LeAnn Rimes’ first post-spa interview: ‘I’ve been in therapy my whole life, I like going’

Yesterday, LeAnn Rimes tweeted the above photo with the message, “I’ve been reading about so many bully inflicted deaths. I wanted to show my support. ://butterfly-project.tumblr.com/”. Ugh, I get so tired of LeAnn ringing the “bullying” bell. And is she saying that her Twitter is going to kill her? Follow her train of thought… in LeAnn’s mind, she’s the complete and utter victim. She fell in love and it was complicated, but it’s still LOVE and it should be celebrated, but ever since she fell in love, people just yell at her and bully her endlessly, to the point where she needed to check into a mental health facility (“spa”) for a few weeks just to deal with the unceasing anguish. She could have DIED. From LOVE. Love of Twitter. I’m not mocking the true victims of bullying, by the way – bullying is awful, and there are real victims in nearly every high school in this country. I’m only saying that LeAnn is not one of the victims, and that she’s playing this the wrong way.

Anyway, LeAnn is already out of her Twitter-rehab facility/spa, and she’s begun to make public appearances again, she’s learning to tweet away her drama again, and of course, she’s started doing more interviews. Here’s her latest:

For country superstar LeAnn Rimes, a trip to rehab is No Big Deal. In fact, she’s grateful for the break!

“I’ve been in therapy my whole life,” said the songbird, who just finished up a 30-day stint in a treatment facility where she got help with anxiety and stress. “I like going. I like being able to have that third-party input and someone to listen that has nothing to do with your life. Everyone has an opinion of how I am and how I should be, and now I’m focusing on how I want to be.”

That’s a healthy way of looking at it!

Rimes, who has been a hitmaker since age 13, has been a frequent tabloid target — as well as a trending topic on social media sites — ever since it was revealed that she was the Other Woman in the marriage of TV actor Eddie Cibrian and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville. Rimes and Cibrian, who also fended off rumors of LeAnn’s anorexia after the singer appeared skeletal in a bikini, tied the knot in April last year.

“I think it’s really hard to deal with Twitter and Facebook and all these social media outlets,” LeAnn told the Track. “And it’s hard to take it day after day of reading and seeing things that someone you don’t even know says about you. As much as you said you don’t want it to penetrate, it does, because you’re human.”

When Rimes turned 30 last month, she gladly bid farewell to her 20s with a birthday cake that read “Die 20s Die” and “R.I.P. 20s.”

“I had some wonderful times in my 20s, but your 20s are hard,” she said. “It was a lot of learning experiences … and a lot were thrown at me publicly. I was ready to embrace 30.”

With a new tour kicking off in Nevada on Friday and a new album “Spitfire” dropping in the spring, LeAnn has made a Commitment to unleash all her secrets — through her music.

In fact, the first single off “Spitfire,” titled “What Have I Done?” is a re-telling of her (very public) past mistakes.

“I have felt like I’ve had a piece of tape over my mouth the last four years,” said LeAnn, who performs at Foxwoods on Oct. 12 and the North Shore Music Theatre on Oct. 13. “I wanted to start the next 30 years of my life on a great foot.”

[From Boston Herald]

First of all, the past four years have been LeAnn with “a piece of tape over her mouth”? Good God. Second of all, the therapy thing… ugh. I’m wary of someone who needs that much therapy. I can’t help it. I think therapy is fine, and if you feel like you need to talk to a professional, God bless. There are many, many people who find therapy helpful and useful, and then they get their lives on track and they don’t need that constant third party positive reinforcement because they’ve outgrown it. That’s how I feel about therapy – helpful for however long you need it, but you should only need for a finite amount of time. There should be an “end,” a “therapy graduation day” if you will. Because if you’re a celebrity and you’re just going for years and years and it’s all open-ended… it just feels like everything has to be about YOU and how you’re feeling and you need to talk about yourself endlessly. It’s narcissism and codependency, not “help”.

Photos courtesy of WENN, LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. HotPockets says:

    Who hasn’t been bullied? I can’t think of a single person, it happens to the best of us and not to mention that we have all participated in bullying in some form or fashion.

    Leanne is no real victim and she knows it, that’s why she is creating a public pity party. If she really wanted to put an end to all this asinine madness she would simply delete her twitter and live a more quiet life.

    I love the “no h8″ campaign with the tape over all the endorsers and spokesperson’s mouths, especially since no words need to be verbally said when it comes to bullying, since most of it is done online these days. Some of the most hateful things are typed, not said face to face.

  2. beclove says:

    Here’s some free advice Leann:
    quit whoring out those kids
    Put on some clothes
    Dump that cheater

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    Dear God, if these past few years have been her with tape over her mouth, she’s not EVER going to shut up now that it’s off. (Seriously, someone needs to duct tape her fingers.)

    It also begs the question, why so many open-mouthed photos? Is it some sort of flexible, invisible (totally ineffectual) tape?

    And can we all agree that she was no more in rehab than Blohan was in jail?

  4. JH says:

    Insufferable. She is seriously the worst.

  5. Jayna says:

    I would have a little empathy for her if she stated just once that she needed to look at her own behavior on social media and how it exacerbated things, also, and/or encouraging such behavior by her own fans. And looking at her behavior regarding calling paps nonstop and posting bikini photos of herself ad nauseum, what did that signify regarding her own insecurities and why did she copy Brandi and why did she feel the need to keep posting about the bonus boys when she knew Brandi didn’t like it and that it was causing backlash from most every mom out there. But, alas, nada. You just know none of these things have been looked at in therapy.

  6. Starsky says:

    my favorite DELUSIONAL part of the us weekly article on her:

    “Said a Rimes pal, “LeAnn has a lot of anguish over how her career turned out and feels she should be as big as Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood.”


    • Amelia says:

      I think she needs to be living in a padded cell with no sharp objects if she’s thinking like that.

    • Jayna says:

      US Weekly has gotten as bad as the Enquirer about made up quotes from “sources” or “friends.” And I highly doubt she would have a friend admit to worrying about Eddie cheating, like it also says in the article. She would never ever admit to that, because she has to paint a perfect picture to the outside world about their relationship I dont believe she would let a friend admit she is jealous of other country stars either.

      • Starsky says:

        Us Weekly isn’t People Magazine though (which is publicist approved with their info).

        I can definitely see her making a comment to someone in her life comparing herself to Carrie Underwood because she has publicly slammed Underwood’s success in the past as being undeserved.

  7. candigirl says:

    So she went to the spa for narcissism coaching and came out more self-involved than ever.

  8. Ruth says:

    The butterfly project is to do with preventing self-harm (the idea being your draw a butterfly on yourself and if you injure yourself the butterfly dies) Im not sure how well it works (though it sounds like a not-stupid idea) but it isnt to do with bullying.

    And a “Commitment”.. Like being committed to a mental health institution? With a capital C :D

  9. dooliloo says:


    Can she go back to that spa and other rehab please?

  10. Joy says:

    I work in mental health and yes therapy should for sure have an end point unless you’re an EXTREME case like Tommy Girl who could use it until the end of his billion year contract. I’ve had two different kids I worked with go on to kill themselves because they just couldn’t take the bullying any more. And I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but what Leann deals with is NOTHING compared to what real bullied people go through. All she needed to do to stop being bullied was stop tweeting. She’s rich and has everything she could ever want. Poor thing it must be hard. I feel for her therapy is a few hours a week to go “me me me me me me me me me me me me me”

    • RocketMerry says:

      Well, for some people and at some levels teraphy is mostly “only and forever me time”. I guess it is part of what makes it powerful, in some parts it needs to be about self-inspecting your psyche. I have been going for years, and though I’m doing much better, I’m nowhere near the end. Sometimes I do worry about it becoming a crutch, but I see that I still need it.

      Anyways, Leann could profit from teraphy if she took it seriously (which, it would seem, she does not do). I wonder if she is seeing a serious terapist, someone who does not simply nod at whatever she says and enables her happily for an easy check.

    • anonimouse8319 says:

      Joy, money doesn’t buy mental health. There is no such thing as being rich enough to just get over it all and be happy.

    • Sarah says:

      I have chronic depression, and I am pretty resolved to being in therapy for the long run – admittedly with pretty big breaks (eg six months) between sessions sometimes. Basically, sometimes my medication levels need to be adjusted, and sometimes I fall back into bad habits, and it makes sense to have someone keeping an eye on me, so to say. So I would argue that not all chronic therapy users are narcissistic a-holes, obviously. :)

      • Pamspam says:

        Yep. I don’t have depression, but I don’t think therapy is a finite process. For some, like me, it takes a very long time to unravel the knot that develops over a lifetime. It’s not a quick fix. I don’t know that I’ll be in therapy forever, but I can see maybe getting to a better place in my life and still needing the occasional “tune up.”

        But I do think THIS chick IS a narcissistic a-hole. :)

    • Amelia says:

      I have to say, I’m a bit reticent about the whole therapy thing. Jabbering away to a stranger about what hasn’t gone right in my life doesn’t seem like the way to sort out my problems, personally. I suppose it’s horses for courses, though. But I think I’d be mortified to tell a person about what really bothers and eats away at me seeing as I haven’t even told my family. And then pay them for the honour of it ;)

      • No more stigma says:

        This is why people get panic attacks and go on Paxil. This coping mechanism works for you now but don’t be so sure that it will work for forever.

        People with mental health issues – temporary or chronic – have to deal with Shame and stigma because of attitudes that promote that talking to strangers is odd.

    • Em says:

      Joy…Scary that you work in mental health. How empathetic of you! So what if she’s rich and famous; people feel bullied, sad, anxious regardless. There’s no point in comparing. It’s obvious she’s dealing with a lot, and maybe she can’t resist social media because she craves the reinforcement of her fans. She was a child star, after all.

    • No more stigma says:

      Interesting that you work in the field. So do I. What I can say for a fact is that I have no clue what really goes on in this woman’s life or what has gone on in the past. What is also a fact is that some people do have it harder than her, but as you should know, there are many types of mental health issues that people deal with without even revealing them to their own family members. This includes things like being a survivor of sexual abuse, trauma. Who am I to say she’s not really really in need of treatment. Having said that, she might benefit from not engaging in the Internet bullsh-t if it is such source of negativity for her.

      For everyone else that thinks they know what therapy is/is not, how people should/should not approach it – you have no clue and no compassion.

      You don’t have to feel anything for Leanne Rimes but you can’t come up with generalizations about going to therapists. It’s no wonder why the stigma attached to having mental health issue is so prevalent in our society.

    • No more stigma says:

      What a crappy attitude from someone in the field. Fact vs Evidence. Do you judge your clients the same way you judge this woman you know very little about? Even narcissist need a good therapist to help them attempt to work on themselves and their relationships.

    • No more stigma says:

      What a crappy attitude from someone in the field. Facts vs Evidence. Do you judge your clients the same way you judge this woman you know very little about? Even narcissist need a good therapist to help them attempt to work on themselves and their relationships.

      • Sugar says:

        I agree w/u I work in mental health not as a therapist but as support staff yet
        my job requires being in the midst of the clients. You get to know them spending 40 hours a week & build relationships with them. Sure there are the taxing few but I have great compassion for so many of them & respect because the things I take for granted are very difficult for them.
        I admit that I do my fair share of nitpicking on the celebs on this site & sometimes I question myself over it.
        But I really like reading all the comments from people I will never know it helps me laugh away sometimes a very stressful day when I come home & feel like crying over the sadness I experience in my work.
        Celebrity people are easy to joke about because they set themselves up for ALoT of it.

  11. SF says:

    What’s with the caterpillar eyebrows on the first pic?

  12. Jezi says:

    Oh.My.God!!!!!!!!!!! She is insufferable. I’m sorry if she was going to a GOOD therapist and not one that just coddles her, then she wouldn’t be as messed up as she is. Obviously she doesn’t LISTEN to anyone because if she did, she would’ve never stayed on Twitter. She would’ve never given so many interviews regarding the affair where she victimized herself. And if she got any type of help for herself she would not be suing a teacher who she called to force her into liking her. She is THE biggest bully! Using her money to get her way all the time. She is a disgusting, morally corrupt, sad piece of shit.

  13. Celeste says:

    So if she’s been in therapy her whole life, that might indicate that she has many issues that just can’t be “fixed”? That was a rhetorical question.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Her therapist must be the worst, most ineffective one ever. Yet I still pity them.

    It’s so hard to deal with social media? TURN IT OFF! Why doesn’t she get that she’s putting herself in that position? She’s intentionally sticking her hand in the fire. If her life with her husband is so wonderful, turn off all the other crap and just live already.

  15. Relli says:

    Thats about the fluffiest and hilarious article i have read in a long time:

    country superstar
    hitmaker (2)
    frequent tabloid target
    the Other Woman
    Commitment to unleash all her secrets — through her music.
    re-telling of her (very public) past mistakes.

    Someone’s either used the Lindsay Lohan templates for this article or a thesaurus got a serious workout.

    Oh but my favorite part:

    TV actor Eddie Cibrian and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville.

    In an article about LeeAnn Brandi get better billing than Eddie. HAHAHAHAHA

    Thank you for this, I know the site has been intentionally light on LeeAnn lately but this post made it all worth it. The comments on radar last night were killing me.

    PS: Something new in the face too, RIGHT?

  16. Jaxx says:

    She does have a gorgeous voice. I don’t follow her life at all so don’t know what’s going on, but when I first heard Blue I thought she would be a superstar. What happened? Why isn’t her career huge? Did all this cheating scandal stuff derail her career?

    I know this: If I had a public persona I would NEVER go on the internet and read about myself. It’s BRUTAL on there. No one escapes someone hating the air they breathe.

    • Jezi says:

      The cheating was only the tip of the iceberg. It wasn’t the cheating that made her career crash and burn, it was her behavior after the fact that destroyed it. The copying of Brandi, the taunting, using Brandi’s son’s to make Brandi feel bad, making out with Brandi’s ex at soccer games infront of kids, harassing Brandi from fake twitter accounts, telling people lies about Brandi, getting people riled up to bash Brandi, calling herself a bonus mom and pushing herself into every activity the boys have that she shouldn’t go to. I mean I can go on and on.

      • SleepyJane says:

        Making out at ball games is weird. But, I have a question…you said “pushing herself into every activity the boys have that she shouldn’t go to”…

        So are you saying that stepparents shouldn’t go to ball games? Or are you referring to something else? 50/50 custody is fairly standard. There are always blended families at my kid’s functions. None of us moms seem to care. I’m not sure why a stepparent wouldn’t go, unless they were busy.

      • Jezi says:

        She went to Parent day at the school and decided to sing for the class. Brandi had asked her not to sing for the class and rather have Eddie read from a script. It was basically like career day so the kids could show what their parents did. Leann went anyway even though Brandi had asked her not to. She felt it was inappropriate and because Leann did it Brandi decided not to go because it made it awkward for her. She showed up for back to school night. For what reason, I don’t know. I could understand her going to the kids’ soccer games but she makes out with and hangs all over Eddie at these games. Even with Brandi there. Brandi is used to it now but they were doing this even in the beginning when the wounds were still fresh and it made it so uncomfortable for Brandi that she didn’t want to go to her children’s games. Yes it was Brandi’s choice but can you blame her? Leann basically shows up to every and anything just because she doesn’t want Eddie and Brandi to be alone.

      • SleepyJane says:

        Parents’ Day seems out of line to me too. My friend, a stepmom, has a good philosophy. She says, “If it’s appropriate for a grandparent or aunt/uncle to attend, then I go too.”

        Which I guess means plays, sports, recitals, etc. are okay, but no parent-teacher conferences or tagging along at routine doctor visits and such.

        I thought you meant any event at all. Thanks for clarifying.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      ME!Ann derailed her career, not her cheating. Look at Blake Shelton and whoever he’s married to: they both have HOT careers, and he was married to his (now) ex-wife when they got involved. While I find their hunting and animal tweets repulsive (only from what I’ve read here, as I don’t tweet) and cruel, that’s about all I’ve heard out of them.

      ME!Ann has inserted herself (LITERALLY) into Brandi’s life, with both her husband AND her sons, and that is NOT okay.

      Plus, she has no qualms about harassing those she CLAIMS are harassing her, and has filed a frivolous and malicious lawsuit against two of them, stemming from a contact SHE initiated! Then she skipped off to “rehab” claiming SHE was the bullying victim. (I call bullshit. I think she had more extensive plastic surgery that had a longer recovery time.)

      UGH. I can’t with this bitch.

    • Kate says:

      While I think the Eddie/Brandi/twitter-fest did sink her career, it was never really all that great to begin with. Yes she has a beautiful voice and she’s been around forever and she’s had a nice run, but she was never at Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift or even Faith Hill (back in the day) levels. It was a nice little career, but she never took off into superstar land after she won the Grammy for best new artist etc. She also has a history of self-inflicted drama. There was a dust up with Trisha Yearwood over that song from Con-Air, she got cross-ways with her father and her label and, well, there has always been a sideshow. I don’t think she ever worked as hard as some of the country music superstars. And she was never in that category.

    • Jaxx says:

      Thanks Everyone, for filling me in. This girl must have serious mental problems. Therapy obviously isn’t helping. She must really love talking about herself to stay in therapy her whole life. Seems to me that therapy would be painful and you’d want to get it over with as quickly as possible.

  17. Sunnyinseattle says:

    It looks like the older kid wants to yank her arm off his little brother in the last picture. LOL ;-)

  18. brin says:

    She is beyond help. If she has been in therapy her whole life, she needs to get her money back.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Every Leann article is like going to a freak show. What a complete and utter weirdo.

  20. Blondie says:

    I feel zero pity for Leeann. She has brought this all on herself. Shut your mouth, delete your twitter and Facebook accounts, and stay off the Internet. She lives for this drama. If she claims her life with her husband is so perfect, why does she insist on shoving it down our throats. Go live your life Leeann we are not the least bit interested in living it with you.

  21. TheTruthHurts says:

    Yep, there she goes again with her passive -aggressive digs towards Brandi, with that tape over her mouth comment. She will never learn THIS behavior and not the cheating so much is why people hate her. Also, how long till she starts to falsely imply she has also struggled as a cutter (ie: the butterfly drawing) to gain more publicity? I mean, y’all didn’t really think those were really stretch marks on her boobs & hips did ya? *eyeroll*

  22. skuddles says:

    In therapy her whole life and this is the end result?? I’d be asking for my money back if I were her…

  23. Zombie Shortcake says:

    Oh God Leann, if you’re reading this, you COULD have a Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood caliber career again if you would just a) pour your energy/time/thought process into MUSIC instead of social media and b) quit incessantly calling the paps!!! Please do everyone, including yourself a favor and try both.
    Maybe work with songwriters/producers/musicians that you never have before. Like reinvention.

  24. AmyB says:

    I have been to rehab for an eating disorder. There was no leaving for anything, no calling family except once a week. She makes a mockery of people who are really trying to get help. It is disgusting. She is very talented but needs to get off Twitter and stop parading around her “perfect life” cause nothing is that perfect.

  25. claire says:

    I pretty much agree with everything that’s been said already. But what’s really bugging me, is how “bullying” has become the new catchphrase to apply to soooo many situations that are not bullying. It’s belittling to the people that actually get bullied. For instance, people stating they don’t agree with you, and voicing that opinion, is not bullying. People calling you out on vile behavior, being presented on a public forum, is not bullying.

  26. Rita says:

    @Kaiser, Your skepticism in your thread needs no apology. She’s a complete fake and has no other means of staying in the tabs except for her phoney rehab therapy.

    Anyone who claims to be on the side of victims while at the same time is filing a lawsuit against a teacher of special needs children and who has 4 special needs children of her own is the worst kind of bully.

    I’ve no doubt her marriage to Eddie is little more than a business arrangement where Eddie is paid very well to be seen with LeAnn. Eddie Cibrian is such a puke to allow LeAnn to pimp his children for publicity knowing full well that this “relationship” has about run its course.

    And by the way, @Kaiser, you have instructed us to do the impossible when you require of your readers to:

    “Follow her train of thought”….it’s like trying to follow a train of three-wheeled wagons pulled by cattle with mad cow disease.

  27. bflogirl says:

    I continue to call shenanigans on the bullying story. I still believe she went into rehab for one of two things: addiction to pain pills made worse w/ alcohol, or a breakdown from her husband (possible?) infidelities. The timeline for a thoughtful entrance into rehab for bullying just isn’t there.

  28. eileen says:

    This bitch again? *eye roll*

  29. Jaded says:

    Is there a new personality disorder we can identify called “tweetaholic”?

  30. Laurabb says:

    Don’t care for her, but I do like her bracelet in those last photo.

  31. SleepyJane says:

    Those eyebrows must be a dress rehearsal for her Halloween costume.

  32. Andrea says:

    She only tweets that sh*t because she knows it will get picked up and people will talk about it. She can’t bear not being covered in the press.

  33. Ruyana says:

    What is it gonna take for this fool woman to shut her flapping mouth? Sick, sick, sick of her.

  34. Ruyana says:

    “I have felt like I’ve had a piece of tape over my mouth the last four years,” said LeAnn

    Woman, the tape should have been over your FINGERS.

  35. Debra says:

    That Halloween mask in the first picture is some scary s**t

  36. tru tru says:

    therapy is fine but she did not go to rehab.

    its US, not her, LOL!!

    she’ll be back to her old self in NO time.


  37. jessiesgirl says:

    How DARE she co-opt the butterfly project to try to portray herself as a victim when its been shown time and again that she is the bully!?!?!?!

    She’s probably been in neverending therapy because she quits a therapist as soon as they suggest she isn’t perfect, right, and that maybe sometimes, she creates her own problems, not everyone else. Her and Lindsay Lohan must have been separated at birth.

  38. randand00 says:

    Is it just me, or did her lips get some “rehab” too? They look a little odd…not to suggest the rest of her looks normal, but she jacked up her lips. Anyone else notice that?

  39. Grace says:

    Brandi and Eddie both need to be slapped for letting this woman near their kids. She’s definitely a bunny boiler.

  40. Memphis says:

    What the f*ck is with the Groucho Marx eyebrows in the first picture?

    Of course she’s been in therapy for years because as soon as a therapist calls her out for her actions, she’s done and on to the next one. If she would have actually listened to one of them..then maybe, just maybe she wouldn’t be such a self indulgent asshole… But I’m thinking she still would be.

  41. Jennifer12 says:

    There’s just nothing left to say anymore. She is what Berke Breathed would call a nightmare of a gene pool. She is a vile excuse for a human being who thrust herself into the life she wanted, attempting to abuse Brandi so badly that she would just give up and Leann could have the boys and Eddie. It wasn’t just divorce; it was stalking and bullying at it’s worst. And she still believes she’s the victim?? Her therapy is NOT working. And when did she ever be quiet? Tape over her mouth, my a$$.

  42. RobN says:

    I think it’s less about therapy than it is about having a paid best friend who has to listen to you whether they want to or not.

  43. Bobby sue says:

    Um, what’s up with her top lip? It’s got a Rose McGowan thing going on. Is it Botox or Restylane in the lips?

  44. Hakura says:

    Leann enjoys ‘therapy’ because it’s one time when someone HAS to listen to her prattle on. I think she just goes for the constant attention to a ‘yes-man/woman’ to agree with everything she says.

    Do I think she’s working through any real issues? No. That would require effort & determination, not to mention a legit therapist as opposed to a babysitter.

  45. pamb says:

    I have to say that I think that LeAnn probably has had a lot to talk about in therapy over the years! Let’s see: overnight stardom as a young teen, father stole money/sued her father, married too young, fell in love with a married man, everyone hates her.

    I have no problem with her seeking help at any time, and am surprised that anyone would think otherwise. Believe me, plenty of celebrities are in therapy/should be in therapy, they just don’t talk about it. I think Woody Allen once had a line about being in therapy for 35 years.

  46. Ming Lee says:

    if she’s been going to therapy her whole life why did she do the big mass announcement of ‘rehab’..which later was turned into ‘therapy for issues’.


    leann can’t keep her lies straight and is always contradicting herself.. and heaven forbid she quit her twitter account, cause that’s how she talks to her ‘fans’. again, wasn’t that was the SSC was for?..but seeing as no one cares to comment there, she has to seek out other avenues like twitter to get her ‘fan love fix’.


    tweeting about bullies and cancer victims to gain more attention..

    the list could go on and on for forever..because like someone mentioned previous, there has always been some kind of freak side show going with leann rimes from day one. DAY ONE.

  47. Cleveland Girl says:

    the only therapy she got was a chemical peel. Her face looks freshly worked on, and has the glow of a fresh peel!

  48. Ann says:

    had to go to youtube to check her out. she has a gorgeous voice. she should sing more, appears like a whole different person when she’s in her artistic mood, much more grounded. so many talented women get sidetracked by “love stories” and men.

    • Sugar says:

      I too had to YouTube her when I started reading about her crazy behavior & yes she has a great voice & I am at a loss for why she dosent focus on her singing career But reading some of the accounts of her before Eddie days I’m a slow learner but am seeing that she is addicted to drama & therefore her god given gift is lost in the twitter. Too bad-so sad.

  49. dana says:

    i feel like she’s a textbook narcissist

  50. TG says:

    Well – As as been stated numerous times on here narcissism can not be treated and this she-man is proof of that. She-man and the Cracken are two peas in a pod, with a dose of Scary Berry to go with it. The one thing these three women have in common is they are always the victim and it is always somebody else’s fault. Unfreakingbeleivable.

  51. samipup says:

    I too wonder if she is going to start “having issues” about being a cutter. First thing I noticed was the butterfly image she emphasized in the picture. The second thing I noticed was the large cuff style bracelet, similar to what people who cut wear to cover self inflicted up skin injuries. I don’t think she is one, but I do wonder if she is subtly implying something to that effect.

  52. lindy loo says:

    I wonder if this woman realizes that her constant tweeting, courting the media and the gazillion shots by the paparazzi of her in a bikini has truly sickened the majority of the public.
    Good work, “Tweet Ann”, your determined overexposure has made you totally unlikeable.

  53. Mags says:

    ME ME ME!!! It must be exhausting being married to this chick. Even Dean stated once that he didn’t realize how much of himself was neglected in their marriage. A huge part of Leann’s problem is she was so used to having a hubby that made his whole life about her, Eddie is not that type.

  54. Wallcally says:

    That’s a very narrow view of therapy. If you have a mental illness you need it every week. It is maintenance not narcissism. Mental illness does not just mean bipolar, schizophrenic, etc. mild anxiety and depression (the two go hand in hand) counts and depending on each individuals circumstances and mental capacity can and does require constant work. It is very hard work to pull yourself out of that and it’s a constant battle to keep your head above water. It would be wonderful if there was a “graduation day” for that but for some people it’s just not that easy.

    • Sugar says:

      I agree with you but in her case when NPD trumps it makes it nearly impossible to treat other parts of her illness. she definitely bent on playing it out for all to see, hear, read & live thru which again is exhausting to those in her wide net she has cast.
      I still think as much as Eddie may be a cheating fool he had no idea what he got himself into with this girl.

      • brin says:

        It’s a shame his two sons have to be involved.

      • wallycally says:

        and i agree with your NPD comment…as much as i can not knowing her personally and not being a psychologist/psychiatrist myself. my point was more in terms of how the argument about mental health treatment was framed in the original blog post. even admitting you need treatment on a consistent/constant basis can feel like a sickness or weakness. and it shouldn’t. we are all different and we all need different things in life. i am not sick i am just different from others. that’s fine and i should not be ashamed. but i also do not have NPD and that is another (scary) story. she has her work cut out for her.

  55. FLR says:

    LeAnn’s wasting $$$ on the shrinks! The tramp has been the beneficiary of great advice and input, via literally thousands of 3rd parties which don’t give two sh!ts about her across the globe, for her to consider and evaluate during the past 3 years. Don’t blame the messenger for conveying her real “truth”. The truth is free LeAnn, you pay for the fantasies you crave to hear!

  56. nomorerimes says:

    EVERYTHING that comes out of LR’s mouth is a lie! Therapy all her life–yeah, right! And I agree with others on here–tape on her mouth?–too bad the tape wasn’t on her fingers!
    Saw a different pic of her and Eddie and Brandi’s boys at the movie–EC was holding the oldest boy’s arm up when the whole group was putting their fingers over the top lip. Looks like the oldest boy (can’t remember his name) wasn’t at all happy to be there and having his pic taken and certainly didn’t want to participate with the finger thing. But Daddy forced him to comply! CPS should surely see that pic! SleazeAnn is a lying, manipulative, cheating scumbag who supposedly has been in therapy. Why then would she make a child do something they don’t want to do? He obviously has LR figured out with all her tweeting and papwhoring and he doesn’t want any part of it. And his sperm donor (no father would allow his kids to be anywhere near psycho LR) does anything for money–does that make him a male prostitute??? Really feel bad for those boys. Unless they get out of that situation soon (and already it might be too late) they will need real therapy–not the spa visits LR considers therapy. If she had the real thing–she would be in a padded room and in a straight jacket.
    Please say a lot of prayers for those poor boys!

    • Jessica says:

      Leann is well aware of how much Mason hates the paparazzi. She doesn’t care.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Oops! I forgot–it’s always been me-me-me! I had forgotten how totally selfish she is. Guess I gave her too much credit thinking she just might have some feelings for a child. But not skank SleazeAnn! Sure wish Mason’s dad would grow some gonads and keep these kids away from psycho bonus mom! But then again he must be selfish too as money is more important to him than his own kids! Shame on them both!

  57. Jessica says:

    Leann, please go away and STFU already. Don’t you have a frivolous lawsuit against a family of 8 to focus on? Because trying to financially ruin a family with 6 kids isn’t bullying AT ALL.

  58. Jimbo-Ho! says:

    People aren’t all identical in their mental health needs. Whether or not one “graduates’ from therapy depends largely on personal independent stability, or PIS. Leanne may never get her PIS together.

  59. Twez says:

    >>”I’ve been in therapy my whole life…I like going.”<<

    I'm a mental health professional. I can tell you that any client which voices this sentiment is nearly always a female with a Cluster B personality disorder (usually borderline, sometimes histrionic).

  60. Janessa says:

    We all are aware that ‘Me-Ann’ reads every single comment on the web about herself.
    I also believe she is capable of using every hardship of real people and pretend she is inflicted with it for attention. That’s become blatantly obvious.
    I believe her next ‘infliction’ (to phone in to a media source) will be ‘cutting’.
    No wonder she is unable to get any work. Does she have any idea how many ppl she pisses off in one article she arranges?
    Perhaps we all need to ignore her completely! Maybe then she will realize how mentally ill she really is.

  61. Pepper says:

    I see she’s back to cancelling shows again. She even had the gall to tell people to go to the members only section of her website to see her reasons for cancelling. So people who bought tickets for the concert have the privilege of paying $13 to find out why she blew them off this time. She is a complete waste of space.