Tom Hiddleston speaks Spanish, French, Italian & Greek: would you hit it?

In case you haven’t been able to tell, it’s really, really dead today. It’s so dead I’m sitting here, trying to think of which couple I would really like to announce their split. The other night, I had a dream that Nicole Kidman filed for divorce from Keith Urban, and I got so excited by the gossip-potential that I woke myself up. Seriously.

So it’s not like we have any new Tom Hiddleston photos. I’m just doing this because I know from previous experience that Hiddleston gets a lot of love in these parts. So these are some older photos of Tom over the past year. He’s very cute. I think I might like him more with the goatee, honestly. It makes him look older – when he’s clean-shaven, he just seems too “clean” and sweet.

In a LaineyGossip post earlier this week, Lainey noted that Hiddleston speaks Spanish rather well, which was something I didn’t know. I knew Hiddleston was a good mimic, but apparently he’s also multilingual. Some examples:

Hiddleston speaking Spanish:

Hiddleston speaking French (this is my favorite!):

Hiddleston speaking Greek (this is my second favorite!). There’s bonus Benedict Cumberbatch in here (they were promoting War Horse):

Apparently, Hiddleston speaks Latin and Italian too. Love the lovely polygot.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Sara says:

    He seems nice enough but he’s really lame on twitter and his fans are super scary so thats a no from me.

  2. Madpoe says:

    Weeee! Been waiting on some Hiddle tidbits. Yeah, he grew on me, I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed.

  3. littlemissnaughty says:

    I … that …. *thud* Yeah, you speak ancient Greek with me and I’m yours. Oh my God. He has a new loonie fan now.

  4. NYC_girl says:

    Oh God, yes. A multilingual Brit? Over and over.

  5. Amelia says:

    Why is this even a question? Of course I’d hit it! I’d hit it into next week in four different countries and he could whisper sweet nothings in every language. Wouldn’t understand it, but hey. Gimme.

  6. RocketMerry says:

    That is impressive!
    Although, the Italian part seems more like a few words he was told to say in succession for promotional purposes. I doubt he speaks more than the usual five common Italian words. Still cute, though.

  7. Grace says:

    Oh definitely. Most definitely. For years.

  8. Happymom says:

    He’s adorable-but not hot.

  9. pinchofsalt says:

    The Lovely Loki… Not traditional yum, but there is something about him that is totally delicious. And he has a super smile. So, yes, I would hit it!

  10. mia girl says:

    I love this guy. He’s not first on my list to “hit” but I’d snatch the opportunity, no doubt!

    I know he gets a lot of Loki love, but personally I loved him as FScott Fitzgerald.

  11. Eve says:

    Of course I would. His fans are scary though — and it’s a huge turn off the way he enables them.

    But he can be (surprisingly) naughty and that’s always a good thing in my book:

    “You smell minty”…He totally checks her out in the beginning (around the 0:11 mark — the way he’s looking down, he’s totally checking her bosom!!!) and definitely checks her ass in the end:

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      Love. Love. Love. Thanks Eve! What a cheeky monkey.

    • dooliloo says:

      @ Eve : there you are maaahhh love!

      well yes his fans are batshit crazy! the last stunt was one of his fans stole Tom’s hairstylist ID and created a fake twitter account and he naively followed her… and they were exchanging tweets, and the fan pushed it to the point of creating another fake account pretending it was a friend coming to London and she’d like to be shown around, so if Tom could do it for her etc.. Luckily the fan got caught and her account deleted.. For once I can honestly say it truly fully made me shiver… sometimes I forget he indulges waaayyy too much everyone, he should be careful…

      hahahahaaa yes that video is so popular! Well at least it shut down the ridiculous gay rumours I read and heard even though I didn’t believe it for a second. And there is also a video where he’s dribbling all over a Spanish weather girl and trying to flirt but she’s not impressed, too funny! I can’t find the video anymore…

      And Kaiser, there are some NEW photos of Hiddles, he was in Madrid less than a week ago, it’s on JJ, on his twitter I think, and of course on Tumblr-maniacs. He’s all clean cut shaven and wearing the same black outfit for probably the 4th time or so… well at least we can say he’s not a materialistic person he wears the clothes he likes and feels comfortable in.

      And as much as I love Hiddles, the truth is he doesn’t *actually* speaks all those languages, he barely says a few words that is all. He can maintain a conversation in French for sure, in Spanish he’s limited, in Greek not at all it’s just a sentence he memorized and still remembers from school, and Italian, well… nope everyone knows the “hello hi bye” basis of another language at some point, but sit him there and talk to him in fluent Italian (like me, an actual polyglot *flicks hair*), he’d be like oops O___O but hey he tries at least, which is more than one could hope for…

      So yeah Hiddles is a bright guy but not a superhuman eh… aaaand yes by the hammer of Thor I’d hit it!!!!

      • Eve says:


        That is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY creepy.

        Buuuuuut…just like I already told you here (on another post), he opened the door for these lunatics himself. And I’m afraid he won’t be able to stop them anymore.

        I told you and I’m going to repeat it because I see it’s getting worse: the nicer he is to his fans, the crazier they become.

      • Eve says:

        @ Dooliloo:

        And here I was thinking that the creepiest thing I had seen was that girl on Tumblr who said she received his tweets on her cell phone. By the way, I found her original post:

        “I get Tom’s tweets sent to my phone, and sometimes because of the time difference, when he tweets I’m still sleeping and it wakes me up and no one else ever texts me that early, so I’m always like “ahhh who is that at this hour? Must be Thomas.” and this morning I woke up to the picture he posted of him on the set of The Avengers. and that also happened the day he tweeted the picture of himself with the bandana on.”

        Seriously, they talk as if they were actually close.

      • katzmotel says:

        @dooliloo, Eve.
        I honestly don’t think he’s “enabling” them. Or that his Twitter is lame. Truth be told, I didn’t actually crush on him until I saw said Twitter account. It’s sweet, has a touching undercurrent much like the wondrous eyes a child sees the world through. Here’s what advice he had for someone who asked him about acting in Madrid: after the usual 5 minutes it takes him to answer a question, and the obligatory Shakespeare quote, he simply said: “Love your life. Because your life is what you have to give.”
        I like to think I’m not one of the creepy fans, mostly because I don’t consider myself a fan. No amount of crushing on him will make me watch “War Horse”, for various reasons, chief among them being the history aspect (had ancestors who fought and died) and the animal cruelty aspect (barely made it through Black Beauty with my wits intact as a kid. Whoever thought that to be a “children’s book”, a pox upon their house! Well, no, sorry. End rant).
        I’ve steered clear of Tumblr and any other discussions, but today, having said that, I will, for one time only admit that some of his “fans” have made a complete and supposedly sane stranger (that would be me. Hello!) worry about Tom Hiddleston. Because every time my mate comes crying (well, not really) about one of those incidents, all I can think whilst she goes on and on about it is, “Lennon, Lennon, Lennon, Lennon, Warhol, Lennon, and that thing with Lennon!”
        So there.

      • katzmotel says:

        Ahahaha, this is awkward, but I realized upon posting I’d veered completely off topic. So about the “enabling”. What if, and I’m just guessing, unironically, but what if he’s just that nice and kind. Or at least making a conscious decision to be? I think that’s part of his charm and appeal, and why people fancy the socks off him, he seems to have very kind eyes.

      • Eve says:

        @ Katzmotel:

        But I DO BELIEVE he’s a genuinely nice guy. The problem is that they (his crazy fans) interpret anything he says or does through their completely deluded “filter”. They believe they’re BFFs, or boyfriend and girlfriend.

        He’s either unaware of that, or doesn’t realize how dangerous it’s becoming.

        Like Feebee said below: today it’s his twitter account, tomorrow it’ll be his home address.

    • Feebee says:

      After seeing a few interviews and candid videos I’m pretty confident he’s a boobs man.

      And he should be careful, he’s had twitter and facebook ‘incidents’. I’d be a little worried, it’ll be his home address next.

    • Ahot says:

      God bless your sharing soul! You can read his dirty thoughts in that gif lmao!
      If he is into asses, i am all he needs just sayin´

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Eve, funny you mention that girl with the Tweets…..”Who can be tweeting me at this hour? It must be Thomas!” I saw that recently & it gave me cold chills.

      I hope she recovers.

    • dooliloo says:

      @ Eve sorry doll for the late reply, and I can’t reply directly to your last comment so here…

      Now yes definitely crossing the line… A special phone alarm for his twitter? haha OMG!!! Add to this I read somewhere that he was a “homewrecker” say some guy complained about his marriage on the rocks because of his wife obsession with Hiddles.. flabbergasting, I thought nah man people should take their friggin responsibility for heaven sake!

      I mean yes he opened the pandora box but also each one is responsible of its action and should put some brains and remember he doesn’t belong to anyone, indulging his fans or else… that sense of ownership well most of his fans or shall I say Stans developed it to an insane point of no return.

      Madness from infinity to beyond…

      I still like him, the rule “love the actor, hate his fans” proper applies to him.. I loathe his stans.

      And to the other poster, never said his twitter was lame, his tweets are sweet to the contrary, HOWEVER what throws a shade are his so-called fans, replying non sense such as begging for attention with endless repeated tweets/ovaries exploding/proposal/worshipping, also intruding in twitter convos the man has with his peeps and RT’ing every single tweet of him, hence the unutterably lame side… *facepalm*

      Anyway… the famous scene where Loki gets smashed by Hulk.. that is how for a minute I imagined Tom laying deep in the ground after I rode him hit him spanked him lick– oh well! But I quickly came back to my senses as it clearly belongs to Fassy.. He is for the WIN regarding a real nasty beastie sex night… *purrfect*

      • Eve says:

        @ Dooliloo:

        “I mean yes he opened the pandora box but also each one is responsible of its action and should put some brains and remember he doesn’t belong to anyone, indulging his fans or else…”

        Try to explain that to a hormone-filled, horny, lonely Tumblr teenager/young girl. In their minds, he already belongs to them.

        He can’t except everyone else to be reasonable — simply because there’s no way you can guarantee that. He can only speak and act for himself.

        “that sense of ownership well most of his fans or shall I say Stans developed it to an insane point of no return.”

        Well, I think his fandom is already there. I worry for his safety (honestly).

    • Amy says:

      Eve, you just made my night! Sweet dreams to me!

  12. French says:

    Oh oui… my future husband…. I just have to meet him, to eliminate all his hysteric fangirls et voilà :)

  13. Feebee says:

    Would I hit it? Depends on what day you ask me. Even on the days I’d decline it’s only because I’d just want to talk to him for a few hours…. okay and just look at him :)

  14. Brittany says:

    Whoa, I don’t usually like facial hair… But hell yes!!!!!

  15. Bubbling says:

    I really really hate to sound like bag of c u next Tuesdays but his language skills aren’t that impressive. He basically said couple of words with English accent. I’d do him anyway

  16. French says:

    Oh oui, my future husband, I only have to meet him, eliminate all his scary, awful fangirls et voilà… :)

  17. Booboocita says:

    Uy … sí, y sí, y una vez mas, sí. Hablame, mi precioso, mi papichulo. Dime cositas y porquerrias dulces y bonitas. Et parle avec moi, mon coeur, et dit tous les petits choses jolis que je voudrais ecouter.

    Talk to me, babycakes. Say any silly thing, but say it sweetly and say it in my ear. I’ll listen.

  18. Hubbahun says:

    YES YES HELL YES. The only reason I wouldn’t hit it is if I were busy hitting the Renner. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON. *calms self* :P

  19. Chicagogurl17 says:

    changing underware….be right back

  20. DeltaJuliet says:

    I still can’t get over how much I hate(d) Loki and how much I lust over him…..

  21. Reece says:

    Hiddleston has been steady at a nice casual crush but Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!…Multilingual, intelligent man…Damn!

  22. Sophie says:


    The Arrested Development fan in me got really happy when he couldn’t remember the Spanish for ‘brother’. HERMANO!


  23. Angela says:

    I wonder if he can talk dirty in all of those languages

  24. Samigirl says:

    Would I hit it? Harder than the Hulk did to Loki.

    The man just oozes sex appeal to me. I didn’t understand why Eve was so into him, but after reading article after article, I’ve turned into a full on Hiddle-looney. The man is just…rawr.

  25. Malificent says:

    I keep getting the Russian scene from “A Fish Called Wanda” running through my head. Now I’m going to have to chuckle all day long imagining a reprise of that scene with Tom Hiddleston and some random Hiddlette. Thanks!

  26. layla says:

    I think my loins just exploded.

  27. A says:

    He’s fantastic. I love the story of how kind he was to the little boy that came by to watch The Avengers filming. Yes, he’s completely goofy and dorky, but he has a certain charm. He’s intelligent and well-spoken, and not in the super coached way that a lot of celebs are. He earned a double first when he was a Cambridge, which is a big fucking deal if I remember correctly (I lived in England for a few years). He also was great in Wallander.

  28. Charlotte says:

    He seems nice enough and he has a lovely voice but his fans are too over the top and he kind of encourages it.

  29. Ranunculus says:

    I love me some Hiddles – on screen -,I think he is crazy talented and I am always interested in what he is doing next, but in interviews he is a bit too try hard and too uncool for me. He did a joint interview with RDJ during the Avengers press tour and RDJ is so badass confident, clever and cool, Hiddles looked a bit like a school boy next to him. Don’t know about his twitter, but some of his tumblr fans are on the cool-not-crazy-fan side, I think.

  30. void says:

    Dear god, he’s unbelievably perfect. I love this man. He has such tender eyes.

  31. Talie says:

    Doesn’t seem to be fluent, just curious enough to pick up bits and pieces which is charming.

  32. Izzy says:

    I would hit it all day and all night. But only on days that end in “y”

  33. Ann says:

    Not to be negative here, the guy looks lovely. I speak all these languages – except Greek – and he barely manages to communicate in Spanish, his French is very sketchy and his Italian is basic. And nobody speaks Latin per se, it’s a dead language. One can read it – as to read De bello gallico in original – but except the Vatican no one actually uses it. He must have studied Greek and Latin in school but that leaves you only with basics.
    What I grant him – he has a passive knowledge of all these languages, which is an impressive feat for a Brit. And he’s cute :-)

  34. T.C. says:

    Oh yes baby. The things I would do to this man are outlawed in 40 states.

  35. Nina says:

    Wow… it’s the personality and the linguistics and the attitude that make him SO SMOKIN’ HOT!! Clearly a smart guy who is intellectually curious and willing to make an effort for his foreign fans. I dig it…

  36. Jada says:

    I would nail to the wall while screaming in the limited French Italian and Spanish I know.

    Until he waved a white flag, etc, etc.

  37. I Choose Me says:

    I’ll just wait here quietly in the background while his rabid fans and anybody else in line battle it out.

    *to the lurker goes the spoils*

    He (and Fassbender) can get it anywhere, anytime.

  38. chris says:

    Hell. F^cking. YES! I would hit that SO HARD neither of us would be able to walk for days. I kid you not. Just listening to him speak has clothes disappearing off my body before I even realize whats happening.

  39. EscapedConvent says:

    Yes, I would, in any language he likes. He is bee-yoo-tiful & his soft voice is delicious.

  40. Kathryn says:

    I would totally hit it! I find him so attractive and charming!

  41. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Not normally a fan but pleasantly surprised when I clicked on the link. He looks super-cute in the vest pic and he looks HOT in a suit, like all British men.

    I can’t watch the videos but yeah, I would definitely hit it based on these pics. He’s really cute. Me likey.

  42. VanillaFrosting says:

    I have heard Greek is very difficult! As for the others, well they are all very easy to learn if you know one of them.

    • Elena says:

      Actually Greek is indeed extremely difficult for somebody that doesn’t even use the same alphabet. For example, with my native Romanian, I’ve learned common Spanish and Italian by just watching telenovelas and going in vacations in Italy, simply because they’re similar. And I also grew up with American movies with subtitles, so I kinda picked up English pretty easy. But Greek… Pfff, I’ve tried to pick it up by myself but I can barely read and pass by the fact that actually ,,p” is ,,r” in Greek, or the other way around.. Or by the fact that ,,nd” is pronounced ,,t”… Many many credits to this guy!

  43. Gracie says:

    I’ve been lurking on this site for a few months, and never cared to comment, until now. One quick way to gain my interest is a Hiddles post! Even though he’s not controversial, just post pics of dat voice and dat face!

  44. Jen says:

    I would hit it all night, then wake up and hit it all day long, then marry it in a Vegas wedding, and hit it every night until my hips are too fragile and brittle to hit it anymore!

  45. Trek Girl says:

    He and Rooney Mara look a lot like each other.

  46. ViktoryGin says:

    To be fair, the headline of this post says that Tom “speaks” these languages; it doesn’t specify fluency despite the implication. One can be conversant, but not necessarily fluent.

    Because I like him so much I did a search on YouTube a few days ago as I’m an aspiring polyglot and am always interested in celebrities that are multilingual, especially those from the anglophone world.

    I was actually surprised to find as much as I did and his experience with languages considering that he doesn’t have a significant other who is a native of these cultures, usually the incentive that people often need to have in order to bother themselves with another language. Think Johnny Depp and Colin Firth.

    I do agree with one of the above posters, however, on his language abilities. He can become fluent, however, if he has the time and the inclination.

    Oh, and I’d definitely hit it. All day every day.

    • ShaCur says:

      Agreed! My father used to travel most of the year to the most obscure places while I was growing up and he always told me no matter where someone visits they should put the effort into learning “hello, goodbye, please and thank you”. If he was in Borneo or Istanbul, Liberia or Luxemburg, every cab driver or housekeeper knew English, and he always felt it was respectful to show them the same basic courtesy.

      Clearly he is not truly multilingual, but I find it very endearing that he put the effort into sincere communication attempts with his international fans….many celebs don’t even make an effort to do the basic “hello, goodbye, please, thank you”, they just expect all English. You can tell he really practiced!

  47. Mouse says:

    Know who else is cute and blonde? Bradley James. Do a post on Brad!

  48. Alice says:

    I thought this guy was smart-hot for about 10 minutes, and then I saw an interview where he said that you can’t fit 8 million horses in a football pitch, and I thought, “Hello, Captain Obvious, not unless they’re Barbie-sized horses,” and the crush was done.

  49. Boo says:

    He speaks Latin? Must be speaking only to himself, as Latin is a dead language. Perhaps he READS Latin?

  50. Marie says:

    So hard, we WOULD GO BACK IN TIME!

  51. GossipFactChecker says:

    There ARE new pics of him from last week. He was in Madrid doing an interview with Matt Wolf for the series ‘Times Talks Madrid’. He looked good in his dark blue suit.

  52. alons-y alonso says:

    Would hit it yesterday, today and tomorrow! ;)

  53. Angi says:

    I wouldn’t mind being the middle of a Hiddleston/Cumberbatch sandwich .

  54. lindy says:

    oh my gah, yes. smart hot guys turn me on. (i mean, i am a college prof and geek extraordinaire, so go figure :)

  55. Zeromia says:

    Only if he looks like Loki in The Avengers movie…omg he was hot in that!!

  56. lulu says:

    No way, I’m sorry but no way, he is not attractive or appealing to me, I guess I’m the only one lol.

  57. iseepinkelefants says:

    And he went to Cambridge? And he brought up politics? Jay-sus Christ that is HOT. I usually prefer an estuary accent (not really into posh toffs) but I’m in lust. And those blue eyes.Yummy.

  58. Ladytron2000 says:

    I’d hit that so hard, he’d want to arrest me for assult…. but he wouldn’t!

    More Hiddles please!!