Jennifer Lawrence covers Vogue UK: genuinely lovely or slightly trashy?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence covers the November issue of Vogue UK, which is her very first Vogue cover (although she appeared in a feature in the September domestic issue) with many more to come (including next year’s Oscar run), I’m sure. On the cover, JLaw wears a dress from Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2012 collection. She looks both glamourous and splendid on the cover, but something really weird happened in the editorial spread that has been released thus far. A couple of shots are geniuinely lovely, but some of them are meh, and they look slightly underdone for Vogue.

JLaw is such a beautiful girl in a very unaffected way. She seems slightly awkward on red carpets because she’s not terribly into clothing, but her magazine spreads usually bring it. Here, I am completely underwhelmed and feel like she should be getting more oomph out of this Vogue UK spread (they didn’t even bother doing anything with her hair at all), but it merely falls flat. Here are some excerpts from the interview, where she actually talks about her boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult:

Nicholas Hoult has no style: “Oh, he really doesn’t care. Like he’ll sometimes wear these white tennis shoes with jeans, then tuck his pants into his socks. He has absolutely no idea how good-looking he is. I think a lot of women and men hate me because of that.”

On making House at the End of the Street: “In real life I’m terrified of horror movies. If I want to watch one, I have to plan out the next three months of my life, because I’ll know I’m going to be afraid of everything — afraid of the dark, afraid of elevators, afraid of my shadow. I thought if I had the experience of actually being in one it would make me less afraid of seeing them.”

[From Vogue UK]

Yeah, that horror movie (a.k.a., “HATES“) didn’t work out quite so well — everyone was sort of wondering why she had signed onto a movie with such a terrible script (and yes, it was bad), but it was shot a few years ago before Jennifer even signed onto Hunger Games. I doubt we’ll be seeing JLaw in any other horror flicks.

Now for what she said about her dude, which wasn’t much from what I can tell, but that’s to be expected. Jennifer and Nicholas are pretty low-key lovers. Even though they’ve been dating for over a year and a half, they don’t do red carpets together and rarely mention each other in interviews. There was a tabloid story in April about them wanting to shack up, and there have also been rumors about Jennifer possibly preparing to dump Nicholas by the end of the year, but I guess they’re still going strong. For now.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK

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  1. dooliloo says:

    First Eva Mendes wore that exact same dress at the TIFF.

    Second, I guess I must be living in a Matrix as in the real world out there actually some women who are jealous of her having Hoult as a boyfriend.

    • Overmind says:

      Kinda strange. But I won’t go any further. Something doesn’t add up.

    • Leen says:

      He was very popular in the UK when Skins first came out. Every girl I knew in the UK was swooning over him.

      • dooliloo says:

        Yes I live in the UK too dear. And yes all of them teens were popular because of that teen TV show, Season 1 was interesting but it faded after that. And hell that girl K. Scodder-something was the idol of an entire teen generation, so it goes for the boys; they were only attractive mainly because of the extreme and rebellious characters they portrayed so far so good. Still, Hoult is unattractive, Skins or else. And frankly good on her if she loves her man, but to think that a whole chunk of women are jealous, um… No ma’am this ain’t Skins period anymore.

    • Would Vincet Cassel Wear This? says:

      I thought Jack O’Connell who played Cook in season three was the best character and actor to come out of that series. K-Stew should one up her sworn enemy J-Law and start boning him. At least I’d be impressed.

    • anon says:

      Yeah, really, what universe is she living in?

      I just looked up some pictures of Hoult and I can’t see what makes him so attractive. I also saw pictures of him from a movie months ago and I thought he was really, really funny looking (that doesn’t even begin to cover it, but you get the idea). I believe the movie was “Jack the Giant Killer” or something – he looks like a slack-jawed idiot. Jennifer Lawrence is out of her mind, on that one.

  2. Miss Kiki says:

    I think she looks great. She’s really grown on me in the last couple of years and that’s surprising because normally when people are as exposed as she has been lately I find myself actively disliking them.

    Oh and Nicholas Hoult is a regulation hotty.

  3. nikzilla37 says:

    These photos look like they were taken in her bedroom.

  4. Amelia says:

    This is really, *really* underwhelming.
    Poor show, Vogue.
    I prefer the wacky, bird themed spread from a few weeks ago.

    • Brown says:

      I agree. And to be honest, I have been really underwhelmed by all of her looks since… well, since before HG premiered actually. Her red carpet looks are usually a disaster for me, I am really not loving this hair color or cut (WHAT are those bangs doing?), and her makeup has been so unflattering. Where is the red Oscars dress Jennifer? Bring her back!!

  5. ladybert62 says:

    She should learn to close her mouth – that looks trashy.

  6. aud says:

    I doubt she’ll dump him by the end of the year. Xmen starts filming in January afaik. She’d probably do it sometime soon or after, not right before.

    If she even plans on it. They seem solid for now and she doesn’t strike me as the kind of a girl to stay with a guy while planning to ditch him.

  7. Hmmm says:

    She looks kind wrong in the dress on cover – she looks much better in “low key” clothing. Some people are just dose not look good in girly dresses with print etc.

  8. Sabrine says:

    Poor girl just can’t win, no matter which look she’s being photographed in, makeup, no makeup. Trashed either way!

  9. Aria says:

    Trashy???? Hell no!
    She looks lovely. I’m becoming a big fan of hers. I truly hope she doesn’t go into the skinny path like Emma Stone.

  10. Trashy? As far from it as possible. She looks very elegant, glamourous and feminine, but definitely not trashy…

  11. Reece says:

    It’s boring. They look like facebook pictures.
    I didn’t like that dress the first time I saw it. Still don’t.
    Vogue is lacking in the UK too I see.

  12. Jess says:

    That wallpaper! That was the wallpaper in my dining room growing up. My mom changed it about ten years ago, but whoa. It’s in Vogue, lol.

  13. S.Joy says:

    She’s so gorgeous! I love the pic where she’s wearing red lipstick.

  14. ally says:

    could’ve been better, good actress but I don’t see where people think she is so beautiful, her body is amazing, her face not so much

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I love her, but she´s not a great beauty, attractive yes, but sometimes she has a serious case of butterface, her body is outrageous though.
      I don´t get Bedhead´s impression of her being uncomfortable on the red carpet. I always get the impression she loves the red carpet, loves the attention and wants to be famous, which in no case is a bad thing for an actress. Unlike other young actresses(KStew, Emma Stone), she doesn´t pretend not wanting to be famous, which I think is refreshingly honest for Hollywood. She seems down to earth and like the real deal.

  15. francesca1 says:

    Can we not call her JLaw? That means Jude Law to me. And I always get excited when I think there is going to be a mention of him. Then I’m disappointed when it’s HER.

  16. Chatcat says:

    I like it. I think Vogue did the right thing, she is an attractive young woman from the inside out…she is not vavoom, so why do a picture spread with a background that is so not her or the vibe she gives off. She is simple and fresh and unaffected…and that makes a lot of people uneasy because she is not the typical hollywood/celeb full of themselves, over hyped and over exposed. Kudos to Jennifer and Vogue.

  17. MG says:

    Love everything about her. She is so refreshing after the slew of trash out there.

  18. Jenna says:

    Oh, sweetie…no. Not many men/women hate you for your boyfriend. He is NOT all that and a bag of chips.

    Love the cover though. :)

  19. Ally8 says:

    Let’s call her JLawr ?

    I think she’s gorgeous. She has that soft, fleshy (the French word “pulpeuse” expresses it much better) look of a Brigitte Bardot or Scarlett Johanssen.

    She does look awkward in fancy clothes, but that’s not the same as trashy. I think she’ll have an interesting career, because Hollywood is finally casting interesting-looking women again, and not just bland interchangeable Maxim types.

  20. mk yarwood says:

    Did they photoshop her boobs out!?

  21. M. says:

    I love all the photos (the cover is absolutely gorgeous)and look forward to more of the same what with Oscar season heating up. Jennifer Lawrence is a very unaffected beauty, very natural and seems very genuine…it’s part of what people love about her, well, that and the fact that she’s very talented. Lawrence is getting rave reviews for Silver Linings Playbook and an insane amount of Oscar buzz and Jennifer seems to handle all of it very well…not bad for a 22 year old.

  22. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    She is definitely a breath of fresh air. Seems very down to earth. I like that she lives low key, looks natural and doesnt seem to care what people think about her. Great actress btw too.

  23. Ariana says:

    Am I the only one who sees those impossibly awful winged bang things and is perpetually bothered by them? I can’t be. Seriously my mom had those in the early 90′s. Pin them back, woman! At least make them look less noticeable. I think she looks ten times better in her workout gear all sweaty with shit-tastic bang wings tied back. Shed the wings dude.

    Also, JLaw totally means Jude Law. JenLaw? JLawr?

  24. angie says:

    I think that it seems a budget shoot for vogue, imho. I loved the photoshoot they did with Mia Wasikowska several months ago but this one is just lazy.

    I love Jennifer Lawrence, she seems like a very cool girl. I hope she doesn’t break up with her boyfriend (for now), I think they are cute together. I have a soft spot for Nicolas Hoult since about a boy.

  25. Joy says:

    OMG. I hate her bangs.

    Whew. I finally said it.

  26. lori says:

    I like that wallpaper in the last picture.

  27. eb says:

    Wow – she really reminds me of Michelle Pfeiffer in the first look. It’s those cheekbones.

  28. Ally says:

    I like her a lot, but she’s always been weird looking to me. She has features that look great individally-her cheekbones, her lips, her eyes-but they don’t add up to a beautiful face. She’s a little off, not that that’s bad. And yes, the bangs must go. Parted in the middle=awful.

  29. Alexis says:

    She always looks off the farm/from another era, like the 70′s type of model. At least with the blonde hair.

  30. Christian says:

    I covet that pineapple shirt.

  31. Daisy says:

    I think Jennifer looks lovely, it’s a great magazine spread.

  32. JB says:

    Her boyfriend is not cute or handsome at all.

  33. mse says:

    I’m still trying to see, what’s trashy about this photoshoot… It’s not the best from Vogue, but trashy is pretty much the farthest from the word I’d use for Jennifer’s look here.

    That rumour about her wanting to break up with her boyfriend is your usual tabloid crap. They barely talk about each other and there hasn’t been many pictures of them lately, so the papers cooked up something. Meanwhile she spent a whole month in Africa where Nick was shooting Mad Max. So yeah. They are totally on the verge of breaking up. /sarcasm

  34. Cait says:

    She is really pretty but I hate her bangs. No judgement though. Whenever I try and pull off bangs mine do that too, ugh.

  35. Flor says:

    slighty trashy. This girl has “sex” written all over her forehaead but she’s not even sexy to begin with, she looks like a cashier from Kentucky.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Trashy??? No, she isn’t. She looks lovely and fresh. She has beautiful coloring, her eyes in particular. The black dress was a poor choice but there is absolutely no whiff of trash about her. She is a lovely girl and a good actress who deserved the nomination she received.

      • Flor says:

        It is trashy for Vogue. This looks like something Glamour would put. It just does’t work. They wanted to play to her strenghts to no avail. It looks cheap nad underdone. “let’s just put her here because Harvey Weinstein asked us to do so”.
        She did deserve her nomination, I’ve never said she didn’t. But she has way too much PR behind her, she’s not the new Meryl.

  36. A says:

    I love these photos, and I’m usually not a fan of her modeling/red carpet looks. She’s pretty in a wholesome, farm girl type of way…She looks great in more simple, sexy styles like that gold dress she wore for The Hunger Games premiere and that red Oscar dress. I feel like this photo shoot kind of captures that, instead of trying to turn her into a high end, edgy fashion model like the W photo shoot. She’s never going to look super glamorous (ScarJo, Natalie, Keira) or edgy (a la Rooney Mara), but those girls can never pull off the super wholesome, sexy thing that Jennifer has going on (except Natalie)…Anyway, I like this photo shoot because it plays to her strengths instead of trying to turn her into something she’s not.

    However, I find it funny that people will freak out over other actresses having open mouths in photos (Keira Knightley, KStew, etc.), but with Jennifer it’s all the photographer’s fault. It is mostly on the photographer when actresses pose with their mouths open…it supposed to be “sexy” even though it looks a little silly. If the photographer did not want that look, they would tell the model to close their mouth…or the editor wouldn’t pick the photos with the model’s mouth open. She’s also clearly had a nose job…Some newspaper, I think it was the Daily Fail, ran photos of her back when she was in middle school. These close up shots of her face show a big difference. Not a big deal, as everyone from Angelina Jolie to ScarJo to possibly Natalie has tweaked their nose, but it is kind of ironic because some of the stans keep insisting she’s above all the other actresses, etc.

  37. M. says:

    I’m not seeing any evidence of a nose job here…great, simple make up that complements her natural beauty, but no nose job.

    • A says:

      Here’s the photos…the second one makes it pretty apparent she had a nose job sometime before she hit it big, as her nose is much wider in the photos, especially the second one. It’s an excellent job, like Angelina’s and Scarlett’s…For example, I would have never guessed that Scarlett or Jennifer had a nose job if there weren’t old photos of them floating around…more of Scarlett then Jennifer, of course, because Scarlett was a child actress. Plenty of people get nose jobs because of broken noses, so I’m almost wondering if that was the case with Scarlett and Jennifer because it’s fairly subtle. Anyway, she’s a lovely girl and it was done before she did Winter’s Bone, so it’s not like she suddenly made it big and then made a drastic change to her nose.

      Many actresses have had small surgeries done like that, so it’s not a big deal. I would never get a nose job or boob job because I’m terrified of that much pain, but I understand why people get plastic surgery. It’s only the occasional actress that has big things done…like Blake Lively or Megan Fox. I think Blake is sad….She was a pretty version of Sarah Jessica Parker before the surgery…now she’s just like a plastic surgery Barbie. I just think Blake was prettier and more unique looking pre surgery…and don’t even get me started on Megan.

      • Gabby says:

        I don’t see much evidence of nose work.

        Sure, many many Hollywood actresses have their noses tweaked and teeth done with caps. I know that. Most of them do.

        But these photos of Jennifer just look like teenage face to me. A woman’s nose and face changes a lot when they get into their early 20s.

        A nose can also look more spread out and dip down when someone smiles, which is why some actresses quit smiling. Makeup contouring can do a lot to make a nose appear more narrow head-on, too. In Jennifer’s red carpet pics, you can see that her nose has a lot of contouring.

        In the wallpaper picture in the Vogue spread, her nose doesn’t have makeup and the bridge looks wide. I’m not convinced.

  38. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Love her but I’m underwhelemed. I actually think she looks best in movies or when they get candid shots of her. She is stunning and I’d kill for her body, perfect mix of atheletic and slender, and with a rack. She’s just not a model imo, which, she doesn’t have to be. She’s a fantastic actress. She blew me away in Winter’s Bone. I think she’ll have a long career.

  39. Adrien says:

    JLaw has an 80′s actress vibe in her. She is very sensual.

  40. chris says:

    Not trashy in the least. A little boring, but nice. I’m not quite sure though that I understand the crazy hype over her. I’ll probably get ripped on because it seems that everyone loves her. I will say that she is a better actress then 90% of other actresses her age, but besides ‘Winters Bone’ I haven’t been that blown away. Wonderful body and very pretty girl, but I never thoguht she was a great beauty. She comes across as very immature in her interviews as well, like she doesn’t think before she opens her mouth. She thinks women hate her because her boyfriend is too hot? That made me roll my eyes. And I have to get this off my chest…I thought the Hunger Games was boring and very overrated. Sorry. She was great, but I was underwhelmed overall. So much attention over her and THG, I just don’t get it. I’ll keep watching her, because next to no talent Kristen Stewart this chick is freaking Meryl Streep.

  41. Erm says:

    She’s very pretty, but I wouldn’t consider her beautiful. And I get the impression that she doesn’t give a crap whether people think she’s beautiful or not (and it makes me like her more). She looks like a young Helen Hunt, and I always considered Helen Hunt cute, not beautiful. Insanely awesome body though.

  42. Hm says:

    Trim those ends! The nose is great, but it’s odd that her old school pics show a normal-looking smile instead of the unusual smile she has now (in other pics).

  43. mln89 says:

    the cover is great. the rest of the photos are underwhelming.

  44. Overmind says:

    Her acting is not bad, but nothing spectacular. I really don’t see why CAA is pushing her so much, since she is not from any established showbiz family. Makes me wonder…

  45. lisa2 says:

    I think she is a pretty young woman. I don’t think of her as “beautiful” she has an all american look. But not beautiful/stunning.

    I’m still on the fence regarding her acting. I love Winter’s Bone, but her character was a bit subdued and it was hard to see if she has that gut thing. I have not seen Hunger Games, but to me that film is not about acting. it will be interesting to see her in the newer things.

    I don’t know I just find these pictures boring. But maybe she will get better a time goes on.

  46. Mew says:

    No idea really what’s the big deal about her, who she is, what she does. I guess that’s the positive thing, since usually the ones who gives an idea of themselves are the types Kim and Paris are and that’s nothing positive.

    She’s pretty but there’s not really anything really *it* in her looks… no instant “wow how beautiful” just “oh, ok, she’s kinda pretty”. Pretty in a girl next door way.

  47. M. says:

    I’m still wondering how these photos are even remotely “slightly trashy” (LOL!)…how?….unless it was just a way to get people to click right away to see what could possibly be trashy…but they’re not trashy at all rather, they are simple, natural like Lawrence, a natural beauty. As far as Lawrence’s smile being different from when she was 15 (!) as compared to 22?…c’mon, that’s kind of silly, I mean, I know I changed quite a bit between 15 and 22. I think what happens is, when you have an actress like Lawrence who has a great rep, ie: drug and scandel free, no problems with co-stars, no stumbling out of clubs at 3 a.m., driving a car into someone’s house, etc., it’s so difficult to believe that there’s no dirt that people (gossip hounds especially, who make their living out of scandelous celebs)will search for ANYTHING they can find no matter how innocuous, to prove that this person is not perfect.

    Well, nobody is perfect but, by all accounts, Jennifer Lawrence is a very talented, hard working actress with a great attitude and excellent reputation in the industry. If the truth were otherwise, we surely would have heard something by now…god knows the gossip rags have tried their darndest to come up with whatever they can but it’s always revealed for what it is: flat out lies, misinformation, etc., that never add up and ultimately fails to stick. Lawrence is about to be nominated for Best Actress, again, , for Silver Linings Playbook…that’s twice in two years. Lawrence is also the odds on favorite to win, will that happen?, I have no idea but the fact that Jennifer will be nominated again so soon for someone so young, means she is far ahead of her contemporaries and that’s when the bitchy behavior comes out in full force from her rivals and the people in their camps. I think it’s a smart move to relocate out of L.A., so much scrutiny and b.s. flying around, but Lawrence really handles those pressures very well. It’s also what bugs the daylights out of rivals, haters, etc.,.but Lawrence really does rise above it all.

    • Chris says:

      Sooo..I take it you’re a fan? LOL
      IDK about Silver Linings Playbook. The trailer didn’t impress me much. She seemed like she was playing her role well though, even if she did look like Coopers daughter standing next to him rather than the love interest. She still has a cute babyface, it’s hard for me to see has a believeable love interest for Cooper. I’ll wait till I see the film before I just say that she already has the nomination in the bag. And IF she in nominated it would be two nominations in THREE years. She was nominated for nothing at this past years Oscars.

  48. M. says:

    Overmind/Flor/whomever else…I’m guessing you are the same person (which isn’t that big of a deal, really, because everyone writes a post or two under a different name here and there) people do that to make it seem as more than just one person has the same opinion about something. So, you keep mentioning CAA…are you in the industry?

    I’m not, but, I’ll take a wild guess that CAA is throwing support towards Lawrence based on Box Office results from THG, her rep with acclaimed directors, and the buzz especially out of the TIFF festival…read the reviews, that might explain CAA’s support.

    • Overmind says:

      Me? Flor? No. Not at all. And I am just a blue collar film industry drone who does storyboarding for living.

    • Flor says:

      oh, no I always write under this name, too lazy to change/ fill with other adress LOL-
      And all I can tell you is that CAA does the same with all of them. they create this HUGE movie stars, pay paparazzis, control who they date so their partnerts are at the same level, etc. They are pushing her way too much. They do the same with Selena Gomez and that’s why she’s dating Justin. Bradley C is at CAA too and they are pushing him to no avail.
      JLaw is an okay actress but she’s not “the new Meryl” like a lot of people are saying. Again, she has potential though but she needs acting classes, she has no tchnique and it shows for people that UNDERSTAND about acting aka not critics who have never taken a freaking acting class).

      • Gabby says:

        RE CAA – Isn’t Jakey G now with CAA? It seems like he has stopped fake dating the past few years. his gossip coverage is basically just planted stories about one-time hookups with B-listers who get a bump just from rumored association with him in the press. I hope now that he’s with CAA (if I am right that he recently switched TO them and not away from them) doesn’t mean new bearding contracts.

      • Flor says:

        To Gabby: Jake left CAA for WMA and it seems like it was for good. He is the best example to point what CAA does. He was trying to become a huge moviestar (Prince of Persia and fake dating Reese) but it didn’t work out and he knew.

  49. lbeees says:

    Sigh. 1999 called, the Spice Girls want their lipstick back.

  50. nicky says:

    if you say that she’s not very attractive, and that her face has no appeal then you have very high standards. she has such a nice smile and eyes and lips, simple natural beauty – she’s seems more real to me, you know?

  51. Tania says:

    Looks like a magazine spread from the late 70s. Poorly done.

  52. Would Vincet Cassel Wear This? says:

    Why does she always look so corpsey? Look at those dead eyes. She’s got the vacant look down pat. She needs to broaden her range.

  53. V says:

    Yay photoshop, no more chipmunk.

    Lovely actress but good damn those cheeks.

  54. palermo says:

    I think she is stunning, puts the rest of them to shame