Christina Hendricks lashes out at reporter: ‘I think calling me full-figured is just rude’

I feel like I spend a good part of any given day trying to come up with interesting ways to describe people’s body types. Mostly, I hate the word “fat” and I usually think the word is misapplied to women like Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook and Christina Hendricks, just to name a few. To my way of thinking, a woman like Christina is curvy, or “extremely voluptuous” or “she has one of the most insane hourglass figures ever.” But gossip writers and entertainment journalists are often at a loss for describing Christina and her figure. A NYT fashion writer once got in big trouble for referring to Christina as a “big girl”. And now some Aussie reporter is in hot water for calling Christina “full-figured”. To her FACE.

The woman is named Kate Waterhouse, and she’s the fashion editor for the Sydney Sun-Herald. She asks Christina, “You have been an inspiration as a full-figured woman. What is the most inspiring story that you can remember where you’ve inspired someone?” At first Christina is just flustered, and you could feel her wince, and she says “Um, I don’t know… I’m sorry.” Then she looks off camera, the video is shut off, and when they come back Waterhouse ASKS THE SAME QUESTION. Christina goes, “I mean… You just said it again.”

According to E! News, Christina told people off-camera, “I think calling me full-figured is just rude.” Okay. I can see her point about that – I wouldn’t have called her full-figured, but I don’t think it’s weird to call her an inspiration TO full-figured women. I don’t get why Christina couldn’t just speak directly to the reporter and say, “I don’t consider myself a full-figured woman, but I’m glad that I inspire women of all shapes and sizes.” Why this coy act? Why is Christina acting like the fashion editor called her “a big tub of lard”? Or should I be yelling at the editor? I really don’t think she was trying to be rude, honestly. I don’t think she understood that she offended Christina by calling her “full-figured”. Whatever.

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  1. Incredulous says:

    Normal-sized with big boobs doesn’t roll off the tongue.

      • Sydneysider says:

        Kate Waterhouse, for all non-Aussies, is a rich-girl-turned-fashion-person, and can neither write nor interview her way out of a paperbag. Regardless of whether or not Christina was over-sensitive (I personally think Kate was literally saying ‘full of curves’ not euphemistically calling her fat) the fact that Kate ploughed on with the question a 2nd time when it was clearly going to derail the interview, makes me cringe but doesn’t surprise.

      • Snowpea says:

        Sydneysider, as a fellow Sydneysider, I would like to respectfully disagree.

        Kate is not just some “rich girl”…she is a member of Australia’s premier racing family. Her grandfather grew up in poverty in Braidwood in rural NSW and worked hard to became Australia’s best known horse trainer. Her mum Gai was an actress and model and went onto become a famous trainer in her own right. Her dad Robbie Waterhouse became embroiled in the Fine Cotton scandal and got banned as a bookmaker.

        Say what you like about her but just some ‘rich girl’ she is not! Her family is as diverse, colourful, interesting and Australian as they come!

      • Saha says:

        Yeah… As another Aussie, she’s just a rich girl. Her brother runs a gambling website and was on dancing with the stars.

      • backwards says:

        All her interviews for the age are as bland as she is.

      • Ella says:

        She is indeed just some rich girl. The fact that her grandfather was once poor means nothing. The fact that she is part of a horse-racing dynasty doesn’t make her any less elite, and I’m not sure how her father’s involvement in the Fine Cotton scandal helps your argument. Kate is really inarticulate in this interview, and I would be offended too if people constantly talked about my body in a “good for you!” kind of way.

    • Jenni says:

      I see what you mean that “full-figured” could mean that you have an hourglass figure, but it is actually commonly used as a euphemism for fat. You used to occasionally see that in stores–where they now might have a sign that says “Plus sizes” they used to have a sign for the sizes in the 20s that said “Full-Figured.” She probably is thinking of it that way.

      • Nancito says:

        Whatever Waterhouse’s background – the fact of the matter is, she was asked not to say full-figured, then she repeated the same question after being asked not to use the “full-figured” term. So, rich or not, whatever her relationship with horses, she did wrong. This is my humble, but correct, opinion.

      • Snowpea says:

        Nancito, hilarious reply ; ) But, respectfully, I was actually disagreeing with Sydneysider’s view that Kate W is just some ‘rich girl’.

        She may well have been rude, but that was not my beef.

        Full marks for replying hilariously and not bitchily!

  2. Annie says:

    People give her crap about her body all the time, of course she was going to be frustrated. To these idiots full figured = fat. These is what women looked like before skinny became a trend!!

    Body shaming in any way is wrong. Let people be.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:


      I actually like it that Christina refused to be called “full figured”. I’m so sick of thin girls being called (or calling themselves) “chubby” or “fat”. Come on you can´t take away ALL the words, we plus-size girls need some terms that still refer to us and our bodys.

      • Annie says:

        Exactly! Christina Aguilera and Gaga calling themselves fat – do they have any idea what they’re doing?? Or Salma calling herself chubby? They’re all idiots. This is why I hate skinny celebrities talking about their battles with eating disorders too. Just stop it. They do more damage than help. Do they really think they’re helping girls with eating disorders or body issues? There isn’t a single issue that Gaga doesn’t make about herself. “I’m faaaaat here I am in my underwear being fat while sucking my stomach in” “but you’re so skinny” “no, I’m a whale! Bullies!”

        And Christina Aguilera trying to mask her weight gain as empowering? You’re not fat, you stupid ho! And that is alcohol bloat more than anything. Don’t act like we don’t know it.

        Non-skinny girls need to stop calling themselves fat. They’re calling everybody else fat. There’s not just skinny and fat. There’s a middle and most of us are there. And gorgeous celebs need to stop talking about their eating disorders too. You’re not helping the issue especially when you’re not fully recovered and we can see you dropping lbs every now and then. The public is not your therapist. Some issues should be private. For you and others.

        I remember my sister (battling with eating disorders for 15 years) she told me once that she keeps tabs on celebrities with ED’s and told me “if they’re still skinny and I gain weight I go nuts. Or if they gain weight and I’m skinny I feel great” She compares sizes and if they ever mention their lowest weight, my sister makes that her new goal.

        EDs are no joke. It’s a very serious disease and these girls gain nothing by going public with it.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        @ Annie:

        Yes, EDs are hard to deal with. And this whole “it´s so easy, just love your body and everything is going to be fine”-mantra is misleading. Sometimes EDs are not about weight or body issues, and some people will never be able to love their bodys, so this whole Gaga-BS will never work for them.

        I believe that images/storys of/about celebs are triggering for your sister, because media’s focus on bodyparts is just insane. And societie’s pressure on women to be beautiful and sexy (among other things) does not help.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        UNF JJ, they aren’t real.

        I have lost almost 100 pounds since I was sick, your boobs don’t change that much normally. Two cups, sure, but only gaining weight in your rack? I don’t buy it.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I’m torn here. I agree with what UNF Joan Jett is saying and I see why Hendricks would be annoyed with the incessant focus on her body. But as Brown said, her body has been a big (full-figured?) part of her success. I mean, the woman can ACT but so can Elisabeth Moss but nobody really talks about her because her body isn’t as fabulously interesting. I know she didn’t ask for the attention but there’s nothing wrong with embracing it.

        Regardless, I love her.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        @ The Original Tiffany:

        I think it depends on your specific body type. I do gain mostly around my chest area (breast, arms, back), but almost nothing around my hips or legs. So no, I´m not convinced that they are fake. They also move when she doesn´t support them with a hardcore bra/corset: I don´t think that implants can do that. Or can they?

      • ol cranky says:

        I’m sorry but, if Hendricks is frustrated with the constant focus on her body, maybe she shouldn’t go out of her way to constantly draw focus to her body by wearing stuff that barely contains her boobs all the time.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        @ ol cranky:

        yeah, right, she asks for it… *side eye*

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        They can actually. My mom has implants and they look and move naturally.

        There’s lots of great looking fake boobs in HW.

        I love her, not her styling, either way.

        I just think her rack must be fake.

      • A says:

        Eh. I buy that her boobs are real. My bff went from being super skinny to bordering on plump, and her boobs got huge. Weight can make a huge difference in some people’s body shapes. Also, this will sound bitchy but Christina’s boobs sag a little in certain photos, situations…fake boobs wouldn’t do that.

      • Tiffany says:

        Annie said, “Christina Aguilera and Gaga calling themselves fat – do they have any idea what they’re doing??”


        Christina and Gaga were being CALLED fat by numerous bloggers (and even the record label in Christina’s case). These women were responding to the idea that they should be ashamed of themselves because they weren’t thin enough. To act like Christina and Gaga just woke up and decided to make their weight an issue is a re-write of what happened. Others made it an issue, and they tried to turn that into a positive moment so that their fans (some of whom might be bigger) would know that there is nothing wrong with a woman being non-skeletal.

      • Annie says:

        @Tiffany: Christina said she told her executives that she’s fat and so what.
        Gaga said she gained soo many lbs pounds from eating a lot and it’s hard for her because she’s battled EDs since young.

        Neither of them are really fat. They act like they want to change the industry but still play into the same crap forgetting regular people out there are probably larger and find their interviews offensive. Girls with EDs find it triggering. It’s irresponsible.

      • debbi says:

        ol Cranky I agree, she has made a choice to get noticed not for her talent (never seen mad men so can’t comment but if January Jones is what is defining talent on that show then talent should be applied loosely) but for her boobs.

        She never wears clothes that fit, are flattering or don’t make her look at least 15 pounds heavier then she is because of the style on her body type and the fact they don’t fit. So obviously people are going to comment on her figure, that is all she puts out there.

      • dooliloo says:

        She is full figured, and very appealing. Unfortunately, that term has been totally hacked/held-up by fat women living in denial who won’t admit they’re fat! Crude but true. Hence the now unfortunate misuse of that term.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      Also, also, also:

      WHY DO THEY ONLY ASK PEOPLE WHO DON´T HAVE THE AVERAGE HOLLYWOOD BODIES ABOUT BODY ISSUES? So that they can go home and feel good about themselves? So that they can pretend that the media and fashion industry don´t discriminate the majority of bodytypes? Because – oh look – we gave “curvy/fullfigured/fat” people one spot.

      Christina Hendricks is acts circles but all she ever gets asked is boobs, body, boobs, body, body and then some more body.

      Her body is NOT an inspiration, it´s just her body. And if there were more diversity in the media (a.k.a. less discrimination in favour of the cis, young, white, skinny, abled chic) her body would’t be an issue at all. So I totally understand that she is upset. I am, too.

      • Brown says:

        “Christina Hendricks is acts circles but all she ever gets asked is boobs, body, boobs, body, body and then some more body.”

        I agree that it wasn’t good form to ask her (especially twice) to her face, but at the same time, she doesn’t exactly try to hide her breasts with her clothes or anything. By all accounts, they are fake, no? Meaning she wanted them that large. And then she broadcasts them, does not hide them. Which is fine. But I guess I just feel like you can’t have it both ways.

        Also, as someone below pointed out, her “full-figure” is part of the reason she was cast in Mad Men.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        @ Brown:

        I think her breasts are real, because they follow the rules of gravity and also move when she moves, which fake boobs don’t.

        I also think that breast of her size are pretty hard to hide. Where should she put them?

      • Annie says:

        “Her body is NOT an inspiration, it´s just her body”

        THIS!!! No women inspires others because of her body. We are not a body. It’s her attitude, her confidence. Respect yourself, love yourself, treat your body right and you will look good because it shows. Stop it with the “everybody is beautiful”. No! Not everybody is beautiful and we don’t HAVE TO BE!! “you’re beautiful just the way you are~”. No, beauty is a concept forced on women so they never feel good about themselves because of untealistic ideals, and this is why we buy beauty products from the ages of 13 to 70-80. And we cannot escape that. It’s how we support an industry worth billions of dollars.

        Just take care of your body. If you’re healthy and have a positive attitude it will show.
        If you’re unhealthy and hate yourself it will show too!!

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        @ Annie:

        Yes, yes, yes!

      • Elizabeth says:

        I don’t think it was rude. She IS full-figured and she dresses to show off her boobs whenever she’s on the red carpet. I’m always afraid someone’s going to lose an eye one of these days! Under those circumstances, it’s a bit insincere of her to get upset at someone for calling her full-figured. Yes, she’s a good actress but she plays up to her curvy figure, so what’s the big deal about the comment?

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        @ Elizabeth:

        The “big deal” is:

        She gets asked about her body every. single. time.

        Yes, she has a body of a certain type. Yes, her breast are large. We all can see it. So why the need to talk about it like it’s some kind of scurrility? And why call her body an “inspiration”? Why reduce Christina to her appereance every. single. time?

        This is dehumanising and it is not okay.

        Especialy when the reporter was specifically asked to skip this topic.

      • irishserra says:

        @Elizabeth: Accountability… and everything else that everybody else has been saying in this thread. It doesn’t matter if it was Hendricks or any other woman sitting there. The question was not appropriate in that it further propels the message that body image is more important than talent or real achievement.

        Of course I don’t think the reporter was trying to be offensive, but then consider the environment that this reporter is in: She’s a skinny celebrity of sorts in her own world whose body image is no-doubt very important to her job as a reporter, so she would have a narrow view of the situation as well.

        So bottom line, calling her full-figured, voluptuous, big-boned, fat, etc. is just ridiculous as referring to any other body type because really, who in the hell’s business is it?

      • lbeees says:

        @Brown, I am what they call “full busted” (36DD) and let me tell you, with breasts that big, it’s nigh impossible to ‘hide’ them.

        Your comment is naive at best, because it seems you are implying that full-figured women should have to hide their bodies (i.e. minimize them, or spanx them down) in order to “earn” justification for anger over being questioned about our bodies.

        That is, unless we wear nun clothes, high collars, and two sports bras, we have no right to be upset about people commenting about our breasts.

        Frankly, I find that offensive. Try walking around with these knockers day after day and tell me there is more I could be doing to prevent such comments.

      • rebecca says:

        Because thin actresses are never accused of being anorexic or constantly told to go eat a burger. Every actress in Hollywood has to deal with body scrutiny. Christina Hendricks isn’t the special snowflake she and her fans think she is.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        @ rebecca:
        You are right, bodyshaming is bodyshaming is bodyshaming…

    • operagirl says:

      Assuming the story is accurate, CH obviously has issues with the term “full-figured.” People respond in different ways to all sorts of words, it’s all in perspective. Out of curiosity it makes me wonder how she self-identifies, within the confines of her mind?

      I think full-figured, voluptuous, and hellaciously curvaceous are wonderful terms. And honestly I would rather be built like CH than any of the super-thin women in Hollywood. To have that kind of an hourglass figure, be able to eat, and still have thin arms/legs? H-E-A-V-E-N.

      But I’m also sure it’s difficult to find clothing that fits properly. I have enough trouble with that myself, a tall pear, alas.

      Just pondering…

    • Sassy says:

      According to imdb, Christina is 5’7.5″. With heels she would be close to 6 feet. Now, that is one imposing woman with huge breasts, smallish waist, generous hips and healthy legs. I think she could be called zaftig, curvy, statuesque or whatever, but she is pleasingly proportioned and has a beautiful face, so full figured is not an apt description of her charms. She will never be slim at her current curvaceousness, so why is she in such denial? Perhaps “full figured” is not considered insulting in Australia. Girl looks like a 14 or 16 in US sizing. That is not a petite person, it is a large person.

  3. dana says:

    she is! and she looks fantastic! damn everybody is lying in wait to be offended….she is full figured! is is is is is IS!

  4. Brown says:

    I think full figured is a perfect way to describe her. I mean, seriously. Her shirt is full of breasts, her pants are full of hips. I think she’s gorgeous, and don’t find her fat. Full figured? Yes.

    Would I say it to her face? No. Best to just ask how she feels about body image and being an inspiration to women. Just like I would never ask Kate Moss “as a skeleton, how do you feel being an inspiration to stick figures everywhere?” It’s all just rude as hell and while the reporter probably didn’t mean it to be rude, she should have realized it might come off that way.

  5. Kayleigh says:

    Oh, button ups are not our friends.

  6. dooliloo says:

    LOLOLOLOL Christina darling darling… But you *are* full-figured you known for these assets and um when you dress for the red carpet you don’t exactly hide the best asset of your body don’t you?

    And why do you think they hired you in Mad Men again?

    Now I get the point of not being called “full-figured” to your face (BUT then again it is what you are), like it or not, you’re an inspiration to some women out there to be comfy in their body and you’re flushing it down the toilets because..??? What would like to be called? Cleavage?

  7. Reece says:

    I think it depends on your interpretation of “full-figured”. Clearly CH takes it as a euphemism for fat. Which I don’t think it’s always meant that way.
    I don’t think the lady was trying to be insulting. But she should have just moved on after they started again.

  8. Sara says:

    She is full figured. That’s just the term for it. What would she prefer?

  9. Tilly says:

    The first thing that comes to mind when I see her photos is overblown not full-figured.

  10. kosy says:

    She doesn’t come across very well. Turning to you manager and obviously saying they shouldn’t ask that question, instead of saying you’d rather not be called full figured yourself? Not a great response. Seriously, she’s full-figured. Sure it’s kind of a euphemism for heavy, But that doesn’t change the fact.

  11. lulu says:

    i don’t believe her boobs are real.

  12. Happy21 says:

    Well she surely does have a full figure. Full in the boobs and full in the hips with some ass thrown in there too. I don’t know that I would have gotten so upset but I imagine she has to deal with a ton of critism and talk about her body.

    My boyfriend calls her the fat girl from Mad Men. I yelled at him the last time and explained she has a curvy figure and isn’t a toothpick.

    Truth be told she is a whole lot o’ woman! I admire her figure. I’d take less tatas but I would work that bod like no one’s business if it were mine. Don’t know that I’d get THAT upset about ‘full figured’. It’s not like she was called fat, chubby or plus-sized.

  13. RobN says:

    Now I can’t stand her again. I was starting to warm up to her, and now it’s over. It’s a perfectly acceptable term, especially for somebody making a career off of flaunting it. Big boobs, big hips equals full-figured.

    However, Kim K is just fat. That ass that made her famous is one big lump of cottage cheese.

  14. hannah says:

    I wish she would dress better at awards though . She always chooses these strange dresses that make her look huge

  15. teehee says:

    Umm so what was she supposed to say– and what exactly does Christina think she is— when clearly she has droves of female fans who admire her for her larger size??? In comparison at least– I means she is well balanced, not out of shape— but honestly she IS LARGER than nearly all other hollywood starlets. look at her ocmpared to the interviewer— its a prominent part of her persona so its like ignoring the ….oh well ….um…. elephant in the room? *shame* That pun was NOT intended…. oh god… LOL

  16. Zoid says:

    Wow, I didn’t exactly think that being called full figured was an insult. Seems pretty accurate to me considering she’s bursting out of nearly every dress she owns. How is this an insulting term? And what would she prefer to be called. Personally I would just answer with ‘Oh I don’t know if I’m full figured, maybe X’ if I didn’t like the term used for me. Still don’t think it’s insulting though.

  17. Boo says:

    We could just go with “chesty” and be done with it.

  18. laura says:

    Stop acting as if you are a diva christina! You are full figured, it is the reality!!! Wake up!!!

  19. Sarah says:

    If anyone doesn’t think it was rude to call Christina full-figured, then how do you think the interviewer would have felt if Christina had responded, “I don’t know, is it inspiring for you to be non-figured?”

    Ug, and it was so rude that the interviewer asked her again, knowing it bothered her the first time.

  20. Bluedog says:

    She had every right to not respond to that sort of rude question. Why is she ALWAYS asked about her body in every single interview? She’s an actress; let’s discuss, oh I don’t know, ACTING.

    It’s always rude to talk about people’s bodies. Didn’t our mothers teach us that?

    • jc126 says:

      Absolutely agree with you, bluedog. I think it’s the height of rudeness, and getting too personal, to make comments to someone about their body. It’s creepy and intrusive. If anyone thinks it’s not, I can tell they’ve never gotten such comments in their lives.

      It’s one thing to comment and tell someone they’re beautiful, but you don’t get specific and say “hey, you’ve got a great ass” or whatever unless you’re classless.

      • Victoria says:

        ITA but lest we forget in America full-figured means fat. So she prob took it as an insult. Her body is sick! If I had it I’d work it like no ones business also (quoting another commenter from above) but no one asks the bobble heads how does it feel to be a toothpick? It’s rude no matter the size of the person. Enough with body shaming already.

      • B says:


        My initial reaction was that Christina *was* being a diva, that she *is* in fact full-figured, and her figure is what she’s known for, so getting worked up about it is ridiculous.

        But you know what? You’re right. It IS incredibly rude, creepy, and intrusive to comment on someone’s body. I know I don’t appreciate it when acquaintances and strangers alike feel free to comment on my weight.

    • megan says:

      Agreed. I once read an interview with her where she talked about how her & her husband have things like Soup Week at their house. Not only is that adorable, but it was also delightful to not be reading about her body for once. It endeared me to CH as the human being she is!

  21. HotPockets says:

    I don’t think that is remotely rude. Every time I bra shop, I shop in the fuller figured section, which is bras that start from a 32DD to a 42F, so when you are busty, you’re considered fuller figured. I wear about a size 2 in jeans, but I am considered fuller figured because of my bust size, so what? She is a curvy woman and it comes across that she is very insecure about it and overly defensive, which isn’t likable.

    If she doesn’t want people to ask her about her body, then quit talking about it and quit wearing dresses that push your boobies up to your chin. IMO, she is overrated on mad men and if it weren’t for her body, she wouldn’t get half the recognition that she does from the show.

  22. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    How awkward, kind of made it embarrassing for both of them. I bet that girl interviewing cried after. But yeah she is full figured for sure, whether that’s good or bad. Beauty can be in different sizes and she is obv a beautiful woman and plays up her curves every chance she gets…she is certainly proud of them and should be.

  23. Esti says:

    In the fashion world, full-figured means plus-size. So I can see why she wasn’t thrilled, since she’s not actually plus-size.

    I think the bigger issue was that the reporter had apparently specifically been told that she wasn’t allowed to ask questions about Christina’s body, and she went ahead and did it anyway (twice!). I can see why CH would be upset that every. single. article. about her talks about nothing but her body.

  24. Audrey says:

    Full figured is a euphemism for fat. She’s “curvy”, “full-bosomed”, “hourglass”. There’s a BIG difference between “full figured” and “curvy”.

  25. Chatcat says:

    She is full figured. Why is it rude to call her that to her face? Come on Christina embrace your full figure because you are “fit” and healthy. Her answer to the reporter should have been “Damn right girl, I am full figured and treat my body as a temple of healthy living and exercise…us woman need to stop worrying about the “labels” and support each other regardless of our shape or height. I am a sexy 5’7″ and have a curvy fit body. And Natalie Portman is a sexy 5’3″ with a lean fit body. And we are both HOT! *Shoulder shrug*. What’s your next question dear? Oh yes, yes I enjoy the character and her personality I play on Mad Men and what a much more interesting,meaningful and inspiring question for the audience for me to answer”.

  26. Jane says:

    She isn’t fat, she is fluffy, and that is different from being “full figured”. I think she is closer to rubenesque lite than anything else.

  27. MJ says:

    I bet she is just really tired of people constantly asking for her opinion about her own body. She has to address it in every single interview, and it must be demoralizing after a while – she’s probably thinking, I get it, I’m bigger than almost every other woman in Hollywood, why do I always have to talk about it?

    It seems like whenever she gets a compliment in the media, it’s a backhanded one, qualified with phrases like, “for a full-figured gal…”

    Is there anyone who hasn’t heard her response to these questions before? I think it’s time interviewers moved on from the topic of her figure.

  28. roxy750 says:

    How about this: describe her as an independent successful woman. Period. Why must we define based on weight? I mean really. Shame on all the women out there bashing and not thinking of this.

  29. Joy says:

    I think the interviewer probably meant well but when I hear full figured I hear “nice way of calling you a cow”. I would KILL to have Christina’s figure and it is full but in America it’s just a polite way to say fat.

  30. Shelley says:

    What I see is a beautiful woman whose huge implants must cause tremendous pain. They look distorted by poor placement and/or scar tissue. Been there and had them out, and mine weren’t nearly this huge.

  31. sullivan says:

    Christina was promoting her eyeglasses line, yes? Maybe the reporter could ask her what it’s like to be an inspiration for women who wear glasses?

  32. Grace says:

    This woman is gorgeous. I think what she meant to say is that having big boobs and small everything else is not full figured. Jessica Simpson was full figured before she got pregnant and ate California.

  33. Heather says:

    I don’t understand the outrage. I’m about 160 at 5’5 these days. I am not thin, I am chubby. Some days when I’m feeling bloated I might even GASP call myself fat, because well, I am. I’ve gained about 50 pounds in the last 4 years. I got married almsot 4 years ago and quit smoking 11 months ago, it happens. Oh, darn. Least my boobs look good. They are not anywhere near Christina Hendrick’s size though.

    If you’re a heavier girl (and I’m of the opinion that Hendricks is) and you carry it well then what’s the problem? CH may have a “real” body, but she’s still a bigger girl in a world of “bigger” girls. She just carries it well. Very well. I’m not of the opinion her boobs are real, though I admit they look fantastic. I don’t see any offense to calling her full figured though. She IS full figured. She looks great, what’s the problem? I really hate this weird thing lately that a woman with a full figure can’t be called full figured because she might take it as being called a fatty fat fat or something. Christina Hendricks might not be an obsese lady (other than by a BMI scale), but she’s not thin. Can’t we just celebrate that she looks hot at her size?

    When did full figured become a flipping insult?

  34. HoustonGrl says:

    Gee, maybe Hendricks would just rather talk about her AMAZING acting ability?

    • kristiner says:

      I know right? Her breathy, baby voice isn’t good acting.

      Mad Men has a few good actors but GMAFB. January Jones is on that show. Everyone knows she can’t act worth a sh!t and neither can Christina. The casting people are just loyal to their main people.

  35. Mac says:

    Built or Stacked are much more complimentary adjectives to describe a curvaceous woman.

    “Full-Figured” or “Big-Boned” usually have a subtle negative connotation.

  36. Krill says:

    Christina obviously has issues with her own size, otherwise that question wouldn’t have bothered her.

    The reality is she IS full-figured. She has a huge chest, full hips and a butt, fleshy arms & calves, and probably a tummy, too that she Spanxes to the max. The ideal she has of herself is conflicting with the reality of her body type.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      Or – more likely – she is just sick and tired of being asked the same question in every single interview she does ;) It´s been five years now, yes?

      Come on, we see her body, we see her boobs, please ask her something relevant.

      • teehee says:

        but in all fairness– every hollywood starlet gets asked about their figure, their diet, their hair, their boobs, their exercise— Christina is nto getting special treatment. It isnt body shaming to state the obvious, its just — stating the obvious and telling the truth. it wasnt meant in a negative way, in fact, it was a totally positive comment the journalist made. She’s just being a righteous snitch.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        Not everybody, just women. Witch leads to redicilous things like this:

        Men: All dressed in power suits. The only woman: Naked, like her only value is her body.

        More editorial:

        As for Christina: She gets asked about her body every. single. time like it´s some kind of obscurity. Yes, it´s larger than the average Hollywood body, yes, the breasts are also large. Now let´s get over it and move on already to the more interesting things. And let´s not ask her how her BODY is an “INSPIRATION” for full-figured women. Because it´s not and it should not be! A body is just a body, Christina and every other woman is more than just that.

    • taxi says:

      Yes, she always has a tummy bulge. It shows on TV, Part of that may be because in order to balance her bosom while wearing high heels, she has to stand a bit sway-backed. High heels & huge boobs do not make for good posture. It’s a “center of gravity” thing.

  37. DEB says:

    She could also do a better job of covering them up most of the time. And she IS full-figured. She sure ain’t skinny.

  38. Twez says:

    I got the impression that her manager had perhaps arranged parameters for the interview which stated ‘no chat about her figure.’ Honestly, if I was Christina Hendricks, I’d be doing that… it’s like she never gets to discuss her acting because every interview has to talk about her boobs. It would get old.

    I think I’d take offense at being called “full-figured” by a 12-year-old stick figure as well.

  39. Suz says:

    Maybe there should be a moratorium on asking *any* celebrity about their size. And at the same time a gag order on celebrity spouting off on weight loss, weight gain (baby related or whatever), body size, boob size.

    Maybe for one week they should all just talk about acting. Or singing. Or their families. Or their hobbies.

    Maybe I’m just sensitive to it for some reason but all this body shame – too fat, too thin, not losing weight fast enough, losing weight too fast, all manifestations of baby weight – has reached a fever pitch the last few weeks. It is tiresome.

  40. Amanda G says:

    She IS full figured so I don’t understand what the issue is? Is she in denial? I think full figured is quite polite and certainly better than “fat”, “overweight” or “plus sized.” I do think it is a strange question though… I doubt that reporter would ask Kristen Stewart about being an inspiration to thin people.

  41. blonde on the dock says:

    Well fat ppl sure dont have a problem coming up to me and saying “you’re so skinny”. I’ve heard that all my life. Perhaps if CH tucked in those massive boobs she wouldnt be referred to as full figured. In my opinion she does appear over weight and out of shape in that black dress. PPl dont have to be thin but at least be fit.

  42. hairball says:

    I am so f*cking sick of hearing if someone (almost always a woman) is fat or not.

    Shut the f*ck up! If I was doing an interview about my profession or a product (that had NOTHING TO WITH WEIGHT) and people were asking me about how my being ‘full-figured’ is an inspiration, I would f*cking lose it.

    Is IS incredibly rude. Yea, she’s acting like a diva because she doesn’t want to talk about her f*cking fat all the time.


    • trillian says:

      She’s an actress. Her looks are part of her “product”. And yes, she is “full-figured”. And yes, it’s a euphemism for fat. If she doesn’t like it well boo-hoo.

    • judyjudy says:

      I disagree that her figure has nothing to do with her profession or her product.

      She is an actress who plays the part of a full figured woman. She makes money by strutting her very curvy body in front of a camera.

      I don’t doubt it gets tiresome talking about ones image but you can’t disagree that a majority of what she is selling IS her looks.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        Then let´s start asking men about weight, muscles, body image, penises, hair loss and what not in every singe interview they give.

        Or let´s just stop the madness. Because most of us are able to SEE what Christina Hendricks looks like, so there is no need to ask her about her appereance. Why not ask something new, interesting and relevant?

  43. Alexis says:

    When it comes to the modern look, to me, thin has always been the trend. Even the
    “curvy” starlets were thin women with hips and boobs. Still thin to me.

  44. robert says:

    I just lost my respect for Mrs. Hendricks. She has size P cup breasts & big hips. She’s gorgeous and I’m flabbergasted at her appalling attitude.

  45. SHump says:

    Um, I think the point is that, full figured or rail thin or anything in between, it is pretty friggin rude to point out a person’s weight/size to them, and make it defining characteristic of them. Why is it supposed to be okay to do that to famous women? It’s not. It’s effed up. It shouldn’t matter, and no one would think it was okay to go up to a non-actress/singer and ask them this question. I mean, you wouldn’t go up to your kid’s math teacher and tell her she’s a role model for all the full figured girls in the school, right? It must be so strange to have people constantly talking about your tits and your weight to the extent that they are pretty much the whole definition of your existence to millions of people. I’m not shocked that she got flustered, you’d have to on occasion.

  46. Ginger says:

    As a fellow hourglass girl and ginger…(You can see why Christina is a favorite of mine!) I have also been called a “big girl” and “full figured” and I too found it to be rude and insulting since I’m a size 10…which is completely average and not “big” in my mind. I just don’t see the point in describing women in a body shaming way especially to your face. Some idiots just don’t think before they speak! But more than likely this reporter (who shouldn’t have said it TWICE) just didn’t believe she was insulting her. But she should have caught on when Christina stopped the interview.

  47. gee_gee says:

    The problem is the constant need of EVERYONE to label a woman’s figure. Do reporters ask Kevin James how he feels to be an inspiration for “husky” guys all over the world? I doubt it. It sucks to be labeled all of the time. Do people ask tiny actresses how it feels to be an inspiration for petite girls? I doubt it. People need to quit doing this sh-t. It’s old.

    • Mel says:

      No, no one asks something that positive of skinny girls. They say:
      Don’t you ever eat?
      Do you have an eating disorder?
      For god sakes eat something!
      It’s awesome when they say those things in front of a bunch of strangers and everyone stares at you — pretty much once a week from the time you are 12.
      It started just this week for my 12 year old when a full-figured chick yelled “eat a sandwich!” at her from a passing car.

  48. Pollo says:

    Oh give me a break, you flaunt your tits all over the place and wear slutty dresses and want to be known for your “talent”? these bitches are getting ridiculous.

    • Melisande says:

      OK, I’ve already seen tons of this slut-shaming tripe over at YouTube where the original video is featured, and I’m seriously going to explode. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH SHOWING OFF ONE’S BODY. It doesn’t mean she’s a bimbo, whore, slut, whatever. It means she’s proud of her body and she damn well should be.
      Secondly, what’s the point of covering her tits? She’s far from a skinny minnie, in that she can wear all the black and vertical stripes she wants, that figure ain’t foolin’ nobody. There’s nothing wrong with her or others celebrating diversity of size, but there’s a difference between celebrating it and reducing her to nothing but a nice figure. That’s what these interviewers do.

  49. DB says:

    She’s fat and has very bad fashion sense.

    There’s just no denying that.

  50. Lexi says:

    She isnt fat, she is beautiful, she has a very beautiful curvy body

  51. jk says:

    She sure as hell isn;t slim or thin and modles are usallyt slim or nasty skinny, She is fat and full figured was being polite. SHe may think she is all “that” but she isn’t. SHe is not bad looking but she is not beautiful . She gopt a job modeling clothes for women with rolls and she should just take the money and run because if she gets much “fuller” she will be sitting at home eating and not working.

  52. lizzi says:

    This makes me like her less. she IS full figured. get over it. her waist is thick as well as her tits and ass. She’s gorgeous. STFU christina.

  53. Snowpea says:

    It’s not as if Ms Hendricks is a scientist. If she was a scientist or a doctor or a UN Peacekeeper the question would be completely inappropriate.

    Ms Hendricks is an ACTRESS for crying out loud. Girl wasnt hired for her sparkling wit and incredible acting chops. PLUS she is in the public eye so she IS a ROLE MODEL for women everywhere.

    I, personally am a VERY curvy girl (tiny waist, massive bum, massive knockers) and I take a great amount of comfort and inspiration from seeing women like Christina in the media.

    She should be taking it as a compliment!

  54. Sarah says:

    I had a boyfriend in college who said “I’ve never been with someone bigger than me before” and my response was “what’s that supposed to mean?” Now I remember why we broke up

  55. Sarah says:

    An inspiration to all those women ? Well, let’s be clear, the percentage of the female population who would look like Christina Hendricks if they put a little weight on is ridiculously small ! It is her particular shape, the hourglass figure, that makes her body amazing, now only less than 5% of all women has it, so the question is awfully stupid and a “fashion journalist” should have known better..

    • videli says:

      Completely agree. Her body is a work of nature, and you can’t find that hourglass shape at every corner. And where did people get that she had implants? Is it something she confirmed? It pisses me off that people pick something from a slimy rag and treat it as true.

    • Kimbob says:

      I totally agree! The interview was supposed to be about eyewear line, & I think the “reporter,” if one could call her that….a little dubious, in my mind, decides not once, but TWICE, after she’s addressed about such….and she still goes in for the kill.

      Ok, I’m not going to disagree that Christina is larger than the rest of female Hollywood…yes she is….but let’s be honest…..MOST “full-figured women” do NOT look like Christina…at ALL!

      So, w/in the context/purpose of this interview (was supposed to be about an eyewear line), & the alleged “reporter” charges on w/yet another question about Christina’s figure….I’d have a problem w/the reporter/interviewer AS WELL.

      Isn’t anyone “catching on?” Seriously, the interviewer/reporter is very, very thin…..and the bitch keeps bringing up the “issue” of being full-figured in an interview that was SUPPOSED to be about eyewear???!!!

      I’m so very glad Christina didn’t “cower away” & try to answer her STUPID QUESTION the second time….good for her!!! Oh, & then the “interviewer”…hear her say, “sorry,” before the film cuts off?

      My ASS….a catty question from a catty, small-minded woman who obviously places a high value on being very thin. WHAT a bitch! And good for Christina….you go, girl!!!

  56. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    The reporter must be mortified right now but f–k me if that wasn’t a ridiculous question. If Christina was really offended she did well to not be bluntly pissed off and defensive.

  57. Carolyn says:

    Any PR is good PR. I had no clue Christina has a glasses line. Maybe she is boring and there is nothing else to discuss with her at interview. Most celebrities are very boring and can’t string two sentences together without their PR’s approval. That’s why they’re present with them at all media opps.

    After a year or two in the media everything has pretty much been said already. There are very few celebs who are continually interesting. That’s why “scandals” are invented. Body image is always a winner.

  58. cate says:

    Ms Hendricks looks like an Australian size 16-18. Size 16 is a plus size over here. 2/3 of Australians are overweight or obese (those being separate definitions). I can see why the interviewer asks the question – people, in part, like her because they find her relatable. Of course, now that she’s had a hissy fit, hopefully they’ll see that she isn’t that nice or relatable. Full figured here is a compliment – if the interviewer had been intending to be rude, she’d have said “big” or “fat”.

  59. skuddles says:

    Are her breasts actually real? I’m confused as to why they often tend to look so misshapen – do her bras not fit her properly?

    There is no denying she is full-figured – in fact, she is the very definition of a full-figured woman, but I can understand how having people constantly focus on that (often to the exclusion of all else) would piss her off.

  60. flower says:

    Silly woman, does she not own a mirror? Calling her ‘full figured’ is like calling her a red head ….it’s a fact not an insult. Her full figure is what makes her distinctive she should be embracing it not denying it, makes you think that she is actually not very happy with her body the way it is.

  61. rebecca says:

    How the hell is she not full figured? This is why I like Sofia Vegara so much better than Christina Hendricks. If someone called her her full figured she would laugh about it instead of acting snotty. They have both used their curves to gain fame but Sofia is the only one who owns it.

  62. Quinn says:

    “You’re an INSPIRATION, what’s an INSPIRING story where you’ve INSPIRED someone?”

    Someone get her a thesaurus please

  63. A says:

    Eh. I get why she got so snotty. Full figured is just a polite, gentle way of calling someone fat. It’s a hell of a lot different from calling someone curvy or voluptuous. Also, she’s said before that she finds it annoying that interviewers always want to talk about her body. She’s trying to make it as an actress outside of Mad Men (probably because Mad Men is on it’s last legs), and yet it’s always about her body…She’s not a model, her career isn’t based on her body.

  64. StaCat1 says:

    Do they ask male actors how it feels to be an inspiration to “full figured men”?

    No!! this is ONLY asked of women. It’s obnoxious to always focus on women’s physicality. Men do not get the same question.

  65. Quinn says:

    Check out the full interview

    The whole interview was conducted in a totally unprofessional manner with an incredibly poor choice of questions. Kate Water house BARELY researched Christina – here’s another doozy of a question ” SO this is the first time I’ve seen you wear glasses, when do you wear glasses? I googled and couldn’t see you in glasses”


  66. Daniel says:

    Ok so just LOOK at the woman interviewing her, this rail thin woman. I think if it would have been a male interviewer or a woman that looked more “normal” (size 14) then it might have went better. But a thin reporter asking her about her body should have been a “no-brainer” for the interviewer that it wouldn’t go well. DUH!

  67. GirlyGirl says:

    Quit your whining Christina, “full-figured” is a complement.

    Although you never hear an interviewer ask Kate Moss (when she’s sober) “What’s it like being skinny and flat as a board?”

  68. ShugAveryPee says:

    I will say this… If the reporter had said …. You have an incredible body or how do you keep your body in shape she would have LOVED it… But because the lady made a compliment about her ACTUAL shape ( she is thick… full figured… plus size) she gets pissed…. Unreal… How do full figure women expect people to embrace all sizes and not make fun of women who are not supper skinny if when someone makes a statement about how you inspire people you FLIP….. She just made it seem like there was something wrong with being full figured ….. Sorry it is not just her breast .. She has thick legs and bigger hips…. There is NOTHING wrong with being full figured… But as a skinny person .. i hate the double standard on weight….
    Look Christina is not that pretty… She is soooooo pale white and her face isn’t that pretty she should have taken the compliment and ran

  69. Meg says:

    I actually saw her in person once on the street in NYC and she looked rather skinny.
    I almost feel like she plays up her curves for attention, her red carpet outfits are not fitted properly-and for someone who has the access to any tailor she wants that just isn’t appropriate.

  70. skeptical says:

    Why are several people here blaming Christina for the interviewer’s callous behavior?
    Would you prefer Christina wear a burka?
    She’s been acting for years, and she’s not on the always-dieting bandwagon, and that’s not enough?
    Why does she have to talk about her body in EVERY INTERVIEW? Don’t you understand that you are reinforcing the objectification of women when you insist that Christina always talk about her body and she needs to change the way she dresses? As if she is expected to control what others ask her?
    And now she’s being called a whiner simply because she’s tired of always talking about her body in every single interview, no matter what she’s actually there to promote. This is just sexist.

  71. DottieDot says:

    Girlfriend is full figured! Just like Jane Russell!

  72. Jennifer12 says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if she didn’t react with such outrage to the comment? She’s not an inspiration to anyone if that’s her attitude.

  73. JessSaysNo says:

    Christina comes off as a huge bitch in this interview. Firstly– she is unprepared and doesnt answer any of the questions with ANYTHING interesting… She makes it sound like she does not want to be in Australia at all.

    Second– I love how Christina acts like she wears her “spectacles” all the time. The reporter was all “I looked on Google…” and so did I, and Christina NEVER wears glasses!

    Third– Christina IS full figured. I think she is slightly larger than normal sized and has huge boobs and honestly her stomach is creating a roll in that shirt which you can see in the interview. Not saying thats bad but shes NOT THIN. She is just isn’t. She should have just said “I’m glad I can inspire women of all body types to be confident” and not have come off as a cold bitch.

    I cannot stand her, she just irks me and this interview is no exception. Lighten the f up girl!

  74. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’m sure she might be sick of being asked but I also remember her giving several interviews where all she did was talk about her weight.

    She’s not some kid that’s a novice at the PR game. She’s been interviewed several thousand times … she should know how to handle it in a more gracious way not stop an interview midstream that way. These interviews are part of her job. I get asked stupid questions at work all the time … we all do … we deal with it.

  75. Miffy says:

    She’s over-reacting the day every interview John Hamm ever gives HAS to contain a question about why his nether regions are always bulging in paparazzi photos. It’s rude, full stop.

  76. Jaxx says:

    I think she acted ridiculous. Completely. Every single time you see her on the red carpet she has her gigantic breasts served up on a platter for everyone to gawk at. She IS full figured. Full breasts, full hips, full calves, full arms. If she didn’t have such a small waist she would have a very hard time not looking frumpy. Not saying she isn’t a beautiful woman but she does have a bountiful figure that she displays often.

    So, she didn’t have to be such a bitch and could have told the nice interviewer that she was glad she could serve as inspiration to voluptuous women everywhere to wear their curves with pride.

  77. xoxokaligrl says:

    I don’t get it, she is full figured with fake boobies.. I have no idea why she would be offended when it is rare to have somebody her size that is popular.

  78. Amy says:

    I understand why she got flustered. She was there promoting something to do with glasses right? She was probably not prepared to be asked about her figure.

    She is obviously sensitive about her body shape since it is dissected to death in the tabloids (like a lot of women). She has already talked about it in other interviews so we don’t need it rehashed in every interview. Plenty of women are sensitive about their weight/shape of their body. You don’t usually comment on other people’s weight/body shape to their face do you? No! It’s not considered polite! It’s like asking someone about their sexuality, it’s personal and you don’t do that!

    And we skinny people get made fun of too. I know you people may roll your eyes at me but I was bullied in elementary school at one point because some girls told me to my face I had some kind of disease, I was so skinny. My mother was the subject of eating disorder rumors when she was young when it wasn’t the case.

  79. Elizabeth Rose says:

    I have to say that I don’t think she would have been half as offended if the reporter herself was +size. I would imagine that she’s pretty tired of the constant focus on her weight and in addition she probably feels even more self conscious speaking to a scrawny waif about body issues.

  80. Jennifer Astin says:

    If I had to address my body in every single freaking interview, I’d be BEYOND irritated. But she’s kind of enormous looking.

  81. jes_sayin says:

    I’m sorry, but when you deliberately go out and get ENORMOUS breast implants and then hoist them on display at EVERY SINGLE photo op, don’t pretend that they’re not there- and not that big!

    And isn’t her body type exactly what “full-figured” means? I honestly didn’t think that was mean or anything.

  82. Cinesnatch says:

    What if Hendricks was offended because she is normal-sized and she knows that the question was offensive to people who are actually full-figured? I know that recently, CB has been very hard on Salma Hayek for insinuating that she has curves.


  83. lola says:

    this really is rude. it’s not like christina would ask the interviewer: ”why are you so skinny? eat something. you look like a boy.”

  84. Hm says:

    The whole interview was weird and off-kilter, including the interviewer’s grilling CH about whether she really wears glasses (as Quinn mentioned above). The interviewer had no rapport w/ her and blundered thru the whole thing. CH was there to talk about a light subject that had nothing to do with women’s bodies. She was clearly appalled by the interviewer’s “full-figured” question and declined to answer, and the interviewer went right ahead and repeated it as though she were interviewing a corrupt politician. Totally unskilled and inept “reporter.”

  85. katiebob says:

    The interviewer could have had more tact, But I really wish women would stop using term like “curvy” and “full figured” as compli-sults, you know part compliment [ooh nice boobies} part insult {but you're bigger than everyone else]…Christina doesn’t only look uncomfortable..she looks downright pissed off..and as an actress constantly flaunting her body, she could have been a little less bitchy about the whole thing.

  86. Jenn Bee says:

    Bitch, You are full-figured. Please, just f’ing embrace it especially because you chose it, and paid for it. Skinny with no tits, you were no one. Now you are a star. Please just fake being OK with your size for the rest of us.

  87. lisa2 says:

    LMAO.. at so many of the comments. SO let’s see it is wrong to say someone is full figured, but fine to go on and on about women that are “rail then” “skinny” So we are fine to scream to a thin woman to eat a sandwich or a burger, but nobody says to “full figure” women to but down the fork.

    I think for many women the reason they are “fake” embracing women that are heavier is so they can feel better about their bodies. If I don’t think Christina is heavy then me being smaller then her means I’m just fine. And if I rag on women that are thin then it makes me feel better because something must be wrong with them.

    I think she over-reacted. Women that are thin are asked about their weight in interviews all the time and how many have been plastered on the cover of tabloids calling them names because of their weight. Not to mention how some magazines will photoshop those women into looking even thinner. There are comments on this site almost daily about some women being too thin. Now all of a sudden it is taboo to ask a woman that is heavier the question or imply that she is not thin.

    This I guess is the new trend. Embrace the “curvy women”. Sad that it is not going to last. I just find it so hypocritical the way the comments go.

  88. Gigi says:

    It looks to me like she has 0 self-confidence and diva issues

  89. Tania says:

    Come on… everytime it’s the same story. What should she have called her, thin??? Why people do never accept the reality and move on??

  90. rebecca says:

    Spare me this “Poor Christina!” rubbish. The only reason she’s famous is because of her body and she knows it. The media wouldn’t give her the time of day if she didn’t look the way she does. All she ever does is talk about her body in every interview. If she wants to be known for something else then go do some charity work. Until then stop whining about your only claim to fame.

  91. palermo says:

    I’ve seen photos of her before she bought those big old boobies. All she does is call attention to them daily, and now she’s offended that somebody called her full figured? Give me a break …

  92. ms. heart says:

    Full figured is actually a complimentary way of calling it what CH is, large! sorry, but that’s the reality, homegirl is on the larger side.

  93. hayley says:

    i like her. she wasnt rude about not answering the question and she wasnt rude when she said (again) that she wanted to move on. if her boobs weren’t gigantic, nobody would comment about her weight, ever.

  94. MsKat says:

    I think women who either put on a lot of weight or lose a lot of weight have a transition period where they make regretable fashion faux pas. Hendricks makes me cringe more often than not when I see what she wears on the red carpet. But same goes for JHud when she did weight watchers.

  95. mln89 says:

    i think the interviewer is a complete moron who should be fired not only for her stale and unimaginative questions, but for her obvious lack of listening skills. how many times did she have to be told not to ask about her body for her to get it? and i understand christina’s annoyance. what does her body have to do with her promoting a sunglasses line?

  96. BIGT says:

    She IS full figured and I would say fat also. Not saying she isn’t beautiful and has great skin. But without spanx and styling she would not look the same and that can be said of most women in her strata. But come on she has VERY large breasts, butt and no muscle tone at all.

  97. zenb!tch says:

    I went on a dating site a few pounds ago when I had a job and they had all sorts of euphemisms for “fat”. I was a 12 so “fattish” at the time and I had no clue which was accurate:

    “a few extra pounds”
    “full figured”

    I decided against “average” because to me that means a size 8 and to the statisticians that means size 14.

    My friends all said “full-figured” meant giant, 1000lb size 30 cellulite woman. So I went with curvy. Which means I’m still curvy even though now I’m fat but not size 30. Maybe Christina thinks it means 900lb woman too?

    It’s all so confusing. I define “fat” for me as more than size 14 and “thin” for me as less than an 8.

  98. Dani says:

    This strikes a cord with me on the reverse side. I am thin and hate to be called skinny. I realize it’s my hangup cuz I was teased growing up for being so thin but still I get where she is coming from. Full figured or skinny, both don’t feel like a compliment. Though I do feel that most people don’t consider either to be an insult. It is tough being a woman in this world that expects women to be so physically perfect. For the most part, I think it is sad that we can’t celebrate all different body types and stop trying to peg people into their respective boxes. I don’t know, I have just thought way too much about this over the years.

  99. C.Z. says:

    Then what are people supposed to call her? She hates full-figured, she hates fat, what else is there? Lord knows she’s not skinny and fit.

  100. A Fan says:

    If those tits aren’t full-figured then I don’t know what is.

  101. lola says:

    full-figured is another word for fat. christina is NOT fat. she’s not super skinny but she isn’t fat either.

  102. aenflex says:

    She IS full figured, and banks on it too. Poor her. Jaysus.