Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t tweet, claims he isn’t “pithy” enough for Twitter

It’s always a somewhat interesting debate to have: should celebrities be accessible on social networking sites, or should they retain a veil of mystery and untouchable-ness? Some celebrities are good at working social media to their advantage, using sites to interact with their fans and even gain converts. Some are not so good at it, and actively repel people. Is anyone else weirded out by the fact that Tom Hanks has a Twitter? That still amazes me. And considering my recent conversion to Tom Hiddleston, I have to say… sometimes a celebrity’s Twitter can work as lady-repellent. Tom Hiddleston actully describes himself on his “Twhiddleston” Twitter as “brother, son, friend, runner, dancer, prancer, loon.” Oh, Prancer. DO NOT DO THIS.

Anyway, my boy Benedict Cumberbatch is not on Twitter. Cumby made a recent appearance at the Cheltenham Literature Festival (where he received a rock-star-like reception), and he ended up talking about why he’s never made the choice to do Twitter:

Sorry, but Benedict Cumberbatch is definitely not on Twitter. “No matter who pretends to be me at the moment, I do not tweet, I don’t Twitter, I don’t,” insisted the actor.

“Do you want me to tweet, you lot?” Cumberbatch asked an audience of Sherlock fans on Saturday night. Of course they do, Benedict.

“Why?” asked a baffled Cumberbatch, before answering his own question: “I think the reason why is because I don’t tweet. I think if I did you’d very soon be disappointed because it really is a skill – it’s a skill I genuinely don’t have.”

“Just listen to how much I talk,” continued the Sherlock star. “I’ve already talked over our time [at the Cheltenham Literature Festival] and tweeting is about being pithy. I think tweeting would take so many hours of editing I’d be lost for doing my job.”

At least Cumberbatch will never be one of those celebrities who tweets by committee or via a bank of PR advisors. “That – that’s not tweeting,” said Cumberbatch when host and Sherlock co-star Louise Brealey joked “You just need to put a PA on it.”

[From Radio Times]

I would not even consider “not pithy enough” to be one of Cumby’s Top Ten Faults. #1 Fault: He looks like an alien, #2 Fault: He’s not my alien boyfriend. #3 Fault: He’s an enormous bitch. I think #3 would be a good reason for Cumby to actually try Twitter. He’s so hilariously smug and nasty. When he says something ridiculous and offensive, it’s articulated beautifully and almost always couched in bitchy contempt. That’s how Twitter should be! Of course, if Cumby did get a Twitter and he started tweeting bitchy stuff, how would he ever take it all back and claim that he never tweeted it? That’s the real problem. Not “pith”. It’s that he would spend all of his time apologizing for the bitchy stuff he would tweet.

Cumby also talked about the finale of Sherlock and how much he loves the actor who played Moriarity – go here to read. There are some spoilers for Season 2 Sherlock.

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  1. marie says:

    I think the actors need to keep an air of mystery. I don’t wanna know what they think on everything or anything really. Stop being so accessible, and maybe fans would stop being so loony..

    • gg says:

      Absolutely they should all be off twitter.

    • Eve says:

      I agree with that.

      And I love Cumberbatch even more for not having a Twitter account.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I was wondering where you were, Eve. Cumby posts are boring without you!

        He gets bonus points for not having a Twitter account. Never been on Twitter myself.

        I’ll forgive him for using the word “pithy” because he’s British ;)

      • Eve says:

        I’ve been busy with college’s final exams. In fact, I shouldn’t even be here but, really, I couldn’t take that sh*t anymore. I needed to breath a little.

        P.S.: Going to college a second time isn’t nearly as exciting as some might think. It’s very draining. Or maybe I’m just too old for this (I already have a degree in Social Communication/Journalism — worked for nothing, took me nowhere).

      • Amelia says:

        What are you studying Eve? I just graduated this summer and managed to get my mucky hands on a job, somehow.
        Totally agree about the ‘air of mystery’ thing. Over familiarity breeds contempt.
        *AHEM* Miley Cyrus…

      • Eve says:

        Law. I always thought I’d like to study it, but was I sadly mistaken. So far, the whole experience has been frustrating. I’m (have been?) usually bored to tears during (most of) the classes. I’ve also realized I hate writing papers — with the burning passion of a thousand suns.

        P.S.: Brazil is a Civil/Continental Law country.

      • V4Real says:

        Good luck with your exams Eve; I actually start college again in January; going for my Masters in Public Administration. I can recall writing those damn papers and I hated them as well, they owned my life for three and a half years.

        Side note: the only thing my BA got me was a shitty ass raise. Don’t know why I’m going back.

        To all the people who say we need to get a life because we spend too much time on gossip websites; you guys can suck it. Just because someone likes to express their views on pop culture doesn’t mean they don’t have a life. We have jobs, school, friends and other responsibilities just like anyone else who don’t visit this type of forum.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Eve-I think it’s amazing you went back. I’ve debated going back for my MBA SO many times but I get overwhelmed at just the thought! Good luck with the rest-you’ve made it this far so just stick with it!

        @AMelia-I was looking for you, Did you see the O. Wilde post? I thought you said you hated her (but maybe I’m wrong?). Starting to get why you do, based on that post.

        @V4Real-That’s great you’re going back for your Masters-hope it’s not too painful ;)

        Re: too much time on C/B.
        As everyone here knows, I am on here WAY too often. Yet somehow I manage to do my job-not sure what that says ;)
        Anyway, celeb gossip is just a fun outlet. I have days when the anger comes out and those are the time when it stops being fun and I know I need to reel it in.

      • marie says:

        wait.. who said folks on gossip sites need to get a life? I’m on here all the time, it’s one of the only things that make my job enjoyable. Plus I like talking to all the regulars. so yes, whoever said this can most definitely suck it

      • Amelia says:

        Hi Kitten :)
        It’s been such a busy work day which is why I’ve been a bit absent today. Well, that and then I come home to find my fridge died during the day and was then forced to venture out in the cold to re-stock since my boyfriend is coming back from Dubai and also had to pick up a toy from Hamley’s for a very picky cousin and 4 year old(best store EVER btw – I think I regressed back into my childhood for a good hour).
        Yep, saw the O Wilde post, considered commenting and then realised there isn’t much more to say about her dead biscuit that hasn’t already been said.
        I think I’m definitely among those of us on here who spend a little bit too much time multi-tasking chatting and working!

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Hi Eve!!

        Damn it! I knew if I missed one day on CB there would be a CumberPost! Son of a B…..

        And so my hypothesis is verified. If I want to read about my darling Cumby, I should stay off CB for a day or two. Then I will come here, & find that I’ve missed everything.

        So I will simply wave to all the CumberLovers, especially to the posters who call him a reptile, & try to do better from now on!

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed, and I think I’d like BC more if he kept his mouth shut more and didn’t say such ridiculous things.

  2. French says:

    I like his state of mind but I cant’ with his face, stupid not?
    My future husband Tom needs to do something more interesting and I’m going sacrifice myself

  3. LondonLou81 says:

    Hiddlestons’s tweets make me want to bang him. Just saying. :-}

  4. Leaf says:

    While I love Cumberbatch as Sherlock, I love Andrew Scott as Moriarty more.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Air of mystery is better, though I think it’s OK to use twitter sparingly. It can be a good way to promote a film, a charity, etc, but some go WAY overboard and share too much.

    • Justyna says:

      I agree. I like when celebrities use Twitter only from time to time, like i.e. Edward Norton, to write about their charities, work they do and if they include personal stuff it’s about music and books recommendations or some not-to-personal anecdotes. I rarely use Twitter and didn’t followed Norton because I love his acting but heard he has this reputation of difficult and stuck-up person and didn’t want to be disappointed, but people I followed always retweeted things he posted and I warmed up to him. He seems nice, interesting and caring (it doesn’t look like PR team work, which means he either is “very talented” on Twitter or his bad reputation is exaggerated). Others like previously mentioned Hiddlestone or Joseph Gordon-Levitt repelled me and I can’t crash on them anymore because of Twitter. Hiddlestone comes off as pretentious and naive, Gordon-Levitt as full of himself, conceited. I’m glad Benedict won’t have a Twitter, I still like hims despite his bitchiness.

      • dooliloo says:

        Well I get what you’re saying but regarding Hiddleston I think it’s because people are just not used to people being so polite, well-spoken and happy all the time, because there are not many people out there even I know who are like this. Thus Shakespeare being usually associated to high British culture (that’s not exactly how I wanted to put it so you shall excuse me) and Hiddleston quoting him at length, writing motivational quotes and other happy thoughts in grammatically perfect paragraphs, add to that his over-enthusiasm it may be overwhelming and come off as pretentious for some but unfortunately that is how that man is on AND off twitter. As for the naive part well… Yes!
        As for Gordon-Levitt frankly you might have a point here, as frankly I can’t figure him out, whether I like him or not as a person. He is a good actor, he seems like a cool guy, and it’s pretty cool the artistic collaboration project where he get everyone involved… Like the great buddy! But when he starts being “preachy” on Twitter, Facebook and in interviews saying what one should think, do or not what to do. Point is it’s not very much being an opinion, more like a “take it or leave it!” patronizing tone. And his position on drugs well his choice fine, *but* then saying that people who hate drugs are not open minded because it helps being creative and not all that addictive… Raised my eyebrows… But damn I find him so hot :-D

  6. alons-y alonso says:

    Ah, Benedict Cumberbatch. I happen to like his verbosity and ramblings. It’s endearing and kind of hot.

    About twitter:
    I only really use it to network with other people in my field of work (and for the occasional rant about Q&A on Monday nights) but, like with anything, you are responsible for what you put there.

  7. dooliloo says:

    Ah well if only Tom Hiddleston would follow Thor and Sherlock piece of advice… keep some mystery… His tweets are endearing but my oh my he’s indulging too much and feeding his fans beyond craziness… I guess we can’t have it both ways eh… still love him…

    • Eve says:

      Please, don’t be mad at me for saying this, but methinks Hiddleston may have a desperate, pathological need for attention and approval. I think that’s why he so constantly tweets (even pictures of his desserts!!!).

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        A theory (JUST a theory): I could see Hiddleston as being the type of guy who maybe didn’t get a lot of love/attention from the ladies when he was younger/slightly dorky. Now that so many chicks/fans are throwing themselves at him, he finds it hard to resist indulging them on some level. I get it. I could see him as the type of dude that bones women for validation-and I DON’T mean that he is a womanizing douche, just that he may be embracing his new-found “self-esteem” ;)

      • dooliloo says:

        Haha oh my yes the pudding picture I was like “whaaaa?”
        I’m not mad at you dear as I also got that vibe from him, since he’s indulging his fans wayyyyy too much and has that naive/childish eye… I don’t know why but I also was bit turned off by that project Wendy thing his pictures and the “you guys. way to make a man feel great!” words, I was like hmmmm? But then again I could be overthinking.
        He needs the attention of a real woman and a naughty slap… *points thumbs at myself*
        Cumberbatch well I’m sure it was a very eloquent way of saying “keep dreaming me dear I’m not having any twitter…ever!” because Hiddleston is as talkative as he is, I bet my non-existent savings!

        EDIT : @ a Kitty (ohhh can I call you Kitty? ^^)… POW right in the solar plexus!!! And since I saw his awkward way of hitting women, it’s just too funny :-D
        I keep wondering how he bagged Susannah…did he recite her some of The Bard lines under her window you think?

      • Eve says:

        You both have very good points. Ditto on Hiddleston having a “childish eye” (Dooliloo) and “he may be the type of guy who maybe didn’t get a lot of love/attention from the ladies when he was younger/slightly dorky” (Kitten — although I think he’s still a huge dork).

        Anyway, whatever the reason is behind his behaviour…indulging his (already obsessed) fans the way he does is really dangerous. They’re getting crazier by the minute.

      • French says:

        tou’re right he needs attention I don’t know why but it’s obvious and his fans are crazy it reminds me Misery (Kathy Bates was extraordinary)

      • dooliloo says:

        Well… perhaps the day he finds one of his fans in his bedroom asleep in his grey/blue shirt he seems to wear every single day off, he’ll snap out of it eh…

      • Eve says:

        @ Dooliloo:

        That may be a hypothetical situation, but you know it could (totally) happen, right?

        I don’t think some “Encounter of the Crazy Kind” is that far from happening to Hiddleston.

      • dooliloo says:

        “Encounter of the Crazy Kind” :-D :-D :-D
        Well as bad as it may sound… Perhaps it’s the only way so he wakes up? Because having fans making a “clothing line” and by that I mean panties with your face printed on it, your face on their pubic hair… I’d start to think *now* is the time to built an overdue safe distance..? Unless the naughty side he’s hiding is very flattered eh.

      • Eve says:

        I made a mistake though. It should have been “Close Encounter of the Crazy Kind”.

        Well…as I said, he clearly likes the attention. And you’re right, maybe that’s when he’ll finally wake up and realize what he got himself into.

        Anyway, gotta go now.

        See you guys later!

  8. Apples says:

    He gives me joy.
    I love his mad acting chops and live for his bitchy comments- hope he never changes.

  9. andy says:

    Cumby is just afraid Hiddleston would have more followers than him.

  10. Mira says:

    Stared watching Sherlock recently. On season 2. I’m want to jump on the Cumberbatch bandwagon! Love Andrew Scott. There’s no Scott bandwagon yet? Yeah, he should stay off twitter. But it wouldn’t bother me if he starts to tweet because I’m not on twitter or facebook. I prefer if actors are less accessible. It makes them more interesting on screen.

  11. pretty says:

    cause he can’t tweet anything in Earth language.

  12. grabbyhands says:

    I’m glad he feels this way and I hope he never gives in to creating an account. It seems like most actors and celebrities on don’t use it for anything other than garnering obnoxious attention (Rihanna, LeAnn Rimes, etc). Worse, they use as it as a means to be total assholes knowing that if anyone speaks out, they have thousand or millions of rabid fans following them which will then launch childish attacks. The best celebrity twitters are the ones that use it sparingly(Tom Hanks) or use it only to call attention to charity type stuff (Gillian Anderson or Kristen Van Bauer). I appreciate that some actors want to connect with fans, but they make themselves waaay too accessible. I get so much second hand embarrassment reading the shit that people tweet to an actors page.

  13. Malificent says:

    I took my kid to the local science museum the other day, and Cumbie was narrating a very cool film on supervolcanoes. His dulcet tones made the whole film that much more fascinating. I’m wondering if I wasn’t the only mom there who wasn’t getting a good giggle out of all of his commanding references to “steaming fissures” and “mammoth lava flows”!

    • Apples says:

      Ha! Great :)

      You’re right, I always forget that a big part of what makes him so attractive is his spine tingly voice.

      Nice accent but, the voice is lovely.

      • Eve says:

        Ha! “Spine-tingling” voice. That’s a great definition for his amazing voice.

        I bet that was the deal with his parents (while they’re making him) — something like “Hey! Let’s give him very awkward facial features but, at the same time, one of the most seductive voices this world will ever hear. Let’s get people really confused!”.

  14. Izzy says:

    Oh, I do love my Cumby! But, let’s be honest, he has a bit of verbal diarrhea. Maybe it’s best he stays off Twitter.

    Besides, I’ll keep him too busy to Tweet!

  15. Reece says:

    He keeps making me like him more and more.

  16. MissMary says:

    LOL given is tendency for sometimes cringe-inducing comments, I’m willing to bet his PR or his agent has said “Just…don’t… No twitter, no public facebook, no website…Just… no.”

  17. hmmm says:

    I like him because he says what he thinks, and because he may also be diplomatic- his remarks about twitter were either kind or ironic. Whatever. The guy is nobody’s fool.

    Also adore him as Sherlock.

  18. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Oh god, I just realized he has slopey shoulders. Yuck. How anyone finds this guy ‘hot’ or attractive I will never, ever understand.

  19. Alice says:

    I would disbelieve nearly anything he tweeted after I busted him plagiarizing part of a music review while he was at actor Sam Neill’s place in New Zealand. (At least I’m 95% sure he plagiarized.) Long story short, unless he also writes for a Wagner website and Wikipedia, he lifted someone else’s work, word-for-word, and gave no credit for it. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a huge FAIL. Credit where credit is due, please!

  20. EscapedConvent says:

    Oh, he’s pissy enough.

  21. Megan says:

    1. Tom is a lovely man and his twitter description is hardly a lady-repellent. It’s quite endearing and adorable.
    2. I’d be very interested to see what Benedict would have to say on twitter but I agree that twitter isn’t for everyone.