“Tom Ford welcomes his first child, son Alexander John Buckley Ford” links

Tom Ford, 51, and his partner Richard Buckley, 64, have welcomed their first child, son Alexander John Buckley Ford. Congrats! [Styleite]
Ben Affleck is George Clooney’s BFF now. [LaineyGossip]
Hulk Hogan has a sex tape? Ew. [Dlisted]
I have some of my money invested in stocks. So I feel smug. [Gawker]
Photos of drunk chicks at Oktoberfest. [Pop Sugar]
Review of Taken 2, which I do NOT want to see. [Pajiba]
Dior = high-fashion booty shorts?! WTF? [Go Fug Yourself]
Vintage Daniel Craig in a little blue bathing suit. [A Socialite Life]
Lady Gaga went topless with Donatella & Uncle Terry. [The Blemish]
Rebel Wilson is really, really adorable. [OMG Blog]
Corgi Halloween costumes! So cute. [The Frisky]
Seriously, Tom Cruise hasn’t seen Suri in MONTHS. [Amy Grindhouse]
Elsa Pataky, out and about with baby India Rose. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Jessica Alba deigns to have a nanny? What? [Moe Jackson]
Lady Gaga has 30 million Twitter followers. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Blind Item! Who does lines while holding their baby? [CDAN]
Nicole Scherzinger’s outfit is all kinds of ridiculous. [Popoholic]
Heidi Montag is a stripper now. Sort of. [Dramarama]
Amber Portwood’s daughter doesn’t know her mom is in jail. [Reality Tea]

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  1. stinky says:

    what’s in his hand?? it looks like he’s chirping his car alarm!??

  2. TheOriginalKitten says:

    He’s really attractive but is The Fairy ‘Tox Mother leaving an injection under his pillow at night?

    He’s looking rather…surprised.

  3. Sweet Dee says:

    Who does lines while holding their new baby?!?! That’s sick. My first thought was Kristin Calamari because she’s so skinny already and incredibly stupid but now I think it’s that Peaches person after being reminded of her recent news and the cokey pics I saw of her. What is she famous for again?

    • TQB says:

      It’s gotta be Cavallari. And it’s even more disgusting because if you’ve seen all the skinny pics of her she quite obviously still has the nursing boobs. Unfamous drug addicts lose their kids for this crap, I detest it when the rules don’t apply the same for the rich!

    • Happy21 says:

      Yea, I’d be money on it being Peaches Geldof.

      She is famous for having a famous daddy – Sir Bob Geldof. And her mother was famous too – Paula Yates. Peaches though has done nothing worth noting except being named Peaches :)

      • Sweet Dee says:

        Oh thanks I wondered why anyone cared…saying her last name again helps lol. It’s one of the two of them. I might be stupid for thinking the football guy may have positively influenced Ms. Calamari whereas Peaches’s husband not so much.

        PS the spelling of Kristin’s last name is on purpose, mostly because I imagine her genitals have taken a squid-like appearance.

        I could make some calamari with peach aioli mmmmmm

  4. Gracie says:

    Maybe now his heart grew twice its size and his cosmetics won’t be so damn expensive. *crosses fingers*

  5. Beta says:

    this is great news!! Congrats to Tom Ford and his partner! :)

  6. Liv says:

    51 and 63? That’s pretty old to have a baby. I don’t know, but I think it’s a bit egoistical. How old are Elton John and his husband? Anyway, I wouldn’t want to be the child and be like 20 when my dads die…

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      I was thinking, if it was a typical husband/wife doing it at that age they might not be getting the same amount of support

      *ducks for cover*

      • Happymom says:

        I agree-and I had my last kid at 42, so I’m not anti-older parents by any stretch, but you have to draw the line at some point.

      • lulu says:

        Kudos on your chutzpah and you’re absolutely right.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I definitely think it’s not an ideal age but if you think about it, you can’t predict the future-you could be 25 and have a kid and die in a car accident 2 months after its birth.

        As long as they love and raise him properly, I would say 20 years of quality parenting is better than a tumultuous/dysfuntional 50+ years that some unequipped parents grant their children.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ OriginalKitten: You have a point and honestly, I’m torn on this one.
        On the one hand … my dad was in his mid-fourties when I was born and it was never an issue but now I’m pushing 30 and I’m starting to wonder if he’ll be around should I get married or have a kid. My mom’s younger and thank god for that because if both of them were getting up there … I’d start to worry that they’re not around much longer (there are health issues involved as well).

        So Ford and his partner might be wonderful parents but yes, it’s rather selfish. I think at some point you have to ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing for the child. Buckley will be over 80 and Ford around 70 when the kid finishes high school. Yikes.

        Btw, if they adopted that’s another matter but I assume they used a surrogate?

      • Esmom says:

        I’m also torn…but lean toward them being too old. it’s one thing to watch your parents grow older and possibly care for them when you’re middle aged, but to expect a teen to take on that role is pretty selfish if you ask me.

        Granted it might help that finances probably aren’t an issue but still they are bringing a child into this world who will quickly need to bear a pretty big burden.

        And damn, I’m not nearly as old as they are and I get exhausted spending a couple hours with my baby niece. Again I’m sure they have nannies to do the heavy lifting but I just cannot imagine them having the same energy levels as parents who are a decade or two younger.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      I also agree. My parents were in their early 40s when I was born (Oops!), and it hasn’t always been the ideal situation. I only barely knew 1 grandparent (the rest had passed before/shortly after I was born), my dad never really played with me, and now at 33 my parents are in their mid-70s and both have health issues. My mum hasn’t been in good health since I was about 19, and I worry that she won’t be around long enough for my young children to get to know her. And, I honestly don’t mean this selfishly, but dealing with a sickly parent at college-age was hard–I didn’t know what to do. I can’t imagine going thru childhood if my parents had been 10-20yrs older than they were. Mid-60s with a toddler? “Sorry kiddo, daddy can’t play catch with you in the backyard–he might break a hip.”

      • Tommy says:

        I totally agree. And what kind of 64 year old wants to start over raising a youngster when you’re that old? At 64 you’re supposed to be laying on a beach somewhere sipping mai tais, not changing diapers. Of course Tom Ford’s partner didn’t want children.

      • zenb!tch says:

        My dad is a Grade A – ahole so I haven’t seen him since I was 8 or so. Old enough to remember him as a boring old fuddy duddy. I googled him last year and he was still alive at 91 (he told my mom he was younger). My mom is 79. I’m 43. My mom had given up on being a mom at that point because back in 1970 kids over 35 were not encouraged or expected.

        She’s in pretty good health now but her late 60s were tough, she went from being healthy as a horse to suddenly getting diabetes having to deal with complications and is now on 75 million meds. I was barely 30 it was too soon for me to deal with that – 30 is the new 20. She’s taking care of herself now and she went from 140 to 105 in her mid 70s by finally following the diabetes diet. I guess I have no excuse, even though it worked out for us and I can see my mom making it to my 50th b-day, the scares I had between 28 and 33 were too much too soon.

        My BFF is a year younger than I am and her parents were the same age as my mom and she was an orphan by 40.

        The child will be well off financially and with advances in medicine Tom may still be healthy when the child is 25 but he will be a single dad for the tough years.

      • Liberty says:

        I kind of have to agree — I’m happy for them, but torn on the age thing. My parents were older too and during my last year of college, my father had a massive stroke. From the of 22 I was paying for their mortgage, living expenses, insurance, food, car, everything while starting my career in another city living in a tiny one room place and eating an apple or a crappy frozen pot pie every other day. This went on for 12 years. I had a full-time demanding job and freelanced other work at night. I felt like i was working 24/7 to keep everything going while fielding a million calls from doctors, and about emergencies. I loved them and of course wanted to help, but whenever I see older parents….not that this chlld will be in my position, ever, of course, financially, but…so I am torn, I admit it. Thank god friends kept me laughing and sane about it!

    • Adrien says:

      Don’t worry about them, they’re rich. They may not have the energy to take care of the kid as he reach several milestones but they can afford nannies and personal nurses to look after the child. The kid’s future is secured.

    • Trillion says:

      My dad was 55 when I was born. I never thought of him as “old” growing up. He did all the same stuff other dads did and was really athletic and healthy. He lived to be almost 100. He outlived my mom, 21 years his junior, by over 20 years.

    • Charlotteee says:

      my mum and dad were 42 and 45 when they had me. im 20 now. My dad has been struggling with a serious ilness since i was twelve. Yes, this could have happened to a family with younger parents as well. but lets face it – you’re more likely to die the older you are.

      I’ve been worrying about them always, and for me to hang out with them when I’m in my 50′s theyd have to be more than 100 years old – very unlikely. It is very selfish to have children at such an old age as 50 and 60! Feel bad for that poor baby, hopefully he’ll get lucky and have good, healthy parents.

    • Lane's Mom says:

      So are all of you who have older parents and disagree with Tom and Richard’s decision saying you’d rather not have been born? Genuinely curious here . . . .

    • Chris says:

      I can’t think of an instance where willingly having a baby is not selfish.

      You’re certainly not bringing babies into this world to save it’s poor floating soul from some form of hell. Babies are not brought because this world is beautiful and will properly nourish it and safeguard it.

      You either have babies because you want them for yourself, for someone else or to deal with some form of guilt.

  7. Relli says:

    I unwisely choose to watch the Hulk’s video posted on Gawker yesterday….

    What has been seen cannot be unseen (and is pretty hilarious too)!

  8. Nev says:

    Congrats!!!! Most fashionable little boy!!!!

  9. j.eyre says:

    Sorry to go off on a tangent but if you click on the Elsa Pataky link – did you see the photo of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ramona Sarsgaard? Ramona is adorable – what a beautiful child. As for India Rose, I desperately want to nibble those feet.

  10. Malificent says:

    I think that Tom and Richard should have used Tilda Swinton as the egg donor with Richard’s sperm. I can just imagine what a magnificent alien baby that would have made!

  11. aims says:

    congratulations tom!!! i remember reading an article, and he said he wanted kids, and that his partner did not. im glad he changed his mind. so happy for this lovely family.

  12. Happymom says:

    They do not seem like warm, fuzzy parent types at all. Elton John and David Furnish I could see-these two? Brrrrrr. Hope their child never makes a mess or gets sick. On the plus side, he’ll always look beautiful, and I’m sure his nursery will be gorgeous.

  13. Joy says:

    I don’t care if he’s toxy I think Tom Ford is so attractive.

  14. Kate says:

    Tom Ford’s hubby looks like his grandpa! EEWWW!!! Tom could d0 SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! IMO

  15. CT says:

    Congrats. But, why does this mofo overprice his crap so much?

    • Carolyn says:

      Ford doesn’t want Walmart types seen at his counters.

      And he has an $$ lifestyle to maintain. You’d have to sell a LOT of lipsticks & perfume to make as much money as one once did v one Gucci velvet suit :)

      • zenb!tch says:

        ITA and am not offended. I’ve never bought a Gucci velvet suit or any other piece of couture because of all the designer offerings out there I think clothes ofter the least use and overall value. Picture me in a Gucci velvet suit in 2012? However, in my pre-Obama* incarnation I was a consumer of Mr. Ford and his peers’ accessories. Although, designer sunglasses are not currently in the budget.

        I’ve not tried his cosmetics, I’ve never even seen the counter but if it’s anything like the D&G powder and lipstick I accidentally bought for $90, it’s worth every penny. I had a powder emergency and it was the shortest line and who thought powder would be $65???

        I won’t spend real money on any designer I can get at Target, even if I have it. I’ve always bought some clothes at Target even in the old days but if I can get someone’s stuff for $30, the cachet is totally gone for me. I don’t think I’m alone. Isaac Mizrahi seems to have disappeared.

        *sorry but my job lasted 2 years into the Obama administration and there are still a lot of layoffs in this town.

    • Karen says:

      His line of sunglasses is the BEST!

  16. Sumodo1 says:

    My best friend adopted last year at 42 and my sister had a child while in her 40s. But, these guys have household help who will be parents to this rich baby, so who cares?

    • A says:

      Agree completely. This will sound harsh, but it’s much easier to raise/have a child at an older age when you are upper middle-class or wealthy. Even then, there are lots of grandparents that raise their grandchildren (look at our President) and do wonderful jobs. However, most people who willing choose to have a child at an older age are fairly wealthy.

      My grandfather was 52 when my Mom was born…and he lived until he was in his mid 90s. My grandma was 40…and she died in her late 70s….It’s all chance. My grandfather was also in amazing health for his age…he had a clear, sharp mind and was able to take care of himself until the day he died. The main thing is, this is a man who could afford to have a live in housekeeper and a live in chef….If he had been in bad shape, it wouldn’t have been a big deal for there to have been a live in nurse. It is harder if a child is in their 20s and has to support and parent who requires live in care…but most people who choose to have a child at that age aren’t going to leave a financial burden.

  17. DreamyK says:

    Tom Ford is a sexy bitch and he loves his man. The reason why they waited so long to begin a family is because Tom’s partner was ambivalent about it.


    Also…Tom Ford is exactly the kind of intense person I pictured for Christian Grey in 50 Shades. Horribly written book btw.

  18. T.C. says:

    Congrats but that is really old to be bringing in a child. If this was a 51 year old actress and her husband in his 60′s she would be getting trashed but since it’s men the double-standard of no criticism stands.

  19. Str8Shooter says:

    He may be sexy, but I have a good friend who has worked on shoots with him,and he is a grade a D-BAG of the most self-important kind.

    Go figure he’d be f*cking a corpse, to boot!

  20. Adrien says:

    Second photo, that would be Ryan Reynold’s future.

  21. Amanda_M87 says:

    That other guy is sooo old. WTF 64-years-old and a first time dad?!

  22. cs says:

    At least Cb had the correct name for Tom Ford’s partner. Lainey who pretends to know everything and everyone in HW and NYC didn’t know John’s last name. But she posted her take on Tom Ford and John Bentley’s (oops) baby was the next Blue Ivy Carter.

  23. zenb!tch says:

    One last catty comment – I mentioned my 79 year old mom in a post above. Richard looks older than she does and he is rich and (allegedly) well-preserved. Gee? I’m glad I’m not him or his lover. Old, creepy, cold and plastic.

    Tom???? Are you Anastasia in real life?

    PS: OMG! I mad that comment without seeing the actual article. Well the photo… um… not only does he look older than my 79 year old mom. He looks like he could be her dad. He looks like The Cryptkeeper from that old 80s TV show. OMG! So gross!

  24. Frayed_Edges says:

    Can’t imagine these two getting up in the night to a screaming baby and changing its diaper after its pooped something orangey-looking. They are too fabulous. Who bets they will have a team of nannies to help them, and the only thing Tom and Richard will do is get photographed by the paps holding baby and walking around.

  25. Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

    They are way too old to have a child ffs!
    If this was a woman she’d be trashed so hard, double standards are gross.

  26. Dap says:

    I know we are supposed to be thrilled for them, but I’m sorry, all I’m thinking of is the baby and I pity him. Yes, he will be rich but he will more than probably miss everything else: raise by nannies while a toddler and probably very soon all by himself (if he is lucky enough to not have to deal with years of looking after elderly sick parents). So selfish.

  27. Lizzie says:

    zenbitch – you should have read more about Richard Buckley then. He has has throat cancer. That would account for his gaunt looks. Although he is lookin better than he did a few years ago from pics I have seen. When |Tom met him he was a very good looking man (again from pics). His illness has obviously made a great difference to his appearance. But Tom has stayed with him and obviously helped him through the bad times – as any loving partner would do.

  28. Chicagogurl17 says:

    I have the biggest girl crush on rebel.

  29. Melissa says:

    Apparently, I’m the only one who finds Tom Ford completely insufferable. And I don’t see how he is sexy at all – his eyes are all beady and close together!

    I feel bad for this child – Tom has decided that he wants the newest fab accessory – a baby! Hate to be the kid when Tom decides that children are last year’s thing. Plus, they’re too old.

  30. Gina says:

    Hope the baby doesn’t exhaust either one of them. p.s. Tom Ford is fine..