Jay Z, Tupac and so on). No one wants to hear a child, who’s had every advantage and a silver spoon in his mouth since birth, rapping about how awesome he is. It can be oddly inspiring to hear Jay Z rap about coming out of a broken home and selling drugs, to being this mega millionaire. Is it cocky? Yes. But at least, by some measure, they earned the right to be excited and cocky about stuff they never even thought about having or doing when they were growing up in the projects. But Jaden’s had acting roles handed to him, hasn’t had to work and toil for years to get anywhere, and so on. Perhaps if he were a 14 year old who came from a different background, it would bother me less. But, Jaden hasn’t *overcome* anything. So, basically, he’s The Coolest because he was born into The Lucky Sperm Club. Congratulations, kid.

    • Nicka says:

      This!!^^ So much! When you’re given every opportunity, and have never had to struggle for anything ever in your life, it’s just downright condescending and infuriating to others when you release a “rap” song about being the coolest. How are you cool again, kid? Your parents worked their asses off, and you reap the benefits, but the public should bow down to your cool ass? Nope! He really needs to learn from some other celeb kids who try to make it entertainment and stand on his own two feet, without letting his spoiled rich kid show through. I would be more inclined to like him if he had music that was more “neutral” like Willow’s “Whip My Hair”. She was being a kid, having fun, and not singing about how rich and awesome she is. You know what would be refreshing? If Jaden made music about how lucky he is, how he recognizes the hardships of others and wants to help, or if he brought back WIll’s cheesy, fun rap style. Yes Will was cheesy when he rapped, but it was always fun, and to this day “Summertime” is one of my favorite songs and always evokes great memories!

      And for the love of God, Will and Jada need to get the hell away from Scientology!

  14. Saor says:

    So the adorable kid from The Pursuit of Happiness has grown into a douche-teen. Sad times.

  15. Cha-Cha says:

    You would think with all that wealth, and with all that bragging Will and Jada do about being such ‘superior’ parents, they would guide their children towards getting a good and proper education at a fine school. Very disappointing, indeed.

  16. megan says:

    no. NO. I watched about 5 seconds of that stupid face of his and I was done.

  17. Ol'Miss says:

    @ Megan…same here…reading the phone book…no talent…and didn’t his momma ever tell him, “if you keep makin’ that face, one day it’s gonna stay that way!”? Wow…boring…

  18. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    I’m surprised to see so many negative comments. Yes, the expression on his face is obnoxious but most boys his age are. He is still a child and he’s got a little talent (The Pursuit of Happiness). He and Willow aren’t too bad considering their parents are Co$-ist.

    • Ennie says:

      Still not enough to support him.he might not be at fault, but really, only certain kind of people woulbe able to stand him and buy his records…. His family, and maybe some other misguided souls.
      I am old enough to remember pricess Stephany of Monaco trying to sing, well, I can say I liked hed better even if she could not carry a tune and was, well a singing princess, but it was because she was humble about it and her songs were fun, not self entitled.

  19. sam says:

    Sorry but I actually kinda like it…. it sounds old school.

  20. Alana Fajina says:

    I Hate the face that child Constantly makes!! He is going to have forehead wrinkles by the time he’s 18 :(

  21. Darth says:

    For F’s sake, even the tilte & content of this song proves how vapid and worthless this rich punk is. Hope it bombs horribly. This brat could use a good swift kick to his ego.
    On a side note: hearing that they’re scientologists convinces me once and for all that indeed they are a closeted gay couple of beards. Travolta-Cruise-Smith. Birds of a feather.

  22. yoyo says:

    “The face” is obnoxious and he needs to drop it, it’s not cool. It was cute when he was 5 but he never outgrew it. The good news: that flow, takes work people! And his rap was age appropriate so kudos to him. He’s only 14 so room to grow. On his youtube account he’s got other raps where he isn’t “posing” and just having fun with “friends” you actually see him laugh and act like a normal 14 yo kid instead of an insuferable brat. I think he’s reached a fork in the road, he can definetly go down the Lohan path (and his sister too) but he could also go down the Ron Howard with some proper guidance at this stage, because he does have talent, it needs direction, work and humility. Time will tell.

  23. James says:

    Wow!! So much hate for a 14 yo. Its so disgusting that adults would take the time to write degrading things about a 14 yo who probably dosent give a damn about what you think. Respect is reciprocal, give it and you would get it. Respect the kid, he harm committed an offence

  24. lbeees says:

    1. Willow clearly inherited Will’s musical talent!

    2. Jayden is still adorably cute.

    3. I’m sad they are Scientologists.

    That is all.